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How to recover accidentally deleted files on your windows pc thumb drive or sd card

Updated on May. 21, 2021

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DiskGenius – A trusted data recovery tool can recover permanently deleted files from hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, pen drive, thumb drive, virtual disk, etc.

Where do deleted USB thumb drive files go?

What is the thumb drive? Generally speaking, the thumb drive is the USB disk widely used in our daily work and life. Thumb drive is a commonly used information storage tool in our work, study and life. It is popular with people because of its large capacity, low price, and compact portability. Therefore, thumb drive has become the information carrier of some important information for us. However, sometimes files stored on the thumb drive may get deleted by accident.

Where do deleted USB files go? It is common wisdom that files deleted from external devices such as SD card, pen drive, USB flash drive and thumb drive are deleted permanently without being put into the Recycle Bin. Thus, deleted files cannot be restored from Recycle Bin directly. How do we recover deleted files from thumb drives? At this time, you can use DiskGenius to restore lost data from USB.

You must remember not to do write operations, in case of permanent loss caused by data overwriting; then use professional software to recover lost data as soon as possible, because the shorter the data loss time is, the greater the possibility of recovery.

How can I recover deleted files from my thumb drive?

For the above reasons, we provide you with two solutions to recover lost files: one is to use data recovery software, the other is to seek the help of professional technical personnel. In general, it is recommended that you use data recovery software to recover deleted files from thumb drive, because this method is more affordable and convenient.

The step-by-step method of using data recovery software to recover files is as follows:

Step 1: Download the latest version of DiskGenius from the official website, connect the thumb drive you need to recover data to your computer, and then open DiskGenius.

Step 2: Select the drive in DiskGenius and click the “File Recovery” button.

How to recover accidentally deleted files on your windows pc thumb drive or sd card

Step 3: Click the “Start” button to scan the thumb drive. Usually, it only takes a few minutes to scan a USB drive and wait patiently for the scan to finish.

Step 4: Preview the lost files to estimate the recovery result. The software will not modify the scan result, that is, the scan result is the final recovery result. Pictures, videos, audio, documents, text files, etc., can be opened by double-clicking. If the file can be previewed as shown below, the file is not damaged and can be restored normally.

How to recover accidentally deleted files on your windows pc thumb drive or sd card

Step 5: Copy the files that need to be restored to other disks to complete the recovery of the thumb drive.

Note: Do not copy data to the drive that is recovering data.

How to recover accidentally deleted files on your windows pc thumb drive or sd card

What causes thumb drive corruption?

Generally speaking, thumb drive files will not be damaged without reasons during normal use, the thumb drive will be damaged for the following reasons:

1. The thumb drive is an expansion (fake) disk, that is, the actual capacity of the thumb drive is not as large as the capacity marked. When excessive files are stored, the file data will be lost and damaged.

2. Improper use leads to thumb drive data error, such as violent plug and other bad habits, because the thumb drive may be reading and writing data at any time, suddenly pulling out will lead to data writing process error, so there is a chance to lead to thumb drive get corrupted and data loss.

3. Virus and malware. Virus or malware has the ability to damage/delete files and file system, leading to file loss or inaccessible partition.

To Sum Up

The above is about how to recover deleted and lost files from thumb drives with DiskGenius. Moreover, we discussed other causes of thumb drive file loss, thus we can take some measures to prevent the loss of thumb drive file, such as regular anti-virus, backup important files, safely eject USB devices each time prior to removing it from computer, etc., all of these will help us protect our data and prolong the lifespan of the drive.

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DiskGenius – Professional data recovery software can easily perform USB data recovery, RAW drive recovery, deleted file recovery, photo recovery in Windows 10/8/7.

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How to recover accidentally deleted files on your windows pc thumb drive or sd card

DiskGenius is a one-stop solution to recover lost data, manage partitions, and back up data in Windows.

Get download the best file recovery software to help you recover deleted files from computer in easily.

How to recover accidentally deleted files on your windows pc thumb drive or sd card

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Many users think that the files will disappear forever if they are deleted withВ “Shift + Delete” because all deleted files cannot retrieve from the recycle bin. But don’t worry, even the deleted files are no longer available on your computer, they are still on your computer hard disk drive. Please do not save any new data and files on that hard drive. You need to get a powerful file recovery software to help youВ recover deleted files from the computer. Moreover, you can also resort to the tool toВ recover the deleted foldersВ in Windows.

