How to disable plex news

General Questions

Where can I ask questions about the News feature?

Please visit our friendly forumsspecifically our News forum.

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Which Plex apps support News?

The following Plex apps currently support News:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android (mobile)
  • Android TV
  • Apple TV
  • iOS
  • macOS (desktop)
  • PlayStation 4
  • Plex Media Player
  • Plex Web App
  • Roku
  • Smart TV (LG 4K/UHD [webOS 2.0+], Samsung 2016+ UHD)
  • Windows (desktop)
  • Xbox One

When will [my favorite Plex app] get News support?

We’re working hard to bring News support to the rest of our Plex apps. We don’t have specific details or ETAs to share, sorry.

How will this affect my Plex Media Server?

News in Plex does not require a Plex Media Server. You can watch News without any local or shared Plex Media Server.

Can I sync news content?

It is not currently possible to sync News content using Mobile Sync or Cloud Sync.

Can I share a particular video with a friend who has a Plex account?

We know sharing is an important part of Plex, however sharing News content is not available at this time.

Are Plex Home users supported?

The Plex Home admin can choose whether or not News will show up for their Managed Users. See the “How do I control whether News shows up in general?” question.

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What sort of bandwidth is required?

Streaming bandwidth will automatically change based on network conditions and what is available from source. Some streams can go as low as 128 Kbps. These are similar to streams you might find on a News source’s online article.

Can I remove My Newscast from showing up on the home Discovery screen?

In the personalization area of the News feature in any particular app, you can choose whether “My Newscast” appears on the app home screen.

How do I control whether News shows up in general?

Access to Plex News is controlled at an account-level basis. If you choose to enable or disable News, then that will apply to all Plex apps signed in to the same Plex account. The only exception to this is that the admin of a Plex Home can control general News availability for Managed Users in the Plex Home, too. (Managed Users cannot control their own News availability.)

If you choose to disable News for an account, then it will not appear anywhere in Plex apps associated with that account.

You can access the setting under Account > Online Media Sources when signed in to the Plex Web App with the account in question. When editing the setting, the available choices are:

  • Enabled: News will be available for the current account (and any Managed Users in a Plex Home the account administers)
  • Disabled: News will not appear anywhere in apps for the current account (nor will it appear for any Managed Users in a Plex Home the account administers)
  • Disabled for Managed Users: News will be available for the current account but will not appear for any Managed Users in a Plex Home the account administers (default selection)

Tip! You may have to restart your Plex app or switch between users to see changes to this setting take effect.

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Questions about News Sources

Where does the content come from?

Content comes from various News outlets who have agreed to participate with us as a way to bring news to Plex users. Content is available from numerous trusted providers around the world, including both global and local providers. We continue to work with providers to bring more on board.

Why isn’t [my favorite channel] included?

We are always out there looking to add more content from various sources and have many additional partnerships in the works currently. While we may not be able to participate with everyone, we are focused on closing gaps in news where possible as well as providing broad coverage for our users.

Can I request a channel be added?

We cannot guarantee anything, but we welcome suggestions for news sources and love to get feedback. The best place to ask is in our forums.

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March 28, 2018, 3:00pm EDT

How to disable plex news

The Plex News feature gives you access to tons of video clips from various news sources. However, if you get your news other ways, you can disable Plex News and prevent it from showing up in your Plex client.

Plex News appears as its own server of sorts, so when you use your Plex client to connect to a server, you’ll see a “News” option that you can select. It doesn’t get in the way or anything, but if you never use it, then there’s no point in it showing up all the time. Hence, the reason for shutting it down entirely.

The process for disabling Plex News is more lengthy than it needs to be, as it’s hidden away in menus, but it’s not too complicated.

Start by firing up your Plex server interface and clicking on your profile picture in the top-right corner to open the menu. From there, select the “Account” setting.

How to disable plex news

In the left-hand sidebar, click the “Online Media Sources” category.

How to disable plex news

On the right side, hover over the “Disabled for Managed Users” option, and then click anywhere within that small window.

