How to make a gift bag

Hi guys! It’s Mandi, from Making Great in the Midwest. Frequently prior to an event, you can find me running around our house in a tizzy considering that I forgot to buy covering items for a present that I’m anticipated to be taking with me! I’m not continuously that preoccupied, nevertheless when I am, having the capability to quickly develop a rather little present bag sure is a relief. If I have a little extra time, I’ll make a number of present bags at the exact same time, so that next time I’ll make sure to have a number of prepared.

Frequently you just do not have an excellent box to make use of when covering a present, or maybe you just want to provide today within a particularly handcrafted bag, nevertheless no matter your elements, comprehending how to make a specialist looking present bag is an outstanding capability to have. These bags can be constructed of any patterned covering paper you have around, or you can paint kraft paper as I have in fact done here. Have a look at the instructions noted below to find how to make your own. Products:

  • Properly sized box
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue (preferably a glue stick)
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon or rope

Optional Products:

  • Painter’s masking tape
  • Non-corrugated cardboard (You may also make use of cardstock, nevertheless chipboard is too thick.)
  • Pencil
  • Paint
  • Round foam paint dabbers

You may be questioning why this job consists of boxes if the point of making a present bag is to cover a present when you do not have in fact a successfully sized box handy. Well, I enjoy providing nice-looking presents, and I just deplore the concept of people opening my completely covered present simply to find an inferior looking, marked-up shipping box in between the beautiful covering paper and their present. It’s just not rather. Even if they’re the perfect size, I do not like to make use of shipping boxes for present offering. They do, however, make outstanding types for making present bags! Plus, if I simply have in fact one properly sized box (that strikes look excellent adequate to hold a completely covered present) nevertheless method to cover multiples of the precise very same present, I can make use of that an individual box as a type for making a number of present bags.

If you are filling your present bag with heavy contents, you will need to improve the handle and support the bottom of the bag. If you are using your present bag for a light-weight present, you may prevent actions one, 2, 10, eleven, and twelve.

Action One: Lay bundle on its end on top of the non-corrugated cardboard or card stock and trace around it with a pencil.

Action 2: Get rid of the rectangle-shaped shape you traced, and after that removed another one that’s a bit smaller sized and skinnier than the extremely first one. Cut that second, smaller sized rectangle-shaped shape in half length-wise. The extremely initially huge rectangle-shaped shape will be used as a stabilizer for the within bottom of today bag. The 2 slim lengths you cut from the second rectangle-shaped shape will be used to improve the handle of the bag. They should be no more comprehensive than 2 inches. Action 3: Lay your box onto the unrolled paper and remove a length of the paper that leaves about 3 inches overhang on each end of bundle.

Action 4: On one side of the cut-out covering paper, fold down about 2 inches of the edge of the covering paper and make a crease with the edge of your thumb. Action 5: Position your box right as much as the edge of the crease you just made and cover the paper around it, so that the joint is on amongst the edges of bundle, not on a face of bundle. Make use of a glue stay with block this joint. If you’re having trouble getting the glue stick to hold the paper, you can make use of painter’s tape to hold it in area up till the glue sets up. Considering that it might make your paper wavy, Beware of making use of wet glue.

You can make a squattier variation of this bag by making use of the precise very same box for the kind nevertheless putting the creased edge of your covering paper simply midway up bundle. Make sure there’s simply a 3-4 inch overhang left at the reverse of bundle for the next action. Action 6: Stand your box so that the creased edge of the covering paper is handling down. You have about a 3-4 inch overhang of paper dealing with up that you will close up just as if you were covering a present. I like to do this by pushing in the sides of the paper and creasing the triangles of paper that are left holding up, as shown in the above left image. I push down those triangular flaps and glue then into area, ensuring to simply put glue where the paper touches paper, not package inside. When once again, you may need painter’s tape to hold the paper down while the glue develops.

