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How to make fairy doors

Learn how to make a simple fairy door out of lolly sticks with our easy guide – kids will love making this whimsical craft project for the garden or house.

Bring some magic into your life with a charming fairy door – who knows where it might lead? These popular decorations can be added to trees, walls or fences in the garden, or stuck onto a child’s bedroom skirting board to allow the fairies to come and go as they please.

Fairy doors are easy to make and kids will love decorating them with whatever craft supplies they have to hand: sequins, buttons, pom-poms, little rocks and even flowers can be added to make yours even more special.

Discover more crafts, cooking ideas, fun and games on our activities for kids page.

How to make a fairy door

Prep 1 hour, plus drying time

You will need

  • 8 wooden lolly sticks
  • poster or acrylic paint
  • PVA glue
  • 20x20cm (8x8in) piece of cardboard
  • small rocks
  • button
  • paintbrush


  1. Paint a lolly stick with a thin layer of paint and allow to dry – a thin coating will show the woodgrain through the paint.
  2. Paint the back of your lolly stick with PVA glue, then stick to the centre of your cardboard. Repeat this process, placing the sticks either side of the central one so they all line up. Allow to dry.
  3. Apply a generous amount of PVA to the cardboard under your lolly stick and arrange your small rocks underneath – this looks best if you leave as little space between them as possible. Allow to dry completely, which may take a few hours.
  4. Glue a button onto the lolly stick door as a door handle and paint a little keyhole beneath it. Allow to dry.
  5. Cut away the excess cardboard from around your fairy door (very young kids may need help to do this). Stick in your chosen place and wait for the fairies to come knocking. Note: this fairy door isn’t waterproof, so put it in a dry area.

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How to Make Fairy Doors

I’m OBSESSED with Fairy Gardens. Fairy doors, fairy houses, little mushrooms, garden Gnomes… obsessed. I really have gone fairy garden crazy.

After rigorous hours in the nursery moving massive amounts of soil, hauling pots, building cinderblock structures, its such a relief to sit and create something… small.

ahhhhh. my back thanks me.

Here are nine wonderfully creative fairy doors that I found on pinterest, made with things you might find around your home. I was so inspired I scavenged my home for bits and baubles and made my own fairy garden doors! Hopefully it will inspire you too.

Fairy Doors

How to Make Fairy Doors
Can You Believe this Fairy Door is made out of Popsicle Sticks.
these are SO easy to make. Popsicle sticks. Glue. Paint and doo dads.
I wrote a post with instructions here.

Birch Log Fairy Door
How to Make Fairy Doors
At first I thought, that would be hard to hollow out a little birch log. But looking closer, duh. Just paint it! This would be easy to scrape off some bark… or don’t! Just trace an area and hit it with black paint. Then go nuts with the decorations.

Fairy Door Made of an old hollow log:
How to Make Fairy Doors
I think this one looks easy to me because we had some big trees come down. Someone came out and sliced up all of them and left them for us to use for firewood. There are many interesting logs with cracks and crevices that look like doors. It would be simple to pull one out, grab your hot glue and find some twigs to make little fancies… If your yard is clean, look for a neighbor with trees that have been taken down. Ask the if you can steal some pieces.

February 20, 2017 ♛ By Melissa J. Will

Knock, knock! This collection of fairy garden door ideas provides tutorials, recommended materials, and ready-made doors for your miniature garden.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Magical Miniature Door Ideas

Whether you want to make a fairy door from scratch, buy a kit and decorate it, or get something ready-made, there are a few things to consider first.

I’ll walk you through some tips, and idea galleries for tutorials, supplies, as well as ready-made doors.

Fairy Door Tips

How to Make Fairy Doors

  1. Size matters. Keep all your fairy garden accessories in proportion to each other, otherwise they will look odd. This post on choosing plants for a miniature garden has more tips about scale.
  2. Materials matter. If you want a long-lasting fairy door in your garden all year-round, choose strong materials. Popsicle sticks and balsa wood are good for indoor crafts only.
  3. Do you want a door that really opens? Most fairy doors do not actually open, so you’ll either need a ready-made door or a tutorial for one with a door frame and hinges.

Fairy Door Tutorials

How to Make Fairy Doors

How to Make Fairy Doors

How to Make Fairy Doors

Visit Dream a Little Bigger for the tutorial

How to Make Fairy Doors

Visit Messy Little Monster for the tutorial

How to Make Fairy Doors

Visit Green Owl Art for the tutorial

Fairy Door-Making Supplies

Some of these wooden doors come in multi-packs so you can make several.

Mini Door Hardware

Make sure any hardware you choose is in proper scale or proportion to the door.

Fairy Garden Mailbox

It’s the extra touches that make a miniature garden come to life.

You could also go for the rustic look, which I love, and just tack some twigs across the doorway:

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How to Make Fairy House Doors

How to Make Fairy Doors

I’ve always loved fairies! So much so that I’ve been making my own fairy houses for my house and garden. Mostly they are of stone, which I stack and glue and grout, a painstaking process that takes weeks. Of course a house needs doors, even a fairy house, and the doors are a bit quicker to make, thus providing more immediate gratification. In this tutorial, I’ll share some of the techniques I’ve learned to make charming, whimsical fairy house doors.

Door Styles

There are many types of doors for fairy houses: whimsical free-shaped doors with pointy tops, rectangular wooden slat doors, clay doors made from molds and hobbit-type round doors. Your imagination and your at-hand supplies are the only limit to what you can create.


You can make doors from many types of materials. Below is a list of some of the supplies I use:

  • popsicle sticks, square wood dowels
  • natural twigs and sticks
  • adhesives: wood glue, tacky glue, E-6000 glue
  • metal brads
  • acrylic paint, gesso, acrylic medium
  • alcohol ink
  • molds and paper clay
  • jewelry findings, wood and metal beads
  • pebbles
  • dollhouse miniature hinges and door handles
  • scrapbooking embellishments like paper flowers and butterflies

Fairy Door Techniques

Here I’ll share some of the ways I make fairy doors.

Easy Fairy Door From Wood Chipboard Shapes

One of the easiest ways to make a fairy door is from a wooden chipboard shape. You can buy chipboard circles, rectangles, and squares quite inexpensively at craft stores. Simply paint them your preferred color, add a bead or button for a door handle and glue to your fairy house. Easy!

