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How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

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How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

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Springtime, the great season of rebirth and renewal, is the perfect time to throw the windows open and do some spring cleaning. If you’re feeling a bit lost about where to start, hopefully this guide will give you some ideas.

The Kitchen

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

Unless you’ve been living like a completely slovenly swine, this should be a sizeable, but not impossible job to tackle.

1. Follow the same protocol as with the bathroom in part 2 of this hack: empty out all cupboards, cabinets, and drawers, laying everything out in another room. Then wash the ceiling and walls the same way as you did in the washroom, making sure you also scrub behind the fridge and stove. Keep a pillow handy in case you need to scream into it.

2. Clean your fridge. There are no items inside your fridge that will go bad in the few minutes it’ll take you to scrub inside it, but leave those in the cold until the very last minute. Get your bucket of soapy water handy (use dish soap for this!), and after emptying the fridge completely, wash it all down thoroughly. You can take out the shelves and vegetable drawers to hose down in the yard if you need to, but put things like dairy products, eggs, and meat back in before doing anything else. Check the expiry dates of all items before returning them to the fridge, and throw out whatever’s past its prime.

3. Open a fresh box of baking soda and place it on one of the door shelves to absorb odours. If you had an old box of baking soda in there beforehand, toss it out. Don’t smell it first.

4.This is your chance to organize your fridge a bit better. Keep in mind that the top shelf and the door are the warmest spots in there, so arrange things accordingly. The coldest place in your fridge is the middle drawer, so that’s where you want to keep animal products (meat, dairy, eggs). Keep raw food and cooked food separate, and don’t over-stuff your fridge! Leave room for cold air to circulate.

Note: Always store cooked (i.e. ready-to-eat) food above raw food like unprepared meat, just in case any liquids are leaked from the raw ingredients onto the pre-prepared foods.

5. Store fruit and vegetables separately. You can store most vegetables in the crisper drawers at the bottom of the fridge, but harder fruits and veg like carrots and apples can be stored at the top of the shelf.

6. Use the fridge door shelves for drinks (other than milk), condiments, preserves, and pre-made snacks.

If you find that your fridge is getting crowded, consider packing things into stack-able plastic or glass containers: this will keep things nicely organized, and will free up space inside the fridge as well. Consider investing in a fridge thermometer so you can be sure that the interior temperature remains at 40°F (4°C).

7. Clear out all the cupboards/pantry, and wash down each shelf with vinegar-water. Wipe down every can, jar, box, and other container before putting it back in tidily. If you find that you have too many bags or boxes of dry goods flopping about, transfer their contents to empty jars or plastic containers that can be stacked neatly and keep contents from spilling, or being eaten by insects.

8. Empty out all the drawers, wash your cutlery container, and wipe down the insides of each drawer before putting anything back into them. Consider lining them with wallpaper or drawer-liners if you’d like to “pretty them up” a bit. Donate any items you’ll never use again (avocado slicer? really?) and keep the tools you use most often within easiest reach.

9. Clean your stove-top and oven. Scour the top of the stove with baking soda and a bit of dish soap, and wipe clean with a wet cloth. Avoid toxic oven cleaners and just clean it yourself with baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, and some steel wool.

Living Room/Office

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

These rooms tend to be smaller jobs, as they’re really only used for the sole purpose of work, or relaxation. If your living room pulls double-duty as a kid’s play area, however, there might be a bit more to tackle.

1. Clear it all out. With the exception of moving all of your furniture out into the hallway, grab boxes and bags and haul all the miscellaneous “stuff” into other rooms.

2. Wash down the walls, dust all the furniture (polish any wooden pieces while you’re at it), and then vacuum/wash the floor.

3. This is your opportunity to determine whether you need additional storage. If you found that you had miscellaneous “stuff” scattered around everywhere, you can take some time to organize things more efficiently. If you’re on a tight budget, check Craigslist, Kijiji, and Freecycle for things like bookshelves, baskets, trunks, and other storage solutions. For living rooms, you can designate 2 lower bookshelves for kid-stuff storage, and in offices, adding shelves for storage containers lifts things off the floor and into its proper place.

4. Before you put things away, evaluate whether you really need them, and if they need to be kept around. Holding onto a pack of business cards from a job you held 5 years ago is wholly unnecessary, and why would you keep disposable pens once they’ve run out of ink? Toss them.

