How to pimp your gaming pc a guide to lights colors and other mods

Best Gaming Smart Lights iMore 2022

Smart lighting has certainly gone mainstream these days, as you see many home theater setups integrating colorful lights in the background that sync with movies and television shows. But did you know that your gaming experience can also be elevated with some smart lighting too? Some may require PC software integration or boxes that turn your consoles into amazing and stunning light shows. Here are some of the best gaming smart lights that you can buy!

The ultimate solution : Nanoleaf Canvas Starter Kit

Sights and sounds from Razer Chroma-enabled apps and games can sync with your Nanoleaf Canvas panels thanks to a free pairing tool for Windows. Since the Canvas has Rhythm Mode built right in, you can also sync the music from your phone while gaming or just chilling. Yes, this solution is pricey, but it’s worth it.

  • $200 at Amazon
  • $200 at Best Buy
  • $200 at Walmart

Color connection : LIFX Z LED Strip Starter Kit

The LIFX Z LED strip may look like your ordinary light strip, but its Polychrome color technology and Razer Chroma Connector capabilities make it great for gaming. Polychrome technology allows the strip to display multiple colors at the same time, and Razer Chrome Connector syncs your game’s visuals with its brilliant lights.

  • $90 at Amazon
  • $100 at Best Buy
  • $104 at Walmart

Bars of light : Philips Hue Play White & Color Smart LED Bar Light Extension

One of the newest products from smart leader Philips Hue, the Play light bar can create a vibrant ambiance in any room. Lay it on the floor, let it stand on the cabinet, or mount it on the back of the TV and paint your wall with light.

  • $130 at Amazon
  • $130 at Best Buy
  • $130 at Walmart

Beam me up : LIFX Wi-Fi LED Beam Kit

The LIFX Beam combines thin light strip-like design, with a solid light panel diffuser, creating one truly unique lighting experience. The beam sports Polychrome technology for multiple lighting zones through the entire length of the light, and it can go where other lights cannot, like sharp corners, with ease.

  • $240 at Amazon
  • $150 at Best Buy

Tri-force : Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit

Just like the Nanoleaf Canvas light panels, these triangular lights sync with your games via the Razer Chroma app, but you can also the Nanoleaf app as well as popular voice assistants. The triangular light panels offer a smoother light throughout when compared to the Canvas but lacks touch sensitivity, so it all comes down to personal preference as they both cost around the same.

  • $300 at Amazon
  • $300 at Best Buy
  • $200 at Walmart

Consoles too : Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box – Black

For console gamers, the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box is the easiest way to add a little ambiance to your sessions. Just like its name suggests, this box connects to your console and TV using HDMI, and it syncs with any Philips Hue lighting accessories that you may already have in your home. As an added bonus, this box also works with any video set-top box, up to four devices total, and it even supports 4K.

  • $230 at Best Buy
  • $230 at Philips Hue

Game on with the best gaming smart lights

With these gaming smart lights, you’re going to take your game to the next level. These lights will add the perfect ambiance to the room while you play your games, and some of them can react along to your game, giving it that extra touch. And if you’re a streamer, these lights will definitely make your overall setup even cooler.

If you want some recommendations, we love the Nanoleaf Canvas Smarter Kit as it provides a stunning gaming experience when synced with Razer Chroma software. When you are not gaming, these panels are the life of the party with music sync, and each one is touch-sensitive, putting games like whack a mole on your walls! If you don’t care about the touch sensitivity, then you should try the Nanoleaf Rhythm Edition Smarter Kit, because the triangular shapes allow you to be even more creative with your design. Either way, Nanoleaf is top-notch when you want the best gaming smart lights.

If you prefer the comforts of your couch and a good old fashioned game console, then check the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box. This awesome plug and play accessory connects directly to your console, bringing any Philips Hue lights in your home to the gaming session.

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Settling on a PC case can be an arduous task. When you’re done choosing the right size, you must look at other features and its overall look. Not only does it need to match your gaming setup visually but it must also allow you to install all your internals comfortably and cleanly.

We’ll go over the primary factors like airflow, cooling system compatibility, form factors and that you need to consider when buying a good computer case. Moreover, you’ll get the very first look at the stunning MPG GUNGNIR 100 Gaming PC Case from MSI!

The Foundation – Case Sizes

The size of your computer case dictates the things you can and cannot install in your system. Of course, to settle on the right size, you should know how much space you need, what hardware you’d like to install, what sort of cooling system you want to use, and so on.
What is EATX, ATX, MATX, Mini-ITX?
Motherboards both larger and smaller than the standard ATX size are available to accommodate the needs of those who want more expansion options as well as those who want a more compact build. An EATX (Extended ATX) motherboard, as the name suggests, is larger than an ATX motherboard. On the other end of the spectrum you’ll find an M-ATX (Micro ATX) motherboard, which is smaller than a standard ATX motherboard, and a Mini-ITX board – the smallest, most popular compact form factor.

