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How to make a fairy costume

How to Make a Fairy Costume

When making a plan for a Halloween party, picking the right costume is of pivotal importance. If you are not very handy with a needle and thread but want to make a costume for your child, consider making a no-sew fairy Halloween costume. If made properly, a no-sew fairy costume will look as beautiful as a sewn one that are often bought at a store by most people. Fortunately, making a no-sew fairy costume is easy and does not require that many items to complete.

Things Required:

– Tulle (3 to 4 yards)
– Blouse or top
– Magic wand
– Wings
– Scissors
– Elastic band
– Shoes

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To start making your no-sew fairy costume, purchase about three to four yards of tulle. Consider using multiple colours that compliment the costume. Vibrant colours such as peach and teal give a more natural fairy look to the costume. For this reason, it will be a good idea to use these colours. Moreover, some of the tulle you buy should have sparkles or shimmers on it.

Visit a local dollar or craft store and buy a magic wand as it will make the perfect accessory when the costume is ready.

For making the no-sew fairy skirt’s waistband, you will need to purchase a skinny, elastic headband. Using an already made headband is much more convenient than measuring out loose elastic pieces and then securing them to each other.

You will now have to cut the tulle you bought earlier into 3 or 4 inches thick strips. Use a sharp pair of scissors for this purpose. Moreover, you will need to keep in mind that ideal length of tulle strips for making a no-sew fairy costume is about 3 feet.

Knot each strip you cut tightly around the elastic headband. Cut a 2-foot length strip and place it around the elastic headband in such a way that the string is halved. Start tying the tulle strips in place such that the two floating pieces of the no sew tutu are created out of the knots that you make.

Place a flowing lacy top that compliments the costume and secure it in place.

Use a beautiful pair of new shoes and some fairy wings as accessories for the no-sew fairy costume.

Dress your child in the costume that you have made to help identify any alterations that need to be quickly done.

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How to Make a Fairy Costume


Materials and Tools:

store-bought girl’s dress
stems of artificial flowers
safety pins
scarf in a coordinating color
jead band
hot glue and hot glue gun
1-yd. each of two colors of tulle
satin ribbon
large artificial flower stem
glitter glue, rhinestones, glow-in-the-dark paint


  1. Remove the individual blooms from the stems of artificial flowers. Remove any plastic parts from the flowers and safety pin flowers to the hem, skirt, and neckline of the dress. Pin the flowers such that the safety pin remains on the outside of the garment so that it is more comfortable to wear and helps prevent any pin pricks.

Use hot glue to attach additional flowers to the center portion of the scarf. This will be the waist sash. Use hot glue to attach flowers to the center portion of the headband.

To make the wings: Cut the tulle into pieces that are 36″ x 18″ (smaller fairies may need smaller wings and this size can be adjusted). Lay alternating colors of tulle in a stack. Cinch in the center and tie with a satin ribbon. Pin the wings to the back of the dress.

Wrap the end of the large artificial flower stem with leftover satin ribbon to make a flower fairy wand.

  • Embellish any elements of the costume with glitter paint, rhinestones, and/or dimensional glow-in-the-dark paint (optional).
  • Do you want to create a magical fairy costume that will enchant you little one? Well, it is not as hard as it seems to make your own fairy costume. In fact, you don’t even need to know how to sew. With a little fabric and a few crafty tricks you can have everyone oohing and ahhing over you supposed crafting skills. Better yet, your little one will be as pleased as punch.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Things you’ll Need:

    Purple Satin Fabric
    Purple Satin Tulle
    Pink Tulle
    White Tulle
    Safety Pin
    Craft Wire
    Fabric Glue/Liquid Seam
    Metallic Paint
    Fairy Wings

    Putting your Fairy Costume Together:

    Step 1: Take your purple satin and wrap it around your little ones chest so you know how big to make the top. Use fabric glue to make a seam in the back when you have the top appropriately sized. Make strap out of the pieces of satin and glue them on too.

    Step 2: Make a skirt using the purple tulle. Fold the tulle in half make a waistband using the fabric glue. Feed the elastic through the waist band and secure it with a safety pin.

    Step 3: Make the head band out of craft wire. Cut an appropriately sized piece of craft wire. Wrap it with alternating pieces of bunched tulle. The tulle can be glued and folded in half. Wrap the craft wire together at the back of the headband to form the circle.

    Step 4: No fairy is complete without her wand. Make the wand out of cardboard. Use the metallic paint to make the star top of the wand shiny silver and the handle shiny gold. Put on your wings and your good to go.

    Tip: Sewing can replace any of the gluing or pining if you know how.

    Looking for a Halloween costume a bit out of the ordinary? Want something that will have all who lay eyes on you rolling in the isles? Well, this costume for a blue Q-Tip will not disappoint. The bonus is that you can make this costume for next to nothing, and you don’t have to be crafty to do it because it is easy to make.

    Things you’ll Need:

    Blue Plastic Wrap

    Blue or White Clothes

    Old Baseball Cap

    Putting your Blue Q-Tip Costume Together:

    Step 1: To make the hat you will take and old baseball cap and wrap white felt around it. Make a cylinder shaped puff with the felt, so it looks like the head of the Q-Tip. Use the fabric glue to keep it in the desired shape.

    Step 2: Wrap your torso with blue plastic wrap after you put on blue or white clothes. Wrap each arm, each leg and your waist with the blue plastic wrap as well. If necessary use tape to make sure that you don’t unravel.

    Step 4: Put on your white shoes. Wrap each leg from ankle to just below the knee with white felt. Make sure the felt layer is thick. When you stand with your legs together the width of the felt should look even to the puff of your hat. Tape the felt on your legs rather than gluing it so it is easier to take the costume off.

    Skill Level

    Start to Finish


    • heavy-duty scissors
    • hot glue gun


    • one classic tutu
    • 4 yards 1” ribbon
    • one 6-foot flower garland
    • green wire
    • fairy wings (can usually be found at dollar stores)

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Fairy Princess Halloween Costume

    Make a standard tutu skirt (very easy) long enough to serve as a dress. Add a halter ribbon, a set of wings, adorn it with a floral belt and a pretty halo. Design by Jess Abbott.

    Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

    Brian Patrick Flynn

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    A fairy dress is an easy Halloween costume to craft. Make the simple tutu (tutorial can be found here), add a halter strap, then adorn it with a belt and a headband.

    Step 1

    How to Make a Fairy Costume


    Fairy Princess Costume Tutu Skirt

    Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

    Brian Patrick Flynn

    Skirt Becomes a Sleeveless Dress

    Pull the long tutu up underneath your child’s arms and over their torso.

    Step 2

    How to Make a Fairy Costume


    Ribbon attached to Tulle Tutu Skirt.

    Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

    Brian Patrick Flynn

    Add a Halter Strap

    Cut a piece of ribbon to 2 yards and loop it around the front center of the tutu elastic band.

    Step 3

    How to Make a Fairy Costume


    Close up image of Tulle Tutu skirt with ribbon.

    Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

    Brian Patrick Flynn

    Tie Ribbon to Create Halter Top

    Tie the ribbon in a bow around the back of your child’s neck. This is will give your fairy dress a halter strap to hold the dress up and keep it secure.

    Step 4

    How to Make a Fairy Costume


    Attach flowers onto ribbon with hot glue glue.

    Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

    Brian Patrick Flynn

    Make the Belt

    Cut a 2-yard piece of ribbon. Snip anywhere from 5 to 8 various-sized flowers from different areas off of the flower garland. Use a hot glue gun to attach the back of the flowers directly on the very middle of the ribbon. Cover about 10 inches in the very center. Allow hot glue to dry/cool fully.

    Step 5

    How to Make a Fairy Costume


    Fairy Princess costume with flower belt

    Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

    Brian Patrick Flynn

    Add Belt to Dress

    When the hot glue dries, tie the ribbon around your child’s waist.

    Step 6

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Brian Patrick Flynn

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Brian Patrick Flynn

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Brian Patrick Flynn


    Floral headband materials.

    Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn


    Floral headband with scissors.

    Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn


    Completed Floral Headband for Fairy Princess Costume.

    Photo By: Brian Patrick Flynn

    Make the Headband

    To make a floral head wreath you will need your floral garland, wire and heavy-duty scissors. Cut floral garland so that you have a 2-foot piece.

    Bring the floral garland together so that the ends slightly overlap, creating a circle. Use a 5” piece of wire to carefully wrap the ends together. Wrap the wire very securely and tuck the ends of the wire back into the garland so that they do not poke your child in the head. You can also wrap a little bit of green duct tape over the ends of the wire.

    Step 7

    How to Make a Fairy Costume


    Fairy Princess Costume beauty.

    Photo by: Brian Patrick Flynn

    Brian Patrick Flynn

    Sprout Wings and You’re Good to Go

    Add wings and maybe a wand and some magic dust.

    Introduction: Fairy Costume – on a Budget

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Fairies are beautiful fanciful creatures. Who wouldn’t want to be a fairy?! Luckily you can easily make an inexpensive fairy costume with a few key items. Little to no sewing involved!

    The one shown here cost about $30 total. I’m sure you could go even cheaper by using clothing you already have.

    Step 1: What Makes a Good Fairy Costume

    Fairies are nature-lovers and free spirits.

    With this in mind design your fairy costume coloring and fabrics. You will need

    a dress or top and skirt or pants – The skirts and pants should be free flowing but can include tights underneath.

    Optional: a crown and/or wig

    Traditionally, fairies are barefoot but you could wear some simple flats or leather shoes.

    Color schemes can be pastel, earth tones or bright colors. (Dark colors if you’re an evil fairy). Think of colors inspired by nature – especially flora and fauna.

    Make a list, create a drawing or keep a mental picture of the look you’re going for.

    Step 2: Wardrobe

    Once you know what type of fairy you want to be, start heading out to thrift stores.

    Will you look for loose and flowy garments or structured? Corset tying looks festive. Big stitches give the clothing a rugged look.

    Scour the racks for these garments you’re envisioning. The fun part is there are so many options to choose from.

    If you see the perfect fabric but it’s not the right size, think about if you can use it as an accessory. You can always cut it into a rag skirt, cuffs or anklets.

    Try to stay away from prints, if possible.

    Keep in mind the time of year you will be wearing the costume. Think about dressing layers for colder weather.

    Typically, I’ve found that tops range from $3-6, Skirts: $5-8 and dresses: $7-20. These are even cheaper for children’s clothing.

    Step 3: Accessories

    The wings are fairly simple. I have created an instructable on how to make wings from wire clothes hangers and panty hose here:

    threadbanger has a good tutorial as well :

    The flower crown is fairly simple too. It consists of a plastic headband with silk flowers glued on with hot glue.

    Positioning of the flowers and leaves is a little tricky but if you make a base of leaves and build it up with flowers you can’t go wrong. Leave some room near the bases of the head band because that is where the ears are getting glued. A simple flower barrette adds charm without having to make a crown.

    Ears. Ears. I used air dry clay to make these. Use aluminum foil as the structure base. Measure your own ear and try to draw it to scale on a piece of paper. It doesn’t have to be exact but just so you have a concept of the size. Scrunch your aluminum foil to the size of your ear and make a tip piece like an elf ear would have. Take your white air-dry clay and mold around that structure, covering the aluminum foil completely. Form the shape of the ear and the tip. I looked at a picture of an actual elf ear while doing this to help guide me.

    You must let them completely dry before painting and gluing. (Letting set over night is a good idea). Once dry, you can put on a base coat of white and then 2 coats of skin colored paint over that. I used American acrylic craft paint in buff beige.

    I actually fell in love with doodlecrafts ear idea here:

    Once the paint is dry, hot glue the ears on to the tips of the plastic head band. Before gluing, wear the head band and decide the placement of the ears. For support you can glue small strips of fabric along the back of the ear and over the plastic band. Glue some plastic jewels on for earrings if desired.

    Long hair definitely helps the ears blend in. A wig really helped create this look.

    Step 4: More Accessories

    To add to the natural feel of this costume I added a brown rag skirt and ribbon tie skirt on top of that.

    While you’re in the thrift store you may come across leather or fur fabrics. I simply took a skirt with a nice brown hide color and cut it diagonally to give it a rough edge. I fastened that on top of the flowy skirt.

    Add another layer with a ribbon tie skirt. Simply take a ribbon that ties around your waist and tie on other lengths of ribbon that will flow down. Use ribbon colors that tie in with your fairy’s color scheme. You can even add strips of tulle and scrap fabric.

    Step 5: Jewlery and Makeup

    This is up to you really.

    I would keep Jewelry minimal and use smaller gemstones and dainty chains. Some pops of color around the eyes are fun. Nude or neutral toned lipsticks would work as well.

    Step 6: Enjoy Being a Fairy

    Now you have a costume to wear to the renaissance faire or Halloween.

    Have fun! I hope you enjoyed this instructable!

    Thanks again to Kate for being my fairy!

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

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    One of the most popular children’s carnivalCostumes is a fairy outfit. This little mysterious witch attracted girls so much that she would soon be able to claim the first place in the list of the most frequently used costumes. How to Make a Fairy CostumeMake a fairy costume at home is not at alldifficult, the main difficulty are the wings, especially since this is the distinctive and most important detail of the entire costume. Wings, like the fairytale heroine herself, should be light, bright and graceful. How to make fairy wings so that they are in harmony with the costume and look like real ones.

    Wings of cardboard fairies

    There are many different ways to make wings, and the easiest of them is to create cardboard wings.

    • It is necessary to cut the wings of the appropriate size and shape from the drawing paper, paint them with multi-colored paints and decorate them with sparkles, down and rhinestones.
    • You can attach such wings directly to a suit or gum it with silicone glue.

    The second way to make fairy wings is more laborious, but the result is worth it.

    Fairy wings from nylon pantyhose

    For their manufacture will require wire, nylon pantyhose, colored glitter, rhinestones, acrylic paints, gum and adhesive tape.

  • With the help of the wire you need to give the necessary shape of the wings, try to make the two wings as identical as possible.
  • On the resulting frame you need to stretch the kapron tights, which can be of any color.
  • Then it is necessary to fasten two wings together with adhesive tape.

    How to make fairy wings beautiful and magical,it all depends on your imagination. Paint the wings with paints, add sparkles, sparkles, decorate with iridescent rhinestones of different sizes. By decorating the wings can attract a little fairy, so she knows exactly how they should look. Sew gum in the form of a horizontal eight to the ready-made wings to fit comfortably.

    Fairy Costume Ideas

    Fairy costumes are simple to make, requiring only about three or four simple accessories. Everything else is how you choose to dress it up.

