How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

You are probably familiar with the Amazon Prime option that has shopping benefits along with access to music and video streaming, but what on earth is Twitch Prime? As you may know, Amazon bought Twitch in 2014 and spread Prime option across the brands.

What is Twitch Prime?

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

If you are not an Amazon Prime subscriber yet, then you will need to become one in order to activate Twitch Prime, as it’s just one of the many benefits you get from joining the main Amazon Prime scheme, with exclusive perks for anyone who links their Twitch and Amazon accounts.

Assuming you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you can try both Twitch and Amazon Prime together free for 30 days to get a feel for it. Once you’re signed up head on over to where you’ll be able to link your accounts.

You get one free subscription every 30-days to use to support your favorite streamers. They get financial benefits; you don’t have to pay. When you go to click subscribe on their page you’ll be shown the option to use your free subscription while you have it. Once it’s gone, you’ll be reminded, and then it’ll come back 30-days later for you to spend again.

Twitch Prime subscriptions don’t auto-renew as regular subscriptions do, so you’ll need to remember to use it every month.

Twitch Prime is available everywhere globally except for China, India and “embargoed territories.” In countries where Amazon Prime is supported (U.S., Mexico, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Japan, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Singapore or the United Kingdom) you have to have Amazon Prime to also have Twitch Prime.

If you’re not in one of the countries listed above, you can sign up for Twitch Prime with a Prime Video subscription. Whichever way you play it, though, you have to have Amazon Prime something.

Twitch Turbo

If you’ve been paying for Twitch Turbo, you should cancel it immediately if you activate Twitch Prime. The benefits of Turbo are folded into Prime, you just get a different banner on your page. If you’ve been paying for both, Amazon will refund your recent Turbo payments for a limited time by opening a support ticket.

Twitch Prime benefits:

  • Free Twitch channel subscription every 30 days to support your favorite streamers.
  • Member access to free game content.
  • Exclusive member savings on physical games from Amazon.
  • Exclusive emoticons.
  • Expanded chat color options.
  • Member-Only Prime Chat Badge.
  • Free in-game content through partner relationships.
  • Free monthly games.

How Much Do Streamers Get from Twitch Prime Subs?

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

A new streamer who has just become a Twitch partner will get 50% of a $5 sub, so $2.50. They will also get the same rate for every prime sub they get. Since Amazon is a huge company that has publically revealed there are over 100 million Amazon Prime users, it’s most likely that 1 in 5 viewers will either have Amazon Prime account or know somebody that does.

As you already know, Prime sub is not auto-renewed. It means that after 30 days of the paid plan, the viewer will have a free 30-day subscription. If they want to use it on the same streamer they can, but they have to resubscribe.

The reason I’m mentioning this is that it can be used to your advantage if you’re a streamer. Often, people will forget their subscription has run out so they will be watching a broadcaster not knowing they have a free subscription. This is why casters will often remind people that can subscribe for free with Twitch prime! They know that people will often have a free sub available and the chances are if they’re watching the stream, they might just use it on them.

On average, pro-streamers can make between $3,000 to $5,000 per month playing 40 hours a week, just from the Prime Sub option. That number doesn’t include ad revenue, which averages about $250 per 100 subscribers.

While nobody says exactly what they make, it’s rumored that some of the biggest influencers are making over $300,000 per year playing video games. If Piper Jaffray’s estimates are right, streamers like Probly_Ovr_9000 and GuardianOutpost can continue to grow—and the numbers could be huge.

How much do Twitch Streamers Make Per Prime Sub?

Does twitch prime sub give money to partners? Paying for the membership itself does nothing for the broadcasters. However, subscribing to a specific streamer with a prime sub gives whatever normal rate the broadcaster has enabled in their contract for a normal subscription.

As it was mentioned above, “Twitch Prime” viewers pay $5/month. For regular streamers, 50 percent of this subscription revenue goes to Twitch, and the caster keeps the other half. Top tier influencers, who have more than 10,000 subscribers, get to keep 70 percent of their subscription revenue. Some quick math revealed that top streamer Ninja, who has 121,000 subscribers, makes $423,500 a month from subscribers alone. Wang’s 4,000 subscribers earn him around $14,000 a month.

Advantages of Twitch Prime Sub for Streamers

A Prime subscription is an additional way for Twitch Partners to receive subscription revenue from their viewers.
Every Twitch Prime member will receive a channel subscription at no additional cost to give to the Twitch Partner of their choice every month; this option is visible when they click the Subscribe button on a Partnered channel. And while Twitch Prime is available to viewers in the US, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, and the UK, all Partners, regardless of where they live, will be paid for Prime subscriptions to their channel in the same manner as for regular subscriptions. The revenue share remains the same for Prime subscriptions as it is for normal subscriptions.