So, the motherboard sizes from largest to smallest are: EATX > ATX > M-ATX > Mini-ITX.

Since this is a globally accepted standard now, PC case, motherboards, and power supplies come in standard variations of the ATX form factor specifications. Now, let’s understand the various sizes of computer towers available to you in the market and what their names mean.

1. Full Tower Case

2. Mid Tower Case

3. Mini Tower Case

4. Mini-ITX Case

PC Case Features You Should Consider

1. Airflow

Although some cases might look great from first glance, they might be a bad idea for those who want to run powerful hardware. Great airflow is essential to any PC, especially Gaming PCs that will often be pushing their hardware to the limits. Limited airflow leads to overheating, which in turn causes thermal throttling.

Make sure that the cabinet has enough space for installing additional fans, if/when needed. It’s always good to have some scope for improving case airflow in the future. Look for cases that offer at least 3 or more fans.

2. Cooling Systems

If you plan to use liquid AIO coolers or install custom liquid cooling through your CPU and GPU, your case must have the necessary openings to make them easier and cleaner to install. Moreover, not all cases can accommodate liquid cooling radiators of all sizes. If you’ve already bought your cooling system, it’d be wise to check what radiators your case can support. Every cabinet’s technical specs page will list the radiator size that is supported by it. Here’s an example:

Radiator Compatibility 120/140/240/360/420mm
Beefier CPU air coolers can get quite bulky. Make sure that you check what sort of case and memory (RAM) clearance they need to install them without issue. Most air cooler specifications pages will list their heights as shown in this example. Check this against the WIDTH (not height!) of your case to make sure that your air cooler can be installed comfortably.

▼An example table of air cooler specifications

Air Cooler (without fan) Air Cooler with fan
Height 160mm Height 165mm
Width 150mm Width 150mm
Depth 135mm Depth 161mm

3. Graphics Card Length

Although this is becoming less of an issue nowadays with graphics cards becoming shorter and cases accommodating more clearance for them, it is still a possibility that your graphics card is too long to fit into the case you bought. Thankfully, there’s an easy way to check whether this is going to be an issue. Every case page specification page will have a specification that indicates the max graphics card length supported by it.

Now, just match this case specification to the length given on your graphics card’s technical specifications page. Please note that MSI PC Cabinets support all MSI Graphics Cards without exception.

4. Cable Management

5. PSU Shrouds

Case Aesthetics and Customizability

1. Tempered Glass Panels – Yay or Nay?

Let’s not kid ourselves. A PC case with a tempered glass side panel looks gorgeous. Until you install your hardware that is. If you’re not prepared to put in some time, managing cables and hiding away any ugliness, tempered side glass panels are a bad idea. However, when PC building is done right and cleanly, nothing beats the look of a tempered glass side panel.

Now, you should also consider the overall feel and aesthetic of the case. Be as shallow as possible and judge the case based on its color, shape, design, and everything else that’s purely visual.”

2. RGB Lighting

3. Front-panel Connectivity

A Gaming PC Tower That Has It All? Introducing the MSI MPG GUNGNIR 100!

Ample Volume for Hardware

This gaming pc case has enough space for a 360mm radiator at the top, while its front panel supports even a massive 420mm radiator. This ensures that you can install the cooling system you want, without any compromises. Moreover, this cool desktop case is designed to support even the tallest of air coolers easily. It has a substantial CPU cooler clearance of 170mm, which is more than enough for the most popular, most powerful coolers out there.

With enough space to house a 400mm graphics card, the MSI MPG GUNGNIR 100 PC case ensures that you can buy your internals without having to re-check compatibility. Simply buy a graphics card that fits your budget and delivers the performance you need, install it, and you’re good to go. Even relatively longer graphics cards are only around 360mm long, so, clearance for your graphics card shouldn’t be an issue.

■ Excellent Airflow with Support for Extra Fans

■ 3D Printable Parts

■ Adjustable RGB Fan & Mystic light sync

The included LED HUB allows you to control your lighting effects using a single button on the outside. Just add up to 8 RGB LED strips and you’re ready to control them with the touch of a button on the top of this cool pc case.

The Addressable RGB (ARGB) fan in this case supports MSI Mystic Light Sync. This means you can control it from your Mystic Light App and customize it as you please. You can change brightness, effects, colors quite easily with the intuitive interface without any prior installation or setup. It allows other RGB peripherals to be controlled from your Mystic Light App just as easily. This ensures that your chassis lighting, peripheral lighting, and motherboard lighting can all work as a single cohesive unit.

