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How to make winter window decorations

From glowing lanterns, festive Christmas ornaments, and even a beautiful snowy village, this collection of winter paper craft ideas is perfect for the cozy season. If you’re stuck inside and have some time on your hands, these crafts can serve as a great activity and opportunity to sharpen your crafting skills.

Easy Paper Snowmen Ornaments

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Celebrate winter with your children by making these adorable paper snowmen. Your kids will love this craft! The snowmen ornaments may look complicated to make, but they’re quite simple. Just glue paper circles together to form a large and small paper snowball. Stack the short ball over the large one and glue together. You now have a snowman!

Paper and Glitter Noel Christmas Card

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Give your friends and family an exceptional handmade card this year with our simple tutorial. This beautiful greeting card is constructed from craft paper, an ornamental snowflake, and red glitter paper. Your recipients will appreciate the time you spent to create something truly unique.

Birchwood Paper Garland

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Make some of the cutest holiday snowflake decorations from birchwood paper. Cut out snowflake shapes and attach them to a string to create a beautiful rustic garland for your Christmas tree.

3D Paper Snowflakes

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Mark the season by making some beautiful three-dimensional paper snowflakes. These lovely snowflakes look fabulous when hung in clusters from a painted branch from the ceiling. The clusters are especially striking when you hang blue, white, and silver snowflakes together.

Paper Plate Snowman

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

When kids are bored, pull out some paper plates, buttons, and other craft supplies and make these delightful paper plate snowmen. This craft is easy enough for even the youngest crafters to make successfully, and everyone is guaranteed to have fun.

Paper Roll Penguin Craft

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Transform toilet paper tubes into cute little penguins with craft paper, glue, and googly eyes. Challenge your kids to think of other animals they can make to create their own winter wonderland.

The Prettiest Winter Paper Lanterns

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Brighten up long winter evenings with this lovely woodland-themed paper lantern craft. Place the lanterns on your fireplace mantel, tabletop, or window sills. They have a beautiful glow, adding ambiance to your decor. When you’re done using them, fold them flat and store them in an envelope until next year.

Paper Cut Winter Village

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Make Christmas memories for your family with this winter village craft. Make the paper village from plain white cardstock cut on a digital die cutter or make them by hand if you don’t have a machine. The village is three layers deep with glowing electric tea lights in between.

Paper Christmas Cactus Plant

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Paper flowers are a favorite among crafters. This year, why not make a paper Christmas cactus as a gift for your friends who don’t have a green thumb? The pretty red and green paper plant will stay beautiful for a long time and it never needs to be watered.

Christmas Paper Office Party Decorations

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Most of the time, Christmas party decorations are your standard evergreen wreaths, bunting, and ornaments. Brittany Watson Jepsen from The House That Lars Built does it differently. She decided to throw an office Christmas party adorned with handmade decorations using only a single ream of paper. Paper ream holiday decorations are not your standard Christmas decor, but fabulous nonetheless.

It is already November so we can take off the Halloween decorations and replace them with something wintry. If you haven’t started thinking about decorating ideas yet, we have selected ten different cheap and easy ways to dress your home according to the season. Some of them are perfect kids crafts as well that you can make on a rainy afternoon. Don’t wait any longer, pop into the craft store on your way home to buy things you will need for the window decorating project! Here are ten inexpensive and chic ideas for your windows.

1. DIY Snowflake Pom Pom Window Display

How to Make Winter Window Decorationsvia

If you knit regularly you probably have some leftover yarns, enough to create this cute Snowflake Pom Pom Garlands. This is such an easy Christmas decoration that you can do it with smaller kids as well. The best thing about the garlands is that you can use them every year!

2. DIY 3D Snowflakes

How to Make Winter Window Decorationsvia

Snowflakes make great decor all winter long and these 3D ones look very special. With only a few things you can easily create a whole garland of them. Probably you already have all the supplies at home – white printer paper, scissors, glue, stapler and a hole punch. Spray them with gold or silver paint spray for an even more special look.

3. Glittery Gold Angel Feathers

How to Make Winter Window Decorationsvia

These delicate white and gold feathers will look super pretty if you hang them on your window. Simply dip the feathers in metallic gold paint and finish them off with glitter. You can hang them together with some golden Christmas tree globes for an even more festive look.

4. Simple DIY Garland

How to Make Winter Window Decorationsvia

Hang beeswax hearts, pine cones and acorns on a green string and you have a simple and cute window decoration. If you are expecting Christmas cards from friends and family leave some empty space between them so that you can also display the nicest cards.

5. DIY Pinecone Garland

How to Make Winter Window Decorationsvia

You will need quite a few pine cones to make a nice garland so keep an eye out for them on your next forest walk. This beautiful piece adds the natural warmth and texture of the season and if you want you can add some fresh greenery or red ribbon to it just before Christmas.

6. Simple Evergreen Wreaths

How to Make Winter Window Decorationsvia

To make simple evergreen wreaths you will need some wire as a base – wire coat hangers will do the job and several 8″ to 10″ long branches of greenery (redwood, pine, douglas fir etc.). Using floral wire or just some thin green yarn, secure the branches to the wreath base. Make sure to overlap the stems and keep adding stems until the wreath base is fully covered. Add red ribbon and hang them evenly.

7. Pinecone in Rustic Pots

How to Make Winter Window Decorationsvia

This is a super simple and cheap way to decorate your window sill. Select some rustic pots depending on how wide is the window you will decorate, add some soil, a pine cone and faux moss on top. Wrap some jute or ribbon around the pots and your decoration is done.

8. DIY Paper Snowflakes Window Curtain

How to Make Winter Window Decorationsvia

This is an old classic, the paper snowflakes. They are easy to make and the kids love them! Instead of adjusting them to the glass, create a snowflake garland. It looks much nicer and this way you can use them next year again!

9. DIY Snowflake Window Clings

How to Make Winter Window Decorationsvia

Here is a great tutorial that will show you hot to do these pretty snowflake window clings. It also includes patterns for each shape that you can print out and put under the cling wrap. You just have to use your puff paint to trace the shapes, wait until it dries and then stick it on the glass.

10. Chocolate Wafer Cookies For The Windowsill

How to Make Winter Window Decorationsvia

This one is delicious looking winter decoration that you can prepare in less than ten minutes. You will need a few boxes of rolled chocolate wafers, some cylinder vases, disk-shaped candles and jute ropes. It will look pretty on your window sill or also as a centerpiece on the dining table. Just make sure to top it up whenever some wafers go missing.

