How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Facebook has countless cool and nifty features that you probably aren’t aware of. The social network is updated on a regular basis so you’ll be forgiven if one or two new features have flown under your radar.

One of the most powerful updates from an everyday user perspective is the ability to only show individual posts to certain people on Facebook. This presents a fantastic opportunity for both businesses and individuals and we’ll tell you exactly why.

How do you do it?

Adjusting your Facebook updates so that only certain people see them couldn’t be easier.

Step 1 – Type your status update as normal. When you are finished click the pull-down menu next to the ‘post’ option.

Step 2 – Select the ‘custom’ option from the pull-down menu. A small box will appear that prompts you to select the users that you wish to see the update. The options include friends, friends of friends, specific people and lists. All of these are self-explanatory so we’ll focus on the specific people and lists option.

Step 3 – Once you have selected ‘specific people and lists’ start typing in the names of individuals you’d like to see the post.

Step 4 – Restrict any specific users from seeing your post by typing their names into the box that is labelled “hide this from”.

Step 5 – Save the changes and the dialog box will close.

Step 6 – Assuming you are happy, click “post” and you are good to go.

Remember: If you upload a post that contains a photo, anyone tagged in it will see it. Therefore make sure you don’t tag anyone who you don’t want to see the update.

Why is it so useful?

Social media has literally become a window into our lives and that has its advantages and disadvantages. Information about our friends is readily accessible at the click of a button but sometimes there are certain people in your friends’ list that you’d rather not see every update.

Think about the dreaded moment that your parents or boss add you on Facebook, you know that you have to accept them but you don’t want them to be privy to everything in your life. Well, that’s where the ability to make posts only appear to certain people is perfect.

You don’t want your mum or boss seeing that you spent the weekend out on the town until the early hours but you want to upload a status for all your friends to see. Simply exclude certain people from seeing that particular post and they’ll be none the wiser. It really is the best of both worlds.

How can businesses benefit from this?

If you are a business with a Facebook page you’ll be able to use this feature as well. You can tailor your posts to people who live in certain locations and speak specific languages. This is fantastic if you are a global organisation that has fans from around the world.

The last thing you want is to be posting updates in different languages; your audience who don’t speak specific languages will be alienated by the bulk of your posts.

It used to be that businesses would just create separate pages for each country they target but now you can manage everything centrally from one page and adjust each post’s visibility. For example, you could post an update in Italian and only show it to people who live in Italy, this way your other fans’ experiences with your page aren’t compromised.

This is an extremely powerful feature of Facebook and it makes targeting your posts much easier than ever before.

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Facebook is the place where we get in touch with our friends and relatives. We might meet someone a few days back and will add them to friend’s list on Facebook. We also maintain some lists and groups. Most of us share videos, photos and status with everyone on Facebook. Some videos, photos or Facebook Post might be in such a way that, we want them to be visible to only few people or lists. We want to share that particular Facebook post to only specific people and do not everyone to see that. We have a solution for that and this article will help you to do so.

Share videos, photos and status on Facebook to specific people only

It might be your party video, party photos or status regarding your mood which you want to share with only specific people. Facebook allows us to share Facebook posts to specific people with just few steps and is easy to do. Here, whenever I mention Facebook posts it includes videos, photos, status and everything you share on Facebook. Just follow the below steps.

STEP 1: Log in to your Facebook account and look for what you want to share. It might be status, post from some page or group, video or anything.

STEP 2: When you click on the “Share” button, it shows that it might be sharing with Public or Friends.

STEP 3: If you do not want to share it with public or friends, then click on the public or friends (what it shows) button and click on More Options.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

STEP 4: Now, it shows some more options like “Only Me”, “Custom” and some groups and lists you are member of. Click on “Custom” option.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

STEP 5: Custom Privacy windows pops up with two options as Share this with and Don’t share this with.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

STEP 6: By default it shows some options like Friends, Friends of Friends. If you do not want to share with them, click on the “X” mark and it gets removed.

STEP 7: If you want to share only with very less number of people, then you can start typing the profile names of the people or lists name in Share this with. This would be helpful if you want to share any Facebook with very less number of people as you need to type name of each and every individual.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

This helps you to share the Facebook post with specific list of people. For example, I want to share with members of my family and I mention only that.

STEP 8: In other case, if you want to share with everyone except with specific people or members in the list, then you start typing the names of people or lists name in Don’t share this with. For example, I do not want to share my party photos with family (with members of family list). I simply mention family list in this field.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

STEP 9: Once done with sharing priorities, click on “Save Changes” button. Now, you can see that this Facebook post is shared with only custom (Family).

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Hover your mouse to Custom button and it shows with whom this post is being shared with. Then, click on Share Link button to share the respective post.


It is important to remember that, only this specific post will be shared with specific people and lists and it does not show any impact on the posts which you have shared previously. This is very helpful to use Facebook smartly and to make use of it to the maximum in a better way. If you have any more information on using Facebook smartly, please do share with us through comments.

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Can you share a post to a group if there is no share option below the post? There is only like or comment.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

If you’ve been on Facebook for awhile, chances are you’ve built up a friend list that includes close friends, old childhood friends, parents, coworkers, neighbors, and a host of people you know. love but don’t necessarily want to share everything with. Read on as we show you how to selectively share content.

My first child is due in a month and it reminds me (among a million other things) of Facebook. I want to share a lot of baby photos with the people I know who really want to see baby photos (grandparents, aunts and uncles, best friends etc.) but I don’t want to flood my newsfeed. friends with tons of photos they might not be that interested in seeing.

I know you can select your audience for Facebook posts from broad categories like just people on your friends list or fully public, but what if you want to share it with a smaller group than your entire friend list? It’s not like I’m trying to hide something with super tight security, it’s just that I would like to share content with people who really want to see that content instead of blowing up a long list of coworkers. , classmates that I haven’t seen in twenty years, and other people on my friend list who probably don’t care to see baby photos every day.

Can Facebook do what I want it to do or is that kind of outside control sharing it with everyone Facebook’s mission statement?

First of all, our congratulations on the imminent birth of your first child. Second, while we don’t mind seeing cute baby photos, we sure commend you for realizing that a lot of people don’t really care to see baby photos of people they are not particularly close to; you are certainly in the upper echelons of thoughtful Facebook users just for even considering such a thing.

While not exactly a core feature, Facebook actually has a small set of tools that can help you accomplish exactly what you’d like to do. While most people just share their posts with friends (if they use Facebook as their personal social networking tool) or with everyone (if they use it as a branding platform), there are tools out there. granular to carefully manage who sees the content you post that extends well beyond these very broad private / public categories. Let’s take a look at these tools.

Facebook lists to the rescue

You wrote asking for baby photos, but this tip works really well for a wide variety of things. If someone posted a lot of news articles, topics, or photos specific to their workplace and wanted to share them with direct coworkers and distant coworkers (but not necessarily annoying loved ones with such questions), they could create a list. of these colleagues only. and colleagues. It’s also a great tip for local topics and news. You might have 500 friends on your friends list, but the questions about the best dog walkers in the area are only for friends who live in your town.

By default, Facebook already has three lists: Close Friends, Acquaintances, and Restricted. If you add someone to the close friends list, you’ll get direct notifications every time they post something (useful if you want to make sure that something a really close friend posts isn’t lost in your news feed). If you add someone to the Knowledge List, what they post will rarely appear in your News Feed. Restricted List allows you to add someone to your friends list but not share content with them unless you make it public or tag them there.

Additionally, Facebook also offers “smart lists” which create lists based on things like your workplace, city, and family. While the default lists allow more fine-grained control over your posts, they’re still too large for your needs. Smart lists are better, but they have a critical flaw: If the person in your friend network has not identified themselves as a member of the group the list is from (for example, they have not formally identified your friend network). workplace like their workplace, they don’t list their city, etc.), then the smart list won’t add them. Let’s create a personalized list specifically for the purpose of sharing content on a singular topic with a group of interested friends; unlike Facebook’s algorithms, we’ll know exactly who to put on the list, regardless of how they’ve completed their Facebook profile.