5. If your living room is the place where you store your entertainment equipment, go through all of that to see what you still love, and what you’re happy to be rid of. Tastes change over time, and if you’re never going to listen to that Nickelback or Macy Gray CD again, pop it into the “donation” bin. Same goes for DVDs, console games, books, and magazines.

6. Freshen your upholstery with a little TLC to get it back into great shape. If your fabric couches and chairs are really filthy, rent a steam cleaner from the supermarket and give them a once-over to make them look their best. You can brush microsuede and condition leather furniture, and a spritz bottle of homemade Febreeze* on fabric upholstery can leave everything smelling fresh and lovely.

*You can make your own with a couple of cups of water, some vinegar, and essential oil.

7. Wash curtains and drapes to eliminate dust and odours, and wipe down windows with vinegar and water. Drying them with newspaper will bring them to a startling, crystalline shine. If you have vertical blinds, hang your head in shame, take them down, and put up some curtains.

8. This is a good time to switch around artwork on the walls, or to get some new pieces up as a chance of scenery. Consider some framed prints, or even postcards and small items you can create a collage with for interesting effects.

Are you looking to do some spring cleaning, but don’t want it to consume tons of your time? Below I’m sharing how you can spring clean your home in just one day. You might not want to spend a ton of time tackling your house, so with this plan below you’ll have a clean home in no time!

This post on How to Tackle Spring Cleaning in One Day is sponsored by 2000 Flushes. Any opinions are 100% my own.

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

Cleaning is something I actually really enjoy, and find relaxing. I love walking into a room and knowing that it is clean from top to bottom!

Even with a love for cleaning, I want to get spring cleaning done and out of my way. Then I can get out and enjoy fun activities with my family, and the nice sunny days. If you do too, here is how to tackle spring cleaning in one day so you can be done with it all!

How To Tackle Spring Cleaning
in One Day

Let’s start out by putting on some comfy pjs and working from room to room! This is a rough timeline of how long it should take for each room. Now washing and drying will take a little longer, and in between rooms, you can swap out laundry.

Living Room/Dining Room 8AM:

First off wipe down ceiling fans, walls and ceiling.A quick tip, is to use a pillowcase to put on each leaf, and gently wipe off the dirt. It will fall into the pillowcase instead of the floor.

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

Next tackle bookshelves if you have any. Move on to removing curtains and tossing them into the washer, and wiping down windows and blinds just like the bedrooms. Clean and dust your TV and electronics, tables, coffee tables and other surfaces.

Make sure to remove couch cushions and clean out any food or toys that have fallen in. You can put a dryer sheet under the cushion, so that when you go to sit down it will smell nice and fresh. Lastly, vacuum your carpet, or sweep and mop if you have hard surfaces.

Bathroom 10AM:

Start by vacuuming or sweeping the floors and wiping down the walls and ceilings. For a quick way to do that, take a broom and secure an old rag or microfiber rag onto bristles, and then use that to wipe the walls down. This way you don’t have to stand on a ladder.

If you have rugs or bath mats, toss them in to be washed. Next, spray down your shower and let it sit with cleaner (15 minutes). While the shower is waiting to be wiped down, scrub the toilet and drop in 2000 Flushes® Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner to clean, and deodorize!

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

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Clean off vanity, and wipe down mirrors. Then go back to the shower and wipe it down. Lastly sweep and mop your floors.

Bedrooms 11AM:

Now moving on to the bedrooms, start off by taking down any curtains and pull bedding off, toss in washer. Sprinkle baking soda onto your mattress and let it sit while you clean, this will deodorize your mattress.

Wipe down all the walls and ceiling, just like you did in the bathroom. If you have ceiling fans, make sure to wipe them down, they collect dust easily!

Next, dust all the surfaces (tables, decorations, dressers, etc). Open up the window sills and frame. If you have blinds, make sure to clean them. When you go to vacuum the room at the end, make sure to vacuum up the baking soda.

Kitchen/Pantry 1:30PM:

Start with your fridge and freezer. Remove any old food you may not be using, take contents out and wipe down shelves.

You can use just soap and water to scrub, or vinegar and water, both work great. Once clean, wipe down the outside of your refrigerator.

Next, tackle the microwave and oven. If your oven is dirty you can work on cleaning that, if it’s clean, skip and go to microwave.