    For example, this spring fairy uses a brightly colored wig with faux flowers and leaves in it as well as a green skirt, face paint and wings.

    Pink Fairy of Love

    Bring your fairy dreams to life with this pink fairy of love costume. The dress brings to mind the ancient love goddesses while the pink wings, makeup and hair piece firmly cement her status as a fairy.

    Get the look with a Grecian style dress that gathers under the chest, and small wings that sprout from just above this point. Add a little pink to the top hem of the dress with tulle and place a large pink flower in your hair.

    Vampire Fairy

    Some fairies are more gothic in their appearance and behavior like this vampire fairy. Veiling herself against the sun, her black wings and dress cast her in a slightly sinister light.

    Use either black feathered wings, or black bat wings, paired with a black dress to get the look. Drape a long, sheer veil over yourself, allowing it to cover you from head to foot to finish the look.

    Elaborate Storm Fairy

    Your fairy selection can be as elaborate or simple as you choose. For this storm fairy, you need body makeup as well as face paint, a white wig, and a simple white and silver sheathed dress to create the effect.

    The key to an easy-to-make fairy costume is creativity and a little pixie dust.

    Glamorous Fairy

    Some fairies are depicted as being glamorous, with beautiful gowns that match their wings and wands. This fairy costume calls to mind the fairy on her way to a ball, with a jeweled gown that matches her oversized wings.

    This is an easy look to achieve; start with a tight-fitting dress, and add some jewels in lines across the front to give it some glamour. Add extra large wings and a flower for your hair.

    Flower Fairy

    Fairies are creatures of nature; take elements of nature and the season to help create your fairy costume.

    This flower fairy uses a multitude of flowers and blooms as a headpiece, with more simple blossoms covering her dress. Use silk flowers for durability and sew or staple them in one or two colors over a dress and a swim cap to create the look.

    Forest Fairy

    Many fairies live in the forest. Draw inspiration from the colors, light and textures from the forest for your fairy costume.

    This green dress has the flowing folds and quality of the water she’s sitting by. Use a tight corset as the base for this dress and add long lengths of different fabrics, like chiffon and tulle, to the back as a skirt. Make a wreath of silk flowers in the same colors for your hair.

    Child Fairy

    For this little woodland fairy, her wings are more rounded and simple. Younger children are better off with the simpler choices, particularly since they are more likely to remove them if they are bulky or too fancy.

    Color Fairy

    Bring your fairy costume to life with plenty of color. This lime green dress has a fitted bodice that allows the skirt to poof out dramatically, while the purple wings add some contrast.

    • Use a bold-colored dress for this look
    • Spray some color into your hair to match your wings
    • Use eye shadow in the same color as the dress to bring color to your face.

    Woodland Fairy

    This fairy is straight out of the forest in a green dress with ivy garlands. Use silk ivy leaves and staple or hot glue them together into long chains you can drape over your head and shoulders to get this look.

    Consider finishing any fairy costume with a masquerade mask to add a little mystery.

    The fairy costume is one of the most popular girl costumes. And rightfully so! They’re all little fairies even without a costume!

    Unlike many of the other costumes, fairy and Tinkerbell costumes leave lots of room for your own creativity. Most often, you can create it on your own with clothing that’s laying around in your closet (or pay a visit to the second-hand stores where there’s an abundance of magical fairy items).

    How to Make Your Own Fairy Costume Wings

    A fairy can’t do without her wings, so we’ve whipped up a few diagrams and easy step-by-step instructions to make your own costume wings:

    1. Start by creating the fairy wire wings. Take a coiled roll of 9-gauge aluminum wire (available at hardware stores) and cut a 16-foot piece (a bit more than what you’ll be needing, but it’s always better to have a bit more just in case). Bend the wire in half and then twist a small loop at the bend (if you need, use pliers).

    How to Make a Fairy Costume
    Diagram 1

    2. Then, about 8 inches up from the loop, form a large wing shape from the wire and do the same with the other side (just follow the diagrams below and you’ll be fine). Close the wings with a twist (Note: the wings can be bent into different shapes).

    How to Make a Fairy Costume
    Diagram 2
    How to Make a Fairy Costume
    Diagram 3

    3. Take another piece of wire and connect between both wings, creating a triangle (remember to twist and trim the ends of the costume wing wire so that it doesn’t protrude from the triangle; duct-tape them if necessary).

    How to Make a Fairy Costume
    Diagram 4

    4. Make the top section of the costume wings by twisting each part to look like two smaller parts of the wing (again, the diagram does a much better job in explaining…).

    How to Make a Fairy Costume
    Diagram 5

    5. Cut the legs off a pair of queen-size panty hose (any color you choose). Stretch one leg over the bottom part of a wing, secure with a pipe cleaner, and stretch the excess over the top part of the wing. Repeat on the top and bottom of the other side.

    6. Tie the middle of a 7-foot piece of ribbon to the bottom of the triangle (where the loop is). Thread the ribbon around the triangle so the costume wings can be worn like a backpack.

    Now your fairy can fly into Neverland…

    Enjoy! And don’t forget… When you’re done creating the costume, take a look at the coolest Tinkerbell and Fairy birthday party ideas.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    How to make fairy costume for Halloween or just for fun.

    • Several different colors of sheer fabric, about 1/8-1/4 a yard of each color
    • 1/2 yard of a silky/satiny fabric

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Fairy Costume Tutorial

    First you will make a simple skirt out of the silky material. The skirt should be about 2-2 1/2 inches longer than the length desired and at least twice as long as a hip measurement. So measure to get the measurements of your skirt.

    Place right sides together on your silky material and sew along edges. Hem the bottom of the skirt by turning up the edge 1/4 inch and then 1/4 inch again. Set aside while you work the next step.

    Cut your sheer material into 2 inch strips the length of the satin skirt, (the length from the hem to the top.) I cut a point at the end of each strip, but you don’t have to. Then zig-zag around all the edges of the strips.

    After all the edges are finished, lay the pieces on top of the satin skirt the way you want them arranged. I overlapped mine, but again, you don’t have to do that. I pinned them in place where I wanted them and then basted them on. I think I basted them on the very edge and about an inch in. This will help everything to stay flat.

    Turn under about 1/4 inch on the top edge, then another inch. Sew close to the edge, leaving a small gap in the seam to insert elastic. Thread the elastic through with a large safety pin and sew the ends of the elastic together. Sew the opening closed and adjust the elastic through the top evenly. It will help the elastic from rolling if you sew a vertical stitch through the layers and elastic. I usually do 4, one on each seam and then in the front and back.

    After we finished I embellished it with some flowers and with some matching ribbon.

    Thanks Cindy G for sharing your sewn Halloween costume! Send in your project here.

    Now learn how to make fairy wings to go with your easy fairy skirt.

    As a part of the Halloween costume series, here’s how to turn your child into a whimsical fairy.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    There are few things in this world more magical than a fairy, and this Halloween your daughter will look like an enchanting fairy princess that will make any non-believer change their ways.


    • Elastic ribbon to fit around your child’s waist
    • Scissors
    • About 15 pieces of green, blue or purple tulle
    • Leotard, or any dress or top (the more sparkly the better)
    • Hot glue gun
    • Flower lei
    • Headband
    • Leggings to match outfit
    • Ballet slippers (although any shoe is fine)
    • Fairy-like wings

    Step 1: To make the fairy skirt, first measure elastic around your child’s waist so that it is snug but not so tight that it is constricting, cut and tie ends in a knot. Cut tulle into pieces long enough to stretch from your child’s waist to her feet. Wrap the tulle around the elastic band until you’ve created a full skirt.

