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How to surround yourself with positive people

Some people seem to struggle each day to find contentment or a happy way of living, while others easily face each day with spirit. Have you ever thought about which type of person you are? Or how this might describe those around you? There’s value in surrounding yourself with people who know how to lift their own spirits – which means they’ll probably lift yours, too! It’s one of our favorite tips for learning how to be happier.

1. Happiness is contagious: One of the best ways to find happiness is to find those who know how to nurture and create their own happiness, and share it freely. Spend time around these people and you’ll find yourself seeing the world differently.

2. Laughter is a great way to bond with others: A great way to connect with others is to share laughter or spend time having fun with them. Watching how someone reacts to a funny situation, and feeling yourself pulled into the good humor, is a great way to bond and get to know each other better.

3. Less complaining is good for everyone: We all know life can be hard. We all have our struggles. But isn’t it refreshing to spend time with people who don’t waste time and energy complaining? You can almost feel your spirits lifting around someone who is willing to see the good in things.

4. Learn coping strategies: We all have our strategies for dealing with hard days and rough times. But it can’t hurt to take inspiration from those around you. They may have ideas you haven’t considered. Better yet, you might be invited to join them! Their evening walks or bookstore wanderings may become your new favorite outlet on stressful days.

5. We become like those we keep closest: There’s an old saying that we become like those we choose to hold closest. Look around at your inner circle of friends and confidantes. Are they who you would like to become? Do you admire and respect them? If not, perhaps you should consider why you don’t and open your circle to new inspiration.

It’s worth the time it may take to consciously surround yourself with people who can create goodness for themselves, and those around them. Take a look around you and see – do you seem to be drawn to happy people? Why or why not?

Jen Taylor is the founder of Mocha Creative Works. Communications director by day, freelance wordsmith by night, you can usually find her drinking coffee or escaping to the mountains.

I recently had the privilege of attending Summit ’s LA18 in Los Angeles. For four days, I listened to keynotes by some of the top thought leaders, entrepreneurs and entertainers in the world, including Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberté, The Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir, chef Jose Andres, Michael Ovitz, Eckhart Tolle, Gary Vaynerchuck, #MeToo pioneer Tarana Burke, and so many more. I couldn’t help but feel inspired by all of these amazing people. By the time the conference/festival was over, I felt invigorated and filled with new ideas. I was playing with winners–listening and sharing with these brilliant minds encouraged me to step up my own game. Here are some practical steps to apply this concept to your own life.

Say Goodbye To The “Negative Nellies”

Everyone has those colleagues who are constantly in turmoil or have serious drama, the ones who will never manage to elevate themselves. Far worse is that they can’t help but try to bring you down right along with them.

Life is hard enough – we don’t always win, and there will always be obstacles and naysayers along our path to success. During those times, nothing feels better than having someone you can share your fears and doubts with: friends and mentors that not only listen, but also cheer you on to be the best you can be. “Get back in there and do better! You can do it!” They give you energy and help you propel forward.

Find and focus on relationships with those who can share their wins and positive vibes and help you realize that you can do the same. Life is too short for the negativity.

Find People Who Are Smarter Than You

Many entrepreneurs and business people aspire to be the smartest person in the room on every topic. But if you’re always the smartest person, you’re actually limiting yourself. Famously, Jim Rohn once said, “You’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.” It’s common for us to underestimate the importance of the company we keep. We need people, whether they’re teachers, mentors , family or trusted friends, who challenge us and push us to be better. The right circle of influence raises the bar, helping us to set new, loftier expectations of ourselves. Oftentimes, we don’t know what we are capable of until we see others achieve. It’s not an accident that organizations like Summit Series, EO and YPO are so popular and successful among achievers. When we surround ourselves with positive, successful people they consciously (and subconsciously) challenge us to be our best selves.

Cultivate “Real Life” Relationships With People Who Have Already Accomplished Your Goals

It’s time to rethink how we use our social media and focus on our “real life” relationships. Today’s social media feeds can often be reminders of what we can’t do, haven’t done or don’t believe we can accomplish. Seeing someone’s online “highlight reel” doesn’t truly show you what goes on behind the scenes and how much work it really requires. Spend time on the process of success, not just the results of it.

Highly successful people are generally willing to share what it really takes to make things happen. They have the ability to help you learn from the mistakes they’ve made along the way and the “tricks and tips” to help you reach your goals faster. Seek out leaders of your field and get some real face time with them.

