The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

Dr. Larry Burchett addresses why it’s unrealistic—and unsustainable—to try to lose a lot of weight very quickly.

The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

Whether you’re at the start of a fitness journey, or looking to improve or maintain your results, it’s pretty common to be looking for ways to lose weight—but it’s important to do so in a healthy and safe way. In a recent video on his YouTube channel, Dr Larry Burchett speaks about the rapid weight loss diets he has come across online, including spurious advice which claims to be able to help people lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days. But that simply isn’t possible for most people, let alone advisable.

“If you’re 300 pounds, if you’re 350 pounds, yeah, you can lose a lot of water by starving yourself,” he says. “But what’s the truth? You lose 30 pounds in 30 days. you’re going to put it back on.”

What’s more, attempting to lose such a large amount of weight in such a short amount of time can actually hamper your body’s ability to manage and weight loss in the future. “When you lose weight that fast, you’re going to lose muscle,” says Burchett, “and muscle is what burns calories.”

Instead, he reasons that weight loss should be approached as a slow, sustained process which can be part of your ongoing lifestyle. “A pound a week, or even half a pound a week, over a year, that’s 26 pounds. That’s 50 pounds,” he says.

Eating at a caloric deficit, i.e. eating fewer calories per day, can aid weight loss. One way to do this, says Burchett, is to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, say every three hours, as opposed to overeating at lunch or dinner. He also recommends cutting down on processed foods and sugar, and eating protein at every meal.

“It’s going to build up that precious muscle; that’s what burns calories,” he says. “And protein makes you feel fuller.”

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The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

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Even after Jackie Wilson lost her job due to COVID-19, she was still determined to reach her goals.

The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

Jackie Wilson recalls struggling with her weight as early as 8 years old. Her mom sent her to weight management camp at 10, where, in between activities like swimming and canoeing, “they also taught us about healthy habits and the food pyramid,” she says. In her mid-20s, Wilson got into CrossFit and even lost 80 pounds with Weight Watchers (now known as WW). But the extra pounds always came back eventually.

“I found it [WW] unsustainable, especially after having a child,” she says today. “I got really exhausted with the idea of doing a program, counting points, and, you know, all the restrictions.” Wanting something that would last long-term without feeling like she had a second, part-time job in addition to working as an HR manager, Wilson was at a loss for years.

The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

By the beginning of 2020, at 41 years old, Wilson’s weight was approaching 290 pounds. While her labs always appeared healthy, she worried that Type 2 diabetes or other weight-related conditions would catch up to her one day. She’d heard about intermittent fasting before and always thought it sounded too good to be true. But on January 26, 2020, she decided to give it a try anyway.

The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

There are multiple ways to practice intermitting fasting, such as the 5:2 program, The Dubrow Diet, and The Warrior Diet. Wilson decided on the popular 16:8 method, which advises that you to eat during an eight-hour window and fill your plate with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats. Otherwise, “I didn’t put a whole lot of restrictions around this,” she says. “I focused solely on the time frame and initially did not adjust what I was eating at all.” She used the LIFE App to keep track of her progress.

Wilson lost 13 lbs. within two weeks. Seeing that it was working, she started researching the science behind intermittent fasting and came across videos by Jason Fung, M.D., author of The Obesity Code and Life in the Fasting Lane: How to Make Intermittent Fasting a Lifestyle. “Once I understood the science, I began to adjust my eating windows and my fasting windows and then I really started to drill down. I also lowered my carbs,” she says.

Wilson usually has one or two meals a day. “Most days I’m satiated after breakfast depending on how long my fast was,” she says. “Other times, I’ll have an additional meal.”

What Wilson eats in a day on the 16:8 method

  • Breakfast: scrambled eggs and bacon with peppermint tea or coffee with creamer
  • Lunch/dinner: grilled salmon with half a sweet potato, greens, and sauerkraut
  • Snacks: sauerkraut, collard greens, or pickles

The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

In mid-February, Wilson began walking in her living room. “I started walking in front of my T.V. for an hour when The View would come on. Since then, I’ve added light hand weights,” she says, adding that she keeps her workouts low-impact. “Sometimes people think exercise has to be some type of structured workout. I mean, I went into my garage yesterday and was moving things and putting things up for sale, and you feel it at the end of the day,” she says.

