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How to monetize your passion

How to monetize your passion

Recently, I was strolling through my neighborhood listening to one of Oprah’s Super Soul Conversation podcast episodes (is there a better way to chase away the Sunday blues?!). The guest was Elizabeth Gilbert. Yes, the Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat Pray Love fame; the Elizabeth Gilbert that has inspired us all to follow Big Magic and commit to discovering our passion; the Elizabeth Gilbert of whom I seriously can’t get enough.

How to monetize your passion

Except this time, she had a slightly different message. She spoke about a realization after reading an email from a disheartened fan. It hit her that her years of encouraging people to follow their passion as the surefire road to true happiness, it had actually led to a promise of something that’s not always realistic.

Maybe you don’t have a passion that is meant to be your life’s work. You’re not a painter, you’re not a poet, not a writer, not someone who plans on founding the non-profit that will solve world suffering. And that’s OK. You could be an amazing friend, an incredible mother, or someone who finds joy and curiosity in the everyday. You do not need passion for anything other than life itself.

But, what I actually got out of this podcast was something even greater — something that resonated with the culture we live in today, where we’re bombarded with messages telling us that we haven’t made it unless we quit our day jobs and follow the work that brings us unlimited joy.

You don’t have to monetize your passion.

Too often, the message of carving out your solopreneur journey is pitched in the same, “You’ve got this, girl!” voice that we’ve come to associate with MLMs and Facebook messages from high school acquaintances that are hawking the next big get-rich-quick scheme. Our passions have become commodified to the point where we’re led to believe that we are somehow inadequate if we haven’t quite figured out a way to make six-figures while sitting on a beach in Bali.

Of course, if that’s your goal, that’s great. Get after it.

But, if it’s not, don’t measure yourself against your ability to make money from something that you enjoy simply for the act of doing or creating. You don’t need to sell your art to derive value from it; you don’t need to leave behind your 9-5 because you have an eye for photography; you don’t need to become a digital nomad to appreciate travel. Your passions can be the exclamation points that punctuate your days, rather than the money signs that drive your motivation.

Don’t measure yourself against your ability to make money from something that you enjoy.

Plus, think about the implications of monetizing the things that bring you joy. When you need a stress release from the grind of the everyday, you turn to painting or writing. What would happen if those things were no longer your retreat, but your primary source of income? While it can be wonderful to share something you love with the world and make money from it, it can also be exhausting. It can suck the inspiration right out of your passion when you feel like you’re on the clock, always trying to meet deadlines and hit sales marks. It’s easy to let your billable hours creep into your off hours when passion and work are one in the same, and while some people thrive in a state of constant creation, others find themselves rapidly approaching burnout.

However, when you release the need to turn your passions into entrepreneurship, you are given the freedom to fully enjoy the act of creating, doing, and finding pure joy. You’re no longer at risk of compromising the unadulterated excitement you get from exploring and growing your talents — you’re permitted to truly pursue your passion for passion’s sake.

When you release the need to turn your passions into entrepreneurship, you are given the freedom to fully enjoy the act of doing.

Now, I realize this may sound rich coming from someone who is a writer — someone who did find a way to turn their passion into a career. For some of us, like Elizabeth Gilbert has often said and says again on Oprah’s podcast, this was the only choice. But, for many others, we can excel in a career that brings us fulfillment, and we shouldn’t feel pressured to leave it behind just because the blissful concept of full-time pursuit of passion is the bill being sold on social media.

You can essentially make money on the internet if you have a computer, a topic of interest of passion and some willpower. What a great time to be alive, right? One of the most popular routes to making money on the web is starting a blog.

Being a full-time blogger sounds simply enough -write some words then get paid. But if you’re still reading this then you must be asking yourself one very important question. How on earth am I supposed to actually make the money from writing a blog?

There are a few different methods that you can use to turn your blog into a money-making machine. Check out these six ways that you can monetize your passion blog and start making some real income from your computer.

Setting Up Your Blog for Success

Before you start on your journey to monetize your passion blog you should make sure you set up your blog correctly. Keep reading for the checklist below if you’ve just begun or currently don’t have a live blog.

