How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

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How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

If you have an Apple TV, then you probably know by now that while setting it up is pretty easy, but using the supplied remote with it, is not. Why not set up your Apple TV then using your iPad, iPhone, or a Bluetooth keyboard?

It’s no secret that we’re not fans of the Apple TV’s remote. We probably shouldn’t be so hard on it because, after all, it’s really meant for interacting with media but, to get to that media, you often have to set up or log into your accounts. If you have a long email address, and use long, complex passwords, then entering them with the Apple TV remote can be a tedious lesson in patience (and carpal tunnel).

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboardUsing the remote with this method of text entry is tedious.

Additionally, when you later want to search for something, you again have to use the same terrible text-entry method.

Thankfully, there are three easier ways to interact with your Apple TV. You can set up your device with your iPad or iPhone, and then use the Apple Remote application to enter text, or you can use a Bluetooth keyboard.

Set Up Your Apple TV with an iPod or iPhone

To set up your device wirelessly with your iPhone or iPad, first boot your new or factory reset Apple TV until the language screen appears.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Making sure Bluetooth is enabled on your iOS device, and place it on or very close to your Apple TV until the following screen appears.

You will need to enter your username and password for your iTunes account.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

On your Apple TV, the following screen should appear.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

If you want to use your Apple TV to purchase content from iTunes on a regular basis, then you probably want it to remember your password. That way you don’t have to enter it every single time.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

If you want to help Apple improve products and user support you can send information to Apple about how your Apple TV is working and how you use it. We just always choose “No Thanks” here, it doesn’t affect functionality or features.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

The rest of the setup will happen on the Apple TV itself. First the device will connect to the Internet via your access point, which the iPad or iPhone automatically provides to it.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboardYou don’t have to enter your router’s access point because you iOS device does that for you.

Next, your Apple TV is activated and stuff like the date and time are synchronized.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

The last step is to access the iTunes Store with your supplied account information.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Once complete, the home menu will appear and you can use your remote or an iPhone or iPad with the Remote app, to control your Apple TV.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

From here, you can also access “Settings -> General -> Bluetooth” and set up a keyboard to enter text that way. However, if you have a Bluetooth keyboard already lying around, you may as well use that to set up your Apple TV in the first place.

Using a Bluetooth Keyboard to Set Up Your Apple TV

When you see first see the language screen, it will inform you that you can pair a Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV. To do that, simply place the keyboard close to the device and turn it on.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

On the screen you see a pairing code. Enter it on your keyboard and hit the “Return” or “Enter” key.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

If at first you don’t succeed, you will see the following screen. If the keyboard is still on, you should see another pairing code shortly.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Just keep trying until the language screen reappears and the following symbol flashes in the top-left corner.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

You can use the keyboard now to step through your menus.

Hit “Return” or “Enter” each time you want to advance to the next screen. On the Wi-Fi network screen, you can use the arrow keys to choose your Wi-Fi access point.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Here at our password screen, we’d normally have to enter what is a rather long and secure password using the supplied remote. With the keyboard however, this is a breeze.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Once again, you can safely choose “No Thanks” here if you don’t want to send data to Apple.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

And voila, our home menu screen appears. Now, you just need to log into your accounts such as Netflix, HuluPlus, etc., and because you’ve already paired the keyboard, you should be able to do all that in just a few minutes.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Note, you will still need to set up your iTunes Store account. Open the “Settings -> iTunes Store” to do that.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

When all is said and done, setting up your Apple TV isn’t meant to be annoying, it’s just that it’s not ideal.

Having other methods through which to control the process and make it easier, means that if you need to set up a new one, or you’ve reset your existing one to factory new condition, you can get everything up and running with far less time and discomfort than if you’re using the supplied physical remote control.

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Если Вы не хотите вводить текст с помощью пульта Siri Remote , Вы можете настроить устройство iOS или iPadOS и использовать его для ввода текста, когда на Apple TV появляется текстовое поле.

Устройство iOS или iPadOS должно удовлетворять определенным минимальным требованиям. См. статью службы поддержки Apple Системные требования для использования функции «Непрерывность» на устройствах iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch и компьютере Mac.

Настройка iPhone, iPad или iPod touch для ввода текста на Apple TV

Войдите на устройстве iOS или iPadOS и на Apple TV с одним Apple ID и включите Bluetooth® и Wi-Fi на устройстве iOS или iPadOS.

Использование клавиатуры устройства iOS или iPadOS для ввода текста на Apple TV

Когда на Apple TV появляется текстовое поле, на iPhone, iPad или iPod touch будет отображаться уведомление.

Коснитесь уведомления и введите текст с помощью появившейся клавиатуры в iOS или iPadOS.

Текст, вводимый на устройстве iOS или iPadOS, будет автоматически появляться в текстовом поле Apple TV .

Выключение клавиатуры для Apple TV в iOS или iPadOS

Если Вы не хотите использовать клавиатуру устройства iOS или iPadOS для ввода текста на Apple TV , выключите уведомления клавиатуры на устройстве iOS или iPadOS.

На устройстве iOS или iPadOS выберите «Настройки» > «Уведомления» > «Клавиатура Apple TV» и выключите параметр «Допуск уведомлений».

Simplify text entry with the Typeeto app

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Text entry is a frustrating process using the Apple TV on-screen keyboard and the Siri Remote. While there are alternative ways to make your interaction with the Apple TV a little easier, you can use your Mac keyboard, thanks to the Typeeto utility. Typeeto is an app that makes it easier to enter text into the search box on an Apple TV.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

The Typeeto App for Mac

Typeeto is a Mac utility developed by Eltima Software. With it, you can use your Mac keyboard to type text to an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or Android device. It was initially launched in 2014 and attracted positive interest from the beginning. You can find Typeeto at the Mac App Store.

While it may seem less useful if you already use a wireless keyboard with Apple TV, it is helpful if you want to use your Mac laptop to enter text on other devices. It is also convenient if you don’t want to dedicate two keyboards to the task: one for your Mac and another for Apple TV.

What Typeeto Does

With Typeeto on an Apple TV, you can search for topics by typing a term in the search field, use media key controls, and copy and paste text from the Mac, which comes in handy when you want to perform a complex search.

You can also use Typeeto with other devices. That makes it useful when you need to type lengthy amounts of text into your iPhone, Android, or iPad. It may make it a little easier to use one of your mobile devices as an extension of your Mac desktop. You can choose between light and dark themes.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Typeeto doesn’t recognize the virtual Touch Bar buttons on the MacBook Pro models, which means you can’t use those shortcuts when you type from a Mac to another device using the app.

Using Typeeto With Apple TV

Typeeto is available for download from the Mac App Store. You install the software on your Mac. There’s no need to install it on your Apple TV. After you install it, an app icon appears in the Mac menu bar.

Open the Bluetooth Settings on the Mac.

Open the Bluetooth Settings on the device you want to use (Apple TV, in this case). Both devices should be visible to each other.

Connect your Apple TV with your Mac directly in the Apple TV Bluetooth Settings. A small window with the name of the Apple TV and a dialog urging you to start typing appears.

Using Typeeto With Other Devices

To use Typeeto with another iOS or iPadOS device, tap the Pair button next to the iOS device’s name in the Bluetooth Settings on your Mac. A code appears on the screen of the Mac and the iOS device.

After you confirm the codes are the same, the app is ready to use. A small floating window appears with the name of the device you want to type to and a dialog instructing you to start typing.

To make it a little easier to use Typeeto with multiple devices (your Apple TV and iPhone, for example), you can assign a keyboard shortcut for each of those devices, enabling you to toggle between them quickly when you type.

After installing Typeeto on your Mac, you can set it to launch automatically as a Startup Items app in System Preferences; otherwise, you must launch it manually when you need to use it.

Typeeto Benefits

When it comes to the Apple TV, the app provides a feature that should already be possible. It is strange that a person cannot use a Mac to type to Apple TV without it. While the app isn’t free, it is easy to install and easy to use, making it a valuable addition to any Apple TV owner’s toolkit. The app is compatible with OS X 10.9 or later.


If you don’t have Typeeto, you aren’t limited to using the Apple TV’s on-screen keyboard. If you have an iPhone with iOS 12 or later or an iPad with iPadOS 13 or later, you can enter text using the Apple TV Remote in the Control Center of the iPhone or iPad, as long as both devices are signed in using the same Apple ID and Wi-Fi is enabled on the iOS device. You can also interact with the Apple TV by giving Siri voice instructions.