How to Make Fairy Doors

Fairy Doors Being Painted

How to Make Fairy Doors

Slate and Sage Fairy House Door

How to Make Fairy Doors

Pinecone Fairy Cottage Front Door

How to Make Fairy Doors

Pinecone Fairy Cottage Back Door

Fairy Doors Made With Wooden Sticks and Dowels

Another easy construction technique is to use wooden popsicle sticks or square dowels glued together in strips to form a door. Cut the wood into the size you want. Glue together with tacky glue, wood glue, or any white school glue. Add cross pieces for architectural interest in front and stability in back, as needed. Stain or paint. Add beads, jewelry findings, or twigs for a door handle. Seal with a varnish if desired and glue in place on your fairy house. Here’s a door I made using this method.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Beach Pebble Stacked Stone Fairy House Door Made From Popsicle Sticks

Fairy Doors Made From Paper Clay and a Mold

Another quick and easy way to make a fairy house door is to use a mold. Molds are widely available on Etsy; I’ve purchased a number of them, in a variety of sizes. Molds are super easy to use – just mash the clay into the mold, pull it off and let it dry, cure or bake and you’re done!

How to Make Fairy Doors

Fairy Doors From Mold by Karen Furst of Trilby Works

Okay, so maybe there’s a bit more to it than that. First you need to choose your clay: do you want to use polymer clay which must be baked; paper clay that air dries; or epoxy clay that cures in a few hours? No clue? Then I suggest you start with an air dry clay like Creative PaperClay or Crayola Air-Dry Clay, both of which can be purchased at a craft store. Air dry clays are non-toxic, kid-friendly, paintable and easy to use. The hardest part is peeling it off the mold and waiting for it to dry. Below are some doors I made from paper clay.

This first one is a tiny little door, about 1″ high, that I applied to a mushroom fairy house. I gave it a wash of sepia brown paint to age it.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Sage Green Mushroom Fairy House Door

The second one is bigger, about 3 1/4″ high, and I didn’t use a mold for it, but just rolled out the paper clay and cut a fairy door shape out of it. It was kind of plain so I impressed the top with a wood plank pattern plastic mold that I had. Since I was putting this door on a bottle, which has a rounded shape, I made sure to press the door onto the bottle to round the sides before I let it dry. After drying I glued it on with E-6000, my favorite glue. You could also use tacky glue or white glue. The door handle is made from a green pearl with a head pin and is also glued on. Once applied, the door looked a tad boring so I glued paper flowers around it as a frame. I think it came out great!

How to Make Fairy Doors

Butterfly Pixie House Door by Trilby Works


See my Pinterest board on Fairy House Windows and Doors for inspiration:

Video Tutorials

Until I have time to make my own video tutorials on creating your own fairy house doors, I’m sharing some of the best ones I’ve found around the web.

How to Make Fairy Doors

We’ve changed how we provide Nature Detectives activities for children.

Woods have been enchanting children for generations. They’re the setting for many of our favourite fairy tales and the backdrop to memorable family adventures. Woods are also wonderful places for youngsters to use their imaginations.

We’ve brought together some of our favourite activities to help your children discover the magic of woods and trees. They’re tried and tested with our own families and lots of fun. Find out how to make fairy doors, magic wands and woodland potions, plus how to throw your own fairy tea party.

Woods are magical places to visit, but please don’t leave fairy doors or fairy houses behind. Take them and any craft materials home with you to help us protect the natural environment.

How to make a fairy door

Follow our simple instructions and make a secret door to encourage fairy folk to visit your garden. This is a lovely activity to do with youngsters who are fascinated by fairies and elves.

  • Line up some lolly sticks or twigs.
  • Glue two sticks diagonally across your ‘door’ to hold it together.
  • Look for acorn cups or tiny pebbles to be your doorknob and letterbox. Glue them in place. You could use old buttons or beads instead.
  • When the glue is dry, place your door against a tree trunk or wall. Make sure it’s well away from big feet and curious cats.

Listen carefully… Can you hear any fairy visitors knocking on your door?

How to Make Fairy Doors

Sharing is caring!

Sometimes you need to add a little magic to your yard, so we are going to make some easy popsicle stick fairy doors today! These fairy doors are so open to your creative touches, and you can make them as simple or magical and complicated as you like.

Get your kids involved – they’ll have some great ideas of how they want their fairy doors to look, and they’ll have a blast helping you with some of the construction.

Now on to making the fairy doors!

Fairy Door Supplies

Want to spruce up your home?

Download the 5 most popular DIY home projects with step-by-step guides!

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Sticks, scissors, garden clippers, markers, leaves, river pebbles, whatever you want to use around your fairy door

How to Make a Fairy Door

How to Make Fairy Doors

Lay out 5-6 popsicle sticks on wax paper and hot glue them together.

Cut a popsicle stick in half and glue both pieces on to help reinforce your popsicle stick door.

Glue sticks around the outside of the door to add the nature element to your door!

How to Make Fairy Doors

When that is dry, paint the door any color you want.

Attach tiny hinges and a pebble doorknob with hot glue – maybe a feather for good luck!

How to Make Fairy Doors

Fairy World Extras

You can glue or nail your door to the base of a tree, or just prop it up like we did. Fairy doors make great additions to your garden place kids might happen upon them.

We decided to make a bridge to go over a moat filled with river pebbles, so we hot glued stick pieces together to form the base of the bridge, then glued little stick pieces all over the top of it.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Dig a little moat into the dirt and filled it with river pebbles.

Add more sticks, ivy, whatever all around the door to make it mysterious and appealing to fairies, and small pieces of cut branch to be stepping stones.

Use your imagination and see what other nature elements you can bring into your fairy door.

Make your own fairy door or pin it for later:

Introduction: Fairy Door

How to Make Fairy Doors

How to Make Fairy Doors

How to Make Fairy Doors

Make a Fairy Door to let the Little People in and out!

My daughter loves this. One day we were at the Renaissance Festival and saw these for sale. Of course, I said, “I can do that!

1/2″ Plywood
1/8″ Plywood
Wooden furniture button
Reflective scrapbook paper or foil
Wood glue
Mineral Spirits

Scroll Saw

Step 1: Door & Frame

First, draw your door and frame on the 1/2″ plywood and cut out both. Use the router to round off the edges.

Note: If your door cuts are too tight, i.e. your blade is too thin, it will cause the door to stick later. Make sure there’s clearance.

Once the edges are rounded, cut your door from the jamb. Be careful and make a very straight cut.

Step 2: Back

Draw your door frame onto the 1/8″ plywood and cut it out. Be sure you only cut the outer lines!

Step 3: Assembling the Door, Adding Decoration

Align the frame to the back and glue it down. Then put the entire door together and pre-drill the holes for the hinges.

Using the Dremel, cut vertical lines down the front of the door to simulate timbers.

When the frame/backing/jamb are dry, sand everything smooth until it looks like all one piece. Then clean everything off with mineral spirits. Add your doorknob by attaching the furniture button to the front with a screw.

Paint each part. On this one, a base coat was used, then a watered down wash applied afterward to give it a weathered/woodsy look.

Step 4: Add the Fairie Lands Beyond.

