How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

A new face for a new day

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How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Decorative and functional watchfaces are a signature feature of the Apple Watch. It’s pretty easy to select one and tweak their appearance. In fact, you can do it either from the Watch itself or on your iPhone. And if you’re tired of your current choices, you can always add a new one.

On your iPhone

To switch to a previously installed watchface:

  • Open the Watch app. You’ll see a scrolling line of the watchfaces you’ve previously installed. Swipe left and right to find the one you want to use or customize, and tap it.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Set as current Watch Face.” You’re good to go.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Customizing a watchface — in other words, changing the color, style, or some other aspect — will work a little differently depending on the features of each particular face. However, the general idea is the same for all of them.

After you’ve tapped the face you want, swipe down to see which aspects you can tweak, and swipe across to see what your choices are. For example, if you see an aspect for color, swipe across to see the face’s available color schemes and tap the one you want to use.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

If you want to change an icon on the watchface that launches an app on your Watch — what Apple calls “Complications” — tap the appropriate menu item, scroll, and select. Work through the list of available positions, tapping the ones you want to change and picking the Complication you want to use from the scrolling list. When you’ve got it right, go to the bottom of the screen and tap on “Set as current Watch Face.”

To install a new watchface:

  • Open the Watch app. You can see the faces that are already installed near the top of the screen.
  • Tap the Face Gallery icon at the bottom center of your display. Scroll up and down and left and right to behold Apple’s creative bounty.
  • Tap on the one you want to add, tweak the settings a little if you want, and tap “Add.” The new face will appear on your Watch in short order.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

On your Watch

To switch to a previously installed watchface:

To change from among your installed faces, just swipe left or right on the Watch’s screen. That’s it.

Customizing your watchface is a little more complicated.

  • Force touch the screen. You’ll feel a vibration, and the watchface will go into Customize mode.
  • Swipe left and right to pick the face you want to work on, and tap “Customize.”

What happens next depends on which face you want to work with and how complex it is.

Generally, faces have two or three categories of design that you can change. Each category gets its own screen. The number of screens is indicated by the dots along the top of the display. You can move between the categories by swiping left and right. The area that you can change will be indicated by a green outline and will usually be labeled.

To make a change (color, style, etc.), scroll through the available options by tapping the area you want to change (if there is more than one area on the display outlined) and rotating the Digital Crown.

The last screen usually lets you manage the Complications. Things you can change are indicated by circles. Tap what you want to customize and scroll through the available Complications by turning the crown.

  • Tap on “Customize” to tweak your Watch face.
  • Choose which category you want to change.
  • Some screens will have several areas you can change.

When you’re done, press the crown once (a longer press will activate Siri, so don’t linger), and you’ll be brought back to the Customize screen.

Lower your wrist, and you’ll be using that customized watchface. If you’re not wearing the Watch, press the crown or tap the screen once to return to the “Customize” screen and again to get back to normal mode.

To install a new watchface:

  • Force touch the screen to enter “Customize” mode
  • Swipe left through until you see the “New” button. Tap it.
  • Either swipe up and down or turn the crown to run through the available faces. Tap the one you want to add, and you’re set. (You can customize it by following the directions earlier in this article.)

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

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The source code of the interface has recently appeared on the Internet Apple See. Hackers have created a solution that allows the new interface to run as a standalone application on iOS 8. This was enough to get familiar with the new design, but for everyday use the fit was not adequate. A few days ago an extension appeared in Cydia Foreverthat changes the appearance of the iPhone and iPad desktop by Apple Watch.

This solution is more than adequate to work on an iPhone or iPad running iOS 7 or iOS 8. After downloading the tweak, the desktop icons are arranged in a grid. The screen is no longer divided into separate pages, and movement between application shortcuts is done by dragging them in different directions. If necessary, the icons on the screen can be zoomed in and out with familiar gestures.

The well-known possibility of activating the edit mode by holding your finger on any shortcut works. The icons are rotated and you can delete applications, drag and drop them in any free space or organize them by themes. Forever has various settings. You can enable or disable docking panels and the display of application names. The changes will take effect after the device is reset. There is an option to change the shape of the icons, instead of round they can be pentagonal.

Tweak works great on almost all devices, graphics are smooth and lag-free. Application startup and shutdown are accompanied by a nice circular animation. When you press the home button, the screen scrolls to the conditional center of the grid. This is the Spotlight search icon (there is no other way to launch the smart bar). It can be moved anywhere else on the grid, just like a normal shortcut. It is possible to activate or deactivate the action Forever with a setting Activator.

Download tweak Forever it is available in the standard Cydia repository. The price is $ 2,99.

I’m perpetually late so I’d like to tweak my Apple Watch to be showing the time just a bit ahead of the actual wall time. In other words, when it’s 11am, my watch would show 11:10 to help me out. On my old watch this was easy to set. How about on the fancy new Apple Watch? Doable?

I’m always intrigued by people who use this sort of strategy to try and compensate for their perpetual tardiness. Don’t you just remember that your watch is set 10 minutes ahead and automatically compensate, thereby defeating the purpose of the entire effort?

The only time I can imagine this working is if you glance at your watch, see the time, panic, and react, all without giving yourself time to actually say “wait a second (pun intended, of course!), isn’t this set ten minutes fast?” 🙂

In any case, rather surprisingly, yes, you can indeed adjust the current time on the Apple Watch, though what percentage of owners are going to tweak this is a darn interesting question.

To start, here’s the time, courtesy of Mickey Mouse:

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

So it’s about 11:08, right? Now, push the Crown to get to the Apps view and find Settings:

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Tap on the Settings gear and you’ll see the options:

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Almost there. Tap on “Time”…

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

There you go. You can tweak it to be ahead as far as you want, so it’ll work great for you!

Notice that the alerts and notifications are still going to show up at the correct “wall time”, so if you have an 11am appointment, your reminder will show up at 11:00am actual time, whatever your watch is showing you. If that’s an issue, you might set your appointments 15min earlier too.

Oh, and don’t forget that there are some useful clock settings in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone:

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Tap on the “Clock” option, as shown above.

The results are interesting, though perhaps not quite as relevant to your own situation:

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

So now, as they say, you know.

And, quick, what time is it? Are you sure?? 🙂

Just like regular iPhone users, a lot of jailbreakers don an Apple Watch and expect to use their jailbreak to enhance its capabilities. While Apple Watch-centric jailbreak tweaks are certainly few and far in between, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

At iDownloadBlog, we care greatly about expanding our readers’ horizons with respect to jailbreak tweak discovery, and since we’re in the mood to talk about the Apple Watch, this roundup will encompass what we believe are some of the best Apple Watch-centric jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14.