    Step 2: Wrap flower lei around headband until it is fully covered, secure in place using hot glue gun.

    Step 3: Put on outfit: Shirt, leggings, tulle skirt, shoes, wings and flower head piece.

    And check out more popular Halloween costumes for boys and for girls!

    How to Create a Wizard Costume

    Things You’ll Need

    • Pale blue fabric, 8 feet by 2 feet
    • Pencil
    • Scissors
    • Needle
    • Thread
    • Silver tulle fabric, 8 feet by 2 feet
    • Pale blue ribbon, 2 inches by 5 feet
    • Long black wig
    • Pale blue or silver ballet pumps
    • Pale blue card stock, 30 inches by 30 inches
    • 2 pieces silver tulle, 30 inches by 30 inches
    • Glue

    Water fairy Silvermist is a close friend of Tinkerbell, the fairy in the tales of Peter Pan. She is a sweet little character who is never afraid to come to the aid of her friends. Silvermist wears a one-shoulder blue dress and has glossy black hair and wings that are similar to Tinkerbell’s. A Silvermist costume would be fun to wear to a Disney or fairy-themed fancy dress party and is suitable for both adults and children.

    Buy a pair of pale blue or silver ballet pumps from a fashion or shoe store if you don’t have a pair.

    Fold the 8-foot by 2-foot pale blue fabric in half lengthwise so it is 4 feet by 2 feet. Lay it on your work space so the 2-foot edges are the top and bottom and the 4-foot edges are the left and right. The folded-over edge is the top edge.

    Draw a small mark on the top edge 4 inches from the left-hand edge. Draw a small mark on the right-hand edge 10 inches down from the top edge. Draw a straight line between these two points. Cut both sides of the folded-over fabric along this line and discard the two triangles of fabric.

    Sew together the two right-hand edges using the backstitch — sew from the very bottom of the fabric up to where you drew the 10-inch mark in Step 2. Make a mark on the left-hand edge of the fabric 10 inches from the top. Sew together the two left edges of fabric using the backstitch until you reach the bottom of the fabric. Turn the fabric inside out to hide the rough edges, pencil marks and sewing. You have made a pale blue one-shoulder dress.

    Repeat steps 1 to 3 with the 8-foot by 2-foot silver tulle fabric to create an identical one-shoulder dress that is silver.

    Wear the pale blue one-shoulder dress, then pull on the silver tulle one over the top. Both dresses should have the one shoulder on your right shoulder. Wrap the 5-foot by 2-inch pale blue ribbon around your waist and pull it tight to gather in your dress, then fasten it in a knot. Let any extra ribbon hang down.

    Draw a large pair of wings on the 30-inch by 30-inch pale blue card stock. Look at pictures of Silvermist and fairies online for an idea of the shape. Use as much of the card as you can so the wings are nice and big.

    Place the card wings on top of one of the 30-inch by 30-inch pieces of silver tulle fabric and draw a pair of identical wings using the card as a template. Paste a tiny amount of glue around the edges of the card wings and stick the tulle wings on top. Repeat with the other piece of 30-inch by 30-inch silver tulle fabric to stick the silver tulle wings on the other side of the card. Fold the wings down the middle. Put some glue in the center of the fold and attach them to the center of the back of your dress.

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    How to Make a Fairy Costume


    1/2 yard purple felt

    1 1/2 to 2 yards lavender crinoline (108 inches wide)

    2 to 2 1/2 yards burgundy crinoline (108 inches wide)

    lavender and burgundy thread

    1 yard black 3/4-inch-wide Velcro

    8- by 8-inch scrap fuchsia felt

    small artificial purple and pink flowers

    green and silver glitter

    1/2 yard green felt


    hot-glue gun and sticks

    fabric glue, such as Sobo Premium Craft and Fabric Glue

    Base Garments

    burgundy or purple leotard and tights


    1. For the waistband, measure the child around her waist. Add 8 inches. Cut a strip of purple felt that is 3 1/2 inches wide by this measurement long. Fold in half lengthwise; press.

    2. From the child’s waist, measure the length you want for the skirt. Add 3 inches. Lay out the lavender crinoline on a flat surface and cut 2 pieces the width of the crinoline by the skirt length. Sew the crinoline lengths together to make one approximately 200-inch-long strip. Repeat for the burgundy crinoline. Lay the burgundy strip on top of the lavender and sew together across the upper edge.

    3. Using a double thickness of thread, sew 1/2-inch stitches right next to the stitching line across the entire top, pulling it to gather as you go along. Pull this gathering to match exactly the purple felt strip length. Slip the gathered fabric into the purple felt waistband. Pin in place. Sew the bottom and sides. Remove the pins.

    4. Cut 3- or 4-inch scallops on the bottom of the lavender layer, all the way around. Repeat for the burgundy layer.

    5. Sew two 3-inch strips of Velcro to the ends of the waistband, making sure that the hook (rough) side will face in and the loop (fuzzy) side will face out (this way the wings will not get caught on any exposed Velcro).

    6. Using the leaf pattern, cut about 12 leaves from the fuchsia felt. Reserve 6 to 8 artificial flowers for the headdress. Pull the remaining flowers off their stems and hot glue one to each leaf. Using the fabric glue, put a tiny bit on each leaf and sprinkle some green glitter. Let dry, and then shake off the excess. Pin the flowers on the skirt in a random pattern and hand sew in place. Remove the pins.


    1. Adjust the vest patterns. Measure the child from the shoulder (at the neck) to the waist. Add 2 inches and adjust the front and back patterns vertically to this measurement on the adjustment lines if necessary. Measure around the child’s chest, divide this number by 2, and adjust the back at the adjustment line to this measurement. Take the amount you increased the back, divide it in half, and add this amount to the front width at the adjustment line. Straighten out the shoulder lines. Don’t adjust the neck or armholes until you cut out the pattern and sew it.

    2. Use the adjusted pattern to cut out one back piece from the green felt. Cut out 4 front pieces: 2 green and 2 purple. Pin the green front pieces on top of the purple front pieces, making sure you have a left and a right side. Sew the back to the front at the shoulder seams, right sides together. Remove the pins and try on the child. Adjust where necessary along the shoulder seam (make neck hole a little larger? Cut down width at arm?). See how the vest armholes will fit and mark where they should be cut a little larger if necessary. Remove the vest from the child and make the adjustments. Resew the shoulder seams if necessary. Pin and then sew the side seams. Remove the pins.

    3. Place the vest on the child and mark with pins where the front overlaps. Remove from the child and attach the Velcro in the following way: On the child’s right side of the vest, lift up the green pinned layer and pin a 4-inch strip of Velcro on the purple felt layer, facing inside. On the other side, pin the opposite Velcro on the green layer, facing outside. Sew these in place. Hot glue the 2 layers of front felt together where necessary.

    4. With the fabric glue, squeeze out decorative swirling designs on one outer side of the vest front. Sprinkle with the green glitter and let dry. Repeat for the other side and let dry. Turn the vest over and make little dots with the glue, keeping decorations ½ inch away from the shoulder seam and top of neck. Sprinkle with glitter and let dry.