Creation of custom lists

To create a custom list, log into your Facebook account and scroll through your news feed until, in the left navigation column, you see the entry “Friends”. Hover your mouse over the section and click “More” when the option appears.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

If you are logged in while reading this article, you can also go directly to the list menu via this link. Once you’re on the list menu, it’s time to create a simple list of people you think will be interested in the content you want to share.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Click the “Create List” button at the top of the menu. For demonstration purposes, we’ll make a list for our friends who love robot dinosaurs. A suitable name for such a list? Robo Dino fans, of course.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

In the “Members” area, start entering the friends you want to include (Facebook will automatically complete partial names as it does with the search and tagging tools). Don’t worry if you can’t think of everyone immediately; you can add individual friends later by visiting their profile pages or clicking on their posts in your news feed.

When you are done, click “Create”. Facebook will redirect you to a personalized feed of messages generated only by people on your new list. Although the original question focuses on how to post content to a custom list of people, it should be noted that you can use lists to create custom content lists for your own consumption. If you follow a group of brands on Facebook to get free coupons or play codes, you can create a list of these brands for easy daily review.

Publishing content to custom lists

With our personalized list, it’s time to create an article with content just for the people on our list. Click the audience button next to the post button. This button is labeled regardless of your default sharing state. For most people, it will say “Friends” like in our screenshot.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Select “More options”, then in the list that has just been extended, select your new list.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Select your content and compose your message now.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Note that the audience indicator is the list icon with “Robo Dino Fans”. When we post this, it will only go to fans of hand-picked dinosaurs who are lucky enough to be on our list.

That’s all we can say about it! Once you have done the hard work of building the list itself using the list, just click on the audience selection button and select the appropriate list for the content you are on. point to share.

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How to share facebook posts with only certain friends


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The social networking community Facebook allows its users to limit the visibility of status messages and uploads including photos. This allows users such as freelance designers to privately share images with clients or colleagues who are on your Facebook friends list. This feature can be helpful when groups of people are collaborating and want to share feedback on an image.

Creating and Editing Friends Lists for Photo Sharing

Log in to Facebook. Place your mouse over the “Friends” link in the left column. Click the “More” link that appears. A page called “Friends” with your lists appears on the next page. It includes close friends, acquaintances, family and automatic lists based on where you live, where you work and information culled from your Facebook profile.

Click the “Close Friends” list. This is a list that Facebook auto-generates but you can edit it. Click “Manage List.” Two options appear in the drop-down menu: “Edit List” and “Choose Update Types.”

Click “Edit list.” An “Edit Close Friends” pop up box appears. Click “Friends” in the drop-down menu to show a list of your friends’ profile icons. Select the icons of the friends you want to add to the list. A check mark appears on the icon of the friends you select. If you want to remove someone on the list, select his icon and the check mark disappears. Click “Finish” to save your list.

Click “Manage List” and select “Choose Update Types.” Decide what types of updates — including photos — you want to share with this list. By default, all types are selected and have a check mark next to them. Select photos to remove the check mark if you do not want this list to see photos that you post.

Click the “More” link after placing your mouse over the Friends links in the left column to return to the “Friends” page of lists. For all the other lists, designate whether or not you want them to see any photos that you post. Click the name of the list that you want to edit. Click “Manage List” and then select “Choose Update Types.” Select or deselect “Photos.”

Selective Sharing When Uploading a Photo

Log in to Facebook. Click “Add Photo/Video” at the top of the news feed. Click “Upload Photo/Video.”

Click the “Public” link next to the blue “Post” button. A drop-down menu appears that allows you to choose several options for sharing your photo. They include “Public,” “Friends,” “Only Me,” “Custom,” “Close Friends” and “Acquaintances.”

Choose an option from your precreated lists in the menu or choose “Custom” if you want to customize visibility specifically for this photo. When you select “Custom,” a Custom Privacy pop-up screen appears.

Choose a sharing option from the “These people or list” drop-down menu. You can select “Friends,” “Friends of Friends,” “Specific People or Lists,” or “Only Me.” If you choose “Specific People or Lists,” a field appears where you type in the names of the friends with whom you want to share the photo. Only those friends can see the image. If you subsequently tag someone in the photo who is not on this specific list, he will also be able to see the photo.

Type the names of friends or lists you specifically want to hide the photo from in the “Hide this from” field. This is helpful for sharing options other than “Custom.” Click “Save Changes.”

Click “Choose File” to search for the image on your computer and upload it. Add a status message in the status box. Click “Post.” The photo now has sharing restrictions. You can edit the sharing restrictions of a photo at any time by clicking on the small sharing visibility icon underneath it in your Timeline or in your albums. For example, if you share the photo only with yourself, a lock icon appears. If you share it with close friends, an icon of a gold star appears.

Click on the icon underneath your posted photo and a drop-down menu appears with all the sharing options. If you want to edit the photo’s visibility, choose another option from the drop-down menu.

Using Facebook’s custom privacy options

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

  • Tweet
  • Share
  • Email

What to Know

  • Select What’s on your mind to open a new Facebook post window. Choose the Privacy drop-down menu under your name.
  • Select Friends Except. Choose the name of a friend (or friends) to exclude them from seeing the post.
  • Choose Save Changes. Write your post as usual and select Post.

This article explains how to hide specific Facebook posts from specific people using the Privacy drop-down menu. It also includes information on how to share a post with only a handful of specific friends.

How to Hide Facebook Posts With the ‘Friends Except’ Setting

Every time you share a post on Facebook, you have the option to share it with the public, with only your friends, or with a more narrow group of people. If you don’t change the setting every time, it defaults to the one you used most recently.

Here’s how to exclude a specific person (or people) from seeing your Facebook post.

Select the What’s on your mind field to open the Create Post window.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Click the Privacy drop-down list next to your name and profile image. It will display the most recent option you’ve used, such as Public or Friends.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

In the Select Privacy list, choose Friends Except.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Select the name of the friend or friends you want to exclude from seeing your post. The name or names will appear in the Friends Who Won’t See Your Post box at the bottom of the window.

To search for someone, begin typing their first or last name into the Search for a friend or list field and select the name when it appears.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Select Save Changes. You will see that the Privacy setting now says Friends Except.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Write your post like you normally would, add a photo, video or any other content and select Post when you’re done to make it official.

Facebook does not provide a way for people to know that you have prevented them from seeing a post.

Alternatively, if you only want to share a post with a handful of friends, select Specific Friends in the Select Privacy list and choose the people you want to view the post. Everyone else will automatically be excluded from seeing it.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

You may have prevented your mom from seeing what you posted, but don’t forget about Aunt Myrtle. She could rat you out for saying something stupid on Facebook. Keeping up with who can see what can be tricky, and one slip up might cost you a friendship or get you knocked off the Christmas card list, or even worse, the Christmas gift list. Be careful out there.

Wait, Want to Share the Posts?

Want to do the opposite and share the posts? Learn how to make Facebook posts shareable.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

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When you post updates to Facebook, you want the entire world to view them to increase your company’s visibility. However, you may want to restrict viewing of certain posts on your Timeline to specific groups, or lists, such as long-time clients, vendors or customers with special interests. You must first organize friends’ lists into specific categories and then specify which list can view your entries. You can also restrict Facebook business page posts based on audience characteristics such as gender or location. However, this feature is available only to pages with over 100 fans.

Organizing Friends

Step 1

Go to the Facebook page of a friend you want to organize into a list.