I found this really cool reflective scrapbooking paper at Hobby Lobby. It’s just the right kind of reflective and blurry I needed to simulate the lands of eternal twilight beyond the door.

Cut out your mirror paper and glue it to the back and you’re done.

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How to Make Fairy Doors

We’ve rounded up a number of easy fairy ideas and there’s something for everyone. Check out all the versions and be sure to Pin your favorites.

How to Make Fairy Doors

You will love this collection of Fairy Door Pinterest Ideas that we have rounded up for you to try.

If you loved our broken pot fairy gardens, this is another post that will get your creative juices flowing. Be sure to scroll our page all the way to the end so that you don’t miss a single idea and Pin as you go.

How To Make A Fairy Door Video Tutorial

Before we check out the ideas below, we thought you might like to see how to make some super cute fairy doors. This video has some easy ideas that you can recreate at home. To watch, click Play above ^

How to Make Fairy Doors

via Crafts Unleashed

Clay Pot Fairy Door Planter

via Crafts Unleashed

The first project that we are sharing with you is this clever Clay Pot Planter idea from Crafts Unleashed.

We have had a number of community members share photos with us on Pinterest. It’s clearly been a very popular idea. Get the tutorial here.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Whimsical Fairy House Planter

via Life Creatively Organized

Here’s another popular version of the Clay Pot Fairy Door Planter. Pam Hooper is the face behind this craft and has done a fantastic job.

You only have to go as far as your garden to collect items that you can add to the flower pot with your glue gun. Get the instructions here.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Here’s some more cute inspiration. This Clay Pot Fairy House is for sale on Amazon but you could easily make something similar yourself.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Popsicle Stick Fairy Doors

via Roots Nursery

You could even use Popsicle Sticks to make Fairy Doors. This would work perfectly for the clay pot planter pots that we featured above. Simply glue it onto the front of your Pot. You can find the details for these Popsicle Stick Fairy Doors on Roots Nursery Here.

How to Make Fairy Doors

via garten love

Fairy Door In Tree

via Garten Love

Another idea that we absolutely adore is adding a fairy door to a tree in your garden. This will add a truly magical touch to any setting and bring a smile to everyone’s dial!

How to Make Fairy Doors

Fairy Door Tutorial

via Magic Onion

You can add Fairy Doors to your home or a child’s bedroom too. We love this version from Magic Onion that has little steps leading up to it. You can pop it above a high skirting board for a truly magical effect. Get the tutorial here.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Readymade Fairy Doors For Trees

There is a selection of gorgeous ideas on Etsy for those that would prefer to purchase including the best selling ones above.

Want More Ideas Like This?

  • Wheelbarrow Fairy Garden
  • Popsicle Stick Fairy Doors
  • Fairy Jar Lanterns DIY
  • Broken Fairy Pot Ideas

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One of the great things about children is their imagination. How stones become treasure, dandelion clocks are fairy wishes and every rainbow has a pot of cold at the end. So we decided to make some craft stick fairy doors to welcome the fairies in to our garden this summer.

How to Make Fairy Doors

We are back sharing another way to make simple everyday objects into something extraordinary, using nothing but our imagination with the Fab Lollies Sprinkles of Imagination campaign. These super simple craft stick fairy doors would also be great to add to a room for the tooth fairy!

How to Make Fairy Doors


  • Lolly sticks or pre coloured craft sticks
  • Duct Tape
  • Glue
  • Buttons
  • Paint (optional)

How to Make Fairy Doors

With your kids, line up your craft sticks to measure out your door. As you can see we made our doors in two different styles, but you could make your door as wide or as narrow as you want. We used duct tape on the rear of the craft sticks to make the door rather than gluing them together, this way is much faster and also simpler for children.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Help your kids by cutting your craft sticks to go across the door. (NB, this is a step for an adult*). We used a craft knife, but you could use a small handheld saw or even garden shears, and stick to them to front of the door with wood glue*.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Paint your sticks if you want, using food colouring.*

How to Make Fairy Doors

We raided our button tin to find some buttons to use as door handles for our fairy doors.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Put your fairy doors around your garden to welcome the fairies.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Or you could pop them in your house, especially when the tooth fairy needs to visit.

How to Make Fairy Doors

* Please be aware that we do not advise children to put dyed lolly sticks in their mouths. Please ensure parental supervision before using any sharp objects or wood glue

Making fairy doors seems to be the epitome of childhood innocence. To believe in something so innocent and pure is what childhoods should be made off.

Make sure you follow my craft board on Pinterest for more ideas. Don’t forget to save the pin for later.

To make your own fairy doors you will need:

  • Craft sticks – jumbo sized, normal, and mini*
  • Hot glue gun
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush

*You can just cut a normal sized one in half if you don’t have mini ones.

Start by laying 4 jumbo craft sticks next to each other. Glue one normal sized one going diagonally across them. Then a mini one going horizontally across the top and the bottom.

Once the glue has dried, turn it over and paint your door. If you are going to put your door outside, I would give it a coat of PVA glue. It won’t completely protect it from the weather, but if may help a bit.

BB and YC thought it would be nice for us to put our fairy doors out in the woods amongst the bluebells. We found some trees and logs to put them against for the fairies to find. If you find a quiet corner in your house to put them then a little fairy may take up residence. My charge’s love sending little messages to their fairies, and are over joyed when they receive a little letter back.

If you enjoyed making these fairy doors be sure to check out my fairy home and mini fish tank bauble.

How to Make Fairy Doors

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How to make wooden fairy doors for the garden

How to Make Fairy Doors

Materials Needed
2 Pieces of suitable wood
Black Paint
2 other colors of paint
Clear Gloss Spray Paint
Glue Sticks or wood glue
Tools Needed
Glue Gun
Wood file
I was given the wood I used by a relative from an old fence.

They are 6 ft by 4-inch wooden slats. If you are making the doors for the garden make sure you choose suitable wood.

Cutting the Shape of the Door

How to Make Fairy Doors

How to Cut the Wood
Measure the size of 10 inches onto your first piece of wood and mark the end of the door.
Draw the shape of the arch of the door on to the wood. This will be on the top of the wood piece. Always cut the arch first. Use a Jigsaw so you can go around the corners
Once this is done to your satisfaction then you can cut the end of the door.
Now you have your door shape on one side.
Place this piece on your second piece of wood and mark out the shape of the arch and the size.
Join the two pieces of wood together to form the fairy door.
Wood for the Back
Cut across the wooden slat with the saw one inch in width.
Do this twice
This will give you two pieces of wood which are one inch by four inches.

How to Make Fairy Doors

How to Put the Door Together
Use a wood file to smooth the edges of the wood to make it safe and neater.
Glue the two pieces of wood together. You can use wood glue but I always use my Glue Gun because it glues it firmly and is ready in fifteen seconds.
Glue the two pieces onto the back of the door.
Cover the join of the two larger pieces in the center.
Use the drill to make a hole in the center of each of these pieces
These small bits of wood secure your door together and the holes are used to attach to a wall.

