How to make meringues

We have actually whipped together our finest ideas for making ideal meringue, with a detailed guide to reveal you how it’s done.

If you have actually pushed your nose versus the dessert case of any self-respecting pastry shop, you have actually seen meringue. Meringue handles numerous functions, in some cases forming a sweet crispy cookie, in some cases topping a velvety pie, in some cases embellishing the outside of an ice cream cake. Meringue might appear like it’s made from marshmallow fluff, however it’s in fact a sweet foam made generally from egg whites.

In its many standard type, meringue is made up of 2 components: egg whites and sugar. Amazing? Those components are beaten together and like magic, they change into a silky smooth shape-holding state that’s flexible enough to pipeline or mold.

For sure-fire meringue, follow these ideas:

Suggestion 1: Usage old eggs

Better isn’t constantly much better. Older eggs in fact produce fluffier and greater meringues. A basic technique to evaluate how old your eggs are is by carefully positioning an uncracked egg in a glass of water. It’s gon na be excellent for meringue if it stands up on its end. (If it drifts, it’s in fact too old– toss it. It’s really fresh.) if it lies on its side on the bottom

Psst: Or, you might examine the secret code on your egg container. Here’s how to split it.

Suggestion 2: Bring eggs to space temperature level

Different the whites from the yolks while the eggs are still cold from the fridge. Let the whites stand at space temperature level for 30 minutes prior to beating. This’ll assist you whip your eggs to lofty heights.

Suggestion 3: Utilize a tidy bowl

For the best volume, location whites in a little, tidy metal or glass mixing bowl. Even a drop of fat from the egg yolk or oil– or the grease movie in some cases discovered on plastic bowls– will avoid egg whites from lathering. Be sure to utilize tidy beaters, too.

Suggestion 4: Do not forget the secret active ingredient

For the greatest and most steady meringue, include 1/8 tsp. of cream of tartar for each egg white prior to beating. It’s an acid that supports the egg white– here’s more about this wonderful active ingredient. Usage 1/2 tsp if you do not have any on hand. lemon juice for each egg white. (If you take place to have a copper-lined bowl, it’ll produce the exact same result.)

Suggestion 5: Take your time

As you beat, do not hurry including the sugar. The slower you include your sugar, the much better it’ll liquify into the whipped whites. We advise gathering 1 tablespoon as a time. This’ll assist you accomplish a silky smooth texture rather of a gritty one.

Suggestion 6: Take weather condition into account

It’s finest to make meringues on a dry day. On rainy or damp days, they can soak up wetness and end up being limp or sticky.

How to Make Stiff Meringue

Stiff meringue is excellent for making cookies or pavlova. Click on this link to find out how to make soft meringue for pies.


  • 2 big egg whites
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar or 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

A note on devices: If you’re whipping up meringue on the reg, it’s time to purchase a quality stand mixer. Out of all of the brand names on the marketplace, our Test Kitchen area advises this design from KitchenAid ($200) for its effective motor that stirs even the stiffest of cookie doughs and kneads homemade breads like it’s whipping air. Discover why we’re happy to call it our Finest Liked Brand Name.


Action 1: Beat egg whites

In a big bowl, integrate egg whites with cream of tartar and beat up until foamy. You can do this with a stand or hand mixer on medium or with a portable whisk. (If you go the latter path, you’ll get an arm exercise, for sure.) Attempt not to overbeat the eggs at this moment or they’ll have a more difficult time integrating with your sugar. When the whites are foamy, sort of like soap bubbles, stop.

How to make meringues

Action 2: Gradually include the sugar

Slowly include the sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time. Beat well after each addition to integrate.

Test Kitchen area suggestion: Once the sugar has actually been included, you can stop fretting about overbeating. You can continue whipping the meringue for a long period of time, even if that indicates stepping far from your stand mixer for a couple of minutes.

How to make meringues

Action 3: Beat up until stiff peaks form

Continue whipping up until stiff shiny peaks form. How can you inform it’s? Test by raising the beater from the bowl. The peaks of the egg whites that increase as you raise must stand directly, and the ones on the beaters must protrude too. If you tilt the bowl, the whites must not move. You should not see any clear watery egg at the bottom. Check to ensure the sugar is liquified. Pinch some meringue in between your fingers. It needs to feel silky smooth to the touch.

Test Kitchen area suggestion: When you stop whipping the egg whites, it’s finest to move rapidly. The longer they sit prior to they get to the oven, the more they will sink and droop.

