Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place

Traveling is a passion for a lot of people out there because they love to dwell in the vibe of some other land and adapt their culture and language while they are residing there. This passion actually becomes a way of life because wherever that person goes, he will look forward to knowing that place in ways no one else has. So, this means that if you are a passionate traveler, you will always be a passionate traveler, no matter where you go. Similarly, it is important to be responsible for every destination that you go to and learn the most friendly tips so that you do not hamper their values and culture. Here we have listed some of the most important things to keep in mind to be a responsible traveler!

Use public transportation

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place

The best way to behave in an eco-friendly manner and act responsibly on a trip is to go by public transportation. This way you save on fuel and are also not responsible for causing pollution in the air. You may not always want to drive or travel by bus or rail but sometimes having a blend of both is a great idea. Traveling by public conveyance is definitely a greener way to travel in a new location and reduce the amount of fuel per passenger as compared to a car. Moreover, if you ask us, we would say you should walk. Walk as much as you can because the best way to explore any new place is by walking and talking to the locals in the most untamed streets of the place.

Pick packed meals

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place

Wherever you go, you should never litter. This is because littering is the worst habit ever and not just in an abroad country but also in your home country. That is why it is preferred to take packed means with you on the way. Of course, you should try local food when you reach there and make sure you throw it in the bins after consumption. But while you are on the way, you must pick packed meals for yourself so that you do not litter the environment. You can also opt to pack non-messy food items in a reusable lunchbox! This is a great way to be a responsible traveler and works wherever you go.

Bargain respectfully

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place

Whenever you are in a new destination, it is important to make sure that you respect the people there. Be it shopkeepers, street vendors, waiters or even local people strolling on the road- you should never harm anyone’s sentiments. So, while you are happily exploring a place and end up in a shop during your shopping arena, you should always try and bargain in a language known to both. Bargaining should be fun, fair and polite. You should be genuine while talking to the seller and never come out in a high pitch tone. This is simply disrespectful and will not account for you as a responsible traveler. Also, read and research the local culture in advance to make sure that you do not offend anyone.

Respect dress codes

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place

Any destination that you are going to might have a certain set of rules and regulations. This might be related to the way they eat or holy places or even their clothing. This is because many sightseeing places have this dress code that must be adhered to, religiously. There is no sort of compromise accepted on the same. Ill-fitted clothing, revealing clothing and sometimes even regular clothing is considered offensive. They have their own dress codes that must be followed. So, make sure that you research about the place you are going to and then pack accordingly so that you don’t have to face any sort of embarrassment.

Respect their culture

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place

The most important thing out of all the aforesaid points is to respect their values and culture. The thing is that every local person is obsessed with his/her culture and traditions and that is why it is imperative to respect it fully. You should understand that you are coming from a different place and the place you are going to is also distinct in a lot of things. The food, their way of life, dress codes, language, traditions-everything is unique and that is why you might feel unfamiliar. But this doesn’t mean that you disrespect their culture just because you do not understand it. Try to indulge in their lifestyle and behave as normal as you can. This is the best way to get friendly with them and behave responsibly.

Note: If you travel often for work and simply want strategies to eat healthy on the road, read here. If you are like me and want to enjoy some great food on vacation, but not feel like you’ve put your healthy habits on the back burner, continue reading.

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new placeI work to travel. Period. When I travel, I actually seek out the best restaurants and bakeries! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve eaten whatever I want for an entire vacation and then wanted to continue to indulge once I’ve got back home into my routine. “Lets just go get pizza tonight because I don’t want to cook.” This is common. When you indulge often, food cravings skyrocket, even when you are back in your normal environment. If I could pinpoint an area where I struggle with nutrition, it is always related to traveling. I’m a foodie at heart. Sometimes the first memory of a trip is simply meals I have eaten!

So, why should you try to stick with your healthy habits throughout your vacation? To keep the momentum going for when you return home. This has been my biggest learning lesson over the years of traveling. I had to start finding workarounds so I could indulge in amazing food, but still keep some healthy habits during the trip. This has helped me return home feeling motivated and ready to get back into my routine instead of wanting to continue to indulge. Here are my strategies!

For Flight Days:

1.) Pack Your Go-To Food

I spent most of the day on the airplane for my recent flight from Seattle to Scotland. To be prepared to stick with my habits, I packed snacks and a full dinner onto the airplane. On my recent trip to NYC, when we landed at 5 PM EST, all I really needed was dinner once I arrived. So, I packed a breakfast and a lunch for the airport. I ate the breakfast scramble as I waited to board my flight and I had my salad on the flight during my normal lunch time. My energy was good, I didn’t feel too full, I consumed at least 5 servings of vegetables and I didn’t arrive to my destination starving wanting to eat whatever was in sight.