How to Make Fairy Doors

You should have decided which colors you are going to paint the door. The choice is yours but if you have two contrasting colors it will make the door look better.
Paint the main part of the door one color first. Make sure to go right up to the edges.
Leave to dry for a few hours.
How to Draw the Arch
Use a ruler to draw a straight line down one of the sides as far as the beginning of the arch. This should be one inch in width.
Do the same to the other side to the exact width as the first one.
Go to the top of the door and mark a dot in the center.
Measure it to one inch and from this dot draw the line of the arch to meet the line of the left side.
Do the same from the other side.
Now paint the inside of the drawn arch the other color and leave to dry. This will take a few hours

How to Make Fairy Doors

Painting the Arches Black
This is the tricky bit as you need a steady hand.

Using a thin paintbrush start to paint the lines you have already penciled in.
I always start with the line on the left of the door first.
I paint this as far as the top of the door and then I turn the door around and continue to paint the line until I go all the way down to the right of the door.
That is the inside line done. Now I paint the outside edge of the door black too.
This gives you the makings of the brick surround.
Once this is done make the bricks by painting the pencil lines with the black paint.
Leave to dry for a few hours.
Making the Bricks
Go to the top of the arch and make another dot in the center. This is the middle of your first brick.
Draw a line to the left and then to the right from the top until you have drawn the brick.
Draw the next two bricks the same size.
After that, you can draw the others a smaller size.
The angle and shape of the bricks are up to you. I have done many doors with different arches so you can have a look at the photos to see which ones you like

How to Make Fairy Doors

Making the Wooden Slats
Now you want to mark out the lines on the door.
Start from the center of the top of the door and draw a line down to the bottom.
On either side of this line draw another line the same distance apart.
This will give you four wooden slates of the door
Be careful not to transfer the pencil lead onto the painted door from your hands.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Paint the Slats
Now it is time to paint the slats in the main part of the door.
Carefully paint them with the black paint going down in a straight smooth motion. If you go a little crooked you can make the lines a little bit thicker in order to hide it.
Paint the hinges black.
Paint the doorknob or leave if you intend to glue on
Leave to dry

How to Make Fairy Doors

Painting the Back and Edges
I always paint the back and the sides because it makes the door waterproof.

I have tried different colors but always come back to black. This color makes the door look more professional.

Paint the edges first as this will be less messy. Always be aware of the front of the door and avoid getting the black paint near it.
Now place the door flat on the table and paint the back of it.
Leave to dry.
At first, I used clear Acrylic Gloss Paint to finish off the doors.

The gloss makes them look great and also seals in the paint so that they are waterproof if they are to be used outdoors.

I then used spray clear gloss because it was very easy to use and took a fraction of the time to do.

Remember to use the gloss on the sides as well.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Learn how to make adorable Popsicle Stick Fairy Doors quickly and easily. They couldn’t be cuter and you are guaranteed to love the results. Be sure to watch the video too.

How to Make Fairy Doors

You’re bound to find fairies around your home as well as at the bottom of your garden with these super cute Popsicle Stick Fairy Doors. They’re easy project ou can make in no time.

There are so many cute examples we have included. You can use all sorts of leftover bits and pieces that are hanging around your house.

How to Make Fairy Doors

via Roots Nursery

They’ll make a lovely gift for family or friends too and you will be able to use them in so many different craft projects.

You could also use one of the door ideas above and below for a fun Tooth Fairy Door in the bedroom next time she visits. Paint them up in cute colors to draw the eye and add to the excitement.

How to Make Fairy Doors

via Roots Nursery

As you can see by this cute pic from Roots Nursery, there are a number of easy ways that you can alter the appearance.

We love the one on the bottom right that has a circular window. We know you will have a few ideas that you will be keen to try.

You’ll love this fun video tutorial from Dreamworks TV. It includes a Popsicle Stick Fairy Door, a cute Fairy Table plus Chairs made using a bottle cap and twigs. It also shows a Fairy House.

To view all the Fairy Ideas, click Play above ^

How to Make Fairy Doors

via Roots Nursery

All you need to do for any of these projects is to lay out your Popsicle Sticks in the design you want. You can glue the sticks and decorate with buttons, moss, twine or bits of old jewelry.
How to Make Fairy Doors

via Hative

We love this adorable Fairy House from Hative and the popsicle sticks make the perfect Shingle Roof.

You can even add a name for your fairy house like the one above. Some silk or dried flowers also add a touch of whimsy.

How to Make Fairy DoorsOver on Our Peaceful Planet they have made their popsicle stick fairy doors stand alone on a base. This is super easy to recreate and don’t they look wonderful. You can stain up your base or keep it natural, the choice is yours. You can also paint it in a favorite color.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Over on Magic Onions which is a very sweet website, they have this version of the Fairy House and it has a two tiered Popsicle Roof and of course the button cute fairy door.

This would look wonderful in a pot or fairy garden.

How to Make Fairy Doors

We’ve found another cute Popsicle Stick Fairy Door that would be good for a Halloween decoration too. The tiny broom is a piece of wooden twig and raffia fastened together by copper wire. We love this sweet idea from Ana the mum Blogspot.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Penny Wise has added their popsicle stick fairy door to a clay pot. This is so easy to do and will be a real talking point in your home.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Here’s another great way to use your popsicle sticks. We love this Horseshoe Popsicle Stick Fairy Door that we found on Our Fairfield Home and Garden Site.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Isn’t this one of the cutest Fairy Doors you’ve seen? The Fairy Door is shaped using White Sculpey Clay and a Rolling Pin. It includes a Fairy Ladder made from Popsicle Sticks. This is another great example from The Magic Onions.

Here’s a way to use your Popsicle Stick Door. This Popsicle Stick House is very easy to make and it looks great. The whole family will love to try this craft from such pretty things.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Another adorable idea we found in our travels is this Popsicle Stick Fairy Bench idea. We are sure you have just the perfect spot to pop one. You can find more details on Meatloaf and Melodrama.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Martha Stewart has some great ideas on her site also. This layout shows you how to put together the individual pieces for your projects. Find more fairy projects crafts and projets here

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I was so impressed with how great popsicle stick fairy doors look, I had to try it myself. What I didn’t know is that they’re quick easy projects you can do with your kids. Fairy Garden doors are very satisfying without much time or effort at all. and theyre so much fun! You can get really creative with this.

How to Make Fairy Doors
I gathered stuff from around the house… found the old popsicle sticks, raided the sewing tins and junk drawers for buttons, thumbtacks, jewelry. After my first two, a ‘fairy door shoebox’ filled with tools and goodies, was a necessity.