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The onset of chilly winter weather doesn’t mean a window box must look boring, sad and forlorn until it’s time to fill the box with colorful spring and summer flowers. Instead, use your imagination and put the window box to good use as a decorative element that adds color all winter.

Colorful Foliage

A window box overflowing with colorful, eye-catching plants provides color and texture all winter. Flowering cabbage and flowering kale (Brassica oleracea) are good starting points, as the sturdy, long-lasting plants come in colors ranging from green, red, purple, white and blue. The plants are similar, but kale has frilly leaves while cabbage leaves are flatter and wider. Both are hardy in all U.S. Department of Agriculture growing zones. Crossvine (Bignonia capreolata) is an attractive trailing vine with bright orange flowers in summer and shiny green leaves that take on a purplish color in winter. Crossvine is suitable for growing in zones 8 through 10.

Winter Flowers

Although most flowering plants don’t tolerate winter chill, a few sturdy bloomers are hardy enough to brighten a window box throughout the winter months. Pansy, (Viola x wittrockiana), is a good example, as the plants, hardy to zones 6 to 8, withstand even single digit temperatures. Paperwhites (Narcissus “Paperwhite”), is a spring-blooming bulb that is suitable for growing outdoors in growing zones 8 through 11. The dainty blooms are pure white or white with yellow cups, depending on the variety. Although cyclamen (Cyclamen coum) blooms in late summer and early autumn, it decorates a window box with heart-shaped foliage all winter in growing zones 5 through 9.


Chrysanthemums, suitable for growing in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 5 through 9, are a focal point for a colorful Thanksgiving window box, and a small scarecrow provides whimsy. Surround the mums and scarecrow with miniature pumpkins and gourds, along with ornamental Indian corn husks. A nature walk may provide additional Thanksgiving decorations, such as colorful autumn leaves or twigs from a dogwood or willow tree.


An arrangement of evergreen boughs such as juniper, cedar or Norway pine adds interest to a window box. Arrange the boughs so they trail over the edges of the box, and then use wires to attach large pine cones or yard trimmings such as holly sprigs, rose hips or willow branches. A string of lights, a few colorful ornaments, a tinsel or bead garland or a sprinkle of gold or silver glitter provides even more holiday flair.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Handmade Christmas decorations, paper craft ideas for window decoration

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Simple window decoration is a way to add interesting and comforting designs to your rooms during winter holidays. Winter themed decor ideas look joyous and inviting. Elegant Christmas decorating ideas add charm to winter homes and make driving down a snowy lane with your family in the vehicle and viewing creative Christmas decorations that glow at night more fun.

Window decoration, along with outside Christmas decor, is the perfect way to display your winter holiday cheer. Here is a simple, quick and easy to make idea for Christmas window decoration that you and your kids will love to use for Christmas home decorating.

Christmas decoration is not only about Christmas tree decorations. Add a roll of fishing line with colorful ornaments, a Christmas garland or few ornaments with ribbons at slightly different lengths to your window decoration and make your window look unique and festive.

Handmade Christmas decorations

How to make window decoration for Christmas

You will need cardboard or heavy craft paper, foam, Christmas garland with lights, glue, scissors. Stencil or draw Christmas trees, winter images or Christmas decoration patterns on a cardboard piece, and cut them out with a craft knife or scissors.

Glue cardboard decorations together to make them long enough for your window sill and arrange them vertically on a piece of foam one behind another.

How to Make Winter Window DecorationsCardboard winter trees

Make two lanes of cardboard window decorations and place Christmas lights on a piece of foam between cardboard decorations, as the photographs show.

Simple and elegant window decoration will glow at night and delight with amazing winter themed images. You can make similar window decoration with thin plywood boards, adding a horizontal base for stability.

How to Make Winter Window DecorationsHandmade Christmas decorations made with cardboard, foam and lights

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Creating your own winter wonderland sets the mood for a holiday party. A winter wonderland theme is ideal to avoid conflicts with differing religious beliefs, and it can be used throughout the winter season. Making your own winter wonderland decorations saves money, allowing you to spend more on holiday gifts or other aspects of the celebration. Save your winter wonderland decorations for next year or think about creative ways to recycle the decorations after the celebration.

Purchase gossamer fabric, which is very light, in large rolls. Cover walls with white gossamer by stapling it to the top of the wall and letting it drape down. Cut the fabric just above the floor. Consider gathering the gossamer to create a border around the ceiling and floor, making a snowbank look. Cut long pieces of additional gossamer. Use fishing line or zip ties to gather and swoop the gossamer along the edge of the ceiling every few feet. Attach the gossamer to the wall with a stapler. For the floor, place the gossamer close the intersection of the wall and the floor, creating a snowy white mass.

Outline the room in white Christmas lights. Try outlining the doorways or focal points in the room. Place the lights under the gossamer border on the floor to give it a glow. Use a stapler to hold lights to the wall if necessary.

Create winter trees. Pick large branches and use spay paint to cover them in white paint. Allow the branches to dry completely. Save coffee cans and paint them white. Place gravel or Styrofoam in the coffee can to hold the branches in place. Position the trees around the room, and hang silver ornaments and strands of crystal beads from the branches.

Make snowflakes. Create snowflakes using card stock and scissors. No two snowflakes are alike so don’t worry about following a pattern. Put glue on the snowflakes and cover them with glitter. Shake off any excess glitter and allow them to dry completely. Open paper clips, pushing one end into the ceiling and hooking a snowflake on the other end.

Use rhinestones and glitter around the winter wonderland to add a festive sparkle. Add glitter to decorations using glue. Place rhinestones on tables and around the party area.

Make Giant Foam Candy Canes

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Keep Poinsettias Growing To Next Christmas

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Hang Christmas Lights Around Windows

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Knit Christmas Stockings

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Set Up a Christmas Village

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Use Programmable LED Strip Lights for Christmas Holiday Lighting (with Arduino Uno)

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Make a Christmas Bow

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Make Christmas Tree Decorations

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Make Your Own Christmas Decorations

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Make Winter Window Decorations

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Make Mini Mistletoe

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Decorate Jars for Christmas

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Decorate Your Office for Christmas

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Make Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Make Christmas Refrigerator Magnets

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Make a Christmas Decoration

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

“Store” Christmas Decoration Boxes During Christmas

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How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Christmas ornaments are great holiday decorations in winter. Colorful and bright, Christmas ornaments can be creatively used as winter window decorations, giving a festive look to New Years Eve party and all special events in winter. Lushome created an inspiring collections of window decorating ideas that reuse and recycle green branches and Christmas ornaments and create spectacular window displays.