Best Bluetooth keyboard for Apple TV iMore 2022

We’re a virtual company made up of tech experts from across the globe. We use keyboards every day with all sorts of devices, including the Apple TV, and we’ve tried plenty of different types of Bluetooth keyboards over the years. These are the best Apple TV Bluetooth keyboards you’ll find for navigating your Apple TV, and most of them can be used across all of your other Apple devices as well.

Couch proof : Logitech Keys-to-Go Ultra Slim Keyboard with iPhone Stand

When it comes to lounging around on the couch with a keyboard, you can’t beat this one. It’s small, lightweight, and spill-proof! The spill-proof aspect is key for me because there are usually snacks and drinks involved in our family’s Apple TV binges. This portable keyboard from Logitech will weather any type of movie night and make your movie searches much faster.

  • $70 at Apple
  • $49 at Amazon

The original : Apple Magic Keyboard – US English

Apple TV, Apple Magic Keyboard, right? Right! It’s compact and looks like it might move around on you, but it’s fantastically stable (I type on one all day long), lightweight, large enough to type comfortably, but small enough to be unobtrusive. So, if you’re looking for a standout performer in terms of connectivity, overall feel, and size, Apple’s Magic Keyboard is a perfect pairing to your Apple TV!

  • $99 at Apple
  • $90 at Amazon

Best value : Rii i8 2.4G Mini Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

Here’s a small, gamer-inspired keyboard that will work with just about any gaming and streaming device, as well as the Apple TV. The ergonomic shape makes typing fast and easy, and the touchpad adds another level of convenience for scrolling and searching.

  • $17 at Amazon
  • $22 at Newegg

Multi-pairing tech : The Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

This little ditty is a compact keyboard designed with Mac in mind. It’s designed to control features on your iPhone or iPad, like navigating to the Home screen and audio playback controls. With one button, you can switch between three different devices. If you have a lot to do and no time for pairing, disconnecting, and re-pairing your keyboard to different devices, then the K380 is the best for you.

  • $30 at Amazon
  • $40 at Newegg

Super portable : Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard – IKOS

For those who need a keyboard that will work for Apple TV and a portable solution, this is a great option. IKOS’s Foldable Keyboard can be folded down to a thin, compact size that is easy to carry between work and home or for travel in general.

Mini keyboard remote combo : iPazzPort Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard

Now, this little gadget can do it all when it comes to your Apple TV, that is. The tiny keyboard doubles as an Apple TV controller, so it completely replaces your Siri Remote. Use the navigation buttons to click and scroll with ease, then turn it over and use the mini keyboard when it comes time to type. This will become your Apple TV’s BFF.

  • $20 at Amazon
  • $26 at iPazzPort

Bottom line

Entering text on the Apple TV with just the Siri Remote is a bummer for sure. Make movie night easier and more relaxing with one of the best Apple TV Bluetooth keyboards to take the headache out of typing in the Apple TV interface. My pick would have to be the Logitech Keys-to-Go because it will weather any messy movie night my family may throw at it.

If you’d prefer to replace your Apple TV remote altogether with a typeable solution, the iPazzPort will do all of the above. No need to switch between remote and keyboard! However, if budget is your priority, you may prefer the very affordable Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard, which is also small and compact.

We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Learn more.

With a quality keyboard case, your iPad Pro is practically a laptop

You can make your 10.5-inch iPad Pro work like a MacBook for you with the right keyboard case.

Ditch the spotty Wi-Fi and go with the best Ethernet cables for Apple TV

If you want more stability and speed going to your Apple TV, then an Ethernet cable is the way to go. However, not all Ethernet cables are created equally—so we’ve put together some solid recommendations.

Catch some rays and stay green with these solar keyboards for your Mac

Picking out a new keyboard for your Mac can be tough, but having something that’s efficient, easy-to-charge, and is good for the environment is a bonus.

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Сверхлегкая ультрапортативная клавиатура для iPhone, iPad и Apple TV с поддержкой Bluetooth ®


Вводите текст где угодно и когда угодно на устройствах iPhone, iPad и Apple TV. Сверхкомпактная и исключительно легкая, клавиатура Keys-To-Go почти не занимает места, а когда вам понадобится быстро ответить на рабочее сообщение, сделать заметки на уроке и выполнить множество других задач, она окажется как нельзя кстати. Забудьте о неудобствах, связанных с экранным вводом текста — теперь вам по плечу любые задачи!

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Клавиатура KEYS-TO-GO без труда подключается к iPhone, iPad, Apple TV и другим устройствам. Ее подключение по Bluetooth занимает всего несколько секунд и не влияет на процесс отправки сообщений на телефоне. Вы также можете быстро превратить свой планшет в ноутбук и набирать текст, находясь в пути. Кроме того, эта клавиатура позволяет использовать все возможности мультимедийного центра, не покидая уютного кресла.

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Ультрамобильную клавиатуру KEYS-TO-GO толщиной всего 6,3 мм и длиной 24 см удобно брать с собой повсюду. Когда понадобится, просто вытащите ее и начинайте вводить текст в бешеном ритме.


Беспроводная мобильная клавиатура KEYS-TO-GO — это сочетание изящества и функциональности в одном устройстве. Она идеально подойдет к вашему стилю и образу жизни, куда бы вы ни отправились — например, на пляж или в кафе.


Клавиатура KEYS-TO-GO выглядит как обычная клавиатура, но отличается нестандартным звуковым и тактильным откликом. В отличие от других подобных устройств, она почти не издает шума при работе. Откройте для себя беззвучный ввод. Неважно, что вы делаете — вводите текст, создаете заметки, отправляете сообщения или комментируете видео с грозой на телефоне либо планшете, — вы не потревожите окружающих.


Составляете ли вы отчет или готовитесь к дистанционному занятию, делая заметки, — конструкция клавиатуры KEYS-TO-GO обеспечивает абсолютный комфорт во время работы. Превосходный тактильный отклик и мгновенный возврат клавиш в исходное положение при каждом нажатии сочетаются с невероятно быстрым и точным срабатыванием. Кроме того, благодаря полному набору функциональных клавиш и клавиш быстрого доступа можно выполнять определенные действия в ОС iOS.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Подобно тому, как вы можете подключить контроллер Bluetooth к Apple TV, чтобы упростить игру, вы можете подключить клавиатуру Bluetooth, чтобы упростить ввод текста. Вот несколько отличных клавиатур Bluetooth и покажем, как подключить их к Apple TV.

Зачем мне это нужно?

Посмотрим правде в глаза, как бы мы ни любили Siri, голосовой ввод по-прежнему оставляет желать лучшего. И вводить текст на крошечном трекпаде на пульте телевизора, отклевывая по одной букве за раз? Это уже похоже на 9-й круг ада, без добавления текста, требующего клавиши Shift или символов.

Siri может выполнять свою работу большую часть времени, и для очень элементарного ввода текста вы можете выдержать мучения охоты и клевания при использовании пульта Apple TV. Но практически для всего этого требуется клавиатура.

К счастью, не только действительно легко добавить клавиатуру Bluetooth к вашему Apple TV, но и действительно надежная клавиатура Bluetooth стоит очень дешево в наши дни. Давайте взглянем на некоторые клавиатуры, которые вы могли бы рассмотреть в паре с Apple TV, а затем перейдем к тому, как на самом деле их соединить.

Что вам понадобится

СВЯЗАННЫЕ С: Как проверить (и обновить) версию операционной системы Apple TV

Для этого вам понадобится Apple TV (обновленный до tvOS 9.2) и клавиатура Bluetooth. По необъяснимым причинам Apple не включила поддержку клавиатуры Bluetooth в первоначальный выпуск Apple TV 4-го поколения, несмотря на то, что поддержка клавиатуры была включена в предыдущие поколения.

Если вы не знаете, какая у вас версия tvOS или вам нужна помощь в обновлении, пожалуйста, обратитесь к этому руководству .