How to Make Soft Meringue

When you’re topping a pie with its pillowy crown,

Opt for soft meringue. Attempt stiff (more sweet!) If you’re making cookies or pavlova, meringue.


  • 1/2 cup sugar, divided
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1/2 cup cold water
  • 4 big egg whites
  • 3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract


Action 1: Integrate Sugar and Cornstarch

In a pan, integrate 2 tablespoons sugar and cornstarch. Slowly stir in the cold water. Stir and prepare over medium heat up until the mix turns clear. Move it to a bow, and pop it in the refrigerator to cool.

Action 2: Go Away

In a big bowl, beat egg whites and vanilla up until soft peaks form. Slowly beat in the staying sugar, 1 tablespoon at a time. Beat in the reserved cornstarch mix on high up until stiff shiny peaks form and sugar is liquified.

Pro suggestion: Do not have vanilla extract on hand? Select another complementary taste for your dessert to make it your own.

Perfect your whisking abilities for these light baked meringues – a blank canvas for delicious flavour mixes

Nutrition and additional information

Nutrition: per serving with cream



Heat the oven to 110 C/ 100 C fan/gas 1/4.

(*** )Line 2 baking sheets with non-stick liner or parchment paper (meringue can stick on greaseproof paper and foil).

Suggestion 4 big egg whites into a big tidy blending bowl (not plastic). When the blades are raised, beat them on medium speed with an electrical hand whisk up until the mix stands and looks like a fluffy cloud up in stiff peaks.

Now turn the accelerate and begin to include 115 g caster sugar, a dessertspoonful at a time Continue beating for 3-4 seconds in between each addition. It is essential to include the sugar gradually at this phase as it assists avoid the meringue from weeping later on. Do not over-beat. When all set, the mix needs to be shiny and thick.

Sift one third of the 115 g icing sugar over the mix, then carefully fold it in with a huge metal spoon or rubber spatula. Continue to fold and sort in the staying icing sugar a 3rd at a time Once again, do not over-mix. The mix needs to now look smooth and billowy.

Scoop up a loaded dessertspoonful of the mix. Utilizing another dessertspoon, relieve it on to the baking sheet to make an oval shape. Or simply drop them in rough rounds, if you choose.

Bake for 1 1/2 -1 3/4 hours in a fan oven, 1 1/4 hours in a standard or gas oven, up until the meringues sound crisp when tapped beneath and are a pale coffee colour.

Delegate cool on the trays or a cooling rack. ( The meringues will now keep in an airtight tin for approximately 2 weeks, or frozen for a month.) Serve 2 meringues sandwiched together with a generous dollop of gently whipped double cream.

How to make meringues

How to make meringues

less than 30 minutes

30 minutes to 1 hour

Makes 8 sandwiched meringues

Perfect meringues with a crunch on the somewhat chewy and outdoors on the within. Easy to make and beautiful sandwiched with chocolate and cream.

less than 30 minutes

30 minutes to 1 hour

Makes 8 sandwiched meringues


For the meringue

  • 3 free-range eggs, whites just
  • 150 g/5 1/2 oz golden caster sugar

For the ganache

  • 150 ml/ 1/4 pt double cream
  • .

  • 150 g/4 1/2 oz dark chocolate(70% cocoa solids)

To serve( optional)(************ ).(************* ).

  • double cream, whipped, utilized to
    sandwich meringues together
  • .


    Preheat the oven to140 C/275 F/Gas 1
    and line 2 flat baking sheets with baking parchment.

    Different the eggs into a tidy, big bowl, ideally metal or glass. Carefully split the shell versus the side of a little bowl. Gradually pull the shell apart as easily as possible along the fracture, tipping the yolk into one half of the shell. Let the white drain away into a bowl listed below. Drop the yolk into another little bowl. Different the next egg over a 3rd bowl – that method if you mistakenly break the yolk, it will not infect the tidy whites. (You can utilize the yolks for another dish, such as custard or ice cream.)

    Utilizing an electrical hand whisk, blend the whites up until stiff peaks form when the whisk is gotten rid of, however the mix needs to not look too dry.

    Include one tablespoon of the sugar to the egg whites, and continue to blend up until the mix returns to stiff peaks. Include the sugar one tablespoon at a time up until it has actually all been utilized, and the meringue is shiny and thick.

    Utilizing 2 dessertspoons, scoop 16 rugby-ball shaped meringues onto the baking paper, leaving a lot of area in between them.

