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How to talk to a guy over the phone

How to talk to a guy over the phone? Want to call the guy you’re pulverizing on but don’t know what to say? On the other hand, are you confused on the best way to talk to the guy you’re dating on the phone? Whether its your smash or your boyfriend, it can be hard to know what to say to a guy on the phone. Here is a list of some interesting ways to make contact with the uncommon guy in your life.

(A) Calling to Talk to a Guy Over the Phone

1.) Think The Topic to Talk to a Guy Over the Phone

Before you place the call, make a note of things, you think will probably interest him. Talking about a motion picture he likes, a game he plays, or a feature game you now he plays are great ways to get him talking and to take in more about him. Perhaps you are in class together and you require some assistance with a task. You can record a rundown of topics to experience, but don’t depend on that too much. You want to make it easy going and off the cuff.

Ask him things like “How did baseball practice go last night?” or “What are you composition your new song”. These topics, which are close to his heart, will get him talking. These are open enough that he can expound and will get him talking.

Make sure to spotlight on a few topics that you know a tad bit more about too. You don’t want it to seem fake or practiced when you talk about these topics.

How to Talk to a Guy over the Phone

2.) Relax to Talk to a Guy Over the Phone

When you’ve arranged a few things to say, take a few full breaths. The guy also feels uncomfortable in case you are too jumpy or uncomfortable or you could scare him off. Just act characteristic, act naturally, and remember, he is just a guy.

Make sure you are in a place where you’re comfortable and are not likely to get intruded. You are more likely to be loose and sure about your conversation.

It might not just be you that is anxious. In the event that you have given insights that you like him, he might be holding up for a more evident sign that you do truth be told like him. Calling him is a decent way to get this over.

3.) Right Way to Say Hello to Talk to a Guy Over the Phone

No matter whoever picks up the phone think about the right kind of salutation, that would create the right impression. When he answers the phone, give an easy going but energized welcome. Since you’ve never talked to him on the phone before, make sure you say who it is, saying something such as “Hello!, this is Jane. How are you doing?” The individual conversation over the phone is much more distinctive than it is in any other medium.

In the event that someone other than the guy answers the phone, don’t be anxious to ask for him. Just be pleasant and ask on the off chance that he is accessible.

In the event that you get his phone message, stay smooth. Leave a message, so that he gets his number and can reach you, when he wants you back. On the off chance that you think your date is senseless or funny, then you can try being a little creative and leave behind a message or something along the lines of “On the off chance that you can’t reach me when you call, I might be out, or I might have gotten stole by outsiders.” It will go to show, that you know his nature and that you’re not too genuine.

4.) Ask Captivating Questions to Talk to a Guy Over the Phone

Ask questions that have more than one expression answers, such as “What do you think of the film you saw last weekend?” or “What is the best part of that new game I heard you purchased?”. Bring up topics, that you have already researched about him. Your homework, will definitely help you, and it will get him talking, which will make him interested in you.

Try to evade questions like “What’s up?”. They are exceptionally obscure and don’t give the conversation anyplace to go. Also abstain from asking what his most loved nourishment or shade is. These questions are really common and won’t make you seem interested or intriguing. This is the time to show him how incredible you are.

5.) Listen to Talk to a Guy Over the Phone

You would prefer not to hoard the conversation, so make sure you hear him out as much as you talk. Nobody likes it when they invest the whole time on the phone and can’t get a saying in. Also pay attention when he’s noting the questions you ask him. React to the things he says, giving your data when required or giggling when he makes a joke or says something interesting.

Even on the off chance that you have something you really want to say, make sure you don’t intrude on him. You would prefer not to seem rude and want to give him a lot of time to get his contemplations out. He would presumably love to hear what you have to say, just hold up until the correct time to give your reaction.

Even on the off chance that you have something you really want to say, make sure you don’t intrude on him. You would prefer not to seem rude and want to give him a lot of time to get his contemplations out. He would presumably love to hear what you have to say, just hold up until the correct time to give your reaction.

