How to create a questionnaire in microsoft forms

Customer feedback is the key to evaluating and improving your business operations, especially in the service industry. There are few methods of getting responses from customers that are better than a survey. Microsoft Forms provides an easy and straightforward platform for creating smart forms and surveys. Read this guide to the end as we go through the process of creating a survey using Microsoft Forms.

Create a Survey with Microsoft Forms

To create a survey using Microsoft Forms, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in on the Microsoft Forms website.
  2. Create a new form from scratch or a prebuilt template.
  3. Name your survey.
  4. Insert question fields.
  5. Beautify the form.
  6. Send to your users.

To start creating surveys using Microsoft Forms, visit the Microsoft Forms website and sign in with your Microsoft account. You can also use a Microsoft 365 account for more benefits.

To create the survey from scratch, click on the tile or button to create a New Form. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the templates that come with Office Forms by clicking on the More templates link.

How to create a questionnaire in microsoft forms

Selecting this option opens up a new page with two tabs – Questions and Responses. Stay on the Questions tab. This is where you will start creating the survey. You’ll use the Responses tab when reviewing submissions for your survey.

If you opt to go with a template, ensure that you pick one that fits your goals; for example, you can select the Customer feedback survey template. A Microsoft 365 subscription gives you access to many more templates.

Click on Untitled form at the top of the page to name the form and enter a description below the name.

NOTE: Form names can have a maximum of 90 characters, and descriptions go up to 1,000 characters.

You may add an image by hitting the Image icon on the right of the name field. This option lets you upload an image manually from OneDrive, your local storage, or a link from Bing.

Next, click on the Add new button to add the types of responses you are looking to receive from your users. Here, you can choose the following options:

How to create a questionnaire in microsoft forms

  • Choice: Multiple-choice question.
  • Text: Response where the user enters text.
  • Rating: Allow users to respond with a rating.
  • Date: Insert a date picker.
  • Ranking: Lets the end-user rank the provided options.
  • Likert: Require a response to know the user’s sentiment regarding if they agree or disagree with an opinion.
  • Net Promoter Score: Demand feedback on the user’s customer experience on a scale of from 0 to 10.
  • Section: To group form fields and separate different groups on the survey or form.

To add more questions to your survey, hit the Add new (+) button bearing the above guidelines in mind. When you’re done and satisfied, you can proceed to customize the form in whatever way you like.

At this point, you’ll have a plain Microsoft Forms survey. You can beautify the form with the use of themes. Click the Theme button at the top of the page and select one.

If you’re not satisfied with the preloaded themes, you can use your custom image as the background by clicking the last icon on the Themes grid. Hit the Preview button at the top of the page to look at the form before publishing.

How to create a questionnaire in microsoft forms

When you’re okay with the form, click on the ellipsis button in the top right-hand corner of the screen and go to Settings. From the Settings menu, you can set the following details for your survey:

  • Accept responses: It’s checked by default, and you should leave it that way if you’re doing a survey.
  • Start date.
  • End date.
  • Email notification of each response.
  • Show progress bar.
  • Customize thank you message.

Finally, when it’s time to send the survey, hit the Send button at the top. This reveals several sending options. First, it generates a share link automatically. Send a user this link for them to access the survey quickly.

Alternatively, users can also access the survey by scanning a QR code if you hit the QR code button next to link. Other options for sending your survey include embedding it or sending it via email. You can select any of these methods from the options you see after clicking the Send button.

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