Action 7: Pinch each corner of the bag with your forefinger and thumbs to make creases at the edges. This will make the bag look more finished when you remove the box. You can recrease it later, nevertheless it’s an outstanding principle to get properly located creases embeded in at this minute while bundle is still within. Action 8: If you want to paint the covering paper, this is the time to do it. I simply used a round foam paint dabber, dipped it into gesso (and considering that gesso is thicker than plain white paint, it didn’t make my paper wavy), dabbed off the excess paint onto the gesso cover, and after that dabbed the foam onto the kraft paper. Gesso does not take too long to dry, so I had the capability to work my technique all the technique around the bag without waiting for the paint to dry on one side. You can also make use of markers to decorate the bags. Get creative and having fun!

Action 9: When the paint has in fact dried, wiggle out bundle from inside the covering paper and crease the sides of the bag, as shown in the above right image. You do not need to do this all the technique down the sides, just the leading half of the sides. Action 10: Put glue on one side of your cardboard or cardstock pieces that you got rid of in action 2.

Action Eleven: To support where the handle of your bag go, position the slim strips of glued cardboard or cardstock under the folded edge of the top of your bag, and after that press the glued cardboard into area. Action Twelve: Area the larger rectangle-shaped piece of cardboard into the bag, glue-side-down, to support the bottom of the bag.

Action Thirteen: Punch 2 consistently spaced holes in the top of your bag, being careful not to punch a hole into the creased sides of the bag. As quickly as so that the holes are even with each other, you can punch through the front and back of the bag at. This is why you must not make use of chipboard as the handle stabilizer, considering that unless you have a durable hole puncher it’ll be incredibly tough to punch through all of the layers of chipboard and paper.

Action Fourteen: Cut 2 lengths of ribbon that pertain to 10 inches long (or however long you desire), putting each end through a hole and knotting it into area. If your ribbon is insufficient to prevent popping out of the bag’s holes, even when knotted, you can string a bead in between the knot of the ribbon and the hole in the bag to keep it in area. For finishing touches, I got rid of red hearts from cardstock, punched a hole in each, and strung the ribbons through the heart tags prior to knotting the ribbons onto today bags. Working together tissue paper made today wrap overall! These little present bags would be pleasurable to make throughout a craft night with pals. Everyone can get in fact creative with how she or he decorates each bag. Naturally, you can continuously go out and purchase present bags at the store, nevertheless definitely nothing beats a handmade covering job!

Credits// Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson

Last Updated: May 22, 2017

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Hurrying to cover a present nevertheless do not have a bag or a box? No concern! You can find how to make a present bag out of covering paper in 4 simple actions. You probably even have the items you need lying around your house. Let’s start!

How to make a gift bag

What you’ll need:

  • Covering paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Hole puncher (optional)
  • Ribbon (optional)

How to make a gift bag

Action 1: Identify the width of your present. When you comprehend how much paper you need, fold the covering paper in half. Seal with tape and fold the bottom end up.

How to make a gift bag

Action 2: Open the bottom end so the within the paper is exposed. Fold the suitable and left edges in, then fold the top and bottom in. Use tape to seal all of the folds.

How to make a gift bag

Action 3: Turn the bag and open. Put your present in and fold the top over.

How to make a gift bag

Action 4: Punch holes and position your ribbon to seal.

Present Bag Covering Tips

To guarantee that today bag you produce holds up, keep these things in mind.

  • Medium weight covering paper is best considering that it’s strong, nevertheless basic to fold.
  • Your bag should be 2 times as high as it is big.
  • These present bags are not recommended for items that are extremely high and/or heavy.
  • You can continuously consist of a piece of cardboard to the bottom of the bag to make it more strong.
  • If something feels light-weight, consist of more tape!

Present Bag Decorating Ideas

Now that you have in fact learnt how to make a present bag out of covering paper, it’s time to decorate it! You can make use of pleasurable ribbon, washi tape, letters, present tags, sweet, sticker label labels and even a rather image.

How to make a gift bag Gift-giving is a thoughtful, heart-warming custom-made that should never ever feel too made complex. With this simple present covering principle, you’ll want to buy presents for everyone! Have a look at our customized presents for that extra distinct touch– whether it be a distinct birthday, anniversary and even if you want to expose your love, there are options for any event.