If You Can’t Play Tennis, Watch The Game

Experiencing Summit’s LA18 experience was both inspirational and aspirational and I met some “real life” people who have already made an impact on my life, but I realize that attending seminars isn’t a possibility for everyone. Or perhaps you can’t surround yourself with people who have what you want simply because you don’t know them or can’t get access to them.

My favorite solve is simple: consume their media and make them the “friends in your head.” For example, if you want to take your business to the next level, listen to Gary Vaynerchuck’s daily podcast. Bring him along on your daily drive to work and soak up his tips, tricks and knowledge. Another amazing speaker from the Summit event was Rich Roll. Rich has written a number of books and also has a podcast. If you think you can’t master the wellness game, he will show you how it’s done.

If you want to become your best self I challenge you to review, rethink, and cull through your social media and real life “friends” and find the right people and media content that will actually help you get there.

I go beyond training with a straight-talking approach to wellness that focuses on an overall healthy lifestyle. For years I’ve educated celebrities and corporate…

I go beyond training with a straight-talking approach to wellness that focuses on an overall healthy lifestyle. For years I’ve educated celebrities and corporate executives on how to effectively incorporate fitness and nutrition into their busy everyday lives. I’ve appeared on Extra, The Doctors, Good Morning America and The Today Show. I’ve been a featured trainer on The CW’s Shedding for the Wedding, and am often quoted in People, Glamour, Woman’s Health and the Los Angeles Times. I’m also the author of No Gym Required – Release Your Inner Rock Star and Strong is the New Skinny– How to Eat, Live, and Move to Maximize Your Power. Beyond training, I’m the president and CEO of fitness and wellness brand NGR – No Gym Required – and I am the lifestyle and fitness spokesperson for world-class brands including Muscle Milk, Polar Heart Rate Monitors and Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers recently appointed me as their overall national spokesperson and trainer in the 5 DVD Points Plus Program workout series.

In our everyday life we are surrounded by a variety of people. Some of the people we deal with on a daily basis are a joy to be with, and their loving presence nurtures and encourages us. Others may have the opposite effect, draining us of our energy, making us feel tired and exhausted. Our well-being can be easily influenced by those around us, and if we can keep this in mind, we will have greater insights into the quality of our social interactions and their energetic effect on us.

Every move we make has an effect that touches all the people around us. On an even more subtle level, when we share space with another person, we often pick up on their energy, feeling how they feel and attuning to them, whether we mean to or not. This is what we mean when we say a mood or a feeling is contagious.

Once we think more deeply about the people we interact with, it becomes easier for us to work toward filling our lives with people who help us to cultivate healthy and positive relationships. Obviously it is not always possible – for example at work – to choose the people we spend time, but in our personal lives, we can take control over the right people with whom to surround ourselves. All we have to do is take a few moments to reflect on how another person makes us feel. Assessing the people we spend the most time with, allows us to see if they add something constructive to, or subtract from, our lives. If a friend saps our strength, for example, we can simply decide to tell them how we feel or else spend less time with them. We will find that the moment we are honest with ourselves about our own feelings, the more candid we can be with others about how they make us feel. While this may involve some drastic changes to our social life, it can bring about a personal transformation that will truly empower us, since the decision to live our truth will infuse our lives with greater happiness.

When we surround ourselves with positive people, we clear away the negativity that exists around us and create more room to welcome nurturing and renewed energy. Doing this not only enriches our lives, but also envelops us in a supportive and healing space that fosters greater growth, understanding, and love of ourselves – as well as those we care about.

Choose your friends with care – they create the environment in which you will either thrive or wilt. Give everyone the opportunity to be a friend, but share your dreams and goals only with those who value them as much as you do.

“People are like dirt. They can either nourish you and help you grow as a person, or they can stunt your growth and make you wilt and die.”

The best advice I have heard about living the most fulfilling and optimistic life was given to me by a man I hold in the highest regard. A man who is a father to eight kids, plus half the neighbourhood. A man who makes the most of every situation and even if something really shitty happens, like bankruptcy or a terminal illness, focuses on the good stuff and making the most of the present moment, constantly asking, “don’t you love it?” A man who opens his door (literally) to anyone of any status or background. A man with the biggest smile and an even bigger heart.