Winter window decorating ideas are fun, simple and quick. There is always many Christmas ornaments left ofter Christmas that can make gorgeous winter holiday decorations for New Years Eve party. Christmas tree decorations and string lights, paper crafts and candles centerpieces are perfect window decorations that add color and glow to New Years Eve.

Snowflakes and stars, hearts decorations and Christmas balls, green branches and ribbons can brighten up interior windows and add unique look to New Years Eve party decor. Creative ways to reuse and recycle Christmas ornaments for all winter holiday decorations help save money while allowing to experiment with fresh window decorating ideas.

Winter window decorating ideas

Using Christmas ornaments and holiday accents as interior window decorations is a bright way to make winter holidays colorful, long and memorable. Do not throw those old and new Christmas ornaments out after Christmas even if you do not have enough storage space to keep them. Reuse and recycle them for window decorations and enjoy beautiful and personalized winter decorating ideas during the cold season.

Old Christmas ornaments can be recycled for any holiday decorations, but they look especially spectacular on holiday tables, chandeliers and interior windows. There are many different ways that you can incorporate them into your winter decoration after Christmas, adding fun, shine and bold colors to New Years Eve party decor, birthday and Valentine’s Day decor.

How to Make Winter Window DecorationsWindow decorations created with colorful Christmas balls, ribbons and bows

Sorting Christmas ornaments by color and hanging them on ribbons or creating unusual table centerpieces with different items are creative ways to reuse and recycle Christmas decorations while enjoying simple and novel ideas that add character and unique look to your winter events.

Christmas ornaments make wonderful vases that look fabulous with fresh flowers and green branches. Paper crafts and Christmas ornaments create stunning displays, adding the season themed accents to holiday tables centerpieces and window decorations. Recycling Christmas ornaments for window decorations add unique charm to your winter party decor and set festive mood in your home.

How to Make Winter Window DecorationsWindow decorations recycling Christmas balls and tree ornaments

Pine cones and branches, greenery and indoor plants, candles and winter themed paper crafts look spectacular with Christmas ornaments. All you need for beautiful window decorating is wooden or paper crafts, green branches, candles and old Christmas ornaments that you love.

There are many gorgeous window decorating ideas that can reuse and recycle Christmas ornaments for New Years Eve party or any other special occasion in winter. These simple decorating ideas are perfect for last minute decorating and stress free holidays. Imagine how beautiful a window curtain looks with Christmas ornaments, and add your favorite holiday decorations to your interior windows, creating fabulous decor for New Years Eve party this winter.

How to Make Winter Window DecorationsHanging pine cones and cotton snowballs, simple window decorations for New Years Eve party

Lushome shares the collection of bright, simple and inexpensive window decorating ideas to inspire you to create beautiful, surprising and interesting decor for your New Years Eve party, reuse and recycle Christmas ornaments and green branches and enjoy attractive window decorations all winter long.

How to Make Winter Window DecorationsWinter window decorations created with colorful ribbons and Christmas balls How to Make Winter Window DecorationsPaper crafts for winter holiday decor, paper snowman in white and black

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Christmas is a wonderful time, which includes beautiful decorations in the house. One important place that you should not miss, are your windows. The beautiful Christmas window decorations welcome your guests and strangers who can see them from the road. Isn’t it just wonderful to come home after a long day at work and see the decorated windows that invite you and promise you a festive atmosphere? Outdoor festive decorations always bring a smile on everyone’s face.

Christmas window decorations with candles, lights and wreaths

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Nothing can brighten a window as candles and lights. Arrange candles on the sill with fir twigs, nuts or tree ornaments. The shiny balls will reflect the light magically in the room. Hang string lights to create a real magic.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Decorate the window with Christmas wreaths. You can buy finished wreaths or decorate plain wreaths with bows and ornaments. The color and style of the wreath should complement the exterior of your home or office. Christmas mesh wreaths are especially popular as a DIY project for the holidays

Christmas window decorations – snowflakes and drawings

Snowflakes made of paper are an easy craft and will sparkle nicely on a window when they are decorated with glittering paint. Bind them with threads and ribbons with different lengths so that the snowflakes are hanging at different heights. Attach the ribbons in the area above so that the tape does not remain on the glass when you remove the decorations.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

If you have artistic abilities, you can easily learn how to make a rag wreath or choose washable colorful paints which are suitable for Christmas window decorations. Paint snow landscapes, Christmas trees with gifts, gingerbread men, candy canes or other scenes that come to your mind. Alternatively, just use artificial spray snow.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Quick and easy idea

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Festive decoration in red and white

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Festive lights decoration ideas

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Beautiful ornaments and candles

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

The decoration of the White House

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

A lovely decor in silver and red

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Beautiful garland and wreath in the hallway

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

An easy DIY banner

White paper trees

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

DIY paper snowflakes

A DIY paper wreath with snowflakes

They’ll give those famous displays a run for their money.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Step one of getting your house into the holiday spirit should be creating a knock-their-socks off window display. There’s a reason those world famous window displays in New York City are so, well, world famous. From the classics, like wreaths to garlands, to more quirky and creative alternative, these DIY Christmas window decorations will have your home looking festive from the inside out. Recreate the holiday window decor ahead to make your home the most festive one in the whole neighborhood.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Though the lush garland framing the window adds so much vibrancy to this kitchen, it’s the collection of family Christmas cards hanging across the window that brings personal character to the space. Hang some string across the window and add the cards as they come.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Hang your wreath from the window with a bright red ribbon for an extra eye-catching pop. Or, if red clashes with the room, just match your ribbon to the space’s color scheme.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Fishing line and a tension rod will hold your wreath in place, creating the ultimate holiday illusion from both indoors and outdoors. It helps spread the festive spirit of the dining table to the rest of the room for a fully decked out look.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Your floating wreath shouldn’t have to carry all the Christmas decor weight by itself! Add a few more details to go the extra mile. In this cozy reading nook, the same greenery is flanking the jar, creating a more cohesive and finished display. And we’re digging that bust’s shawl (aka mini garland).

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

String some leftover bulb ornaments on a ribbon and display this glorious garland for every passerby to see.

Get the tutorial from Studio DIY.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Just because it isn’t the living room doesn’t mean it couldn’t use a little holiday spirit. Case in point? This winter oasis of a bathroom by Emily Henderson. Keep it minimalist with a simple frosted wreath in the window and and some hurricane candles to set the mood for a bubble bath.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

This DIY paper leaf Christmas garland can be hung anywhere, but we love it as a window banner, for some lightweight holiday magic.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Unlike their colorful counterpart, these window clings offer a subtle winter makeover with the help of some hot glue.