Как выбрать хорошую клавиатуру Bluetooth

На рынке представлены сотни клавиатур Bluetooth, но не все они одинаковы. Некоторые из них слишком дороги. Некоторые из них слишком громоздки, чтобы поставить их на журнальный столик или положить рядом с Apple TV. И, честно говоря, некоторые из них просто хлам, не стоящие даже своих и без того низких цен. Давайте взглянем на несколько проверенных клавиатур, чтобы предложить вам варианты покупок.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Наша первая и самая важная рекомендация для Ультратонкая клавиатура Anker Bluetooth (16 долларов США, показано выше). Всего за шестьдесят долларов это прямая кража, он красивый и компактный, но при этом не такой маленький, чтобы расстраивать, он легкий, вы можете купить его в матовом черном или белом цвете, чтобы соответствовать теме медиацентра вашей гостиной, он легко сочетается и хорошо работает , и в настоящее время он имеет в среднем 4,5 / 5 звезд на Amazon с колоссальными 5800+ отзывами. Мы используем ее в этом обзоре, потому что по соотношению цена / качество это, вероятно, лучшая клавиатура Bluetooth по цене, и как раз подходящая цена, чтобы добавить простую клавиатуру к вашему медиацентру.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Еще одна клавиатура, которую мы настоятельно рекомендуем: Многофункциональная клавиатура Logitech Bluetooth K480 (40 долларов, показано выше). Вы платите вдвое больше, чем за модель Anker, но на K480 есть физический селекторный переключатель, который позволяет легко переключаться между тремя устройствами, а также удобная выемка для устройства в верхней части клавиатура для смартфона или планшета. Настроив клавиатуру, вы можете настроить ее не только для использования с Apple TV, но и с iPad и iPhone. Если вы даже подумываете о приобретении Bluetooth-клавиатуры для других устройств, K480 может оказаться для вас гораздо более выгодным вариантом.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

И, конечно же, если вы пурист Apple и любите ощущения от клавиатуры марки Apple, вы всегда можете выбрать официальная беспроводная Bluetooth-клавиатура Apple за 63 доллара. Это не самая дешевая клавиатура Bluetooth, но у нее есть те четкие клавиши Apple chiclet, которые так нравятся некоторым людям.

Как связать клавиатуру с Apple TV

Если вы ранее сопрягали со своим Apple TV что-нибудь еще, например игровой контроллер, следующие шаги будут вам до боли знакомы. Прежде всего, перейдите в меню настроек на Apple TV, выбрав значок настроек на главном экране.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

В меню «Настройки» выберите «Пульты и устройства».

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

В меню «Пульты и устройства» выберите «Bluetooth».

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Здесь вы найдете все ранее сопряженные устройства Bluetooth. Хотя Apple TV не поставлялся с поддержкой клавиатуры Bluetooth, он поставлялся с поддержкой Bluetooth наушники а также Игровые контроллеры Bluetooth . (Серьезно, абсурдно, что он не поддерживает клавиатуры вместе с другими периферийными устройствами.)

На этом этапе вам необходимо запустить режим сопряжения Bluetooth для вашей клавиатуры. Для клавиатуры Anker, которую мы используем, это означает ее включение и удерживание нажатой функциональной клавиши и клавиши Z (которая четко обозначена значком Bluetooth как второстепенная функция). На клавиатуре это может означать удерживание специальной кнопки сопряжения. Для получения более подробной информации обратитесь к руководству по эксплуатации клавиатуры.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Когда устройство перейдет в режим сопряжения, оно появится в разделе «Другие устройства», как показано ниже. Выберите новую запись.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Apple TV предложит вам ввести с клавиатуры 4-значный код сопряжения. Просто введите числа, используя числовой ряд на клавиатуре, и нажмите клавишу ввода.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Устройство появится в списке «Мои устройства» сопряженных устройств Bluetooth, а «Клавиатура подключена» на короткое время замигает в правом верхнем углу экрана.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Вы можете выбрать устройство в списке, но возможности в нем весьма ограничены: вы можете вручную отключить устройство или забыть устройство, чтобы полностью удалить его из списка сопряженных устройств Apple TV. Фактически, единственная причина, по которой вы когда-либо приходили сюда, – это окончательно разорвать пару с устройством, поскольку простое выключение устройства приведет к его отключению.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Теперь, когда ваша клавиатура подключена, вы можете свободно использовать ее для ввода любого текста на Apple TV, включая, что наиболее важно для большинства пользователей, поля поиска в службах потокового мультимедиа.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Ищете “Хроники Лиззи Борден” на Netflix? Больше никакой глупой охоты и клевания, вы можете ввести точную фразу, которую хотите.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Until the latest Apple TV update the only way to use a keyboard with your Apple TV was an iOS workaround. Now there’s an official way that adds new features.

Until the latest Apple TV update, the only way to use a keyboard with your Apple TV was to use an iOS workaround. Now there is an official way that adds some new features.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Make Sure You Have the Latest Apple TV Software

We covered this before, and the process hasn’t changed. You want your tvOS version to be 9.2. Older versions require you to do the Apple Remote workaround. The latest update adds some great new features, so there isn’t a reason not to update.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Setup the Pairing

Head on over to Settings > Remotes and Devices. Go ahead and turn on your Bluetooth keyboard and have it in range at this point. The keyboard needs to be in pairing mode. Apple has a guide for its models of keyboards. In other brands, you usually hold down the power button for a while until the light flashes. Remember to unpair your keyboard from your old computer if it’s nearby. The first time I tried this, I forgot that the keyboard was connected to another system!

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Select Bluetooth, and you’ll see your keyboard show up. Then you’ll put in the pairing code, and your Apple TV will tell you the keyboard is connected.

When you do that, you’ll see the following sequence of screens:

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Cool Features

Typing is the obvious reason to use the keyboard. You can type your passwords or change the folder names of apps. The keyboard arrow keys work just like swiping on the Siri remote. That remote tends to be a bit sensitive, so I find the keyboard easier. It also makes it simpler to pause playback with the spacebar.

On a Mac, F3 brings up Mission Control. It lets you switch between apps on an Apple TV, just like double-tapping the Home button in iOS. The keyboard lets you use the arrows to the right app. Then press the return key to pick that app. If you want to kill the app, double press the up arrow.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

When watching a video or listening to the audio, the space bar lets you pause playback. The left and right arrows worked in most apps to scroll forward or back.

Best of all was the escape key, which acted as I’d expect. It brought me one selection back from where I was. I haven’t discovered any other features, but be sure to share them in the comments if you find one.

Ditching the Siri Remote?

For most tasks, I’m using the keyboard. The arrow, escape, and F3 keys are more intuitive for me. I’ll use the Siri remote for more traditional TV tasks like pausing playback. I might change my mind over time, but right now, I’m enjoying interacting with my Apple TV much more. I’m purchasing more apps and not groaning when it asks for a password. Sure, I could use the dictation function in the Siri remote, but typing is much easier.

– Mar. 22nd 2016 3:49 pm PT

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How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Apple yesterday officially released tvOS 9.2 to the public. The update includes a variety of new features, such as folder support, Siri Remote dictation, iCloud Photo Library, and more. One thing that was added, however, that was originally expected to be included when the fourth-gen Apple TV initially shipped is support for Bluetooth keyboards. With tvOS 9.2 users are now able to pair Bluetooth keyboards with their Apple TV to more easily make search queries and the like. Read on as we tell you how to go about setting this up..

The first thing you’ll need to do is update your fourth-gen Apple TV to tvOS version 9.2 if you haven’t already. To do this, you’ll need to go to the Settings app on Apple TV, then choose the ‘System’ menu, look for the ‘Maintenance’ heading, and choose ‘Software Updates.’ From there, simply select ‘Update Software’ and select ‘Download and Install.’ The update will then download, and when it’s done, you will be promoted to install it.

While the update is downloading, you’ll want to make sure you have a spare Bluetooth keyboard to pair with your Apple TV. If not, there are a variety of affordable options available on Amazon. While Apple says only Apple Wireless Keyboards are compatible, any Bluetooth keyboard will work:

Once you have your Bluetooth keyboard of choice and your Apple TV is fully updated to tvOS 9.2, it’s time to pair the keyboard with the Apple TV. This process is relatively straightforward if you’ve ever paired a keyboard to a computer before.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

First, head into the Settings app and choose the ‘Remotes and Devices’ menu. Then, under the ‘Other Devices’ header, look for the Bluetooth menu. Now you’ll need to put your keyboard in pairing mode. This varies depending on what keyboard you’re using, but for the Apple Wireless Keyboard I used I simply had to hold the power button on the side for about three seconds and wait for the green indicator light to blink.

Once your keyboard is in pairing mode, it should appear under ‘Other Devices’ in the Bluetooth menu on your Apple TV. Using your Apple TV remote, select the keyboard and wait a few seconds. Now, you should see a prompt asking you to type in a four-digit code on your keyboard followed by the Enter key. After you type this code in, you should be good to go and your keyboard should be forever paired to your Apple TV.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

If for some reason you want to disconnect your keyboard from your Apple TV, simply choose it from the same ‘My Devices’ menu and select either ‘Disconnect Device’ or ‘Forget Device.’ If you want to permanently disconnect the keyboard from the TV and pair it to another device, choose the ‘Forget Device’ option, otherwise choose disconnect.