Even however you are trying to get to know each other better. Maintain a line and always keep something for discussion on a latter date. At a later time so there is still secret in your relationship.

Try not to sound arrogant. You don’t want him to think you’re pompous or showing off too much.

6.) Discuss Common Interests to Talk to a Guy Over the Phone

Pick things that you know you both have in common. This way the conversation will be well balanced and the communication channel will be two ways. The conversation and you can find some common ground. By giving your point of view, you tell him that you have your own psyche while still having comparable interests to him.

Don’t bring up topics that you know you disagree with. In the event that he does, don’t lie and let him know you agree with him, but direct the conversation once again to a more secure theme with expressions like “I don’t essentially agree with that strategy, but I do agree with your stance on that new wellbeing bill.” You will definitely not want a fight or bring unnecessary strife to your phone conversation.

Other Useful Tips to Talk to a Guy Over the Phone:

  • On the off chance that it doesn’t go well, don’t stress too much. You can always try once more. On the off chance that it was your first phone conversation and it was a fiasco, it could mean that possibly he isn’t the guy for you.
  • On the off chance that you do have an uncomfortable silence, let him know to hang on a second and put down the phone. You can gather yourself and think of something enjoyable to kick off the conversation, like “Sad about the intrusion, it was my sister. Discussing, I just went to a museum with her last week. Who is your most loved craftsman and why?”
  • Try not to consume, inhale substantial, or talk to someone else while you’re on the phone with him. This makes you seem uninterested and its rude.

Where The Clean Perverts Are!

21 Dirty Talk Examples

Before I give you these 21 dirty talk examples, I first want to talk to you about why you should learn to talk dirty to your guy as well as how to talk dirty to your man effectively so that you arouse him, build sexual tension, keep him thinking about you and ultimately have a more fulfilling sex life together.

Why Talk Dirty To Your Man? The most powerful thing it does is that it keeps your man thinking about you. By using dirty talk in more subtle, indirect ways, your man will never be quite sure what you mean and as a result he will end up constantly thinking about you and what you said. This is crucial for keeping him attracted.

// As well as keeping him thinking about you, talking dirty is also incredibly hot and arousing to your man if you do it right. So it’s great to use if you want to make sex hotter and more enjoyable than usual.

The third thing that talking dirty to your guy does is that it builds sexual tension. Sexual tension is what makes people crave sex and enjoy the build up to it. Sexual tension is crucial if you want to prevent your relationship from getting boring.

How Should You Use These Dirty Talk Examples? In total I am going to give you 21 examples of dirty talk that you can use on your man. But first how to talk dirty effectively.

Many people think that it’s what they say to their man, but the truth is that it’s actually how you say it. Think about this for a moment. If you turn to your man with a goofy grin and in a squeaky voice you quickly say, “I want you so bad” then it’s going to sound a little weird.

But if you slowly walk towards your man, put your hand on his chest and look seductively into his eyes before using a sultry, sexy voice to whisper in his ear, “I want you soooo bad right now” then it’s going to sound really hot to him.

Do you notice the massive difference between the two examples that I just gave? One is super hot, sexy and a major turn on for your man while the other is so awful that it will have the opposite effect and most likely turn him off.

So if you want to deliver these lines effectively, then have a long hard think about:

A) Your Voice Tone. Sometimes a deep and soulful tone is great for building sexual tension and keeping him thinking about you, while other times a more excited, varied tone works great for turning him on.

B) Your Voice Speed. Speaking slowly is almost always more powerful than speaking quickly when talking dirty.

C) Your Body Language. If you tell your man, “I love your bum in those jeans” but you are not even looking at him and your body language is completely closed off, then he’ll know that you don’t really mean what you are saying. But if you maintain eye contact and are facing him and touching him then it’s going to much more effective.

These 21 dirty talk examples will show you exactly what to say to your man to turn him on.