    5. Attach Velcro to the vest: Cut a 2-inch strip of loop (fuzzy) Velcro and pin it at neck center back. Measure across the shoulders and cut 2 more strips loop (fuzzy) Velcro about 1/2 inch shorter than the shoulders are wide and attach one to the back of each shoulder, about 1/4 inch from the seam.


    1. Measure the child from the top of the spine at the neck to the wrist. Adjust the wing pattern so that the center back to the wrist is 2 inches longer than this measurement (for ease of movement). Make the pattern longer top to bottom, if desired.

    2. Using this pattern and pinking shears, cut out a double layer of pink organza, aligning the fold with the fold mark on the pattern. Then cut out a double layer of burgundy crinoline, again aligning the folds. Sew the 2 pieces together across the top. Cut a purple felt strip, 1 inch wide by the length of the top, and pin it to the crinoline layer of the wing top. Sew together. Remove the pins.

    3. Wrap the elastic around the child’s wrist loosely enough to feel comfortable but not so loose as to fall off. Pin the ends where they meet and remove from the wrist. Sew as pinned and make a second one exactly the same. Attach one to each end of the felt strip at the top of the wings with a few stitches.

    4. To attach the wings, take the 2-inch strip of hook (rough) Velcro that matches the Velcro at the vest center back and sew it onto the center of the felt strip on the wing. Put the vest on the child. Attach the Velcro loop strips that match the vest shoulders. Slip on the elastics at the wrists. At the child’s shoulders, pin the wings to the vest. Remove the wings and vest, and pin the loop Velcro to the wings. Sew the Velcro in place. Remove the pins.

    5. To decorate wings, cut out 8 purple felt circles 11/2 inches in diameter. Make a fabric glue circle in the center of each and sprinkle on silver glitter. When dry, pin onto the crinoline layer of the wings. Have the child try on the wings. Correct the placement if necessary. Hand sew in place. Remove the pins.


    1. Beginning in the center, sew the remaining artificial flowers onto the ribbon about 2 1/2 inches apart. Gently place the ribbon around the child’s head and twist to close it in a circle. Twist the dangling ends into ringlets that can droop down. Cut off ends if they are too long. Slip the headdress off the child. Make little dots on the ribbon with fabric glue and sprinkle with silver glitter. Let dry.

    This costume originally appeared in Country Living’s Handmade Halloween.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Celebrate Valentine’s Day or any occasion with a gorgeous, glittery, girly toddler heart fairy costume.

    Fairy Costumes with Hearts

    There’s nothing more adorable than watching your little girl twirl around the house in a shiny, shimmering, cotton candy-colored heart fairy costume. The getups are a hot ticket item, especially with young ballerinas who inspire to take the stage as fairy princesses when they grow up.

    Toddler heart fairy costumes can be worn for dance recitals, Valentine’s Day parties, Halloween or as a uniform for a fairy-in-training. The pretty pink and white ribbon, lace and glitter encrusted heart fairy costumes are irresistible to most toddlers who can’t wait to slip into the fluffy dresses with matching heart-shaped wings.

    How to Make A Toddler Heart Fairy Costume

    Fortunately, you don’t have to fork over a bundle to make your little girl’s fairy dreams come true. With a little creativity you can make a heart fairy costume on your own using materials you may have around the house.


    Most toddler girls love pink, so to fulfill their fairy tale fantasies, you might consider using a rose-colored dress or leotard with a matching pink tutu as the base for your little one’s heart fairy costume. If you prefer your toddler to don a more conservative Renaissance-style fairy costume, then pair a matching layered skirt with a puffy sleeved top accented with long ribbons that will fly around when she twirls. Accessorize with a heart-shaped tiara, wings and wand to complete the fantastical fairy costume.


    A fancier option is to sew layers of tulle under a traditional dance skirt. Then, top it with a lace-up bodice blouse featuring heart appliques, sheer pink wings with hearts drawn in red or pink glitter glue, and a matching sequined headpiece that you can find at the Dollar Store or a thrift shop and accent with plastic or Styrofoam hearts.


    This enchanting heart fairy costume for toddlers can be used for a Valentine’s Day ballet recital or to play dress-up any day of the year. Simply decorate a pink, white or lavender colored leotard with heart-shaped appliques. Add matching glitter tights, a tutu, heart-shaped shoe covers and a gem encrusted heart-shaped wand. To make the wings for your little heart fairy, use cardboard cutouts or recycle a pair of white angel’s wings and embellish with sequined heart adhesives. To finish off the costume make a delicate-looking heart and flower headband with artificial roses and ribbons.

    Where to Buy Heart Fairy Costumes for Toddlers

    If you want your little one to look stunning in an elaborate heart fairy costume but don’t have the time to make one yourself, then consider shopping at the following online retailers:

    The aforementioned websites offer an array of pretty pastel-colored toddler heart fairy costumes. Sizes vary between companies, so it is important that you know your child’s measurements in order to compare them to each site’s size charts. If your child tends to wear her fairy costume over her regular clothes during the winter months, you should consider ordering one size larger to account for the charming and frilly layers underneath.

    September 15, 2019 by Janice

    Looking for a sweet and easy Halloween costume idea? Here is how to make a DIY deer costume… this fawn costume includes a no sew tutu and DIY deer ears headband.

    We love making Halloween costumes for our girls. Janice wrote this post sharing how she made each of my girls a DIY deer costume a couple of years ago. These fawn costumes are so cute we wanted to share them again with you.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Our girls are obsessed with Halloween costumes. They plan out costume ideas for years ahead.

    Last year, when Olivia was a Fall Flower Fairy wearing the dress I made her in our Fall Fairy Costume Tutorial, my nieces, Julia and Sophia, were fawns. We all thought the idea of a fall fairy with two baby deer was adorable.

    How to Make a DIY Deer Costume…

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Our baby deer costume is made up of fawn ear headband, brown shirt and leggings/tights (I sewed the shirts and leggings, but Julia chose to wear tights instead of the leggings,) and a no-sew brown and white tutu with white spots and a double ribbon bow.

    I think my favorite part of the costume is the fawn ears. I just LOVE how they turned out.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    I have made countless pairs of animal ear headbands over the years — but these deer ears top the list.

    For tutorials on how I make my animal ear headbands, check out this tutorial post and video for our DIY Cat Costume and this tutorial post and video on how to make simple no-sew animal ears.

    With these deer ears, I used some scraps of the brown fabric with which I had made the girls shirts and leggings, some fake fur, leftover brown tulle from the skirts and some extra fall flowers I had from Olivia’s Fall Flower Fairy Dress.

    I bent crafting wire to make the shape of the ears and glued onto the headband.

    I sewed the outer deer ears together and slipped them over the wire ear forms, wrapping and gluing the bottom of the ears to the headband. Then I hot glued the fur for the inner ears to the outer ear.

    Next, I wrapped the brown tulle around the headband to cover the headband and the bottom of the ears and hot glued to secure in place.

    Finally, I glued on some tufts of tulle, flowers and leaves for decoration.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    As I mentioned above, I sewed brown shirts and leggings for the girls to wear. I couldn’t find any brown long sleeved shirts or leggings, and I wanted the color of the leggings and the shirts to match, so I decided to make them myself.

    That decision definitely added to my workload and I complicated matters by buying a fabric that wasn’t ideal. Since the fabric was just for a costume, I didn’t want to spend a ton on it and I couldn’t find any brown stretch fabric that was the color I wanted at a decent price.