■ Tempered Glass Side Panel

■ LED Effects Control Button

This desktop case comes with a button that you can use to change lighting effects. You can manage not only your case lighting and the 8 attached LED strips, press the button for 3 seconds to control the internal lighting by connecting to MSI motherboard’s Mystic Light App.

Here’s a quick walkthrough of our MSI GUNGNIR 100 for you:

This is the original “Legacy” Version of Castles Keeps and Forts,
The entire mod has now been remade and remastered from the ground up for a much better experience

Craft decorative furniture and tons of other items for your RP (Role Play) servers!

hissssss Snap twang Clang Never mind that steady Whirr of what may be gears.

Introduced to your ears are sounds from another time. Something that just doesn’t quite add up to everything els.

Major thanks goes out to these AWESOME people for helping me pull this version together!

UI Help – Woeful Macabre
Sanity Checks – Mezzo
Model and Texture Design – MRR.

aMAP ID: 720200839

Support the cause so I can continue to build and work for your enjoyment

Greetings, Survivors!
SurvivalPlus is now in Open Beta!
We recommend to switch away from this version, the current version can be found here:

*Work in progress!*

Roraima is a map for ARK: Surivival evolved, aprox. the size of the main game map “TheIsland,” featuring a temperate rainforest climate. The inspiration for this map is the tabletop mountain, also called a Tapuy, “Roraima” in Sou.

Building Features:

– Continuous structure placement (structures queue without having to press your hotbar)
– Stackable foundations
– Ceilings snap flush with foundations
– Crop plots snap to foundations & ceilings
– Sloped walls can snap to t.

Like the map? Please “RATE” the map for more exposure.

Support the cause so i can continue to build and work for your enjoyment

MOD ID: 651147582
– Island name is “Thieves” use that at the.

Message from the Developer:

Fills beacons with other loot and blueprints!

Compatible with (at least) all vanilla maps!

Basically another version of any other beacon mod, this is my version.

Mod ID: 827011350

Pet Craft Too gives certain pets the ability to produce items during the processes of chasing the Carrot on a Stick.

After you learn the “Carrot On a Stick” engram, place it, and a f.

Source Code []
(No License, use as wanted, with or without attribution)

Automatically turns lights and torches on at dusk and off at dawn.

Works with all mod lights.

Are you tired of farming those Flower’s n Shrooms?

Grown and farm them in your crop plots!

Rate this mod up if you like it! It helps alot! 🙂

3 Arc Productions Presents to you the Future! Stronger and Better looking Bionic creatures and structures! With Custom Materials and Destructible Meshes. And the one and only Bionic Giga and .

Update to run as a mod. Use the following when launching.

start ShooterGameServer.exe TheIsland?listen?GameModIds=478525616

Adds more colors for dinos. Albino raptors, all black birds, blue rexs etc. Just a mod, uses the main map.

Stop wearing clothes 🙂

This simple mod adds a set of armor skins that, when applied to armor, makes it invisible when worn. This allows you to see your character as if they are not wearing armor.

Mod ID: 697357957

Video showing it in action: htt.

Mod ID # 772686502

This mod adds Quetzals, and only Quetzals to your Scorched Earth map.

By necessity this mod works slightly differently to A.D.D. and A.D.D: Dilo Edition. Rather than adding dinos to existing spawns which just wasn’t feasible with Q.

Remake of Kings Indominus Rex mod, with permission.

Indom and IndomX is Dino Tags (For Spawn Rate Modifier)

X to cloak, Q to uncloak

Ini Settings for GUS.ini:


Mod >
Additional Desert Dinos is a mod that quite simply adds a small selection of additional dino species to the Scorched Earth map that I feel should have been there from the offset.

Allosaurs now roam the Badlands in packs of.

Jurrasic ARK Evolved is a mod that creates a Jurassic Park experience and its based on Jurassic park chaos effect and jurassic world.this mod will add the Jurassic Park experience to the map.


This mod is OUTDATED due to my computer sitching to a better one heres the new link

Thanks to KINGS for the Indom
Thanks to SeeRgiinfinity29 for the dossiers
This mod will add all .


Anu Zababa is maintaining a fork of this project that you may be interested in. He has made some nice changes that I was considering but was too lazy to implement.

Get PC visuals on Facebook’s super affordable headset

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What to Know

  • Install the Oculus Link app on your PC. Power on your headset.
  • Connect a compatible USB-C to Oculus Link and your PC.
  • Put on the Oculus Link and select Allow by looking at the virtual button and pressing the headset volume button.

