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How to drill a hole in a seashell (without a drill)

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Making holes in seashells prepares them for stringing as beads or connecting them for other craft jobs. You can utilize among a range of power tools to make holes in your seashells, however low-tech, daily sharp things can make holes in the majority of shells and are most safe for newbies. When making holes; even small seashell chips are sharp and can trigger eye injuries, constantly use eye defense.

How to drill a hole in a seashell (without a drill)

Things You’ll Require

Foam, such as a block from product packaging, or a thick towel

Work gloves, leather or enhanced

Steady work surface area, such as a workbench, counter or heavy table

Jewelry expert’s vise, regular vise or clamp

Durable, sharp needle, such as an embroidery needle

Sharp item, such as a chipboard or an awl screw

Rotary tool or drill and smidgens, depending upon the wanted hole size

Holes Without a Drill

Action 1

Placed on a respirator. Breathing in dust and particles from seashells can trigger breathing issues, and, in many cases, lead to fever and infections.

Action 2

Mark the put on the shell with a pen where you wish to make the hole. Inspect the position prior to you drill. If you’re going to put a dive ring in the hole for an earring, slide the ring into position on the shell to guarantee the hole is in the ideal location.

Action 3

Placed on work gloves to decrease the danger of poking yourself. Set the shell with its flattest side down on foam or a folded towel.

Action 4

Position a needle on the mark and work it with a twisting movement to begin the hole. Apply mild, even, pressure. On fairly soft or thin shells the needle might go all the method through.

Step 5

Set the pointer of an awl or chipboard screw in the begun hole, if required. Keep twisting carefully till the shell enables the point and offers through.

Rotary Tool or Drill

Action 1

Mark the hole position on the shell with a pen. Leave a minimum of 1/8 inch of shell in between the edge of the hole and the shell, if possible. A hole too near the edge is most likely to trigger the edge to break.

Action 2

Protect the shell in a jewelry expert’s vise, a vise clamp or an adjustable clamp so that the shell will stay fixed throughout drilling. When tightening up the vise or clamp so as not to break or break the fragile shell, Usage severe care.

Action 3

Placed on security goggles and a respirator.

Action 4

Position the tiniest drill bit above the mark. Switch on the tool and carefully use it to the mark. Do not press; let the tool make the hole. Applying pressure can break the shell.

Step 5

Expand the hole for a thicker stringing product or fashion jewelry usage, if required, by drilling the hole with the next biggest drill bit. Repeat till the hole is the size you require.

Hardware and house enhancement providers offer safety glasses, respirators and work gloves.

Utilize a sharp or brand-new drill bit. A dull bit increases the danger of damage to the shell and physical injury. Bits sizes such as 1mm or 1.4 mm develop little holes appropriate for fashion jewelry and little shell craft jobs.

It might not be possible to make a hole without a drill on heavy seashells such as conch shells.

Wash seashells completely with warm water and dishwashing soap. Tidy them with alcohol or home disinfectant if any of them reveal indications of a previous resident. Utilize a pipeline cleaner to eliminate any residue.

Practice on damaged shells to find out the correct amount of pressure and the very best areas for drilling prior to you begin making holes in undamaged shells.

A piece of foam can safeguard vulnerable shells from the vise or clamp.

Clear monofilament fishing line works well for stringing shells for mobiles, wind chimes, sun-catchers, plant holders, accessories and jewelery. These products fit through small holes, so you do not need to invest as much time drilling and redrilling.

Some expert and innovative crafters and jewelry-makers drill supported shells in a shallow pan of water. Experience and complete control is vital for this approach so that just part of the drill bit touches the water to avoid the danger of electrocution.


When you’re utilizing any kind of power drill,

Do not hold a shell with your fingers.

If a shell you’re drilling insinuates the vise or clamp, shut off the drill and re-clamp the shell.

For security, usage ceramic or diamond bits. When drilling shells, other drill bits might snap. Constantly use security goggles and work gradually and thoroughly.

Utilize a respirator authorized by the National Institute for Occupational Security and Health, NIOSH.

Does anybody understand how to make holes on seashells without utilizing a drill? If you do, please let me understand.


If you have the persistence, a little extremely sharp scissor blade must work.