    So I opted for a somewhat stretchy but kind of strange fabric that I found in the clearance area.

    It was the perfect color, but unfortunately it wasn’t soft and stretchy enough like a regular jersey or spandex fabric. So I had to remake the girls’ leggings because they were too small. Then, Julia still didn’t like the feel of hers and opted to wear brown tights instead. Sigh.

    If you decide to whip up some brown shirts and leggings for your costume, please do yourself a favor and make sure you buy a soft, comfy fabric with enough stretch.

    Hopefully you will get lucky and find brown shirts and leggings or tights to match or you could always buy a white leotard/bodysuit and white tights and dye them.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Next up are the tutus. For these tutus, I made simple no-sew knotted tulle tutus.

    I will update soon with a full tutorial on how to make a no-sew tutu — but there are a ton of different tutorials online.

    When I make tutus, I use bridal tulle because it softer and better quality than craft tulle, such as the tulle that is sold on 6 inch rolls at craft stores. But if you plan on using craft tulle, no worries. It will work fine.

    If you can’t find the colors you need at your local fabric stores, you can buy bridal tulle and craft tulle online.

    For these deer costume tutus, I cut strips of tulle that were 8″ by 30″. I used a ton of tulle — probably about 4-6 yards of brown tulle and 2-3 yards of white tulle.

    I measured the girls waist and cut elastic accordingly. I pinned the elastic at their waist measurement, put it on the back of a chair and began tying on the tulle strips, two pieces at a time. (I will update soon with photos of that process.)

    Once I was finished tying on strips, I did a final fitting on the girls and sewed the elastic together.

    I cut out white felt circles and hot glued them to the back of the tulle skirt.

    Then I tied a double bow with brown and white ribbon and pinned on the front of the waist band.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Julia and Sophia had so much fun with these Halloween deer costumes — and I think I loved them even more than they did!

    What are your kids’ favorite costumes? Do they ever wear them again for play during the year?

    Have you ever made a tutu as a part of a costume? Did you make a no-sew tutu or did you use a sewing method to create your tutu?

    I would LOVE to hear your experiences creating your costumes.

    Pin this DIY Deer Costume For Later

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Written and photographed by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom and Janice Croze Photography. We first published this post on October 30, 2017.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    This clever DIY costume is creative and cute for not only Halloween, but any dress-up time!


    • Leotard
    • Tutu
    • Fairy wings
    • Wand
    • Silver Leggings
    • Crown
    • Teeth necklace & bracelet
    • Tooth applique for leotard & wand


    • scissors


    1. Attach the applique to the leotard and wand.
    2. Put on the leotard, leggings, tutu and all accessories and you’re ready to go!

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Considering my girls play dress up a lot still and we have quite the array of tutus, this wasn’t a very tough costume to make. Basically I started with a fairy costume and added “teeth” details and accessories. Here’s how:

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    1. Leotard
    2. Tutu
    3. Fairy wings
    4. Wand
    5. Silver Leggings
    6. Crown
    7. Teeth necklace & bracelet
    8. Tooth applique for leotard & wand

    Directions: So we started with the basics (most of which we had): the leotard, tutu, crown, wings & wand. I found silver leggings on Amazon because I thought it would be too cold for tights on Halloween night. Then I found an Etsy shop that sold little bags to put lost teeth in and messaged her asking if I could but JUST the tooth sticker, not on a bag. She was awesome and made that one (for the wand) and a larger version for the leotard. I believe she made it on a Cricut machine, so if you have one or have a friend with one, that’s another way to make it. Another option would be to cut a tooth shape out of sticky-back felt and stick it on. I used sticky felt in most of my costumes. If you go that route, you could just peel it off after Halloween and have your leotard back.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    To make some fun “teeth” accessories, I ordered a bag of plastic tooth necklaces on Amazon. Picture the ones your kids bring home with their tooth in it if they lose a tooth in school. I used the plastic teeth to make bracelets and a necklace of teeth. The purple wig in some of the photos wasn’t part of the costume at first but was added in for some of our Halloween events!

    This was a really fun costume to make and kids of all ages would see Alex and say “look it’s the tooth fairy!”. There are a lot of different ways you could make a tooth fairy costume at home – different colors, etc based on what you and your kids imagine your tooth fairy to look like.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    I LOVE Halloween! Just in case you didn’t know. It’s my favorite holiday, hence why I go all out each year on the blog for it. I have soooo many costumes to share each week and we’ll probably keep going until the week before Halloween. We will also be posting non-Halloween posts through out, so we’re not all Halloween everyday. Just an FYI! Today I’m sharing my DIY Fairy Bread Costume, which I know you have all been waiting for. This probably my favorite costume that I’ve ever made. It’s so fun and easy to make. It’s also very easy to wear as well. It’s complete with a fairy bread head piece as well. Here is how you make it!

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    To make this super cute costume you’ll need:

    • This white dress from ASOS.
    • This pom pom tee from SheIn.
    • These hot pink metallic mules or these pom pom shoes! I was supposed to wear the pom pom shoes, but we forgot them on the day of the shoot.
    • A bunch of colored pom poms. At least 3 bags sizes ranging form super tiny to medium in size.
    • Glue Gun
    • White Headband
    • Some Craft Upholstery foam
    • 1 can of Toffee, Sand, and Shock White Spray Paint
    • Scissors
    • White Elastic

    First you cut out your large bread shape from your foam. This will be your body piece. Cutting the foam is the hardest part as you have to shape it with your scissors as you cut. Once you cut your big pies out, cut out your small bread piece for your head piece as well. The head piece bread shape should be about 6 inches by 6 inches in size.

    After the bread shapes are cut, you’ll then take them outside or to a well ventilated area and spray paint the front of the bread edges and around the edges of the bread the toffee colored spray paint. You’ll spray the large and small bread shapes at the same time. Let that color dry. Then spray paint just the edges of the bread pieces with the Sand color spray paint. This gives it that bread crust look. You’ll also let that color dry. You can see how it looks up close below.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Lastly, you’ll spray paint the front of your bread pieces with the Shock White spray paint. This completes the bread look of the pieces. Let both large and small bread shape pieces dry completely.

    Once they are completely dry, begin to hot glue on your pom poms to the center of the bread pieces.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    I used a mix of small and medium pom poms on the large piece and an mix of small and mini pom poms on the head piece. I also glued some scattered along the edges, so it looks like the sprinkles were scattered on the bread.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    I did the same thing with the small head piece. It’s so darn cute! I’m obsessed with the itty bitty pom pom sprinkles!

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Let all the pom poms dry onto your bread pieces completely. You’ll then glue your small fairy bread to a white head band with your glue gun. Careful as you do it as that hot glue will burn you!

    You lastly glue a looped piece of elastic to the top of the large bread piece so you can put it over your head and the bread piece will hang off you. It does not weigh, so no worries about that!

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Put on your white dress, pom pom tee, and which ever shoes you like best from the ones I mentioned and there you have the cutest DIY fairy bread costume ever!

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    All hail the fairy bread costume! It’s just too much fun!

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    It just makes you happy the second you see it and the feeling is infectious. I can’t tell you how many people stopped to take pictures of this while we were snapping these pics.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    You will definitely be the life of the party with this adorable fairy bread costume. I know all my Aussie readers and followers will surely love this costume!

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    It just makes you want to dance as soon as you have it on! There is nothing better than some dancing fairy bread folks!

