How to use a misbaha


Appreciation be to Allah

Some scholars state that it is acceptable to utilize the masbahah (prayer beads), however they state that it is more suitable to do tasbeeh (count applauds) on one’s fingers; others state that it is bid’ ah (remiss development).

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah stated in al-Fatawa (22/187): “A few of them may flaunt by putting their prayer-mats over their shoulders and bring their masbahahs in their hands, making them signs of faith and prayer. It is understood from the mutawatir reports (reports in such great deals that they could not be created) that neither the Prophet (peace and true blessings of Allaah be upon him) nor his Buddies utilized these as signs. They utilized to recite tasbeeh and depend on their fingers, as the hadeeth states: “Rely on your fingers, for they will be asked, and will be made to speak.” A few of them might count their tasbeeh with pebbles or date stones. Some individuals state that doing tasbeeh with the masbahah is makrooh (done not like), and some permit it, however nobody states that tasbeeh with the masbahah is much better than tasbeeh with the fingers.” He (might Allah have grace on him) goes on to go over the concern of revealing off with the masbahah, stating that it is revealing off with regard to something that is not recommended by Islam, which is even worse than revealing off with regard to something that is recommended.

Al-Shaykh Muhammad ibn Salih al-‘ Uthaymeen (al-Liqa al-Maftooh, 3/30) was asked whether utilizing the masbahah for tasbeeh is quote’ ah, and his reply was: “It is much better not to do tasbeeh with the masbahah, however it is not bid’ ah, since there is a basis for it, which is the truth that a few of the Sahabah (Buddies) did tasbeeh with pebbles. The Messenger (peace and true blessings of Allah be upon him) taught us that tasbeeh with the fingers is much better, as he stated, ‘Count with the fingertips, for they will be made to speak.’ Doing tasbeeh with the masbahah is not haram (impermissible) or quote’ ah, however it is much better not to do it, since the one who does tasbeeh with the masbahah has actually avoided something much better. Utilizing the masbahah might likewise be polluted with some component of displaying, since we see some individuals bring masbahahs which contain a thousand beads, as if they are informing individuals, ‘Take a look at me, I do a thousand tasbeehs!’ Those who utilize the masbahah for tasbeeh are normally preoccupied and not focused, so you see them doing tasbeeh with the beads, however their look is roaming all over the location, which suggests that they are not truly focusing. It is much better to do tasbeeh with one’s fingers, ideally utilizing the right-hand man instead of the left, since the Prophet (peace and true blessings of Allah be upon him) utilized to count his tasbeeh on his right-hand man. If an individual counts his tasbeeh utilizing both hands, there is absolutely nothing incorrect with that, however it is much better to utilize the right-hand man just.”

Al-Shaykh Muhammad Nasir al-Deen al-Albani stated in Al-Silsilat al-Da’ eefah (1/110), where he prices quote the (weak) hadeeth “What an excellent tip is the subhah [masbahah],”

” In my view, the significance of this hadeeth is void for a variety of factors:

First of all, the subhah [masbahah] is quote’ ah and was not understood at the time of the Prophet (peace and true blessings of Allah be upon him). It took place after that, so how could he (peace and true blessings of Allah be upon him) have motivated his Sahabah to do something that was unidentified to them? The proof for what I have actually stated is the report told by Ibn Waddah in Al-Bid’ wa’ l-Nahy ‘anha from al-Salt ibn Bahram, who stated: ‘Ibn Mas’ ood gone by a female who had a [masbahah] with which she was making tasbeeh, and he broke it and tossed it aside, then he went by a male who was making tasbeeh with pebbles, and he kicked him then stated, “You believe you are much better than the Sahabah, however you are following unjustified quote’ ah! You believe you have more understanding than the Buddies of Muhammad (peace and true blessings of Allah be upon him)!”‘ Its isnad (chain of transmission) is saheeh (genuine) to al-Salt, who is among the trustworthy (thiqah) fans of the Tabi’een (Followers).