How to disable plex news

Click the dropdown menu that appears.

How to disable plex news

Select the “Disabled” option.

How to disable plex news

And then click the “Save Changes” button.

How to disable plex news

That’s it! You’ll no longer see Plex News appear either on the server end or the client end.

Last updated on April 11, 2018 by Ekaant Puri Leave a Comment

Hello friends, Today I will tell you a method on how to disable Plex News. Users can turn off or disable plex news. I will share one the best way to turn of complete plex news from your Internet browser. You can turn off or disable Plex News by following the instructions listed in this article. Well, If you have a doubt on Plex News then do disable Plex News.How to disable plex news

At the beginning of the year 2017, Plex introduced Plex News. It is a free news service which adds the exciting and most famous new clips in the library of Plex users. However, it used to show commercial ads in watching those news clips to generate revenue for them, which was the scariest dream of a Plex user. Also, they intended Plex News as the source of content which is having news clips to attract users to them.

But, unfortunately, Plex enables the Plex News facility for all the Plex users without asking to them. Although, it gets fail to provide the disabling feature to disable Plex News. And that is why it became the scariest dream of every Plex user. Thus, most of the users get stuck because of the news clips which was automated. But, today we are going to check out the full step to disable Plex News.

Previously there was no option to disable Plex News. But, now we can easily disable Plex News using this fantastic method which I am going to tell you in this article. To disable Plex News, you have to follow below-given steps and nothing else. We must say a big thanks to Plex that it has not added the disable option to disable Plex News. However, the problem is only be known by the Plex users that how much stuck they get while feeling irritated by Plex News. Well, without taking your more time lets start the quick guide to disable Plex News.

  1. Go to the official website of Plex.
  2. Now, from the top-right side click on Account.How to disable plex news
  3. On the account page, click on Online Media Sources.
  4. From the right side click on Disabled for managed users.How to disable plex news
  5. Now, click on the drop-down menu then, click Disable and Save Changes.How to disable plex news

By using this method, any Plex user can quickly and disable the Plex News functionality. Also, this method is reversible. So, if you want to get Plex News functionality back, then you can quickly revert it.

Last Words on How to Disable Plex News – Best Method

This was the simple and straightforward method to disable Plex News. However, if you are in love with Plex News, then you don’t have to take the worry of anything. Keep using it. But, if you were looking for the technique to disable Plex News, then I hope this article has helped you a lot. If it helped you then help your friends too. Make sure that you share this article with your Plex friends also so that they will even get out of it and can disable Plex News.

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Tune in to Plex News for reputable local, national, and international news.

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It’s easy to enjoy Plex right away if you’re a news junkie. Get a supported Plex app to watch news.

How to disable plex news

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How to disable plex news

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How to disable plex news

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Many reputable sources

Plex News lets you choose from over 190 global publishers (and growing!), including international sources, like Associated Press (AP), Reuters, Financial Times, Euronews, and top local news sources for most U.S. markets.

Global Publishers

US News Markets

News Hours Daily

Customized news

Customize your feed to suit your needs. You can select your location, choose news categories, toggle displaying the News row, and mute content.

How to disable plex news

Free, Easy, Everywhere

Plex gives you a consistent experience on every screen — watch your morning headlines on the TV, then continue catching up on your phone during your commute. Plex News is free because it’s ad-supported, which means it comes at no cost to you, allowing everyone to enjoy high-quality news with fewer ads than broadcast TV.

A free Plex account is all you need to enjoy Plex News. No gimmicks, no subscriptions, just news when you want it.

How to disable plex news

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Plex News Updates

This year it seems like we’ve had extraordinarily weird news. With many upset that Boaty McBoatface was overturned, Trainy McTrainface has risen like a Phoenix born from the ashes of its predecessor. What else? There were enough Flat Earth truthers to unite for a conference, and DMX just released his long-awaited remix of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I could go on, but it makes me wonder what I’m being distracted from. What’s the REAL scoop? Between being both entertained and horrified by news this year, it’s as important as ever to stay informed and we’re glad you agree.