There are a few tips for navigating throughout the tvOS interface using a keyboard. For one, the escape key on the keyboard essentially acts as the menu button, while F3 will bring up the multitasking interface. Clearly the tvOS interface is not entirely optimized for navigating with a keyboard, though, as some things (such as deleting apps from the multitasking menu) are not possible.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

With the navigation issues set aside, it never hurts to have a way to more quickly find information with the Apple TV, especially considering keyboard support was expected to be included when the new Apple TV launched last year. tvOS 9.2 is available now for free to all Apple TV fourth-gen users.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Yesterday, I let you in on a trick to selectively show or hide unwanted app icons from your Apple TV’s Home screen. Today, I want to talk about another great Apple TV enhancement, one just implemented as part of the newly-released Apple TV 6.0 software update: tap-to-setup. In a nutshell, you can now use an iOS device to quickly set up your $99 hockey puck.

Sure, the third-generation Apple TV does allow for greater flexibility by letting folks pair a Bluetooth keyboard in order to quickly type in any pertinent information during the setup procedure (or afterwards). Tap-to-setup, however, takes easy to the next level by automatically transferring common settings from your iOS device…

Specifically, tap-to-setup carries Wi-Fi network and password, iTunes Store account credentials and language/region format preferences over from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to the third-generation Apple TV (older models aren’t supported). Don’t worry, none of this will mess up your iOS device preferences.

Before we begin, a quick notice: you must be running the latest Apple TV 6.0 software and iOS 7 on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It really does work like a charm, let me show you how in five easy steps.

STEP 1: Hook up an Apple TV to your living room telly and power it up.

STEP 2: Unlock your iOS 7 device and ensure that Bluetooth is enabled (you can quickly access the Bluetooth toggle by pulling up Control Center on the Lock screen). Also important: both your Apple TV and iOS 7 device must be connected to the Wi-Fi network you want to use with the set-top box.

STEP 3: Bring your iOS device within 10 to 15 feet of the Apple TV until a prompt pops up asking you to enter your Apple ID credentials on an iOS device in order to commence the Automatic Setup procedure.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

STEP 4: As you can see on the screenies below, upon typing in your Apple ID account credentials (left), you can tell the set-top box to remember that Apple ID for iTunes Store purchases (middle) and send diagnostic data to Apple (right).

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboardHow to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboardHow to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

STEP 5: The Apple TV should wrap up Automatic Setup by connecting to a Wi-Fi network, activating itself, seting up your iTunes Store account and making other configuration changes pertinent to your iOS device.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Voilà – your Apple TV is now ready to use!

It couldn’t be simpler, no?

This is definitely a great time-saver compared to having to tediously spell out information using Apple’s clumsy remote and on-screen keyboard. Heck, it even beats the Apple TV set up process using a Bluetooth keyboard.

Keep in mind that tap-to-setup only configures your Wi-Fi network, iTunes Store account and region/language settings.

Consequentially, you are still required to manually set up third-party services such as Netflix, YouTube or Hulu Plus, approve Apple’s free Remote iOS app, provide iTunes Match/Home Sharing/iCloud Photos credentials, set up multiple Wi-Fi networks or install network configuration profiles.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Again, this handy feature works only on the third-generation Apple TV powered by the new Apple TV 6.0 software or later. Tap-to-setup is compatible with the iPhone 4s or later, third-generation iPad or later, iPad mini and fifth-generation iPod touch. The feature is not available on the iPhone 4, iPad 2 and older devices.

Apple’s support document details the whole process and provides handy troubleshooting instructions.

According to AppleInsider, this might be the first public deployment of Apple’s new iBeacons communications standard.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

As a quick reminder, iBeacons is a new iOS 7 feature that enhance apps’ location awareness via Bluetooth LE profile, the power-sipping wireless technology, whilst enabling a series of new geofencing capabilities for app developers.

Your iOS 7 device combined with inexpensive Bluetooth LE “beacons” opens door to a whole new world of possibilities, like in-store offers, micro-location door activation and indoor navigation, location-based marketing and Passbook tickets and more.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Some even speculate the iBeacons technology could pave the way to a contactless mobile payment system from Apple. If anything, this how-to is a nice example of how iBeacons already makes your life easier.

So, how did you like Apple TV’s tap-to-setup trick?

Give it a whirl yourself and let me know what you guys think down in the comments.

Управление без проблем. Идеальное сочетание 3 самых распространенных беспроводных устройств управления. Благодаря усовершенствованным мультисенсорным жестам вам нужно лишь нажимать и проводить пальцем.

Шаг 1. Загрузите приложение Remote Mouse


Шаг 2. Установите на свой компьютер сервер Remote Mouse


Шаг 3. Подключите мобильное устройство и компьютер к одной сети Wi-Fi. Все готово к работе!

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Смотрите фильм в постели? Слушаете музыку дома? Показываете презентацию? Приложение Remote Mouse позволит вам управлять компьютером из любой точки и в любое время.

Шаг 1. Загрузите приложение Remote Mouse


Шаг 2. Установите на свой компьютер сервер Remote Mouse


Шаг 3. Подключите мобильное устройство и компьютер к одной сети Wi-Fi. Все готово к работе!

Управление Электропитанием

Выключение, перезагрузка, выход или перевод компьютера в спящий режим в один щелчок.

Управление приложениями

Быстрый запуск и переключение между приложениями. Удобная кнопка доступа к рабочему столу.

Воздушная мышь

Благодаря гироскопу и акселерометру телефона перемещать курсор мыши можно простыми движениями телефоном в воздухе.

Настройка интерфейса

Вы сами решаете, какие функции включить, а какие выключить. Настройте интерфейс пользователя под себя.

Голосовой ввод

Интеграция с системами распознавания речи iOS и Android. Голосовой ввод текста на компьютере одним нажатием кнопки.

Регулировка звука

С помощью кнопок регулировки звука на мобильном устройстве можно управлять звуком на компьютере или переключать слайды презентации.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Поддерживает iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS и Linux. Единообразный интерфейс пользователя на всех устройствах.

Шаг 1. Загрузите приложение Remote Mouse


Шаг 2. Установите на свой компьютер сервер Remote Mouse


Шаг 3. Подключите мобильное устройство и компьютер к одной сети Wi-Fi. Все готово к работе!

Люди Remote Mouse

I use my computer as my tv most of the time so it’s hooked up via hdmi under my tv and now I can sit on the couch and control my computer. I paid for the app because it said that I would get more options but I’m not sure what more it does. I don’t care all that much though because it’s a great app.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard


Can’t wait to see what the update will hold. Does exactly what it says. Wireless keyboard and mouse for your computer off your phone. Worth the money to me. Girlfriend thinks otherwise. Lol

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Randy Labelle

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard


What an absolute gem! Now I have a remote whilst watching films on my laptop via HD cable linked to large tv, very lazy I know but hey we all should take the opportunity. Great for presentational purposes or even playing poltergeist tricks on the family tee hee! Love it, buy it and enjoy!

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Miss Ess

Very simple to set up, works brilliant and comes in very handy for when laptop is plugged into tv.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard


This app is amazing! It is so easy to set up and with a couple of hours practice getting used to it, u can use it faster than a mouse and keyboard. It’s great if u are using a television screen as a monitor so u can sit back on ur bed or sofa and just comfortably chill! Really good app, totally worth buying! Also if u can’t find ur wireless keyboard or mouse, u can just whack ur phone or iPod out and it saves a lot of time

The Internet has many places to ask questions about anything imaginable and find past answers on almost everything.

  1. What occurs along a convergent plate boundary?
  2. What processes occur along plate boundaries?
  3. Which landform would you like to live in and why?
  4. Which landform is the best to live in?
  5. What is a map of landforms and water bodies called?
  6. What do we use to compare places and landforms?
  7. What are the two major processes responsible behind the formation of landforms?
  8. What are the two process of landforms?
  9. What does Relief tell you about a landform?
  10. What are the three types of eroding action by water?
  11. What are examples of relief features?
  12. What are the first order relief features?
  13. What are the major relief features?

What occurs along a convergent plate boundary?

At convergent plate boundaries, oceanic crust is often forced down into the mantle where it begins to melt. Magma rises into and through the other plate, solidifying into granite, the rock that makes up the continents. Thus, at convergent boundaries, continental crust is created and oceanic crust is destroyed.

What processes occur along plate boundaries?

Earthquakes, volcanic activity, mountain-building, and oceanic trench formation occur along plate boundaries in zones that may be anything from a few kilometres to a few hundred kilometres wide.

Which landform would you like to live in and why?

Landforms affect where people build houses and communities. Many people live on plains because it is easy to travel and to farm on flat land. Other people live in valleys, which are the land between mountains or hills. The soil in valleys is good for farming.

Which landform is the best to live in?

What is a map of landforms and water bodies called?