Part 1. The Best File Recovery Software – Recoverit Data Recovery

We recommended the best file recoveryВ Recoverit Data RecoveryВ for you. It is a reliable and safe deleted file recovery program, it can easily recover permanently deleted files from the computer. Also, keep your data and computer privacy without any data loss.

Video Tutorial on How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 10/8/7 Easily?

Recent Videos from Recoverit

Part 2. How to Recover Deleted Files from Computer

Free download and installВ Recoverit File RecoveryВ software on your computer. This guide will tell youВ how to recover deleted files from Windows computer. Mac users should downloadВ Recoverit Data Recovery for MacВ and follow similar steps. (Note:В Please install this data recovery program on another partition of your computer.)

Step 1. Select a Data Recovery Mode

Launch Recoverit Data Recovery.В To recover deleted files from the computer, here click the option of “Deleted Files Recovery” mode to get started.

Step 2. Choose the Location (Computer Hard Disk Drive)

The nest, you just need to select the hard disk drive that your files were deleted from and click “Start” to scan and search deleted files.

Step 3. Scan the Computer Hard Disk Drive

Recoverit Data Recovery will start a quick scan first. After the first scan, you can preview some of the restorable files.

If you cannot find your data after the scan, you can go to scan again with the “All-around Recovery” mode, it can deep scan your computer hard drive and search more files. While it will take more time to find more files.

Step 4. Preview and Recover Deleted Files from Computer

After the scan is finished, you can check all recovered files and preview some recovered photos. Go to select your files and click “Recover” button to get them back.

Please save all recovered data to a safe storage device to avoid data loss again. With Recoverit Data Recovery software, you can easily get you deleted files back in simple steps, evenВ recover Dropbox deleted files. Don’t hesitate and download as below to try it for free now.

Thumb drives such as pen drive, removable drive, memory stick, usb flash drive, external storage, usb hard drive, external hard disk, keychain drive, and usb keys are often used to transfer files between computers and devices. Some people also use thumbdrive to backup personal data, including photos, videos, music files, documents.

However, people may accidentally delete files from thumb drive. Thumbdrive may also be formatted after damage, virus infection. All data on thumb drive are lost after reformat. Is it possible to undelete files from usb drive? How can I recover lost files after usb drive reformat?

Well, it is possible to recover deleted/lost files from usb drive by scanning USB drive with professional data recovery tool and retrive back lost files. Here’s the recommended data recovery software you can use:

The thumbdrive drive data recovery software supports thumb drive photo recovery, video recovery, document recovery, and media recovery. You can recover lost files from thumb devices on windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP computer. Both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 devices are supported. Thumbdrive data recovery program can restore deleted images jpeg png gif tif tiff bmp raw image data, videos RMVB AVI MOV WMV FLV 3GP ASF MKV MPEG mpeg4 mp4 HD videos files, music files wav mp3 ac3 wma, document data Microsoft Office Word 2017, 2018, 2019, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 doc docx files, Excel files, pdf files, Powerpoint presentation PPT, pptx files, and other files and folders from thumbdrive, usb flash drive and external hard disk, support all memory storage, such as 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, 8TB, 16TB. Thumbdrive recovery software free can also undelete files and unformat thumb drive and memory card, such as Patriot Supersonic Rage 2, SanDisk Extreme, SanDisk Cruzer, Kingston DataTraveler, Kingston Technology DataTraveler 100, Corsair Flash Survivor, Patriot Tab, Supersonic Magnum, Verbatim USB Drive, Corsair Flash Voyager, PNY Turbo, Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Pro USB Flash Drive, SanDisk Extreme CZ80, Lexar Jumpdrive, Transcend JetFlash, Edge DiskGO, Imation Swivel, Sony Micro Vault, PNY Attache, Sony/Sandisk Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick Micro M2, Patriot Viper Fang, Verbatim Pinstripe, Memory Stick XC, Samsung T3 SSD, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX, Sony Micro Valut Tiny, Click, Metal Body, Sandisk Cruzer Blade, Fit, Edge, SanDisk Ultra Fit, Switch, Force, Sandisk Ultra USB flash drive, Toshiba Hayabusa.

How to recover deleted files from Thumb drive

Step 1. Connect thumb drive to computer. Then in Computer, you should see thumbdrive shown as a drive letter (for example, E: ).

Step 2. Run thumb drive recovery software asoftech data recovery and then in Asoftech Data Recovery, select thumbdrive, then press “Next” to start scanning drive for lost files.

How to recover accidentally deleted files on your windows pc thumb drive or sd card

Step 3. Recoverable files will be shown in result page. Select those you want to recover, and press “Recover” button to save the files.

