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How to take a selfie using siri

As you might already know, you can start the Camera with only a swipe on the Lock Screen. But did you know that you can open up the Camera with Siri? We show you how to take pictures and even selfies with Siri?

Take Pictures with Siri

Apple‘s voice assistant Siri becomes smarter and more useful with every bigger iOS release. Now you can command Siri to take a picture or selfie.

At first hold the Home Button of your iPhone to open Siri. Alternatively, you can start Siri by saying “Hey Siri”, if you have enabled this feature.
Once Siri is opened, you can command the assistant one of the following Siri camera commands:

  • “Take a picture”
  • “Take a panoramic picture”
  • “Take a square picture”

Afterwards Siri opens the Camera app in the specified mode. You have to take the photo by yourself though. Just tap the button in the middle as usual.

How to take a selfie using siri

Can Siri take a Selfie

First of, yes, Siri can be used to take a selfie. To take a selfie with Siri, start the assistant like described above. Then say: “Take a Selfie” or “Siri take a Selfie”.
In response to the Siri selfie command, Siri opens the Camera app with the front-facing camera and you just need to tap the button to take a selfie.
At the moment Siri is only able to openthe Camera app in the specified mode. The picture finally has to be taken by the person. It would be more functional, if Siri also takes the picture. We can only hope that Apple will change this with an upcoming Update.

Siri can do much more than just taking pictures on voice command like starting a call from the Lock Screen. Learn how to make a call from Lock Screen with Siri here.

Taking a picture on your iPhone is as easy as swiping the Lock screen to the left to open the Camera app in iOS 10. But did you know that you can also use Siri to quickly capture a photo, video or selfie? All you need to do is to say the correct command to Siri.

Siri has come a long way since its inception in iOS 5. Over the years, Apple has added advanced features to Siri to make it a smart digital assistant. In iOS 10, it has been opened up to third-party integration, which allows you to use Siri to send messages with third-party apps, ask for a ride using Uber or Lyft, search for movies about specific topics and much more.

It’s also possible to take a picture, video or selfie with Siri. Read on to find out how you can ask Siri to do this.

How to Take a Photo with Siri

Step 1: Press and hold the Home button on your iPhone, iPad or iPod to open Siri. Alternatively, you can say “Hey Siri” if you’ve enabled this feature.

Step 2: Once Siri is activated, you can say either of the following phrases:

  • “Take a picture”
  • “Take a Panoramic picture”
  • “Take a Square picture

Step 3: Siri will open the Camera app with the picture mode you asked for. Next, proceed with taking a beautiful photo by pressing the Circle capture button when you’re ready.

How to Take a Video with Siri

Step 1: Press and hold the Home button on your iPhone, iPad or iPod to open Siri. Alternatively, you can say “Hey Siri” if you’ve enabled this feature.

Step 2: Once Siri is activated, you can say either of the following phrases to capture a video:

  • “Take a video”
  • “Take a Time-Lapse video”
  • “Take a Slow Motion video”

Step 3: Siri will open the Camera app with the video mode you asked for. Tap on the record button when you’re ready to start recording a video.

How to Take a Selfie with Siri

Step 1: Press and hold the Home button on your iPhone, iPad or iPod to open Siri. Alternatively, you can say “Hey Siri” if you’ve enabled this feature.

Step 2: When Siri opens, say “Take a selfie”.

Step 3: Siri will now open the Camera app and switch to the front-facing camera so that you can capture a selfie.

That’s all you need to do to capture a photo, video or selfie using Siri. Currently, Siri is only capable of opening the Camera app with the mode you asked for, but it cannot do other stuffs such as enable Live Photos, turn on HDR, set a timer and so on.

One thing that I always wanted Siri to do is to actually take photos when I ask for it. Right now, all it does is open the Camera app and set the mode you ask for, but it doesn’t take a picture automatically. If Apple adds this feature then it will become very easy to take photos on the go.

By: Salman Patwegar

While taking a picture with the Camera app on iPhone is easy, you can also ask Siri to help you take Photos, Videos and Selfies on iPhone or iPad.

How to take a selfie using siri

Take Photos, Selfie and Video Using Siri

In case you are wondering, Siri does not actually press the Camera button to take Photos or selfies for you.

It opens the Camera App in the requested mode, allowing you to just press the button to shoot photo in that particular mode.

For example, you can ask Siri to help you take a photo in Panorama mode by saying ‘Siri take a panorama’.

