How to hang a tapestry with command strips

If you’re trying to find a method to embellish your bare walls, however do not wish to do the common gallery wall, may we recommend a tapestry? We do not indicate that your house requires to appear like the Vatican– we’re talking all sort of fabric art, from weavings to classic materials. These artistic pieces include color, pattern, and texture to an area, whether you hang them over the couch, or behind the bed to work as a strong headboard option. Unsure how to get your brand-new material discover up on the wall? We have actually collected concepts to reveal you how to hang a tapestry anywhere, consisting of in rental areas where the walls require to stay beautiful. Get influenced to discover your ideal tapestry and include some life to your walls.

Usage Nails or Pushpins

The simplest method to hang a tapestry? Usage nails or pushpins. (No unpleasant thumbtacks, please!) This approach works well with bigger weaves; otherwise it might lead to holes in the piece. Hang by the corners for a casual drape or connect with a row of nails spread out throughout the top of the piece for a straight appearance.

Stretch over a Frame

Turn material into a masterpiece by extending it over a wood frame or plywood board. Stretch and fold the tapestry over the frame, and connect with a staple weapon. Usage sawtooth photo wall mounts to install on the wall. You might desire to extend and essential canvas to the frame initially so the wood isn’t noticeable through the material if your fabric is thin.

Secure with Velcro

If you’re residing in a rental and attempting to prevent holes in the walls, here’s how to hang a tapestry and still get your down payment back: Utilize self-adhesive Velcro tape to connect the tapestry to the wall. If you have a curved wall or do not desire to put holes in the material, this is likewise a fantastic approach.

Utilize a Baseboard

Weighty fabrics and tapestries might require more assistance, and a baseboard will assist protect the piece to the wall. Select a board that will suit the rod pocket in the back of the tapestry. You can hand-sew one utilizing a heavy material if your tapestry does not have a pocket. Cut the board so it is smaller sized than the width of the tapestry. Mark where the screws will be placed and drill holes. Move the board into the pocket. Fold the sides of the tapestry back and screw the board into the wall.

Hang from a Rod

Utilize a rod to hang tapestries with pockets in the back. You might likewise curtain it over the rod to develop a synthetic headboard or a distinctive screen over the couch if your piece is especially big or rectangle-shaped.

Frame It

Vulnerable materials and smaller sized tapestries might be finest behind glass. A frame or shadowbox will safeguard the piece and provide it a deserving screen.

Develop a Canopy

No requirement to restrict yourself to the wall. Hang your fabric from the ceiling or curtain it from the ceiling onto the wall to develop a dreamy bed or intimate sitting location.

Attempt a Poster Wall Mount

Poster wall mounts aren’t simply for art work on paper. Utilize the wood gadget to keep the tapestry flat versus the wall.

How to hang a tapestry with command strips

Hanging Quilts with 3M Command Strips

Copyright 2011 Shirley Wooten, Visitor Author

I have actually discovered a terrific method to hang quilts!– 3M Command Photo Hanging Strips. The Medium size will support 3 pounds and the plus size 4 pounds on each strip. They are cost Workplace Depot, Workplace Max, and so on

I utilize 2 to 4 or more on the top, depending upon the size of the quilt. In addition, I likewise utilize one on each bottom corner if the quilt requires aid hanging properly.

Put 2 single strips together to make a set. (They fit like Velcro). Eliminate the paper from one of the strips and finger press the set to the quilt. Utilize a level to mark your wall with painters tape. Now hang your quilt by pushing tough on each set with your hand. If you wish to take the quilt down simply “unhook” the quilt strip from the wall strip. , if you desire to get rid of the strips from the wall follow the instructions on the plan.. They manage quickly without leaving a mark. You can likewise purchase brand-new adhesive strips so you can recycle the Velcro part of the strips!

I have actually hung practically whatever with these strips– from quilts to clocks and even my style wall– they are fantastic.

Now a granny of 4, Shirley Wooten began quilting when her own kids were children. She has actually been really active in quilting in her present house of Jacksonville, FL. In addition to quilts, Shirley delights in making Memory Journals for her household and art dolls. After showing insane quilt strategies to her guild, a number of members made the quilt revealed at.

Do It Yourself Guide: 3 Easy Ways To Hang A Wall Tapestry

You have actually chosen the ideal wall tapestry, you have actually cleared an area on your wall, and after that you have actually no concept what to do next.

How do you get that lovely drape from your hands to the wall so can have your insta-worthy minute below it? We’re here to address your SOS! Here’s an action by action guide to 3 innovative and simple methods to hang that child up. Have more innovative methods to embellish with wall tapestries? Remark listed below!

Choice 1: 3M Command Strips

Initially, get your tapestry and choose which method you wish to hang it. The fantastic feature of abstract art is you get to translate how you desire it to be!