Action Steps: Pack Your Most Satisfying Healthy Meal

This is the best way for me to avoid caving on comfort snacks or food at the airport/airplane. You might have go-to healthy, satisfying items in the airport! If so, even better. Some other go-to items I like to pack: chopped celery, carrots or bell peppers, nuts or a RX bar. These work great for shorter flights and I can even save them throughout my trip if I find myself hungry.

My Other Strategies

1.) Make Time for Strength Training in the Morning

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new placeI don’t strength train every day, but I do find a way to move daily. On vacation, on days I don’t strength train, I look to hit at least 15,000 steps. Some days I’m right at it, while others I hit 25,000-30,000. If I have access to a gym, I might do 15-20 minutes of interval training on a bike, elliptical or treadmill at an incline. Keep it short and sweet. My goal with strength training on vacation is to simply keep my momentum going with workouts for when I return home. It helps me maintain my strength while I’m on vacation versus feeling like I’ve taken two steps back. I don’t strive to create a perfect strength workout, but focus on simply doing something.

Action Steps: Look to see if your Hotel Has a Gym.

If not, do you have a gym close to the hotel? When I was in NYC, I found a gym about 10 blocks from my hotel with free access. I was actually able to continue my normal strength routine since I had access to everything I needed. I loved it! In England and Scotland, I didn’t have access to my normal equipment so I put together a basic workout.

Option Two: Pack a Few Go-To Items.

For me, I simply packed my Sling-Band and a few other mini bands. They work great to add more resistance to simple body weight exercises like squats, push ups, bridges, overhead presses or isolating glute exercises.

2.) Split Meals

Splitting meals allows you to do just what you want, taste the meal! In the past, every time I would order a pizza/pasta/ for just myself, I always felt tired and too full after the meal. Not only does splitting meals save money, but it also allows you to eat less. This is one of my favorite strategies when traveling. I also do this when going to a bakery. NYC is a dessert paradise. We split some of our absolute favorites: a mini banana pudding, cupcake, croissant or the amazing babka bread throughout our stay in the city.

3.) Ask Yourself, Does it Look Amazing?

This is my new go-to strategy for my bakery obsession. I love to peek my head into any bakery that catches my eye. Throughout my entire trip in England, I practiced asking myself this question, “does it look amazing?” I’m quite the dessert critic, so if a piece of cake looked dry, I easily passed. I found myself walking out a lot of bakeries empty handed! What if it looks good and it isn’t? When this happens, I ask if someone who I’m traveling wants it or simply throw it in the trash and eat the cost. This is my same strategy for ordering meals. Unfortunately, you can’t see the food first like a bakery, so splitting meals is always helpful.

Action Step: Be picky! If you’re not sure if it looks good, choose to split it with someone.

4.) Seek Out Vegetables

This can relate with number two, splitting meals. While in NYC, I found ways to split meals with my mom (like a lovely pasta dish) but ordered a salad to go with it. Since your dinner portion is much smaller, adding the salad acts as a great filler to keep me full after the meal was completed. Another option: find a local grocery store. Since our hotel room had a fridge, I also stocked up on some pre-washed greens from the grocery store. This worked well for adding a vegetable with breakfast.

Action Step: Every meal, scan the menu for a serving of vegetables. You’ll get the nutrients from the vegetables, which also help you stay full, while still leaving room for something you really want.

5.) Start Your Morning With a Go-To Healthy Meal

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new placeI can’t emphasize this enough. Not only do you start your day with good energy, but it also keeps you full for hours! My normal go-to Europe breakfast has been something on-the-go like a delicious morning pastry. I found that it didn’t keep me full very long and it also affected my energy. Plus, I was eating something sweet to start my day, which lead me to want to continue to eat something sweet throughout the day. While traveling throughout England and Scotland, I found their “English breakfast” was a perfect meal to start my day. It consisted of eggs, ham/sausage/bacon, baked beans and a vegetable like mushrooms or asparagus. It was perfect! It’s large and I couldn’t eat it all, but I shared some with my husband. I often skipped the beans because nothing beats my Grandpa’s recipe 🙂 If your hotel has a free breakfast, load up on your protein options and pair it with a piece of fruit, vegetable or potato. In NYC, I had spinach, scrambled eggs and a piece of sausage every day to start my morning. It kept me full for at least 4 hours.

