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How to organize your fabric stash

How to organize your fabric stash

Inside: 7 methods to arrange your material to streamline your next sewing task.

If you do any sewing and seem like a kid in a sweet-shop when searching for materials you can most likely relate when I state that having a great system to arrange your material stash is a must.

It’s obvious that I enjoy any reason to include a brand-new material to my house decoration. And because I enjoy to blend and match materials I’m constantly on the hunt for my next preferred pattern which frequently leaves me with a material stow away that I require to keep arranged and declutter frequently.

I keep my material in a drawer in the integrated in that I produced in my workplace, however if you do not have actually an integrated in, there are still a lot of enjoyable and gorgeous methods to keep your material arranged and perhaps even show your collection!

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How to organize your fabric stash

Arrange Your Material: Hanging

This hanging material storage from Ish and Chi is my outright preferred concept! Not just does it look gorgeous, it would be simple to rapidly discover what you are searching for. It’s a terrific method to utilize an existing closet, simply include skirt wall mounts with clips and your material stash!

How to organize your fabric stash

Due to the fact that who does not enjoy to look at all those colors and patterns together,

I likewise enjoy the concept of hanging your material so that you can see it!

A simple concept from Craftaholics Anonymous utilizes a basic drape rod and drape clips to hang smaller sized pieces of material.How to organize your fabric stash

You can even utilize pant wall mounts to hang several pieces of material from one wall mount like a reader at I Heart Organizing did. An overall area saver and best for bigger pieces of material.How to organize your fabric stash

This basic concept for keeping and arranging your material stash is another of my favorites.

Practically all people have a file cabinet and hanging file folders. Easy hanging your material over the metal wall mounts produces immediate material storage like Lauren at The Believing Closet did. And once again it makes it so simple to see what you have!

You might even include a post it to the folder to inform you just how much of each material you have.:-RRB-How to organize your fabric stash

Arrange Your Material: Folding

Folding each piece of material nicely and putting it in a drawer so that you can see each piece is another fantastic, and truly simple method to arrange your material, and what I perform in my work area.

I utilize the drawers in the built-in that I produced, however you might simply as quickly utilize plastic drawers like they did here.
How to organize your fabric stash


Covering each piece of material around mini bolts and putting them on a bookshelf like they did at Smashed Peas and Carrots, will produce one vibrant display screen! And utilizing comic storage boards produce the best little bolts for material!How to organize your fabric stash

This is the mom of all material shows! Stitch in the house Mommy developed this shelving system herself to arrange her material, however you might imitate the appearance with some currently made cube racks.How to organize your fabric stash

I simply enjoy the concept of having all of that material out so it can be seen all the time do not you?

Unexpectedly, I’m feeling the requirement to purchase some more material! Hahaha.

Organizing your sewing area

I believe we can all concur that it would be a dream to stitch in any among these areas. And I’ll be the very first to confess that I tend to let my sewing and craft products leave hand however I just recently totally changed my workplace/ craft space into a fantastic area to work by merely eliminating a great deal of things that I didn’t require.

Yes I might have shed a tear or 2 releasing some enjoyable materials however I needed to be truthful with myself about the quantity of material and other “things” that I truly required and was reasonably going to utilize.

Everything come down to producing a house we enjoy and utilizing my decluttering approach, I have actually had the ability to reclaim whole spaces of my house and turn them into spaces we in fact can enjoy and utilize to hang out in. >> Get more info about my decluttering approach here.

Inform me I’m not the only one that has excessive material! A couple of years ago it was such a mess that I had a tough time discovering what I required. I came up with a brand-new system to assist me choose how to arrange material. It has actually worked so well for me that I believed I ‘d share it with you today. In addition to a few of my preferred suggestions to arrange material! Then you might likewise like this trip of my sewing space, if you like this post.


How to organize your fabric stash

Like much of you, I have actually got rather a big stash of materials. I enjoy to “gather” them in bits. A lawn here, a half a lawn there. I have actually been “gathering” material for about 8 years now and understood a number of years ago that my company system was NOT working.