Step 2

Move your cursor over his “Friends” button and then click “Show All Lists” in the drop-down. Click “New List” and enter the name of the new list in the text box.

Step 3

Add your friend to the new or pre-existing link by moving your cursor over the “Friends” button and clicking on the list for him. Note that certain list categories, such as family and close friends are automatically populated. You do not have to do anything to put friends into these lists.

Step 4

Repeat the process for each friend you want to put into a list.

Restricting Posts

Step 1

Enter a post in the “Update Status” text box of your Facebook page.

Step 2

Click the “Public” drop-down, which shows the available lists. If necessary, click “Show All Lists.”

Step 3

Click on the name of the list to which you want to restrict your post. Members of that list are the only ones who can view posts restricted to that list.

Restricting Facebook Pages

Step 1

Enter a post in the “Status” text box of your Facebook page.

Step 2

Click the “Targeting” icon and then the “Add Targeting” drop-down. Choose the category you want to use such as “Gender” or “Location,” which launches additional options for each choice.

Step 3

Choose the options you want for each category. For example, if you select “Gender,” choose “Male” or “Female.” If you select “Age,” specify the age range. Only users who fit your specifications can see the post.

  • Facebook Help Center: Organizing Your Friends
  • Tech Crunch: Facebook Unleashes Powerful Marketing Tool
  • Facebook: How Do I Control Who Sees my Page’s Posts in Their News Feeds?

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Maybe you have a friend wanting to share one of your posts with a wider audience. You’re in luck: Facebook allows you to edit the visibility of your individual posts, and it’s very simple to do so.

Changing an individual post’s visibility allows other people to see it without impacting your overall Facebook privacy settings. Whether it be an informational post, a photo of your artwork, or just some meme, here’s how to make your Facebook post shareable.

First, navigate to the post you want to make shareable. Click the three dots symbol in the upper right corner of that post.

You’ll then see options to pin it, edit it, archive it, and so on. Select the option in the middle that says “Edit Privacy.”

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

The “Privacy” menu will show you who can see your post. You can control which specific friends can see it. You can control which friends can’t see it. You can even make the post completely private and only visible to you, if that’s what you want.

But in this case, we want the post to be shareable as widely as possible. To do that, select the “Public” option at the very top.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Click “Done” in the upper right corner, and bam! That Facebook post can now be shared by your friends. Happy sharing!

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Again and again, I’ve seen this question resurface. Is it possible to get every person who is your friend on Facebook to see all of your posts?


Note that some of these tips are best accessed on a computer, not your phone. When you open Facebook it takes you to the main page which displays your news feed. Facebook uses an algorithm to build this page for you and display what you see here. The news feed is continually updating to show you your friends’ posts, which means, no – you won’t see every single post from every single friend. So everyone who is your friend most likely won’t see every single one of your Facebook posts on their news feed.

However, you can change your news feed preferences. If you’re looking to see more posts from specific groups or friends, you can go to the top left part of the page and edit preferences.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends


Your friends can, however, see your posts if they go to your Facebook page.

You can also set who sees your posts on your page. In the photo below, I have set this specific post to public, which means everyone (not just my friends) can see it. I can change the settings though to show the post to only my friends or just specific friends. You can set this option while you’re building your post or you can go to a post and change it after, as shown below.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends


If you do want to set preferences so only certain friends will see your posts, you will have to go to your friend list and assign them specific labels. Let’s say you only want CLOSE FRIENDS to see certain content. You will need to go and tell Facebook who those CLOSE FRIENDS are. After you change the label for those friends, you can then share a post and select CLOSE FRIENDS and only those friends will see that post on your timeline.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

If you want to get more people in general to see your posts then another option is to pay for it using Facebook Ads. A more common example of this would be if a professional Facebook page wanted to get more people to become aware of their page and product and so paid to boost one or more of their posts.

Or if you want to be sure specific people see your post, you don’t have to pay you can just tag those friends or people in your post or share your post to their timeline. Both of these options should notify them of your post and the post may also be displayed on their page depending on how their preferences are set.

Anna Hubbel, editor at AdvertiseMint, #1 Facebook advertising company

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

At one time or another, we all want to share a post that we don’t want a particular person to see. Whether it’s a friend or boss from work, someone who knows the person you just broke up with, or a family relative who just doesn’t get your sense of humor, there may be someone who you’d rather didn’t see the photo or status you’re dying to post. Thankfully, this Facebook advertising agency found a way that allows us to specify who can and can’t see something we share on our profiles for precisely this type of scenario.

This way, you can maintain your friendships while still honoring your boundaries. Isn’t that perfect? Read on to know how to hide posts from someone on Facebook.

Step 1: Navigate to your Facebook profile. Click inside the “What’s on your mind?” space and start creating your post.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Step 2: With the status window open, select where you want your post to appear: News Feed, your Story, or both.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Step 3: After making your selection, click the dropdown menu to the right. Select the “Friends Except” option.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Step 4: Select from your list the friends whom you don’t want to see your post. Select “Save Changes.”

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Step 5: If you selected both News Feed and your Story, complete steps four and five for the second option before clicking “Share.”

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

You’re good to go! Facebook has your back.

How is Hiding a Post from Someone Different Than Unfollowing Them?

So, we’ve established that some sort of boundary has to be made here. You do not want a certain someone to take a look at one post, but do you want to be looking at whatever content that they post? Or maybe they post so much that you need to take a breather and stop seeing their posts on your newsfeed?

Well, there’s a Facebook feature for that as well! It is the handy little unfollow feature. It signals what you do or do not want on your Facebook newsfeed and from who. In addition to specifically pointing out to Facebook that you want to see less content from that person, they will notice what kind of posts those are and try to show less of those to you in general. You can still view their posts if you’d like, however. You’d just have to specifically seek them out.

Another plus? Your friend will not be notified if you unfollow them (nor will they be notified if you hide your posts from them). That being said, they could check their lists of followers on Facebook and notice that your name is not on the list.

This is also all very different from blocking someone, which means that as long as you are both logged into the Facebook accounts in question, you will never be able to run into each other’s posts. Even if you are looking at a mutual friend’s post, you will not be able to see their comment.

Can Business Pages Hide Posts From People?

If you’ve noticed that your page or any page that you may manage can no longer hide posts from people or on your timeline, do not worry. You are not alone. As of January 2020, Facebook rolled out the update that to improve transparency, businesses could no longer hide posts from their timeline. This means that in the future you have to be especially careful with what you post as it can be found within your timeline.

Can I Hide Other’s Posts on Instagram?

Facebook and Instagram are two social media giants that people often use in tandem, with generational differences of course. So, if you can hide Facebook posts from a specific person, can you do it on Instagram?

The short answer? You can’t do it on a super individualized basis like you can with Facebook, but there is the mute feature available on Instagram. You can click on your account and click whether you want to hide someone from seeing your posts, stories, or both. On top of that, you can specifically seek out other people’s Instagram accounts and click to mute their posts or stories so you don’t have to see theirs.

Now, go forth and tailor your social media feed to what best suits you!

Your Restricted list is for people you’ve added as a friend but may not want to share with. Check here the step-by-step guide for the users to hide the Facebook posts from a specific person.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

If you want to hide your Facebook posts from a specific person, you might consider putting some of these people on your Restricted list so they can only see your public posts. Your Restricted list is for people you’ve added as a friend but may not want to share with.

When you add someone to your Restricted list, you’ll still be friends with them on Facebook, but they’ll only be able to see your public information (example: your posts and profile info you choose to make public) and posts you tag them in.

Check here the step-by-step guide for the users to hide the Facebook posts from a specific person.

Here is how to hide the Facebook post from a specific person:

Add the person you want to hide your post from to the Restricted list:

  • Open Facebook on your smartphone.
  • Go to their profile.
  • Click at the top of their profile.
  • Select Edit Friend List.
  • Select Restricted.