Summing Up

As a partner, you can definitely make money from twitch prime. As a viewer, the prime sub will give you access to a number of handy benefits like free game content, exclusive emoticons, and free monthly games. You will also get a chance to use your free channel subscription to support your favorite streamer. And it costs only $5 a month. Sounds like a good deal.

Invite your viewers to watch movies and TV shows with you on Twitch by hosting a watch party. Here’s what you need to know.

Twitch is the most popular live streaming platform out there, but gaming isn't its only focus anymore. Over the years, the platform has diversified with a variety of different content. As a streamer, you can now start a watch party for your audience and interact with them in real-time while you watch your movies and TV shows.

What Are Twitch Watch Parties?

In the simplest terms, a watch party is a social gathering to watch something together. Twitch Watch Parties take this experience online by allowing you to watch content with your audience from the comfort of your home. This is a unique way for streamers to interact with their viewers and adds variety to the content they stream on the platform.

Twitch's Watch Parties feature will make use of your Amazon account to access Prime Video content, meaning you'll need an Amazon Prime subscription to start a watch party on your stream. Besides this, the audience must also have a Prime subscription to view the content during a watch party.

How to Add Watch Parties to Your Stream Manager

The watch party functionality isn't enabled for streamers by default. You'll need to first set it up in your creator dashboard. So, head over to Twitch, sign in with your account, and follow the instructions below to add watch parties to your stream manager:

  1. Click on your Twitch profile picture located in the upper-right corner of the webpage.
  2. Next, choose Creator Dashboard from the dropdown menu.

That's it. Now, you're all set to start Twitch Watch Parties right from your dashboard. However, there are a couple more things you need to do for an ideal watch party experience.

How to Set Up Your Webcam and Audio for Twitch Watch Parties

When you start a watch party on Twitch, your audience will still be able to see your desktop and your webcam. However, Twitch minimizes this window and moves it to the top of the chat. Twitch does this so that your viewers can see your face as they watch the Prime Video content via your stream. You can use your streaming software to maximize your webcam overlay and make sure it fits the entire screen.

Follow these simple instructions to learn how to do this on OBS or Streamlabs OBS:

  1. Open OBS or Streamlabs OBS and find your webcam source under Sources.
  2. Here, click on the lock next to the webcam source and drag the corners of the webcam overlay in your stream preview. Make sure you maximize it and cover the entire screen.
  3. Next, click on the lock again to lock your source and then hide or disable all your other sources except your microphone.

We covered the steps for two of the most popular streaming software out there. If you use any other program for streaming, just know that the steps are pretty similar. You need to start your stream before proceeding to the following steps, as Twitch requires you to be live to start a watch party.

How to Authorize Prime Video Playback on Your Twitch Account

As mentioned earlier, Twitch will check if you have an Amazon Prime subscription before giving you access to the Prime Video library. You'll need to connect your Amazon account to your Twitch account to authorize Prime Video playback. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Go to the Stream Manager section and click on the Start Watch Party Quick Action.
  2. Twitch will prompt you to log in with your Amazon account. Click on Log in or Sign up to get started.
  3. Type in your Amazon details to link your accounts.

Twitch will now check for your Amazon Prime subscription and show the Prime Video content specific to your region.

How to Choose Prime Video Content and Start the Watch Party

One of the biggest hurdles is finding the right content to watch. Since Prime Video contains a lot of region-locked content, some of your viewers may not have access to the content you want to stream. However, Twitch is good at warning you about this so that you can make an informed decision.

Use the simple steps below to select the content and start your first watch party:

  1. Click on the Start Watch Party Quick Action once you've linked your Amazon account to bring up the Prime Video browser. You can use the search bar to find the shows and movies you like.
  2. Click on the content you want to watch; choose the season and the episode. When you're ready, click on Select Title.

That's pretty much the entire process. However, now that you have everything set up correctly, you'll find it easy to start a new watch party next time. Remember that you should not capture the video or audio of Prime Video content for streaming, as it may lead to DMCA takedowns on your channel. Also, if you are a partnered Twitch streamer who runs ads, note that Watch Parties do not support ads for the time being.

Twitch Watch Parties Offer a Unique Streaming Experience

All in all, much some of Twitch's other features like squad streams, this is a unique way to mix up the content you broadcast to Twitch.