Okay, I hope this has given you a good idea as to why you should talk dirty to your man and how to do it. Now it’s time to learn some dirty talk examples!

Dirty Talk Before Sex (these also work great over the phone or as text messages or even Facebook messages)
1. I need to feel you inside me.
2. I get wet just thinking about the last time we had sex.
3. I feel so weak and turned on at the same time when I’m in your arms.
4. I want to give you the best blowjob you’ve ever had.
5. I want you to slowly kiss me from my lips, down my neck, onto my breasts and all the way down to my vagina (feel free to reword this to something even dirtier if you like)
6. I just want to be used by you tonight. Can I be your personal sex toy?
7. I can’t wait until we’re both alone so that I can blow your mind.
8. I want to tie you up later and have my way with you.
9. Feeling you on top of me and in control is the hottest thing ever!
10. I was thinking about you last night before I went to sleep…
11. I love how you look at me when we’re together, it’s so hot!

Dirty Talk During Sex
12. Just lie back and let me take care of business.
13. I love feeling your penis get bigger in my hands!
14. Keeping going, keep going!
15. I love how you taste.
16. Don’t stop, it feels so good!
17. You dominating me is such a turn on.
18. I want to feel you orgasm inside me.
19. Stop talking and just do me!
20. I never want you to stop, it feels so good.
21. I want you to orgasm in my mouth.

How to Talk to a Guy over the Phone

How to Talk to a Guy over the Phone

Hot phone sex isn’t an oxymoron — it’s true!

Phone sex taps into what sexologist Rebecca Alvarez Story, founder of the pleasure product marketplace Bloomi, calls the most underutilized way to turn someone on: the ears.

“The sound of someone’s voice and moans can be seriously arousing,” she explains.

Plus, while your partner’s hand/tongue/bits may not be Available For Use, your own hands and pleasure products are right there if you want them!

Phone sex operator Jessie Sage, co-host of Peepshow Podcast, adds that it can be a hot way to have sex with someone, like a Tinder match or former college classmate, without ruining the fantasy. “Sometimes certain people or situations are only hot in fantasy,” she says.

Now let’s get started.

And not just once.

Do a temperature check

“When you’re in a relaxed environment, put the idea out there and see how they respond to it,” says Story.

Some ways to bring it up in person:

  • “I know I’m not going to see you for a few days after this. I was thinking it might be fun to try phone sex before we see each other again.”
  • “My friend was just telling me she and her partner have phone sex. It’s not something I’ve had before but might be interested in trying if you are. Do you have thoughts about phone sex?”

If their answer is “maybe” and they seem nervous or hesitant, you might ask what it is about having phone sex that they’re unsure of.

If it’s the lack of visual, you might try a video call instead. If it’s being able to speak sexily, you might start by sexting.

If you aren’t physically with the other person, you might bring it up with:

  • “Is phone sex something you might be interested in testing out together?”
  • “Would you ever be interested in jerking off while I’m on the other line? I think listening to each other get off could be really hot.”

And if you’re asking a sexting mate or Tinder match you haven’t yet met? Read the room.

Is this a completely outlandish ask, or have your conversations already been explicitly sexual?

If you have a virtual fling, you might send a text that says:

  • “I’ve loved talking dirty with you over text. Hearing your voice say these things would be a huge turn on for me. Can I take you on a phone sex date?”
  • “Would you be into moving these dirty conversations from text to phone? I’d love to hear you moan.”

Ask consent before a specific phone sex session, too

Before you whisper to your partner, “I want to lick and suck you until you’re as dry as the Sahara Desert,” you need to make sure that they’re down to dirty talk right this very moment.

That’ll save you from the awkwardness of laying it all out there when your partner is otherwise preoccupied — like if they’re at work or with their parents.

Plus, there’s no rollover effect with consent. “You need to ask if your partner wants to have phone sex every single time,” says Story.