Siri will open the Camera App with Panorama option pre-selected, all that you have to do is press the Camera button on the screen of your iPhone to take the picture in Panorama mode.

Note: In order to use Siri Voice Commands, you will have to Enable Hey Siri on iPhone.

1. Take Photos Using Siri

There are 3 types of photos that you can take using Siri: Regular picture, Square picture and a Panoramic picture.

1. Say ‘ Hey Siri ‘ to activate Siri or press and hold Home button or Side button (iPhone X and later).

2. Now say “ Siri take a picture ” to take a photo in regular or Normal Mode.

3. Say “ Siri take a square picture ” to take a square picture.

4. Say “ Siri take a panorama ” to take a panoramic shot with your iPhone

As mentioned above, Siri only opens the camera in requested mode – you will have to press the button to take the picture.

2. Take Selfie Using Siri

Siri can also open the Selfie Camera for you on your iPhone.

1. Say ‘ Hey Siri ‘ to activate Siri or press and hold Home button or Side button (iPhone X and later).

2. Next say “ Siri take a selfie ”

Siri will immediately activate the front Camera on your iPhone, you will have to press the button to take a Selfie.

3. Shoot Video Using Siri

Follow the steps below to start shooting videos on your iPhone Camera by asking Siri to take Videos.

1. Say ‘ Hey Siri ‘ to activate Siri or press and hold Home button or Side button (iPhone X and later).

2. Next say “ Siri record a video ”

3. Siri will open the Camera on your iPhone in Video Shooting Mode, allowing you to shoot video.

4. Use Front Camera to Take Selfie Using Siri

In addition to asking Siri to take Photos and Videos with the Rear Facing Camera, you can also make Siri’s to use the Front Facing Camera in Selfie Mode.

1. Say ‘ Hey Siri ‘ to activate Siri or press and hold Home button or Side button (iPhone X and later).

2. Now say “ Siri take a selfie video ”

3. Siri will open the front facing camera on your iPhone in Selfie Mode, allowing you to take Selfies using the Front Camera.

At this point of time Siri cannot turn on HDR Photos, Change Video Quality, Trigger the Flash, Enable Live Photos, Turn On Live Filters or Zoom-in and Zoom-out of pictures.

Taking a photo or filming a video with your iPhone is easy enough as it is. Just fire up the camera app and go for it. But many users don’t now Siri can also be used as a virtual assistant in this area too.

In this article, we trigger Siri using the “Hey Siri” voice command. Did you know there are other methods available, depending on your device? You can read about them all in our how to use Siri guide.

At this point, Siri can ask the Camera app to do almost everything for you except the final act of taking the photo or video. Your finger is still needed at that point – which is a shame, as being able to command Siri to take shots when the iPhone is set up on a tripod a distance away would be very useful.

It’s now possible to take a photo using the “Hey Siri” voice command. You’ll need to set up a simple Siri Shortcut, though, for which we’ve helpfully written a step-by-step guide.

How to take a photo with Siri

Siri will let you open the Camera app with the three available photo options.

Press and hold the side button on your iPhone to activate Siri or simply say “Hey Siri” if you’ve already enabled this feature. Then say:

The Camera app will launch with the setting you requested, and you can press the capture button to take the photo.

How to take a selfie using siri

How to take a selfie with Siri

The Camera app will launch with your preferred setting. Press the capture button to take the photo.

How to take video with Siri

You can ask Siri to open the Camera app to one of the three available video options.

Press and hold the Home/Side button on your iPhone to activate Siri or simply say “Hey Siri” if you’ve already set up this feature. Then say:

The Camera app will open to the setting you asked for, and you can start to record a video.

What you can’t do (yet)

There are a few other things that Siri isn’t yet able to do in the Camera app.

  • Trigger the flash.
  • Enable Live Photos.
  • Set a timer.
  • Turn on HDR photos.
  • Turn on Live Filters.
  • Lock AutoFocus.
  • Zoom.
  • Turn the viewfinder grid on or off.
  • Change video quality.

Once you’ve taken a photo, you can use Siri to search your library without the need to tap, scroll, and swipe around until you discover the image you’re looking for.

Apple’s voice assistant Siri can help you do a lot of things on your iPhone and iPad but not everyone using Siri is familiar with all the commands that they can use. From calling your friend to reminding you for an upcoming meeting Siri can handle mostly everything you throw at it. However, to make use of all its features it becomes important to learn all the commands, and in this guide, we’ve made a list of best Siri commands that you can use to get tasks done. Without waiting further, let’s get started.