While there isn’t a jailbreak specifically for the Apple Watch, these tweaks impact your Apple Watch’s behavior via your pwned iPhone. So if you’re as ready to dive in as we are, then simply read on!

The best Apple Watch jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14

Perseus – FREE

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Perseus is a free and incredibly useful jailbreak tweak for anyone using iOS 13.0-14.4.2, as it mimics Apple’s native Unlock with Apple Watch feature for whenever you’re wearing a mask and trying to unlock via Face ID.

Since only iOS 14.5 and later natively support this feature, Perseus allows virtually all jailbreakers to take advantage of the same functionality, and that lends convenience without the prerequisite of updating your handset to a potentially non-jailbreakable firmware.

You can read all about Persueus and why we highly recommend it for most Apple Watch-wearing jailbreakers in our full review post.

Winter Mode for Apple Watch – FREE

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

It’s incredibly easy to miss notifications from your Apple Watch, especially when you’re heavily dressed in Winter attire or your mind is laser-focused on a specific activity.

Winter Mode for Apple Watch is a free add-on and helps prevent missed notifications by forcing both your Apple Watch and iPhone to notify you about the same notifications simultaneously.

You can read all about Winter Mode for Apple Watch and why this is a must-have upgrade for your device in our full review post.

Compactor – FREE

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Love that font your Apple Watch has? Compactor is a free jailbreak tweak that brings this same SF Compact font to your iPhone for a more uniform appearance between the two devices.

Unlike other font tweaks, Compactor promises not to drain your battery or impact performance, allegedly due to how it works.

You can read all about Compactor and how to get it in our full review post.

NanoFi – FREE

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Your Apple Watch uses one of two different wireless radios to communicate with your iPhone — Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Obviously, one is much faster than the other — hint: it’s Wi-Fi.

One developer wanted to take more advantage of the faster data transfer speeds between iPhone and Apple Watch and so created the NanoFi jailbreak tweak to force the devices to prioritize Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth for those transfers when available.

You can learn more about how the process works in our full review post.

AppleWatchCallNotificationFix – FREE

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

There seems to be a common issue on pre-iOS 14.5 firmware versions where connecting your iPhone to CarPlay causes the Apple Watch not to notify you about incoming phone calls.

While iOS 14.5 appeared to fix the problem, most jailbreakers are running a version prior to that, so the free AppleWatchCallNotificationFix tweak was conceived to push the same quality of life fix to those users.

You can learn more about the bug and how the tweak fixes it in our full review post.

Kai – FREE

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Wish your Apple Watch’s battery level was more easily discernible from your iPhone without having to visit the widget page? If so, then Kai is for you.

Kai adds a persistent battery level widget to your iPhone’s Lock Screen, making it easier to determine not only your Apple Watch’s current battery percentage, but also any other Bluetooth devices connected to the same handset.

You can read all about Kai and how it works in our full review post.

AlwaysOnHeadphones – $0.99

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Normally when you accept phone calls via your Apple Watch, the call blares out loud through the wearable’s speaker. This can be incredibly annoying when you’re using a pair of headphones, such as AirPods.

AlwaysOnHeadphones is a simple quality of life jailbreak tweak that forces the audio of all phone calls answered from your Apple Watch to be routed through your iPhone to your preferred pair of headphones instead.

You can learn more about AlwaysOnHeadphones and how it works in our full review post.

WatchMuteMirror – $0.99

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Silent mode is a feature that both the iPhone and the Apple Watch support, however they don’t sync their silent mode status between devices, meaning one could still ring out loud despite the other being set to silent.

WatchMuteMirror is a really simple jailbreak tweak that always ensures that your silent mode setting is consistent between both devices at all times, hopefully preventing by any embarrassing sound displays in public.

You can read all about WatchMuteMirror in our full review post.

Wrapping up

While there aren’t a whole lot of jailbreak tweaks for the Apple Watch as of now, the aforementioned are some of the best ways that you can utilize your jailbreak to augment its capabilities when connected to a pwned handset.

Still hungry for more jailbreak tweaks? Try these:

If you feel we’ve missed any important Apple Watch-centric releases, then please consider dropping a comment with the details below so that fellow readers may benefit.

23 essential Apple Watch tweaks and tricks you can’t stop trying

Despite having a device like the Apple Watch always with us, one never really knows it completely. The operating system has become more and more sophisticated, offering functions that are not always visible. With these 23 essential Apple Watch tricks and tweaks, we want to recover the most interesting in this article.

The most prominent tricks and tweaks for your Apple Watch

Use and order the Apple Watch dock

On the side of the Apple Watch we have an elongated button. If we press it once, we will “invoke” the Apple Watch dock, which will allows access to certain apps. If on the iPhone we access the Watch> Dock app, we can choose how we want this button to react:

  • Recent: it will show us the apps that we have used lately.
  • Favorites: we will see the apps that we have chosen, being able to add them there.

The latter is especially useful, because we can order the apps that we want to be always ready to open. It is advisable not to overcrowd this section of apps because the system keeps them ready for use without delay. Adding too many can cost more battery power.

Go back to the watch after using an app

While using the Apple Watch, we can open an app and then forget about it. We can configure what will happen next time we turn the wrist. Specifically, the time it will take for the clock to show itself or keep that last app open.

Organize the Control Center

The Control Center shows a certain order in its default configuration. Now we can reorder it and put it as we want, for it, just swipe at the end from the menu and press edit. We can even delete some of the ones we don’t want to appear on the list.

Remaining battery in AirPods and power saving mode

In the Control Center we can check the amount of battery that the Apple Watch has. If we click on this indicator, We will also know how much autonomy the AirPods have connected to your iPhone. And as an addition, activate the energy saving if we wish.

Force restart Apple Watch

It is not usually frequent, but if on any occasion our Apple Watch does not respond, it may be necessary to force a restart. To do this, just press and hold both the digital crown and the side button for at least 10 seconds. The white apple should appear on the screen as soon as we have achieved it.

Advance the clock time a few minutes

There are people who like to have the watch a few minutes in advance. It is also possible to do it on the Apple Watch, from the watch itself, in Settings> Clock> +0. There we can choose to advance the time between 0 and 59 minutes.

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Interpret the touches of the clock to turn when using Maps

Moving around the city using Maps and the Apple Watch has a trick that few know. When approaching a left or right turn, we will notice some vibrations. Depending on your pattern, they will be for one side or the other:

  • Right turn: we will notice twelve touches in a row.
  • Left turn: you will notice six touches divided into three pairs.

