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How to make a massie block roleplaying blog

This page discusses what is proper and innapropriate for this Wiki. Guidelines will use on Wiki pages, remarks, talks, and message boards.


The Essentials


1. Do not cyberbully. It’s an issue huge enough. The most typical thing you’ll see on the wiki is when somebody calls another person a LBR on this wiki, like:

To put it simply, simply be great to each other, and share your viewpoints PLEASANTLY.

2. Do not state curse words. They aren’t endured on this wiki.

3. Attempt not to erase anything unless you make sure it’s incorrect. You could not erase this-” Massie Block has a purple streak in her hair” however you COULD erase this-” Massie Block owns a purple flying monkey called Mr. Bananas and he brushes her hair every early morning.”

4. Do not compose incorrect info on a page. We will eliminate your details. Erasing big quantities of info without apparent thinking is likewise versus the guidelines.

5. Do not spam. I understand that a great deal of individuals have Massie Block blog sites and things and they wish to promote it, however if they wish to, they can either 1) Compose a message on somebody’s talk page or 2) Make a blog site about it, however it needs to have the word AD in the title. Another kind of spamming would be if somebody would publish a remark like “wazzup everybody wazzup wazzzuuuuppp” or an assortment of absolutely nothing like “heryfheruanhgdfjpgueraiphputarytprulagsdhfl.” Spam remarks are not appropriate. The admins will erase any spam remarks.

6. This is not a roleplay wiki. We aren’t sure if there is an Inner circle Roleplay wiki, and we ask you to make one if you wish to roleplay. You might likewise make a WordPress blog site.

7. You are not enabled to have an account on any wiki if you are under 13, due to the Kid’s Online Personal privacy Defense Act. We are sorry, however there are no reasons.



  • Welcome your good friends to assist and sign up with the wiki out! We can constantly utilize more users.
  • Be extremely cautious about publishing things like your complete name, age, area, passwords, and prepares to individuals on this wiki. As admins, we do our finest to keep you safe however can not ensure your security online.
  • Please do not compose your remarks in all caps. Utilizing uppercase for focus is great, however we will state something if your whole remark is capitalized.
  • If you are brand-new to this Wiki, please do not be shy- ask among our admins for some assistance!
  • Assisting other users.
  • If you state that you are extremely abundant or “the Massie Block of your school” then a great deal of individuals will chew out you. Sound judgment!
  • If you comment, talking as if you’re talking with the character (e.g. Hey, Massie, what’s up!) is generally like spamming. We may erase these remarks. And we would like you to understand that the character will never ever respond back to you.
  • Do not make edits, include images, include classifications, and so on simply to make badges and points. All of us attempt our hardest to make the wiki quite! Dontt develop more work.

Our Restriction Policy


  • Most of the times, we have a 1, 2, 3 strike policy. The very first time you break a guideline, you will get a caution. The 2nd time you make the exact same offense, you will be prohibited for a particular quantity of time, depending upon what you did. The 3rd time you make the exact same offense, you will be prohibited completely or for a prolonged quantity of time. *
  1. Blasphemy (cursing, swearing, or nasty language in any method, in the kind of (consisting of however not restricted to) a remark, blog site, or image post)
  2. Idle harassment, hazards, or cyberbullying. In this case, we will get and avoid the caution to the second strike immediately.
  3. Modifying another user’s page without their approval.
  4. Spamming
  1. Changing material on pages with innapropriate expressions
  2. Slamming or threatening any cast members or characters
  3. Pretending to be a cast member although you are undoubtedly not
  4. Plagarism of somebody elses’s pages, blog sites, or sites without approval
  5. Major harassment, hazards, or cyberbullying. In this case, we will get and avoid the caution to the second strike immediately.

3 Month Restrictions and up


  1. Declining to listen to a rollback, admin, or chat mediator.

If they feel that the concern is more severe than the suggested restriction time,

Please keep in mind that an admin might extend restriction time.


How to make a massie block roleplaying blog

How to make a massie block roleplaying blog

My view. (This will be your view quickly too.)

20 Remarks

Hey there, tender thanks you in spite of realities! I repost in Facebook

Will there be a 3rd book in the Pretenders series please state yes quite please

How does your procedure with your editor work? Just how much state do you have on developing the Pretenders series’ covers? (I enjoy the covers by the method!)