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Privacy settings can prevent your friends from sharing your Facebook post. Here’s how to make a post shareable.

Social media is all about sharing the things that you like with your friends. On Facebook, people can share other user’s posts on their timeline. But, it all depends on the privacy settings that the author has set for the post.

In this article, we explain how to make a post shareable on Facebook.

Facebook Post Privacy Options

There are various privacy modes that Facebook provides to its users. Whenever you post something, you might have noticed an option that says Edit Audience. This is the default option that allows you to manage who can see your posts on Facebook and who can’t.

Currently, Facebook has the following post privacy modes on its platform.

  1. Public: Public posts are visible to anyone on the internet; it doesn’t matter if the person has an account on Facebook or not.
  2. Friends: Only the people on your friend list will be able to see these posts.
  3. Friends Except: This setting lets you choose which friends you want to exclude from the audience list.
  4. Specific Friends: Only the selected friends will be able to view and engage with the post.
  5. Only Me: No one else other than you can view the post.
  6. Custom: This option is a combination of the Friends Except and the Specific Friends option. The post author can include and exclude friends from their friends list.

In order to make a post shareable for everyone, you will have to change the post audience to Public. If you don’t want a specific person to engage with you on the platform, you can choose to block someone on Facebook instead.

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable

Editing the privacy of your post differs slightly depending on whether you’re using the Facebook app or website.

Here are instructions related to each platform.

Change a Post to Public on the Facebook App

To change the audience of a post to Public using the Facebook smartphone app, follow these steps:

If you’re the type of person who often makes long, informative posts on Facebook, you’ve probably gotten the request, “Can you make this shareable?,” a few times before.

Facebook’s sharing feature is a great way to allow folks to spread posts, in their entirety, from the original source, instead of just reposting.

People share posts for all kinds of reasons: Maybe it contains an encouraging message, or gives information about a serious issue that many people are unaware of. Maybe it talks about an event that’s going on, or asks people for help with a GoFundMe for a good cause. No matter what the reason or what the post, allowing people to share them always works the same way.

Here’s how to allow people to share your post on Facebook.

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How to allow people to share your post on Facebook on a computer

1. Find the post you want to make shareable and click the three dots in the upper right corner.

2. In the little pop up menu, click “Edit Post.”

3. At the bottom of the post pop-up, next to the “Save” button, click the drop-down menu to bring up the post’s privacy settings.

4. From the menu, select “Public,” then click Save.

How to allow people to share your post on Facebook on a mobile device

1. Find the post you want to make shareable and tap the three dots in the upper right corner.

2. In the pop-up menu, tap “Edit Privacy.”

3. In the “Privacy” menu, tap the checkbox next to “Public,” then tap “Done” in the upper right corner of the screen.

Usually I post status or links with custom sharing. e.g. I do post a status keeping 10-15 people in custom list. Now, if one of them hovers the mouse on the “gear” or “custom” sharing icon, they can see other people with whom I’ve shared the post (which I don’t want).

Is this by default? Because if I see custom posts from my friends, I can’t see this behavior. So, It looks like problem with my profile.

Can anyone please tell me how to disable this from settings?

1 Answer 1

Facebook changed this in September 2011. The first time that you set the audience to specific lists or people after the change, this notice pops up:

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Any custom audience set to specific lists or friends after you are shown this notice will show the list of names. If it was set before you were shown the notice (even if the same setting is still being used for new posts) will just show “Custom” as before:

If you don’t want it to show the list of names, one thing you can do is post to Custom, choose Friends and under Hide this from enter a friend list or certain people that you do not want to see the post. In that case it will appear to others that it was posted to Friends as shown below; they will not see the list of names that are included or excluded. However, because new friends will not be in any friend list at first, they will see any posts that were posted this way if you don’t remember to quickly add them to a list.

Another way to avoid the list of names is to post to one of the automatically generated “smart lists”, such as the Family, city, and school lists. Unlike the other lists, where the people do not know which lists they are on, people are placed on these lists automatically based on their own profile information so they should already know which of these lists they are on. In this case the list is shown rather than individual names:

Edit: So in summary, if you set a post to be visible only to Friends, Friends of Friends, Public, or one of the predefined Smart Lists like Family, city, or school, it will show that (no individual names); even if you hide it from some of those people no names will be visible. If you make it visible only to Close Friends, Acquaintances, one of your own custom lists that you created, or to individual names, then it will be expanded to show the people’s names (none of those list names are shown); if you hide from some people then the people you hid it from will not be in the list of names.

I don’t have a definitive answer on combinations of multiple lists; it seems that there is some way to get it to say “Custom” with some but not all combinations. However even if you figure out how it currently handles multiple lists I would not count on it staying the way it is for long. Facebook is known for making frequent changes to documented behavior, but that is nothing compared to the frequent changes they make to undocumented behavior.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Copy-and-paste memes — those blocks of text posted on message boards, forwarded in emails and shared via social media — are as old as the internet. A recent example started popping up in late 2017 and continues to see the occasional bump in shares. This meme claims that Facebook’s “new algorithm” is limiting the number of people whose posts show up in your News Feed, usually pegging the number at just 25 or 26 people. Readers are directed to comment on the post, which will supposedly “bypass the system” so that their posts show up in the future, and then copy and paste the text on their own Feeds.

Here’s one example of the meme, debunked by the Washington Post:

How to avoid hearing from the same 26 FB friends and nobody else:

Here is a post explaining why we don’t see all posts from our friends….

News feed recently shows only posts from the same few people, about 25, repeatedly the same, because facebook has a new algorithm.

Their system chooses the people to read Your post. However, I would like to choose for myself, Therefore, I ask you a favor: if you read this message leave me a quick comment, a “hello”, a sticker, whatever you want, so you will appear in my news feed.

Don’t just “Like”, Facebook requires a “Comment”. Even one word! Thanks.

Otherwise Facebook chooses who to show me and instead I don’t need facebook to choose my friends!

Do not hesitate to copy and paste on your wall so you can have more interaction with all your contacts and bypass the system. That’s why we don’t see all posts from our friends!

Though multiple publications have debunked this meme, it continues to persist. So, to clear things up: No, Facebook does not set a limit on the number of people whose posts are shown in your News Feed.

“The idea that News Feed only shows you posts from a set number of friends is a myth,” says Ramya Sethuraman, a product manager who works on ranking. “The goal of News Feed is to show you the posts that matter to you so that you have an enjoyable experience. If we somehow blocked you from seeing content from everyone but a small set of your friends, odds are you wouldn’t return.”

However, the persistence of the “26 friends” myth is understandable.

That’s because the posts in your News Feed are ranked in the order we believe you’ll be most interested in seeing them. (You can learn more about ranking in this short video.) The News Feed algorithms prioritize posts that are predicted to spark conversations among people, whether because of format — for example, live videos tend to lead to more discussions than regular videos — or because the posts were shared by people, groups or Pages you interact with frequently.

Because of this, it’s possible that you’ll see content from a similar list of posters at the top of your News Feed, which can make the “26 friends” idea seem plausible. If you scroll down, though, you’re likely to see posts from an even wider group of people.

Similarly, while leaving a single comment on a post won’t suddenly “unblock” you from showing up in your friends’ Feed (because there’s no arbitrary limit in the first place), there’s a grain of truth here, too. If you frequently trade comments with a friend, their posts are likely to be shown higher in your News Feed than posts from someone you never interact with.

If you want to control what you see in your News Feed, there are more straightforward ways to do it than by sharing memes. Because we know we don’t always get it right, we’ve built and are continuing to build new controls so that people can directly tell us what they want to prioritize, take a break from or get rid of. If you want to make sure you see everything from a certain person, you can use the See First feature to put that person’s posts at the top of your Feed. If you’ve heard too much from someone, you can Unfollow them. If you just want to take a break from someone, the Snooze feature removes them from your News Feed for 30 days.