Since rolling out Plex News in September, we’ve seen a steady growth in the number of users enjoying it. We appreciate the support you’ve shown us in bringing content to Plex and we’ve been listening to your feedback on how to make it even better.

  • For starters, we’ve broadened our support. Plex News is available on Android TV, NVIDIA SHIELD, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Android Mobile, iOS, and on our web app. Now you can enjoy news bites from culinary adventures to natural disasters, and more. As always, we’ll continue to bring support to other platforms.
  • We’ve pulled a few levers and re-adjusted our highly scientific news content calibrations to feature more content in each news category, less video duplicates of a popular story, and an overall more balanced experience.
  • Plex News is in good company: we’ve been able to introduce more content with the Associated Press (AP), Reuters, and Local Now. AP boasts coverage from breaking news to investigative reporting in over 100 countries. Similarly, Reuters is the world’s largest international multimedia news provider. Local Now provides hyperlocal weather, traffic, news, and sports reports.
  • We’ve made News faster (half seconds add up!) and improved overall performance with miscellaneous bug fixes.
  • Want more control over what you see? Want to keep your Plex setup unsullied from the dystopian news of 2017? With a new Plex account setting that lets Plex Home admins enable news for their Managed Users or for other accounts to disable News visibility altogether across their apps, you now have more control over what you see.

All of these updates are now available as soon as you use Plex News. For more information and frequently asked questions, visit Plex Support.

Basic Info About Live TV on Plex

Do I need special hardware or a Plex Pass subscription?

Our free streaming does not require any special hardware. All you need is your supported Plex player app. As mentioned, it is a free service, available to everyone, and does not require any Plex Pass subscription.

How is this different from the Live TV/DVR premium feature?

Our Plex Pass subscribers can optionally connect a compatible tuner device and antenna to their Plex Media Server to watch and record over-the-air broadcasts available at their location. That is not required for this free streaming, though.

They’re two different features, even though both are related to accessing live TV broadcasts.

Can I pause or rewind/fast forward live channels?

Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions, we are not able to offer pausing, rewinding, or fast forwarding of Live TV channels.

Can I schedule DVR recordings?

Sorry, no. Again, due to licensing restrictions, Live TV channels cannot be used with our DVR feature.

Do I need a Plex Media Server? Do these stream through my server?

No, this service is independent of any Plex Media Server. You don’t need to run your own server or have one shared with you. The content streams from online and does not go “through” any Plex Media Server you have installed or shared with you.

Channel Information

Are the live channels available in my country?

Pretty much, yes! Over 80% of our channels are available worldwide, with a minority of channels licensed only in the United States. There’s lots of awesome content for everyone!

Will more channels get added?

Yes! We are actively expanding our collection of channels to bring more variety and more genres to our Live TV lineup. You’ll see more channels get added over time.

Where is the [big brand name] channel?

Traditional broadcast and cable television channels continue to be largely exclusive to legacy forms of delivery, such as free over-the-air broadcasts, as part of a bundled television subscription, or more recently direct-to-consumer via a dedicated app.

Channels for this newer generation of free ad-supported TV streaming are growing and evolving quickly, with many of the biggest names in television looking to create their own new channels from their vast catalogs of content. Plex will continue to evaluate potential channels that are available to us in an effort bring our users diverse and engaging television content.

Why ads? Will having a Plex Pass remove them?

Our goal is to bring a wide assortment of channels—from kids shows, anime, sports, movies, and more—from around the globe to you for free. In exchange, we’re asking for a bit of your time to watch some ads.

Since ad revenue is how the studios and distributors get paid, having a Plex Pass will not remove ads or reduce their frequency.

Are you putting ads into my personal content?

Absolutely not! That would be a really terrible idea for many, many reasons. Your personal media collection—including your recorded movies and TV shows, home videos, photos, music collection, and more—will continue to stream to all of your devices ad-free.

Why am I seeing the same ad so many times?