Psychological reasons

  • Since we are all travelers in the journey of life. We can not hide behind social tags, nor we can define ourselves using redundant tasks. And we do not care whether we are going to fit well in a group of friends, or them in ours, we are all on the same frequency. We accept everything that binds us in without any filter.
  • When we travel, we are more sensual. We’re with the senses to the limit, super-receptive to new experiences. Tasting fresh foods, we breathe in the new air, go by whatever the new place has to offer.
  • It is natural that, in such a state of relaxation, the spark of love flourishes.
  • Falling in love and traveling are two experiences that make us feel alive. They are two processes that take us to the present with the biggest explosion of adrenaline that we’ve never experienced. It is natural for two people to attract each other and get together.
  • Empathy becomes something more real and less abstract. In daily life, empathy sounds like a science fiction issue, but the differences between different social contexts can dissolve that completely.

Why do we fall in love on a trip?

As we travel, conversations are more realistic. Since we are strangers, we don’t have stories in familiar nor topics to gossip about. Superfluous conversations last less and then they become philosophical talks. And nothing is more loving than getting lost for hours in a continuous dialogue with someone you like.

An ideal scenario for falling in love

Because a trip is a perfect scenario for falling in love. To such a point that we don’t know if we are in love with the sunset, lost in some architectural monument, or the mulled wine that we have just tried for the first time. We dared to dance as if no one was looking, including the person in front of us. We are in love with all those ingredients! With the entire trip!
Because love on the road is the best excuse to change your travel plans. And if love ends just as it quickly started, you’ll always have the comfort of returning to your original method.
Because the idea of going out with someone who lives on the other side of the planet fits perfectly. Meeting and falling in love with someone who lives somewhere around the earth is just incredibly romantic.

Could it be the invisible red thread that connects two people to place them here?

We already know that, in love, coincidences do not exist. Because summer love memories inspire us for our whole life. Walking around and taking a beautiful tour to Machu Picchu, with the Salkantay Trek or the Inca Trail. Tour together for the first time or spending an entire night playing, say it with mimics, each one trying to learn each other’s body language.

And those goodbyes full of kisses and tears, and a passion that ends just at its best! Love during travel moments is so good that anyone can become as addicted to them as to the very fact of traveling.


  • A girl from the United States who was traveling around Peru met a guy from New Zealand, and when the time came to leave, they said goodbye to each other and promised the impossible to get back together. Five years later, they got married, and they now have a beautiful baby girl.
  • A Mexican guy met a girl from Poland in Cusco. During the tour to Machu Picchu, the whole time they were together, they lived it as if it were the last day of their lives. But when he decided to end the relationship, not for lack of interest nor lack of affection simply because both took different paths and appreciated the fact of having found each other and have lived so many adventures together.

Love in Cusco

Finding the love of your life does not depend on moving from one country to another, or living your whole life in the same place, those things can not be looked for, they just happen, and the best way to make it happen is by doing things you like. The right person will come up when you START DOING THE THINGS YOU LOVE, BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY.

Falling in love in the beautiful imperial city of Cusco which has infinite places to visit and things to do. Due to the extensive history that it carries in town. Living in the city is diving into a magical place full of culture and contagious tradition, so beautiful and cozy at the same time, that you will surely feel just like being at home.

Allow Inkayni Peru Tours to be your best host during your big adventure through the city, ensuring your safety and comfort at all times with our best professionals.

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place

Learn the best way to explore a new place perfectly

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If you are planning a brand new vacation for yourself and are skeptical as to where to start your exploration, then you should know that there are no ground rules for this. You need to follow your heart and set out on the streets to know a place culturally. Just embark on this journey keeping in mind some points and get ready to have the best time of your life! The following are some of the most important points that you should keep in mind in order to know a place in the best way possible. Have a look!

Explore on foot

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place
The best way to explore any new destination is on foot and you will know the reason behind this once you do it. The thing is that to know a place fully, you need to explore it bit by bit from every little corner. There is no chance that you will not love this exploration. It gives you an insight into the real vibes of the place and also make sure that you discover each and everything. Just set out free on a walking tour all by yourself and stroll through random streets, talk to random people and get to know more about the place. There is feel in walking in a strange land and this cannot be conquered by public conveyance. Moreover, you actually get to visit some local streets, shops, and restaurants which otherwise would just pass by.