Following your blah-g, Lisi! You are my good example and my life-long idol! I heart you!

I heart you too, Alicia! xo

Lisi! I have a concern for you, if Massie Block could make a blog site what would remain in it? I would actually enjoy to hear what you need to state. Since you are initial and my idol. Love you Lisi. Kisses


If you could go anywhere at all, where would you go?

What motivates you to compose

Pretenders To be more precise

My concerns for your great Q&A (everything about the Pretenders series)

1. What are a few of Vanessa’s particular objectives for the future? Like what college does she wish to go to? What type of task does she wish to have?

2. What are some lessons that you desire your reader to receive from reading this series? Did you put some things in there that you desire u to understand from your previous teen errors?

3. What would each of the character’s preferred books to check out?

4. Did you have a soundtrack playing through your head that assisted you compose the series? If not, what tunes would you have liked to be the series soundtrack?

5. Teenagers today are residing in a worry filled world with fretting about getting in and spending for college tuition, discovering a steady task, and so on. When you had to deal with your worries and how it can motivate us as young individuals, inform us some particular times in your life.

6. What are the character’s preferred foods?

7. Will you ever make anything sort of like the cliquetionary however for Pretenders? Like informing us a lots of enjoyable realities about the characters and have them inform us stories about their lives and how to endure Nobel High, etc?

8. Were these characters based or influenced by anybody?

9. Will you ever develop an enjoyable character test based upon the series?

Thanks a lot Lisi!! I fell entirely in love with the book and composed a confidential evaluation for it on Barnes and Noble that, I need to state, was lovely and rather dazzling! Simply attempting to get the word out.

Lisi, I simply learnt that Massie Block’s birthday is virtually in one month. If you could, what birthday present would you purchase Massie?
Simply asking!
Pretenders note: I pretend to be Claire on WordPress.

I enjoy all of your books I have actually read them everything about 20 times whenever somebody asks me what they must check out i constantly inform them to continue reading of your books. Anyways my concern for you is why did u select to compose the kinds of books you did and how did you develop the names for all the characters?

If we are expected to ask a concern about you or about License to Spill,

I do not understand. I will ask some of each.

To you, did you initially wish to be an author, or did you wish to be something else however then discovered your real enthusiasm for composing along the method? If you didn’t initially wish to be an author, what did you wish to be? Why do you compose (not in like a ‘OMG you draw why do you compose’ kind of method, however more of a ‘OMG you rock and I kind of love you and I enjoy work and I actually desire to understand what your motivation is and the factor you do what you do kind of method’. Okay? Okay.) Simply a couple of more concern to learn more about the genuine Lisi:

What’s the significance of life?
Do frogs have ears?
What would you wish to be composed on your tombstone?
What do you identify yourself as?
What stating do you utilize a lot?
Preferred singer/artist/band?
If you needed to select in between a millions dollars and having the ability to fly, which would you select?
What was the last tune you listened to?

Now about the book.
The number of books do you intend on composing? Where do you do the majority of your writing? Since I require to understand for psychological factors (I currently have too lots of dead characters.), will anybody pass away in this book Where did you develop the concept for The Pretenders? Would you ever considering having a reader’s conference where you speak about The Pretenders and License to Spill someplace in Minnesota, due to the fact that I reside in MN and I would enjoy some composing ideas.

One last note from a fellow Pretender.
I pretend that I’m fine however in all truth I’m not. I can’t do anything best and I’m bad at anything. That’s why I check out. I likewise pretend that what individuals state does not harm me, I play it off and joke about it however in truth it injures and I take it personally and I think of it later on and how I want I might simply defend myself however I simply keep Pretending.

After being extremely popular with the inner circle and beast high, do you feel a great deal of pressure to make the pretenders series simply as much of a hit as your previous books?

Which character’s mind is the hardest to enter and compose from his/her POV? Which is the simplest? How do you press through and keep composing the slower areas in a book?

If Pretenders was a motion picture, who would you select to play each character?