Get the tutorial from First Palette.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Put a mini Christmas tree by the window in your dining room or kitchen, but instead of decorating it with classic ornaments, hang candy from the branches.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Set your windows aglow with this starry night window display. Hang them at different heights and make them different shapes, sizes, and colors for a more dynamic arrangement. Get the tutorial from Lia Griffith if you prefer the homemade Christmas decoration route.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Give your windows the makeover they’ve been needing with these classic window boxes.

Get the tutorial from Gardenista.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

This modern garland will spruce up your house for Christmas, and will continue to do its job long after the holidays have ended.

Get the tutorial from Francois et Moi.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Want to set a winter wonderland scene this year? Instead of using a green wreath, opt for a beaded one like the ones in this dining room by Emily Henderson. And if you have two windows, hang two wreaths for a symmetrical finish.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Who says you can’t get your holiday on in a hurry? These doily snowflake dangles come together in minutes.

Get the tutorial from Dos Family.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Part Christmas decorating hack, part science experiment: these Epsom salt–frosted windows bring a wintry touch to your home, no matter what kind of climate you live in.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

The key to great widow decorations is paying attention to scale. So if you have large windows, make sure your decor isn’t super tiny, or it will make the whole vignette look off. Hang a more sculptural and modern wreath à la Emily Henderson to complement the style of your interiors. Here’s a great tutorial from Paper & Stitch if you’re in the mood to craft and want to make your own.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Craft a perfect little wintry vignette in your window, courtesy of these quaint waterless snow globes.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Christmas decorating ideas, snowflakes window decorations

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Snowflakes are amazing, beautiful and captivating. They bring interesting shapes into winter home decorating and brighten up home interiors. Snowflakes are versatile for any winter decorating style and suitable for all rooms and outdoor living spaces.

Unique and gorgeous snowflakes give great inspirations for creating wonderful decoration patterns, adding white, blue and light gray color tones to winter decorating. Snowflakes are excellent holiday decorations, and they add charming accents to everyday room decor. Perfect for Christmas tree decorations and holiday tables, snowflakes look fabulous on doors, windows, staircases, chandeliers and walls.

Here is a collection of creative winter decorating ideas that you can used for your home. Decor4all shares this great collection to inspire you to bring these fantastic, elegant and winter inspired home decorations into your home interiors or decorate outdoor living spaces with sparkling snowflakes.

Winter decorating with snowflakes

Snowflakes are perfect for everyday or holiday decor. They are inspired by snow and bring a winter-like feel into interior decorating. They are ideal to set a seasonal mood for Christmas or New Years Eve celebration.

Snowflakes can be kept in your home till spring, helping your room decor look interesting and bright all winter. Make some winter garlands with snowflakes, use these beautiful shapes for windows, doors and wall decoration. Add snowflake ornaments to your Christmas tree decorations and holiday table centerpieces.

How to Make Winter Window DecorationsSnowflakes on living room furniture covers, traditional Christmas decor

Wooden and made with metal wire snowflakes, crocheted snowflakes and created with felt fabrics, these shapes and inspired by snowflakes decoration patterns, combined with seasonal colors, are ideal for winter decorating.

Snowflakes are versatile, great for creative contemporary room decor and unique vintage style. Winter wreaths with snowflakes look beautiful, and wreaths that look like giant snowflakes are spectacular and unusual.

How to Make Winter Window DecorationsSnowflakes decorations made of foam, creative winter decorating ideas in white and blue colors

Various snowflakes designs, textures and color combinations offer numerous opportunities to enjoy winter crafts and add a personal touch to winter decorating ideas, adding snowflakes to your home interiors and outdoor living spaces.

How to Make Winter Window DecorationsWinter decorating with white snowflakes for bedroom, hanging wall decorations made with wooden sticks How to Make Winter Window DecorationsSnowflakes fabric print, bedroom decorating ideas How to Make Winter Window DecorationsSnowflakes decorative patterns for black and white living room decorating How to Make Winter Window DecorationsCrocheted snowflakes in white color, handmade Christmas decorations

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Matthew Ashman (1) | Jonathan Fong (2, 3)

After you’ve decked the halls inside your home, why not create a winter wonderland outside? Try dressing up your entryway or front yard with these ornamental DIY decorations that will pair well with any cherished decoration you pull out each year. Handmade adornments from wood, wreaths and lots of twinkly lights are sure to bring the holiday cheer.

Wood Pallet Christmas Tree

If you have an old pallet lying around, put it to use this Christmas season. A charming wooden Christmas tree can even be embellished with the lights and ornaments that didn’t make it on your tree inside.

Willow Twig Balls

Give all guests who visit your backyard or entryway a whimsical, wintery welcome by hanging a set of decorative balls made from willow twigs.

PVC Pipe Wreath

For a decor piece that will last all winter long, try your hand at making a modern wreath made from sturdy PVC pipe. Add your favorite ornaments or holiday trinkets inside the circles for a personal touch.

Easy-to-Make Natural Wreath

If PVC isn’t your thing and you prefer a more natural look, why not try something different by creating a wreath made from chili peppers, lavender or even succulents?

Handmade Paper Bag Luminaries

Your nights will be merry and bright with this safe and easy DIY project. If you’re hosting the Christmas celebration, light the path leading up to your house with handmade paper bag luminaries and LED battery-powered tea lights to welcome your loved ones.

Tomato Cage Light Tree

As rustic as it is festive, a tomato cage light tree can be the perfect addition to your front porch. Click the link to learn how to create one with ivy, string lights and burlap wire ribbon for your home.

Birdseed Christmas Ornaments

Imagine waking up to the sight of happy birds nibbling at your homemade birdseed Christmas ornaments hanging on a tree outside. Learn how to make these easy birdseed ornaments using your holiday cookie cutters.

Wood Cut Out of the Grinch

Nothing says Christmas quite like Dr. Seuss’ beloved Mr. Grinch. Use your woodworking skills to create an illustrated lawn ornament of everyone’s favorite scoundrel turned sweetheart.

Lighted PVC Candy Cane

A row of lighted candy canes will add a merry touch to your holiday decor. If your Christmas decorating philosophy is the more lights the better, this project is for you!

Natalie Way has a passion for creative endeavors and experience in writing, publishing, graphic design and marketing. She is a managing editor at Stampington & Company, and has contributed to various interior design, fashion and lifestyle publications including California Homes and Shortlist magazine. Raised near San Francisco, she now lives in Orange County.