Activate notifications for falls, irregular rhythm, heart rate and VO2

Apple Watch has three functions to monitor your health without doing anything. You can check if you have them activated in this way:

  • Accidental falls: go to the Watch app> SOS emergency and turn on fall detection.
  • Irregular pace and aerobic capacity: go to Notifications> Heart to activate both.
  • Heart rate: in the same section, you will see the alerts for low and high frequency below. Set it to the limits you see fit.

Mute calls, notifications and timers with your palm

One of my favorite uses is being able to silence the clock immediately with the palm of the other hand. No matter what type of alert or sound it is emitting, placing your palm will make the device shut up immediately.

Even more tricks for your Apple Watch

The number of tricks to handle the Apple Watch is enormous. With the maturing state of the platform, new functions have been added that should be known before being able to take advantage of them. And for that, below we list 14 other additional tricks for the Apple Watch:

  • On an Apple Watch Series 5 or Series 6, you can turn off the screen completely with Sleep mode or Cinema mode.
  • You can wear the watch on your right wrist and change the orientation of the clock to have the buttons on the left side. Do it from Watch> General> Orientation.
  • You can change the view of apps and show them in a list from Settings> App layout.
  • Hold two fingers on the screen for Siri to read you the time. Make sure it is not silent.
  • In apps view, press and hold to rearrange the tile and choose which apps to delete.
  • In Settings> Siri, turn on lift to talk. So you can activate the assistant without having to say “Hey Siri” or press the digital crown.
  • The sun dial allows you to move the hands with the digital crown. In doing so, we will see the different states that the sun passes through during the day.
  • Use the Apple Watch camera app to focus photos with your iPhone. Perfect for supporting it or using a tripod.
  • When you are playing music on iPhone, you can control it from the Apple Watch. On the clock, above you will see a white balloon with a red triangle. Press it to access its controls.
  • Unlock your Mac simply by wearing the Apple Watch on your wrist. Do it in System Preferences> Security and activate the option with your watch.
  • You can also use it to authenticate your password on your Mac. For example, to view Safari passwords, just double-click the side button when prompted.
  • You can send your personalized dials to other contacts if you hold down the dial and press the corresponding button.
  • If you want to prevent your iPhone from ringing with each call, put it on silence and manage them from the clock.
  • You can run certain shortcuts from the app on the watch. Perfect to use the one notify your contacts that you will be late.


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Rumors of a radically redesigned Apple Watch with flatter edges mimicking the iPhone design language did not come to pass. The Apple Watch Series 7 that Apple unveiled during its “California Streaming” event looks much like its predecessors, with modest upgrades compared to blockbuster Apple Watch unveilings of yore.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

If you squint, though, you’ll see much that is new.

Apple has fiddled with the watch’s dimensions. The Apple Watch Series 7 boasts 20% more screen area than the previous generation and 50% more than the Series 3. The display’s borders have been reduced to 1.7 mm, a 40% difference compared to Series 6, “while barely expanding the dimensions of the watch itself,” according to Apple. Note that the Apple Watch Series 7 will come in 41 mm and 45 mm sizes, replacing the 40 mm and 44 mm Series 6 models. They remain compatible with existing bands.

The case and display have softer, more rounded corners, and they merge more seamlessly than they do on earlier models. A new “refractive edge” on the display means full-screen apps and faces appear to conform to the case curvature.

The always-on screen is 70% brighter indoors when your wrist is down, “making it even easier to discreetly check the time,” Apple quips.

Apple tweaked the watchOS interface with the Apple Watch Series 7’s larger size in mind. The company redesigned and enlarged buttons in apps like Activity, Alarms, Calculator, and Stopwatch to make them easier to tap on the expanded display. About 50% more text (such as messages or emails) fits on the screen now, with less scrolling.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

watchOS 8 on the Apple Watch Series 7 adds a full keyboard that lets you enter text either by tapping or by sliding your fingertip from character to character in a manner that has long been common on smartphone keyboards. Apple’s version of this system, dubbed QuickPath, taps into machine learning to predict the words you’re trying to enter. The Scribble text-input method is easier to use on the larger screen, too.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Durability gets a boost. Apple claims that the display is more crack-resistant due to a new “geometry.” The Apple Watch Series 7 is also the first model to provide IP6X dust resistance along with the usual swimmer-friendly waterproofing.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Charging for the Apple Watch Series 7 is up to 33% faster than the Series 6. With a new charging architecture and a USB-C puck, achieving an 80% charge takes only about 45 minutes. If you like to wear your watch to bed instead of leaving it to charge overnight, 8 minutes of pre-snooze charging is enough for 8 hours of sleep tracking.

No New Health Sensors but New Fitness Tweaks

The Apple Watch Series 7 debut was humdrum in that Apple didn’t trot out any new physical health sensors. On the software side, though, watchOS 8 brings new health features to both the Series 7 and other models.

Happily for those of us who bike a lot, Apple put a lot of emphasis on cycling. watchOS 8 can analyze GPS, heart rate, accelerometer, and gyroscope data to detect when you begin a bike ride, and it prompts you to start an Outdoor Cycle workout if you didn’t initiate one manually. This works on the Apple Watch SE, Series 6, and Series 7.

For those who ride electric bicycles (see “Some Fancy E-Bikes Have Their Own Apps. We Tried Two,” 2 April 2021), the Apple Watch can more accurately measure active calories with an updated workout algorithm that evaluates GPS and heart rate to better gauge when users are pedaling with electrical assistance versus leg power alone.

Apple also improved fall detection. With watchOS 8, fall detection algorithms better detect falls during workouts—including cycling—and have been tuned to recognize the unique motion and impact of falls during a bicycle ride and other exercise types. As with general fall detection, the watch can call emergency services if the user is incapacitated.

For all kinds of athletes, new voice feedback through the watch’s built-in speaker, or through AirPods or other Bluetooth earbuds, announces milestones and activity ring status, helping users stay focused during workouts.

New Faces, Colors, and Bands, Of Course

There are (natch) new watch faces. A dynamic Contour face animates when the wrist is raised, smooshing the dial out, cartoon-like, to the screen’s edge. And a new Modular Duo face exploits the watch’s expanded dimensions with two extra-large, data-rich complications.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

The aluminum Apple Watch Series 7 comes in a new complement of colors: midnight (dark gray), starlight (silvery gold), green, blue, and PRODUCT(RED). Apple says that stainless steel and Apple Watch Edition models continue in their existing colors .

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Fans of Nike and Hermès Apple Watch variants get fancy new watchbands, as per usual. But if you want to keep using your existing bands, rest assured they’ll still work. Apple is offering fresh new colors across its band catalog, too.