I like to use a microwave safe bowl, pour water in it with a few drops of lemon or orange essential oils. Turn the microwave on for 5 minutes. Once it is done let it sit for awhile to help loosen all the stuck on foods, then simply wipe away.

While the water is cooling in the microwave, you can wipe down ceiling and walls. Then wash your counter-tops, and cabinets.

If your cupboards are full of food that needs cleaned out, do this now. Toss things that are expired or not being used (or donate) and then wipe down the shelves.

Now your microwave water should be cooled down enough to be wipes out. Finally sweep, mop and vacuum your floors.

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

Laundry 3:30PM:

Once you are done with all the rooms, you can finally finish up your laundry. Depending on how fast your cycles are, will depend on how long this takes. Get all your blinds and bedding washed and hung back up.

As you can see it will be a full day of cleaning, but in the end, you will have a really fresh and clean home! Plus, a toilet continually cleaning with itself with 2000 Flushes Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner at Target.

PS: I do suggest tossing a meal in the crock pot for dinner or ordering take out. You will be cleaning all day, and you won’t want to turn around and have to cook a huge meal.

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

As a new, warmer season inches closer, you might get the itch to start purging, cleaning and organizing.

Spring cleaning is a popular task to tackle, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to start. We chatted with organization and home decor experts to learn how to make the most of your time while giving your home a nice, fresh redo for spring. Here’s what they want you to know.

Start small

So you want to throw out old clothes, clean the bathrooms, organize the closets and still have time to take on the dirty dishes? A manageable way to tackle those tasks is admitting that you might not get all of them done in one day.

“It really is important to start small,” said Ashley Murphy, co-founder and CEO of the home organizing company Neat Method. “Oftentimes our homes or lives get out of order because the project becomes too big or daunting. Pick one section (just your shoes or just the spice cabinet, etc.) and spend 20 minutes going through it.”

If you’ve accepted your fate of having to spend more than a few hours on spring cleaning, you still might have a difficult time choosing your starting point. Murphy recommends focusing on your clothes and closets.

“What we wear every day is often a reflection of what makes us feel good,” she said. “So sorting through and getting rid of those things that no longer make you feel great is always a good place to start.”

Tracy McCubbin, founder and CEO of dClutterfly and author of The Clutter Code, which will be released in spring 2019, is a fan of first surveying what needs to be thrown out from the laundry room (it’s time to give up on those socks without a match) as well as getting real about the condition of bedding (sheets with holes have probably seen better days). She also reminded hopeful spring cleaners to not forget about cleaning under the bathroom and kitchen sinks. Empty product bottles need to go.

If you’re the kind of person who’s OK with pulling off the Band-Aid, feel free to start with the dreaded “junk drawer.”

“This might be the scariest one of all, but it will feel so satisfying!” McCubbin said. “Worn-out rubber bands, dead batteries, menus that are now available online ― be ruthless and strip this drawer down to the essentials. Yes, you need a screwdriver, scissors and a book of matches. No, you don’t need a Pez dispenser, a broken fridge magnet that you are never going to fix or an expired coupon to a yogurt shop that closed a year ago.”

Make sure you have the right tools ahead of time

According to McCubbin, every home needs one good mop, one Swiffer and two brooms (one for inside and one for outside). Say goodbye to the others.

“You are not going to fix a broken broom handle,” she said. “If a mop gets too gunky, you’ll never use it again. Let them go. And if you want extra credit, hang a broom and mop holder on the wall to organize them and get them off the floor.”

Before the deep clean, you might also want to stock up on those appealing storage containers you saw the other day, but McCubbin recommends purging your belongings before you do any organizing or add more things to your home.

“Too often people think organizing is only about putting their things in pretty bins,” she said. “They want to get organized and they go out and buy a bunch of storage containers to put everything in. To me, that’s not organizing, that’s just moving your clutter around. I say purge before you organize. The easiest way to be organized is to have less stuff.”

If you’d rather organize your belongings first to get a sense of what you have, your cleaning style is more like Murphy’s.

“It sounds funny, but once you have everything in a neat and orderly manner, it allows you to really see what you have,” she said. “Maybe you didn’t realize you actually had 20 white shirts but really only wear 10 of them. Once you have all of your like categories grouped, it makes the decision process that much faster when approaching the decluttering phase.”