This article walks you through connecting your Meta (Oculus) Quest or Quest 2 headset to your gaming PC to give you the option of upgraded PC graphics in a wider array of virtual reality games and experiences.

How to Connect Your Meta (Oculus) Quest to Your PC

The process for connecting the Quest to a PC is the same whether you have a first- or second-generation Quest virtual reality headset. Before you can make that connection, though, you need to make sure that your PC meets the minimum requirements to support the Quest and Quest 2.

Meta lists the PC requirements as:

  • CPU: Intel Core i5-4590 or an AMD Ryzen 5 1500X
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970, 1060 3GB or better. That includes all GTX 16-series graphics cards besides the GTX 1650. Any from the AMD RX 500, 600, 5000, and Vega series.
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Port: USB 3.0

If your PC meets or exceeds those specifications, you also need to purchase a high-quality USB cable that simultaneously supports data and power. Meta sells its own, but at $79, it’s far from
cheap. Fortunately, you can use a generic USB-C 3.0 cable, but you still want one that uses high-quality materials and features excellent shielding. There’s no point in trying to enjoy better PC visuals if your cable degrades the picture quality.

You want a 3M cable at a minimum to make sure you can still walk around to experience standing and some room-scale features.

The Meta (Oculus) Quest Connect-to-PC Process

When you’ve got the cable and determined that your PC can handle the demands of your Quest or Quest 2 headsets, here’s how to actually connect them.

Plug the USB-C cable into a USB port (3.0 or greater) on your PC, and then plug the other end into the headset.

Put the headset on, and you should see a message that asks if you want to allow the connected device to access files on the headset. Select Allow by looking at the virtual button and pressing the headset volume button.

You’ll then be prompted to Enable Oculus Link. Select Enable to do so.

You can now play compatible Rift and Rift S games on your Meta (Oculus) Quest. Those include those sold in the Oculus store and on the SteamVR platform. To do so, select them from the Oculus menu’s Apps section.

What to Do When Oculus Link Isn’t Working

If you find that after following the setup steps that you’re having issues with sound or picture, there are some steps you can take. First, confirm you’re using a cable that meets Meta’s specifications. It has said any good quality USB-C cable will do, but it’s worth checking.

Second, try restarting your PC or laptop, as that can sometimes fix issues with graphics cards that aren’t as well supported as others.

For more help, check out the official Quest Plus Link support section.

While PC experiences can still benefit from inside-out tracking without external sensors, you will be tethered to your PC by cable, so your VR playspace may be substantially smaller. You don’t have to worry about battery life in quite the same way, though.

Welcome to

You’re here probably because you love IKEA, the world renowned Swedish Furniture Store and its affordable flat packed furniture. You even love wandering through the maze and assembling chest of drawers using nothing but an Allen Key. And that’s all good.

What you don’t love about it is — how everyone has the same thing.

The reality. Take the BILLY bookcase for instance. There are over 60-odd million (and counting) of the humble bookshelf all over the world. That’s one for every 100 persons. That’s a lot of same-sameness.

So what do you do?

You hack IKEA.

And you’ve come to the place for all the best IKEA furniture hacks and ideas. The website to inspire your next IKEA hacking project.

What is an IKEA Hack?

In simple words, it means the alteration or customisation of IKEA products. It could range from a repurposing, reassembly, upgrade, update, personalisation or the creation of something totally new.

From what started as a hobby, has grown to be a library of thousands of IKEA hacks. These projects are shared by professionals and amateurs alike, all joined by a common love for modifying Swedish flatpack and putting their personal stamp on mass produced products.

So take a look around … whether you’re looking for desk hacks or bed hacks, projects for your living room, bedroom or home office, you’re bound to find some ideas to get you going.

Here are some popular IKEA Furniture Hacks you may like

Why hack IKEA furniture?

Ingvar Kamprad started IKEA in 1943 at the age of 17. He worked from his hometown, Älmhult, Sweden, selling household goods like pens, wallets and picture frames. Today, IKEA is a global home furnishing brand operating in over 50 countries. Yet Ingvar’s Småland roots still live on in IKEA — his innovative, no-nonsense approach to problem solving and the desire to make good design accessible to the many.

There are many reasons to hack IKEA. Many IKEA hackers tell me their goal is to make an IKEA product serve a specific function. Reshape it to fit a space. Or alter it to suit to their style and décor. Importantly, IKEA’s price point makes all of this possible. No matter the reason, hacking IKEA is not easy all the time, but fun most of the time.

Share your IKEA hack

Have you hacked IKEA? Share your project and inspire others to put their stamp on their IKEA furniture. Here’s how to send in your project.