In this article we explain how to Squad Stream, which allows up to four Twitch streamers to broadcast live together.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

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Hello, I used my Twitch Prime sub on 2 different channels last month, one of them in May 8th, other is in May 9th.

I want to reuse both of them. But after Prime subbing to one, I can't Prime sub to other channel. It says "not yet" even though that channel's subscription is over. What is the problem?

Last month may have been some kind of bug, you only get one Prime sub each month. Go to your subscriptions page and it'll show who you're subscribed to along with sub end/recurring dates.

I had another problem last month. I wasn't subbed to any channel, yet I couldn't use Twitch sub because it was saying "not yet". I google'd and realized it's common problem.

When I googled it, I saw "Prime Student" etc. and mine isn't Prime Student, that's why I thought I can use Twitch sub twice a month. If I recall correctly I used to link my Twitch account.

I put the proof btw.

So what actually happened here was more than likely your reset timer for the PRIME use was actually on the 9th. When the system reset, you technically have a free sub for 30 days. Keyword there is 30 days. It is what throws this whole cycle for a weird offset. Every few months, they reset the timer back down a few days.

Example: I have a prime sub for FEB8-MAR8, I use it on MAR8, which eats FEBs Prime Sub. On MAR9 I can resub to someone else because I haven't yet used MARCH's yet. This bug was caused by the free PRIME days that happened over a few months ago and since then the dates per month is set to 30 instead of the valid month length it should be.

Since its inception in 2011 Twitch has grown exponentially, and in the most recent years it has taken huge strides into making it possible for streamers to have multiple ways to interact with viewers, subs, VIP’s, Twitch prime… list goes on. Now, being a subscriber gets you a certain number of benefits. You get an icon next to your name, access to emotes specific to the streamer and can talk in chat when it enters sub more.

There’s many more but that is different for every streamer as they often want to incentivise becoming a sub, they make money, build their stream, and it’s a great way to support streamers that you enjoy watching. And though the Twitch app isn’t always working, most of the time it’s pretty reliable – and here’s how you can sub to your favourite streamers.

How to subscribe on twitch app

While not obvious you can subscribe to your favourite streamer from your twitch app. Something to bear in mind is that Twitch prime does not work on the app but can still be done on mobile, we’ll go over that too!

  • How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime
  • How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime
  • How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime


First things, first, make sure you have the app installed. Once done open it up and log in to your twitch account. If you do not have a twitch account there will be an option to make one.

Next, navigate to the streamer you want to subscribe through either through the following tab if you follow the streamer or use the search icon at the top.

Once on the streamers channel page there will be a subscribe button to click, nice and obvious, can’t miss it. If there is no subscribe button there, then it is a channel that cannot be subscribed too. Note that this can be done either from the live streaming page while the streamer is live or on the streamers profile, so you are still able to do it even if they are offline.

Next and finally select the subscribe button again after being notified the different benefits there are to subscribing to that specific streamer and it will ask you to pay using twitch tokens. If you do not have any then an option will appear for purchasing more. Once purchased use those tokens for your sub and you’re done! Enjoy your sub to your favourite streamer!

Amazon prime

Subscribing with Amazon prime is a little annoying to do on mobile… So, the way it’s done is to essentially get the normal twitch site up but on your mobile. So, we need to open a browser and navigate to


On Iphone at this point you need to select the lower case and upper case A. This will give you a dropdown menu where you can “Request Desktop Website”. This will bring up the desktop site and can be used as such. Navigate to your favourite streamer who you want to use your monthly prime sub on and use the subscribe button then the prime subscribe option.


Much the same as the Iphone this is still done by navigating to the desktop version of the website.

Once on site select the three dots in the top right corner and select the “Desktop site” option. This will bring you to the usual desktop site and you can subscribe as you would from a desktop. Navigate to the streamer you would like to use your prime sub on and select the subscribe button. Then the prime sub option from there.

  • How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime
  • How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime
  • How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime


Too conclude this is very straight forward if you would like to subscribe the usual way, there’s just the added step of using the twitch tokens. I’m not entirely sure why this is but I have a feeling it’s because of some restrictions with payment when done through mobile devices. Either way it’s nice and simple. When it comes to Amazon prime however it’s a little more complex, but we have a nice work around that I’ve mentioned above to get you to where you want to go.

In this guide I’ll show you how to subscribe on twitch for free with amazon prime.