Surround yourself with positive people,” were his words of advice when I graduated high school with one of his step daughters, and it has stuck with me to this day.

How to surround yourself with positive people

Spring is upon us here in the southern hemisphere, bringing with it a season of transformation. Trees that shed their leaves and flowers in winter are now starting to bud and the weather is warming up, bringing clearer days with it. We feel rejuvenated from hibernating through winter and there is a sense of growth and new beginnings in the air.

Spring tends to be the season during which we feel inspired to make some changes to our lives.

We often say that a person is exhausting or drains our energy. They may be someone who takes from you in ways that you understand, or in a subtle way that you can’t put your finger on. This could be your partner, a friend, a colleague or anyone that you interact with often.

I’m not encouraging you to ditch a friend who is going through a hard time and seems to be in a negative place. That friend needs your support now more than ever. But you have to think of yourself first because if you feel drained and uninspired, you won’t be able to support anybody. Just be aware of these people and the place where they find themselves. To keep your spirits high, you may want to think about saying ‘no’ when you just don’t feel strong enough to take them on that day, or if you’re no energised enough to meet up with them. You can always reschedule for a time when you are feeling better and not so vulnerable.

On the other hand, there are some people who leave you feeling lighter and good about yourself. They lift your mood with a simple laugh or joke, or some great advice. These people are easy to be around and they make you love yourself more, too.

Surround yourself with people who make you feel awesome and you may be able to be that person to someone who needs it. It will make you happier, more inspired and optimistic. So, how do you do this?

Be thankful

Finding contentment is a real challenge for people in the western world. We are constantly searching for something more, whether that be through material possessions like houses, cars and tech, or shifting environments in our travels, careers and relationships. But when we focus on the good in our lives, we are likely to attract more of it.

Be passionate

We become passionate when we really love what we are doing or feel strongly about something. Being passionate means you are inspired, motivated and full of purpose. We enjoy being around people who are enthusiastic about what they are doing and their passion can sometimes even ignite our own.

Visualise it

Visualisation can be a powerful tool. Have you ever seen yourself in a situation, like receiving an award or getting a promotion, and felt it is so real that you just knew it would happen? To practice visualisation, it’s important not only to see and watch the event unfold but to also feel it in your body and notice what you can smell and see around you. For example, if you’re visualising a holiday, try to feel the breeze on your skin, the smile on your face and the joy as you splash around in the water. Realise how good it makes you feel.

Meditate, or try yoga and Tai Chi

These mindful practices allow us to tune into a state of peace and calm, decreasing the stress levels in our bodies. Yoga and Tai Chi are great practices that enable moving meditation. They can help you slow down and reset.

Strive for a nutritious diet

Food plays a huge role in how we feel. If our bowels aren’t working properly and we are not digesting our food, we can feel bloated, tired and drained of energy. It is hard to feel optimistic when you just feel like slouching on the couch.

Adopting some of the tools above in your day-to-day life, as well as limiting your time with people who aren’t bringing out the best in you and surrounding yourself with passionate, inspired and optimistic people, can really start to change the way you think and feel, for the better.

Megan Monahan is a certified meditation instructor and has studied under Dr. Deepak Chopra. She is also the author of the book, Don’t Hate, Meditate.

How to surround yourself with positive people

Negative self-talk—the tendency to interpret things in the world in a pessimistic way and have a self-limiting inner voice—can create significant stress in your life, and exacerbate the stressful situations you already face. So developing more positive self-talk is an important way to reduce stress. You can help yourself maintain a positive frame of mind by surrounding yourself with positive energy in your life.

Effects of Negativity

Negative self-talk and negative energy can have consequences that may not be obvious and even extend to those you come in contact with. Some of the more insidious effects of negative self-talk are:

Increased perception of stress: When your inner dialogue is negative, it can actually exacerbate your perception of what you face, making something that may merely be annoying feel unmanageable, or something that’s semi-stressful feel like a nightmare. When the language in your inner dialogue is more negative, your experience becomes more negative too.

Pessimistic thinking: When your inner voice is more negative, your whole thought process can be more negative as well. This becomes a habit and eventually colors the whole way you see the world and your place in it.

Self-limitation: When you see things in a more negative way, you’re less likely to seek out, or even recognize, opportunities that come across your path. This is common in those who are more pessimistic, and it can lead to less success in a variety of situations.