Due to the way that the ad industry works, it’s fairly likely that you may see the same ad more than once, and it’s likely a phenomenon you’ve noticed on other streaming platforms as well. As people start watching content from around the world, a wider variety of advertisers will come on board, which means a much broader pool of possible ads (and thus a much lower likelihood of seeing the same ad multiple times.

Accessing or Restricting the Content

Can my family watch this content?

Absolutely. Our ad-supported Live TV streaming is available to all users for free. If your family members already have their own, regular Plex account, then they’ll have access directly, or they can choose to enable/disable the media source for themselves, as desired.

You can also create a managed user for a family member and add them to your Plex Home for fast user switching.

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Can I restrict the content my child can access?

If you’ve set up a managed user for your child, you can personalize the channel lineup displayed for their account. Do that by switching to their account and personalizing the guide as normal. You can reorder the channels (e.g. putting the “kids” channels at the top) or hide any channels you don’t want them watching.

Note: While you can hide channels for that user, you cannot currently “lock” things or prevent them from personalizing the guide themselves. That includes potentially making channels visible again.

How do I turn Live TV off so I don’t see it?

If you simply don’t want it in the sidebar of your app, you can unpin it via normal customization. You’d still be able to access it (when desired) under the More sidebar entry.

Alternatively, if you’re simply not interested in the service at all, you can disable it for your account altogether. Instructions are available in our “Free Live TV Streaming on Plex Overview” article.

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What is PLEX ransomware virus

The ransomware known as PLEX ransomware is categorized as a highly harmful threat, due to the amount of harm it might cause. If ransomware was unknown to you until now, you are in for a shock. If a powerful encryption algorithm was used to encrypt your data, you won’t be able to open them as they’ll be locked. Because file decryption isn’t always possible, in addition to the time and effort it takes to return everything back to normal, data encoding malware is believed to be a very dangerous infection. Crooks will give you the option to decrypt files by paying the ransom, but that is not the encouraged option. There is a likelihood that your data won’t get decrypted even after paying so you may just end up wasting your money.

Consider what’s stopping crooks from just taking your money. You ought to also bear in mind that the money will be used for future malicious program projects. Do you actually want to support an industry that costs billions of dollars to businesses in damage. And the more people comply with the demands, the more of a profitable business ransomware becomes, and that attracts many people to the industry. Consider investing that money into backup instead because you could be put in a situation where you face data loss again. You could just delete PLEX ransomware without issues. And in case you are unsure about how you managed to obtain the ransomware, its distribution ways will be discussed further on in the article in the paragraph below.

How to disable plex news

Ransomware spread ways

Rather basic methods are used for distributing ransomware, such as spam email and malicious downloads. A lot of ransomware depend on user negligence when opening email attachments and don’t have to use more elaborate methods. There’s some possibility that a more sophisticated method was used for infection, as some file encrypting malicious programs do use them. All cyber criminals have to do is use a known company name, write a convincing email, add the malware-ridden file to the email and send it to future victims. Commonly, the emails will talk about money or similar topics, which people are more likely to take seriously. And if someone who pretends to be Amazon was to email a user about questionable activity in their account or a purchase, the account owner would be much more likely to open the attachment without thinking. Be on the lookout for certain things before opening files added to emails. Before anything else, check the sender’s identity and whether they can be trusted. And if you are familiar with them, double-check the email address to make sure it’s really them. Those malicious emails are also often full of grammar errors. Another significant clue could be your name not used anywhere, if, lets say you’re an Amazon customer and they were to send you an email, they would not use universal greetings like Dear Customer/Member/User, and instead would insert the name you have given them with. Vulnerabilities on your system Vulnerable software may also be used as a pathway to you computer. All programs have vulnerabilities but when they are discovered, they are usually fixed by vendors so that malware cannot take advantage of it to enter. Unfortunately, as proven by the WannaCry ransomware, not all people install updates, for one reason or another. It’s very essential that you frequently patch your programs because if a vulnerability is serious, malicious software might use it to get in. Patches can install automatically, if you don’t want to bother with them every time.