Second of all, it breaks the assistance of the Prophet (peace and true blessings of Allah be upon him). ‘Abd-Allah ibn ‘Amr (might Allah be pleased with him) stated, ‘I saw the Messenger of Allah (peace and true blessings of Allah be upon him) counting the tasbeeh on his right-hand man.'”

He likewise stated (1/117): “If there is just one bad aspect of the masbahah, which is that it fills in the Sunnah of relying on the fingers, despite the fact that all are concurred that relying on the fingers is more suitable, then that is bad enough. How seldom I see individuals counting their tasbeeh on their fingers!

Additionally, individuals have actually developed numerous advanced methods of following this quote’ ah, so you see the fans of among the [Sufi] tareeqahs (orders) using the masbahah around their necks! Or a few of them counting with the beads whilst listening or talking to you! Or another one– the like of whom I have actually not seen for a long time– riding his bike through a street crowded with individuals, with the masbahah in among his hands! They are revealing individuals that they are not sidetracked from the remembrance of Allah for even an immediate, however in a lot of cases this quote’ ah is a reason for their overlooking what is required (wajib). It has actually occurred lot of times– to others in addition to myself– that when I welcome among these individuals with salam, they respond to just by waving and not by stating the words of the welcoming. The bad outcomes of this quote’ ah are numerous, and nobody can state it much better than the poet:

‘ All goodness remains in following that which preceded (the salaf)

All badness remains in the developments of those who came later on.'”

How to use a misbaha

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Prayer beads are utilized in lots of faiths and cultures around the globe, either to aid with prayer and meditation or to merely keep the fingers inhabited throughout times of tension. Islamic prayer beads are called subha, from a word which suggests to glorify God (Allah).

Pronunciation: sub’- ha

Likewise Called: misbaha, dhikr beads, stress beads. The verb to explain making use of the beads is tasbih or tasbeeha These verbs are likewise in some cases utilized to explain the beads themselves.

Alternate Spellings: subhah

Typical Misspellings: “Rosary” describes the Christian/Catholic kind of prayer beads. Subha are comparable in style however have unique variations.

Examples: “ The old lady fingered the subha(Islamic prayer beads) and recited prayers while she awaited her grand son to be born.”


At the time of the Prophet Muhammad, Muslims did not utilize prayer beads as a tool throughout individual prayer however might have utilized date pits or little pebbles. Reports suggest that Caliph Abu Bakr (might Allah be pleased with him) utilized a subha comparable to contemporary ones. The extensive manufacture and usage of subha started about 600 years back.


Subha beads are frequently made from round glass, wood, gems, amber or plastic. The cable is normally nylon, cotton or silk. There is a wide array of colors and designs on the marketplace, varying from low-cost mass-produced prayer beads to those that are made with costly products and top quality craftsmanship.


Subha might differ in design or ornamental decorations, however they share some typical style qualities. Subha have either 33 round beads, or 99 round beads separated by flat disks into 3 groups of33 There is typically a bigger, leader bead and a tassel at one end to mark the start point of recitations. The color of the beads is frequently consistent throughout a single hair however can differ extensively amongst sets.

The subha is utilized by Muslims to assist count recitations and concentrate throughout individual prayers. The worshipper touches one bead at a time while reciting words of dhikr(remembrance of Allah). These recitations are typically of the 99 “names” of Allah, or of expressions that applaud and glorify Allah. These expressions are frequently duplicated as follows:

  • Subhannallah(Splendor to Allah)–33 times
  • Alhamdilillah(Appreciation be to Allah)–33 times
  • Allahu Akbar(Allah is Fantastic)–33 times

This kind of recitation originates from an account ( hadith) in which the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) advised his child, Fatima, to keep in mind Allah utilizing these words. He likewise stated that followers who recite these words after every prayer “will have all sins pardoned, even if they might be as big as the foam on the surface area of the sea.”