Topographic maps are reference maps that show the shape of Earth’s surface. Topographic maps also show other important natural features such as lakes, rivers and streams. Their locations are determined by topography, making them important natural elements of topographic maps.

What do we use to compare places and landforms?

Explain that a landform map shows the locations of landforms in a place. These maps often use color to show mountains, hills, plateaus, plains, and more. They also show major bodies of water.

What are the two major processes responsible behind the formation of landforms?

Landforms are formed by two major processes; internal process and external process. External process: The erosion of earth and then the deposition results in the formation of landforms.

What are the two process of landforms?

There are two processes which lead to formation of different landforms. These processes are; internal process and external process. Internal Process: The earth beneath your feet is continuously moving. The movement of earth’s surface results in internal process.

What does Relief tell you about a landform?

What does relief tell you about a landform? tells you the difference in elevation from the lowest point to the highest point.

What are the three types of eroding action by water?

One form of water erosion occurs as water flows in a stream of river. The motion picks up loose material and moves it downstream. Another form of erosion is abrasion, the grinding away of rock by transported particles. A third eroding action of water occurs when the water dissolves chemical elements in the rock.

What are examples of relief features?

In geography, the sense of relief implies the highest and lowest elevation points in a particular region. Mountains & ridges and valleys are elevated points of elevation and are examples of low lying areas.

What are the first order relief features?

I. First order relief – refers to the coarsest level of landforms, including continental platforms and ocean basins. 2. 3. Third order relief – most detailed order of relief includes things like mountains, cliffs, valleys, hills, and other small scale landforms.

What are the major relief features?

Major and Minor Ocean Relief Features

  • Ocean Relief. Major Ocean Relief Features. Minor Ocean Relief Features.
  • Continental Shelf. Width. Depth. Importance of continent shelves.
  • Continental Slope.
  • Continental Rise.
  • Deep Sea Plain or Abyssal Plain.
  • Oceanic Deeps or Trenches.
  • Mid-Oceanic Ridges or Submarine Ridges.
  • Abyssal Hills.

If you have an iPhone, you probably already updated to iOS 6.1, which was released earlier this week. The new release came with some very subtle updates, including LTE support for more carriers, the ability to purchase movie tickets from Fandango via Siri, some security patches, and more.

Along with the new iOS 6.1 update, the Apple TV also got a few slight enhancements with the 5.2 update, which brings iCloud support for purchases, better Up Next support, and most importantly—Bluetooth keyboard pairing.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Before, you could control the Apple TV via your iPad or iPhone using the Remote app, but if you don’t have one of those mobile devices, you were stuck using one of these:

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Not exactly many buttons to use. Now, if you have a Bluetooth keyboard, you can take use of its many keys to control your Apple TV.

In order to add your keyboard, you’re Apple TV must be 2nd gen or higher, and you’ll obviously need the 5.2 update. To update to 5.2, just get on your Apple TV and head to Settings -> General -> Update Software.

Once you’ve installed 5.2, you can pair your keyboard by going to Settings -> General -> Bluetooth. Just make sure your keyboard is powered on and discoverable.

Note that not all Bluetooth keyboards are compatible. Apple’s wireless version from 2003 with the white case is not, but some third-party ones might work.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Once selected, the Apple TV will search for an available device.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Once it has located your keyboard, select it from the list. You’ll then have to enter on your keyboard the four-digit pairing code seen on the screen.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

After that, the pairing process should be completed and you will be able to use your keyboard just like you would the Apple remote. Well, not just like. The whole point is that this is supposed to be better!

Using Your Bluetooth Keyboard

  • The Arrow keys control the selection of items.
  • Return is selects items. You can also long-press for more options.
  • During playback, you can get subtitles by long-pressing Return.
  • Escape acts as a back button. Long-press to get back to the main menu.
  • Type to enter text (my favorite).
  • Spacebar pauses (and resumes) playback.
  • Left and Right arrows will rewind/fast-forward during video (or restart/skip during song) playback.
  • See an item’s description by double tapping the Up arrow.

Volume, brightness, and other controls are a no-go, though. Unless you know something I don’t. If so, post your Apple TV keyboard tricks in the comments below, so we’re all on the same page.

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Use Your Mac as Keyboard for iPhone, iPad & Apple TV

Type2Phone: Virtual Bluetooth Keyboard

Use your Mac to type on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV.
Type2Phone emulates a Bluetooth keyboard and is just as easy to set up. No extra app is needed.

Why waste money and desk space on a second keyboard?
You already have a keyboard connected to or build into your Mac.

  • Text faster by using your Mac’s full-sized keyboard
  • Paste passwords, addresses, etc. from your Mac to your mobile device
  • Reply to emails on accounts configured only on your iPhone
  • Control your Apple TV (2nd and 3rd generation)
  • Use a single keyboard with all your devices

Feature Highlights

  • Connects automatically as you start typing
  • Disconnects when idle or sent to the background (optional)
  • Command-Tab in and out of Type2Phone
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts for all your devices
  • Copy-paste text from Mac to iPhone, iPad or Apple TV
  • AppleScript to automate text input
  • Support for Mac OS X dictation (10.8 or later)
  • Support for TextExpander on Mac
  • Support for iOS Voice Over

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

  • On your Mac, open System Preferences > Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is on and discoverable. Leave System Presences open.
  • Start Type2Phone. Leave it running and frontmost.
  • On the iOS device, go to Settings > Bluetooth. Tap the name of your Mac to start the pairing procedure.

Please note: If your Mac and iOS device had been previously paired, you first need to undo the pairing on both ends. Have each device forget the other. Then go through the above procedure.

Type2Phone requires OS X 10.6.6 or later.

Type2Phone 3.0 has been tested with iOS 9.1 and OS X 10.11 El Capitan

Control apps, web videos and more on your Mac – from your iPhone, Siri Remote, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Remote and many other remote controls.

Core Features

Supports 100+ Mac apps

Hit the ground running – thanks to tailor-made support for more than 100 Mac apps! Ready to use, but also customizable – with over 1.000 included actions to choose from.

Powerful Menu System

Switch and quit apps, change the system volume, trigger actions, browse the filesystem or your local Music library, put your Mac to sleep and much more!

All from a single, customizable menu.

Web Video Control NEW

Control most web videos in Safari and Chrome through a single set of playback actions:

Want to pause – or watch that movie on Netflix or Prime Video at higher speed? Just press that button!

Siri Remote support NEW

Remote Buddy 2 now supports the Siri Remote, turning it into one of the most powerful and versatile remotes for the Mac.


Move the mouse pointer, click, drag or scroll. Integrated with the Mousespot pointer spotlight effect.


Control apps using the built-in buttons and the clickpad or touchpad respectively.


Enter text or simulate pressing key combinations with the virtual on-screen keyboard.

Mouse and Keyboard

Turn your iPhone or remote control into a keyboard and mouse for your Mac.

Use the included Mousespot effect to shine a light on what matters in your presentations – or to quickly locate the mouse cursor on the big screen.

Screen Sharing 2nd Generation

Mirror the screens of your Mac onto your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV using our free companion apps.

Our unique screen sharing technology delivers up to 60 fps with high image quality , transports your input with low latency and connects quickly .

Send IR commands NEW Technology Preview

Remote Buddy can record and replay IR codes, allowing you to control many devices like TVs or amplifiers through Remote Buddy. Requires a compatible IR transmitter such as Flirc USB.

Desktop Actions NEW

Use the new Desktop Actions to trigger Mission Control , switch Spaces and more.

File Browsing

Browse the file system and open files through Remote Buddy’s menu.

Sleep and Wakeup

Put your Mac to sleep – and wake it up again through Wake-On-LAN (WOL) using the companion apps. Or with an Apple Remote and Flirc USB IR receiver.

Audio Control

Change your system’s default audio volume and audio output (including AirPlay targets) via Remote Buddy’s menu or through the companion apps.

Remote Control + Receiver support

In addition to highly sophisticated companion apps for iOS and tvOS, Remote Buddy can also be controlled with many supported remote controls and includes driver support for many IR receivers.


Customize button mapping and menu layout to suit your needs. Choose from the more than 1.000 included actions – or create your own custom actions and Behaviours using simulated key presses, AppleScript, IR commands and more.

Remote Buddy is so customizable it can be used to control almost anything: from home theater setups and presentations all the way to large telescopes!

Typing on the Apple TV is very inconvenient with the remote control. In this article, we explain how to pair a bluetooth keyboard, so that you can enter text more easily.

Pair Apple TV keyboard

Searching on Apple TV, it remains problematic as the Dutch language is not yet supported by Siri. Entering text by voice is not an option, so you have to rely on the remote control. With that you have to swipe over a line to tap letters. Clumsy.