How to take a selfie using siri

Siri Commands that can be used to communicate with other people:

  • Call someone. Ex: “Call Mom” or “Call 9642093231”
  • Text someone. Ex: “Tell Nandini to come back soon.”
  • Call someone on their alternate phone number. Ex: “Call Ashley on her work phone”
  • Call the last person you had a chat with. Ex: “Redial Last Number”
  • Hear your messages. Ex: “Read my new messages” or “Read my older messages”
  • Send someone an email. Ex: “Send an Email to [name] about [add your subject] and say [the main message in your email].”
  • Facetime someone. Ex: “Facetime Pavneet”

Siri commands to define Relationships with your Contacts

  • Tell Siri about you. Ex: “Call me Prabhjit”
  • Tell Siri about your Wife. Ex: “My wife is Joey Smith”
  • Tell Siri about your brother. Ex: “My brother is Navraj Singh Goraya”
  • Tell Siri about your Parents. Ex: “My Dad is Rishabh Arora” or “My Mom is Olivia Jones”
  • Tell Siri about your Boss. Ex: “My boss is Steve Thompson”

Siri Commands to Control Your iPhone or iPad

  • “Turn on/off WiFi”
  • “Turn on/off Cellular Data”
  • “Turn on/off Bluetooth”
  • “Turn on/off Airplane Mode”
  • “Take a picture”
  • “Take a selfie”
  • Open an App. Ex: “Open WhatsApp“
  • “Increase/decrease brightness”
  • Adjust your Music Volume while playing music. Ex: “Turn up the volume” or “Turn down the volume” or “Adjust volume to 50 percent”
  • “Set an alarm for [time]”

Siri commands for information and searching the web

  • Find a definition for a word. Ex: “Define Memory”
  • Ask Siri for the date Ex: “What day it is” or “What’s the date”
  • Ask Siri for time. Ex: “What’s the time”
  • Check for the latest news. Ex: ” What’s the news for today”
  • Search for your queries. Ex: “Search for the best horror movies on Netflix”
  • Find the nearest places. Ex: “Show me the nearest movie theatre”
  • Ask for your location. Ex: “What’s my location”
  • Ask Siri to convert money. Ex: “50 dollars in Indian Rupees”
  • Ask Siri for Math Problems. Ex: “What is 92+6”
  • Ask for the time in a different location. Ex: “What’s the time in Las Vegas”
  • Ask Siri for Food Recipes. Ex: “Show me the recipe for Butter Chicken” or “How do I make Butter Chicken”
  • Ask for details on Celebrities. Ex: “When is the next Ranbir Kapoor movie releasing”
  • Ask for different conversions. Ex: “What are 500 meters into feet”
  • Ask Siri for Weather. Ex: “What’s the Weather in Guwahati”
  • Find Apps. Ex:” Get the Instagram app on iPhone”

Siri commands for Entertainment, music, and movies.

  • Find out movie timings and more. For Ex: “What movies are playing at Cinepolis Vadodara” or “Showtimes for Gully Boy”
  • Search for trailers. Ex: “Greyhound Trailer”
  • Get sports updates. Ex: “Which team win the IPL Finals in 2019”
  • Play your playlists. Ex: “Play Bollywood Curated on Apple Music”
  • Play your favorite songs. Ex: “Play Hot Launde by Badshah on Apple Music”
  • “Stop this song”
  • “Jump to the next song” – Use this to jump to the next song while playing a playlist.
  • “Skip this song”
  • Play songs from a specific artist. Ex: “Play songs by Selena Gomez on Apple Music”
  • Play the trending songs. Ex: “Play the Hot 100 songs in India”
  • Find synopsis for Movies. Ex: “What’s the Synopsis for La La Land”

Travel Commands

  • Know your flight status. Ex: “Check flight status for Emirates 1727”
  • Find directions to the place you wanna visit. Ex: “Directions to home”
  • Find different places and services near you. Ex: “Find KFC near me” or “Find the best restaurant near me”
  • Check the closing/opening time for a nearby business. Ex: “What’s the opening time for this service center”

Other Fun Commands

  • “Roll a dice” or “Roll two dice”
  • “Flip the coin”
  • “Tell me a joke”
  • “Are you a robot”
  • “Do I look fat in this”
  • “Beatbox for me”
  • “What is your best pickup line”
  • “Knock knock”
  • “What does the fox say”
  • “What are you wearing”
  • “Where is Elvis Presley”
  • “Why did the chicken cross the road”
  • “Do you believe in God”
  • “Okay Glass”

That’s all, folks! For more updates on the latest smartphones and tech, follow us on our social media profiles. Don’t forget to share this guide if you liked it using the social media buttons and do check more guides, tutorials, tips, and tricks .