How to Create Positive Energy

To transform your self-talk and your mood from negative to positive, it’s important to surround yourself with positive energy, feelings, and people. You can do that with:

Uplifting Music

Listening to music that has a soothing melody and an uplifting message can help you develop positive self-talk. Have you ever had song lyrics stuck in your head for a few hours or days? If those lyrics are positive and inspirational, they make a much better mental soundtrack than a running stream of complaints, criticisms or self-limiting thoughts, or depressing or sad lyrics. Plus, there are other benefits to music for stress relief.

Inspirational Books

Books on strength, personal power, enlightenment, or self-help can be good resources to help you change your outlook and the things you say to yourself. Rather than triggering habitual self-defeating thoughts, you can find yourself thinking of new can-do concepts when times get tough. For shifting your paradigm, try Gary Zukav’s “The Heart of the Soul,” or Sarah Ban Breathnach’s classic “Simple Abundance.” You can also read books on general or specific aspects of stress management to change your whole relationship with stress.

Positive People

One of the most important ways to get (and keep) positive energy in your life is with the company you keep. Do your friends lift you up, or bring you down? Are they critical, or complimentary? Positive friendships provide support when you’re down, fun when you’re up, and wisdom when you’re lost. Good friends can inspire you to reach greater heights, and see your strengths even when you don’t. Pay attention to how your friends make you feel, and if they’re less than supportive, start putting your energy and time toward people who are better suited to be your friend.

Practice Affirmations

Positive affirmations can subtly but pervasively change your self-talk from negative to positive. If you see things more in terms of possibilities rather than limitations—as what can be done rather than as what can’t, and begin to focus more on solutions than on problems, and this can lower your stress levels by helping you feel more in control.

The Loving-Kindness Meditation

This type of meditation is not only simple to practice, but can increase your feelings of compassion, your capacity for forgiveness, and your sense of connection with others. It also can increase your self-acceptance, which can relieve stress in itself. This activity also brings general benefits of meditation, so it’s definitely worth doing. It involves focusing positive feelings first toward yourself, then expanding them to those you care about the most, then friends and acquaintances, then those in your community, your country, and around the world to an ever-expanding circle of people.

Reframed Thoughts

If you spend time thinking about proactive things you can do to solve problems, you’ll feel less stressed than if you spend time in rumination, focusing on the negative feelings and past experiences. If you find yourself focusing mostly on the negative, gently bring your mind to what’s good in your life, or at least on what can be done to move past these stressful situations.

Focusing on creating a more positive inner life can help you to feel more positive energy all around you. Maintaining a gratitude journal is another effective strategy for this. You bring positive energy to yourself by reflecting on everything that’s great in your life each day, and you then have a nice record to read over later when you need an emotional pick-me-up.

How to Surround Yourself with Positive People

We are overwhelmed with life’s challenges every single day. When you are down, do not let negativity personify you. Think positively and surround yourself with people who can help you do that. There are already a lot of exhausting things life has to offer, so don’t allow negative people to weigh you down. But, how exactly do you do that?

First, be yourself and be positive. Optimism is a basic ingredient to your career and life’s success. To attract the right people into your life, you have to be yourself and let your personality shine. Make people see the real you; the real ones will be drawn to you. When you find them, find common ground between you two. Find the good in them that you want to absorb. It may be their attitude when things go wrong, their work ethic, their amazing time-management skills, their humor, or anything at all that makes them positive people. Make them influence you positively.

Then think. What really makes them positive people? Is it their outlook on life? Attitude? How they deal with people? Here are some of the traits that a positive person must possess to be considered good company.

  • People who give their best in everything they do because they treasure every opportunity as if it’s a one-shot chance
  • People who have big dreams and the drive to follow and achieve them
  • People who treat everyone they meet fairly, regardless of economic status, gender, age and the like
  • People who does not only listen but understand and give relevant advice; those who have empathy and compassion
  • People who can cope with frustration, anger, sadness and other emotions and life situations
  • People who can make time for work/school, spiritual life, family, and social life
  • People who value themselves like they value others, and vice versa

The list above is only a guide; it may differ, depending on your perspective. It is hard to draw people like this into your life because it requires you to attract positivity in your own life, and that does not happen overnight. It will require you to make an effort to change your mindset and find people who treat positivity as a vital ingredient of success. Whoever surrounds you, you must remember that positivity comes from within. Be positive, attract positive people in your life, and live a happier and more optimistic life.