Muslims might likewise utilize prayer beads to count numerous recitations of other expressions while in individual prayer. Some Muslims likewise bring the beads as a source of convenience, fingering them when stressed out or distressed. Prayer beads are a typical present product, particularly for those returning from Hajj (trip).

Improper Usage

Some Muslims might hang prayer beads in the house or near young children, in the misconception that the beads will safeguard from damage. Blue beads which consist of an “wicked eye” sign are utilized in comparable superstitious manner ins which have no basis in Islam. Prayer beads are likewise typically brought by entertainers who swing them around throughout standard dances. These are cultural practices with no basis in Islam.

Where to Purchase

In the Muslim world, subha can be discovered for sale in stand-alone kiosks, at souqs, and even in shopping center. In non-Muslim nations, they are typically brought by merchants who offer other imported Islamic products, such as clothes. Crafty individuals might even select to make their own!


There are Muslims who see the subha as an unwanted development. They argue that the Prophet Muhammad himself did not utilize them which they are a replica of ancient prayer beads utilized in other faiths and cultures. As an option, some Muslims utilize their fingers alone to count recitations. Starting with the right-hand man, the worshipper utilizes the thumb to touch each joint of each finger. 3 joints on a finger, over 10 fingers, leads to a count of 33.


Concern: I am brand-new to Islam and somebody offered me a Tasbih as a present. I do not truly understand what it truly is or how to utilize it. Can you please discuss?

How to use a misbaha

The Tasbih, Masbahah, Tasbiyah. Tasbih, it is prayer beads. It is not, some individuals they state it’s concern beads, you understand, particularly the little ones that the Turks they are utilizing, they are simply playing like this. Some Greeks they are doing it. Due to the fact that they were with the Ottomans for hundreds of years, greeks having Tasbih in their hands. They see the Ottomans doing it, they stated, ‘we like it,’ then they are likewise doing it. It is not stress beads. It is not rosary. It is Tasbih. Utilize the appropriate words. Do not utilize blended words! You get blend messages. We have our own words, why are you not utilizing our words? Why you need to obtain other words that have totally various significance?

A lot of Muslims now, I hear they like to utilize numerous things that are blending. We have our own words and it specifies. It’s really lovely. They do not like that. They wish to state, for instance, ‘By the Grace of Allah.’ Grace is a really Christian principle. We have absolutely nothing versus it, it is great, however it’s simply not so essential, because method, in Islam. Holy Prophet (asws) did not utilize that word. The Sahaba e-Kiram did not utilize it. Awliya Allah they are not utilizing it. We have words like what? Like ‘ Rahmat,’ and ‘ Rahmat,’ the significance is limitless and it is so lovely. Now if you utilize such words like that, then it has really particular significance, it’s going to water down and whatever you are going to state, according to our method of stating it, it’s going to get blended. Do not state Rosary. State Tasbih. They state tasbih is sort of like a Rosary, ah, fine, however it’s Muslim. It’s fine.

Very first the tasbih it is a Sunnat. It is a Sunnat. It is something that was authorized by the Holy Prophet (asws). The earlier Sahabi, the Ahle Suffa, they had tasbih. They utilized the tasbih as a method to hope, to praise, to recite a particular variety of things. In the old days, they even toss stones to the middle as a Tasbih. They state, ‘we desire to duplicate this expression, SubhanaAllah– Splendor be to Our Lord‘ They need to state it 33 times. Rather of counting it with the fingers, which is fine you can do it too, however having something else is much better. Due to the fact that when you utilize your fingers, I have actually never ever seen anybody, when they are taking a seat talking, utilizing their fingers to make zikr. Due to the fact that it’s simply really ridiculous. You can talk and you can make Salawats when you are talking and you have tasbih in your hand. It makes good sense, it’s really lovely. I have actually never ever seen somebody they are making Salawats and they are talking, one hour, 2 hour and they are doing this, they are doing this (Hoja counting his fingers). I fulfilled some wahabbis, they state, ‘Alhamdulillah. I’m making a sunnat. I’m counting my fingers. I do not require Tasbiyah.’ Due to the fact that you do not like it.