  • Choose your blog topic/theme
  • Buy a domain
  • Purchase a hosting package
  • Choose your colors and fonts
  • Start with adding all necessary pages – home, about, blog (if different from home), contact, shop (if applicable)
  • Design your blog
  • Do SEO testing

Extra tip: Do research on which platforms and hosting sites are the best fit for you. Put some extra time aside to think about the content you want to write about. It’s best to start planning some of your content before you begin blogging. This will help you to stay on track and consistent with publishing. Read more on content strategy if you’re struggling with creating blog posts.

1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Ads

Pay-per-click ads are one of the most popular ways that you can monetize your passion blog. Ads are placed and displayed on your blog for visitors to click on.

You will receive payment when visitors are redirected to the sites from your page and make purchases. The rules vary for different businesses so be sure to read guidelines carefully.

Overall, getting started with PPC ads is a great way to get some incoming flowing from your blog. They are especially helpful when you have a lot of traffic.

2. Affiliate Marketing

There are lots of people and businesses who create products that they need help selling. Well, affiliate marketing allows them to get help from you while you are still able to make money.

There are plenty of forums where people post inquiries for their affiliate programs. Also, companies like Amazon and many others offer affiliate marketing programs that allow you to sell their products and services on your blog.

You can start with placing links in your blog posts using the specialized codes that they’ll give you. Commissioned is earned when people buy things using your personalized links and codes.

Be sure to collaborate with businesses that have products that are aligned with your blog’s topic/theme. Having too many focuses could confuse your audience. It’s also polite (yet optional) to let people know when there are paid postings ahead.

3. Sell Your Own Products

If you don’t want to sell other people’s products you can sell your own!

Don’t currently make products but are interested in selling some on your blog? Well, take a moment to think about what types of products you could create that compliment your blog. For example, if you have a natural beauty blog you could start making natural skin care products and selling them.

Consider creating digital products you don’t have enough time or are not interested in tangible products. This includes things like eBooks, templates, audio files and videos. You could even create a course to teach your audience something valuable and sell it directly from your website.

Be creative and figure what your readers like when deciding on which products to sell. This could be a great plan for helping you monetize your passion blog.

4. Sell Your Services

Services are another commodity that you can add to your shop page. You can teach and coach people on your topic of choice just like you would with a course.

Decide what you can offer to others and start creating packages to market on your blog. Make sure you make sure people know your services are available whether it be life coaching, business consulting or fitness training. This means market, market, market!

Extra tip: Use calendar and scheduling plugins to help with time management for client sessions and classes.

5. Do Product Reviews

Here’s another way to monetize your passion blog: product reviews. If you have a good following or a niche that you usually try different products, such as hair or fitness.

You can either pitch businesses to get their attention or sometimes they may come to you if you’re doing a great job with your blog. There are lots of companies looking for brand ambassadors so keep your eyes peeled.

6. Sell or Auction Off Your Website

Many people don’t know that they don’t have to just quit their blog if they lose interest or can’t handle the demand anymore. Here’s a way to monetize your passion blog after investing some time and effort.

People will buy your sites, especially if they have large followings and great traffic. There are websites where you can safely and legally auction and sell your blog site to interests buyers.

Monetize Your Passion Blog Today

You can start applying all of the methods listed above right away. However, don’t feel like you have to do everything at once. Try one or two ways to begin. You’ll have to go through a regular trial-and-error process to figure out what works for you but it will be well worth it in the end.

Remember that success doesn’t happen overnight with blogging. But it can happen!

  • Stay consistent with your publishing times
  • Plan your content ahead
  • Add great pictures and videos
  • Stick to your topic/theme
  • Be positive and patient

If you have any other ways to monetize your passion blog let us know with a comment below!


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1. You get to choose which problem you solve. Pick the problem you could work on all day long because it lights you up.
2. Create from an open heart. When you’re in alignment with that, you can solve problems like nobody’s business.
3. Great leaders cast a vision of what is possible.
4. Push yourself a little past comfort. Just do it. What do you have to lose?
5. Stop pretending that you have no credit. You know so much more than you think you know. Fully own your crown.
6. You don’t need to have all the answers. People just need someone to hold space, show them the possibility, and help them find a way through.
7. Pay it forward. Touch lives, make deposits, pour in, and make magic for people. Then they will come.