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by SucccessToro Team · Published September 28, 2017 · Updated December 7, 2020

One thing I’m sure most of us have picked up on is the fact that the people who you surround yourself with reflects on who you are. The people around you influence your actions, your thoughts and the decisions you make. They play a big part in determining the person you are. They are often a mirror of you, as others may judge a person by his or her friends and associates.

Whether it be friends, family or colleagues, it is important to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. You need to think about the person you want to be and surround yourself with people on a similar mission to you, and who have a similar mindset to you. You also need to cut out the negative people who drain you and keep you back.

If you want to be successful, surround yourself with successful people and you will see the impact this will have on you. If you want to be more positive, surround yourself with positive people. I think you get the drift. In this post, we will list 18 powerful ‘surround yourself with people who’ quotes.

Success in life is about balance, and having the right network of people around you is an important element of this.


Surround yourself with positive people quotes

2. “Surround yourself with positive people who are going to push you towards greatness”

4. “Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with positive, nourishing, and uplifting people. People who believe in you, encourage you to go after your dreams and applaud your victories.”

6. “Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the cloud and their feet on the ground.”

8. “Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to be”

9. “Choose your friends wisely. Association is perception. Perception is a reality.”

11. “If you have great people around you, they will take you higher than your dream will. Leaders are never self-made. Those closest to you determine your level of success, so choosing the right companions as partners in pursuit of your vision is an important decision.”

12. “My advice is to surround yourself with talented people who will challenge you, help you grow and inspire you to maximize your potential.”

13. “Surround yourself with those who won’t compete with you, but will instead revel in your success & somehow see your ascent as a reflection of their own possibilities.”

15. “When you start seeing your worth. You’ll find it harder to stay around people who don’t.”

16. “When you start deleting negative people from your life, good things will start happening for you, and it won’t be a coincidence.”

17. “Keep positive people around you at all times. Positivity can be contagious.”

I hope you have found the above information useful and will help you on your journey to a better life. If you have any feedback or want more information, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

“Yesterday was the last day of your past. Today is the first day of your future.”

How to surround yourself with positive people

6 Powerful Quotes From Buddha

by SucccessToro Team · Published June 6, 2015 · Last modified October 21, 2020

How to surround yourself with positive people

14 Uplifting Quotes For Life

by SucccessToro Team · Published January 6, 2018 · Last modified October 27, 2020

How to surround yourself with positive people

How to Be a Winner with our Fantastic Positive Sayings Day

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How much do you think you’re influenced by all the different people in your life? Here’s a powerful analogy from Dean Holland which illustrates how impactful it can be to surround yourself with positive people who inspire you, and people who motivate you in your life, and as an entrepreneur in your business…

“Good morning my friend! I hope you’re well. It is of course Monday, and I am of course Dean Holland. And we’re on the way to Internet Profits HQ right now.

I hope you had a good weekend. It is of course Monday, and I’ve got a bit of an adventurous week coming up. I’m actually kind of a witness to a wedding tomorrow, where I have to sign.

Robyn, my fiancé, it’s her brother. But they’re kind of doing the legal marriage here in this country, and then on Wednesday we’re actually flying out to Greece for their actual wedding. They have to do the legal side here for whatever reason. But anyway, so we’re actually flying out to one of the Greek islands on Wednesday.

Now, Heads Up!

A bit of a lesson in planning and preparation… I have been told this small Greek island we’re going to does not have very good internet, and it doesn’t have internet in the rooms – which is crazy in this day and age, right?

So I’m having to, just in case, I’m preparing some Drive episodes this week ahead of time for you, so that you can still hear from me. Planning, preparation, execution to keeping cranking out this greatness, haha!

Now I’ve got something that I want to share today. Something came into my mind over the weekend. You see, my fiancé Robyn actually grew up near Wimbledon in London, England. And because of that, she has still has a bit of an accent – what we would call like a cockney accent, like a London accent.

She’s not lived there for many, many years, but she still sometimes has that accent. And I want to draw on something from that thought, for all of us… The people that you surround yourself with can actually impact you for the rest of your life, in multiple different ways.

How to surround yourself with positive people You Pick Up The Accent Of Those Around You, And It Stays With You The Rest Of Your Life

Surround Yourself With Positive People

So I want you to think about this in terms of starting and growing your business. You might think to yourself, “Well, y’know, it doesn’t matter too much who I hang out with, and what information I take in, and what I listen to – what beliefs I listen to, and what opinions I listen to.”