You don’t need to schedule it weeks in advance — though a weekly phone sex date isn’t bad idea for you LDR folks.

A “Hey! What are you up to tonight? Can I tempt you to a phone sex date?” or “I’ve been thinking about the way you sound when you come all morning. Do you have time for a dirty talk date sometime soon?” will ensure you’re both on the same page.

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Digital Vision/Photodisc/Getty Images

When you are shy, you experience everything from butterflies to extreme forms of nervousness and anxiety, such as headaches, nausea and perspiration. While shyness can be debilitating in many social situations, trying to talk to a guy you like can be like trying to give a speech in front of thousands of people. In fact, your mind and your body may kick into “fight or flight” mode and urge you to escape as soon as possible. But if you flee, you may miss the chance to get to know someone you may actually like and enjoy having in your life. Shyness can seem overwhelming, but you do not have to allow it to determine your choices in social situations. Even small steps can help you to connect relationally with other people.

Focus your attention on him. Work on putting him at ease and learning more about him rather than on calming your own nerves. Gary Chapman, in “The Five Love Languages for Singles,” stresses that even though shyness can be detrimental in interpersonal relationships, you can make small steps toward growth and change.

Ask respectful questions about his interests and pursuits, seeking to keep your questions open-ended and to make appropriate eye contact to show him that you are listening. Open-ended questions cannot be answered with a “yes” or “no” and invites the other person to share more about himself and his thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Introduce topics in which you both share common interest or experiences, such as attending the same school or enjoying the same type of music. Encourage the other person to share his ideas and reflections on the topic, and then seek to share at least one thought or feeling of your own in return. If helpful, take time beforehand to consider and to practice what you might say.

Look for opportunities to share in an activity together, such as taking a hike, playing racquetball or serving in a local food pantry. Gary Smalley, in “Secrets To Lasting Love: Uncovering The Keys To Lifelong Intimacy,”explains that men more often bond emotionally and relationally through shared activity. Finding ways to work or play together may help both of you to begin to connect.

Be honest about your shyness with the guy that you like. Judith Kuriansky, in “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Dating,” explains that when you confess to someone that you are shy, then that person will not misread you. His response to your admission of shyness will also help you to know whether you really want to know him better.

You know lusty language can be hot, but where to begin? With this advice from erotica writer Rachel Kramer Bussel.

The women I know seem to have no trouble whatsoever with being dirty. But talking dirty can instantly induce performance anxiety. What if you pick the wrong words and kill the mood? Or, worse, completely embarrass yourself? Men seem better at nasty-speak (probably from years of inner-monologue practice), but I think it’s time for women to join in the fun. Talking dirty is a terrific turn-on, once you’re comfortable doing it. Here’s how to get there.

Step 1: Start softly. Whisper, “I’ve been thinking about you all day,” and then lick his earlobe. Compliment him. On anything. (The men, they go wild for praise.) Talk about his chest, his butt, his abs—if you like it, now’s the time to say so. But don’t launch into actually doing much yet; keep the focus on what you’re saying.

Step 2: He’ll probably respond with something like “I’ve been thinking about you too.” So ask him, in your best Scarlett Johansson voice, what exactly has been going through his head. Put your hands over his eyes so he can picture what he’s been fantasizing about. (And so you don’t have to look him in the eye when you’re saying things that would make your mother blush. You can work up to that.)

Step 3: Now it’s time to really talk. If you’re comfortable saying things like “I want your ___ in my ___,” go for it. But if you’re still getting used to being verbal, think of your last hot night together and tell him what you liked about it. (Example: “I loved the way you grabbed my breasts.” Bonus points for using a less vanilla term.) Give him permission and he’ll follow your lead.

Step 4: Keep in mind that you don’t want all talk and no action—you want both! Ask him where he wants you to touch him next, or where he wants to touch you. It’s like show-and-tell for grown-ups, and it gives him the chance—if he’s not as bold as you—to ease into the conversation. The key here is to take small, sexy steps, not to launch into massive raunchiness. (Remember that episode of Sex and the City in which Miranda’s first attempt at dirty talk included “You just love a finger in your ass”? Yeah, it didn’t end well.)