If you have a Bluetooth keyboard, you can connect it to your Apple TV for typing. If you work with that, it will be much easier to enter texts. It was impossible at first, but since the arrival of tvOS 9.2, the Apple TV also supports Bluetooth keyboards, just like older Apple TVs did. If you want to know how it works, read the steps below. Connecting your keyboard is pretty easy. Grab a keyboard that is still available, otherwise you will have problems with, for example, a linked Mac (Book).

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

This is how linking works

To add a keyboard, you must be running the latest version of tvOS. Check in the settings of your device whether this is the case, or whether an update is ready. Then follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings app and choose ‘Remotes and Devices’;
  2. Choose under ‘Other devices’ for the bluetooth menu;
  3. Put your keyboard in ‘Pairing mode’ (this differs per keyboard, with an Apple keyboard, press the power button for a few seconds until the light flashes);
  4. The keyboard is seen by the Apple TV and appears in the list, choose the device with the remote control;
  5. A numerical code will appear on the screen, which you enter on the keyboard, followed by ‘Enter’;
  6. The keyboard is now paired.

From now on, you no longer need to pair the keyboard, but if you no longer want to use it, go to ‘My devices’ in the settings. Then you choose to disconnect or forget the Apple TV.

Remote app

Another text entry option on Apple TV is to use Apple’s Remote app. You just type with the iPhone keyboard. That works well, but it might be inconvenient if it’s on the charger or if you don’t want to open the app all the time. In this article we explain how it works with the Remote app.

Apple TV remotes are notorious for disappearing. They are small, thin and easily eaten by couches and other upholstered furniture. They can hide under almost anything. Many with lost Apple TV remotes eventually conclude their long lost remote must have been accidentally discarded in the trash, somehow.

In this article, we will let you know how you can set up your Apple TV without using a remote. Not having a remote can make an initial set up of your Apple TV difficult. However, even if you are setting it up for the first time, or setting it up as new, there are ways to make this work without a remote.

As many people already know, you can use your iPhone (or iPad) to control your Apple TV with the Remote app. This only works, however, if your Apple TV and your iPhone are connected to the same router. If you are setting up your Apple TV, it may not already be set up to connect to your internet. We will outline a couple of options for completing the setup in this case.

Note: If you already have your Apple TV all set up and connected to Wi-Fi, and you just need to know how to control Apple TV with your iPhone, skip to the section on how to pair your Apple TV with your iPhone.

Apple TV Setup without a Remote

Before you Begin:

  • Your Apple TV must be connected to your television. This is done using an HDMI cable.
  • Your Apple TV must be powered on. If it isn’t, you can just unplug it from the power source, and then plug it back in.

Setup Options

Use a Bluetooth Keyboard

If you have a Bluetooth keyboard around, you can use this to set up your Apple TV. Keep your iPhone handy to simplify the Apple ID and Wi-Fi setup.

  1. After powering on your Apple TV, make sure your Bluetooth keyboard is near the Apple TV and then put your keyboard in pairing mode.
  2. When a code appears on your TV, enter it on the keyboard.
  3. Use the keyboard’s arrow keys and enter key to navigate during the setup process.
  4. If asked whether you want to setup Apple ID and Wi-Fi using the keyboard or do it automatically using an iOS device, choose the iOS device to save time.
  5. If you want to use your iPhone as a remote, skip down to the section on pairing your Apple TV with your iPhone for instructions.

Use your iPhone and an Ethernet Cable

  • Because your Apple TV is not setup on your Wi-Fi, you will need to plug it in to your router using an ethernet cable.

Note: If your router is far from where you want to use your Apple TV, you will need to make some temporary re-arrangements. Your router, Apple TV, and your TV will all need to be close enough for the cables to reach.

Tip: If you have a computer monitor, you can use it instead of your TV for the setup.

You will want to check these settings on your iPhone before you start.

  • It’s a good idea to update your iPhone to the latest iOS.
  • Make sure you are signed in to iCloud and you should have two-factor authentication for your Apple ID turned on.
  • Turn on iCloud Keychain in iCloud Settings.
    • Go to Settings. Select your name at the top.
    • Tap iCloud. Scroll down to find Keychain, select it, then toggle the switch to the ON position.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and make sure you are connected to your Wi-Fi.
Pair your Apple TV with your iPhone
  1. You probably already have the Remote app on your iPhone. You can go to App Library or the Today Page and search for it. Open the Remote app.
  2. Click on Add Apple TV.
  3. On your phone, enter the code that appears on your TV screen.
  4. Now your iPhone is paired-up with your Apple TV and you can control it using the Remote app.
  5. For convenience, if it isn’t already there, you may want to add your Remote app to the control center. Go to Settings > Control Center. Tap the plus sign next to the Remote app to add it to the Control Center. To access Control Center, swipe down from the upper-right corner of your screen.

Now you can use your iPhone’s Remote app to continue with the setup process.

Stacey Butler

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Last Updated on Jan 16, 2022

In this post, Get the best Bluetooth keyboards for Apple TV 4K and Apple tv. So pick an affordable keyboard to your Apple tv to enjoy searching, navigation, Media Controls, and much more very quickly from around your living room or anywhere in your television watching area. At a glance, by using these third-party keyboards or Apple Wireless keyboards, you will get a standard approach to organizing your Apple TV like you working on a laptop/Mac.

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Fortunately, the Apple TV has a built-in tvOS operating system, and it has a lot of applications, games, and such a great remote control platform to handle HomeKit accessories using Siri. By adding a bluetooth keyboard to your Apple Tv watching life, you could reduce the program-browsing time and increase your pleasure, even more, better than ever. Let’s look here Best Bluetooth keyboards for Apple TV which will allow you hassle-free setup and pair to use.

A caveat – if you’ve Apple TV 4 or Apple TV 4K and want to use the third-party bluetooth keyboard, then you compulsory need tvOS 11 or later.

Furthermore, don’t worry, about how to connect a bluetooth keyboard to an Apple tv, you will get instructions printed to set up, and pair to Apple TV 4 and earlier.

Three Best Bluetooth Keyboards for Apple TV: Never Miss Offer Price

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Get Logitech keyboard for apple tv . This one is a high-profile backlight keyboard. Wonderment features like only a single press needed to pair with its compatible devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple tv, etc.). Logitech Aluminum keypad has a similar physical keyboard layout, which we are using on the Apple keyboard. It is a rechargeable, right luminous backlight key so useful in the dark area and mostly when you are watching TV at night time, it is very comfortable for all peoples.

To operate this bluetooth keyboard, it has an on/off switch particularly useful to Apple TV because on the console you will see the menu, arrow, and playback keys and more put controls of Apple TV at your fingers.

#2. Arteck Bluetooth Keyboard for Apple TV

One of the best and cheap Apple TV wireless keyboards. Apple-style layout and very slim design with all necessary function keys for volume mute, volume up, playback, pause, search key on the keyboard.

At all, this functional best bluetooth keyboard for Apple TV 4 will provide you with a mind-blowing experience. Comfortable, wire-free, portable, and lightweight are so easy to carry anywhere.

#3. Logitech K600 TV Keyboard with Smart Media Controls

Do pain full activity on big-screen Apple TV using the Touch Gesture from TouchPad. Also, Premium quick Shortcut keys for media control are available on your Bluetooth smart Keyboard. Easily Switch Between other Bluetooth devices if you wish to control multiple screens at a time without any more effort. This Keyboard is compatible with all brands of apple TV. Bluetooth low energy technology is safe and no more maintenance costs in the future. Light Weight, So Easy to move with you.

#4. Microsoft All in One Control Keyboard for Smart TV

This is a successful Keyboard model by Microsoft. Compatible with your Microsoft TV, System, and Apple Device. We can quickly access all content from the Apple TV screen. Two alternate connection options First are bluetooth wirelessly and Another is the USB connection. Durable and Split Resistance design. Easy to access your TV from a 10-meter range.

#5. XIWMIX Apple TV Wireless Keyboard

The USA’s leading brand Anker is selling ultra-slim bluetooth keyboards. It works with almost cross-platform including iOS, macOS, tvOS, and non-apple operating systems.

Lightweight, quiet typing with keys, has long battery life, cheap in price, and #1 Apple keyboard alternative. We have a genuine experience, give your order today, do switch on, and pair with your Apple TV to typing in the Apple TV navigation bar and more.

You have an Apple smartwatch, know here how to control Apple tv with Apple Watch.

Did you like these Best Bluetooth keyboards for Apple TV? If you want to buy an Apple TV USB keyboard and ever you found it useful to review one, then please drop its brand name and model number and your own experience in the below comments.

