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How to pickle okra

How to pickle okra

  • Overall: 30 minutes
  • Preparation: 15 minutes
  • Prepare: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 1 pint (16 portions)
Nutritional Standards (per serving)
19 Calories
0g Fat
4g Carbohydrates
1g Protein


Nutrition Realities
Portions: 1 pint (16 portions)
Quantity per serving
Calories 19
% Daily Worth *
Overall Fat 0g 0%
Hydrogenated Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Salt 222 mg 10%
Overall Carb 4g 1%
Dietary Fiber 1g 2%
Protein 1g
Calcium 30 mg 2%
* The % Day-to-day Worth (DV) informs you just how much a nutrient in a food serving adds to a day-to-day diet plan. 2,000 calories a day is utilized for basic nutrition suggestions.

Pickled okra– spicy or not– is an incredible method to keep the unique grassy taste of okra around well past its summer season and fall season. Thankfully, it’s extremely simple to make these scrumptious okra pickles. They are a crisp, delicious component to serve together with hamburgers or barbecue, and likewise incredibly delicious as part of an appetiser or charcuterie plate.

Active Ingredients

  • 1/2 pound okra pods
  • 1 little clove garlic
  • 1/2 teaspoon dill seeds
  • Optional: 1 chile pepper (fresh or dried or 1/4 teaspoon red chile flakes)
  • 1 cup cider vinegar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon pickling salt (or 2 teaspoons kosher salt)

Steps to Make It

Collect the active ingredients.

Cut off and dispose of any brown bits from the stem ends of the okra pods, wash the pods tidy, and dry them completely with paper towels or a tidy cooking area towel.

Peel the garlic and suffice into thin pieces.

Things the cut okra, sliced up garlic, and dill seeds into a tidy pint container. To make spicy pickles, make certain to things in the chile alternative. Be a bit aggressive, because the okra will diminish a bit as it pickles and you wish to benefit from the area therein.

Bring the water, salt, and vinegar to a boil. Ladle the hot mix over the okra in the containers, leaving about 1/2 inch of headspace. Close the containers.

Let the container( s) sit till they have actually cooled to space temperature level. As they cool they might “pop”– all this indicates is the seal on the container sealed itself. While a “popped” container still can not be kept in the cabinet (it wasn’t hot-water processed), there is absolutely nothing incorrect with that container and it will keep in the refrigerator.

Put the container( s) in the refrigerator and let them sit for a minimum of 1 week however preferably 4 weeks prior to opening to consume.

When marinaded,

Okra drift and diminish. To get the most in each container, pack one layer of okra with stem ends down and ideas up and another layer with stem winds up and ideas down, interlacing the ideas in the middle of the container.

Active Ingredients

  • 3 pounds (2 1/2- to 3-inch) okra pods
  • 3 cups white vinegar (5% level of acidity)
  • 1/3 cup canning-and-pickling salt
  • 2 teaspoons dill seeds
  • 5 garlic cloves, peeled
  • 3 little fresh hot red peppers, cut in half (optional)

How to Make It

Sanitize containers, and prepare covers.

While containers are boiling, clean okra and trim stems, leaving caps undamaged. Integrate vinegar, salt, dill seeds, and 3 cups water in big stainless-steel pan. Give a boil.

Location 1 garlic clove and, if wanted, 1 hot pepper half in each hot container. Load okra pods securely in containers, positioning some stem end down and some stem wind up and leaving 1/2-inch headspace. Cover okra with hot marinading liquid, leaving 1/2-inch headspace.

Seal and procedure containers, processing 10 minutes.

Eliminate containers from water, and let stand, undisturbed, at space temperature level 24 hours. To examine seals, get rid of the bands, and push down on the center of each cover. The container is sealed if the cover does not move. The container is not sealed if the cover pops and depresses up once again. Shop correctly sealed containers in a cool, dark location up to 1 year. Cool after opening.

Chef’s Notes

Overall time: 50 min., plus 3 weeks standing time

Southern Living Little Containers, Huge Tastes

How to pickle okra

A great pickle is everything about texture. It ought to have a rewarding crunch as you bite into it. It ought to be crisp and firm. It ought to make your eyes illuminate with pleasure as you consume it.

Which brings me to okra, the poster kid of veggies with texture problems. “Eww, it’s slimy!”

Yes. Yes, okra typically struggles with slipperiness. It all depends on how you prepare it.

Cooked fresh into a pickle, like this, it’s not slimy. It’s crispy

I am persuaded that okra makes the very best pickles ever. The within an okra pod is rather hollow, with tender seeds, however a great deal of air.

These air pockets fill with the pickling juice when you marinade the okra, and it’s a texture wonderland when you bite into them. That and okra simply tastes great.

How to pickle okra

I planted okra in the garden for the very first time this year, so I now have my own constant supply. I have actually not discovered any good looking okra at the shops, however the farmers market this time of year has lots of lovely fresh okra.