Parents, get the kids involved

Organizing a room reserved for children almost seems impossible considering the pace at which many kids like to play. Instead of stressing, have your kids help, if possible. To make saying goodbye to their toys easier, McCubbin recommends donating them.

“If kids know their toys aren’t going in the trash but to a child that has less than they do, it’s often easier for them to let go,” she told HuffPost. “Get the whole family involved in the decluttering process. Set some time aside over the weekend to tackle the common areas. It’s easier to get kids to clean up their toys, if your personal space is organized. ”

To break up the cleaning year-round, Marty Basher, home organization expert at Modular Closets, suggests thoroughly evaluating kids’ closets as the seasons change and switching up what’s in them.

“Rotating what is in the closet seasonally is also the perfect opportunity to purge what doesn’t fit and is no longer needed while keeping the clutter to a minimum,” Basher told HuffPost. “Make use of a few plastic storage containers for off-season items and keep the closet open and user-friendly instead of jammed full of all the things.”

Don’t be afraid to get creative

Spring cleaning can be stressful enough. Don’t make it harder by limiting yourself to the standard ideas of what makes a clean, organized home. Basher understands the traditional functionality of closets, but if you’ve got the space, use it the way you want.

“Using free-standing pieces for clothes [and other items], a closet can become a mini office or a kids’ play space,” Basher said. “Create the space that brings the most use and joy to you.”

Also consider how worn items or things you don’t want anymore can have better uses if donated. Some animal shelters welcome old towels and blankets, and that piece of clothing with the tag still on it (we’ve all been there) could probably find a better home elsewhere.

There’s something about spring—the warm air, the blooming flowers, the longer days—that awakens people from their wintertime slumber. There’s something about the change in seasons that makes you want to grab a broom and dustpan and tackle the dustiest and dirtiest parts of your home–or maybe not. While some people might enjoy the ritual of spring cleaning, others would rather shed their heavy coats and embrace the season in other ways. So for those who see themselves basking in the warmth of the spring sun rather than scrubbing the kitchen floors, here are some easy cleaning tips that will have you enjoying the warm weather in no time.

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1Tackle one room at a time. Start by creating a list of the different rooms/areas in your home. Next, walk through your house and make a list of the different things that you need to dust, wash, scrub, and organize. If you need help creating a comprehensive list of what you should work on, read Housecleaning Checklist: What Are You Missing?

Focus on cleaning the neglected parts of your home. This is the perfect time to deep clean your home and tackle those areas that aren’t touched during your normal cleaning routine. By honing in on only those areas, you can cut your cleaning time in half.

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

Outsource some of your work. In order to relieve some of the stress of spring cleaning your home, consider hiring professionals to help you with the process. You can hire a junk removal company to get rid of old and unwanted items, and they will donate or recycle what items they can, so you can skip a trip to the thrift store. Likewise, consider hiring a carpet cleaning company to thoroughly clean your carpet and upholstery, which should be done at least once a year. These are only two types of home services professionals that can assist you with your spring cleaning list—check out our site to see what other companies might be available to help you.

Concentrate on the tasks that matter most. If you have a limited amount of time to complete your spring cleaning tasks, then it’s best to prioritize your chores by importance. For example, you would like to wash your window screens and clean your refrigerator’s condenser coil, but you only have enough time for one. Choose the task that will reap the most benefits—cleaning your condenser coil will ensure that it continues to operate properly and more efficiently. When covered with dust and grime, condenser coils have a harder time keeping your refrigerator cool. Cleaning the condenser coil and putting off the window screens until later will ensure that you make the most out of your time. For more spring cleaning tasks that focus on improving your home’s energy efficiency, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of our blog article “Spring Cleaning That Will Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency.”

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to completely consume the season. If you follow these spring cleaning tips and tricks, you’ll be able to enjoy the warm weather without spending too many days scrubbing, dusting, and cleaning.

Today we are going to start my Spring Cleaning Series- Part 1- The Kitchen. It may seem a little early, but I like to take advantage of these dreary rainy/cold days to get ahead. Also, cleaning can be FABULOUS exercise.

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

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My fragrance of the month seems to be a mixture of Tilex, Clorox, and Pine-Sol. Oh, but how I love a clean house. Before you dive headfirst into the spring cleaning project, let’s make a list of some of the things we want to tackle. It can be a major project, but if you get organized beforehand and divide it into smaller tasks it doesn’t seem so daunting.