Even if you think you have your Facebook privacy settings nailed down, you never know where your posts and photos will end up.

Everyone is turning to Facebook to find out more about you: prospective employers, college admission officers, business partners; there has even been talk of insurers checking Facebook before issuing life policies to see if applicants indulge in risky behavior or partake in dangerous sports!

Even if you think you have your Facebook privacy settings nailed down, you never know where your posts and photos will end up. You have no control over what your friends do with them, and it only takes a few ‘Likes’ for a post to be seen by hundreds of people you’ve never heard of.

There is only one sure-fire way to stay out of trouble, and that’s not to post anything inappropriate or controversial in the first place. But what kind of posts are we talking about? What are the things that we could post online that might come back to bite us?

Well, the list is almost endless, but here’s just a few. If you regularly post on Facebook, then here is the Mobile Living Top 10 list of things that are better left unsaid:

1. How much you hate your job

If there is anything guaranteed to quickly put you among the ranks of the unemployed, it’s going on Facebook to complain about your job. Complaining about your job in this economic environment will be seen as ungrateful and disloyal, and it will not win you many friends inside or outside the office!

Popular Articles

2. Embarrassing pictures of other people

It may seem like a good prank to post embarrassing pictures of other people on Facebook, but what might start out as a bit of fun can quickly go wrong. Everyone’s Facebook motto should be “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” If you wouldn’t want those pictures of you circulating on the Internet, then be a good friend and share them privately or not at all.

3. Your birth year

Or your home address, or telephone number, or mother’s maiden name – or anything else that could be used to put your personal or financial security at risk. Sophisticated criminals need very little to steal a person’s identity and many trawl Facebook because that kind of information is so readily available. Do yourself a favor and don’t post any personal information other than your name and birth date – without the year!

4. Strong political or religious opinions

Nobody’s saying you can’t have them, it’s just that very few people want to read them on Facebook. Plus, one-paragraph opinions on a social network can easily be taken out of context or misinterpreted. Why risk alienating friends or being labeled as insensitive or intolerant? Facebook activity should be kept friendly and light. Don’t post politically charged comments and don’t respond to other people who do.

5. Curse words

Again, all it takes is one slip and your reputation can be ruined. What may have seemed like a funny post during a night out with the girls can look awkward and offensive in the cold light of day. Don’t risk offending your colleagues, friends or your favorite aunt. Keep it clean!

6. Other people’s big news

If your Facebook friends have big news to announce, let them do the announcing. There is nothing worse than Dad jumping the gun and letting the whole world know that Junior got accepted into that north-eastern university, or Mom telling all her friends that she’s finally going to be a grandma. Let others control their own Timelines and make sure that they get to break their own big news.

7. Details of your vacation

Want to invite burglars to break into your house? Announce to everyone on Facebook that you’re going on a two-week cruise. The police and FBI can tell you that Facebook is increasingly used by criminals to identify potential victims, and not just for identity theft or cyber scams. You may be proud of your 500+ friend list, but with that many, there are bound to be a few bad apples. Letting everyone know that your house is going to be empty is an invitation to be robbed!

8. Posts intended to make others envious

We know you’re proud of your brand new Porsche or that diamond necklace you got for your birthday, but some things are better kept to yourself. While there is nothing to be ashamed of in achieving goals and enjoying some good fortune, others might not be so lucky. (Plus, you might not want to tell everyone about the recently acquired 70-inch HDTV or fine artwork for other reasons – see 7 above.)

9. Drinking photos

Whether you are single and in college or happily married with three kids, you might want to tone it down on the drinking photos. While the odd picture of you and your golfing buddies enjoying a beer might be OK, a constant stream of photos showing you with a drink in your hand might lead people to think that, well, you constantly have a drink in your hand! And be especially careful if you are in college. Everyone knows about the weekend keggers but dozens of pictures of you with your boozy pals sends a poor message to everyone, including Mom and Dad!

10. TMI (Too much information)

Whatever you post, keep it appropriate and don’t include details that you don’t want the whole world to know. If you would only tell a handful of close friends about the details of your annual check-up or what you found in your 15-year-old son’s room the other day, then it has no business on Facebook. When it comes to posting online, the less information the better!

The above content is provided for information purposes only. All information included herein is subject to change without notice. Verizon is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, arising from or related to use or reliance of the above content.

The setting that’s easy for you to overlook.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Facebook is doing what you, or the original poster, told it to do.

And it’s really easy to overlook what you’re telling Facebook to do.

Making unavailable posts available

Each post you make has its own visibility setting. Visibility includes public, friends, friends-of-friends, and more. If it’s set to something less than public, then people who are not included will see your post as “unavailable”. The catch is that each new post inherits the previous visibility setting. If you set a post to be visible to only a restricted audience, then the next post you make will default to that same restriction unless you change it. You can change the visibility of posts you’ve already made to restrict access, or allow others to see them.

Facebook post visibility

To understand why posts are not be visible to everyone, we need to look at the options available when you create a new Facebook post — specifically what I’ll refer to as visibility.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Visibility options when making a Facebook post (click for larger image).

In the example above, when you’re about to make a new post from the desktop version of Facebook, you can set who is allowed to see the post (as well as whether that post should be on your timeline or as part of your “story”). The setting above has defaulted to “Public”, meaning the post is visible to absolutely anyone and everyone.

If I click on that, it expands to a drop-down list of other options.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Visibility options when sharing a Facebook post.

There’s actually a wide variety of choices, but the most common is the second: Friends. If this is selected, only your friends will see this post, and no one else. Those who are not your friends won’t get an error message; they simply won’t see the post.

Important: the default setting for this — Public, Friends, or something else — is whatever you chose for your last post. If you post something only to your friends, your next post will default to that same setting. If you want it to be public, you need to change it back.

Visibility of existing posts

You can check what the visibility of any post.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Globe icon indicating a public post on Facebook (click for larger image).

In the example above, the post is public, indicated by the globe icon. The most common other icons are the silhouette of two people (indicating that the post is shared with a restricted audience), or a gear icon (which indicates a more complex sharing rule).

If it’s your post, you can change the visibility by clicking that icon.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Changing the visibility of a Facebook post.

You can change the visibility of a post you’ve made pretty much any time.

You cannot change the visibility of the posts of others — and that’s where things get interesting.

Sharing someone else’s post

Sharing someone else’s post does not change who can see it. That’s actually an important part of privacy on Facebook; if you made a post shared only to your friends, you don’t want anyone else outside of the circle to have access to it. 1

Here’s a post made by a friend of mine. She set it to be seen only by her friends.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

A Facebook post to friends only.

I can share this post if I like, but here’s the catch: even if I share the post, my share will still be restricted to only her friends. In other words, the only people who will see my share of her post are the friends we have in common.

That’s probably not what I intended, since her friends already saw it 2 . I wanted to share this with my friends.

I cannot. That would share the post outside of the limits specified by the original poster. The only options are to live with that or ask the original poster to make her post public, at which point my share of that post will take on the visibility that I specify.

Sharing into a group

The most common failure I see is this:

  • A friend makes a post and it appears on your timeline.
  • You share that post to a Facebook group you belong to.
  • You didn’t notice that the friend set visibility to “friends only”.
  • The post appears in the Facebook group, but with an “unavailable” error for everyone who isn’t a friend of your friend.

“Content isn’t available right now” error (click for larger image).

You have two options:

  1. Remove your share of the post. It didn’t work.
  2. Ask the original poster to make the post public, at which point the error will go away.

Content or attachment unavailable

An “unavailable” message can also happen when an original post is deleted. You share a post from a friend, for example, and that friend later deletes the post.