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Can you tell how much I love this costume folks? Again, I’m so obsessed with it and love how it came out!

    I hope you enjoy this super cute and semi-easy to make DIY Fairy Bread Costume as much as I do!

    If you decide to make it, be sure to share a picture on any of your social channels and tag it #BubblyCostumeTime so I can see! I love seeing all my fabulous readers as fairy bread. It will be the cutest thing ever!

    Don’t forget you can also be a toaster pastry for Halloween as well!

    You can find more Halloween Costumes and Halloween fun HERE!

    Our adventures – living anywhere

    Easy DIY Fairy Costume

    Before you go and buy a cheap, or expensive, costume or dressups for your child, have a quick think about how you could make it yourself. There are often easy, affordable and fun ways to achieve the look you or your child wants.

    I spotted the lady behind the counter in our local fabric shop throwing Easter skirts together with absolutely no sewing required! She was selling them for $10, “I could do that,” I thought, “and better!”

    So I did. With just a teeny bit of sewing.

    • A couple of metres of tulle (net) in the colour of your choice.
    • A matching or contrasting t-shirt.
    • A length of broad elastic for the waistband.
    • Any extras you can pick up at your nearest craft store, dollar store or similar. Beads, hair accessories, brooches, necklaces etc. Don’t forget you can pull things apart and re-purpose them!
    • Some cotton thread.

    Fabric Choice

    You don’t actually have to use tulle, you could cut up an old dress or shirt, use up left over fabric from another project etc. The beauty of tulle, though, is that it doesn’t fray, so no need to hem. But if you have pinking shears (which decrease the chance of fraying) you can try anything!

    Decide how long you want the skirt to be, and measure your fabric to double that length. Fold or roll the fabric lengthwise and then cut your strips. Don’t make them too narrow (I did!) as wider is almost more effective, and takes less time. I’d recommend a minimum of 4cm wide, but up to 8cm works really well. Narrower strips gives you a wafty look, wider strips is a little more frou-frou. The stiffness of your fabric makes a difference, too. Net sticks out more, while soft tulle is fluffier, and better a little wider.

    Fold or roll, then cut fabric into strips.

    Unfold or unroll your strips, match the ends together and round them or cut to points, as you prefer. Or just leave square – it’s up to you and how you want your finished skirt to look!

    This is what you want to end up with.

    Then you do this… Fold a strip in half and take the centre of the strip in a loop like so:

    Loop the centre of the folded strips over the waistband then
    pull the ends through the loop to secure.

    And pop the ends through and pull it tight like this:

    Cow hitch? Lark’s Head? I dunno, but it’s a simple loop that works for me!

    I’m not sure what this kind of knot is called. Apparently (according to Google) it might be a Cow’s Hitch or a Lark’s Head. The husb used to be a kiting geek and would know, but is out to dinner with his mother and siblings so not present to be grilled on the matter. Whatever, it’s a handy dandy easy way to get a really great fairy skirt without doing sewing!

    I prefer to work with my waistband elastic out flat, like in the pictures, but you can sew it into a waist-sized hoop before you start if you prefer. Either sew the ends together, secure with a good safety-pin, or tie in a firm knot (sewing makes it more comfy for the wearer).

    Repeat, repeat and repeat until you have filled the skirt almost to the ends of the waistband with your ‘Lark’s Headed’ tuille strips.

    And bingo! A fairy skirt.

    Next take the t-shirt and cut it. As you can see in the photos, I chose to cut zig-zag shapes out of the bottom of the t-shirt, I also cut the sleeves in a similar way. For one costume I cut the bottom at an angle to create a point on one side. If you have a more baggy t-shirt, you might want to cut a little way up one side seam so that you can tie a knot to keep the bottom of the t-shirt tight to the body (this is simple & very effective too).

    For the wings, you could buy a set of fairy wings. But if children are wearing the costume to a party, I find that those kinds of wings really get in the way. This is a neat alternative where the wings are smaller and sewn onto the t-shirt.

    First work out how wide the wings are going to be – about as wide as the back of the t-shirt, then cut two shapes like so… (two layers looks best, make one a little larget than the other for a good look) then thread a needle and sew a line of running stitch up the centre line to keep the two layers together and enable you to gather them.

    Cut out two amost-the-same sized pieces for the wings

    Sew a line of running stitch up the middle and through both layers of the wings

    Gather both layers in the middle with a simple, large running stitch

    The simply place the wings where you want them on the back of the t-shirt and sew on. I did this by hand, with lots of stitches through the centre, and a few carefully placed ones around the edges of the wings. But if you prefer you can sew all the way around the edge and through the centre by hand or with a sewing machine.

    I also purchased matching accessories at our local $2 store. Cheap bracelets and necklaces can be great sources of beads for pretty and funky details. I took one apart for a different costume. This blue outfit was a gift, and I left the bracelet in tact as an accessory, but I found something else with a matching sparkly bow that I pulled off and stitched onto the t-shirt. It’s easy to add things to plan hair clips too, to make them more interesting. You can sew or stick on bows, beads, dangly bits etc.

    Inexpensive accessories can really ‘make’ your fairy costume

    Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the finished article! I was so pleased to have it ready to take to a party as a present for my neighbour’s daughter. (I don’t usually give such lovingly handmade gifts, I’m afraid! This particular neighbour had been very kind during some difficult times. Plus her daughter is especially cute an a lovely playmate for my own girls 🙂 ).

    I made a green ‘Tinkerbell‘ outfit for my eldest with this lovely sparkly tuillle.

    There is a huge range of tuilles and nets out there – don’t get stuck with plain if you like fancy!

    I chose a lovely purple with a delicate sparkle in it for my youngest, and ‘adapted’ an old mauve t-shirt she had by sewing a strip of the tuille around the bottom of the t-shirt leaving the ends long, so they could be tied in a bow. It looked lovely. (Since her sister was ‘Tinkerbell’ she wanted to know who the purple fairy was. We discovered the Disney fairy ‘Vidia’ – I just hope she doesn’t get that attitude!)

    When Tinkerbell decided she wanted to wear her skirt out and about, I made it more decent by adding an underskirt. I used a green t-shirt (actually it was her top, but I wasn’t happy with how I’d cut it – it was my first one! So I sacrificed it for the underskirt and made her a new top).

    All I did was cut it like so:

    I had some help!

    Then I pinned it inside the skirt to the wasteband, and sewed around with my machine. Worked brilliantly.

    You might also enjoy my article on making a quick ‘holiday’ dolls’ house for your kids using a beer box (or other cardboard box you find you have to hand when you’re on holiday).

    Maribel loves creating crafts and arts. She always makes costumes for her kids. In this article, she features her daughter’s costume output.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    Lovely Tinkerbell

    My daughter loves Tinkerbell. After she watched the movie Tinkerbell, she went on to watch the other three movies: The Great Fairy Rescue, The Lost Treasure and The Secret of the Wings. Personally, I like watching these, too, because they’re beautiful. Watching it in Blu-ray makes me feel like I’m drawn into the world of fantasy.

    In 2011, I made these wings for her. She used them in a costume party, then I displayed them in my shop for rent. (The photo above shows my daughter wearing her wings in front of my shop.) Last Halloween, most parents were looking for fairy costumes rather than scary or bloody costumes.

    These wings can also be used for other events, like themed birthday or holiday parties. Tinkerbell will always be fashionable.

    All photos and illustrations here are mine.