Spring Cleaning Checklist

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

Spring Cleaning Series- Part 1- The Kitchen

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

Let’s Start In The Kitchen

The kitchen is the first area I like to tackle. For the most part, I keep this area clean all the time, but there are some ‘special tasks” that need to get some yearly or seasonal attention. The first is to clean the oven- yuck! Most ovens nowadays are self-cleaning (stinks up the house) but you have to actually wipe it out. Oven Needs A Good CleaningMy oven gets a workout over the winter so I do the old toxic Easy Off Oven Cleaner. I wear gloves and a mask. There are some non-toxic cleaning methods such as baking soda/vinegar/salt. I have tried but did not find it efficient. I believe someone said Goo Be Gone has a new “non-toxic” oven cleaner. After I have cleaned the oven, I add a shiny new oven liner. Some of newer ovens say you should not use an oven liner. Check your oven manual if you are unsure.

Give Your Cabinets Some TLC

Next, I give my cabinets a good wipe down with hot water and Pine Sol. Love the smell and it seems to help remove the grease and grime cabinets collect in a year. You will be floored by how dirty they are and I do this every spring.

Battle Of The Dust Bunnies

Now roll back the refrigerator and clean behind and use the vacuum hose to get dust from the back coil area and front. This will help your fridge run more efficiently.

Time To Purge

We are on a ROLL… Next the biggie. Purging. Yes, we are going to purge the kitchen cabinets, pantry, fridge, and freezer. Even with all the preservatives in food, they still have a shelf life for flavor. Use your purging skills to remove unwanted or never used items. It is just taking up valuable real estate. Overstuffed freezers do not work as well. While you are purging, take this time to wipe out any dirt, defrost your ice maker, and clean the drawers and shelves in your fridge.

Spring Cleaning Series Part 1-Take Some Time To Organize The Kitchen

It is also a great time for some organization. When I do this, I take one project at a time. Day one, the fridge, day two, the freezer, day 3 the cabinets, day 4 the pantry. That way you are not overwhelmed, and it is broken down into short, small, quick tasks. Be brutal!

**Need a little help with kitchen organization? Check out Organizing My Kitchen To Make My Empty Nest Life Easier

After you have cleaned and purged your fridge and freezer, change out those handy Arm & Hammer Baking Soda boxes and use old ones for the sink and disposal clean.

Clean The Dishwasher?

Did you know you can clean your dishwasher? My repairman told me to keep my old dishwasher as long as possible because the new ones with their fancy computer chips are problems. So we need to take extra care of our dishwashers. I NEVER put dishes with food particles in the dishwasher. This just clogs up the bottom and the line.

Use the dishwasher to sterilize. With that in mind, to clean the dishwasher run a clean cycle and pour a cup of vinegar at the bottom. It will help break up any grease and grime. If you have trouble with mold you can use bleach to clean, but NEVER add bleach and vinegar together. Also, bleach is not recommended for dishwashers with stainless steel interiors.

What Is That Smell?

What is that smell? It is probably your sink and disposal. This area is a collector of grease, grime, bacteria. I first do a clean by using baking soda and vinegar. This helps to remove the grime. Let the baking soda and vinegar, mixture sit for about 10 minutes. Afterward, pour hot water down the drain with disposal running. Finally, add some bleach for a final rinse. This will help remove bacteria and mold from the line.

Last, But Not Least

Last but not least, give that garbage can a really GOOD clean. I spray mine with bleach, rinse and let it dry in the sun. Check to see if you have a fire extinguisher, and if you don’t, get one, if you do, check the expiration date. Make sure all in the household knows where it is located.

Joys Of A Clean Home

I take pride in a clean home. Yes, I am a little bit of a clean freak, but there is a joy that comes over me when I come back after a long week, to a clean smelling home. Last week I cleaned my mother’s home, this week I will be tackling some early “Spring Cleaning” in the kitchen.

by Zack Walkter

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

Send dirt and germs packing with these genius tips. Check out this article and circle your way around your house with these great cleaning and organizational tips!

1. Kitchen: Circle your way around

Always begin on the right side of your stove, then move clockwise around the room. The stove is typically the dirtiest part of the kitchen, so ending with it keeps you from spreading dirt and grease. (First, soak drip pans and knobs in warm soapy water. By the time you’ve worked your way around, they’ll be easier to clean.)