Stop using the remote for everything on your Apple TV and put Siri to work.

How to take a selfie using siri

Forget swiping around on your remote — Siri on the fourth-generation Apple TV is the fastest way to get around.

Did I mention you can use Siri to input text, too? Goodbye, on-screen keyboard.

Most standard Siri commands for the iPhone work exactly the same with Apple TV . In addition, Apple TV has its own unique navigation commands.

‘Play the “Friends” episode with Robin Williams’

Rather than trying to remember which episode and season an actor made a guest appearance in, just ask Siri, or tell her to play the episode.

‘Play “Dexter” season 4, episode 1’

If you know where you left off in a particular TV show, you can quickly jump to a specific episode rather than thumbing through Netflix until you find the right one. Just say, “Play ‘Parks and Recreation’ season 6, episode 5,” and Siri will present you with the episode. You can view it in the iTunes store or stream through compatible sources like Netflix.

‘Jump forward 5 minutes’

If you forgot to pause a show or movie while you did something else, you don’t have to worry about slowly scrubbing back to find where you left off. You can quickly jump backward and forward by telling Siri. Say, “Jump forward 5 minutes,” “Skip back 7 minutes,” or “Rewind 9 minutes.”

‘Who stars in this?’

If you’re not sure who is playing a part in the movie or show you’re watching, just ask. While playing the movie or show, press and hold the Siri button and say, “Who stars in this?” Alternatively, you can ask Siri who played a particular role in a film or who directed.

‘What did he just say?’

When using this command, Siri will rewind whatever you’re watching several seconds and automatically enable closed captioning so you can finally understand those horrible and inaudible whispers in movies and TV shows. After a short while, closed captioning will turn itself off.

‘Reduce loud sounds’

Commercials are notoriously louder than the stuff you really care about. There are also quite a few films that dropped the ball on audio leveling. If this is the case with what you’re watching, just tell Siri to “reduce loud sounds.” This will enable its audio leveling feature and eliminate audio spikes.

Best games for Apple TV

How to take a selfie using siri

How to take a selfie using siri

‘Play the live version of this song’

If you’re streaming Apple Music and want to hear the live version of a song, just tell Siri. While the song is playing, say, “Play the live version of this song.” If there’s one available, Siri will cue it up.

‘Find the YouTube app’

The App Store on Apple TV is very similar to the ones on iOS and Mac. It has categories, top charts, featured apps, your purchases or past downloads and a search function. But nothing will get you to the app you want to download faster than asking Siri — that is, if you know what you’re looking for. Just say, “Find the HBO app.” You can also be less specific, such as, “Find card games,” if you know what style of game or app you’re looking for but don’t have a specific one in mind.

‘Flip a coin’

If you can’t decide on where to eat for dinner or lost the dice to your favorite board game, Siri can help. Ask her to flip a coin or roll a die. You can also use Siri as a Magic 8-ball. Just say, “8-ball, should I buy a new car?”

Other useful Siri commands

If you use Siri on your iPhone or iPad, many of the commands you’re used to should work fine with Apple TV. You can check the weather, look up stock market information and follow your favorite sports team’s progress, all by asking Siri.

Obviously, you can’t navigate, take a selfie or schedule reminders. You also can’t search the Web, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other commands. You might be surprised at what Siri will come up with.

How to take a selfie using siri

Apple’s 2019 lineup of iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max has an unprecedented camera and features that can help you rock your social media game. One specific feature that has caught my eye is the slow-motion selfie that the tech giant has very smarty dubbed as Slofie. But what is it and how to take a slofie on iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max?

Whether a millennial or not, everyone has been boarding the selfie craze train. As a resultant, almost all smartphone manufacturers have been luring users with features such as beauty mode, portrait mode, wide-angle selfie’s, among other things. Apple has been excelling at this game for a while with unique technology and ideas like TrueDepth enabled portraits and Memoji’s.