Don’t overlook this decorating opportunity this year.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Regardless of your design aesthetic, there’s no denying the joy that comes along with decorating your home for the holiday season. Christmas decor never fails to impress guests and provide them with a taste of your decorating style. But when it comes to holiday decor, it’s very easy to overlook your windows. This year, reconsider by giving your windows the attention they deserve.

Windows are the perfect opportunity to display your creativity and celebrate the beauty of the holiday season. Browse these 25 chic window decorating ideas that will make your home feel more festive.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

If you’re up for a non-traditional look, consider lining your window sill with all-white decorative branches.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Add some pizzazz to your window ledge with an assortment of bottle brush Christmas trees. They’re a small addition that can have a big impact on your holiday decor setup.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

What’s better than heart-shaped decor to embrace the true meaning of Christmas? Hang yours with a red ribbon, which will fit the holiday theme.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

When it comes to Christmas decorations, jingle bells are as classic as it gets. They’re an unexpected and tasteful accent that can easily play up the holiday spirit.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Lights, lights, and more lights. A mix of warm white and multi-colored lights, along with a tall tree, make this home’s windows a focal point for the holiday season.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

If your style is best described as maximalist, hang a small wreath and amp up the look by draping garland along the bottom of your windows. Decorate the garland with red ball ornaments for even more of an impact.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Any neutral space can benefit from a touch of greenery, even during the Christmas season. Consider adding character to your windows with green wreaths, which shouldn’t be reserved for your front door.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

There’s no reason not to upgrade your curtains for the holiday. An eye-catching red plaid design, for instance, can add character to a room and take your Christmas decor to the next level.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

An assortment of poinsettias and candlesticks can enliven a drab window sill in an instant. You can even experiment with pots in varied styles and candles in different sizes.

How to Make Primitive Crafts

Things You’ll Need

  • Wood blocks
  • Stencil
  • Acrylic paint
  • Sandpaper
  • 18-gauge wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Small screws
  • Pillar candle
  • Herbs, spices and potpourri
  • Decoupage medium (Mod Podge)
  • Wax paper
  • Berry garland
  • Wreath form
  • Floral wire

Homespun and handcrafted are two words you’ll often hear in association with primitive country décor. Taken from the decorating styles of early American colonials, primitive decorations include fibers, woods and colors found in nature. Simple pine furniture and cotton fabrics in shades of green, red and yellow create warmth, while homemade candles and dolls sit next to rusty remnants of days gone by. Make your own primitive country decorations with these tips and ideas.

Create signage for your primitive home with a block of wood, craft paint and sandpaper. Paint the wood block in a dark, muted green or deep burgundy, and then distress it around the edges with sandpaper to make it look time-worn. Stencil a message like “Home is Where the Heart Is” or any other pertinent sentiment on the front with black paint. You can also find templates of primitive country homes that you can use to paint onto your block. Hang your sign on the wall with crudely bent, 18-gauge wire that you can see, or place it on an end table with homemade candles.

Make your own primitive country grunge candles without actually dipping and making your own candles. Put together a handful of herbs, spices and other potpourri to create a grunge mix. Lay a sheet of wax paper on a flat surface and sprinkle it liberally with your grunge mix. Apply a coat of Mod Ppodge or other decoupage medium to the outside of your pillar candle. Roll the candle in the grunge mix and let the Mod Podge dry. Repeat this process if you prefer more grunge on your candle. To finish, apply another layer of Mod Podge.

Create a berry wreath by attaching berry garland to your wreath form with floral wire. Attach one end of the garland to the frame by twisting the floral wire around it, then begin wrapping the garland, attaching it to the frame every 4 inches or so. If you prefer a swag to a wreath, attach the garland to the swag frame with floral wire, then cut the excess berry garland with wire cutters or strong scissors. A standard 9-foot garland should make one wreath or two swags.

Find everything you need for these primitive country decorations at your local craft store or from online retailers.


Keep wire cutters and scissors away from children.

Decorate your windows with whimsical silhouettes of a winter wonderland. 6 PDF files over 40 pages total.

You can also buy these designs as a part of our Christmas Silhouette bundle along with sixty other printable designs!

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Decorate your windows with whimsical silhouettes of a winter wonderland. Flying deer and busy elves, snow and stars and presents galore! All cut out of plain paper, and rather minimalist during the day, but charmingly illuminated by candles at night.

In this printable pack, you will get 6 PDF files, each containing one design in two colours (black and white) and two scales (for smaller and bigger windows). That makes over 40 pages total!

Print the designs, cut them with scissors and a craft knife the traditional way; cut them with a silhouette machine; or print them on transparent vinyl to avoid cutting altogether. For the full instructions on how to make the window decorations, check here.

1 review for Christmas Window Printable Designs

hollyd58 (verified owner) – November 24, 2016

I made silhouettes for Halloween this year from clips that I snipped from the internet. Love being able to pay a small amount and legitimately get these wonderful patterns for Christmas. The different formats make it very easy to scale to the right size. And these patterns are so whimsical and creative. Thank You!

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This week my I entered my post-Christmas classroom and instantly felt the need to freshen it up and bring a little “winter wonderland” into our learning environment. We arrived at school on Monday with a fresh blanket of snow outside and it only seemed appropriate to add some wintry fun to the classroom windows.

Of course, I went straight for my “go-to” project of choice: “Stained Glass” Window Decorations. I just LOVE making these in the classroom. It’s a simple project that my students can do with minimal supervision, it’s not messy, and it’s QUICK!

What’s not to love about this great project?
How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Supplies Needed

  • 1 black construction paper frame per student (mine was 11×7.75″ and .5″ thick)
  • 2 sheets of clear contact paper per student cut 2″ taller and wider than the black frame
  • 1 black construction paper snowflake cutout per student (I used the school die-cut machine to punch mine)
  • LOTS of pre-cut tissue paper squares in wintry colors (approximately 1″ in size)

Directions for Assembly

Peel 1 sheet of clear contact paper per student and place the paper STICKY SIDE UP on each student’s desk. You can faintly see the border of the contact paper around the black frame lines. I completed this task during play time while students were away from their desks.

(I laid a sheet of white construction paper under my work area for photography purposes. The white paper is merely a backdrop and was not necessary to complete the project).