Two months into her new routine, Wilson was feeling good about her progress, but then coronavirus came along. She was laid off on February 24, and her child’s schools closed on March 12. “I walked into a job search and home schooling from there,” she says. “A lot has happened to us all at once. We’ve all had to adjust.”

Despite all that COVID-19 upended, Wilson was determined to maintain the momentum she’d built around her health. She arranged to have healthy groceries delivered to her home, spent time outside and away from others to get fresh air, and relied on the community support available via LIFE App to stay motivated.

Wilson, now 42, has lost 52.5 lbs. in total and currently weighs 236.2 pounds. “Measure success in ways beyond the scale,” she says, however, “because it’s easy, especially for women, to look at a number and become obsessed with it. For me it’s putting on clothes from last summer that I know used to fit, and now they’re sliding off me. Those things are encouraging to me.”

The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

And Wilson plans to keep going. “Ideally, I would like to lose another 70 lbs. or so,” she says. “Coming out of quarantine, I want to share this with people because I get my energy by helping others be successful and showing them that it works,” she says.

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Experts offer strategies to make losing those last 5 pounds easier.

Losing those last 5 pounds can be maddening. You’re eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of exercise, but no matter what you do, you can’t seem to move the needle on the scale. Runners call it “hitting the wall,” and it happens to dieters, too.

When you hit the “last 5 pounds” wall, making some simple changes can often help. WebMD talked to experts who recommended steps to power past the plateau.

Are Your Weight Loss Goals Too Low?

Before you read the expert tips, ask yourself: Could the weight goal you’re aiming for be too low? Do you really need to tackle those last 5 pounds, or is your health, fitness, self-esteem, and quality of life already improved?

Anne Fletcher, RD, author of Weight Loss Confidential, urges dieters to reconsider the importance of the last 5 pounds.

“If it is really hard to lose those 5 pounds, is it worth it? And will you be able to maintain that lower weight?” asks Fletcher, who also wrote the Thin for Life series of books.

She says being at the ultimate goal weight — what she calls “fantasy weight” — is overrated because it can be very difficult both to get there, and to maintain.

But if you really need to chisel off those last few pounds, it may be a relief to learn that your weight loss woes are quite predictable.

“As your body mass is reduced through weight loss, you need fewer calories than you did when you were heavier,” says Fletcher. You need to tweak your diet and fitness plans as your body composition changes or weight loss plateaus are sure to interrupt your weight loss journey.

Take a step back and try to figure out why your weight loss has stopped. Most of the time, dieters are eating more than they think or stuck in a rut doing the same exercise routine over and over again. With a few simple changes you can lose those last pounds once and for all.

Exercise Your Options

To lose 1 pound of fat you need to cut 3,500 calories by eating fewer calories or exercising more or preferably, a combination of both. Be careful not to cut calories so low your body thinks it is starving and triggers a weight loss plateau to conserve body weight.


If you don’t want to eat less, exercise more. Increasing physical activity is an excellent way to power past the plateau because it burns more calories and builds muscle. As you increase your muscle mass, your metabolism gets a boost and can help get you back into the losing mode.

Here are five more expert tips to power past the plateau and rid yourself of those last unwanted pounds.