Should You Upgrade?

The new watches start at $399 (but go up fast from there) and are due later this year. Apple continues to sell the Apple Watch SE, starting at $279, and the Apple Watch Series 3, starting at $199.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Those who are happy with an Apple Watch Series 6 likely won’t feel a compulsion to get a Series 7. Although there are new features, they’re incremental for the most part.

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Your time is valuable. Don’t let watchOS 8 take forever to update.

The Apple Watch packs a lot of power into a small design. But for all of their speed and utility, performing certain tasks on one of them can still be painfully slow. Take updates, for example—they’re notoriously sluggish on Apple Watch. If you’re dreading how long your watchOS 8 update is going to take, you can tweak one setting to (hopefully) speed it way up.

Bluetooth vs. wifi on Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch communicates with your iPhone through two different types of connections, Bluetooth and wifi. Most of the time, the watch will attempt to communicate with your iPhone using Bluetooth. That’s because the connection puts less strain on your devices’ batteries, and since your Apple Watch and iPhone are usually within the 30-foot radius of one another required for Bluetooth to work, it’s a no-brainer they’d favor the lower-power solution.

The problem is that information travels much more slowly via Bluetooth than over wifi. Normally, that isn’t a problem; you typically receive alerts and notifications on your Apple Watch from your iPhone in a timely manner. But those are tiny snippets of data. Trying to move large amounts of data from one device to another is another story. Like, if you were attempting to download a large watchOS update from your iPhone to your Apple Watch.

How to update WatchOS more quickly

The solution? Don’t use Bluetooth. Your Apple Watch can only communicate with your iPhone via Bluetooth if the connection is available. If it’s not, the devices switch over to wifi. So if you disable Bluetooth on your iPhone, the devices have no choice but to update using wifi, which can really speed up the entire process.

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How to disable Bluetooth the right way on your iPhone

You might be tempted to disable Bluetooth on your iPhone from the Bluetooth button in Control Center. While that should do the trick, this button doesn’t permanently disable Bluetooth anymore; instead, it only disables the connection until the following day, and it’s possible for new Bluetooth connections to be made in the interim. To turn off Bluetooth altogether, head to Settings > Bluetooth, then tap the slider next to “Bluetooth.”

Why disabling Bluetooth speeds up Apple Watch updates

With Bluetooth disabled, head to the Watch app on your iPhone, then go to General > Software Update. Your iPhone might yell at you for having Bluetooth disabled and ask you to enable it in order to download the update. Ignore it. Tap “Cancel” on the pop-up and see if the update begins to download anyway, via wifi. If it doesn’t, go ahead and enable Bluetooth again just to get the update started, then disable it again and return to this page to see if wifi takes over.

With any luck, this process will work and your update will travel much faster over wifi than past updates did over Bluetooth. In my own experience, I watched my download start at an ETA of 45 minutes, then rapidly drop down to just four minutes. To be clear, this method could speed up the time it takes to download the update to your watch. Once the update is ready to be installed, the time it takes to complete that process really comes down to your particular Apple Watch model. The Series 3, for example, is going to take longer to install an update than the Series 6, since the Series 6’s processor is just that much faster.

Unfortunately, as with many tech hacks, your mileage may vary. Take this Reddit thread , for example: W hile many commenters found this tip to be helpful, some complained that it did nothing for them. I encourage you to experiment. If you have yet to update to watchOS 8 , it’s the perfect time to try it on, since the file size is large. However, if you’re already running this software, just wait for the next watchOS update to give it a go.

Alternatively, update on the Apple Watch itself

Starting with watchOS 6 or later, you can actually update directly from your Apple Watch itself, without the need to use your iPhone. Just make sure you’re connected to wifi, then head to Settings > General > Software Update on your watch. It’s not clear, though, whether that will actually be as fast as downloading the update via your iPhone and wifi together—and because you can’t downgrade your w atchOS once you’ve updated it , it’s tricky to test various methods without an armful of Apple Watches handy . If you try this one , let us know in the comments how quickly it downloads for you.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Apple Watch Passcode input screen!

At the moment it seems that watch OS comes with a single security barrier, the Passcode. It’s true that wearing the device on your wrist makes it harder to lose. However, because it needs to be charged every day, there still arise plenty opportunities to missplace or forget the smartwatch, in a hotel room, or in some other location that you travel too. A Find My Watch feature, that should have a similar function with the Find My iPhone option is yet to be provided by the Cupertino-based company. Neither does an Activation Lock exist, which would discourage potential thieves, because it prevents them from using a stolen device!

How To Enable Apple Watch Passcode
Under these circumstances I strongly recommend you to turn on and use the Passcode system, on your wrist wearable. Don’t worry, you don’t need to type the a password, whenever you wish to browse your Watch, the same way as you do when your iPhone locks. The Apple Watch comes with a clever Wrist Detection feature, which helps it know when it’s used on the wrist or taken off. This means that you only have to enter the passcode, if you detach the smartwatch from your hand.
Passcode is usually set up when you initially pair your Apple Watch. However, if you skip this step, you can easily enable this security feature anytime from your wrist or via your iPhone. Light up your Watch and press the Digital Crown to open the home screen app layout. Tap on Settings and scroll for Passcode. Hit Enable Passcode and type a 4-digit code. Re-enter to confirm and the passcode becomes active. A Change Passcode option is now available to the settings menu. Use it whenever you wish to set up a new number combination.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Unlock Apple Watch With iPhone
If you continue to scroll, in the Passcode settings view, you see an inactive Unlock with iPhone option. When ticked, this option allows your iOS device to unlock your smartwatch too, if it’s locked and on your wrist, while you use your fingerprint to unlock the paired iPhone. The feature can be activated from the smartphone. Grab it and open the Apple Watch app. Browse to My Watch -> Passcode and tick Unlock with iPhone. Enter the Passcode on your Apple Watch to validate the selection.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Create Up To 10-Digit Long Passcodes
How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch You can bring protection one step further and set up a passcode as long as 10 digits. This is tweaked from the same iPhone screen, by disabling the Simple Password selection. Input your current 4 number password, to confirm that you’re the owner and now type a new passkey. It can be between 5 and 10 digits long. Re-enter it to confirm that you memorized it! To bring back Simple Password repeat the same steps.

Protect Data in Case you Lose Your Apple Watch
Turn on the Erase Data option and this will instruct your smartwatch to erase all information stored on the Watch, if the passcode is inserted wrong 10 times in a row. This prevents data leakage if you lose or somebody steals your wrist gadget.