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By Fran Shaffner | Submitted On November 13, 2010

If you are a gifted writer, there are many ways for you to monetize your passion. One of the most flexible options for you definitely is to write for money online. Because there are so many different ways to do this, I decided to write this article and show you one very flexible solution that allows you to individually choose from a variety of ways to make money writing online.

What can you make of your talent?

As you might have noticed, writing is a very versatile skill. Currently, I am using my writing skills to communicate my ideas through the internet to you. The awesome thing is that words are so portable – especially online.

Talking about “writing”, we are in fact talking about written language. Language can be used to artistically shape sentences, or it can instead be very focused on transporting content in an understandable way. There is a practical side to writing as well as an artistic one. It is your choice which you want to focus on.

If you intend to write articles (like the one you are reading right now), there is a huge range of topics to dive into, and trust me: it can be a lot of fun to start writing about topics you love, and then suddenly discover how many people are actually searching for the information you provide.

There are so many different ways to monetize the skill and talent of writing. Almost every form of written language can make you money. For instance you can:

  • Share knowledge (in tutorials, teachings, reviews, etc.)
  • Entertain people (with stories, jokes, satire, etc.)
  • Communicate value (in sales letters, advertisements, reviews, etc.)
  • Assist others by reviewing their texts and contribute your suggestions.

No matter which focus you choose: all of these are very valuable talents. I cannot ignore that if you are writing for others, your ability to communicate content through the text you write will usually be more asked for than your creative writing talents. Yet, the difference between a good and an extraordinary writer definitely is the amount of creativity they put into their work, because creativity enables you to transport every kind of content in a unique and elegant way.

How to get paid for what you do?

Writing for others does not necessarily mean to be paid poorly. There are many people out there looking for someone who writes high quality content. And among these people, there are many who are ready to pay you well and thus encourage you to help them out again the next time they need your high quality content.

To find out how you can make money writing for others, go to Write For Money Online.

We all start out in photography because we love creating images. Unfortunately, as professional photographers, one of the smallest portions of our job is behind a camera. The bulk of our time is spent branding, marketing, editing, and selling. These aspects, if handled correctly, can allow us more time behind the camera doing what we love.

How to monetize your passion

Photography may be our passion, but when you run a business you do not want to be spending every waking hour trying to survive and make a comfortable living. We’ve all heard the saying “work smarter, not harder”- well it definitely holds true for the business side of photography. Selling prints and wall art is the quickest way to begin to impact your business in positive way, both in overall marketing and client sales, without dramatically increasing your workload.

How to monetize your passion

Attraction By Projection

As photographers we want to photograph what excites us. Our passion for the subject is directly reflected in our work. If you desire to fill you schedule with weddings do not feature family sessions on your website or samples. We attract what we project into the world. You may be able to photograph everything, but do you want to? Always display the type of work you that you most want to be photographing. Don’t follow trends, be true to your style and the clients that are drawn to it will find you.

How to monetize your passion

Think Big

Always show the wow-sized sample, they may not buy it, but they will likely want it. Your responsibility is to communicate the value in what you produce and the experience you provide. Never assume your client’s budget or ability to pay, that is not your responsibility. They determine their financial priority, you explain why what you offer is worth the spend.

The Digital Hook

We live in a digital age, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat make it convenient to share images, so most clients want digital files. Use this desire to your advantage to hook them into larger print sales. Make digitals only available as part of your larger print packages so they are a natural upsell hook to higher packages. You can still offer the digitals as an a la carte option, but price it accordingly to maximize profits.

Get Personal

If you aren’t doing in person sales, you should be. Having your client in front of you allows the opportunity to show them the value of their investment by letting them handle the different options versus a menu on a screen. You’ll have the opportunity to guide your client to the best products for them and for studio profitability.

Put It On Others Walls

One of the best sources of new clients I’ve found is through cross promotion with other businesses. As photographers we have the unique ability to both market a partner’s business as well as our own at the same time. This can be accomplished by creating amazing display pieces for their store. Each display features their product or service while showcasing your photography and beautiful wall art at the same time.