    Bake for an hour up until the meringues are pale, golden-brown, crisp and raise away quickly from the baking paper. Open the oven door somewhat and leave the meringues to cool in the oven.

    On the other hand, make the chocolate filling (ganache). Utilize a big, sharp knife to slice the chocolate into little pieces.

    Put the cream into a little pan, then bring it to simply listed below boiling. Take the pan from the heat, include the sliced chocolate, swirl the pan to assist integrate the chocolate and after that stir up until smooth. Suggestion the ganache out of the pan and delegate cool, it will thicken as it cools.

    When the ganache has actually cooled, spread it over the flat side of half of the meringues, then sandwich meringues together. To make these a bit more elegant, whip some double cream, then spoon on top of the ganache prior to sandwiching the meringues together.

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    A timeless dish for meringue cookies! These little meringues just require 5 components, and at under 25 calories a pop they are quickly the lightest dish on my blog site! The strategy takes a bit of practice, and a long period of time in the oven, however I’ll stroll you through the actions in the dish so that you can make your own ideal meringues!

    How to make meringues

    Sugary Food & Basic Meringue Cookies

    I have another dish for your vacation cookie tray today– timeless meringue cookies!

    Meringues just need 5 components to make, however they can be a bit picky– even the weather condition can impact them. Winter season is a fun time to attempt them out, as you’re much less most likely to have a really damp day this time of year, and humidity is among the best bane of meringue cookies.

    I have actually been making this dish over and over once again the previous couple of months to ensure that I comprehended all of the ins and outs of making ideal meringue cookies, and I’m lastly all set to share what I have actually discovered with you, so that you too can make these addicting little meringue cookies.

    If you have actually never ever had one, meringues are light, airy cookies with crisp interiors. I’m sharing a traditional vanilla meringue dish today (with notes on how to include your own various tastes!). The taste constantly advises me of marshmallow.

    How to make meringues

    Making Meringue: Stiff Peaks

    This dish requires 4 egg whites and a single cup of sugar. That might not look like it’s going to yield you many meringues when you begin, however you’ll be amazed by just how much these components increase in volume.

    As you include the sugar, the mix will end up being thick, shiny, and sticky, that’s precisely what you are searching for! You’ll likewise desire the mix to accomplish stiff peaks– that’s how you’ll understand that it’s done.

    If you have actually made my angel food cake, whipped cream, or Swiss meringue buttercream previously, then you’re currently acquainted with the principle of stiff peaks. It indicates that when you turn the batter over (like you can see in the image listed below with the meringue cookie batter), the peak that forms stands high and does not fold back into itself. I have actually consisted of a video in today’s post so you can see precisely how the meringue needs to look, in case you have not ever made meringue prior to.

    How to make meringues

    How to make meringues

    Tips for No-Fail Meringue Cookies

    • Ensure that the bowl and beater that you are utilizing to beat your meringue is entirely grease and wetness complimentary. Any wetness can destroy your meringues.
    • When separating the whites,

    • Break your eggs in a different bowl. Even a little bit of yolk can destroy your meringues, so split each egg in a little bowl prior to including it to the bowl that you will be blending the meringue batter in.
    • Include the sugar slowly, one Tablespoon at a time, and offer it a possibility to liquify prior to including more.
    • You can evaluate that the sugar is entirely soaked up by taking a smidgen of the batter and rubbing it in between your fingers– if it’s not, it’ll feel gritty.
    • Do not stop up until you get stiff peaks. The batter will take a number of minutes, a minimum of, of beating to accomplish stiff peaks, however keep going. It will increase in volume and be shiny and really thick– that’s what you’re searching for! See the image above or the video for a visual.
    • Do not over-beat your batter, either! stop when you strike stiff peaks! You can stir in your extract and any food coloring at this moment, however do not press it since over-beating the batter is simply as bad as not beating it enough.
    • If you have actually discovered that your meringues have actually gotten soft after you completed baking them, you can in fact pop them back in the oven at 225 F for another 10-20 minutes (see them, if they start to turn golden brown around the edges switch off the heat right away) and after that let them cool in the oven for another hour, this has actually constantly worked for me with meringues that begin to get chewy.

    How to make meringues

    Including Color and Other Flavoring

    Once you master making meringues, do not hesitate to have fun with great deals of various tastes and colors– I made these Peppermint Bark Meringues by including 1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract, removing the piping bag with red food coloring (I utilized a tidy paintbrush that I just utilize for baking), and dipping the baked, cooled meringue cookies in dark chocolate and crushed peppermint pieces!

