How to copy music to your android phone

How to copy music to your android phone

iTunes can’t sync your music library to an Android device, and Google doesn’t offer an iTunes-style desktop app. However, there are several ways you can easily transfer your music collection to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Google’s Music Manager application even integrates with your iTunes music library, automatically copying your music to the cloud so you can stream it from anywhere and easily download it to your Android devices.

Upload Your Music to Google Play Music

Google Play Music is Google’s “music locker”-type service — like Apple’s iCloud. Google provides a desktop application known as Google Music Manager that can be installed on Windows, Mac, and even Linux. Google Music Manager scans your computer for music and uploads it to your Play Music account. The application also functions similarly to iTunes Match — if it finds songs it knows about on your hard drive, it will automatically “match” the songs with its own copies in Google Music, saving you bandwidth and time by avoiding uploads. If it finds music it doesn’t know about it, it will upload your copies.

In addition to watching folders, Google Music Manager can also watch your iTunes or Windows Media Player library and automatically match and upload your music. (Music files with DRM are not supported.)

Note that Google Play Music is only available in certain countries. You can have up to 20,000 individual songs in your Play Music account.

To get started, install the Google Music Manager application on your computer. Tell it where you store your music — either in iTunes, Windows Media Player, or custom folders. It will automatically scan the locations and upload the music to your Google account. The Music Manager application starts automatically in the background and remains running, automatically uploading new music to your account.

How to copy music to your android phone

Once it’s uploaded, you’ll find your music in the Play Music app that comes installed on many Android devices. If it’s not on your device, you can install it from the Play Store. You can stream your entire music collection from anywhere, assuming you have data or Wi-Fi access. Tap the header at the top of the screen to switch between All Music and On Device.

How to copy music to your android phone

To store music offline so you can play it without connecting to Wi-Fi or using any precious data, long-press an album or song and select Keep on Device. Android will download a copy or your music, allowing you to play it anywhere. You can put music on your device and even listen to your entire music library when you have an Internet connection — no messing with cables or transferring music back and forth required.

How to copy music to your android phone

Uploaded music is also available at Google Play Music on the web, where you can stream it from anywhere. If you want to download your music, you can use the Download my library button in Google Music Manager.

How to copy music to your android phone

Copy Music Files Over Manually

While the above method is Google’s preferred method of putting music on your Android device, you can still do it the old-fashioned way. Connect your Android to your computer using a USB cable. Use Windows Explorer to copy your music files to the Music folder on your device.

You can also use the excellent AirDroid to copy songs and other files over Wi-Fi without even connecting your phone to your computer.

How to copy music to your android phone

You can then play music on your Android device. The included Play Music music player will pick up music you’ve copied over manually, as will a wide variety of third-party music player apps.

How to copy music to your android phone

Use Other Music Services

There are many other music services you could choose to use instead. You could store your music in Amazon Cloud Player and use the official Amazon MP3 app to play it on your device. You could subscribe to a music service like Spotify or Rdio for access to millions of streaming songs and the ability to download anything to listen to offline. You could use a streaming app like Pandora or TuneIn Radio to listen to music anywhere you have an Internet connection.

You could even use a third-party desktop app like DoubleTwist, SnapPea, Synx, or even Winamp to sync your desktop music collection to your Android device, if you’d like an iTunes-like desktop syncing experience.

How to copy music to your android phone

Android may not have iTunes, but iTunes is a clunky desktop application that many iPhone users who use Windows don’t like, anyway. The future is wireless.


If you have been using iTunes to manage your music collection over the years but have recently moved to using an Android device, this article will help transfer your iTunes music library to Android. iTunes is great for managing your music on Apple device’s, but unfortunately, you can use iTunes on Android.

The application which can assist you to sync iTunes to Android is Droid Transfer, which not only transfers music from your iTunes to your Android phone, but also keeps the media on your Android Phone in sync with your iTunes library as you continue to add music to either iTunes or your Android device.


To sync music to and from your Android device, follow these steps.

  1. Download and install Droid Transfer on your Windows PC
  2. Download and run the Transfer Companion App on your Android device
  3. Connect to your Android Device using the steps shown in our Start Guide
  4. Click Music in the features listed in Droid Transfer
  5. Click ‘Sync with iTunes’
  6. Droid Transfer compares your iTunes music with that on your device. Select to transfer from Android to iTunes or from iTunes to Android (or both!)

You can get the Transfer Companion app completely free on the Google Play Store, while Droid Transfer for PC is available as a free trial download. Both apps are needed to sync your Android device with iTunes. The free version of Droid Transfer allows you to copy up to 50 songs to and from your Android device, while the full version is unlimited.

How to copy music to your android phone

Detailed Steps

Run Droid Transfer on your PC and connect to your Android Device running Transfer Companion as described in our Setup Guide.

In Droid Transfer Click the Music Icon – Droid Transfer lists the music currently on your Android Device.

How to copy music to your android phone

How to copy music to your android phone

View Android music on computer

Click the “Sync with iTunes” button on the control bar.

Droid Transfer will run iTunes and read your iTunes contents. Droid Transfer will compare the music on your Android device and compare it with your iTunes music library.

Sync Music from Android to iTunes

Droid Transfer will show how many tracks are on your Android device that are not in iTunes. Click “Copy tracks to iTunes”.

Droid Transfer will begin to transfer the missing iTunes tracks from your Android device.

Sync Music from iTunes to Android

Droid Transfer shows how many tracks are in iTunes that are not currently on your Android device. You will also see the total file size of those music files. If your Android device has enough free (internal) memory space to hold all of the music, click “Copy Tracks to Android” to transfer all the tracks to your Android device.

If you do not have enough space on your Android device to hold all of your music in iTunes – Droid Transfer will tell you so. You have the option of selecting the music you wish to copy over from iTunes. See “Using Advanced iTunes Sync Mode”

See it in Action!

Keeping in Sync

Now that you have copied music to and from the Android device and iTunes – the music collection on your Android device and your iTunes library should be the same. If you add music to your iTunes library later on – run Droid Transfer again to copy that new music over to your Android device.

Using Advanced iTunes Sync Mode

Advanced Syncing allows you to see which tracks will be copied from and to iTunes before any syncing takes place. You can also select which tracks to copy to your Android device if you do not have enough space on your device to hold all of your iTunes music.

To start Advanced Mode – click the link “Click here to view and select which tracks to copy (Advanced Mode)”. This will open the Advanced sync view.

How to copy music to your android phone

iTunes on Android – Sync music to Android

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How to copy music to your android phone

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