Once the setup was complete, give each child one paper snowflake and instruct them to place the snowflake near the top of the sticky paper, but in a way so that it does not touch the frame. All of my students followed this direction perfectly.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Then the real fun begins… students use 1 piece of tissue paper at a time to fill the inside of the frame. It’s ok to cover up the snowflake and the frame edge. The work side is actually the back of the project.
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
Keep adding more tissue papers…
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
…until the frame is finally FULL.
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
Once the frame is completely filled with tissue papers, peel the second piece of contact paper and place this STICKY SIDE DOWN on top of the tissue paper pieces. This seals all of those little papers firmly in place so they can’t escape (I always do this step for my kinders). Then flip the window over to reveal the newly-created masterpiece.
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
Trim the excess contact paper from around the frame
(my kinders can do this independently)…
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
And voila! A beautiful “stained glass” window for the classroom.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Sight Word Emergent Reader

Celebrate winter while you work on the sight word “it” with my latest Interactive Sight Word Reader “Brrr… it is Cold!” To complete the book, students cut out, unscramble, and glue letters to spell “it” on each page of the emergent reader. This Sight Word Reader only costs $1 and is perfect for a winter’s day!

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Winter Color by Number FREEBIE

Since I’m in such a Wintry mood today, I also created a cute little Color by Number Penguin page. This quick little activity is great when you only have a few minutes. Add a subatizing element by having students roll a dice to determine which space to color. And since I try to conserve paper as often as possible, this freebie has been set up to print 2 per page. Click the image below to download this great FREEBIE!

How to Make Winter Window Decorations
Winter’s Blessings to You!

Celebrate the Holidays With Kindercraze

If you are looking for more fun holiday themed ideas, be sure to check out the blog posts below. They are filled with fun ideas and projects that will spread the joy of the holiday season.

December 4, 2017 by Kellie

With our latest exterior update (our porch!) complete, I could not wait to decorate it for Christmas. One of my most important goals in decorating our exterior this year, was to do it the most inexpensive way possible. So here’s a few tips on how to decorate Christmas window boxes and outdoor garland on a budget. Because trust me, we’ve spent the money this year on our brick walkway and porch! But through the years, I’ve learned that when you have to be more resourceful, typically the outcome is SO much better!

How to Make Winter Window Decorations But really & truly, I hope to save some money for you as well with this post, and share some deals and tips on how I decorated the exterior of our home, and new front porch with the best quality I could find that was also the most economical way for me.

First, let’s begin with my favorite. Our window boxes.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations After all (5) window boxes were decorated and full as can be with greenery, I spent a grand total of $5 for each window box.

Everything in my window boxes are real fresh clippings from Christmas tree clippings, Magnolia clippings & Cedar tree clippings from our yard. The only faux items I used were 2 faux picks with the red berries from Hobby Lobby for $2.49 each.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

I soaked the dirt in my window boxes with water, and layered in all the fresh clippings. This is probably the number #1 tip you should do for your window boxes. Soak the dirt! Our local Christmas tree farm didn’t charge me for the clippings, so I layered those in first and towards the back of the boxes. They’re a little awkward in their form for a recantangle window box, but I appreciate the fullness they bring to each box.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations Next, I layered towards the front the Magnolia clippings, and then scattered the Cedar tree clippings in between the Magnolia leaves. The 2 faux picks with berries I placed towards the front. And presto, in a matter of a few minutes they were all done. One of the other major things about this arrangement, is that they can last all Winter. I doubt I’ll even take out the red berries after Christmas. I didn’t attach any bow or ribbon (but you could totally do that) or pinecones. I just wanted a simple design that would carry me through the Winter. Just call me lazy.

My key takeaway on how to decorate Christmas window boxes and outdoor garland is be resourceful!

How to Make Winter Window Decorations I purchased 3 strands of this Christmas garland and added real cedar tree clippings to make it look more full. I decided to also add our own lights to the garland, and I used my own ribbon. The outcome of our extra 15 minutes of work turned out far prettier than I imagined.

Here’s some of my best tips to you save money:

My husband and I added the Cedar clippings with floral wire, and we will remove the clippings when it’s time to take it down. I loosely wrapped it with red velvet ribbon, and made & attached the bow with floral wire. With little effort we added in layers that are simple, festive, and the best part for me, is that I really think this garland looks real! An important note to mention, that Veterans’ Day Sales are perfect is you’re wanting to save money, but get something new – before the Christmas season. The garland was 50% and with a 20% Veterans’ Day coupon made the price tag even better!

How to Make Winter Window Decorations How to Make Winter Window Decorations The garland is so beautiful at night. We added a strand of 100 clear lights, and it looks so pretty against our new foyer entry way all decorated for Christmas. You can see our Christmas Foyer in this post from just a couple of weeks ago.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations For old time sake, because what fun is it, if you can’t look back & see the true “before” – right? This is how our front door looked when we bought our foreclosure as you can see in this post .

Crazy, right.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations As I have said many many times before…God is so good to us.
We feel truly blessed, and well, if I’m going to be completely honest – a little tired because it has been a lot of work as well.
But we are very very thankful.

Here’s a few more products that I love for decorating your home for Christmas.

I wanted to also say “thank you” to all of you who have been along with us on this journey for the past 4 years. All your kind words, encouragement, and of course social shares truly bless us, and especially me. I don’t ever want to paint a picture that we don’t struggle and things are easy around here. Because they are not. We are grateful for each step we can take that moves us forward and we try to embrace the delays as well.

Click the images below, to shop or just browse for some of the items I have used in this post. I absolutely swear by the porch planter boxes & of course the window boxes. They all have a water reservoir in the bottom, so I don’t have to water my plants during the Summer too often.

We took our Christmas decorations down yesterday, this bums me out every year because our house always looks so bare!

I sat and pondered today about what kind of decorations could be put up for winter, not so wintery that they scream Christmas, but warm and cozy enough until it is time to decorate for the next holiday.

Pinterest is always the method to my madness and here is what I found today

Photo and Craft Instructions by Craft Goodies

I saw this little guy and thought “How easy and cute!!”. You could replace the wreath hanging on your door with this perfect little snowman and leave it for months to come.

Restoration House is the creator of this great décor! You should see what else she did with her mantle. I saw these light up battery operated twigs are our local discount décor store for a couple bucks. This could be so easy and affordable to make! Just love the warmth feel that it brings.

This came from Providence Interior Design. You always see candle creations for winter made with pinecones, twigs or fake snow. I’ve never seen an arrangement done with acorns before! The white candles and acorns make this so pretty.

Here are some other ideas to get you through the winter months

– Move around your furniture to fill bare spots

– If you have a smaller tree, repurpose the tree and decorate for different holidays all year round

– Bring some greenery into your home, white plants will bring a feeling of winter

– Bring some big cozy throws out and put them on your couch

What ideas have you found for decorating the home after Christmas?

