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How to enable dark mode on facebook desktop

Facebook, at its developer conference last year, promised a dark mode for Messenger “very, very soon.” That mode is now being rolled out to the Android and iOS users. However, one won’t be able to enable it from the Settings, rather users need to follow a few steps to set the dark mode on Messenger.

How to enable dark mode on Messenger?

Facebook made available the dark mode to some Messenger users in certain countries late last year as part of the testing process. Now, the mode is being made available to all with the latest version of the app.

How to enable dark mode on facebook desktop Image Source: FusionxGamerz/Imgur (screenshot)

However, as noted before, the new mode can’t just be accessed via settings, rather there is a hidden trick to enable it. This trick to access the dark mode on Messenger was first spotted by a Reddit user, and it works with iOS and Android. Here’s what you need to do:

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First, open the Messenger app and send a moon emoji. The emoji must be the left-facing, crescent moon emoji and not anything else. You can send this emoji to a friend, yourself or even to a Facebook bot.

Once you send the emoji, the dark mode should automatically pop-up. If not, then click on the moon emoji to get access to the dark mode. Either way, you will see several animated moons and a message “You found dark mode!” at the top of your screen. The message will also say “Try It in settings.”

Now click “Try It in settings” and you will be directed to your Messenger profile, where under your name, there will be an option to enable the dark mode on Messenger. Toggle the switch to turn on the dark mode. If the dark mode does not start on its own, you may have to exit then re-enter Messenger.

If this method of enabling the dark mode on Messenger does not work, then Facebook possibly hasn’t yet rolled out an update for you. So, the only option you have is to wait.

WhatsApp and iOS to get dark mode

Going forward, Facebook will add the option to enable dark mode via the Settings, but until then one has to live with this secretive way to get the dark mode. Messenger’s dark mode has a black interface, unlike the talks of a dark gray mode.

Dark mode flips the colors of the interface, meaning the part in white (or close to it) gets dark and the part in black goes white. So, instead of black letters on a white background, dark mode presents users with a black page and white letters. Such a layout puts less strain on your eyes and also boosts the battery life of your device.

Owing to such reasons, almost all social messaging platforms are working on adding the dark mode. Now that Messenger has the dark mode, WhatsApp is next in line to get this long-awaited mode. The dark mode has already been spotted in the beta version of WhatsApp.

Even Apple is working on bringing the dark mode to the iOS. Though macOS Mojave got the dark mode last year, the iOS users are still waiting for the same. However, a report from Bloomberg last year claimed Apple will add the support for the system-wide dark mode with the iOS 13. So, we should probably hear about it at the WWDC, where Apple will unveil the new iOS.

Messenger app for Windows 10 updated

Separately, the Messenger app for the Windows 10 has finally been updated as well. The Messenger app for the Windows 10 was last updated about half a year back.

The latest update brings several changes and improvements, including renewed settings, the addition of chat search, redesigned layout during log-in, the addition of a “data saver” feature to restrict automatic downloading, new options authorizing download media, and changes to easily manage chat with the Facebook page.

Users now will also be able to add their mobile number to use with the Messenger and they can create a new Messenger account from the settings as well.

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Facebook Messenger App for Android has introduced a Dark Mode. Now, most platforms and applications are introducing Dark Mode in their interfaces for a number of reasons. The Dark Mode saves your battery by turning off the backlight in the interface. Besides, dark mode protects your eyes from unnecessary scorching backlight. In addition, a change in the look of the interface is always welcome. If you use Facebook messenger app, you can enable Dark Mode on it. The process is very simple. You can disable it and revert back to the normal mode any time.

Steps To Turn On Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger App On Android

Open Facebook Messenger app. Tap on your profile image icon at top left corner of the app page.

Under your profile image, there is a Dark Mode option.

Tap on the slider fromleft to right to turn on Dark Mode.

The dark mode is on. To turn off Dark mode, simply tap the slider from right to left. That’s all!