But by far the most common cause is that the original poster placed limitations on who was allowed to see it, and your sharing of that post tried to expose it to a larger audience.

Do this

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How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

May 22, 2019 · 2 min read

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

The cliche about Facebook — that it’s all about sharing —has been used many times, by media and Facebook executives alike. It’s about sharing with your friends, sharing what you like and care about, yada yada.

The sad thing is — sharing doesn’t work. It’s broken. Not conceptually, not as a way of social engagement, but from a purely functional perspective.

There are (roughly) four types of Facebook status updates: text-only, link-only, text-and-link, and media (containing photos and video).

In my case the most c o mmon type is the “text-and-link”. You share an interesting link, but also add some relevant commentary. Alternatively, you write a long and detailed post and add a few links here and there to strengthen your argument.

And by default these posts can’t be shared properly. When someone likes your text and presses “share”, Facebook assumes that your commentary is irrelevant and just shares the link. Without the status text, the link may be useless or out of context. And this is not what people intended to share in the first place.

Sadly, this is the default behavior on mobile as well as desktop. On desktop at least you have to option to press the 2nd “share” button in the dropdown and then choose “include original post”. On mobile you don’t have that option.

How does twitter handle that? It always includes the original post when you retweet something. If you retweet it with comment, the original text is also retained, not just the link.

Facebook somehow treats links as more important than text and because of that it breaks sharing. And it hasn’t figured out a way for so many years to do that properly. It has always been broken and inconsistent, although in different ways.

If a company whose service is about sharing can’t get the sharing functionality right for a decade, I’m worried about them handling anything. Including political advertising, fake news or personal data. They are just too complacent to actually do a good job at anything.

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Share All sharing options for: Facebook Search now lets you find specific posts, not just people

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

It’s been almost two years since Facebook launched Graph Search, an ambitious and all-encompassing tool that you could use to search through your connections based on their Facebook behaviors. Now, the company is introducing its next big update to its search product, and it’s the kind of idea that’s so simple on the surface it feels surprising that Facebook didn’t have it already. Starting today, Facebook users can use keywords to search for specific individual posts, not just for other users and pages.

Now, when you start typing an entry into Facebook’s search box, it’ll offer you keyword suggestions for any name you might enter — Facebook’s first example was someone typing the name “Jessica,” with the autocomplete suggesting searches for “Jessica wedding” and “Jessica muir woods.” Tapping on those suggestions now brings up a “post-centric” search results page for individual Facebook posts containing those words. You’ll still be able to search for the connections between people in your network using Graph Search, but Facebook believes these new search results will particularly work better on mobile — an initiative that continues to be of utmost importance to the company.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

“People want mobile,” says search product manager Rousseau Kazi. “We know this is a company priority, a search priority. People want a stronger, better, faster mobile search.” And Facebook believes people want to find not just other people with search, but specific memories, photos, articles, and other content that users share. “We have more than just the humans on Facebook,” says search product manager Rousseau Kazi. “People share what makes us human on Facebook, which is really powerful.”

He then gave us a pretty specific example that illustrated how the feature works. A few months ago, Kazi wore an entirely plaid outfit to work after losing a bet, and some of his co-workers took photos of him and posted them to Facebook. Months later, a search for “Rousseau Kazi plaid” pulled up a number of specific posts that friends in his network had shared that contained both his name and the word “plaid.”

“People share what makes us human on Facebook, which is really powerful.”

Another example Kazi showed us was a search for “Mark Zuckerberg ebola” — which pulled up some posts that people in his network had shared surrounding Zuckerberg’s $25 million donation to fighting Ebola earlier this fall. Kazi was quick to note while showing this feature off that these new search results only pull in posts from people in your network — it’s not a way to search everything posted on Facebook, and your privacy settings remain intact. “You can only find posts that have been shared with you,” says Kazi. “There’s no change to privacy, this is only things that your friends and your community have shared with you.

It’s mostly just a way to find things that you might have seen on Facebook that you want to check out again, and it feels much more like how most people think of searching on Google than Graph Search does. “Our main takeaway here was that [Graph Search] phrases are complex,” says Kazi. “The thing here is that we learned that for the typical person, this is just a lot of work to access this information — we want to lower that barrier to entry.”

The new search features are rolling out as of today on the desktop, and it should show up in an updated iOS app soon, as well. Facebook told us that it should be available to all US users within a few weeks, and once the launch is complete the company will start working on bringing it to Android and other locales. As for the existing Graph Search, Facebook also noted that it is finally coming to mobile, something Zuckerberg hinted would be coming way back in February of this year. Just as with this new keyboard-based search, Graph Search will first be available on iPhone and will roll out to Android users soon.

You’ve probably heard a story or two about how people got into trouble for something they posted on Facebook, right?

I once read a story about how somebody got fired from their job because of something bad they said about their boss on Facebook, forgetting that the boss was one of their Facebook friends! To make it all more embarrassing, the boss fired the person in a comment on the post!

Sometimes we come across something fun that we’d like to share with some of our Facebook friends, but not with all of them.

So how do you go about posting something to only a few of your Facebook friends?

Well, it turns out that it is quite easy to do. Here’s how…

Step 1: Create A List Of Friends

Facebook allows you to post only to certain individual friends, but it could become quite cumbersome if you want to post regularly to the same sub-set of Facebook friends. The solution is to create a Facebook List of friends that you will be posting to:

  1. Go to your Facebook and click on the Home link near the top-center of the page. That takes you to your News Feed where you see all your friends’ posts.
  2. On the left, below your photo, are groups of links, each with a heading, with one of the headings being Friends. (In my case it’s the 4th item down.) Click on that.
  3. The next page will have a button labeled “+ Create List” near the top-center. Click on that.
  4. A box will now open where you can enter a name for your list and select as many of your Facebook friends who will be members of the list. Enter a name, select your friends, and click on Create List.

Your pre-defined, special-purpose friends list is now created.

To edit a particular list later, after step 2 above, click on the name of the list. Then click on “Manage List” in the top right-hand corner, and select Edit List. A new box will pop up where you can edit the members of the list.

Step 2: Post To The List

Now all you do is enter your Facebook post, but before sending it, you edit your sharing options and select the list that you created in step 1:

  1. Enter your Facebook post.
  2. To the left of the Share button (that would send your post), is an image of a lock, with a small down-arrow next to it. Those are your sharing options. Click on the down-arrow.
  3. The 4th option in the drop-down menu is Customize. Click that.
  4. A box will now open where you can set the privacy of your message.
  5. In the section labeled “Make this visible to” is a drop-down box with the selected option being “Friends Only”. Click on that drop-down box and select “Specific People…”
  6. A text box will be shown below the drop-down box where you can enter the names of your friends that your post is intended for. Enter the name of the list that your created in step 1. Then click on Save Setting.
  7. Click the Share button to send your post to the Walls for your selected friends.

To summarize, to post to a selected group of Facebook friends, create a Facebook list containing your friends and then post to the list. It’s as easy as that!

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

When you post a photo to Facebook of your adorable kids on their first day of school, who is seeing that? Everyone with a Facebook account or just your friends?

It’s easy on Facebook to change a setting in which suddenly all of your posts are set to “Public” when you didn’t intend for that to happen. Even if you know how to change that setting back, it’s possible old posts are still visible to others outside your network.

Who’s your audience?

Any time you post to Facebook – whether it’s a cute puppy pic, a news story or a funny meme about needing more coffee on Mondays – you can choose who may see that post by using the audience selector.

This gives you several options including Public, Friends, Friends except …, Specific Friends and Only. These terms are exactly as they sound. “Friends except” allows you to exclude certain friends while “Specific Friends” will allow you to select which friends to include, or to choose from lists you may have created.

The image below shows an example of a desktop view (left) and a view in the Facebook app when selecting your audience.