How to recover accidentally deleted files on your windows pc thumb drive or sd card

Download thumb drive recovery software and recover lost photos, videos, documents, and other files

Other popular data recovery tutorials:

You can recover your deleted files worldwild as you can do it by yourself on your computer. So you do not need to go to data recovery centres, looking for data recovery services from specialists. You can performa data recovery and photo recovery worldwide, including countries Japan, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, Philippines, Germany, Bangladesh, Egypt, France, Italy, Thailand, Netherlands, Nepal, South Africa, Poland, Turkey, Iraq, Spain, Sweden, Kenya, Cameroon, Malaysia, Russia, Belgium, Israel, Austria, long island, Romania, Zimbabwe, Greece, Sierra Leone, Mexico, Denmark, Switzerland, Morocco, Norway, Ireland, Singapore, Ghana, Tanzania, Finland, Portugal, Liberia, Jordan, Algeria, Jamaica, Guinea, Uganda, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Argentina, Yemen, Croatia, in cities such as chennai, bangalore, toronto, mississauga, delhi, kolkata, mumbai, pune, dubai, london, nottingham, hyderabad, Sheffield, Croydon, Barking, Bristol, Manchester, Watford, Luton, Dartford, Gatwick, Reading, Norwich, Chelmsford, Newhaven, Northampton, Southampton, Nottingham, Derby, Abingdon, Gloucester, Bury St Edmunds, Exeter, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Chicago, Houston, Perth, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Francisco, Detroit, San Jose, Dallas, kenya, birmingham, finchley, vancouver, canada, montreal, ottawa, calgary, winnipeg, Australia, sydney, melboune, brisbane, auckland, hamilton, waikato, Atlanta, Boston, Riverside, Seattle, Minneapolis, Tampa, St. Louis, Baltimore, San Antonio, Delaware, Denver, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, Portland, West Midlands, Greater Bristol, Cardiff, Greater Glasgow, West Yorkshire, Bradford, Leeds, Liverpool, Greater Manchester, Nottingham-Derby, Portsmouth-Southampton, South Yorkshire (Sheffield), Newcastle-Sunderland, Paris, Randstad, Istanbul, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Kiev, Bucharest, Minsk, Vienna, Hamburg, Budapest, Warsaw, Barcelona, Kharkiv, Munich, Milan, and states Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, San Diego, Miami, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

By accident I deleted a folder from my USB flash drive and the folder contained a lot of Word and Excel documents that I need. I use Windows XP and Office 2003. Would appreciate if someone can advise any way I can recover deleted file from flash drive.

We usually like to put important documents on the USB drive so that we can take them around with us. It is fairly nerve-racking when you find that you’ve deleted files you don’t want to.

Recovering deleted files from your USB flash drive or some other device is possible and is not a crazy thing to try to do.

Files you have deleted are often still present on your pen drive and can be recovered using below methods.

1. How to Recover Deleted Files from Flash Drive without Software

The first way worth a try is to use Command Prompt, which is a Windows application available in all Windows Operating System.

Step 1 Plug your USB drive which the files were deleted from into your computer, and then press Windows and R keys simultaneously to launch the Run program.

Step 2 Type cmd in the Run window and hit Enter key to open the Command Prompt window.

Step 3 In the Command Prompt window, type chkdsk H: /f and hit Enter key or replace H with the drive letter of the USB drive.

How to recover accidentally deleted files on your windows pc thumb drive or sd card

Step 4 Type Y and hit the Enter key to proceed.

How to recover accidentally deleted files on your windows pc thumb drive or sd card

Step 5 Type H (or USB drive letter) and hit the Enter key.

Step 6 Type H:>attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.* or replace H with the drive letter of the USB drive and hit the Enter key.

Step 7 Wait for the process to be completed.

After this procedure, you will find all deleted files on a newly created folder on your USB drive. But you can change the file extension back to a normal format so as to make those found files functional again.

You can also try out this fix on your SD card, hard drive, or other external storage devices.

However, this method, of course, can’t guarantee that your accidentally deleted file can be recovered. Besides, this operation process is a little bit complicated and easy to fail.

If your deleted files cannot be restored using the Command Prompt, then you need a data recovery tool.

2. How to Recover Deleted File from Flash Drive with FoneLab

FoneLab Data Retriever is a powerful and safe software that can recover almost all deleted data by scanning the flash drive. It is able to retrieve data lost for various reasons such as flash drive failure, human error, and more.