I started with Gorilla Wood glue, with hopes that they will hold up to water outdoors and in fairy garden containers. Its rated indoor/outdoor use with Type2 water resistance, but what I like about this glue is that it sets quickly and there’s no foam like with regular gorilla glue.

UPDATE: Gorilla wood glue is the perfect glue for wood projects to be kept outdoors. I left them out all winter to be sure they would survive the elements. And they DID! Now i don’t recommend leaving them outside all winter, because they get quite dirty. I wanted to test the extremes and this glue won.

Fairy Garden Doors: Construction

It’s a rather straightforward process. Lay popsicle sticks out to create the design you want. Cut two cross pieces to hold it all together and glue. I used a box cutter to cut the pieces. You probably can get away with a good pair of scissors.

Pick out cool buttons, charms from old jewelry, fake moss from the dollar store, and glue it on. I used wood stain on some, paint on others and left some bare wood.

Here are the first two. To get the button to lay flat, I cut a small hole in the stick with an exacto knife and glued the button in.
How to Make Fairy Doors

Add some color! I have a thing for red doors. After posting this picture on facebook, I learned some fascinating things about red doors. “Feng shui says that they are good luck.” “In China, it’s tradition to paint the front door red before the new year, to invite good luck and happiness.” “In Catholicism, the red door on a chapel symbolized the blood of christ to signify that the ground inside the church was holy, and a sanctuary from physical and spiritual evils.” “In Ireland, front doors are painted red to ward-off ghosts and evil spirits.” I had no idea!
How to Make Fairy Doors

So I kept going, loving every minute of it. Honestly, they go so quick you can make a half dozen fairy garden doors in no time. Its fun to see projects come to fruition in so little time, and turn out super cute even for a beginner!
How to Make Fairy Doors

At this point, I had a question. How do you get these things to stand up? Most fairy doors I’d seen were attached to a tree, but I wanted to put them in containers. So I did some searching and I found the most impressive fairy garden doors Ive ever seen. It’s elaborate and breathtaking with a ton of little details to look at.
How to Make Fairy Doors

I was inspired to say the least! Since I had my hole boring drill bit out to build our hoop house cold frame (and i didn’t have to go outside in 20 degree weather to get it) I wanted to attach the doors to branches. Which I also had inside. Dont ask. So I drilled holes in a base and voila!

This is what I came up with. I poured a little glue into the holes to keep them in place.
How to Make Fairy Doors

Introduction: How to Make Fairy Doors/Fairylands and Open Up a Whole New World!

How to Make Fairy Doors

How to Make Fairy Doors

How to Make Fairy Doors

Fairy doors are an opening to another space and time. Fairies are out there, it is just up to us to provide them with homes. we do that by giving them a door, a portal as it were, to their living space. They can live anywhere, but prefer wooded areas, trees especially, but can live in your home if you choose. This instructable shows how to make a welcoming entry way for the Fairies.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

To make these doors, I decided to recycle some left-over laminated flooring that was left from a recent floor re-do. Also, a few doors were made with aged cedar fence boards, 1/4 inch plywood, and so on. Tools included bandsaw, drill press, hot melt glue gun, belt sander and so on. Many hand tools could be used to cut blanks if power tools are not available. We found online some brass purse studs that make perfect doorknobs. Thin acrylic is used as window material, green moss used in floral displays is used as accents, and hinges are cut from soft drink can aluminum. For the furniture and window surrounds, small twigs are cut from dead tree branches and/or bushes found in the yard.

Step 2: Designing and Cutting Your Door

Photos show three different materials/designs for the doors. Sizes are entirely arbitrary, as some are custom fitted to depressions in a tree, for example. Generally, sizes are 4inches by 3, or 6inches by 5.

Step 3: Adding Hardware and Timbers for Door Surround

Here the doors are completed by adding “hardware” and branches/twigs to give the doors the woodsy look. For the doorknobs, a quarter inch forstner bit is used to make a hole for the screw to fit into. A 3/16 inch bit is then used to drill through and allow the screw to attach to the outer knob. Hinges are made from the soft drink aluminum, tacked on with the Goop adhesive. Different size windows are drilled with forstner bits, and can be made square or diamond shape with a scroll saw or jig saw. A sign is made from small pieces of wood of the correct size to fit over the doorknob as shown. Messages can include you childs name, or “Mary’s Fairies”, “Shh. fairies sleeping”, “Do Not Disturb”, “Just Believe”, and so on.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

A rocking chair is made from twigs. Then, we had to have a table and chairs for the fairies! A window is made to add to the fairyland scene developed around the big California pepper tree in our back yard. A split rail fence is added to the ledge which is cut from a large section of tree stump with a chain saw. Two doors in progress are shown, with hinges, doorknob, window frame and sign added. Green moss is placed sparingly to give the doors an out doorsy look.

Step 5: Make a FairyLand in a Tree

Here is a view of the Pepper tree we used to make our fairyland.

Step 6: Some Doors Made As Gifts

The doors make great gifts, and really sparks the imaginations of some people, young and old alike. It’s fun to see the expressions on people’s faces when they see these!

How to Make Fairy Doors

How to Make Fairy Doors

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Introduction: Tiny Fairy Doors

How to Make Fairy Doors

How to Make Fairy Doors

How to Make Fairy Doors

I make these tiny doors from Polymer clay. Each has its own recessed wire hanger and they can be hung from straight sewing pins rather than nails. When I give doors away, they are accompanied by the legend that I wrote:

Many fairies are moving from their traditional homes in meadows and woodlands into the city where they seek lives of contentment and ease as house fairies. Dividing their time between their new home, the homes of their friends, and the central fairy market of the nearest town, these tiny creatures weave an enchantment of protection and luck as they go.

Hang one of these tiny doors in your home and fairies will find it. They will use their magic to unlock the doors they discover and create homes behind them. Then, coming and going as they please, they will bestow some of their magic upon your home. This will protect your home from the antics of pixies and other magical creatures who delight in antagonizing humans: carrying off belongings, tormenting pets, and encouraging distress and fretfulness.

Beware, however, that groups of fairy friends may throw large parties at night while you sleep. If you wake to the scent of flowers on the air or see the sparkle of starlight where no stars dwell, you’ll know that fairies have been sharing merriment in your home.

Brick Door
The first door is my favorite. It’s a brick door made of individually cut bricks. These bricks were formed and baked before setting them in place around the arched door which was also made before the final assembly. White polymer clay was pressed between bricks to make mortar and black “iron” hardware was added. I used liquid polymer clay to join baked and unbaked pieces before re-firing the doors in this many of the other doors.

Bag End
This door is a replica of the movie version of Bilbo Baggins’ door. It also sports Gandalf’s carving which was not in the movie door. The design of this door was somewhat complicated, requiring many element and baking sessions.