How to monetize your passion

Integrating just a couple of these concepts will help attract the type of clients you want to be photographing. Clients who appreciate your unique style and value the investment in their memories as more than just pixels on a screen. One final though is something that I say to all my clients, “When I started out I delivered image files on a CDs, then USBs, now via digital download, in five years who knows what it will be. Guess what in a hundred years you’ll still be able to pick up a print and look at. Digitals are great, but your memories deserve to last a life time.”

About Shawn Black

Shawn Black is an award-winning internationally published wedding and boudoir photographer based in Boston, MA. Shawn established Shawn Black Photography in 2010 in relative anonymity. Every day since, he has pushed himself to develop his signature style and create unique, captivating images for his clients.

How to monetize your passionFunny how when you do what you love it just happens naturally. When you love what you do for work, somehow it simply doesn’t feel like work.

Many people start new businesses and focus only on the monetary side of the equation. They sit and brainstorm services, products, apps, technology, gidgets and gadgets they can sell.

They think of names, purchase domain names, start building websites before they have even thought about let alone figured out who is going to buy the offer or product. They often have no idea how they are going to take it to market, integrate social media or the million other things that are required to build a successful business.

The Desperate Dollar Chasing Entrepreneur

We know this conversation well as we get loads of these entrepreneurs contacting us each week. Everyone seems to have the brand new shiny social network that is going to oust Facebook from the interwebs.

These business owners fill out a contact form on our website begging us to review their product that is going to push Facebook and Google+ to the curb. Most of the time they provide a gmail email address as a reply contact. It’s obvious it’s a form letter they have copied and pasted into tens if not hundreds of websites.

Then the bad ones take it a step further and contact us on LinkedIn. It’s the same story repeated. Once again they’re begging for clicks, links, blog write-ups or our commitment to be an influencer ready to rave about their awesome product to our social communities.

In one email they have proven to me they have no strategy, no plan for monetization and most importantly no respect for my time or the social community I have invested time for years to build by nurturing real relationships. Check out this article for more on this topic -> I Respect Your Community, Do You Respect Mine?

Why am I telling you this? Because if this is you, these are all signs that you don’t have a solid business or marketing plan. It’s also quite likely you don’t have a solid product, tool, widget, gadget or business. It’s even more unlikely that your new shiny object is ever going to take over the interwebs, particularly if you keep using the same methods of doing such.

So, here is my short and simple message for you today…

Quit trying to monetize your business. Monetize your Passion!

How to monetize your passion

What Is Your Passion?

What is it that you love to do? Why do you love to do it? You can’t chase your passions in a dollar bill or sales squeeze page. Your passions come from deep inside of you. They know you and no matter how much you try to push them out, they will always come back!

What is it you are passionate about? Is it helping people build businesses? Is it design? Is it web development? Is it fishing? Sewing? Kayaking? Fitness? Singing? Spiritual growth? Faith based ministries? Self help services? Personal or business coaching?

Dream it, plan it, do it, LIVE it!

Create a vision board that includes your dreams, your goals and life as you see it. What does life look like in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years? What is the life you want to live? Who do you want to be? Be that person today, not tomorrow. There is no reason you must wait on a dollar bill or millions of dollars in the bank to start making progress toward the life you dream of.

How to monetize your passionQuit Selling Me Widgets! Sell Me Value!

Quit focusing on how you can sell me your silly widget. Instead start focusing on how you can leverage your personal talents and passions to make my life or business better. Build and nurture a relationship with me built on trust.

Offer me something of value. Teach me, interact with me. Share your best stuff with me. Do something, anything that brings me joy, entertainment, inspiration, and benefit of any sort.

Do this and you won’t have to beg me in a contact form to look at your product. Instead I will embrace it, buy it and likely shout about it from the social mountain tops so all my friends and colleagues can learn about it too.

When you find, embrace and nurture your passions, business just works. You won’t have to try so hard. You won’t feel like you are working. You will wake up on fire each morning for what is ahead.

When you embrace your passion it will exude from your contact forms. It will exude from your tweets, Facebook posts and every word that comes out of your mouth. It will be contagious and people will want to be part of what it is you are doing and have to offer them!

As I always say, God’s plans for your life are far bigger than your dreams can ever be. Dream big my friends!

What Say You?

Are you focusing on the right or the wrong things? Are you embracing, nurturing and living your passions? Or are you sticking your life into a dollar bill that may never happen? How do you focus on your passions? What have you done to balance passion and monetary needs?