2. Sanitize the sink

It’s hard to believe, but your dirty kitchen sink has more bacteria than your toilet seat. Use a product labeled as an EPA-registered disinfectant, or make your own. To disinfect, clean your sink with soap and water first, then spray a mist of vinegar followed by a mist of hydrogen peroxide, and let air-dry. (Don’t mix the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together—spray one after the other.) If your sink is stainless steel, make it sparkle afterward by putting a few drops of mineral oil on a soft cloth and buffing. This prevents water buildup, which deters mold and keeps the sink looking clean longer.

3. Do dishwasher duty

Once a week, shake baking soda on a damp sponge and wipe around the machine’s edges to remove stuck-on food or stains. To clean the inside, run an empty cycle with Dishwasher Magic, a product designed to kill bacteria like E.coli. “During cold and flu season, add a quarter-cup of bleach to the regular dish cycle to kill bacteria,” says Laura Dellutri. The dishes will be safe and sanitized after the rinse cycle is finished.

4. Love your oven

Keep the heart of your kitchen clean by lining the bottom with a nonstick oven liner. It can be wiped with a paper towel, put in the dishwasher, and reused over and over.

5. Disinfect the disposal.

To get rid of odors, drop in a cut-up lemon, some salt, and a few ice cubes. The lemon deodorizes, and the ice and salt clean away residue. Or try Disposer Care (, which is specifically designed for the job.

6. Crumple paper towels…forever

Use microfiber cloths instead. When wet, they sanitize and clean floors, counters, glass, and tile, and eliminate the need for other cleaning products. They’re reusable (machine-wash, hang to dry) and inexpensive.

7. Clean as you go

8. Zap the sponge

We all know that sponges can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Disinfect yours every night by squeezing it out and microwaving it on high for a minute. When it’s shredded and smelly, replace it

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Smart Way To Tackle Spring Cleaning

When you think of tackling your spring cleaning, you have to project beyond the actual work. Consider how great it will be to have a home that is clean from top to bottom? You’ll be able to proudly declare to your friends and all across social media that you got it done. The actual work won’t last as long as those good feelings. They’ll go on all through the spring. Here is the smart way to take on your spring cleaning:

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

Make a Schedule

It will help to start by plotting out a strategy. Which of your rooms is going to take the most time? What are the areas in your home you’ve put off cleaning? Those should become your primary targets. It also helps to dedicate a specific amount of time for the task. Whether you break it up over two weekends or cram it all in to a single day, you should probably go off the grid for the duration. Don’t take calls or texts. Too tempting to be distracted.

Work from Top to Bottom

Cleaning efficiently means working from top to bottom. Despite your best efforts, a lot of that dusk from the top of the bookshelves and ceiling fans is going to flutter down to the floor. Same for the dust on furniture. The last thing to do before leaving a “finished” room is the vacuuming or moping. Then it’s totally clean.

Use a HEPA Vacuum

Spring cleaning is the time of year when professional carper cleaners go into overdrive. Not a bad thing to add to the list but if you don’t want to go that route, the least you should do is switch to a high quality HEPA vacuum. The HEPA filtration will do a great job picking up the dust but will remove allergens and impurities in the air while it works. This is also the time to put all those vacuum cleaner attachments to work to get under the sofa, between the cushions and up in the corner of the ceilings.

Don’t Forget Walls and Windows

Spring cleaning is all about letting the sunshine in but that can’t happen with dirty windows. This might be a project to do separately from the room cleaning. As long as you’re wiping down the windows, you might as well wipe down the walls and baseboards, too.

Obviously, you’ll be throwing out a lot of rubbish as part of your spring cleaning but there might be plenty of stuff leftover that you can’t fit into the garbage can. That’s when it’s time to bring in Junk King Jacksonville. They’ll move fast to haul away your unwanted recliners, couches, loveseats and other furniture items you want to get rid of. They can also take away all that stuff from your closets and garage that isn’t ever going to be used again. It’s a smart move to bring in Junk King Jacksonville to help you with your spring cleaning chores.

It’s a day both awaited and dreaded: the great spring cleaning! This great marathon of sorting, washing and storage is essential for your well-being in your home: furniture is relegated to the garden or garage and the whole family, armed with brooms and buckets, rolls up their sleeves.

Sorting Everyone’s Business

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

The great cleaning often resonates with a new beginning! So make room for a new decoration, empty and move the furniture. It’s also a great opportunity to empty the shelves!