    • GI wire (about 3 millimeters thickness—like that of a spaghetti noddle. Thinner wire is too weak, and the wings won’t form well)
    • Thin wires or floral wires
    • Tulle fabric (1 yard)
    • Paint brush
    • Glue
    • Glitters (silver or rainbow)
    • Garter (half yard)
    • Glue gun and glue stick (glittered glue sticks are available in craft stores)



    YAAAASSSSS! You’re in.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

    4.) Cut a hole in the middle of the white sheet (that your head will fit through).
    5.) Put the tooth on. Put your head through the hole in the white sheet and let the rest of the sheet fall over the tooth. Adjust for comfort and look. Have a friend pin the sheet into place all around the tooth. You will have to cut excess sheet away and tuck it under the edges and pin to get a finished look.
    6.) Carefully take it off and sew the sheet in place very securely, then remove pins.

    How to Make a Fairy Costume

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    This is an amazing idea! I’ve always had this weird fascination with teeth, so I might try to convince the boyfriend and I to do this for Halloween!

    Awesome tutorial! You guys are the king and queen of the couples’ costume 🙂

    love it! Thanks for sharing!

    haha I love this so much, great job and thanks for sharing!

    thanks for sharing. Your costumes are so cute. I really love your expression in the photo.

    That’s awesome. Totally want to do this! 🙂

    Awwwh, I love it! Med School Mom says:

    Adorable! I love when couples wear matching costumes.

    I love it! I am a dental hygienist and my husband is going to school to be a dentist! Haha perfect for us!

    Im a dental assistant and my boyfriend is A dental technician making dental crowns and bridges, I just finsihed it and it looks amazing. Cant wait for Halloween!

    That’s awesome, I would love to see photos!!

    What size sheet?

    i want to know how you put yours together! the tooth fairy 🙂

    Did you find an adult tutu or make it yourself?

    Im totally doing this this year. I wanted to
    Ask you what shoes you wore. I’m wearing fishnets and was thinking of a cute white ballet slipper with white ribbons lacing up my shins…but just wanted to check with the original 🙂

    Thanks so much!

    Hi there, I wore ballet flats that I covered in glitter! Good luck, and I’d love to see pictures!

    where did or how did you make your fairy costume from?

    What size sheet did you use??

    This is a great idea, and great instructions! My daughter want to have a theme costume with her little brother. When I showed her your tutorial she went nuts! She found a blue fairy costume on and we used smaller pillows since her littler brother is only two and it is turning out so cute! Thank you for putting your great ideas on here, it has made our halloween!

    What did you use to make the tooth wand?

    I rolled up a piece of paper tightly and then filled it with hot glue for the stem. When the hot glue was dry I added glitter to it using spray adhesive. Then I just drew a tooth on paper, cut it out, and glued it top. Added a little ribbon and that was it!

    how did you make the tooth wand? I’m doing a last minute tooth fairy costume & the only thing left to make is the wand. Thank you

    I made a tooth wand last night…just bought a cheap wand (with a star on the end) from the costume store, then traced a tooth on card stock, cut it out and used Elmer’s glue and glued the cutouts on each side. I also took rhinestones and glued them around each outline on the card stock cutouts

    Ok so I made this tooth last night and it took 9 hours and I am not great at sewing but it turned out pretty good. We have 2 parties so I hope it holds up. Yours is so smooth and even though I ironed the sheet, mine is a little wrinkled. I made a fairy costume inspired by yours but then I added a pink tool belt with pliers in it and money as well. I bought wings, wand, crown and then I bought these plastic teeth and made a tooth choker and tooth bracelet. I also bought spray body glitter. I’m pretty excited about showing off our costumes. Thanks for the amazing idea.

    Just finished my tooth! If I would change anything about the tutorial, I would have cut/sewn the roots before I sewed the pillows together! It was hard maneuvering a huge cube of pillows to do that part – possibly the arm holes too. It was a lot more work intensive than I anticipated but I am very happy with the result. Thanks so much for sharing!! Can’t wait to show it off at the Halloween Party tonight.

    OMG you’re amazing.. I mean you are so creative

    This is SO fun. I loved it so much, I totally copied you. 🙂 Come check it out if you want! I made sure to link back to you in my post.:) Happy Halloween!

    thanks for share.

    I’m going to try to attempt this halloween costume for me and my bf this year. I hope I can get it right. thanks Anonymous says:

    I’m going to try to attempt this halloween costume for me and my bf this year. I hope I can get it right. thanks tickled in love says:

    I loved your unique and creative costumes and had to add you to my round-up, “87 Creative Halloween Couples Costumes” ( Thanks for being awesome and Happy Halloween from The Dating Divas xox

    Does anyone have an easy way of cutting out the arm holes?

    We’re going to give it a whirl WITHOUT the armholes. Our plan is to make straps so that the pillows (tooth) fits under the arms – held up by tank stye straps. Hopefully it will cut out a lot of time consuming sewing but still look good! We’ll see!

    This is so cute! Just one question…What size guy does the tooth fit?

    me and my boyfriend did this year, tonight is the first halloween party! so excited!

    My boyfriend and I are going to a party as this tonight! Thank you so much for the wonderful idea! It also made me learn how to sew 😉 Thank you again!

    Took about 5 hours. 8$ at Salvation Army. Such a creative idea.
    Thanks for posting the image and instructions!

    How to Make a Seaweed Costume

    Things You’ll Need

    • Green dress or leotard
    • Green tights
    • Sandals
    • Several silk flowers
    • Several strands of artificial ivy
    • Fairy wings
    • Hot glue gun
    • Newspaper
    • Glitter makeup
    • Measuring tape

    Wood nymphs are magical creatures that can be described as fairies that live in forests. Artists typically portray them wearing organic, natural materials that would be easily found in their environments, such as leaves, flowers and vines. If you would like to dress as a wood nymph for a costume party or similar event, you may be able to locate such a costume in a costume shop. Such store-bought costumes can be pricey, however, so you may decide to make your own costume from scratch. Your homemade costume can be made from some items that you may already have on hand, as well as some that can be purchased inexpensively.

    Prepare your work area by lining the surface with several layers of newspaper, which will prevent hot glue from damaging your work surface. Heat up your hot glue gun.

    Pull several leaves off of your artificial ivy. Lay your fairy wings onto your newspaper-lined surface and begin hot gluing the leaves to the wings, into your desired positions. You may choose to glue many leaves to the wings or just a few.

    Lay your green dress or leotard onto your work surface. Use your hot glue gun to attach ivy leaves to the fabric of the clothing. Glue as many or as few leaves as you desire.

    Wrap the measuring tape around your head and take the measurement found at the widest point. Cut a piece of artificial ivy to this length and glue the ends together to form a crown for your head. Remove the silk flowers from their bases and hot glue them to some of the ivy leaves of your crown.

    Slip on your green tights. Then put on your decorated green dress or leotard.

    Spread some glitter makeup across your cheeks and over your eyelids, as well as anywhere else you would like to sparkle. Place your finished crown on your head and slip on your decorated wings. Slip on your chosen sandals to complete your costume.

    Fairy wings can be found most times of the year in the toy sections of many stores. Costume shops carry them as well.

    Artificial flowers and ivy can be found at most craft supply stores, as well as the craft sections of many discount stores.


    To avoid the risk of damaging your costume, make sure the glue has cooled before attempting to try it on. After it has been applied, hot glue takes approximately 60 seconds to dry completely.