With the cold, blustery weather in full-force this winter, I decided to bring some seasonal coziness into my classroom decor. Last week we made stained glass mittens to adorn the windows of my kindergarten classroom. By now you probably know of my great love affair with stained glass-style window decorations. This one is definitely my new favorite. I know I said that the last time, but now I REALLY mean it.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission each time someone makes a purchase through one of my links, which helps to support the blog.
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
For this project, each child made a pair of matching mittens. The partner mittens are displayed next to each other in my window. They look adorable in my bright kindergarten classroom and are the perfect compliment to the Rainbow Chalkboard theme from Melanie at Schoolgirl Style.
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
Prepping the project was easy! I selected a few different shades of tissue paper in five color schemes (pink, blue, green, orange, purple) and cut the tissue paper into 1″ squares. These were separated into 5 different containers according to their color. Each child also needed two mitten frames. (You can download a free template for the mittens on TpT. Just print, trace onto black construction paper and cut out along with one 9×1/2″ strip of black construction paper for each pair of mittens.) This project also requires two sheets of 12″x18 sheets of clear contact paper per child.

(Side-note: If you don’t already know, I love clear contact paper. I use it for everything. I go through SEVERAL rolls of it each year and if you don’t already have contact paper in your classroom, I highly recommend you go on Amazon right now and purchase a few rolls. You can thank me later.)

It is easiest to set this project up while students are away from their desks. I usually prepare for the activity while my class is at a special or playing with toys on the floor. Begin by peeling the sheets of contact paper and placing one sheet sticky-side-up on each child’s desk. Next, place two frames side by side on top of the sticky paper. Cut or tear the 1/2″ strips of construction paper to create cuffs on the mitten. That’s it!

Students then lay the pieces of tissue paper into the mittens to fill the “stained glass window.” Most students can complete this entire project within 15 minutes.
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
This particular window decoration was unusual because each child used a specific color of tissue paper. I set up a separate station for each color around the classroom to easily manage the supplies.
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
Once the mittens were filled with tissue paper, I placed a second sheet of contact paper sticky-side-down on top of the project to seal all of the tissue paper inside. To complete the project, each student trimmed the excess paper from their mittens.
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
With a little bit of scotch tape, these stained glass mittens were ready to display on my classroom windows!
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
You can download a FREE Mitten Template from my TpT store.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations
How to Make Winter Window Decorations
The weather outside might be frightful, but my classroom is delightful!

More Holiday Fun

Looking to get into the spirit of the holidays? These posts offer great fun ideas for all while emphasizing the magic of the season.

Turn scraps of fabric into a pretty decoration with our quick and easy craft idea for making bunting

This weekend is the perfect time to learn how to make bunting. On Friday our houses and streets will be flooded with bunting to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

But bunting isn’t just for one weekend, it is the perfect way to brighten up a room all year round. From livening up an alfresco dining area to add a fun touch to your child’s room.

Not only is it pretty and playful, but it is also an easy DIY project to use up any old piece of fabric. You can transform anything from old clothes and bedding to pieces of antique lace into this gorgeous room accessory.

Trail bunting around a wrought iron bed for some chic country style, or pin it to a row of shelving in a home office to brighten up the room. Hang it around the garden for a real British summertime feel, ready for those barbecues and picnics in the sunshine.

How to make bunting

Image credit: Alun Callender

It couldn’t be easier to make, plus it’s a fun activity for all the family. We’ve created a simple step-by-step guide to show you the ropes. So choose your fabric and let’s go…

You will need

  • Fabric
  • 13mm-wide bias binding tape
  • Pinking shears
  • Needle and thread


Image credit: Claire Lloyd Davies

1.Draw a triangle on some cardboard and cut it out to use as a bunting template. You may prefer longer, narrower triangles, or shorter, wider ones. The choice is up to you!

2.Pin the template to your fabric and cut around it using pinking shears to avoid fraying. Repeat until you have enough flags for your desired bunting length.

Image credit: Alun Callender

3.Evenly space the flags along the bias binding tape, folding the shortest edge over, and pin in place securely ready to sew.

4. Sew on the flags with a straight stitch, leaving at least 40cm of tape free from flags at each end for hanging your bunting proudly on display.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

We’ve put together a list of ways to make your home extra cozy and comfortable during the cold season. Here are all sorts of ideas to create a more warm and welcoming home during even the nastiest winter storms. Let it snow!

Get yourself a comfy chair

A large, comfy chair to land in at the end of the day is the ultimate refuge from the cold world. “Choose one with a high back and an inherent sense of softness about the upholstery for visual warmth and comfortable seating,” Rascoe recommends. Create the full “chair ensemble” with a standing lamp and end table and set the grouping in an intimate corner.

Cozy Color Schemes for Every Room

1. Charcoal Gray + Teal Blue

Dark colors tap into the intimate side of cozy. These rich hues play out well in a formaldining room, where you want to create a space for guests to linger. Charcoal gray walls, teal blue velvet chair seats, and rich cherry wood furniture create an elegant and welcoming dining room, perfect for dinner parties. Tan carpet softens the richness, as do bright blue vases and bone-white lamps. Include several lighting sources in a dining room with a dark color scheme so you can set the mood, no matter what the occasion or time of day.

2. Mustard Yellow + Pearl White

Since it is usually the place where guests enter your home, a foyer or entryway is the perfect place to play up a cozy color schemethat says “welcome.” It is also a good place to include a bold color or wallpaper pattern. Since it’s not a room you spend a lot of time in, you won’t tire of the color or pattern quickly. In this formal foyer, classic white trim and woodwork combined with cheery wallpaper set a friendly tone. An upholstered bench in mustard yellow and a blue accent pillow match the wallpaper’s pattern.

3. Scarlet + Saffron

Use colors inspired by the fall season to convey a cozy look. In this living room, a striped rug serves as the basis for an autumnal color scheme. A saffron sofa is comfortable, yet striking, as are the scarlet armchair and ottoman. Repeating a bold color, as done on the chair and ottoman, will help ease the color into the room.

4. Chocolate + Rose

The romantic atmosphere of this living roomgets its personality from pink accents and playful pattern mixing. The room is anchored by warm brown walls trimmed in pale pink, a foundation that helps balance the vibrantcolors and patterns. The turquoise rug is an invigorating color that complements the dusty pink sofa and green-and-white chair. The muted shade of aqua in the rug combined with its floral pattern helps create the room’s romantic and slightly glamorous look.

The warm color palette in this enchanting bedroom begins with the walls. Paint in a deep, dusty taupe with whispers of rose creates a feeling of intimacy, while salmon-color silk taffeta draperies define the window and add sheen. A floral duvet on the bed blushes in shades of pink that are echoed in the painted lampshade.