Take advantage of it to:

– donate or resell clothing and furniture that you no longer want;

– discard worn or broken objects;

– organize and review your administrative files;

Brush the Ceilings

Ceilings remain easy to clean… as long as they can be reached. Perched on a stepladder, you can easily remove dust, traces and crawling insects!

Start by dusting with a soft-bristled brush. Then, with a brush, soak the surface and rinse with clean water.

Cleaning Walls

Water and soap will remove black marks on the walls of the house. But be careful, not all walls accept this treatment.

Before soaping your walls, make sure that:

– the wallpaper is really washable;

– you removed all the dust.

Clean the Floor

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

As you have just removed all your furniture and knick-knacks, hitherto inaccessible corners of the house are revealed.

For parquet floors: polish before polishing with a glazier.

Linoleum floors: a simple mop is enough.

Carpets: clean them with a steam cleaner or extractor injector.

Tiles: washing with black soap will restore its shine.

Cleaning Carpets

When a carpet looks pale, it is high time to clean it. Depending on the type of carpet, cleaning varies.

The vacuum cleaner provides essential dust removal for all carpets. Shampoos with or without water deeply cleanse the fibres of the fabrics.
The earth of Sommières catches the encrusted dirt.

Caution: always test the cleaning on an invisible area of the carpets.

Polishing Furniture

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

Your furniture is cleaned and dusted with care. Depending on the type of wood, you will not use the same technique.

Rough Wood: scrape off the stains with sandpaper and wash the furniture with a little black soap diluted in hot water.

Waxed Wood: remove dust and wash with a little water. Fresh stains will leave with absorbent paper.

Painted Wood: clean the furniture with soapy water. Soda crystals can remove stains. On the other hand, do not use a lot of water.

Tips for Clean Windows:

No matter how much you rub, there are still traces left?

– Use a sponge, chamois leather or steam cleaner. Make sure your equipment is always kept clean, otherwise change it.

– Choose the direction: from bottom to top or from left to right, but always in the same direction!

Spring Cleaning the Kitchen:

Empty the refrigerator and clean the grates with a mild detergent and the inside with baking soda. Maintaining the kitchen takes time and energy to do it right. To help you out, you can call Green Squirrel Cleaning. They provide professional cleaning services to homeowners and small businesses in Melbourne’s inner and western suburbs.

Cleaning Household Appliances:

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

– wash and descale coffee maker and kettle;

– clean the microwave with dishwashing liquid and start the oven’s self-cleaning system;

– to remove crumbs from the bottom of the toaster or clean gaps, use a compressed air can like the ones used for cleaning your keyboard and computer.

Take Care of Electronic Devices

An electronic device needs maintenance to stand the test of time. Be careful, however:

– do not use detergents;

– do not use water;

– use a soft cloth or electrostatic brush.

Do not disassemble your devices if you won’t know how to reassemble them afterwards!

Bridging the Bathroom

Give a second youth to your tired bathroom! With a little effort, this place will regain a refined and soothing appearance.

Bathroom Cleaning Tips:

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

Against tartar: a little salt mixed with white vinegar will do wonders.

Against black joints: spray steam from a cleaner at full power to remove dirt.

For oily stains: rub an onion on the stains.

Disinfect the Bin

Bad smells, stains, deposits, the garbage can quickly become a germs’ nest. To remedy this, you can use natural and inexpensive ingredients.

Mix soda crystals, coffee and liquid black soap. Rub the entire bin with a sponge soaked in the mixture.

Finally, disinfect with white vinegar and make it shine and smell good with essential oils.

Clear Ventilation and Heating

Often forgotten, the ventilation grid accumulates dust and crawling insects to our great displeasure.

– a dusting from time to time;

– cleaning with soapy water once a month.

Before you start, are you sure you really want to dirty your hands in all that? Spring cleaning can be very tiring and time-consuming. So, better you call out for a professional to do all the regular spring cleaning for you. This way, you will be able to use your time and energy to do things that really pleases you.

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

These tips on how to tackle spring cleaning while making dinner are part of a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of On-Cor. The opinions and text are all mine. #CountOnCor

Are you getting ready to spring clean?

We’re starting to see the first hints of spring around here, and I cannot wait! Of course, living in Wisconsin means the weather will continue to tease us with warm, sunshine filled days in between cold snaps and snow until practically June.