Step 5: Keep the patter going once the clothes come off. Actual sex is the best time for naughty banter, because you’re so distracted by getting it on that you forget to be nervous. This is also a great time to confess a fantasy: role playing, threesomes, bondage. And if he’s doing something that’s really working, let him know while you’re in the moment, with great enthusiasm. He’ll love that most of all.

—By Rachel Kramer Bussel, editor of Best Sex Writing 2012

What are your dirty-talk tips?

How to Talk to a Guy over the Phone

Talking to a girl on the phone doesn’t need to be hard or intimidating. Follow some basic advice from Dating Coach Lori Gorshow to win her over with your words.

Share Information Through Talking

Many females believe that the way to connect with a guy they are dating is to share information though talking. This is why when there is a lull in the conversation she asks, “What are you thinking about?” If you say nothing, she believes you are hiding something. For the guy who is good at talking, this way of connecting in order to build a deep and meaningful relationship is no problem. But, for the guy that finds talking about his thoughts and feelings difficult, this approach to building a deep and meaningful relationship can be a real nightmare!

Verbally Express Yourself

Your girlfriend may ask you to stretch yourself and try to express yourself more verbally. Be careful about posting to online communities instead of talking to your girlfriend, even if you are more comfortable expressing yourself in writing versus talking. Public posts may add another problem to your relationship if you haven’t established yourself privately first.

Look at Her Perspective

Try putting yourself in her shoes. Talk with her about your difficulty coming up with fun and unique conversations and tell her you’re willing to try a couple of new ideas. You can always find some interesting things to talk about on the phone if you take a few minutes to consider her interests, plans, and hobbies.

How to Get Started Talking on the Phone

Having a conversation on the phone is not as hard as you might think. You can start by asking about her day; what she did, who she did things with, etc. As she expresses her thoughts, ask follow-up questions that demonstrate you are listening. For example:

  1. If she tells you a story about one of her friends, ask how she felt about the situation or what’s she going to do.
  2. Follow up your questions with your thoughts, ideas, or suggestions.
  3. Share something on-topic which happened to you that day.
  4. Follow up your sharing by asking her what she thinks.

Continue this cycle to keep the conversation rolling until you reach a natural stopping point. It’s fine to end the conversation after you’ve exchanged some brief discussions on a few topics.

Topics to Talk About

If you find that talking about what is going on in each other’s lives difficult, try these tips for coming up with questions to ask your girlfriend:

  • Be her last call of the day. “Tuck” her in by reading. Select a poem or a book written by an author either she or you enjoy, and each night read her a few pages.
  • Come up with “no one ever asked me that before!” type questions. There are games based on asking questions, which you can find online or at a store with a toy department or invent your own questions.
  • Use getting to know you questions. They will help you find common interests and things you both enjoy doing.
  • Play games on the phone. Hangman, I Spy or other childhood favorites are a way to broaden your conversation skills.

When you’re really stuck, have a few great conversation starters written down to help move the conversation along.

Alternative Ways to Express Yourself

Since you find writing an easier way of expressing yourself, use that skill to your advantage and write her romantic letters. Imagine her surprise when she reads your romantic thoughts expressed via an email, letter or posting on the Internet. However, make sure you ask her whether she would like this before you try it.

Practice and Talking on the Phone Gets Easier

If you’re not very good at talking to your girlfriend on the phone, whether you just met or you’re talking for the first time, it’s important to just pick up the phone and call her. She’ll appreciate the gesture and once you’ve talked a few times, you’ll feel comfortable on the phone.

Can you feel it? Bromance is in the air. Whether real (Brad Pitt + George Clooney) or fictional (the Hangover films), there’s a lot of talk about intense — though straight — male friendships.