It’s super fast and easy to do, you just need two things:

1. account

2. Amazon prime account – Sign up for 30 day Free trial Amazon twitch prime -> Try Twitch Prime

Sign up on

If you already have a twitch account you can skip this step.

Click sign up top right corner

Fill in your login details, password, mail and hit Sign up

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Then proceed to login.

Sign up for Amazon twitch prime

Amazon offers 30 days FREE trial of Amazon Prime which you then can connect to your Twitch account and you can now subscribe to your favorite streamer for free 1 month.

Start by sign up here for the trial:

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Then go to your stream you want to subscribe to.

Click the drop-down button ‘Subscribe’ then ‘Start Your Free Trial’ that has a crown on it.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Then you will be redirected to Amazon and click ‘Enable Twitch Prime’

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Then you will log in to your Amazon account that has Prime on it and that will link your Twitch account to your Amazon account.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

After you linked your twitch account and your Amazon, go to your favorite streamer and press ‘Subscribe for free’ and you’re done!

If you continue with your Amazon Prime subscription then every 30 days you can resubscribe to either the same streamer or you can choose to use your prime sub on another streamer.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

And also you get a cool little crown badge in the chat that shows you subscribed with a twitch prime subscription.

A Prime Gaming subscription expires month-to-month. Whether you want to support a new streamer or continue to support the same one, you have to re-subscribe. For this reason, there is no way to specifically cancel Prime Gaming other than to disconnect your Twitch and Amazon accounts.

This post will cover how you can cancel a Prime Gaming Sub on Twitch and how you can detach your membership from Amazon.

How to Cancel a Prime Gaming Subscription on Twitch

Once you have subbed to a channel using your Prime Gaming monthly sub, there is no way to cancel it early. It will automatically unsubscribe one month after you used it. At that point, you can use it to subscribe to another channel.

How to Cancel Your Prime Gaming Membership

If you want to unsync your Twitch and Amazon accounts, follow these steps:

Log into your Amazon account.

Select the “Accounts and Lists” button on the right side of the screen.

Click on “Twitch Settings.”

Unlink the account.

If you want to cancel your Amazon Prime Membership, visit this page. Click the “Manage Membership” tab on the right side of the screen then select the “End Membership” option.

When Does Prime Gaming Subscription End?

Your Prime Gaming subscription will end one month after you use it to sub to a streamer. You can resub a few days before it expires or wait to use it on another streamer.


You are free to re-sync your Amazon prime membership with your Twitch account at any time. Prime Gaming allows you to support your favorite broadcasters for free, gives you a few profile customization perks, and gives you Prime loot on your Twitch account.

Twitch is a live video streaming service, which is run and controlled by Twitch interactive. Amazon has acquired this platform in 2014. Twitch Prime is nothing except the monthly subscription service that is currently as a subsidiary of Amazon Prime. When you subscribe to this service of Twitch, then it will allow you to access those contents, which are not available for normal Twitch users. If you love gaming, subscribe to Twitch Prime for enjoying plenty of gaming content.

You may also want to know:

As you have come to know about what is Twitch Prime, we are going to tell you about its benefits, how to cancel Twitch Prime and get it in this content. So, let us explore more in the following sections.

  • Part 1. Benefits You Can Get with Twitch Prime
  • Part 2. How to Get Twitch Prime?
  • Part 3: Do all of the Amazon Prime Members Get Twitch Prime?
  • Part 4. How to Cancel Twitch Prime?

Benefits You Can Get with Twitch Prime

Twitch Prime is offering a plethora of benefits to its subscribers. If you want to know these, following is the list for the benefits.

• After the subscription service, you can view contents without the annoying ads. This ad-free experience provides a seamless viewing experience at no extra cost.

• Moreover, you can subscribe to your favorite Twitch channel for free every 30 days. This way, you can support the streamers you like.

• Members can get access to the game content with no additional cost. You would be able to do many things without paying for them.

• A wide range of games can be downloaded from the Twitch Prime like Gone Home, Deponia, Drawful 2, etc. If you are a gaming freak, opting for the Amazon Prime Subscription is excellent.

How to Get Twitch Prime?

If you have decided and wondering how to get Twitch Prime, then there are two ways to do so. Link it with Amazon Prime, or you can also do this without being the Amazon Prime member. You don’t have to apply strenuous efforts for getting Twitch Prime. It’s a job of a few minutes only, and after that, you will feel happy to use Twitch Prime. Now, go through the steps we have shared below.