The remote that comes with your Apple TV is pretty handy for navigating the menus of Apple’s streaming box, but a keyboard can make the experience a lot easier. Here’s how to use an Apple Bluetooth keyboard with an Apple TV.

Apple’s wireless keyboard comes standard with any new iMac that you purchase, and you can also buy one separately in the Apple Store for $69 so that you can use it with your MacBook or upgrade your old Apple keyboard from an older iMac. However, did you know that it can also be used with an Apple TV?

The Apple TV can detect and support an Apple wireless keyboard, making it easier to type in TV shows or movies when you’re searching for one to watch, as you don’t have to do the tedious peck-and-hunt with the Apple TV remote.

While you can use pretty much any Bluetooth keyboard with the Apple TV, we find the company’s own keyboard to be the best, as it sports an aluminum design that’s thin and compact. Plus, you’ll the best compatibility using an Apple keyboard with an Apple TV.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Without further ado, here’s how to use a Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV and say goodbye to the Apple TV remote when it comes to typing out TV shows and movies.

Using a Keyboard with the Apple TV

Once you have a Bluetooth keyboard and your Apple TV is booted up, simply follow these simple steps:

First off, turn on your keyboard and make sure that it’s discoverable. A blinking green light on the Apple keyboard indicates that it’s in discoverable mode and is ready to be paired with the Apple TV.

Next, on your Apple TV, go to Settings > General > Bluetooth.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Your keyboard should pop up in the list, so select it using your Apple TV remote and then enter the four-digit code on your keyboard that pops up on the screen. Hit Enter.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

From there, your keyboard will be paired to your Apple TV and you can begin to navigate around the menus using the keyboard, and it’ll make searching a lot easier, as you can easily type in a TV show or movie in the search box without having to rely on the Apple TV remote.

To navigate around menus using the keyboard, you can use the arrow keys to move around the selector and then hit the Enter key to select something. To go back, just hit the Esc key.

You can also use the media controls at the top of the keyboard to play/pause content or go to the next/previous song or episode.

Unfortunately, the Bluetooth capabilities of the Apple TV are only for using a Bluetooth keyboard and setting up the Apple TV when you first get it. If you have a third-generation Apple TV and an iOS device that runs iOS 7 or newer (although it has to be an iPhone 4s or newer, third-generation iPad or newer, iPad mini, or fifth-generation iPod Touch), you can set up your Apple TV the easy way without having to navigate through on-screen menus manually.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

All you have to do is simply just set your iPhone or iPad on top of the Apple TV and it will detect the automatic setup. We’re not really sure how it detects the contact, since it merely just uses Bluetooth, but we’re guessing it might use a technology similar to the Bump app, where both devices detect a bump at the same time and automatically pair them up.

In any case, this will bring up a pop-up where you’ll enter in your Apple ID credentials. From this point on, you can take back your iOS device and it no longer needs to sit atop the Apple TV unit. Enter in your Apple ID information and continue the setup instructions.

Have you ever found yourself typing a large amount of text on your little iPhone or iPod Touch onscreen keyboard?
What you may not realise is that you can connect any external wireless keyboard to an iPhone or iPod touch via Bluetooth. Also, with an external wireless keyboard connected, the ‘virtual’ onscreen keyboard disappears providing you with the entirely viewable screen whilst you type. You can use any wireless keyboard, however we will look at pairing my iPhone to an Apple Wireless Keyboard.
Pairing an external wireless keyboard is simple, just follow these easy steps:

Step 1

To ensure your device recognises the wireless keyboard easily, make sure that the keyboard is not currently paired to any other devices.

Step 2

Open the Settings App on your device, tap Bluetooth, and slide the switch to ON.

Step 3

Turn on the Bluetooth keyboard (if it is an Apple Wireless Keyboard, press the power button on the right hand side).

Step 4

On your iPhone, still under the Bluetooth settings, the “Devices” list should have your keyboard listed. Tap the keyboard when it appears:

Step 5

Using the external wireless keyboard, type the passcode that is displayed on the iPhone display, and press the return/enter key on the keyboard:

Your wireless keyboard will now indicate that it is “Connected” under the Bluetooth Devices menu on your iPhone! Exit the settings and open any app on your iPhone to use the keyboard as normal.

The simplest way to disconnect the keyboard from your iPhone is to just turn off Bluetooth again by going back to Settings, choose Bluetooth, and slide the setting to OFF.
However, if you use Bluetooth for hands free devices or speakers for example, you can alternatively choose to “forget” the device. Although you will have to go through the pairing steps listed above again when you want to use the external keyboard. To “forget” the keyboard simply open Settings and tap Bluetooth. then tap the Keyboard Device Name, then tap “Forget this Device”, confirm by tapping the red “Forget Device” button.
This feature has been tested using iOS v6.0.1 which was the latest iOS release at the time of writing and also using the latest Apple Wireless keyboards.

With Typeeto app on Mac, you can turn your Mac keyboard into a Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and even Android mobile phones, tablets. In this article, we will show you how to pair your Mac with iPhone and use your Mac as Bluetooth keyboard on iPhone.

There are three simple steps to get the job done. Firstly we have to turn on Bluetooth on both Mac and iPhone. To enable Bluetooth on Mac, go to the Apple menu from the top menu bar, choose System Preferences > Bluetooth, and click the Turn Bluetooth On button to activate it.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Secondly, go to enable Bluetooth on iPhone from Settings > Bluetooth. Tap the switch next to Bluetooth to turn it on.

Thirdly, connect your iPhone to Mac. On the Bluetooth Settings screen of iPhone, you will see the My Devices list. If your Mac is discoverable, you should find it in this list. Tap your Mac name to connect iPhone to it.

Note that iOS and Android devices connection has to be initiated from the mobile devices first.

Run Typeeto app on Mac, its icon appears on the Apple top menu bar. You should find it before the WiFi switch at the right hand side. Click this Typeeto icon, then select your iPhone from the Device list. You will get a pop-up window where you can start typing to your iPhone.

The virtual bluetooth keyboard app will fool your iPhone into thinking the Mac is a Bluetooth keyboard. Everything you type in the Mac app will appears on your iOS device.

You do not need to install any other apps on your iPhone. Open the Messages app on iPhone, start writing long messages, imessages on Mac and send them from iPhone. Open the Mail app on iPhone, start composing long email on Mac and send it from your iPhone. You can even copy long text from Mac, then paste it to any apps on iPhone.

How to enter text without tears, probably

Despite its advanced technologies Apple’s fourth generation Apple TV came in for some criticism when it first appeared. Why? Because its on screen keyboard text entry system seemed insanely limited in comparison to the box itself. Things have changed. Here are the five ways you can now type on an Apple TV.

Old fashioned

Initially the only way to type you can use your Apple Siri Remote control to select letters from an alphanumeric text entry list extending across from left to right of your TV screen. You will come across this entry system any time you try to search for anything on any app on your TV. Using this system is slow, clunky and frustrating, but there are some shortcuts you should explore:

Recent: When in the keyboard tap the Recent button to quickly access any passwords, account names or search terms you’ve used recently.

Tap and hold: Tap and hold any lower case key to quickly find capitalized and accented versions of the character, enabling you to avoid switching between uppercase, lowercase and symbol keyboards. Or tap Play/Pause and the next character you type will be capitalized.

However, using this keyboard remains slow, so Apple now offers some alternative ways to enter text.

Remote App

If you used an earlier generation Apple TV and an iPhone its highly probably you used the handy Remote app to control what you did with your television. When the new Apple TV unit shipped it did not support Apple’s Remote app, bit this now changed and it does. Here’s how to use it:

  • Download or update the Remote app
  • Update your Apple TV and ensure your iPhone and Apple TV are on the same network.

Also read: 7 signs Apple is changing television

  • Set up with Home Sharing by selecting that option in Remote, signing in with your Apple ID and opening Settings > Accounts > Home Sharing on your Apple TV. You may need to sign in on the Apple TV.
  • Set up manually by launching the Remote app on your iPhone and choosing Add a Device. A four-digit code should appear. Now you have that code open Settings>Remotes and Devices>Remote app on Apple TV, select your iPhone and enter the 4-digit code.

In future when you need to enter text you’ll be able to use Remote and the much better keyboard it provides to enter those characters.

Siri Dictation

Apple also lets you dictate text to your Apple TV. Go to Settings>General>Dictation to turn the feature on. In future, when you need to enter text into a text field you can do so using Siri and your Apple remote:

With luck Siri will have heard you correctly and clumsy key-based text entry will become a thing of the past. (Don’t forget the more you use Siri the better it becomes at understanding you).


Apple’s latest tvOS 9.2 also lets you use Apple and third-party Bluetooth keyboards to navigate your Apple TV.