Google maps are your rescue

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place
In the present era, google maps have become an imperative part of our lifestyle and travel convenience. With these google maps, we feel independent and thus, can explore any place without hassle. If you are traveling to a destination and are looking for new attractions to visit, then google maps are your rescue for everything. Make sure you have installed it on your phone and use it whenever you set out from the hotel room. Make use of this convenient google maps app to explore nearby sightseeing places, restaurants as well as fastest routes to any place. In a new place, you always need some kind of guidance and directions. This google map will help you reach your destination within no time and without getting lost on the way.

Attend local events

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place
The best way to explore any new destination is to attend its local events. These local events actually define the culture and values of the place and thus, are worth your visit. The thing is that attending certain concerts and events at any place is one thing but attending the local events of any place is whole another thing. There are a lot of times when these places host some traditional events that give the best insight into the culture of that place. Attending those events will give you a new perspective of the place and will make you culturally equipped too. You will be able to discover that destination’s true spirit with this.

Take insider tips from locals
Another way to explore any place fully is to take insider tips and advice from the locals. This is the best way to explore any place because nobody else can give you the best feel of a place other than the locals. There is so much you can know about the place by talking to the locals and this will actually be the best experience of your life. There are always some great places in every destination that you won’t find in any brochure or travel guides. For that, you need to talk to the locals and that information will be first hand so it would be trust-worthy. This first-hand information can be about everything micro to macro like the best place for drinks, discos, beaches, sports activities, the best places for kids, etc. So, make sure to talk to the locals as much required but do not indulge completely. Keep your safety in mind!

Take your camera everywhere

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place
Let the camera be your best friend and this trick works every time. No matter what place you are going to, a camera is a must. This not only captures the beautiful scenic of that place but also makes sure you compile memories worth a lifetime in your camera. This will remain as a remembrance forever and make sure that you feel nostalgic every time you look at those pictures. The best way to explore a place is to take your camera everywhere and use it on anything that stirs your interest. Taking pictures of your surroundings and capturing it through your camera lens will never make you feel alone. Have a fun time with your camera everywhere!

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place

Traveling for business can involve long days, which often include going out with colleagues or customers. However, when it comes to solo business travel, evenings can be completely free. Unstructured time during travel doesn’t have to be lonely time. Here are some ways to enjoy your time while on the road by yourself.

Dine Out

The idea of dining out as a solo traveler can sometimes be daunting, but it can be a great experience. Eating at the bar in a restaurant can take some of the stigma out of dining alone. There are other patrons to strike up a conversation with and there are usually TVs to divert your attention. In many cities, communal tables are becoming increasingly popular in nicer restaurants. Pulling up a chair in one of these spots is another great chance to meet locals, be social and try some great food.

Take a Tour

In many cities, you can often find evening tours. Some of my favorite tour experiences have been walking or food tours. Generally, you’ll get a 3-4 hour walking tour of a city’s highlights, plus stops at 4-6 restaurants for a bite to eat. You’ll learn about the food and the destination.

You can also take a self-guided tour by going for a stroll. Evenings can be a great time to go for a long walk and explore your surroundings. Before heading out, it’s a good idea to ask your hotel or a local which areas are safest to visit. Be sure to take precautions, of course. Use your street smarts and don’t get caught alone. But enjoy the time wandering in a new place.

Explore an Interest

Solo business travel can give you an opportunity to do something you love. Do you have something you’re passionate about? Explore that interest in a new city. If you’re a member of an organization, see if they have a local meeting in the city. Otherwise, check out, which has thousands of events and activities covering all kinds of interests and hobbies.

Hit the Gym

Finding time to work out on the road can be difficult. So, if you find the time, heading to the hotel gym or out for a run is never a bad option. Services such as Classpass can also be used to find and book classes in tons of locations around the world. Working out is a great way to relieve any stress from the day and can help take your mind off being away from friends and family.

Indulge in a Spa Treatment

There’s no denying that traveling for work can be stressful and hard on your body. I don’t know anyone who feels refreshed after a 5-hour flight in economy! Give your body some much deserved love by heading to the hotel spa or ordering a massage right to your Airbnb through Zeel. You only have one body, so invest in it.

Go Shopping

If you’re a busy professional, you may have limited time in your hometown to go out and shop. Work and family keep you always on the go. An evening alone on a business trip can be a great chance to indulge in some retail therapy.

Catch a Show

Whatever your interests, you’ll probably be able to find something up your alley. Look on the local newspaper’s website to see what bands may be in town. Visit the theater—either professional or at a local university. When you’re flying solo, your odds of finding a cheap seat for a popular show are high. If that’s not your cup of tea, find a movie theater to see that film you didn’t have time to catch at home.