Bypass Apple Watch Passcode
Yes, you can avoid the sequence of numbers protecting an Apple Watch. But this is possible only by performing a force reset, which deletes all data from the wrist gadget. This means that your data is protected, because if you lose possession of your Watch, someone else can use it, only if it initiates a full data erasure. A brutal reset is easily achieved when the Watch is locked. Press the Side button until the shutdown options appear. Now, use Force Touch and press firmly on the screen to bring up the Erase all Content and Settings screen.

Apple’s watchOS platform doesn’t have quite as many customization options as other smartwatches, such as those built on Google’s Wear OS, do. But there are numerous ways to make your Apple Watch your own, beyond picking your watch color, size, and strap. Here are the top features to know and how to use them.

The Watch app on your iP hone gives you a few customization options to get started. Tap App View and you can pick between a grid and a list for your apps (shown when you press the digital crown); with a grid, you can also tap Arrangement to get all your apps positioned exactly how you want them.

Then there’s the dock, which you pull up by pressing the side button on your Apple Watch. This shows your most recent apps or up to 10 of your favorite apps. To tell your watch which apps to show, tap Dock in the Watch app for iOS, then choose Recents or Favorites (if you pick the latter, you can select both the apps you want to see and the order they appear in).

Watch faces

Xiaomi Ultra Short Throw Projector

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Games and movies projected by this thing will still be beautiful in all their lasered glory, and it can accept a 4K signal, even if it doesn’t show a 4K resolution picture

Apple hasn’t yet thrown open the doors to a third-party watch face developer community, but there are a growing number of Apple-approved faces to pick from (for the Apple Watch Series 4 and later, at least). To switch to a new watch face from your actual watch, swipe left or right on the current face to see your options.

If you’ve only just set up your Apple Watch, you won’t actually have many options. You can tap New, and Apple will present a selection of faces for your perusal—swipe up or down on the screen to scroll through them. When you find something you like, tap on a watch face to set it (it’ll also be added to the quick pick list that shows up when you swipe on the current watch face ).

You might find it easier to set watch faces from your phone. If you open up the Watch app, you can tap Face Gallery to see all the options available. Here you’ll see not just a choice of faces, but multiple variations of those faces. When you select one, you’ll be able to pick the colors it uses (if available), and the complications that you’ll see (again, if the watch face supports them).

Tap Add on a watch face and it gets added to the My Faces box on the My Watch tab—tap Edit to change the faces that appear in this list. This is the same list that you’ll see if you swipe on your watch face to see more options —it’s a good idea to have the faces you use most often stored here, for easy access. Tapping any of these shortlisted faces in the app on your phone takes you to the customization screen, where you can also choose to Set as current Watch Face or Remove Watch Face.

Once you’ve got a few watch faces in the My Faces gallery, you can swipe across your watch screen to flick between them. You do have to press and hold if you want to share a watch face look that you’re particularly keen on, because that’s where you’ll find the share button, in the lower left corner.

Watch complications

Some watch faces have complications, which are little shortcuts that lead to apps or features, or panels that show information in real time. Again, you can change these complications from your watch or from your phone. To do it on the wearable, tap and hold the watch face, then choose Edit. You’ll see color options first, and you can then swipe left to see the options for complications.

Tap on any of the available complications to change it to something else, then scroll using the digital crown to make your selection. Your choice will depend on what type of complication it is and what apps you’ve got installed—take your pick and then press the digital crown twice to get back to the watch face display again.

As with watch faces, this is something that’s probably easier to set from the Watch app on your iPhone. You can tap on any face in My Faces or on the Face Gallery tab to get to the complications, which are then straightforward to scroll through. Some watch faces will have more complications than others, and while you won’t be able to rearrange them on the screen, you can turn certain ones off if you want.

If you feel like you need more complications to play around with, look for iPhone apps that also have decent Apple Watch apps and complications included. You can get music complications with Spotify , weather complications with Carrot Weather , note complications with Bear , and travel complications with Citymapper , for example. Some complications display information, while others allow interaction.

It is possible to create your own complications, to an extent, using the same tools that developers use. The best option we’ve found so far is Watchsmith , which lets you create complications covering the weather, the time and date, astronomy and more, and which also has options for changing complications depending on the time.

Other tweaks

There are a few other ways that you can customize the appearance of what you see on your Apple Watch. If you pick Display & Brightness from inside the Watch app on your iPhone, for example, you can adjust the brightness of the screen, turn the Always On feature on or off (if it’s available), change the size of the text on the Apple Watch screen, and make that text bold if you want to. You can also make these changes in the Settings app on the watch itself.

One way to completely personalize your Apple Watch is to set your own photo as your watch face . If you open the Photos app on your watch, then select an image and tap the little watch icon in the lower left-hand corner, you can apply the picture as your background—either as a simple image or in a kaleidoscope effect.

This is basically the idea behind Facer too, which showcases custom designs created by other people—not third- party watch faces , but different backgrounds and complication combinations that people want to show off. If a watch face you select uses a complication from an app you don’t have installed, you’ll be prompted to install it.

It doesn’t take too much effort to create background images specifically for the Apple Watch in your favorite image editor of choice, either. All you need to do is look up the resolution of the screen of your Apple Watch and leave room for the digital clock face that Apple slaps on top (if you pick a kaleidoscope effect, you get the analog hands, but there’s no way to choose specifically).

Finally, it’s also worth mentioning Apple’s Shortcuts app. If you get the app running on your smartwatch, then you can launch compatible actions right from your wrist, and even set them as complications on your watch faces. It’s another way of creating custom complications—in this case set to launch shortcuts that you find useful.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

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New Jailbreak Tweak Brings A Fully Working Apple Watch UI On iPhone Home Screen [Video]

Apple’s big unveiling of the Apple Watch didn’t take many people by surprise, but given the fact that nobody really knew how iOS would translate to the wrist the only real discussion was about how Apple would make a usable interface the size of a typical watch.

The answer to that was the circular app icons that we’ve all been staring at since the Apple Watch became more than just a figment of our imaginations. If you imagine the home screen of an iPhone or iPad but with round icons instead of square then you won’t be too far off what the Apple Watch interface looks like. Which got a lot of people wondering what it would be like to put that interface onto something we already have – namely the iPhone.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

That’s exactly what led to the creation of WatchSpring, a jailbreak tweak that takes the existing iOS home screen and replaces it with the interface that Apple is set to ship with the Apple Watch. If you’re craving something a little new, then this may just be the fix you’ve been jonesing after.