Heartbeat of Social Media Series

This blog post is part of a series titled “The Heartbeat of Social Media“. It includes a deep look at how communities work, what people are doing within them and how businesses can better understand how they can fit in, provide value and derive benefit as both a business as well as individual people.

Subscribe to the series for updates and access to special videos, webinar training and more. Would love to hear your input and have you participate in discussions and debates as we challenge each other to be part of what makes the social network heartbeat healthy and alive!

How to monetize your passion

“But remember the LORD your God, for it is he who gives you the ability to produce wealth, and so confirms his covenant, which he swore to your ancestors, as it is today.”
— Deuteronomy 8:18

How to Monetize Your Passion

You have to build your business around your passion.

I really believe that passion is the proven path to prosperity.

There are four powerful keys of “Doing What You Love, the Money Will Follow”. Many entrepreneurs have violated them to their own peril. I’ve seen so many people fail in their business because they don’t do what they love.

Some people just copy the businesses they see around them.

Remember the shawarma craze?

How about when lechon manok was on every street corner?

Or when people went gaga over pearl shakes?

Don’t follow the crowd.

Follow your passion instead.

There are four principles to harness your passion for Business Success:

  1. Find your passion.
  2. Turn your passion into profit. Find a business angle to your profit.
  3. Create raving fans through your passion.
  4. Pursue excellence by your passion.

Friends, I’m going to say it again. Don’t follow the crowd. Follow your passion instead.

My friend, Rowena Cequeña, wrote a helpful book entitled, Handy Guide for Business Starters. In this small, but powerful book, Weng explains in simple, understandable terms the steps you need to do when you are starting your own business. Believe me, this book will save you a ton of money and will help you put up the business of your dreams.

Excerpt is taken How to Turn Your Passion Into Profit by Bo Sanchez and Dean Pax Lapid.

Photo credit:

How to monetize your passionAre you an aspiring entrepreneur putting up a business or planning to have one?

This book is for you.

Having an idea for a business is easy, but starting it is another story. The Handy Guide for Business Starters will show you the way in knowing what form of business your enterprise should take, where to have it registered, and what reports you need to submit monthly, quarterly and yearly to the Bureau of Internal Revenue, Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Department of Trade and Industry.

Find out all these things and more in this tiny, but powerful book!

How to monetize your passion

Hi guys, today I will be discussing on How to monetize your passion in 2020

Have discovered that in the few years, a lot of attention has been to skill acquisition and personal development. Everyone is encouraged to Learn new skills every year, especially digital skills. But these skills are mostly acquired for the wrong reasons. Persons learn skills because they what to have a better opportunity to compete for relevance.

Some learn because it’s a major requirement for certain job requirements. Others learn because they need to make ends meet. In the midst of these, I carefully observed some of the persons who acquired these skills. I monitored their progress over time, and I realize that skill acquisition and accumulation of knowledge is not what makes us productive as youths. Neither does it boost economic growth. Out of the thousands of young people who learn skill everyday, (be it digital or hand skill) Only very few persons have been able to come up with major solutions to huge problems facing the economy. Access to previously created solutions have made us believe that nothing is wrong. We are comfortable with what has been provided even when more bigger problem arise EVERYDAY.

The average blogger only makes his post, positions his website for traffic. Gets AdSense or cash generating methods for his blog. Start earning, does publicity… And that’s it! The average photographer learns the job… Produces amazing pictures.. Has followers on IG has good patronage. Organizes one or two trainings.. And that’s all! It goes on and on… And while this all seems normal for us. I have come to realize that is not enough. In the midst of these knowledge and skills acquisition era.. Something important is missing. We lack major solutions to world’s problems! Things still fall apart in our world.

More analysis and complains arise everyday. And yet there are very few major solutions in the midst of so much skill. Why?? Creativity has not been harnessed… Now follow me creativity is what makes man’s entire framework. It is the driving force of existence.. It was wired into man’s DNA to ensure continuity and balance in the universe. You may acquire skills.. Accumulate knowledge but no skill, I repeat.. “No caleb” skill can be find the “right expression” without creativity. The essence of your skill is to bring balance and continuity in the universe by creating major solutions to rising problems. And this cannot be achieved without CREATIVITY.