You’ll need to put Bluetooth keyboard you want to use into pairing mode before choosing it in Apple TV Settings>Remotes and Devices>Bluetooth. You may be asked for a passkey or PIN.

You will now be able to use the keyboard to enter text in any search or text entry box inside any app you use.

With Apple Watch

If the iPhone you use with your Apple Watch is also paired with Apple TV and the Remote app, then you can also use your smartwatch to enter text on Apple TV, though you will be limited to tapping through the on-screen keyboard, at least until someone at Apple has the bright idea of enabling Siri Dictation via Apple Watch.

With an MFi Bluetooth controller

Finally, if you use a Bluetooth controller such as the SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless controller you can also use this to enter text, albeit only by selecting characters on the on-screen keyboard.

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Jonny is a freelance writer who has been writing (mainly about Apple and technology) since 1999.

I’m wondering about the feasibility of using my iMac’s built-in bluetooth as a source for keyboard input to my iphone.

There are times I want to type longer messages in my iphone, i keep a bluetooth keyboard around just to have a full sized keyboard to use on the iphone. I don’t use the keyboard on my iMac because I have an ergonomic keyboard there that I much prefer. What I think would be great is to use that corded ergonomic keyboard as an input to the iphone via a bluetooth device that uses the iMac.

Any thoughts on this?

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

5 Answers 5

There are apps in App Store: iKeyboard ($9.99), Type2Phone ($9.99), 1Keyboard ($9.99) and Typeeto ($4.99) that allow to use your Mac’s keyboard as Bluetooth keyboard. The obvious requirements are Mac with Bluetooth and recent OS X.

2017 Edit: As mentioned in other (newer) answers, there are iPhone apps available that can act as Bluetooth keyboards from the Mac. I’ve been using Typeeto myself. My original answer should be considered quite out of date now.

I’d recommend using the dedicated Bluetooth keyboard if it’s not too much hassle, as it’s currently the most elegant solution.

If you really want to type from the iMac though, you’ll need a Jailbroken iPhone. There is a VNC server called “Veency” available from Cydia. You’ll then need a VNC client for the iMac (I use JollysFastVNC myself). The iMac and iPhone also need to be networked via either Wifi or Bluetooth LAN.

You’ll want to ignore the video and just look at the iPhone’s screen while typing, because it lags heavily.

I would love to have something more elegant to suggest, but other mouse/keyboard-only solutions like Synergy or Teleport are Desktop/Notebook only at the moment.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Apple has added one-tap instant setup to the Apple TV, using Bluetooth LE and an iOS 7 device to automatically load WiFi network and Apple ID information to the streaming set-top box. Quietly introduced today, the new feature appears to have been enabled in Apple TV OS 6.0 – re-released earlier this week – and helps new Apple TV owners to avoid punching in setup details such as complex WiFi passwords with the bundled remote.

Instead, as long as the iOS device is running iOS 7 and the Apple TV is up to date, moving the two near to each other – Apple recommends a brief tap, just to be sure – is enough to trigger an impromptu Bluetooth connection and swap all the details over. It will work from an iPhone (4s or later), an iPad (3rd-gen or later), iPad mini, or iPod touch (5th-gen), all of which include Bluetooth LE support.

In addition to the Apple ID and password, and WiFi credentials, the new system also pushes over language and region format preferences. The iOS device needs to have Bluetooth enabled as well as be connected to the WiFi network the Apple TV is to be hooked up to; obviously if you’re running it off an ethernet connection, that doesn’t matter.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Although not quite iBeacon, Apple’s new approach to using Bluetooth LE is a sign of how the company intends to leverage the short-range, low-power wireless standard. iBeacon, a feature added in iOS 7, is effectively Apple’s answer to NFC: it’s expected to be used for mobile payments, indoor positioning in malls, stadiums, and other venues, and other purposes.

Apple isn’t the only company to be looking to Bluetooth LE for that sort of functionality. PayPal recently announced Beacon, a compact wireless dongle that it intends to offer to retailers who want a simple way to connect their point-of-sale systems with the PayPal apps on smartphones.

Those without an iOS device or not running iOS 7 can still bypass scrolling through the on-screen keyboard when setting up the Apple TV, by pairing a Bluetooth keyboard with the box.

The Apple TV is an amazing (and necessary, in my opinion) companion to any TV or projector. My rule of thumb. never install a new display without one! You probably already know all about the Apple TV App Store, games, watching video, listening to music and viewing your Photos library, but did you know that you can connect various Bluetooth devices to your Apple TV to make it even more powerful?

In this post, we’ll walk through how to pair Bluetooth headphones, keyboards, controllers, and more with your 4th generation Apple TV.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Before we begin, you should know that while there are apps that let you use your iOS device as a controller with your Apple TV, you can’t pair your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch to your Apple TV. With that out of the way, let’s begin!

Pair your Bluetooth accessory

Use these steps to pair a Bluetooth accessory to your Apple TV (4th generation):

  1. Put your Bluetooth accessory in pairing mode using the instructions that came with it.
  2. On your Apple TV, go to Settings >Remotes and Devices >Bluetooth. Your Apple TV will search for nearby Bluetooth accessories.
  3. Choose your Bluetooth accessory.
  4. If asked, enter a passkey or PIN. On your Apple TV, your accessory should now appear in My Devices.

Unpair your Bluetooth accessory

On your Apple TV (4th generation), go to Settings > Remotes and Devices > Bluetooth. Select your accessory, then select Forget Device.

Using more than one Bluetooth accessory

Your 4th generation Apple TV can support several Bluetooth controllers simultaneously, up to this many:

  • One Siri Remote or Apple TV Remote
  • Two MFi (Made for iOS) Bluetooth controllers, or one MFi Bluetooth controller and one Bluetooth audio accessory (like headphones or speakers).

You might be able to pair more accessories, but at some point you might need to unpair others to allow for new ones. Some apps might let you use an iOS device as an additional controller, which doesn’t require Bluetooth. For help using an iOS device as a controller in an app, contact the app developer.

Now that you know what you can pair and how to pair it, get started!

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

Apple is leveraging the Bluetooth LE technology that it has been building into every iPhone since the iPhone 4S to enable automatic setup of an Apple TV 3G. Just touch a device running iOS 7 to a newer Apple set-top box to have it automatically set up Wi-Fi networks, region settings and Apple Store accounts.

This essentially means — as far as we can tell — that Apple is using technology similar to the kind it describes as ‘iBeacon‘, a Bluetooth LE device that broadcasts a data payload to any compatible BT device in the area. This can enable complex interaction without having to be on the same Wi-Fi network or even paired with a target device. But it also may use the iPod Accessory Protocol, also supported by BLE.

The ‘one touch’ setup was discovered by TUAW reader Aaron G and noted in an article earlier today. The Apple help document related to the new setup feature gives us some clues that point to BlueTooth LE being the technology driving the interaction. A technology that Apple uses in its iBeacon protocol.

From what we understand, this is not turning the Apple TV into an iBeacon in Apple’s consumer sense of the word, but it uses similar technology.

How to set up an apple tv using an iphone ipad or bluetooth keyboard

To make it work, you enable Bluetooth on your iPhone 4S, iPad 3G, iPad mini or iPod touch 5G and newer. Then, you tap it to an Apple TV 3G that’s sitting on the setup screen. Your devices will enter an out-of-band pairing and you’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID on your iOS device. You can then choose to have it remember that data for purchases on your Apple TV if you wish.

The Apple TV will then auto-configure itself, bypassing the super awkward process of entering your Apple ID and Wi-Fi information using Apple’s stick of gum remote. The Apple TV has to be on version 6.0 or later and iOS devices on 7.0 or later.

The fact that the help doc tells you that you must turn on Bluetooth is a dead giveaway that this is based on the tech that Apple has been building into its devices for longer than it has needed it. Apple built support for Bluetooth LE into its devices for a while and iBeacon support into the latest iOS and Apple TV software.

We tried out the new setup method and it worked as advertised. We did discover however that physical contact was not required, as the Apple TV paired with our device up to 8 inches out. We were able to tap it and get it to work, but also simply moving it within a foot or so seemed to work. This is consistent with a part of the iBeacon process called ranging. The instruction to ‘tap’ the device to the Apple TV is likely just to ensure proximity.

So, while this isn’t ‘iBeacon’ yet, it’s definitely a process that will feel familiar once those start showing up in the wild.

For more on iBeacons, you can check out our writeup of Estimote, a hardware device that uses Bluetooth LE to help retailers communicate with consumers based on in-store location and more.

This article has been clarified to note that this is not an iBeacon, but uses similar technology.