Branch Covered Door
The knotwork on this door was added using my Inlay Rubber Stamp Designs in Polymer Clay Instructable. The tree branches originally had a lot of detailed bark but the application of liquid polymer clay over them filled in these marks during baking and took away from their intricate detail. So, lesson learned. Liquid polymer clay can be used to create a smooth surface and, if you don’t want a smooth surface, don’t try to be clever by using it to give more detail.

Round Door with Gold Handle
This door is a fairly simple round door. The outer frame and doorstep are made from some polymer clay that I had added a marbled design to. The window is actually a thick layer of liquid polymer clay floated on more of the door frame clay. The moving ring handle was made in two steps. First, I made the small ring which involved making a disk and pushing a toothpick through to expand the hole. This was baked. Then it was carefully covered in foil before adding it to the rest of the handle in the final baking. Afterward, I removed the foil and the handle swung freely.

Fantasy Wood Grain Door
The final door itself was made by layering uneven layers of brown and beige clay, rollling it out, folding it, and repeating. Then the door was sliced off to show the layers. The stone frame and doorstep were made by baking a small block of clay that was slightly darker than the clay I was going to use for the bulk of the stone work. This was then grated into fine pieces which were mixed with the stonework clay to give it a more rugged look without the need to further distress the clay. The handle was made to move freely, as with the round brown door.

Ominous Eye Door
This door was made using a few fondant molds: one for wood grain strips and one for rough stone. I made the grain using the mold and then aged it up by tinting some liquid polymer clay, brushing it on, and wiping it off the raised surfaces. After baking, I very gently rubbed white partially baked clay onto the surface to give it a sort of weathered look. To make the stone edges, I just made rough and random-sized stones from grey clay and pressed them against the rough stone mold to create the texture. Then I arranged them around the door and added a stoop. After it was all baked, I mixed a tiny amount of black paint with a glazing liquid, brushed it across the stones and into the cracks and wiped it away.

How to Make Fairy Doors

What is a fairy door?

As you might expect, a ‘fairy door’ is a door that’s small enough for a fairy to fit through! You might come across a door like this in a woodland area, sitting neatly at the base of a tree. You might also see one indoors, at the bottom of a wall. According to folklore, these doors allow fairy creatures to come and go as they please. Naturally, making a fairy door is also a fun way to get creative and play at ‘make believe’.

“The earliest recorded mention of fairies comes from 1000 BC in The Iliad, where Greek poet Homer wrote “watery fairies dance in mazy rings”. Many creatures that appeared in ancient Greek myths, such as satyrs, nymphs and sileni were also considered to be fairies, however.

The next oldest mention of faeries comes from 12th century England, when the historian Gervase of Tilbury mentions a type of fairy known as the “portune”, which ranges in size from 1.5 inches to the height of a little finger.”

Make your own fairy door

Making a fairy door is a great craft to try with the kids. It’s a fun activity for the school holidays or to pass the time during a wet weekend.

There are lots of different ways to create a fairy door. Some approaches will be great for all ages. Others will be more complex and better suited to grown ups. Try searching online, to find a tutorial that works for you and your children.

Below are a couple of ideas, to give you some inspiration.

Please note: These suggestions involve scissors and other craft materials. These should only be used with children of an appropriate age, at the discretion of the parent.

Fairy door 1: using craft card

  1. Start by measuring how high you want your door to be. If you plan to position it against a tree, this can be any size you like. If you want to place it indoors, you might want to match it to the height of your skirting board.
  2. On white craft card, draw a rectangle slightly larger than the size of your door. This will be your door frame.
  3. Next, draw a smaller rectangle inside the first, to be your door.
  4. Carefully cut out the larger rectangle. Then cut along three of the door’s edges, leaving the ‘hinge’ edge attached to the doorframe.
  5. Using paints or felt tip pens, colour in your door and frame. Try to match the colour of the frame with the area where you’re placing it. Get creative with the door itself. You could make it multi-coloured or stick glitter and sequins to it. Another option is to create a little sign that says ‘fairies welcome’.
  6. To finish up, glue a small button to the door, to look like a doorknob.

Fairy door 2: using lollipop sticks

You’ll need some lolly sticks for this fairy door. You can save these from lollies you’ve eaten, or buy a set from an arts and crafts shop.

  1. Begin by drawing the shape of your door on a piece of craft card. It should be the same height as your lolly sticks. Then carefully cut out the door.
  2. Once you have your door shape, begin gluing on the lolly sticks, working from one side to the other. When you’re done, the sticks should look like wooden slats.
  3. You can then leave the sticks bare, or paint them your favourite colour. Lastly, add a button or a bead, to look like a doorknob.

Have fun finding the perfect spot for your fairy door. If you position it by a tree, just remember to bring it home with you when you leave, to avoid littering.


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We are delighted with our windows and would like to thank you for a speedy and excellent job.

  • How to Make Fairy Doors
  • How to Make Fairy Doors

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How to Make Fairy Doors

My four year old is really into princesses, pink, anything sparkly, things she’s allergic to (whales, she says she’s allergic to whales), and the whole concept of fairies. In anticipation of the tooth fairy coming sometime in the not-so-distant future I created a tooth fairy kit (you can read more about my DIY Tooth Fairy kit here). This naturally led to the discussion of how the fairy, TwinkleToes, gets in the house. Since I am just full of magic I told her I would create a fairy door that TwinkleToes can use when we’re ready. This was a really sweet project to put together and garnered tons of squeals, lots of, “I love it, Mommy!”, and numerous, “So can my teeth come out now?” I’m going to show you how to make a fairy door that opens to reveal a glittery fairy inside.

I found this great looking arch on the Sizzix website and thought it made the perfect shape for a fairy door. It actually reminded me of the Whispering Door at Clonmacnoise Monastery in Ireland which seems a little magical.

UsingВ the sandwich method (Watermelon Cutting Pad, Arch Frame die,В mat board,В В Cutting Pad), roll your sandwich through the Big ShotВ Machine until the whole thing has come through on the other side.В I cut out two panels usingВ white Mat Boards first and then cut three pink and one cloud (you will see why below).

How to Make Fairy Doors

How to Make Fairy Doors

Next I moved onto the fairy. She just had to be glittery and I always have glitter cardstock on hand! You will need aВ Magnetic Platform, paper, Pete Hughes Fairy Thinlit, and at set ofВ Cutting Pads. I wanted my fairy to face towards the left so I made sure to put the right side down. Always check to make sure you are cutting the correct side and that your thinlet is facing down. Place a cutting on the magnetic platform then place the paper and thinlit on top of the pad and place the other pad on top of the thinlit and roll through your machine.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Repeat the process used above for cutting the Vintaj Thinlits Textured Ornamental Keyhole and Key as well as Thinlits Grass. The Keyhole set does also come with small embossing folders so if you wanted your keyhole to have texture you can use those.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Here are all the pieces I cut out, ready to put together. I initially did not cut a pink piece for the backside because it was going to be against the wall but I thought it looked unfinished so I went back and cut another.