Well, this is a bit more of an advicey/tips concern, so bare with me. I like, no, LOVE to compose stories and such, and I never ever actually understand if my writing is at an excellent kind of level. The Inner circle and Alphas influenced among my books, The Flower Petals, among my continuous stories, and I put a great deal of effort into attempting to tune into their mindset and even utilize NET-A-PORTER to overtake todays newest styles. I do not understand if it’s any great! Primarily my good friends comment, and they state it’s great, however they’re my good friends. If you can, could you inspect it out and see if it has possible?

By the method, why IS your thumb red.

My concerns:
Do you remember me? And how did I miss this chapter in your life?
Loren Ecker

My concern:
Which of the Pretenders did you associate with a lot of while you were composing? Do you have any particular favourite (perhaps one woman and one person?) Which could you associate with the least? If they sound repeated
Great post as constantly,

Will there be an idea of who released all the journals? I REQUIRED TO KNOW! My guess is Vanessa.

How to make a massie block roleplaying blog

How to make a massie block roleplaying blog

Massie Block, Alicia Rivera, Dylan Marvil, Kristen Gregory, and Claire Lyons. We comprise the incredibly special group, The Pretty Committee. We’re the ladies with the very best hair, comprise, and clothing. You wish to hear our chatter and get welcomed to our celebrations. We are the supreme alphas.

How to make a massie block roleplaying blog

FC: Leighton Meester/Blair Waldorf

The initial alpha. She has shiny brown waves, amber eyes, and a killer smile. Her clothing are on pattern and her partner, Bean, is constantly at her side. She’s turned trailers into Tiffany boxes and stated a boyfast in order to remain at the top of the social ladder. Makes the difficult appearance possible. She will not pull back from a difficulty and she’ll make you hesitate about your clothing with one glimpse.

How to make a massie block roleplaying blog

FC: Vanessa Hudgens

The lovely beta. The Spanish appeal with sophisticated design and C-cups. She has long, dark brown hair and chocolatey brown eyes. She hearts dancing at Body Alive Studio and her dream task is an on air press reporter. The popular kind;D Alicia has a propensity for getting chatter and she can ruin your track record with one little report. She’s sassy and flirty, so all the young boys flock to her. Alicia has much more enjoyable hanging with her BFFs! She’ll stick to her good friends and safeguard them versus anybody.

How to make a massie block roleplaying blog

FC: Jillian Rose Reed

Burp! This intense redhead is the wacky among the group. She advises us to have a good time and let loose a little. Her design is happy and loud. She is constantly grumbling about her weight, although the PC believes she is ideal the method she is. Dylan is devoted and caring and she makes the funniest jokes. Her mom is the host of The Daily Grind and Dylan’s household stars in the truth series, Marvilous Marvils. She’ll put you down much faster than you can state ‘Ehmagawd’. She snacks on whatever from pretzels to Junior Mints and she is constantly on a brand-new diet plan.

How to make a massie block roleplaying blog
Kristen Gregory- OPEN

FC: Blake Lively/Serena van der Woodsen

She’s soccer-licious and worries about her grades way excessive. Currently, she isn’t abundant and she is on a scholarship at our high school, CCD. She is among the hardest employees I understand and she is the brains behind the PC. Her blonde hair and aqua eyes make her a natural risk. Her words cut like a razor and her design is sporty-chic. She is an ah-mazing individual who genuinely looks after her BFFs.
How to make a massie block roleplaying blog

FC: Hayden Panettiere

She is the sweetie that enjoys sugary foods! She shares her gummy stash with Dylan and has a crush on Webcam Fisher (I understand, they’re still together!). She hearts photography and takes charming photos of the PC. She has blonde hair and light blue eyes. Luckily, we encouraged her to get rid of the Keds. She utilized to be a style do not, and now that she obtains clothing from us she looks fine. She survives on Layme Abeley’s street and her daddy has a terrific task that allows her to purchase PC-worthy clothing.

Other Inner circle characters


How to make a massie block roleplaying blog

Olivia Ryan- OPEN

She’s as intense as they come, never ever remain and lose on the top. Her light blonde locks topple simply past her shoulders in loose curls. Her piercing blue eyes translucent any opponent. Her bubbly and high-fashion character makes her the most alpha as possible. I am the alpha of the royals. Each needs to have a little bit of royalty in their blood. For Olivia, she is half royal. She sparkles like the stars, not like that’s a surprise. You have major issues and she’ll tear you down like that if individuals can’t acknowledge that.