Unfortunately, things aren’t quite as easy as just heading over to Cydia and installing WatchSpring though, primarily because it’s not there. If you really do want to give it a try though all you have to do is follow the instructions that are laid out on Reddit. That’s also where you’ll find some of the issues associated with installing WatchSpring, including incompatibility with anything that tries to modify the SpringBoard.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

If you’ve got a spare iPhone though, this has to be worth a download. It may be more form over function at this point, but who cares? Strap the thing to your wrist afterwards and marvel at being one of the few to own an Apple Watch today.

The key thing to note here is that unlike Apple Watch SpringBoard that we featured a while back, WatchSpring actually works and is not just a mere simulation of the Apple Watch UI.

For tutorials on how to jailbreak and install Cydia:

You may also like to check out:

You can follow us on Twitter, add us to your circle on Google+ or like our Facebook page to keep yourself updated on all the latest from Microsoft, Google, Apple and the web.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

The Apple Watch is a very capable device, bring most of the essential iPhone features to your wrist. However, there are a couple of features in the Apple Watch that your iPhone is not authorized to perform. For instance, the Nightstand feature on the Apple Watch allows you to use the wearable as a nightstand while its charging. The iPhone on the other hand does not feature this currently. Nonetheless, if you want to use the nightstand functionality on your iPhone, Volt jailbreak tweak is the way to go.

Volt Jailbreak Tweak Brings A Nightstand Feature To Your iPhone

Volt is a new jailbreak tweak that brings a nightstand-style feature of the Apple Watch to your iPhone. Apart from its core operation as a nightstand, the tweak also provides a revamped charging interface on the lock screen with multiple customization options. The tweak works in a simple manner, all you have to do is plug in your iPhone and the tweak will display a sleek, plain charging interface. The minimalist design features round dots that represent the current battery level of your iPhone. Above the dots is a clock that bodes the time.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Once you plug in your iPhone, the tweak will automatically come in its place. However, to see the notifications on your lock screen, simply double tap on the charging interface. This manual operation will take you directly to the lock screen. Moreover, if you want the nightstand feature to come up again, all you have to do is unlock your iPhone and then lock it again.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

The nightstand feature is the core purpose of the tweak and disabling screen dim will allow your iPhone to show the charging interface with a clock for as long as you desire. This is mostly useful at night time when you want your iPhone to act as a nightstand. Apart from this, there are some configurations part of the tweak as well. You have the option available to switch between a 12 or 24 hour clock format. Background of the charging interface can also be tweaked and the disabling the screen dim will allow the screen to remain active throughout the night.

Once you’re done setting configurations, navigate to to the top of the pane and hit ”apply settings”. This will save all the changes that you made. Volt is the best nightstand option for users with a jailbroken iPhone. The jailbreak tweak is available from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $0.99. So if you’re interested, install the tweak right away and share with us how you liked it.

Posted on January 15th, 2013 by Lysa Myers

Automator has been around for quite a few versions of OS X, and yet most people are entirely unaware that it’s there. I saw it every time I went in the Applications folder and assumed it was a puzzle game about a friendly robot or something. As it turns out, it’s not a game but a very useful way to automate repetitive tasks or tweak the OS without having to know how to program.

In a way, it’s so simple it’s complicated: There are an overwhelming number of different options for things you can automate or tweak. It’s easy to stare at its huge list of actions with a mix of excitement and dread. What the heck do they all do?? How could I use them to make my life simpler and easier? I pondered going through and breaking down how it works in general, but that could easily be a book’s worth of content. It’s easy enough to Google around and see the myriad options that are out there, and poke around in the various possibilities within Automator and come to your own conclusions.

What finally sent me to Automator was trying to find a way to send a file as an attachment to email by way of Outlook rather than Apple’s Mail application. I’ll walk you through the steps I took to make this work, and hopefully it will inspire you to explore Automator to make your own tweaks.

Ready, Begin!

First of all, you’ll obviously need to start up Automator. You can find this in the Applications folder in Finder, or find it using Spotlight. It will ask you what type of document you’d like to create, and in this case we want to create a Service. This will mean that your final product will show up in the Services context menu in Finder.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Once you begin creating your Service, you’ll need an action. You will see these over on the left-hand side of the Automator window.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

The action we’ll need to select is Create New Outlook Mail Message. You may need to scroll a bit through the middle right-hand list of actions, but if you can also filter actions by application. By selecting Microsoft Outlook, you’ll see only actions related to Outlook. Then it’ll be right up near the top, no scrolling needed. When you double-click or drag this over to the blank pane on the right, you can do some additional configuring, though it’s not necessary to add anything here.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

Next, you’ll need to select an input for the action to work with. Over on the far right, near the top, you’ll see section that says, “Service receives selected.” Choose “files or folders” in “any application.”

Once you’ve finished that, you’ll need to save your service. Automator will save your new Service to:

/Library/Services. Remember this, as it may come in handy if you mess up your first attempt and want to remove it. To remove a failed experiment, you’ll need to go to that folder in Finder (Command+Shift+G and then enter in the folder name) and delete the document you’ve created.

Now, if all has gone according to plan, you can go into Finder and right click on one or more files and they will show up a few seconds later, attached to a message in Outlook. Multiple selected files will show up in a ZIP file.

There you go! You’re on your way to automating your way to happiness.

New to Mac? Let’s get you started on the right track!

Jailbreak for iPhone 5s through iPhone X, iOS 12.0 and up

Latest Release

checkra1n 0.12.4 beta

You can’t download this on your iOS device. Come back on a computer to get started with checkra1n.

We couldn’t determine your OS. See downloads »

This release is a beta preview and as such should not be installed on a primary device

What’s new

Bug fixes

  • Hotfix for A9X devices, which could not boot on 14.5 at all with 0.12.3
  • Fix package dependency issues on the deb repo


  • A11 devices on iOS 14.0 and above require removing the passcode and enabling “Skip A11 BPR check” in the options. This is not recommended, but it’s there.

Known issues

  • A7 devices will currently not work with the Linux version
  • The exploit may not work as reliably on some devices, such as the Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi 3
  • Linux GUI build when using CLI mode doesn’t support auto assertion of DFU mode on advanced Apple TV 4K breakout boards
  • bridgeOS:
    • If you disconnect the cable, then as soon as macOS boots it’ll take over the USB connection and disallow communication with the T2
  • Some users have reported checkra1n crashing when Chinese is set as the only system language. It is unknown whether any other language is affected.

Unsupported platforms

This beta is only available for macOS and Linux. Work is ongoing to support Windows, which will be added in a later release.