In fact, the new iOS 13 and iPadOS bring some fantastic new attributes to Memoji. And this year, Apple brings something exciting, unique, and innovative to up your selfie game. Let’s learn more about the feature:

What is a ‘Slofie’

A brand new feature in the iPhone 11 models that enables the 12MP TrueDepth front camera to record videos at 120 frames per second. When these frames are slowed down, you get a crisp slow-motion selfie. When the feature was announced during the Apple event on September 10, it was pronounced as a ‘slofie.’

Notably, Apple soon realized the potential of this new feature and applied for a US trademark on September 13. In the document, Apple defines slofie as “downloadable computer software for use in capturing and recording video.” This implies that Apple does not want any other company to come up with slofie-branded camera apps; ensuring that slofies remain exclusive to the new iPhones.

How to Record a Slofie on iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max

Notably, there is no slofie app or a slofie mode on the new iPhones. The feature is simply called “slo-mo” in Apple’s camera app and here’s how you can use it to take a slow-motion selfie:

Step #1. Open the Camera app on your iPhone 11.

Step #2. Activate the front camera by using the perspective flip button.

Step #3. Select the Slo-mo option by swiping the mode dial to the right.

Step #4. Tap on record and take your Slofie.

Hope you a great time recording a slofie.

While really helpful for your social media adventures, features like these are majorly for making special moments with your family and friends. And not just to make said moments more fun and eventful, but to remember them fondly forever and ever. Apart from this, Apple has also incorporated some great features in the iOS 13 update, especially in the Photos app. Check them out, right now!!

Most of the time, we frame the photo on our iPhone and touch the shutter release button on the display. Or perhaps it’s more convenient to use the volume control buttons on the side. However, there are several ways to trip the shutter without even touching your iPhone.

There are several reasons you might want to do this. Perhaps you’re taking a family portrait, and you want to mount the iPhone on a tripod and make sure there’s no movement when you take the photo. Perhaps you’re doing some stargazing, you have a special lens or binoculars attached to the iPhone and an app that can hold the shutter open longer, and you want to capture some star trails. In these cases, you want to trip the shutter without actually touching the iPhone. Here are some ways to do it.

1. Earphones. Use your attached earphones that have volume controls, for example, the Apple EarPods. Think of them as a shutter release cable when the iPhones camera app is running. Just press one of the volume buttons. Here’s a sample setup using the olloclip case with the tripod attachment. That attachment has an opening on the botton so that one can easily insert a headphone cable.

Wired heaphones with volume controls work.

2. Apple’s Bluetooth wireless keyboard. Pair your iPhone with the Apple keyboard. When the iPhone’s camera app is running, the volume control buttons on the keyboard will release the iPhone’s shutter.

The volume control buttons on this keyboard also work.

3. Bluetooth headsets. I have read that some Bluetooth head sets will release the shutter when paired with an iPhone and a volume control is pressed. However, I tried both the ISO Bluetooth Stereo Headphones, previously reviewed as well has my Motorola H700 Bluetooth headset to no avail.

The H700 call button did trigger Siri, so perhaps these devices have various and limited connectivity features when paired.


This trick has worked since iOS 5, and it works on any model iPhone.

If you get Method #3 to work with Bluetooth, it’s great for including yourself in family photos because you can be up to 10 meters (33 feet) away from the iPhone on its tripod and trip the shutter with something small and hidden in your hand.

If one can use an Apple Bluetooth keyboard to trip the iPhone’s shutter, there may be yet other accessories that work. If you find one, let us know in the comments below.

iPhone 5s and wireless keyboard images via Apple.

There are only so many times I can take being called a mutherf***er

How to take a selfie using siri

How to take a selfie using siri

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Me: Siri. Snooze 10 minutes.

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Me: Fine. Geeze. What’s the weather like today?

SJ Siri: Nigga, how the fuck am I supposed to know? Do I look like Al Roker to you? Oh, shit. Hold up. I do have this database. One second. Looks good. It’s gonna be HOT!

Me: Can you be a little more specific than just “Hot”?

SJ Siri: Oh. Sure. Sorry. It’s gonna be “HOT AS FUCK!”

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SJ Siri: Not even that bi-, I mean, not even that ho, Becky?

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SJ Siri: Motherfucka! This is like the 12th selfie you’ve taken today! You never get more than two goddamn likes on your Instagram posts anyway. Put away the motherfuckin’ phone already!

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