Your view may vary slightly.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Facebook does not offer a default option. Whatever your previous audience selection was in your most recent post automatically becomes the audience for all future posts until you change the setting again.

While things often feel like they’re in a state of change with Facebook, the audience selector tool and the lack of a default option has been in place for several years, as noted in this New York Times article in 2014.

All about that 🌍

So let’s go back to that first day of school photo. Chances are, you just wanted your friends and family to see that photo, not the multiple billion people in the world with a Facebook account, or others who could find it through a Google search.

Check that post – if it has a “globe” on it next to the time of your post, it’s Public. Fortunately, you can edit the audience setting without having to delete the post and start at the beginning.

You have a couple of options. You can change the individual post settings by clicking on the audience selector next to the date or time on the post on the desktop version of Facebook. In the app, click the three little dots in the upper right-hand corner of the post to select “Edit Privacy.”

You’ll then see the multiple options to change the audience setting. The image below shows the desktop view on the left and the app view on the right. This looks similar to when selecting an audience when initially posting, but there are a few small changes.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

But let’s say that post was Public and ALL of your recent posts have been public and you want to change them all – you do not have to change each one individually. Facebook has an option in its Privacy Settings that will limit your past posts. There’s an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide in Facebook’s Help Center.

In this second option, however, you cannot reverse this action. Individual post settings would have to be changed after changing all things from Public to whatever setting you have chosen.

It’s also important to note that through this second option, Facebook does not reverse settings that may have been applied to posts with stricter custom audiences. For example, if you have chosen an audience such as “Friends except Acquaintances,” the tool will not change that setting.

All 👀 on you

Remember that when you post something as “Public,” Facebook really means public. If you’re complaining about something, such as work, even your co-workers who aren’t your friends can see it if your audience setting is Public.

If you’re searching for a job, one of the first places human resources departments look for information about you is on social media.

Someone is always watching what you post. If you’re concerned about who is seeing your posts on Facebook, occasionally check your settings to make sure nothing has changed.

Facebook has multiple other privacy settings, but as the New York Times article mentioned earlier says, “Reviewing the privacy settings of everything you have ever put on Facebook is probably best saved for a stormy weekend when you’re stuck at home.”

This blog post was originally published in February 2020. It was updated in July 2021.

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How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Facebook already allows users to cross-post their Instagram Stories and Reels to Facebook. Now it’s testing a new feature that would see posts flowing in the other direction, too. The company recently rolled out an option that allows users to cross-post their Facebook updates that include photos or videos over to their Instagram. For people who are active on both platforms, the feature could save you from having to upload the same media twice in two different apps. It also gives Facebook an easy way to seed Instagram with more content at a time when the company is invested in ensuring Instagram remains a popular social media platform with younger users in the face of increased competition from apps like Snapchat and TikTok.

Facebook said the feature, which has yet to be formally announced, first began to roll out earlier this month. However, the company noted the option is currently a global test that’s only available to a small group of people who already have their Facebook profiles linked to a personal, creator or business account on Instagram.

If available, you’ll see the feature in Facebook’s compose box where you create posts. The new toggle appears besides those for editing the audience for your post and creating a new album.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Image Credits: Screenshot from the Facebook app on iOS

When tapped, you’ll be taken to a new screen where you can choose to share the individual Facebook post to your connected Instagram account, as well. The screen informs you this option will only apply to the post in question — it won’t become the default setting going forward.

If you do want to change your defaults, though, you can visit the linked “Accounts Center,” where you can now toggle on an option to automatically share all your Facebook Posts to Instagram, in addition to automatically sharing your Facebook Stories to Instagram Stories. (The latter was previously available.)

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Image Credits: Screenshot from the Facebook app on iOS

The company told us users will be able to cross-post to Instagram single photos, single videos or multiphoto albums up to 10 photos — the max that’s supported through Instagram’s carousels. Other formats, like GIFs, polls, photos albums with more than 10 photos, Feed reshares, text-only posts and any media that’s too tall for Instagram’s Feed are not eligible for cross-posting at present.

Facebook has been working to make its suite of apps more interoperate in recent months — and not just by making cross-posting an option for those who use multiple apps.

The company last year introduced cross-app communication between Messenger and Instagram, allowing Instagram users to chat with friends who use Facebook and (as of last month) vice versa. It’s also been working on making Messenger more of a “connective tissue” for Facebook’s growing number of real-time experiences and has been testing a way that Facebook users could make voice and video calls right on Facebook without having to switch to the Messenger app. And last month, it revamped its ad products to include more tools that would allow people to message businesses on any of Facebook’s chat platforms, instead of just the one where they’re seeing the ad. That means users could click an Instagram ad to chat with a business on WhatsApp, for example.

If this all makes it a bit more confusing to determine what content lives where and who’s using which app, that could be by design. The tighter integrations may make it more difficult to fully exit Facebook, as content and communications flow between the Facebook suite of apps. In addition, the complexity could be hard to unravel in the case that regulators decide to break up Facebook into separate businesses, if it were to be declared a monopoly at some point in the future.

Facebook did not say how long the global test would run or when it would roll out more broadly.

How (and Why!) to Control Who Sees Your Facebook Posts

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How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

There are many different ways to use Facebook depending on your individual needs. Companies can use it to contact their customers directly and personally. Individuals reach out to far-flung family and friends through Facebook or use it to find like-minded people to help them get through parenthood or health crises. Sweepstakes fans use Facebook to help them win more prizes.

The flexibility of Facebook’s platform has a downside, too. Namely, you can put yourself at risk if you don’t pay close attention to who can see your posts. People have been fired, denied admission to college, and sued for things they’ve unwisely posted on Facebook. Pedophiles have even misused pictures parents posted on Facebook.

As you can see, it’s critical to pay attention to who can see your posts. Luckily, Facebook lets you choose among several different options to quickly select privacy levels for each post you make. Use those privacy options to determine which updates are meant for the whole world to see, and which you want to reserve for trusted people.

To set your privacy options, look for a drop-down box underneath your name when you make a new post. This opens Facebook’s audience selector. Clicking on the arrow will let you select the privacy setting you need.

Here is a breakdown of each of Facebook’s privacy options ordered from least to most restrictive.

The “Public” Privacy Setting on Facebook

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

“Public” is Facebook’s most open privacy level. Anyone can see these posts: your friends, total strangers, and everyone in between.

Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you are trying to get votes for a contest you entered or you want to receive extra entries into a giveaway when people enter through your unique link, making your posts open to everyone gives you a broader audience.

Some people also like to make some public posts so acquaintances who haven’t friended them on Facebook yet can identify them.

When you post publicly, make sure you aren’t posting anything that could embarrass you or anyone you care about, currently or in the future. If you wouldn’t say something to your parents, your college admissions officer, or your employer, don’t post it publicly.

Most importantly, don’t post any information that could put you in danger. This includes your address and telephone number, check-ins that reveal your current location, and dates when you’re going on vacation and your home will be empty. Personal photos and (especially) photos of your kids are also better posted with a different privacy setting.

Check out 10 Things You Should Never Post on Social Media for other important safety tips.

The “Friends” Privacy Setting on Facebook

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

When you use the “Friends” privacy setting, two groups of people can see your post:

  • People whom you have added as your friend.
  • Friends of anyone tagged in the post.

That means that if you post a picture of yourself and your sister and you tag your sister in the post, her friends can also see it.

You can turn off the “friends of people tagged in the post” option by unchecking the “Friends of those tagged” box in the audience selector.

If you want to post to all of your friends, make sure to keep a good eye on who is on that list. It’s a good idea to regularly review who you have friended and remove anyone you don’t trust.

When you use this privacy setting, it’s still a good idea to be cautious about what you post. Even with a friends-only post, you can’t be sure someone won’t tell someone else what you shared.