What can you do about your files

As soon as the ransomware infects your device, it’ll look for certain file types and once they’ve been found, it’ll encrypt them. If by chance you haven’t noticed until now, when you’re unable to open files, you will realize that something has happened. Files that have been affected will have a weird file extension, which can help users figure out the ransomware’s name. If a powerful encryption algorithm was used, it could make decrypting data potentially impossible. After the encryption process is completed, you’ll find a ransom notification, which will attempt to explain what has occurred and how you ought to proceed. A decryptor will be proposed to you, for a price obviously, and cyber crooks will warn to not implement other methods because it could lead to permanently encrypted files. The price for a decryptor ought to be specified in the note, but if it’s not, you will be asked to send them an email to set the price, it could range from some tens of dollars to a couple of hundred. Paying these criminals isn’t the suggested option for the already talked about reasons. Only consider paying when everything else fails. Try to recall whether you recently backed up your files but forgotten. Or maybe a free decryption utility has been developed. Malware specialists might be able to decrypt the data encrypting malicious software, therefore they could develop a free program. Before you decide to pay, look into that option. Investing part of that money to buy some kind of backup might do more good. If you had made backup before infection took place, you ought to be able to restore them from there after you uninstall PLEX ransomware virus. Become aware of how ransomware spreads so that you can dodge it in the future. At the very least, do not open email attachments left and right, keep your software updated, and only download from sources you know to be safe.

Methods to eliminate PLEX ransomware virus

Implement an anti-malware program to get the data encoding malicious program off your device if it’s still in your system. It might be tricky to manually fix PLEX ransomware virus because a mistake could lead to further damage. So as to avoid causing more damage, go with the automatic method, aka an anti-malware utility. The tool wouldn’t only help you deal with the threat, but it may stop future file encrypting malware from getting in. Find which anti-malware utility is most suitable for you, install it and allow it to perform a scan of your computer to locate the infection. However, an anti-malware program won’t help you in file restoring as it’s not able to do that. After the ransomware is fully terminated, it’s safe to use your system again.

Posted on July 23, 2020 at 12:08 pm

Plex is continuing its push into streaming. Originally a service that allowed users to organize their personal media collections and stream them from a PC or home server to a phone, TV, or other device, now you can use Plex to watch live TV.

The company has added a new Live TV tab to its user interface, with content from more than 80 channels available in more than 220 countries.

How to disable plex newsPlex Live TV on Android

The channel selection leave a lot to be desired — you won’t find any major networks. But there is news content from Reuters, classic anime from Retro Crush, and a 24-hour stream of the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross.

Plex Live TV works much like any other live television service. You can browse a channel guide to see what’s on, select a channel, and begin watching a show that’s streaming live. There are no DVR functions so you can’t pause, rewind, or record shows. But you will see a progress bar at the bottom of the screen to let you know how much time is left in the movie or TV show.

The service is free and ad supported and works on all platforms that Plex supports including PCs (via a web browser), smartphones and tablets (via Android and iOS apps), or smart TVs (through Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV apps).

You can still use Plex to access your personal media. But it seems like that feature is becoming a smaller and smaller portion of Plex’s functionality.

Late last year the company launched an ad-supported, on-demand movie & TV show streaming service. And that move came a few years after Plex added a “Web Shows” feature.

This brief guide will show you how to remove Tidal from the various navigation menus in Plex.

How to disable plex news

Even though Tidal is a great service, I already have Spotify, Netflix, YouTube and Plex subscriptions and I can’t really justify yet another one. Since I don’t use Tidal, removing it from Plex helps keep things ‘tidy’.

    Select the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of Plex.

From the navigation menu on the left side of the screen, select the Online Media Sources link.

How to disable plex news

Click the Edit link in the Tidal row.

How to disable plex news

Choose Disabled from the pull-down menu and then click the Save Changes button.

How to disable plex news

Now Tidal will be gone from the main navigation panel in Plex.

How to disable plex news

And Tidal will also be gone from the pull-down list of media sources.

How to disable plex news

  • Note: You can also repeat the above steps to remove the Web Shows, News and Podcast sections if you don’t use those either.