Still, my mind is on airing out the house and doing some spring cleaning – especially with the kids and dog tracking mud across the kitchen floor!

I’m all about working smarter and finding ways to be more efficient with my time. As the weather gets nicer, I’d rather spend time outside with the kids, not cleaning the house! Life’s demanding enough. Dinner shouldn’t be. On-Cor does the prep work, so you can take care of other to-do’s that need to-doing.

Like decluttering and assigning the kids chores to do! (I really love it when a plan comes together.)

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

How to Tackle Spring Cleaning While Dinner is in the Oven

There’s something refreshing about sprucing up the house as the weather gets warm enough to open the windows and doors. I start to feel ambitious about cleaning the house top to bottom, but then wonder how the heck I’m going to get it all done. Do you feel that way too?

Things don’t really slow down yet with kids’ activities and I’m finding myself searching for at least an extra hour in the evening to get things done. Thankfully, I have some easy dinner options in my freezer like On-Cor. They recently enhanced their products to satisfy the needs of moms looking for convenient, quality dinner solutions for their families.

So, while dinner is in the oven, I can use that time to get other things done like cleaning the house.

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

Have realistic expectations

There is no way to get the place clean and shiny, top to bottom, in less than an hour. It’s just not going to happen. Instead, have realistic expectations for how many chores you can complete before getting dinner on the table. You don’t have to do it all in one day. A little day by day, or even just a couple times a week, will help you chip away at your to-do list.

Breakdown your tasks

Spring cleaning can feel overwhelming if you look at the entire house at once. It helps to write everything down. Start by thinking of all the things that need to get done in one room, then the next room. Don’t just write down CLEAN THE KITCHEN either. You need to break it down by areas of the room and specific tasks.

For example, in the kitchen you may write throw out old food from the fridge, wash shelves in refrigerator, clean the oven, declutter dishes, and sweep the floor.

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

Another example is your kid’s room: purge outgrown clothing, pack away winter items, clear off dresser, purge outgrown toys, throw away broken toys, declutter papers brought home from school, dust, and vacuum.

Set a timer

Not only will you have a timer to know when dinner is done, but you’ll want a timer in order to split up the time you have available. While the oven pre-heated, I quickly made a side dish of cheesy roasted potatoes to go in with the Barbecue Sauce & 6 Boneless Rib-Shaped Patties entrée. I love that you can keep your On-Cor entrée as is, or put a personalized spin on your favorite meal, such as turning the Gravy & Salisbury Steaks into sliders, or adding chicken to the flavorful Macaroni & Cheese.

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

I knew once I put the entrée and the potatoes in the oven, I’d have about 45-50 minutes to work on chores. I don’t know about you, but I am more productive when I have a limited amount of time to get things done. Set a 10 minute timer to get the first task done, then repeat. Depending on your task list, you could tackle five chores before dinner beeps!

For this cleaning power hour, I’d suggest sticking to several chores that are not overly time consuming or ones you can easily stop working on and continue again later, such as sorting through papers.

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

It felt great to cross several things off my to-do list by the time we sat down to eat!


Want to get even more done? Then enlist your little helpers. If the whole family pitches in, you’ll get so much done in under an hour! You can all work on the same room together or divide the list however you want. I like to give the kids easier tasks like wiping down surfaces, sweeping, dusting, and mopping. Get more ideas on chores for kids here.

How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

We were goofing around and she pretended her mop was a guitar!

Wondering how to get reluctant kids involved? You can use a printable chore chart. Some kids love the recognition and seeing what they’ve accomplished. Another option is to buy a kids cleaning set. Let’s face it, adult cleaning supplies tend to be boring. An adorable, colorful kid sized mop is way more fun (and easier for them to manage).

You can also make it into a game. See who can get to their assigned area the fastest or how many chores can everyone get done. You could also turn chore assignments into a game by picking them out of a hat.

Our favorite way to make doing chores together more fun? Blasting some upbeat music!

I hope these tips help you with how to tackle spring cleaning at your house. With a little planning and utilizing simple dinner solutions, you can knock several things off your to-do list!

For your next family meal, head to the freezer aisle of Meijer or check out the store locator at to pick up one of On-Cor’s entrées.


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How to tackle spring cleaning part 1

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of On-Cor. The opinions and text are all mine.


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