So it has a history. The Sahabis were utilizing it. A few of them, they had a string and they connected knots on that string to pull it. When Holy Prophet (asws) was associated with the Fight of Uhud and he lost a few of his teeth, because fight when his teeth ended up being syahid, Hz Uwais al-Qarani in Yemen when he heard that, he stated, ‘how can my cherished one be injuring a lot and lost 2 of his teeth and I who like him a lot have my mouth complete with teeth.’ He secured all his teeth, 33, and he made it into a beads, to pull a tasbih.

So, how are you going to utilize it?

Have your tasbih. You can do it anytime, particularly after prayer. Do not bring your tasbih now into the restroom. Do not bring into filthy locations. Otherwise you can have it with you at all times. You wish to utilize it, it’s to keep in mind Allah, it’s to keep in mind your Prophet. What are you going to do? You are brand-new to Islam, you do not understand absolutely nothing excessive, it’s great. Often it’s finest not to understand absolutely nothing other than for some advantages. You do not understand anything, you can just state Allah, then state Allah. State and hold the tasbih, ‘ Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah.’ You just understand BismillahirRahmanirRahim, then state, ‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim, BismillahirRahmanirRahim, BismillahirRahmanirRahim …’

There are numerous things that you might duplicate, that you might count, and you can utilize the tasbih for. And it is essential, insyaAllah, to do that. Lots of Muslims I understand, particularly in South East Asia, they are really issue about what other individuals believe, since they are really delicate, mashaAllah. Lots of they are not so issue when they are doing incorrect things. They are really brave to do things that protests, possibly versus to Islam, possibly versus to Sunnat. When it comes to doing something that is Sunnat, they get really shy and really humiliate to reveal, since they state, “no, no, no, no … if I do it. I’m going to be implicated of boasting, bragging, revealing. I’m not going to do it. What if individuals are going to state, ‘oh why you have your tasbih outside? You are attempting to flaunt!'” Why you care?

Very first please your Lord. Care what your Lord is believing, what He is stating. Do not attempt to please everybody around you.

How to use a misbaha


Hoja Lokman Efendi Hz, Khalifah of Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs) * OSMANLI DERGAHI New York City

How to use a misbaha

Islamic prayer beads are typically called Misbaha, Tasbih or Tasbeeh. They are utilized by Muslims as a guide throughout their prayer to the Almighty. Its name stemmed kind the word ‘Supha’ which suggests to recite the magnificences of the one and just Allah. Therefore Islamic Prayer beads are utilized all over world to hope to the Almighty.

Tasbih normally include 99 beads. They are counted throughout reciting 99 names of Allah. Some Islamic prayer beads likewise include 33 prayer beads just, then they are counted through 3 times throughout the recitation appreciation of Allah called dhikr. A common Dhikr prayer recitation with Islamic prayer beads might include reciting Allahu Akbar( Allah is the best) 34 times followed by Al-Ahamdulilah (Appreciation be to Allah) 33 times and and Subhan Allah (Splendor be to Allah) 33 times normally recited after one has actually finished all 5 day-to-day routine Namaz. With the aid of Islamic prayer beads, one can do prayer in privacy in practically hypnotic trance like state.

Islamic prayer beads are normally made from wood however likewise is available in pearls, ivory and amber. The cheaper ones are comprised of olive seeds or plastic. Throughout the intro of principle in Prophet Mohammed’s age, pebbles or stones were likewise utilized for prayer recitation. Nowadays, different kinds of Tasbihs are utilized, a few of them features perfume scent which can be kept by keeping them in boxes and digital tasbih counters are likewise offered in market quickly.

Its likewise thought that a person who routinely recites the Appreciation of the Allah with prayer beads, he will be conserved by the Allah on the day of damage. Muslim, being popular for their commitment and commitment, usage prayer beads normally throughout prayer in privacy or secrecy.