Many persons don’t know this. Look around guys! See the inventions,products and services that made this so easy for you. They’re not there because someone decided to be “Skillful”….They’re there because the pioneers harnessed a powerful force in the Universe… A force that ran through their DNA. CREATIVITY HAS BEEN HARNESSED. Have you ever wondered why in the midst of your numerous skills, you have not been able to come up with something tangible and UNUSUAL, No UNUSUAL business model, No UNUSUAL products.. No “Niche disrupting ” achievements so far nothing, nothing.. Nothing against all. Why?? Because a lot is missing!

It’s time to get hold of clarity and unleash!

Hope this article blessed You? Let me get your comments and reservations.

How to monetize your passion

I would rather die of passion than of boredom – Vincent Van Gogh

Why are passion and purpose important in building your business or career?

PASSION was never mentioned at all when I learned Internet marketing or started my online store. I took a look at the trend of what others did, learned, copied and even duplicated them. I finally realized that making money based on duplication didn’t feel good for me. I felt lost.

Being a coach consultant, I rely on my skills on Internet Marketing and my passion on personal development, I feel like my purpose is to help small business owners build their business with joy by aligning their passion and purpose in their business and their online marketing system. We have the intention to build a business or a career which brings fulfilment and happiness into our life. Working with joy in our business or career is like an expression of living to our fullest potentials.

Just imagine if you are going for a long journey to achieve your dreams or goals, what do you need to take with you so you can be motivated to move forward?

You need PASSION as your HEARTBEAT or FUEL to give you energy because if you love what you are doing, you will feel alive.

Ask a reflection question to yourself:

Are you happy with what you are doing in your business or career?

If the answer is YES, that’s passion you have.

Besides PASSION, you also need PURPOSE as your COMPASS to guide you in your journey. Purpose often propels you to achieve your fullest potentials and to serve others at your best.

What’s your purpose in building your business?

For example: a massage therapist enjoys giving a massage therapy to people with back-pain problem or sport injury. That’s her passion: doing a massage therapy, and her purpose: she wants everyone to be pain-free. And she wants to develop her career to be a trainer and a coach. If she builds her career or business using her passion and purpose, she will be keen to develop her career further.

Just imagine if a massage therapist hates her job, and the customers who receive her massage therapy won’t feel good either. She has no plan to take her job further, because she doesn’t have passion and purpose in her job.

What a big difference you will make if you put PASSION in building your business, your customers will be grateful for your products or services and your marketing message will convey your passion. With passion, you will not loathe your business, yourself and your life.В

With PURPOSE, you will be inspired to develop your business or career. You focus on your purpose as your COMPASS. You strive to improve your potentials and provide the best for your customers.

How to Monetize your Passion and Purpose using the Internet

1. Share Your Ideas using Social Media

Social media is the free platform that you can use to share your ideas and to influence people. If you like writing, start blogging and write on other community platforms to drive traffic to your website. If you like speaking, start podcasting or creating videos on youtube. Sharing your ideas will build your authority, drive traffic and spark your creativity. In this information age, people like to share almost everything happened in their life. What if you use the same energy, to share your ideas to inspire people in writing or speaking, find the platform to write or to speak, and share them on social media.

2. Create Your Free Gift to Attract Potential Customers

In this information age, people like information. Why not convert some of your valuable information into digital products like an ebook, audio or video which you can give for free as an exchange of their name and email. By collecting their name and emails, you can build a relationship online using email marketing.

3. Package Your Expertise into Digital Products

How can your expertise and skills benefit other people? Of course, not everyone will benefit your services. You identify who will benefit your expertise, and create products or services which people can purchase them online, and they can access them online.

Internet is the amazing invention, isn’t it? You can share ideas, create products, market them on the Internet. Give a touch of passion and purpose in everything that you do and people will value to those who build a business with passion and purpose. 🙂

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction. John F. Kennedy

Here are some reflective questions to find your passion and purpose:

What are you passionate about?

What is the purpose which inspires you to get going despite it’s tough?

What expertise and skills can you turn into valuable products?

Do you need help to get clarity for your answers? Book Free Discovery Coaching