When I required it,

I might never ever discover what I required. I ended up forgetting about specific prints up until they were discovered months later on under a stack of things. Formerly, I kept my material arranged by designer/line on my IKEA bookshelf. I simply haphazardly folded the yardage and stacked it up.

How to Arrange Material

As my blog site grew, so did the variety of jobs I was finishing on a yearly basis. Not just was I gathering material, however I was likewise utilizing it practically as rapidly (which is excellent right??). I quickly understood that I required a much better system. A pal of mine informed me how she utilized quilt rulers to fold her material so that it was all the exact same size. She likewise pointed out that she arranged it by color, not the designer.

How to organize your fabric stash

I invested a whole week refolding and arranging ALL of my material. I got a huge folding table out and went to work. After I was done, I was so delighted with the outcomes that I do not understand why I didn’t do it previously.

I have actually had my material arranged that method for about 5 years now and I enjoy the system.

How to organize your fabric stash

5 of my preferred suggestions for folding and arranging material by color

One: Do not keep everything by color

I have different locations for big scale novelty fundamentals, stripes, and prints. I keep all my gingham and pin dots together.

How to organize your fabric stash

2: How to Arrange Vacation Material

I keep my Christmas and Halloween material different from the rest of my stash. I enjoy to stitch for vacations and believe it’s most convenient to keep all of that material together. I keep my scraps in Ziploc bags with the materials. (They are the only scraps that I save WITH my stash).

How to organize your fabric stash

3: How I arrange Fat Quarters of Material

For the many part, I save my fat quarters with my yardage. I simply unfold them so they are the exact same size as the folded yardage. I keep my packages together. After I utilize them I arrange the additionals in with my stash.

A fat quarter of material: Is a pre-cut piece of material that determines 18 ″ x 22 ″. Due to the fact that it is a 1/4 lawn of material that is cut to yield a bigger piece of material, it is called a fat quarter. It is a piece of material, typically utilized in quilting. Fat Quarters are normally offered in a plan with a number of fat quarters of material in various yet collaborating prints.

4: Fold and Sort New Material ASAP

I am not a naturally arranged individual, however I make myself fold my brand-new material and sort it as quickly as I get it. I likewise attempt to refold what I do not utilize after each task. Because I invest lots of hours a week sewing (for this blog site, and for enjoyable), it is very important for me to attempt to remain on top of the mess. It does leave control sometimes, however I attempt to keep those times rare.

How to Fold your material so that it is and stacks all the exact same size

How to organize your fabric stash

One: Pick the width of the fold.

You require to choose whether you desire your stacks to be 5 ″ broad or 6 ″ broad. For me, the 5 ″ width fits completely within my IKEA bookcase. I have the Expedit, I think they have actually altered the name because I purchased mine.

How to organize your fabric stash

2: Fold the Material Selvage Edges Together

Begin by making certain that your material is folded with the selvage edges even and is as flat as possible. , if the selvage edges are off (for example if the material was folded at an off-angle formerly) I take the time to refold it the best method..

3: Fold the Material around the Ruler

Lay your ruler on top of the material, with about 3 ″ of material over the top of the ruler.

How to organize your fabric stash

Fold the material over the top of the ruler.

How to organize your fabric stash

Then utilizing the ruler as a guide, fold the material once again, making certain to keep the part of the material that you folded over the very first time. Keep folding up until you get to completion.

How to organize your fabric stash

When you get to completion, pull the ruler out and fold the material in half.

How to organize your fabric stash

4: Arrange the material and stack

You now have actually a completely folded material, that will look fantastic accumulated on your rack. The very best part is when you wish to utilize it, you simply unfold it and cut the part off that you desire, then refold it and it keeps its shape.

How to organize your fabric stash

The stack of material above was folded with a 6 ″ broad quilt ruler, so you can get a feel for the distinction in size from 5 ″ to 6 ″.

Do you people have a preferred method you keep your material arranged? What about your scraps? I’m awful with scraps!