Facebook’s “Custom” Privacy Setting

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Facebook’s “custom” privacy setting lets you pick specific people or groups of people to share your posts with.

For example, you can set up friend lists to include people with specific interests or points of view. That way, you can make posts visible to your closest friends, people who live nearby, other sweepstakes fans, or any other group you want to make.

That way, you can make sure you only share your kids’ pictures with your relatives or post about new giveaways to people who like to enter sweepstakes. You could set up a group of people who like to exchange contest votes or who share the same political leanings.

This setting gives you much more freedom to express yourself safely and without boring people who aren’t interested in specific topics.

F acebook is making all of the public posts on the social network easily searchable. The idea is to make it easier for people to follow conversations unfolding in real time, like on Twitter. But, luckily for those who don’t want to have their every thought be a contribution to the public town square, there’s an out. Just follow these steps:

  1. On your News Feed page, click the lock symbol in the top right corner of the screen, next to the globe icon that denotes notifications
  2. Below the big purple dinosaur that pops up, click the question “Who can see my stuff?”
  3. You’ll have three options for this setting. “Only Me,” means the posts are fully private, only viewable to you. “Friends” means your Facebook friends can see what you post and search for your posts. “Public” means anyone on or off Facebook can see your posts, and anyone with a Facebook account can search your posts.

You can also change this setting easily on a post-by-post basis. Below the composition box and to the left of the big blue “Post” button on any post, you’ll see your current privacy setting. Here you can change it to “Public,” “Friends,” or “Only Me” as needed.

Note that these changes will only affect future posts you make. If you realize you’ve been inadvertently airing your political views to the entire world and not just your high school acquaintances, you can change the “Public” setting of older posts through a simple process:

  1. Click the lock in the top-right corner of News Feed page
  2. Click “See More Settings” at bottom of pop-up menu
  3. Click “Limit Past Posts”
  4. Facebook will show you a warning about how this is going to change all your posts that you’ve shared with friends of friends or with the entire public to being viewable only by Friends. Take a deep breath and click “Limit Old Posts”

We’ll show you the easiest and the hardest way

The problem with Facebook is that your group of “friends” really consists of just about everyone you know including your family, relatives, friends, work colleagues, professional contacts, etc., etc. Yes, you can create lists and group people into them, but it’s a hard to find feature that no one really ever uses it. However, I’ll still mention how to use lists in Facebook in case you really want to organize your friend list.

So what’s the best way to hide your Facebook status from one person or a specific set of friends? The best way in my opinion is to use the privacy controls while you are actually creating the status update. In this article, I’ll show you how to control the privacy of a single status update and all future status updates too.

Single Status Update

Since you’ll probably only be restricting your status updates some of the time, the simplest solution is to click on the little privacy control button at the bottom right of the status update window.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

The privacy control will be set to whatever is your default option for who can see your Facebook status updates. In my case, my default setting is only Friends. If you want to change this for a particular post, go ahead and click on the down arrow.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

At the top, you’ll get three main choices: Public, Friends and Only Me. Below that you get more options like Friends except Acquaintances and then Custom. Below those options, Facebook will give you some custom lists that it creates on its own.

In my case, it gives me options for friends who live in certain areas, my family, close friends, friends who’ve gone to the same school as me, etc. If you already have a list and you want only those people to see your status, just select the list and you’re good to go.

In order to exclude someone or an entire list, you have to click on Custom. This will bring up the Custom Privacy popup window.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Here you can edit exactly who you want to share or not share the status update with. In my example above, everyone will see my post except the people in the Family list. You can type in individual names or pick from your lists. Click Save Changes and you’re good to go.

So is there any way for someone to find out that you hid a post from them on Facebook? Well, Facebook does not let the person know, unless you happen to tag them! So make sure you don’t tag a person you are trying to hide your status from.

In addition, even if the person you tagged is friends with a person you hide the post from, the latter will not be able to see it on the former’s wall or in their own news feed. From a technical standpoint on Facebook, the excluded people will have no way to know that you posted the status update. Obviously, if someone mentions it outside of Facebook, you might be in trouble!

Future Status Updates

Once you change the setting inline while posting a status update, Facebook assumes you’ll want to continue doing this. If you go to post another status update, you’ll see it still says Custom instead of whatever it was earlier. You can also check this setting under the privacy settings in Facebook. Go ahead and click on the little lock icon at the top right.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Then click on Who can see my stuff? to expand those options. Under who can see my future posts?, go ahead and click on the box and choose Custom. In my case, it was already set to Custom since I had just posted a status update with custom privacy settings.

Create Facebook Lists

The pre-created lists created by Facebook are useful, but sometimes you need to create a list that is for a specific set of people not already in a list. To do this, you have to go to your main News Feed and then hover your mouse over Friends in the left sidebar until you see More.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Now you’ll see all of your lists. At the top, you can click on Create a List.

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Give you list a name and start typing names to create the list. Click the Create button and it’s as simple as that!

How to share facebook posts with only certain friends

Now you can use this list in various settings across Facebook that allow lists. Hopefully, this helps you control the privacy of your Facebook status updates. Make sure to read my other posts on about Facebook like how to hide your online Facebook status, update Facebook status via text message, and how to hide from one Facebook friend from another. Enjoy!

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It is not entirely untrue

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Facebook has responded to a viral claim that you see posts from only 25 friends in your news feed.

The viral claim is largely false, it has said. But there are some important grains of truth in how it works.

“How to avoid hearing from the same 26 FB friends and nobody else,” one version of the post reads. It goes on to claim that the feed “recently shows only posts from the same few people, about 25, repeatedly the same, because facebook has a new algorithm”, and suggests that Facebook picks out 25 or 26 friends that you can hear from.

It then goes on to suggest that this can be fixed by posting the passage, and asking people to respond to it: either by commenting, liking, or engaging with it in some other way. If people do that, they’ll be able to choose which of their friends they’ll hear from, it suggests.

Some parts of the message are wildly wrong – while others are right, though not perhaps in the way they might initially suggest.

How to stop Facebook from revealing everything about you

1 /9 How to stop Facebook from revealing everything about you

How to stop Facebook from revealing everything about you

Lock your profile down

How to stop Facebook from revealing everything about you

Limit old posts

How to stop Facebook from revealing everything about you

Make yourself harder to find

How to stop Facebook from revealing everything about you

Control access to your Timeline

How to stop Facebook from revealing everything about you

Block people

How to stop Facebook from revealing everything about you

Review tags

How to stop Facebook from revealing everything about you

Clean up your apps

How to stop Facebook from revealing everything about you

Change your ad preferences

How to stop Facebook from revealing everything about you

Download your data

“The idea that News Feed only shows you posts from a set number of friends is a myth,” says Ramya Sethuraman, a product manager who works on ranking. “The goal of News Feed is to show you the posts that matter to you so that you have an enjoyable experience. If we somehow blocked you from seeing content from everyone but a small set of your friends, odds are you wouldn’t return.”


But it certainly is true that Facebook doesn’t show you all messages from all of your friends, since there isn’t space on the site. And as such, it has to choose which of those friends it thinks you’ll be most keen to hear from.

It does that by looking at which of the posts you read and interact with, as the message suggests. So it might be that there’s 25 – or fewer, or more – people who always appear at the top of your feed, and that if you engage with someone’s post then they’ll be more likely to be a part of that group.

So Facebook does encourage people to interact with the kind of posts they like, because that means it will know you are into those posts and push them up to the top of the feed. That, in turn, helps keep you engaged with Facebook and more likely to be on it more – in turn generating more of the data and time that Facebook needs from you to make money.

Facebook offers more simple ways of doing this, however. When you see a post from someone, you can click on the small triangle in the corner of it – there, you can choose to set someone to “see first” so they’ll appear at the top of your feed, or choose to see less from those people if you tnd not to enjoy their posts.

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