Candlelight Romance

Candles are a gentle and intimate way to warm up a space. Easy to implement in any room from the living room to the bathroom they provide a charming warm glow without the need of a fireplace!

Magic by the Fire

Whether real, or fake, a fireplace can act as a visual enhancement or a source of heat to warm up a room. Its glow fills the room, but the setting of the fireplace is equally important. Consider a natural stone fireplace or a sleek modern design, both can be visually pleasing depending on the style of your home and the intentions of your decor and design.

Cover your floors

Nothing warms up a bare floor quicker than an area rug. Don’t underestimate the visual warmth it provides as well, especially in sunburst tones. Also, the pile in some Indian and Pakistani rugs made using vegetable dyes gives you the option of making them look even “warmer.” From one angle, Rascoe explains, the colors look muted and soft, from another, they appear deeper and brighter. Choose the brighter angle for added winter warmth.

Embrace the season

Holiday-theme floral accents are obvious brighteners but needn’t scream Christmas. A Christmassy effect can be achieved by simply adding gold balls to an arrangement of non-holiday blooms and branches, suggests Bastianon. You can also lightly spray small branches and seedpods with a dusting of gold – a nice look even after the tree’s down.

Crafty, chic, and affordable.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

We love a good DIY project, particularly when the craft supply list is short, and especially when we’re trying to save money during the holidays. Enter paper Christmas decorations, a Christmas miracle if there ever was one. We rounded up eighteen examples that are just as festive as other holiday decorations, but a lot more affordable and scrappy (literally—put those wrapping paper scraps to use). You can totally handle constructing these yourself. Read on for instructions and ideas to deck the halls the crafty way.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Ditch a fussy tablecloth and use black butcher paper instead. This way, you can channel your inner artist and paint or draw on decorative details and place cards. Plus, it makes cleaning up after a holiday dinner much easier.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Add a little greenery to your table with a DIY paper leaves chain. Then give it the full Christmas treatment with red berries sprinkled throughout.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Christmas paper decorations don’t have to involve complicated instructions and a penchant for crafting. It can be as simple as upgrading your wrapping paper. Coordinate your gift wrapping to complement the color scheme in your living room, and use the same techniques for your ornaments for a cohesive whole.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Not only is this super colorful strand of bulb string lights gorgeous wall (or tree!) decor, but it’s also a clever advent calendar filled with treats. Get the tutorial at The House That Lars Built.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

These origami trees from Bird’s Party might be the cutest Christmas paper decor we’ve ever seen. Use bold, graphic patterns, but stick to a monochromatic with metallic statements for a more modern spread.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Emily Henderson got these more rounded, soft paper Christmas Trees from West Elm, but you can also try a DIY version. Here’s a tutorial from Ruffled.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Make some paper candles to hang on your tree. Much better than hanging actual candles. because the real deal would be a fire hazard for sure. Learn how to make them from The House That Lars Built.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Buy paper lantern lights and then spruce them up with faux flowers and twinkly lights. These are so pretty, you’ll want to leave them up all year. Get the tutorial at eHow.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Paint some construction paper to look like bark or print out a hi-res image of tree bark and then cut your paper into the shape of leaves. String them together with plain white leaves, metal stars, and twinkly lights for a holiday display that doesn’t follow the traditional red and green color scheme.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

For something especially festive, considering DIYing some oversized felt Christmas lights, like these from Sugar & Charm. Or use construction paper and cardboard if you have any of those materials lying around. If your door is painted a bright color, match some of the “lights” with it, while keeping the others on-theme for Christmas.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

String up red and white paper bells with fishing line along your mantle for a bright, festive, and airy hallway display. Red and white is the perfect color scheme for a candy cane theme (bonus points if you add a touch of green with an accent chair).

I’m happy to introduce a new regular contributor to the M&T family, Amanda. She’s the fabulous kid crafter at Crafts by Amanda and will be here once a month on Mondays. I can’t wait to see all the fun she’ll be bringing in. Welcome, Amanda!

These fun and colorful window clings are a great project for St. Patrick’s Day. Make plenty of bright designs to display on windows, mirrors and even picture frames!

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Supplies for Window Clings:

  • puffy paint: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, black
  • parchment paper
  • rainbow template here: rainbow
  • paper clips or stapler
  • optional: puffy paint in light blue and light green

1. The larger rainbow is a great project for elementary aged kids as it requires more patience than some of the smaller designs. To make the rainbow, first print the rainbow template and paper clip or staple it behind a piece of parchment paper.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

2. Starting from the top of the rainbow, use puffy paint to outline the rainbow band and then fill in in. Rainbow colors, from top to bottom are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and finally indigo (purple).

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

3. Once the color bands are complete, use white puffy paint to outline the clouds. To avoid the colors running in to the white, hold the bottle of white at an angle, pointing the tip toward the bottoms of the color bands.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

4. Fill in the clouds with the white puffy paint, then use your finger to smooth.

For other shapes:

Leprechaun Hat: Use green puffy paint to draw and fill in a square. Leave some space below the square and use the paint to draw and fill in a brim. Use black and yellow puffy paint to make the band and light green to add a clover to the hat.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Lucky Letters: Draw the word lucky in block letters on a piece of paper. Make sure all the letters are touching each other. Place parchment paper over the drawing and outline and fill in each letter with various colors. We used green, yellow, white, light green and orange.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Mini Rainbow: Use purple puffy paint to draw a half circle. Use light blue to outline the purple, be sure the two colors are touching. Pipe light green on next. Continue with yellow, orange and finally red.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Pot of Gold: Draw a circle with a flat bottom using black puffy paint. Add a rim to the top and fill in. Using yellow puffy paint, draw on gold coins.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

Shamrocks: Use light green puffy paint to draw a green heart. Draw a total of 3 green hearts (see photo) all connected, add a stem. Fill everything in.

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

5. Now the hard part, the waiting! Depending on the size and how thick your paint is, these will require a minimum of 4-6 hours to dry. Overnight is absolutely best!

6. When clings are dry, carefully lift one corner and peel off of the parchment paper. Press onto any window or mirror!

How to Make Winter Window Decorations

NOTE: if your windows are cold, the window clings may not stick. If you live in a colder climate, decorate mirrors or family photos behind glass instead.

Amanda Formaro is a regular contributor at Make and Takes. She’s the crafty, entrepreneurial mother of four children. You can see her crafty creations on Crafts by Amanda and her delicious recipes on Amanda’s Cookin’.