Be Anti-Social

Sometimes you really don’t want to be around people at all. Listen to that inner voice. There are no rules in travel. Feel free to order room service and watch a movie or read a book in your hotel room to decompress.

Solo business travel doesn’t mean being lonely. A trip can mean a break from the chores and obligations of your daily life. Being alone in a new city can be a great opportunity to break the mold and do something different with your time.

This year, I reintroduced travel back into my life.

Not just abroad, but traveling to locations I’ve never been before within my home state of California. Due to where I am at in my life combined with the concept everything I experience matters, I now travel with intention.

If you let it, ravel has the power to change you internally and I have opened myself up to experiencing the transformation through traveling with intention. It was in this explorative space I have become re-acclimated with myself.

Intentional Travel

In order for intentional travel to work, I don’t just pick some place on a map to go. And I don’t travel to another place to simply have a vacation. Instead, I choose my trip based on an intention of gaining “something” more in life.

Before embarking on any adventure this year I asked myself: how will this experience shape me and what can I gather from it?

For 4 years, I’ve wrote on my vision board that I would go to Costa Rica and Bali. I admit, the initial desire to travel to these locations were rooted in different motivations and I attribute the shift to age and growth. It is also a testament to the journey of life. In our souls, we can want something so deep but it may be meant for us to experience at a different or more advantageous point in our lives.

This year, I got to visit Costa Rica in February and Bali in August. Both trips were experienced at the perfect times and ignited a beautiful fire within my spirit. Years ago, I wanted to go to Costa Rica to teach as a means of escape from my circumstances at the time. The younger version of my butterfly spirit just wanted to be in a different place than home for no other reason than sheer excitement and curiosity. Bali, well, let’s just say I had a supreme fascination with Eat Pray Love, and completely romanticized the experience.

Even though both of these international travel experiences were just as enjoyable as I always imagined them to be, they were also very spiritually grounding, enlightening, and transformational because they were rooted with an intention to experience change & growth.

How to travel with intention

Of course, everyone has different reasons for traveling.

Renewal and transformation may not be what you’re looking for but if you want to travel with intention, here are 6 rules to abide by.

1. Don’t schedule everything

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place

When you book a trip, do not over schedule activities.

This allows free time to explore naturally without over stimulation.

Even if you don’t like being still at home, being still in another place allows you to really connect with the people, the culture, the energy, the landscape, and even yourself.

Additionally, if you want other things to come into your life, you must have the space for them. By not filling every moment with plans, you open yourself up to going with the flow and perhaps doing something much better than you ever could have planned.

2. Document your experiences

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place

Take time every day to record your experiences.

This could be in a journal, audio recordings (voice memos are great for this), or even a video of yourself talking about your day.

Of course, take photographs. Find people, places, and objects that move you and snap a shot of them. Psychologists say that the strongest memories are connected to emotion and smell. So if you see anything that elicits emotions of awe, inspirations, gratitude, or joy, snap a shot. Every time you look at that photo, it will take you back to that moment.

By documenting your experiences and thoughts for the day, you get to capture lessons, reflect on them, and highlight the beauty of your experiences.

3. Go slow

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place

Practice mindful eating. Listen more. Pay attention to your surroundings.

At home you may be used to routine and the mundanity of what’s going on around you. I get it, we live in a busy world.

But when you travel somewhere else with the intention to grow, you need to go slower. Indulge and savor different foods, explore your senses, and absorb the new sights, smells, and sounds.

Notice how different they are from what you’re used to and how different you feel slowing down and really paying attention to everything that is around you.

4. Experience the culture

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place

When you travel to a new place, it is important to connect to the history of the location you are in.

Try and understand the nuances of the culture, the people, the inter-workings of the society.

There are so many lessons to be learned in a new place. Gain insights into human behavior and see the similarities between people no matter where they’re from.

5. Practice gratitude

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place

Ask and seek the answer to the question: what makes this place unique and why am I grateful to be here?

I believe a daily gratitude practice is beneficial for mental and physical health as it allows us to reflect on our privileges and blessings. It also reminds us of what is important to us, which can be helpful if and whenever we feel loss or stuck.

Doing this in a novel environment as you visit a place you’ve always wanted to go takes this practice to a whole new level.

6. Unplug

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place

Try to unplug from the internet and social media as much as possible.

To experience transformation, we must be open and present to unexpected opportunities. If every moment of down time is consumed, you won’t have the chance to absorb the moment.