Package managers

At the moment, checkra1n only supports installing Cydia. Support for other package managers, including Zebra and Installer is coming soon and is expected within the coming weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is checkra1n?
A: checkra1n is a community project to provide a high-quality semi-tethered jailbreak to all, based on the ‘checkm8’ bootrom exploit.

Q: How does it work?
A: Magic hax.

Q: Why was the beta release delayed?
A: We didn’t want the release quality to end up like iOS 13.2, you deserve better.

Q: wen eta?
A: bruh we’re past that.

Q: How do I use it?
A: Open the checkra1n app, and follow the instructions to put your device into DFU mode. Hax happens auto-magically from that point and the device will boot into jailbroken mode. If you reboot the device without checkra1n, it will revert to stock iOS, and you will not be able to use any 3rd party software installed until you enter DFU and checkra1n the device again.

Q: Ugh, I don’t like GUI?
A: Ok, you can use “./ -c” from the console, or download a Linux CLI build.

Q: Is it safe to jailbreak? Can it harm my device / wipe my data?
A: We believe jailbreaking is safe and take precautions to avoid data loss. However, as with any software, bugs can happen and *no warranty is provided*. We do recommend you backup your device before running checkra1n.

Q: I have a problem or issue to report after jailbreaking.
A: Many problems and bootloops can be caused by buggy or incompatible tweaks. Remember many tweaks never saw iOS 13 in the pre-checkra1n era. If you suspect a recently installed tweak, you may attempt to enter no-substrate mode by holding vol-up during boot (starting with Apple logo until boot completes). If the issue goes away, a bad tweak is very likely the culprit, and you should contact the tweak developers.

Q: I have a problem or issue to report and I don’t think it’s related to a bad tweak.
A: Please check here and follow the bug report template.

Q: I lost my passcode. Can checkra1n decrypt my data or get access to a locked device?
A: No.

Q: Can I ssh into my device?
A: Yes! An SSH server is deployed on port 44 on localhost only. You can expose it on your local machine using iproxy via USB.

Q: I love the project! Can I donate?
A: Thanks, we love it too! The project does not currently take any donations. If anyone asks for donations, it’s a scam.

Q: Where are the sources? I want to write a dark-mode theme and publish the jailbreak as my own.
A: checkra1n is released in binary form only at this stage. We plan to open-source later in 2020. We will release the full checkra1n source once we have a Windows GUI version. We had hoped to get there in 2020, but we didn’t manage to. But PongoOS, the kernel patchfinder and the SEP exploit are already open source on GitHub.

Q: When is Windows support coming?
A: Soonв„ў. We need to write a kernel driver to support Windows which will take time. Rest assured however, we are working hard on it.

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

The Titans hope to enhance their home-field advantage on Saturday by removing the “Welcome” mat from the entrance to Nissan Stadium.

Via, the Titans have adjusted the transfer window for tickets to home playoff games, in an effort to prevent fans of the opposing team from buying them. Specifically, the Titans are preventing transfers until 24 hours before kickoff.

Thus, no sales can be made until 24 hours before kickoff. For this weekend’s game against the Bengals, that 3:30 p.m. ET on Friday.

“By limiting that transfer time would limit some of the resale and some of that transfer activity that would happen in advance,” Brooke Ellenberger, Titans V.P. of ticketing, told

“We want Nissan Stadium to be two tone blue. And so by limiting this transfer window, it also limits the number of visiting team fans that we’ll have in the stadium.”

This could backfire. Cincinnati isn’t very far from Nashville. Some Bengals fans who had been on the fence about making the trip may become more determined to show up, like when Frank and Estelle Costanza believed they were being frozen out of Del Boca Vista.

Secondary, non-official sites can still be used to buy and sell tickets, regardless of any deadlines the Titans apply on their official online marketplace. Eventually, don’t be surprised if the NFL incorporates blockchain technology to give the league and the team exclusive control over all ticket transactions, not only giving them a cut every time a transfer is made but also allowing various conditions (like a no-transfer rule) to be fully enforced.

Amended bill will be presented to cabinet for approval next week

How to setup tweak and use your new apple watch

The federal government on Wednesday decided to change the existing laws of the criminal justice system.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, while chairing a meeting on reforms in the system, gave the nod to new laws and amendments.

The amended bill will be presented to the cabinet for approval next week.

PM Imran, while speaking during the meeting, noted that rule of law was one of the top priorities of the government.

“Over time, the gap between the rich and the poor in the country widened due to the lack of significant changes in the criminal justice system,” he observed.

The premier maintained that the government was reforming the criminal justice system for the first time in the country’s history.

He added that the implementation of the reforms would enable the PTI government’s manifesto for the rule of law to be put into practice.

The prime minister was given a detailed briefing on the reforms.

Read More: Imran, Putin agree to liaise on Afghan crisis

Federal Law Minister Farogh Naseem while briefing on the amendments said graduation had been made mandatory for sub-inspectors and SHOs across the country.

Failure to register an FIR may result in application to the SP, who would be bound to take action.

Cases must be decided within nine months or else the judges would be answerable to the high court concerned.

The minister said police stations across the country would get government funds for necessary expenses including stationery and transport.

Obsolete traditions including walking on fire or hot coals to prove one’s innocence would be punishable.

In petty criminal cases, the sentence would be reduced from five years to only six months.

There would be no plea bargaining in crimes of heinous nature including murder, terrorism, rape and treason.

Mobile footage, images, voice recordings and modern devices would be accepted as evidence.

A forensic laboratory would be available for testing.

The law minister said that it had been decided to introduce a new law of an independent prosecution service similar to that in the US and the UK.

“These changes in the law will revolutionise the country’s police and judicial system,” he added.

“We are not bringing these reforms in the form of an ordinance and it will benefit the common man. The opposition should support this legislation.”

The participants of the meeting were informed that for the first time in country’s history, the government was bringing major changes in the system for which decisions had been made by taking all stakeholders on board.

The meeting was further informed that new offences and provisions had been proposed in the criminal law, including the “Stalking of Women”.

They were also told that amendments to the Pakistan Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure were also part of these reforms.

Separately, Addressing the launching ceremony of the new Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) policy, Prime Minister Imran assured that small and medium entrepreneurs the would take action against those creating hurdles in setting up businesses.

The new policy focuses on promoting business through facilitation in registration, streamlining of taxes, access to credit and provision of land. Under the new policy, Imran said, the government would provide leases to businesses and promote export culture in the country.

“The land is very expensive in our cities . the government would facilitate the businessmen by providing loans on low-interest rates and land on lease,” he said. “Action would be taken against those institutions that are creating hurdles [in setting up businesses],” he added.