Notice I have four pieces of grass below. You can see in another photo that I overlapped them. You will use the magnetic platform for the grass thinlit as well.

I really wanted the paper to have a woodgrain look so it looked like a real door. I used the Drapery & Woodgrain Embossing Folder and love how it came out!

How to Make Fairy Doors

Now you glue your pieces to the mat boards. The front and backside of the outside panel both get covered in pink embossed woodgrain paper. You can choose any color or styles you want but since my little princess loves pink that’s what we went with. I even found pink sparkly paper at JoAnn’s.

How to Make Fairy Doors

To make the “hinge” I used a piece of 7/8″ pink grosgrain ribbon. Glue one half to the inside panel and then glue whatever paper you have chosen. I chose clouds because I wanted it to look like when the door was openВ we were peeking into a fairy meadow.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Complete the inside with your grass and fairy.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Now glue the other half of the ribbon to the outside pieceВ and once dry, glue a pink paper panel. Let the whole thing dry overnight before embellishing the outside. You want to make sure the ribbon is going to stay in place.

I did also add little pieces of velcro so that the door would stay closed when placed on a wall.

How to Make Fairy Doors

We are officially fairy ready! I placed the fairy door near the door in my daughter’s bedroom and she screamed in delight when she found it. She thought the fairy had snuck in and placed it there. The beauty of this is you can make up whatever story you want, use any colors you want, and decorate with just about anything.

I adore these tiny little paper roses from PaperMart! I glued some moss down and then snipped the roses from the wires and hot glued in the moss. To make the tiny rosebuds just carefully peel away the outer layer of petal.

How to Make Fairy Doors

You could easily glue little paper flowers in the grass but I wanted to keep it simple. I think TwinkleToes will leave a teensy note tucked into the grass when it’s time.

How to Make Fairy Doors

I hope you enjoyed my How to Make a Fairy Door tutorial. I would love to see your fairy doors! Better yet, leave a comment below telling me the name of your house fairy! I will pick random winners from time to time and send them my Tooth Fairy Printable Set.

Other supplies I used:

  • Paper rosesВ from PaperMart
  • MossВ from PaperMart
  • 7/8″ pink grosgrain ribbon
  • Quick dry glue
  • Glitter cardstock

If you’re starting to build your own Fairy Houses, you know how important it is to be able to craft each of the elements flawlessly. And in order to help you achieve that, I am here today to share with you a step by step guide on how to make a fairy house door.

I absolutely love the door that I have crafted and I know that options are limitless – just use your own imagination or follow the design I have chosen for my door. (And if you’re wondering what the “Wee Lil Bits” watermark is – it’s my previous blog before joining forces with Ranking Squad!).

Back to our Fairy House Door – here’s how to make yours:

All you’ll need is a bit of playdoh, or if you know how to work with clay, it’s better to choose it as it lasts longer and looks a bit better in my opinion.

You can purchase clay or make your own by following the recipe I have shared in a previous article (and you’re making it with common ingredients that you probably have at home already!)

Now that you have chosen, the material, it’s time to think about the design and start modelling! You don’t need more colors, because playdoh can be easily painted (and the same goes for clay).

I had green playdoh and a bit of purple that my toddler shared with me and it was more than enough to create my first extremely durable fairy house door.

Check it out below, I am sure you’re curious to see the result first:

How to Make Fairy Doors

When it comes to modelling, first create the door itself by spreading your paste to the desired thickness. I think that half an inch, maybe a tiny bit more should be enough.

If you use multiple colors, it’s time to mix and match them – or if you plan to paint it later, have the design already drawn out in your head because once the thing is over, it’s difficult to make any modifications.

I recommend using a sharp stick to carve some lines on the door as seen above to make it look like wooden boards – but make sure you don’t press too hard as you don’t want to cut through it!

The door knob can be just a tiny ball, or you can add to it a small link from a chain you don’t need. Or buy some copper or brass wire and use the middle to make yourself one, any size you need.

I cut the heart shaped widow and made a tiny frame from another purple dough. Added a heart shaped “glass” window from a hard plastic bag I had, but you can use thin foil or just double transparent duct tape glued together.

Next, I made the hinges, easy to make, and “pinned” down with some tiny beads. You can use very tiny nails if you have them.

Just so you know, I found some really cheap necklaces made with lots of tiny beads, every colors, and useful chains for just $0.5. So go do some shopping and look for the cheap options available – you don’t need precious metals here, just a ton of options!

Then I made the door frame to fit the door shape I had and cut the bottom to be the same size and have a straight line.

Once you’re ready and satisfied with how your fairy house door looks like, you must wait for a few hours to let it dry and paint each piece separately if required.

Remember that these little pieces you make don’t glue entirely between them, so just fit them in the right spot so that you get an idea of what you’ll have, and use some glue to put them together AFTER they dry out a bit.

Once everything is finished – including any glue and paint additions, make sure you don’t get it wet, AT ALL. Not sure how the clay reacts to water, but playdoh gets soft and can stain the objects around and the shape can get ruined. So keep it dry!

Next thing, you just need to find some nice things you have around to use as decorations, or just make some from playdoh. You can add ladybugs, colorful mushrooms, or just different color vines – depending on your skill and ability to work with tiny things.

Or just get something ready-made like I did with the leaves I used.

The best part about this fairy door? You don’t really need a fully built fairy house to attach it to! It’s simple as finding some interesting tree stump or piece to glue it on, or object, like an used boot or a milk jug you can decorate with tiny colorful windows too. Anything can turn into a fairy house if you have a beautiful door to start with!

Just have fun, that’s the most important thing when doing this!

Learn how to make a fairy door from popsicle sticks and add a little bit of everyday magic to your playroom!

How to Make Fairy Doors

It’s refreshing to add a little bit of magic into everyday family life! Sometimes we have a family dinner by candlelight or go on a treasure hunt around the backyard. A few days ago, we decided that our playroom needs a fairy portal. Of course, it’s a game, and children know it – my son helped make the doors! – but it works for bringing a magic touch to the room. We can imagine that a little creature lives behind the door. I like the thought of a tomte – a house spirit from Scandinavian fairy-tales that comes out at night and helps a little around the house. Goodness knows, a little domestic help wouldn’t hurt our house.

It’s a very simple project that you can customize, depending on what materials you have. Kids can make doors too, then decorate them any way they like.