Does the notion of bromance — a word usually said with a smirk — reflect something genuine and new about how men communicate these days? Yes, say some experts.

“Male friendships now are different from the friendships our fathers had,” says Geoffrey L. Greif, a professor at the University of Maryland School of Social Work and author of Buddy System: Understanding Male Friendships (2008.) “Men talk to each other in a different way.”

What’s changed? How do bros talk to one another? Here are some answers.

Bro Talk: How Male Friendships Are Different

Greif says that women can sometimes misunderstand male relationships because they’re so different from their own.

“A man’s friendships are just as real and important as a woman’s,” says Greif. “They’re just constructed in different ways.”

So what’s different about male friendships?

  • They’re more active. Men are more likely to get together to do something, Greif says. They go out to a bar to watch a game together. They meet at the YMCA after work to play basketball. They assemble on poker night. Women are more likely to get together for the express purpose of talking to each other, Greif says.
  • They travel in packs. Men tend to be less comfortable one on one, says Greif. “A guy is more likely to have a bunch of other guys over to the house to watch the game instead of just one.”
  • They’re less expressive. “Women sometimes think that a man’s friendships should be as verbally and emotionally expressive as their own,” Greif says. “But men’s relationships aren’t usually built that way.”

The History of Bromance

Greif stresses that there’s nothing new about bromances, at least historically.

“Bromance is a new way of talking about a classic style of male friendship,” he tells WebMD. Intense but heterosexual male friendships were quite common up into the 19 th century, he says. Just think of the Three Musketeers.


That began to change in the late 1800s and 1900s. The ideal of masculinity shifted toward the macho loner, the weather-beaten cowboy.

“Men became afraid of expressing too much emotion,” Greif says, “That began to seem too feminine.”

That fear seems to be less of a concern now. Why? Greif thinks that as men and women have become more equal in society, the notion of rigid male and female characteristics has faded. The growing acceptance of gay relationships made a difference too, Greif says.

Bro Talk: Men Are Talking More

Men have a lot more ways to communicate now too, Greif says. Our fathers had stricter boundaries to their friendships — they might only see each other at work or at the bar on Fridays.

Men today have all sorts of ways to talk — whether through email, Facebook, text messaging, or yelling at each other through an Xbox headset while playing Call of Duty. Nowadays, men tend to be engaged in an ongoing dialogue with their friends throughout the day, every day.

What’s interesting is that the genre of the bromance comedy — which both celebrates and gently mocks close male friendships — has opened up a new kind of communication for men.

“Nowadays, guys can call each other up and say, ‘I love you, man,'” Greif says. It’s partly a joke, Greif says, but it’s also a way of expressing something real.

Bro Talk: How Men Can Connect

Close, lasting male friendships don’t spring up on their own. They need to be nurtured just like any friendship. Greif has some advice for guys who are looking for closer friends in their lives.

  • Take charge. “Don’t wait for things to happen,” says Greif. “You have to organize things yourself.” Don’t wait by the phone. You should be the one to organize a game-watching party at your house.
  • Do things you enjoy. What if you like golfing but don’t have a golf partner? Go golfing anyway. “Doing things you enjoy on your own is a great way to meet other guys with similar interests,” says Greif.
  • Don’t reveal too much too soon. Guys tend to be turned off by big personal revelations early on in a friendship, Greif says. “Men tend to be wary of high-maintenance relationships with other guys,” says Greif. It’s often better to reveal aspects of your personal life more gradually.


While “bromances” are still a punch line at the moment, it’s important not to underestimate the value and importance of male friendships.

“Close male friendships can have a big effect on a man,” says Greif. “They really can offer men a happier and fuller life.”


Geoffrey L. Greif, PhD, professor, University of Maryland School of Social Work; author of Buddy System: Understanding Male Friendships (2008.)

Greif, GL. Buddy System: Understanding Male Friendships, Oxford: 2008.