Action 1: Connect 3M Command Strip to wall and get rid of support from velcro.

Action 2: Press tapestry and hold for a couple of seconds.

Pro Suggestion: This is an actually fantastic method to hang a tapestry if you are an occupant and you have a property manager who isn’t down with nails. No wall damage = complete down payment.

Action 3: Stick a 2nd 3M Command Strip on the opposite side of the tapestry. Hold it for about 10 seconds.

Pro Suggestion: Utilize a level if you desire it to be ideal.

Have a good time with how you wish to hang your tapestry and with which method feels up to you!

Choice 2: Nail and hammer

Tools needed:

  • Hammer
  • Nails x2

Action 1: Hammer a nail into the upper corner.

Pro Suggestion: Change for a tight or loose appearance. Now’s a fantastic possibility to truly think of the appearance that you’re opting for. Do you desire it to be loose and drapey or do you desire it to be truly tight? Take that into factor to consider prior to you choose where the 2nd nail ought to go.

Action 2: Hammer 2nd nail into opposite corner.

Choice 3: Threaded Rope

How to hang a tapestry with command strips

Tools needed:

  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors
  • Rope or twine
  • Hammer
  • Nails x2

Action 1: Pre-measure range in between the slits.

Step for how long the tapestry is at the top. This one is 50 ″ so we’re simply going to divide it and do 10 slits, one every 5 ″.

Action 2: Cut little slits uniformly along the leading edge.

Take your scissors and make a small little cut at the top of the tapestry. Beginning from that very same area, move 5 ″ along and make a small little cut at the top of the tapestry. Repeat every 5 ″ all the method throughout.

Pro Suggestion: Cut about an inch or more listed below the leading joint, simply past the edge. You wish to make certain you’re cutting into the material and not at a point where the rope can’t travel through the material.

Command ™ Photo Hanging Strips make embellishing simple and fast – no tools required. One click informs you Photo Hanging Strips are secured and holding tight. Most importantly, when you are all set to remove or move your images, they come off easily– no nail holes, broken plaster or sticky residue.


A detailed guide for how to use Command ™ Photo Hanging Strips so they hold strong and come off tidy.

Easy On

Essential ideas to follow when using Command ™ Photo Hanging Strips: wait 7 days after painting prior to usage, do not use strips to paper or soft surface areas on frame, get rid of hanging hardware from back of frame, failure to follow guidelines thoroughly might trigger damage.

Do not hang over beds or on wallpaper. Do not hang irreplaceable or important products. Usage inside your home 50 º – 105 ºF.

Clean wall with rubbing alcohol. Do not utilize family cleaners or water.

Different strips. Click strips together.

Eliminate one side of liners. Stick on frame as revealed. Press strongly.

Eliminate staying liners. Press frame strongly to wall.

To make sure adhesive hold, briefly get rid of frame from wall to strengthen strips. Peel frame as revealed. Press each strip on wall for 30 sec.

Wait 1 hour for adhesive to develop. Line up strips. Press frame till each set of strips clicks.

Easy to Get Rid Of

For damage-free elimination, gradually extend the strip directly down versus the wall.

Easy off stretch.

Get bottom corners and peel frame from wall. Do not pull directly off.

Never ever retreat from wall.

Stretch strips gradually versus the wall a minimum of 15 inches (38 cm) to launch.

Damage-free hanging surface areas

To what surface areas will Command ™ Photo Hanging Strips stick?

Painted, stained or varnished wood, glass, tile, metal, painted drywall and other smooth surface areas.

Not authorized to hold on

Do not utilize Command ™ Products on textured walls or surface areas, wallpaper, brick, non-stick or rough surface areas, or materials.

Which Command ™ Item is ideal for my job?

Learn in 5 fast clicks with Command ™ Item Selector Tool.

Command ™ Item Regularly Asked Concerns

Just How Much Weight Can Command ™ Strips Hold?

Do not understand which Command ™ Item is ideal for your job? Take a look at the item weight limitations to discover the ideal item based upon the weight of the product you wish to hang.

Will it hold soundproofing acoustic foam board or ornamental plates?

Yes, supplied the product is within the weight limitation defined for Command ™ Photo Hanging Strips. We do not suggest hanging tapestry or other materials. For ornamental plates, please make sure there is a smooth surface area for the strip to abide by. Do not hang irreplaceable or important products.

Can I recycle Command ™ Photo Hanging Strips?

No, Command ™ Photo Hanging Strips are for one-time usage just. Command ™ Photo Hangers (Universal and Canvas Hangers) might be recycled with a Command ™ Refill Strip (see guidelines for additional information).

Can they be utilized as horizontal or vertical?