With Amazon Prime:

Step 1: To begin with, you need to get your PC or phone and open the link “” on the browser of your choice.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Step 2: Now, click on the link saying “Already an Amazon Prime member?” You are good to go now! This will help in connecting Amazon account to the Twitch Account to get benefits.

Worried about choosing a name when registering a Twitch account? We recommend 10 best Twitch name generators to you to take a cool name.

Without Amazon Prime Member

Step 1: First of all, visit the link, and check that your country supports Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime or not.

If it is not accessible in your country, the site will show “twitch prime is not available” or “it looks like you’re in an unsupported country”. Now, try to head to this link to know the supported countries.

Step 2: As the next step, sign in for creating an Amazon account. Use your Gmail credentials or you can use your phone number as well to get this done.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Step 3: Now, click on the link that will connect your both Amazon Prime and Twitch account. After this, you become the Prime member. Now, change your Prime Settings by clicking on the “Settings” page. This is how to get Twitch Prime.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Bonus Part: Do all of the Amazon Prime Members Get Twitch Prime?

No, this is not true. There are some eligibility necessities that you have to meet anyhow. Suppose, you are accessing Amazon Prime as an invitee or as the added member of an Amazon household then you are not fit for Twitch Prime. Besides, this service is not available in some countries including, India, China, and at the places where trade is banned. If you are living in a country where Amazon Prime is not forbidden, it becomes vital to have Amazon Prime subscription to get Twitch Prime.

The process of acquiring or cancelling Twitch Prime is easy, but only some are not so lucky to use it. Moreover, prime student members using it for free will only get 30-day free channel subscription along with the membership. Therefore, either you can’t use it, or there will be some restrictions.

How to Cancel Twitch Prime?

Not every person needs to like to use Twitch Prime. If you have no interest in using it, then you must know how to cancel Twitch Prime. Cancel your Twitch Prime membership, which is combined with the Amazon Prime subscription. To cancel, you need to remove the connection between your Amazon account and Twitch account. This can be performed with the help of Twitter account setting page and using Mac or PC. Follow the given instructions below for learning how to cancel Twitch Prime. These steps will help you to cancel Twitch Prime without any need of cancelling Amazon Prime Subscription.

Step 1: First of all, log in to your Twitch account if you haven’t done it yet. After that, go to your profile icon located on the corner side and click on it.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Step 2: Once done, now open the Twitch setting by clicking on “Settings” from the menu.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Step 3: When the “Settings” page opens, move the cursor to the “Connections” tab and click on it.

Step 4: Subsequently, to the next of the Amazon section page, you will find the “Disconnect” button and when you do, click on it.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Step 5: At last, a pop-up window will appear that prompts your confirmation. Click on “Yes, disconnect” and done.


Some people might be asking, “Do you have to pay for Twitch Prime?” The fact is you have to pay if you are going to subscribe to Amazon Prime membership. Twitch Prime is best for those love games, but if you are using Amazon Prime, then you will love it. Amazon has enhanced the user experience by adding a few more features and made this platform robust.

For any Twitch Prime FAQ, you can ask us; we will let you know. Thanks for reading. Do let us know your views.

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How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Twitch is the most popular game streaming platform in today’s day and age. With the recent onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Twitch has been partnering with game developers and different services to introduce new features to their users. We saw Hyperscape getting in-game drops and native integration with Twitch earlier this month when the beta was announced. And now, the company has partnered with Amazon Prime to provide premium subscriptions to its users. Let’s take a look at it.

  • What is Prime Gaming?
  • How to get Prime Gaming subscription on mobile
  • How to subscribe to new channels on mobile

What is Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming is a premium subscription for Amazon Prime users that allows you to experience premium perks and features in Twitch. Earlier known as Twitch Prime, here are some major features offered by Prime Gaming.

  • Native Prime Features
  • In-Game Loot
  • Prime Status on Twitch
  • Free Games
  • In-Game Upgrades

…and much more. This way, existing prime members that game can also enjoy the benefits of Prime Gaming right on their desktops and mobile devices.

How to get Prime Gaming subscription on mobile

While using the subscription on your mobile device is quite easy, connecting your existing prime membership to your Twitch account can end up being a challenging process. Let’s take a look at the step-by-step guide.

Open the browser app on your mobile device and visit ‘‘.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Now Enable desktop mode on your browser. Chrome users can use the ‘3-dot‘ menu icon in the top right corner to get started. Whereas Safari users can use the ‘aA‘ icon in their URL bar.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Once you press the menu icon, select ‘Desktop Site‘.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Note: Apple has been heavily restricting the use of desktop mode in Safari lately. You might have to search for an updated method to activate desktop mode on Safari if you are reading this in the near future.