But the reality is, if somebody can be around certain people early on in life that speak a specific way, that have a specific accent because of where they live. And you pick up that accent, and it sticks with you for the rest of your life.

Then do you see how that lesson alone, tells us that who we hang out with – who we spend our time with, the opinions we listen to, the beliefs we take in around us – can absolutely impact the way we think and act in our lives. Does that make sense?

So if you think about it, like, if you had a child and you were born in a particular… Let’s say me right, I live in England right now. If I were to move to, let’s just say, America. And we had a child, and that child was born and raised in America for the first 10 years of its life. Even though I don’t speak with an American accent, do you think my child would?

Absolutely! Why? Because they’re being raised and they’re surrounding themselves with people that do. And I want to use that analogy, that comparison, for you to realize that the people you associate with, the people you hang out with, the people you listen to, the information you take in – can absolutely impact the way you think, act, and go about your life.

How to surround yourself with positive people It’s Vital You Listen To The Right Advice From Successful People Who Inspire You

Find People Who Inspire You, People Who Motivate You

And when you want to have an online business, it is imperative that you listen to the right advice, you hang out with the right kind of people that can help you, support you, inspire you. Surround yourself with positive people who motivate you, people who inspire you. Otherwise you’re gonna find it even harder than it already is to build a business.

So anyway, that’s my little philosophy, or lesson, or analogy of the day. The people that you surround yourself with can impact how you think and act in your life.

With that said, don’t miss out on any of the good stuff that we’ve got coming out. And of course, I will be taking footage while I’m away. So I look forward to sharing that with you when I get back. And if I’m able to do so when I’m there, I will do of course.

Thank you so much for joining us here on The Drive. Until next time with “Three Daily Routines That Increase Productivity, Focus And Energy“, this is Dean Holland signing out. Take care.

How to surround yourself with positive people

It is important to surround yourself with positive people if you want to experience positive results in life. Below, Andrea has explained exactly why this concept is important.

“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” – Oprah Winfrey

How you feel entirely hinges on the choices that you are making throughout the day. One choice that you can make to improve how you feel is to spend time with positive people. Positive people improve your feelings and emotions because of how energy is transmitted through the Universe.

Energy is everything. It is the only thing that truly exists in the Universe. As human beings we are composed of matter, which is composed of cells, which is composed of atoms, which are composed of energy particles.

Though we are all made from energy, the frequency of that energy varies from person to person, cell to cell, atom to atom, and particle to particle. The energy that flows through our bodies and our world can be moving at a very high vibrational frequency (which can feel joyful or loving) or at a very low vibrational frequency (which can feel sad or depressing).

It is entirely possible for you to ensure that your energy vibration is running high most of the time. That being said, you may find that this is easier to do when you are around uplifting people. This is why the quality of people you surround yourself with is so important.

Making a conscious decision to spend more time with people who are uplifting and compassionate is a great decision to make. Being around positive people makes it easier for you to improve your vibration, because vibration is contagious.

Think about it, have you ever been around someone who’s laughter caused you to laugh? Who’s smile made you smile? Who’s compassion inspired you to be a little nicer?

Like attracts like in this world, so if you can find a way to be in the presence of people with a higher vibration, some of that will inevitably rub off on you.

So take stock of the company that you keep. Look through your connections for that friend who’s always smiling, the aunt who gives big hugs and the co-worker who makes you laugh.

Make a conscious effort to spend a little more time with the positive people in your life. Your vibration will rise as a result, your quality of life will improve, and you will feel good. Spending time with positive people pays off!

As a final note, please don’t think that you have to “ditch” all of the negative people in your life because of this phenomena. The beauty of vibration is that it builds on itself.

The higher you can build your vibration, the more positive people you will attract and the more positive feelings you will begin to project. The negative people in your life will then be more likely to catch your high vibrations from you in the same way that you caught them from others.

Simply make a small conscious effort to be around happier, kinder people more often and your vibration will gradually accelerate, turning you into one of those people who radiates joy and love to others.

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Author: Andrea Schulman

Andrea Schulman is a former high school psychology teacher and the creator of Raise Your Vibration Today, which provides free and easy Law of Attraction techniques. She will be available for group educational seminars and webinars starting in the summer of 2015.