How to Make Fairy Doors

  • craft sticks (thin ones work best)
  • little rocks (you can buy rocks or use clay if it isn’t a good season for finding them in nature)
  • preserved moss
  • wooden blocks (we used imitation Jenga blocks from a local dollar store)
  • paints (I used acrylic paints, but it isn’t crucial for the project, and you can use any paints you have)
  • white glue and hot glue
  • miniature dollhouse accessories (hinges, doorknobs, plant pots, etc)

How to Make Fairy Doors

Prepare the craft sticks. If they’re longer than necessary, trim them with scissors to the right size. You don’t need to measure very carefully since their ends get covered later on. Using white glue, glue the sticks to a piece of stiff paper, with the ends at its edge. Press the sticks with something heavy on top while they dry for an hour or so.

How to Make Fairy DoorsWhile the door is drying, make the step. For this door, I used six Jenga blocks, glued together. If your blocks are long enough, you may be able to just use three. Or make it a one-step porch and only use one long block for that.

How to Make Fairy Doors

Paint the door and the step. I used acrylics, but tempera paints and watercolour paints would work as well. I painted the door green, then brushed raw sienna on top, for a slightly aged look. I used a mix of black and white for the step, then painted black lines to mimic the tile edges. I added a bit of green paint but ended up covering it withreal moss in the end.

How to Make Fairy DoorsNext, find an object (like a cup) of the right diameter or use a compass to outline the top of the door. At this point, I also glued more sticks to form some decorative trim.How to Make Fairy DoorsI drew the layer of black around the door so that, if there were gaps between the rocks, white paper wouldn’t show up too obviously. The last step before putting the rocks on was attaching the fake hinges with hot glue. Now, the hinges I had were for making dollhouse furniture, so they would have actually worked if the door was built to open. But since it wasn’t, I broke one hinge in half,How to Make Fairy Doors

I used hot glue for attaching the rocks to paper. This was my favourite part. A few years ago, I collected these tiny pebbles by the lake, hoping to use them for decorating a fairy house, and finally the opportunity to use them has come! Making a rock mosaic was just as satisfying as I imagined it to be,

How to Make Fairy Doors

Bits of dry moss can be glued with a hot glue gun or white glue. The moss smells nice!

The last step is adding bits and pieces you have on hand. I had some parts left from building a dollhouse-in-a-box and some that I got for future projects, but never used. I love looking through the dollhouse sections of the craft stores. So I added a couple of painted flower pots with polymer clay flowers inside, a doorknob, a miniature wagon, and a fence that can also be made of craft sticks, trimmed with scissors and glued together. We couldn’t snap a photograph with fairies (they’re too shy), but we invited some butterflies over.

How to Make Fairy Doors

How to Make Fairy Doors

How to Make Fairy Doors

Now, we still have snow lying in heaps around our backyard, but once it’s gone, I’d like to try for an outdoor fairy door. We have a stump that’s asking for some magic to happen! I think that if you use some plastic sheet for backing (like a folder cover or even a piece of a plastic container) and varnish your creation with outdoor varnish, the rest should be the same.

If you make fairy doors, we’d be delighted to see them! You can post them on our Facebook page, email me or tag us on Facebook or Instagram – @adventureinabox.

How to Make Fairy Doors

✅ Fairy Doors for Tree Trunks

I absolutely love fairy gardens. I have been collecting items for my various indoor and outdoor fairy gardens for several years, and am always looking for fun new things to add to my collection. Here are some fun fairy doors for trees that you are sure to love. Amazon has a lot of cute ideas for fairy doors, hopefully you will find some inspiration for your mini fairy doors here!

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✅ Miniature Fairy Garden “Papillon” Butterfly Solar Fairy Door

This miniature fairy door is solar powered and made from poly resin. It can be used indoors or outdoors. I love the butterfly design on the door.

✅ Garden Fairy Door with Knocker and Hanging Hook

This is a small inexpensive fairy door with a knocker manufactured by Darice.

✅ Miniature Fairy Garden Mystical Gnome Home Door

This adorable mini gnome door for a tree is made of resin and measures 5″ tall 4.5″ wide. It is hand painted.

✅ Miniature Fairy Garden & Terrarium Charming Round Door Decor

This small round door can be used in any fairy garden or terrarium. It measures 5.25″ tall and 5″ wide and is hand painted.

✅ Fiddlehead Fairy Garden Red Round Fairy Door

This small round red door is made by Fiddlehead and measures 3.5 x 1.5 x 3.5 inches.

✅ Fairy Garden Medieval Fairy Door

This medieval fairy door is also made by Fiddlehead. It is hand painted and measures 2.5 Inches long by 3.25 inches tall by 1 inches wide. It can be used indoors or outdoors.

✅ Miniature Fairy Garden of Enchantment Fairy Gnome Hobbit Tree Cottage Door

This adorable hobbit tree door is made of high quality resin and is hand painted. It measures 4.5 x 3.85 inches tall.

✅ Miniature Fairy Garden of Enchantment Fairy Gnome Hobbit Brick House

This hobbit brick house door would also make a great addition to your miniature garden. It measures 4 inches.

✅ Touch of Nature Mini Fairy Garden Wooden Door

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How to Make Fairy Doors

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Fairies are shy little creatures, who are easily scared away, so it’s important to know how to make your fairy feel welcome?

Fairies actually look like people only they are much smaller, in fact they are only a few centimetres tall. They are very pretty and delicate, with shimmery wings and when they fly, they leave a trail of sparkly fairy dust wherever they go. (that’s often how you know when a fairy has been near)

It is said that fairies have been around for thousands of years and come from a place that cannot be seen by humans. Even though they are very shy, they love to visit people and the exciting thing is when they feel safe and comfortable, they will create a home with you.

Fairies especially love children and like to live as near to you as they can, so they can keep watch over you through the night. That’s why fairies love to set up their fairy doors in your bedroom and fairy gardens in your garden.

So the question is how to make your fairy feel welcome?

A fairy feels welcome when….

1. You create a comfortable home for them

Making your fairy feel comfortable and welcome is a sure way for her to stay.

An easy way to to do this is by decorating her fairy door with little homely touches like a table with a fairy sized tea set and some tiny food to enjoy afternoon tea on. Or some a cute picket fence, a window or a shelf to display her trinkets.

2. Write her Letters

A fairy’s favourite surprise is to receive a letter from you, which is why a Fairy Mailbox is her favourite item next to her fairy door.

We have a fun post on How to Write Fairy letters and we also have available our amazing Fairy Mail Kit which contains a huge assortment of fairy letters, notes and cards.

3. Tidy your Room!

Fairies feel welcome when they visit a tidy bedroom, They do not like mess, so always keep your room tidy and clean so your little fairy enjoy living there.

4. Be Kind

Fairies like to feel safe when they visit, so being kind and friendly to others and gentle with all of your things, will help your her feel safe and welcome.

So how to make a fairy feel welcome ? By creating a comfortable home for her, be sure to send her letters, keep your room tidy and be kind.

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