Tap on the ‘Sign-in‘ option in the top right corner of your screen.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Twitch will now ask you to select your country. Select your desired country and tap on ‘Continue‘ to proceed.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Now log in to your Amazon Prime account with your login credentials.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

You will now be taken to the Prime Gaming website where you should see a header that asks you to ‘Activate Prime‘. Tap on it to get started.

Note: If this screen does not appear for you after multiple tries (some people have experienced this issue) you will need to use a desktop browser. Visit ‘’ from your desktop browser and continue the guide below. Simply switch back to your mobile after you have linked your accounts together.

You will now be asked to log in to your Twitch account. Enter your credentials in the respective fields and hit ‘Enter‘ to get started.

You will now be asked to link the two accounts together ie: Your Amazon Prime account and your Twitch account. Tap on ‘Confirm‘ to get the process started.

Once your accounts are linked together, you are ready to subscribe to new channels directly from your mobile.

How to subscribe to new channels on mobile

Visit ‘‘. Now switch your browser to desktop mode again.

Use the search bar/ sidebar to find the channel you wish to subscribe to. Once found, tap on the ‘Subscribe‘ button in the top right corner of your screen.

Now scroll down the various options and find ‘Subscribe free with Prime Gaming‘. You should now have subscribed to your desired channel using Prime Gaming.

We hope this guide helped you get familiar with Prime Gaming. If you have any more questions or face any issues, feel free to contact us using the comments section below.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Subscribing to a channel on Twitch is a great way to provide support to the streamer, while accessing channel-specific perks like emotes or badges.

If you have Twitch Prime, you automatically get one free subscription to use each month. But you can still subscribe to a channel even if you don’t have Prime, or you’ve already used the free subscription.

And if you’re subscribing via the mobile app, you can subscribe for multiple months in a row. This is great if you don’t want to reactivate your subscription every month.

Either way, the process is simple and should only take a few minutes. Here’s how to subscribe to a channel on Twitch using either the website on your Mac or PC, or the mobile app on your iPhone or Android device.

Check out the products mentioned in this article:

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How to subscribe to a channel on Twitch on desktop

Regardless of whether you have Twitch Prime or not, here’s how to subscribe to a channel using the website:

1. On your Mac or PC, go to and log into your account.

2. Navigate to the channel you want to subscribe to by typing the channel’s name into the search bar, or opening an ongoing stream of theirs.

3. Toward the top-right side of the screen, select “Subscribe”; this will prompt a pop-up to appear over your screen

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Click the “Subscribe” option in purple. Devon Delfino/Business Insider

4. If you have Twitch Prime, scroll down in the pop-up and select “Subscribe Free” under “Two ways to subscribe” — if you don’t have Twitch Prime, or you’ve already used your free monthly subscription, select the option that says “Subscribe” followed by a price.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

You’ll have two ways to subscribe here. Devon Delfino/Business Insider

5. Those with Twitch Prime will be automatically subscribed to the channel without further action; others will have to enter their payment details and follow the on-screen instructions to finish their order.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Enter your payment details. Devon Delfino/Business Insider

6. Once your payment is processed, your subscriber benefits will be unlocked.

How to subscribe to a channel on Twitch on mobile

If you’re using the mobile app:

1. On your iPhone or Android device, open the Twitch app and head to the channel you want to subscribe to. You can either go to the channel’s page, or open an ongoing stream.

2. If you open their page, tap “Subscribe” in the white box at the top of the page. If you open a stream, tap the purple “Subscribe” button below the video. If you don’t see it, tap the video.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

The “Subscribe” option will appear below the video. William Antonelli/Business Insider

3. A pop-up will appear describing what you get for subscribing. Tap “Subscribe” at the bottom to confirm that you want to join.

4. You’ll be asked how many “Sub Tokens” you want to buy. Every Sub Token counts for one month, so if you buy five, for example, you can subscribe for five months. Once you’ve selected how many months you want to subscribe for, tap “Purchase Sub Tokens” at the bottom.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

Every coin gets a month of subscriber benefits. William Antonelli/Business Insider

5. Confirm again how many tokens you want to buy, and tap the price next to the amount you want.

How to subscribe to a twitch streamer using amazon prime

You have to buy coins in specific quantities. William Antonelli/Business Insider

6. Enter your payment information, or if it’s already saved, confirm your purchase. Once it processes, your subscription benefits will be unlocked.