Search for unblemished pods, and if you are utilizing pint sized containers, no greater than 4 inches long.

When it comes to making the pickles, it could not be much easier. You really load the fresh okra into the containers with the marinading spices. Gather pickling liquid, put covers on, and put the containers in a water bath for 15 minutes.

If you are canning for rack storage you’ll wish to take the additional preventative measures of sanitizing the containers in advance, and sanitizing the covers. You can avoid that if you simply desire to save them in the refrigerator and consume them up rapidly.

Pickled Okra Dish

  • Preparation time: 30 minutes
  • Prepare time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: Makes 4 pint containers

You can either utilize the pickling spice mix suggested here, your own preferred pickling spice mix, or currently packaged pickling spices. You’ll require 4 tablespoons for 4 pint containers of pickles.

Active Ingredients

  • 1 1/2 pounds of fresh okra (3 1/2 to 4 inches long)
  • 4 big garlic cloves, peeled
  • 4 1/4- inch thick pieces of lemon
  • 2 cups cider vinegar (5% level of acidity)
  • 2 cups water
  • 3 Tablespoon kosher salt
  • 1 Tablespoon sugar
  • 2 Tablespoon mustard seeds
  • 1 Tablespoon coriander seeds
  • 1 tablespoon red pepper flakes
  • 1 teaspoon fennel seeds
  • 1 teaspoon celery seeds
  • 1 teaspoon black peppercorns

Unique devices:

  • 4 pint canning containers, covers, and screw bands.
  • A big (a minimum of 16 qt) pot for canning
  • A flat cleaner rack
  • A container lifter (suggested)


1 Get ready for canning by sanitizing covers and containers: Put a cleaner rack at the bottom of a big (16 quart) pot, and position the containers on the rack.

Fill the pot with water to the rim of the containers. (Keep in mind if you do not have a level cleaner rack you can put a tidy meal towel at the bottom of the pot, you simply do not desire the containers touching the bottom of the pot or they might break from the heat.) Give a rolling boil and boil for 10 minutes.

To disinfect the covers, location covers in a big bowl and put boiling water over them.

How to pickle okra

2 Boil vinegar, salt, sugar, and water: Location vinegar, water, salt, and sugar in a medium pan, give a boil to liquify the salt and sugar, decrease heat and keep warm.

How to pickle okra

3 Preparation okra: While the water is warming in action one, prepare the okra and the spices. Wash the okra and cut the stem ends to 1/4-inch.

How to pickle okra

4 Location all marinading spices in a little bowl and stir to integrate.

How to pickle okra

5 Put lemon pieces, spices, garlic in hot containers: Lay out a tidy towel on your counter. Usage canning tongs to get rid of the containers from the boiling water, clearing the water from the containers.

Location the hot, decontaminated containers on the towel on your counter. Putting the hot containers on a towel will assist avoid them from getting stunned by a cold counter surface area and possibly splitting.

Location a lemon piece at the bottom of each container. Include a tablespoon of the blended pickling spices to each container. Location a peeled garlic clove on top of the spices and lemon.

How to pickle okraHow to pickle okra

6 Load okra in the containers: Load the okra in the containers, rotating stem-side-down and stem-side-up to permit you to load the okra well into the containers. The top of the okra must come in between an inch to 1/2 an inch from the rim of the container.

How to pickle okra

7 Pour vinegar mix over the okra: Pour the hot vinegar mix over the containers, as much as 1/4-inch from the rim of the containers. Run a thin knife in between the okra and the containers to remove any apparent air bubbles.

How to pickle okra

Okra is filled with air, so while you run the knife in between the okra and the containers, air bubbles will be launched from within the okra. Simply top off with more of the pickling liquid if the leading level of the pickling liquid decreases while you do this.

If for any factor you do not have sufficient pickling liquid for all the containers, simply include equivalent quantities of cider vinegar and water. No requirement to heat initially, the liquid will get boiled in the warm water bath.

8 Wipe rims, screw covers on containers: Clean the rims with a tidy moist towel. Location decontaminated covers on containers. Screw on the the covers, securely, however not too tight.

9 Boil the okra filled containers: Location loaded containers back in the pot with water you utilized to disinfect the containers. The water ought to still be hot. Due to the fact that you are returning completely containers, instead of empty containers, some water will be displaced. Enable 1 to 2 inches of water to cover the containers. Beyond that you might wish to get rid of excess water.

Give a boil and procedure for 15 minutes. Eliminate to towel lined counter or to a rack (you wish to prevent putting a hot container on a cold surface area, otherwise the container may break.)

How to pickle okra

10 Let containers cool: As the containers cool, you must hear a popping noise as the vacuum developed by the cooling air in the containers pulls the cover down and seals the containers. A correctly sealed container can last in a cool closet out of direct sun for about a year.

If any containers do not seal, save them cooled in the fridge. Opened containers must last one to 2 months in the fridge.

Let sit 24 hours prior to consuming.