How to organize your fabric stash

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How to organize your fabric stash

How to organize your fabric stash

This is post among a 3 part series on keeping your material. Post 2 (how to save your operate in development) and post 3 (how to save your material scraps) are coming quickly.

How to organize your fabric stash

I keep my deep-storage and treasure materials saved in a bin. Fabrics I’ll utilize quickly are merely folded nicely awaiting their usage.

How do you save your material stash? I have actually seen a few of the most imaginative methods while browsing through Pinterest, whatever from embeded the drawers of a cabinet, folded nicely on the top of a bunk bed, or deftly showed in KITCHEN AREA, yes cooking area, cabinets. Who requires to consume when you have gorgeous material to sustain your soul anyhow?

No matter which method you choose to arrange your material, you will require to keep a number of things in mind.

How to organize your fabric stash

My operate in development are kept in a high bin and identified so I understand where to quickly discover them.

Shop Covered

  1. If you choose to save your material in bins, think about utilizing plastic rather of paper, or file boxes, or baskets. Keeping your material covered will much better secure it however think about utilizing a plastic container with small holes (or producing small holes) to permit the material to breathe and to avoid synthetics from yellowing.
  2. Tape a cedar block inside the container to assist avoid moths and other bugs from residing.
  3. Shop far from sunshine to avoid material from fading.

How to organize your fabric stash

My charming stash. I do put in the time to dust off the material about two times a month.

Show It

  1. I enjoy the fast gain access to that honestly showed material deals. Make sure to keep material away from direct sunshine.
  2. Dust! If shown or left in the open, your material will collect dust. Keep it neat with a regular airing or cleaning out.
  3. Keep it tidy– kids enjoy to play and touch with material and even some grownups can’t assist however rise and touch stunning material. Know where you show your material and how regularly it might be managed by individuals whose fingers might leave it stained.

How to organize your fabric stash

Material on display screen through

Extra Techniques

  1. Color coded– maybe the most approach of arranging is a stash is by color. This is how I do it!
  2. By Designer or Job– some individuals likewise keep their stashes saved by Designer or perhaps jobs in development.
  3. By Size– huge, medium, bit, small. In some cases showing or keeping by size is likewise valuable.

How to organize your fabric stash

Material arranged and twisted around Polar Concept’s organizers.

Standout Concept: Acid-Free Material Organizers

I simply found these pups and as quickly as we relocate to our brand-new house and I begin dealing with my sewing space, I intend on buying some to begin covering and showing my stash. Unlike fabric-store pieces of cardboard, these organizers are acid-free and strong. Saving material twisted around cardboard will ultimately tarnish your material because cardboard is not acid-free.

How to organize your fabric stash

When you utilize routine cardboard to arrange your material,

The unfortunate outcome of what occurs.

I have actually discovered 2 brand names that use this acid-free choice. Polar Concept’s boards are made from plastic and The Material Organizer’s boards are made from an acid-free corrugated cardboard. Both look great.

How to organize your fabric stash

Consider which item would match your requirements and your stash much better.

The bigger Polar Concept holds up to 15 backyards of covered material and the smaller sized one is best for fat quarters and smaller sized pieces of material. The Material Organizer’s plus size holds up to 10 backyards. It is likewise less expensive than Polar Notions. Consider which item would match your requirements and your stash much better.

Do you have a preferred approach of keeping your material? Let us understand how you do it in the remarks listed below.

How to organize your fabric stash

Recently I talked on instagram stories about my stash and my not successful effort at arranging it. For several years I have actually been folding and keeping all of my stash material (which I embarassingly have method excessive of) in bins tucked under my cutting table. The issue is that although it was safe and great therein, I never ever remembered what I had so I would purchase increasingly more. When I required it, I likewise could not quickly find material. Enough sufficed so I chose to take whatever out of my bins, arrange it, contribute the material I was never ever going to stitch, (I had the ability to contribute it to my public library for their imaginative area) and get all of the stash material arranged onto racks. I began utilizing the rolling approach due to the fact that I had actually heard it was much easier to see your material, however as I kept going I understood it was method too unpleasant for my preference.