Most importantly, when you come back from your travels, share your reflections or “aha moments” with at least one person. One of the best ways for us to contribute to this world is to share lessons that we learn with others.

Sharing wisdom not only allows you to pay forward your transformation but also empowers others to travel as well.

Check out more from Tiffany on her website, Live The Be Life.

Lola Méndez, CNN

Filled with nerves, I intentionally left my bikini behind before embarking on my first nudist beach experience on the uninhabited Lokrum Island in Croatia.

This was the only way I could be sure that the fear of baring it all in front of strangers wouldn’t cause me to back out at the last minute.

After scanning the rocky beach, located on the south-eastern part of the island, I positioned myself on a rock right next to the water so I could dive in to cool off — or if I felt shy.

As the sun warmed my body, my uneasiness around being naked in public soon melted away with the heat.

Then a boat packed with tourists clutching long lens cameras crept close to the shore. Aghast, I jumped into the ocean, allowing the deep blue sea to shield me from their curious gazes.

Despite this rather unwelcome interruption, my love of nude beaches officially began on that day in 2016, and I was soon seeking them out everywhere I went.

Darcy Tuscano, an educational development consultant who lives within hiking distance of two nude beaches in southern Spain, is also a big fan of the practice.

“It’s a wonderful feeling to strip down after a hot hike and run into the sea. It’s very invigorating,” says Tuscano.

Judgment free

“My kids are growing up without having any shame of their bodies and they’re seeing all types and shapes of bodies proudly displayed with no embarrassment or puritanical ‘covering up.’

“Being naked isn’t a sexual thing on a beach.”

Travel writer Geena Truman believes that nude beaches help to shed societal stigma around nudity.

“I like to get naked as often as possible in nature and love a good nude beach,” she says. “It’s about freedom and reveling in your body while immersed in nature.”

This sentiment is echoed by many others who regularly frequent nudist beaches.

For me, being able to let go of my inhibitions, along with my swimwear, has been a truly liberating experience.

By embracing my natural state and catching some Vitamin D where the sun (usually) doesn’t shine, I accept and celebrate my body in all its imperfections.

It’s also helped me stop obsessing over my belly rolls, stretch marks, and acne scars. Nude beaches feel like sacred spaces free of judgment.

“I feel genuinely comfortable in my skin and somewhat self-conscious in a bikini,” Truman says. “I love how free I feel when I let the sun see my whole self. “

Allison Yates, a study abroad co-ordinator, has also been able to overcome her body insecurities through nude sunbathing.

“Seeing everyone else living life in their bodies, I no longer let my insecurities control me,” says Yates.

“I dared to be nude because I was in a new place and knew I’d never see these people again.”

For those who’ve never been to a nudist beach, but feel ready to take the plunge, there are a few important things to take into account in order to ensure the experience is as comfortable as possible.

Liberating experience

First, make sure it’s legal to be naked in public at the beach, and respect the local laws.

It’s also a good idea to seek out a beach that has access to services you may need, including toilets and refreshments. I prefer a nude beach that’s situated far away from the non-nudist beaches.

Some have physical barriers to separate the beaches and many are wild, raw beaches away from populous coastal areas.

According to Tuscano, the best nude beaches are off-the-beaten-path “so you don’t have other people passing by and gawking.”

If you’re worried about spectators, go for somewhere like nudist island Ada Bojana in Ulcinj, Montenegro, where clothing is not optional — everyone is required to be nude.

All types of people enjoy nude beaches. I’ve seen families, groups of friends, individuals, and couples of all ages, genders, ethnicities, and sexualities enjoying a day in the sun sans swimwear.

Resorts with dedicated nude beaches, such as the Couples in Jamaica, Negril, are a great option for first-timers, as they’re protected spaces.

No matter which nude beach you visit, be sure to bring something to sit on, SPF, and appropriate clothing to wear as you come and go.

Don’t stare at other sunbathers. Be respectful of everyone around you, and don’t publicly engage in sexual activity.

While there are nudist beach clubs and resorts for those looking to party in the buff, the atmosphere at public nude beaches is usually laid back. I often go alone and feel safe doing so, as people tend to mind their own business and leave you to it.

Luckily, Chihuahua, the nude beach in Uruguay where I live, has been open throughout the pandemic. I’ve spent many lovely days there alone, with LGBT friends, and my former girlfriend.

Sense of freedom

International pitch coach Chris Roe’s first time at a nude beach was a little awkward, but he says it soon became freeing and “a celebration of myself both inside and out.”