    These baked meringue cookies are crisp, sweet, & light as a cloud! Plus, great deals of ideas on how to make meringue that’s fluffy and stiff as can be.

    How to make meringues

    Hey delighted Friday!

    I run out the workplace all the time today, chaperoning my 10- years of age’s class journey to Harrisburg and Hershey. I put this post together for you the other day. I actually wished to get it out prior to completion of the week!

    You see, I have a great deal of dishes here on this website that start with meringue. Dishes like chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream, angel food cake, and coffee macarons. It might appear quite easy to whip egg whites and sugar together up until stiff and fluffy, however it can in fact be kinda challenging if you’re uncertain what you’re doing.

    And I get a great deal of concerns about it! I believed it was about time I put together a detailed guide for how to make meringue. And these cutie-patootie baked meringue cookies are the ideal location to begin!

    How to make meringues


    The general concept of meringue is quite easy. It’s actually simply egg whites and sugar whipped together up until stiff and fluffy.

    I like to include a couple of other components also, such as cream of tartar to make the meringue more steady, vanilla extract, and salt to stabilize the tastes.

    If you wish to make meringue without cream of tartar, simply sub in a couple of drops of lemon juice or white vinegar. They all practically do the exact same thing.

    And you can get innovative with tastes too. Vanilla isn’t the only alternative! Attempt including almond extract, rosewater, lemon, or orange bloom water. You might even fold in freeze dried fruit (like raspberries) that’s been ground to a powder in the food mill.

    How to make meringues


    While the components might be easy, the strategy might actually make or break you.

    • Include the sugar in prematurely and your whites may never ever get fluffy enough.
    • Due to the fact that the crystals didn’t have time to liquify,

    • Include it in too late and your meringue may weep.
    • Include it in too quick and it might deflate all the air out of the meringue.

    It’s a truly fragile balance! If you begin including the sugar when the whites are beginning to look foamy and a little white, and keep it going in S-L-O-W-L-Y (I’m talking like 1/4 teaspoon at a time!) you must be okay.

    There’s another thing that is SO essential when it pertains to making meringue, which’s to ensure that whatever is SUPER tidy!

    Ensure your bowl and your whisk are 100% without any trace of fat. Your whites will not whip up effectively if any of your tools are at all oily. Wash whatever in really hot, soapy water and dry it well. Even the most tiny trace of fat might make it difficult for your meringue to reach that important stiff peak phase.

    And do you understand what includes fat? Egg yolks! Be actually mindful when you separate the eggs too. , if you mistakenly pierce the yolk you can forget about ever making an appropriate meringue..

    How to make meringues


    For these meringue cookies, we aren’t a lot baking the meringue as drying it out.

    These bake at a truly low temperature level (just 200 degrees F), for a long period of time. This gets them crisp and good all the method through, without browning at all.


    These little meringue kisses are extremely adorable and enjoyable to treat on by the handful. When you have actually meringue making mastered, there are all sorts of things you’ll be able to make with ease. Here are a couple of examples:

    1. Pipeline the meringue into a cup or nest shape, and it can be filled with lemon curd, berries, or ice cream.
    2. Attempt your hand at Pavlova– it’s baked a little quicker so it stays marshmallow-y and soft within.
    3. Leading a lemon meringue pie or baked Alaska– the meringue that tops these desserts does not get baked at all; rather it’s toasted with a brulee torch or under the broiler.
    4. If you can make an appropriate meringue, you’re midway to making French macarons!
    5. You can likewise make my preferred ever frosting: Swiss meringue buttercream!


    You may have the ability to get away with baking meringues ahead, however you ‘d be taking a huge opportunity.

    If it’s a dry day, that’s most likely your best option. If it’s at all damp or rainy, you’re going to have problem. They may come out of the oven ideal, however with time they will re-absorb wetness from the air and end up being sticky.

    I have actually had this issue a couple of times prior to and it’s so discouraging. If you make them simply prior to you prepare to serve them, you will be so much better off.


    If you reside in a truly dry environment, and you wish to take your possibilities, position the meringue cookies in an airtight container and seal it firmly to keep the humidity out. They can last for a couple of days at space temperature without ruining, however they might end up being a bit sticky.

    How to make meringues

    Ideally this information will be available in beneficial for you the next time you require to make a meringue-based confection! And if you have a concern I didn’t cover here, do not hesitate to leave it in a remark listed below, and I’ll return to you with a response as quickly as I can.

    Have a terrific weekend!

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