How to drill a hole in a seashell (without a drill)

you might likewise have an interest in getting a diamond fertilized bit. I have actually utilized them to drill holes through stone and it would quickly go through a shell. Here is a photo

How to drill a hole in a seashell (without a drill)

You can rub a hole through with sand and a stick, spinning the stick in between your hands, and pushing sand in between the shell and the stick.

How to drill a hole in a seashell (without a drill)

Response 5 years ago

Sounds reliable, I’ll offer it a shot. Thanks!

How to drill a hole in a seashell (without a drill)

+1 for the hand drill.

I question quite that a dental professional will
offer you utilized drill bits, they would be thought about contaminated materials
viewing as they enter contact with the clients blood.

Much better concept is a little masonry drill bit from the hardware shop, nevertheless the tiniest is 3mm dia which may be too huge for your requirements.

How to drill a hole in a seashell (without a drill)

Well, I would recommend that you truly do get a drill, not a power one however an easy hand power drill. Considering that you appear to do a great deal of crafting work it would most likely can be found in extremely helpful AND they are not extremely costly and last permanently. I have one my grandpa utilized. it never ever required anything other than a little oil.

Next get an utilized oral bit from your regional dental practitioner. If the bit is dull, they are carbide burrs and can cut through glass so a shell would be extremely simple even. I am thinking the dental practitioner typically tosses them away so they would most likely be complimentary for the asking.

I have a pal who utilized to fix cars and truck windscreens from chips and fractures. he utilized a hand drill with an oral bit to drill into the fractures and after that injected an unique glue. Its something that must work for you.

December 2, 2016 By adrienne

Discover how to drill a hole in a seashell with this tutorial utilizing a little hand drill or dremel. Make crafts and fashion jewelry out of shells quickly with this approach. When you thoroughly drill a hole in them following these directions, do not fret about inadvertently breaking your seashells.


How to drill a hole into a seashell without breaking it

Today I am going to reveal you how to drill a hole into a seashell- without breaking it.

Obviously, if you wish to take these charming little seashells and turn them into Christmas accessories or vacation crafts I am definitely not going to stop you.

Seashell crafts are enjoyable to make no matter your age. Whether you have a collection of shells from a day at the beach or an unique vacation in an unique place you can drill a hole in your seashells and make them into an enjoyable accessory or design.

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Materials you might require to make a hole in a shell

Where to get seashells and how to prep them for drilling.

The shells were likewise bought from the craft shop. Usually, I would simply go to the beach and choose some up however it’s winter season and I remain in hibernation mode. I seem like I require to alert you, if you purchase shells from the craft shop be gotten ready for an awful stink when you open the bag

Obviously the shells are not cleaned up effectively prior to being sealed up in an airtight bag. What remains of the shellfishes sits there fermenting for months till acquired. It smells precisely what you would anticipate it to, so be prepared to clean the shells.

If you do not live near a beach or do not have the persistence to hunt around for hours looking for the ideal shell you can acquire them on Amazon here,

How to drill a hole in a seashell with a hand drill.

A routine drill is extremely heavy and there is a likelihood that attempting to drill into a fragile seashell would trigger the shell to break. With this hand drill light pressure is utilized to gradually drill a hole into the seashell.

To make the hole merely mark on the shell where the hole will go, position the hand drill bit and begin kipping down a clockwise movement.

When drilled through, reverse instructions to eliminate the drill bit.

How to Make a Hole in a Seashell with a Dremel Drill

Utilizing a dremel drill bit resembles the hand drill other than the dremel is electrical. When utilizing the dremel, there are 2 things to keep in mind.

  • Start with light pressure and develop so the shell does not break
  • You require to utilize a bit of water to avoid breaking and splitting

Steps for drilling the hole

  1. Top place the shell in the sink on top of a washcloth or something soft.
  2. Next, Either drizzle a little stream of water from the tap over the location you are drilling or if the shell is truly little simply moisten it.
  3. Then, gently press into the shell where you desire the hold with the drill till a hole is made.

Now the shell can be hung or utilized in a craft task.

What would you utilize these shells for? Let me understand in the remarks.

Discover how to make a hole in a shell for craft and fashion jewelry jobs. Make a hole in a shell without breaking it.