The prime minister said that in the past, only wealthy traders used to get loans from banks but the government had changed this culture. “Now, even the small traders can avail the facility,” he said. “The policies of the government will soon yield results and many good things will come in the near future.”

  • Despite its small size, the Apple Watch is a complicated piece of hardware with a lot of different features.
  • This beginner’s guide goes over the different buttons and what they do, and explains the basic “gestures” that your Apple Watch uses.
  • We’ll also show how to start a workout with your Watch, check your notifications, and more.
  • Visit Insider’s Tech Reference library for more stories.

The Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch on the market, and is designed to work seamlessly with other Apple products like the iPhone. If you’re looking for a smartwatch to enhance your workouts or just take calls easier, it’s a great investment.

But despite its small size, the Apple Watch has a lot of features and a lot of functions. If you’ve just bought an Apple Watch, or are considering getting one but aren’t quite sure how it works, consider this your quick-start guide.

Quick tip: If you’re shopping for an Apple Watch, check out our guide on finding the best Apple Watch for your lifestyle and budget.

Understanding the main buttons

First, let’s look at the physical product itself. There are a few key parts to memorize:

1. The Display is your Apple Watch’s face and screen. It responds to taps, swipes, and presses.

2. The Digital Crown is is the rotating button on the side of Apple Watch. Press and hold the Digital Crown to use Siri, turn it to scroll or zoom, press it to view the Watch face or Home Screen, and double-press to open the last used app. Newer Apple Watch models also have a heart sensor built into the Crown, which you can hold your finger on to get an ECG reading.

3. The Side button is a flat oval underneath the Digital Crown. Press it to see the Dock (a list of your recently used apps), double press it to use Apple Pay , and press and hold the button to turn your Watch on or off or make an emergency phone call.

4. The band release buttons are thin oval buttons at the very top and bottom on the Apple Watch’s back, which you can use to change the band.

5. The optical heart sensor dots on the back of your Apple Watch measure your heart rate.

Charging and turning on your Apple Watch

The Apple Watch comes with a charging “puck” that latches magnetically onto the back of the Watch to charge it. You can also charge your Watch using any standard wireless charging pad. Check out our guide on charging your Watch for more information.

1. To turn on your Apple Watch, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears in the middle of the screen.

2. Pair your iPhone and Apple Watch, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete setup.

You can adjust your Watch’s settings, including the passcode and how to wake the display, at any time using the Settings app on the Apple Watch or the Watch app on your iPhone.

Learning basic gestures

Gestures are the physical movements you use to interact with the Watch. Don’t worry, you won’t need to memorize a dance routine — you only need a finger.

1. While looking at the Watch’s face, press the Digital Crown to open your app library. You can add or remove apps using the Watch app on your iPhone.

2. Tap the screen to open an app, select an item, turn specific settings off and on, and more.

3. If you’re in an app, you can scroll and move by swiping your finger, usually up or down.

4. While looking at the Watch’s face, swipe left or right to navigate between different faces (which can be changed and customized), swipe up from the very bottom of the screen to reveal the Control Center, and swipe down from the very top of the screen to view your notifications.

5. You can press and hold your finger on the Watch face screen to customize the current face.

Closing apps

1. To close Apple Watch apps, press the Side button to reveal the Dock.

2. Swipe left on any apps you want to close, and then tap the red X that appears.

Checking notifications

1. You’ll feel a vibration on your wrist when a new notification comes in, unless you’ve silenced your Apple Watch. Raise your wrist right when it comes in to view the notification. To clear it, scroll down to the bottom and tap Dismiss.

2. Any notifications that you’ve missed are indicated by a red dot at the top of the Watch face. Swipe down from the top of the screen on the face to open the Notification Center. Here you can scroll through the notifications and open them by tapping, or dismiss them by swiping left and pressing the red X.

Finding your Activity rings and starting a workout

1. The Activity app on Apple Watch has three different rings that measure your daily activity: Move (red), Exercise (green), and Stand (blue). You’ll be able to pick your daily goals when you first set up the Watch, and can change them at any time from the Activity app. Once a ring fills up, it means you’ve hit your daily goal.

2. To start a workout, open the Workout app (a green icon with a running stick figure). Scroll through the different workout options and select your workout, then tap it to start. Swipe left to lock your Apple Watch (to prevent accidental taps and activate the Water Lock), pause, or end your workout.

You can check out the Activity app on your Watch or iPhone to see your activity history, past workouts, and awards you’ve earned.

Setting up a new Apple Watch is pretty straightforward, no matter what model you have. All you need is an iPhone that’s connected to the internet and has Bluetooth turned on.

Here’s what you’ll need to do.

How to set up your Apple Watch

If the Apple Watch isn’t already turned on, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears, and then wait for it to boot up. If you only just took it out of the box, be sure to let it charge for a bit first.

You’ll also want to make sure your iPhone is connected to the internet and has Bluetooth enabled.

1. Bring the Apple Watch close to your iPhone. You should see a screen appear on the iPhone that says Use your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch. Tap Continue, and the Watch app will open.

2. You can choose whether to set up the Apple Watch for yourself or a family member — chances are that you’re setting it up for yourself, so pick that option.

3. On the Apple Watch, tap the i icon and select your language and country. It should start displaying a translucent sphere that looks like moving particles.

4. Move your iPhone so the Apple Watch’s screen fits into the yellow square. After a moment, the two will pair.

5. Now, choose whether you want to set up your Apple Watch using a backup (if you’ve owned one before) or set it up as a new Watch.

6. If you choose Restore from Backup, pick the backup that you want to use. All the data from that backup will be loaded onto your Watch. If you choose Set Up as New Apple Watch, go through the options to pick which wrist you want to wear the Watch on, accept the Terms and Conditions, sign into your Apple ID account, and configure your settings.

Quick tip: Some options will let you tap Set Up Later in the Apple Watch App to skip over them for now.

7. Create a passcode and pick which apps you want to install.

8. Once you’ve configured all your settings, give your iPhone and Watch time to sync. It can take a long time — up to an hour in some cases — so keep your Watch charged and let it work. You can keep using your iPhone normally, but don’t move it too far away from the Watch.

While you’re waiting, check out the Watch for some tips and tricks on how to make the most of your new gadget.

How to set up your Apple Watch’s cellular plan

If you have an Apple Watch with a cellular plan and you you didn’t activate it during the initial setup, you can do it any time afterwards.

1. Start the Watch app on your iPhone.

2. In the My Watch tab, tap Cellular, then Set Up Cellular.

3. Sign into your cellular provider and follow the instructions to activate the plan. You’ll need to agree to the plan’s terms and conditions and enter your address.