How to organize your fabric stash

They I shared it on instagram and a lot of you responded that you utilized the comic board approach. I had actually never ever become aware of this approach prior to so I went to youtube where I discovered this fantastic training video from Stitch Sweet taste. I was instantly connected and chose to alter my approaches. The only problem I expected was that all of the tutorials I discovered were tailored towards quilting and for that reason 44 inch broad steady cotton materials. The majority of my stash includes 54-60 inch broad garments materials. A few of them are very thick, others are slippery, and many remain in 2-5 lawn cuts. I desired larger boards right off the bat.

Rather of the smaller sized comics boards, I chose these 8.5 x 11 inch publication boards. This bit of additional size provides simply adequate additional space to assist with my larger material. They likewise occurred to fit the height of my Ikea racks much better. When selecting the size of the boards you utilize, this is certainly something I would think about. Publication boards are kinda like a thick cardstock, quite economical, and most notably are acid totally free. Due to the fact that you do not desire the cardboard you are utilizing to harm your material if it remains on there for a long time, this is something I would extremely advise believing about.

How to organize your fabric stash

I likewise purchased these clear plastic alligator clips which can be found in a huge plan and are quite low-cost. I do want that they had larger ones for the thicker materials in my stash and I am still on the lookout for those. Far I have actually just discovered metal ones that are larger and I do not feel comfy utilizing metal on my material in case it rusts. If you are not stressed about rust or the pin harmful your material, I understand a lot of stores likewise utilize T pins which are a terrific choice. I chose to stick to the clear plastic ones and make them work.

How to organize your fabric stash

Now that you understand what I am utilizing, here is the action by action of how I folded my material. I am no perfectionist when it comes to folding these. I constantly clean and dry my material right after purchasing it so I am entrusted to some wrinkly material and torn ends. This does not trouble me at all. You might definitely go above and beyond and iron your material prior to folding however personally I believe this makes the entire procedure too long and more of an inconvenience. That’s simply me.

For this demonstration I am utilizing 2 backyards of jeans that is 60 inches broad. For each cut of material you require one board and 2 alligator clips.

How to organize your fabric stash

Start by folding your material lengthwise with selvages touching. I select to have the best side of the material out so that it’s much easier to see the material for what it is on the rack, however that depends on you.

How to organize your fabric stash

Take your publication board and location it in the middle of the material in between the selvages and the fold and about 5 inches in from the cut edge.

How to organize your fabric stash

Fold down the leading selvage edges over the publication board. Ensure to continue the fold all of the method down the length of the material (2 backyards in my case). If you have more yardage, this can get a little difficult. When I had 4 backyards I folded the entire thing in half widthwise so it was like I was dealing with 2 backyards broad, on my rayons.

How to organize your fabric stash

Fold the bottom folded edge over the publication board. Ensure to continue the fold all of the method down the length of the material (2 backyards in my case).

How to organize your fabric stash

Fold in the 5 inches to the left of the publication board.

How to organize your fabric stash

Turn the publication board with the material over and over up until you get near completion of your yardage. Keep it tight and great.

How to organize your fabric stash How to organize your fabric stash

Fold in the cut edges at the end of your yardage so that they are not hanging out.

How to organize your fabric stash

Now fold this last fold in so that whatever is cool and great.

Take your alligator clips and move them into the 2nd 2 layers of material up versus the last fold you made. This will hold your material tight on the roll without needing to broaden the little alligator clip excessive.

How to organize your fabric stash

That is it! I am so ecstatic about how great and cool it looks.

How to organize your fabric stash

They stack completely on my rack and keep it looking neat, while still permitting me to see all of my material. I enjoy it a lot.

Folding all of my stash just took a couple of hours, expense about $30 United States and was strangely unwinding. I am connected. It is how I prepare to arrange my material stash from here on out. I hope this was valuable for you.

A few of the links above are affiliate links which implies that at no extra expense to you, I get a commission if you click through and purchase. All viewpoints are truthful and my own.