As an LGBT traveler, Roe feels a strong sense of inclusion, freedom, and connectivity to nature when he visits nude beaches.

“Any judgments are thrown out the door,” he says. “It’s so powerful to claim ownership of the skin you’re in. At nude beaches, I’m not apart from nature, I’m part of it.”

If you’re nervous about sunbathing nude, Truman recommends easing into it the experience by going topless first.

And it’s important to remember that you can just throw on your cover-up and leave if you’re not enjoying the experience. There’s no shame in nude beaches not being your thing.

Some are exclusively for women. Ladies Beach, which is also in Ulcinj, remains my all time favorite. Visitors are not permitted to take any photos here, so bathers can relax knowing their privacy is protected.

The beach also has high fences around the perimeter to shield the shore, preventing would be peeping Toms from taking a peek inside.

Local women flock here to dip in the sulfuric water, as it’s believed to increase fertility. Ladies Beach also has natural medicinal mud, which you can self-apply, or indulge in a beachside mud massage.

For those who’ve spent over a year cooped up inside due to the pandemic, the idea of sunbathing on a nudist beach may be extremely enticing.

Beaches are generally low risk to visit, provided they aren’t overcrowded, and nudist beaches tend to be in secluded areas.

And nude sunbathers typically respect each other’s privacy, spacing themselves out along the beach, so maintaining a social distance isn’t hard.

While each of us needs to relax and simply enjoy the summer break, it could be helpful to look at some tips or activities that your zodiac sign may enjoy indulging in, in order to unwind during the summer time!

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind, just in case you simply cannot rack your brain to plan out your summer-

Aries (March 21-April 19) – Never one to say ‘No’ to a challenge, Aries should probably spend the summer making a to-do list of all the things you find pretty cool and badass! Whether it may be planning an adventure trip to the mountains, or learning how to surf, or even learning how to cook some new dishes, this summer, indulge in something that you have always wanted to do!

Taurus (April 20-May 20) – Bulls will likely prefer spending the summertime sunbathing on the beach, or relaxing in a comfortable nook. Spend the summer season engulfed in nature’s beauty, with a loved one! Take a step back from work, and focus on bringing back some peace and calm in your life.

Gemini (May 21-June 20) – The social butterfly of all zodiacs, Gemini will likely want to spend the summer socializing and spending time with family and friends. Always intrigued to learn something new, a good suggestion to you would be to take a trip and explore a new place! Take a trip to a different country, a different landscape, a different culture! Nothing could excite you more than to expand your knowledge by meeting new people and seeing new places!

Cancer (June 21-July 22) – Do not get pressured into spending the summer doing what you think you should be doing, Cancer. Just sit back and enjoy the break, doing whatever you wish to do. Take a family vacation to a scenic spot, or read that emotional book that you have been avoiding, or take as many pictures of what you find beautiful, without having to worry about which one you will post on the social media or what caption you need to write for it.

Leo (July 23-August 22) – Lions, a good way to guarantee an amazing summer is by teaming up with an Aries. You two fire signs love to be doing something off-the-charts and look forward to an endless summer adventure. Go where the party is, where the Sun is shining, and where all the fun is! The summer season will bring out your vibrant and charismatic personality, so be prepared to impress the opposite sex and add some more phone numbers to your already long list!

Virgo (August 23-September 22) – Time to take a break from working long hours at the office, Virgo. Take advantage of the gorgeous summer days, and focus your energy and activeness towards traveling and engaging in fun activities. Your brain needs to stop working in over-drive, finding solutions for every possible problem in your life. This is the time to sit back and put your feet up. Go back to work only after you get a nice tan.

Libra (September 23-October 22) – A Libra’s search for peace and harmony never ends. Whether it includes spending a decent amount of time socializing or finding some personal time for oneself, Libra, you are always trying to balance the scales. This summer season, when socializing, you will surely manage to bring in your A-game, charming everyone with your sensual and confident personality. And during your ‘personal time’, doing yoga and meditation could work wonders for you!

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) – This summer season, Scorpio, it could be useful to spend time getting in touch with your emotions. You often tend to suppress your feelings in your daily life, and so, a good way for you to spend the summer could be to work on learning and understanding how to openly express yourself.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21) – Self-improvement is always a good thing. Your relaxing time may get delayed, but it will surely be worth the wait. You may be having trouble managing your time and others’ expectations of you, but you need to finally focus on your needs! Disconnect from your job and omnipresent technologies, to be able to connect with your inner-self.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19) – Summer break does not mean you need to be productive, Capricorn. It’s time to enjoy yourself, not worry about finishing tasks and meeting deadlines. You do not have to feel guilty about having fun; so sit back and sip a delicious margarita. You will have enough time, before the break is over, to plan and prepare for your next project.