The Reasons Why Choose FoneLab

  1. Recover documents, emails, audio, video, and other types of files.
  2. Recover data from computer, memory card, flash drive, digital camera, hard drive, and other removable drives.
  3. Apply to all data loss situations such as virus attack, unexpectedly crashes, formation, deletion and more.
  4. Scan, search and preview any data type and hard drive with the detailed information.
  5. Guarantee the data safe – when you retrieve lost data, it does not store any of these data to its server.
  6. Easy to use – with a few clicks, you can easily retrieve lost data.

FoneLab Data Retriever – recover the lost/deleted data from computer, hard drive, flash drive, memory card, digital camera and more.

  • Recover photos, videos, contacts, WhatsApp, and more data with ease.
  • Preview data before recovery.

Below is a step-by-step guide.

Step 1 Run This Software

Firstly, you need to download, install and launch USB data recovery software on your computer. Then insert the USB drive into the computer.

How to recover accidentally deleted files on your windows pc thumb drive or sd card

Step 2 Scan Data

In the main menu, choose data type you want to recover and the location where your data lost (Here you should choose the Removable Drive). Then click Scan button to start a quick scan on the USB drive.

How to recover accidentally deleted files on your windows pc thumb drive or sd card

Step 3 Choose Data

Once the scan process is complete, files in any kinds of formats will be displayed in the window. Look for your needed ones. Alternatively, you can use Filter feature to quickly locate the required files.

How to recover accidentally deleted files on your windows pc thumb drive or sd card

Step 4 Recover Data

Mark the items you want to recover and then click the Recover button. The selected items will be saved to your computer.

Tip: If your needed files don’t appear in the window, you can choose Deep Scan to try again. It takes more time to complete the whole deep scanning process, but it gives you more results.

3. Tips to Prevent USB Data Loss

There are some tips to prevent data loss after using USB on computer as below:

  1. Backup your files. External hard disks and DVDs are so affordable now so there is no reason not to get a second one for backup.
  2. Disconnect your USB flash drive safely. Never just unplug a USB device after using it. Always disconnect it by following the proper steps to safely remove the hardware. How to recover accidentally deleted files on your windows pc thumb drive or sd card
  3. Set write permissions. Want to prevent unauthorized users from messing up the data on your USB drive? You can do that by setting user permissions of your USB drive. Right click on the USB drive letter, navigate to the Security tab and click Edit and then not set the suitable permissions.

That’s all. If you want the lost data back from Windows, Mac, hard drive, memory card and more, please try FoneLab Data Retriever to scan and recover with simple clicks.

Megan Aitken’s partner lost “a load of photos.” Here’s my advice for recovering them.

Lost files can usually be recovered—if you discover the loss soon enough. But every time you write to the hard drive, you lower the likelihood of a successful recovery. So use that computer as little as possible until the files are recovered or you’ve given up hope.

[Have a tech question? Ask PCWorld Contributing Editor Lincoln Spector. Send your query to [email protected].]

Try these solutions, in this order:

Check the Recycle Bin

Windows stores “deleted” files here as a safety measure. You’ll find the icon in the upper-left corner of your screen. if you find the files there, select them, right-click them, and choose Restore.

Use your backup

If you back up your hard drive—or at least your libraries—on a regular basis, your files are probably preserved there. I don’t know which backup program you use, so I can’t tell you exactly how to search for and recover the files. It’s generally a pretty intuitive process.

And if you don’t back up, maybe it’s time to get into the habit. It won’t help you this time, but it could the next.

Try file recovery software

Even a file that’s no longer in the Recycle Bin may still exist. Windows doesn’t overwrite the actual ones and zeros until another file needs the drive space. That’s why I told you to avoid using the PC as much as possible.

There are several good file recovery programs available. I recommend Recuva Portable. It’s easy to use and has a very good track record. And it sometimes shows you the images that it can recover. (I’ve seen it recover images that it could not preview.) It’s also free.

How to recover accidentally deleted files on your windows pc thumb drive or sd card

And, since it’s portable, which means that you don’t have to install it, you can use it on your PC without writing to the hard drive. Download the program on another computer, and unzip it to a folder on a flash drive. Then plug the flash drive into the PC with the missing files, and run it from there.

Hire a professional

This is the last resort, if none of the above suggestions work. There are many data recovery services available, and since your drive is still working, you probably don’t need one of the more expensive ones.

I’ve never used one of these services, so I can’t recommend a particular company. A PCWorld visit to the nearby DriveSavers shows you what one such company is like. Ask friends for a recommendation, or find someone local on Yelp.