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Easy fridge marinaded okra is best for little batches! No canning experience needed. Make these okra pickles 2 methods– tasty and sweet or hot and smoky!

How to pickle okra

How to pickle okra

I have 2 confessions to make:

  1. I am a dreadful garden enthusiast (however I plant veggies every year).
  2. I hesitate of canning (however I enjoy pickles).

I have actually been absolutely overlooking my garden because mid-June– seriously, I might count the variety of times I have actually weeded and watered in the last 2 months on one hand.

It’s not a surprise that I have actually just gotten one cucumber, 3 eggplants, a couple of banana peppers, and no zucchini, and just one of my 4 tomato plants have actually offered me fruits this entire season.

So it’s pure luck that at this moment in the year, I am getting okra, and perfectly!

How to pickle okra

I might be a dreadful garden enthusiast, however I did discover something from growing a single okra plant 4 years earlier– one plant is not almost enough.

You get one pod every couple of days per plant so it’s never ever enough for a dish, unless you’re tossing that pod in with some additional okra from the farmer or the shop’s market, which sort of beats the function of having a veggie garden.

So this year I got 2 pots of 3 seedlings each and separated them out. I now have 6 huge, lovely okra plants that simply keep producing pods!

It’s basically my dream come to life because, as a Southern woman, I love okra. You can learn more about my enthusiasm for okra in my 3 meat and okra gumbo dish post– Mmmm, it has to do with time for some more of that quickly!

If you ‘d rather,

And there’s constantly traditional Southern fried okra!

I have actually simply been building up okra, 2 to 4 pods at a time, every number of days, till I wind up with sufficient for a container of this scrumptious and remarkably simple fridge marinaded okra.

How to pickle okra

I discussed earlier I hesitate of canning. I have actually never ever done “genuine” canning with the shelf-safe-ness and the sanitation and I ‘d be a bit scared that I would not seal something correctly and I ‘d wind up poisoning myself with botulism from an improperly canned tomato sauce. (If anybody wishes to show me incorrect, I ‘d invite an excellent newbie’s resource for canning!)

Individuals appear to can pack when they have an excess of summer season produce, so thankfully for me and my awful gardening abilities, I never ever have that issue. For this dish I decided for fridge okra pickles rather.

How to pickle okra

You do not need to discover a brand-new ability or purchase any brand-new devices, and it’s best for little batches from non-abundant gardens. I utilized 12-15 okra pods, collected from my plants throughout about a half and a week, for each container of okra pickles. Actually it was nevertheless numerous I might jam into an old, cleared out spaghetti sauce container.

How to make fridge marinaded okra

This fridge marinaded okra dish works by very first salting the okra and letting it being in a colander. While it sits, you warm up some vinegar and spices. ( Caution: do not take a whiff of stated vinegar and spices to see if it smells great– hot vinegar fumes hurt to breathe in! Ask me how I understand. Rather, simply dip your wood spoon in the mix, blow if off, and taste it.)

You rinse your okra and things them in a container. Considering that these are fridge pickles, you do not require any elegant canning containers or sanitizing water baths or any of that other frightening things that appears (to me) simple and complex to screw up in a botulism-friendly method.

All you require is a great tidy container big enough to hold all the okra pickles you wish to consume. Essentially, a huge one.

Okay, this dish is really helpful for a spaghetti-sauce-sized container however you might change it for a huge one.

How to pickle okra

Let the vinegar cool off a bit and put it over the top of the okra till the container is complete. Screw on the cover and let it being in the refrigerator for a couple days, and voila!

Okra pickles. Addictively scrumptious okra pickles.

Making it your own

The very best feature of this dish is that the idea and procedure is the most fundamental part, so you can blend the tastes nevertheless you desire.

That’s how I wound up with fridge marinaded okra– 2 methods. I made one dish, wished to modify it a little, and made it a 2nd time utilizing my modified dish.

The very first dish (left) was tasty and sweet, utilizing a mix of white vinegar and apple cider vinegar, integrated with a little sugar.

The 2nd time (right) I wished to attempt something a little less sweet, so I selected all white vinegar, much less sugar, and included a little bit of smoked paprika and cayenne pepper.

How to pickle okra

How to pickle okra

Due to the fact that I could not choose which one to publish,

I really brought both containers of okra pickles to work. I had numerous prepared taste testers at work, 2 of whom chose the tasty and sweet and among whom chose the hot and smoky– although all 3 testers desired more tastes of both kinds.

One stated the tasty and sweet fridge marinaded okra made her desire a Bloody Mary. Another stated it would be best with a charcuterie board. The smoky variation? Great with cheeses and jams. Essentially, make whichever one contrasts and matches your centerpiece. For stand-alone snacking, they were divided on their preferred variation. I am yearning a couple of more of the sweet-tangy ones myself.

How to pickle okra

Do not hesitate to blend it up with your own mix of spices and vinegars! I ‘d enjoy to understand what other variations you develop!

Which okra would you choose? Your call!

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