Aquarius (January 20 to February 18) – While planning how best to spend the summer, you may find yourself questioning what really makes you happy. Treading down this path can bring a lot of insight and positivity in your life, so do not be scared to explore the philosophical questions that come to you.

Pisces (February 19 to March 20) – There’s nothing wrong with wanting to spend the summer indoors, watching romantic movies and reading books. You, Pisces, can really benefit from getting some much-needed sleep, relaxing and de-stressing. Those of you who want to indulge in your creative side, going to a music festival or a cultural fest can also be quite joyous!

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place

“I wish I could travel as much as I wanted.”

“You are not working full-time, so it’s easy for you to travel so often.”

“I don’t have time to travel. There’s just so much work that I need to finish.”

These are a few common statements that I hear from so many people I know who wish to travel but don’t because of some or the other reasons.

While it’s completely okay not traveling frequently, but it is not okay wishing for something, but giving reasons for not being able to do it.

The best part about traveling is, it is not rocket science that a selected few can only do it. It is easy and solely depends on the traveler how they want to create their travel experience.

Before we get into the details, let me remind you, there are a few days that are meant for doing what you love and taking a little break from your routine lives.

I have always been an avid traveler. But my frequent travels started early this year only when I was still working as a full-time software engineer. I too had to complete projects, and meet deadlines. But then instead of working on piled up tasks on weekends, I started investing my time either in traveling to new places or planning for them.

Traveling is like an addiction, the more you do it, the harder it gets to control it!

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place

So the simple answer to, “Is it possible to travel frequently while still continuing to work full-time?” is “yes, it is possible.”. But the answer to how you can do that can sometimes be overwhelming.

With this post, I’ll try and help break some myths about travel and share a few tips from my personal experience on how you can manage to travel more often without leaving your jobs.

Although I travel quite often now, there used to be times when I waited for the right time or the right place, or the right people to go on a vacation.

And I am sure a lot of you would have similar thoughts before you start making any travel plans. But let me explain to you how you can resolve these unnecessary doubts of your mind.


Like any other important work, traveling needs to be a priority in your life if you enjoy it. It doesn’t mean going out on an extravagant or a lavish holiday. Just a day out from your regular work and home life is sufficient to explore a new place.

You do not even need a whole day for that. A few hours exploring your own city or neighborhood will freshen your mind. Not only that, it’ll add a lot to your experience and you’ll be all set to take the challenges of life.

Traveling is like meditation – it brings peace and makes you calmer!


It can be as small as your neighborhood or as big as a new country or a continent, doesn’t really matter as long as you are liking it.

Starting small is always helpful because it slowly makes you more comfortable with the change. You start to learn little things about yourself which adds to your travel experience and personality as a whole.


While a good company is always an added positive for a great travel experience, but no company or an average company should not stop you from exploring places. Soak yourself in the destination, and you’ll find solace in just being by yourself.

Sensual traveling how to fully indulge in a new place


I decide a time in mind, do not do a lot of calculations, decide a place, do not do a lot of research and book my tickets. Once that is done, if I am not too much inclined on going on a solo trip, I ask my friends if they want to accompany me. If they agree, voila! I have a great company and if not, what’s better than your own company.

I love traveling alone because it helps me focus on myself and my thoughts without any kind of outside disturbances. It does not mean I don’t like going out with my friends. Those kind of trips are full of laughter, and I come back more rejuvenated than I imagine of.

When I first started traveling frequently, I was in the US working as a Software Engineer. I used to combine the weekend with an additional Friday or Monday if possible and traveled to a new place every month.

I was able to explore places, including San Francisco, Portland, Austin, Death Valley, Las Vegas , Victoria (in Canada), Denver, Vancouver (in Canada) in a span of 7 months along with other small day trips.


Before ending the post, I’ll discuss a few benefits of traveling that I believe in and have experienced myself.

Traveling is a break from the hustle bustle of daily life, boredom at home, weekend shopping, and dining. I come back home fresh and full of new energy. My thoughts become more clear and creative. My outlook on life has improved so much. I meet people from all around the world, and I understand more about the cultures and lives of people in other parts of the world than I did before.

Traveling is not merely seeing new places, it’s more of a learning experience!