  1. Get FITT. Weight loss expert Dawn Jackson Blatner teaches her clients how to muscle up using the FITT (frequency, intensity, type, and time) theory to shave 100 calories a day to lose those last 5 pounds. “Most people need to shake up their fitness routines because their bodies become more efficient and burn fewer calories.” Her theory is to modify the frequency, intensity, type or time of exercise to burn off an extra 100 calories that will kick-start the weight loss. “It may mean adding 10-20 minutes onto your walk or if you stroll, push it up a notch and walk at a brisker pace,” suggests Blatner.
  2. Find hidden fat calories. Fat has more than twice as many calories as carbohydrates or protein so if you trim fat calories the results can add up quickly. “Twenty-five percent of the fats we eat are added fats so look for hidden fats in your eating plan to easily cut back calories,” advises American Dietetic Association spokeswoman Blatner. She suggests using less oil in cooking, stir frys, or on salads and switching to a lower-fat variety cheese or dairy product. Figure out where you can shave fat to erase 100 calories in your eating plan.
  3. Measure it. Over time, our portion sizes tend to get larger and it’s easy to underestimate how much you are eating. Take out the measuring cups and check in on your portions sizes to see if they have crept up in size. “Use smaller plates and cups and indulge your sweet tooth with portioned ice cream bars or 100-calorie packs to keep calories under control and not stall your weight loss,” says Blatner.
  4. What’s in your cup? Juices, giant lattes, protein-shake smoothie concoctions, margaritas and sweetened beverages all have one thing in common, lots of calories. “We get about 22% of our calories from beverages and with a little tweaking, you can still enjoy your favorite drinks and shave enough calories to fire up your weight loss,” recommends Blatner. Try skinny coffee drinks without sugary syrups, and smaller portions of 100% juices or smoothies, and wine spritzers or unsweetened drinks.
  5. Track it. Write down everything you eat and drink and don’t forget to count the tasting portions while cooking. “I found that about 75% of the weight maintainers in Thin for Life kept track of what they ate, at least occasionally. If you are accountable for what you eat, it is easy to pinpoint the source of those extra calories preventing you from losing the last 5 pounds,” suggests Fletcher.

Published March 14, 2007.


SOURCES: Dawn Jackson Blatner, American Dietetic Association spokeswoman; and Northwestern Memorial Hospital Wellness Institute, Chicago. Anne Fletcher, MS, RD, author Weight Loss Confidential and the Thin for Life books, Houghton Mifflin Co., 2007.

The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

The last few pounds are always the hardest to lose – but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to do! Use the following tips to clean up your diet and drop those final few pounds.

The Truth: The body struggles to hold on to that last bit of fat for survival purposes, so while it is tough to lose the last five to 10 pounds, it’s definitely doable.

You know what I like to call those last 10 or 15 pounds that won’t come off no matter what you do? Vanity pounds. The term describes our desire to lose weight that, as far as our bodies are concerned, actually feels healthy. Personally, I have gained and lost the same five vanity pounds more times than I care to admit. Losing your first 50 pounds might have been tough, but believe me, dropping those final few stubborn pounds is a whole different challenge. Here are a few rules to follow:

Completely cut out processed foods. The best way to lose weight, even those last 10 pounds, is by eating CLEAN. This means absolutely NO processed foods! While you may have been watching what you were eating before, now is the time to truly crack down. Processed food is anything that has been altered from its natural state, such as fruit that has been canned to make it last longer or refined grains. Try to restrict yourself to eat only fresh organic fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and dairy, as well as whole grains. Check the labels on all of the food you buy. If you see ingredients that are questionable — don’t buy it! If you can’t pronounce something on the ingredient list — leave it on the shelf.

Cut your sodium intake and drink more water. Just because you’re not reaching for the salt shaker at every meal doesn’t mean you’re watching your sodium intake! Salt is in nearly every food — some of the worst culprits are breads, cold cuts/cured meats, sandwiches, pizza, poultry and soup. To commit to dropping your vanity pounds, you should keep a close eye on your sodium intake and cut it down to 1,000 mg per day. Once you start looking at food labels, you may realize this is harder than you thought, but it’s possible — trust me. Also, up your water intake. Eighty ounces is equal to 10 cups of water and I would like that to be your goal each day. It won’t be hard to hit if you’re working out!

Abstain from alcohol. Booze can sabotage your weight-loss efforts. It releases estrogen into your bloodstream, promotes fat storage, and decreases muscle growth. It makes you hungry and loosens your inhibitions — so you’re more likely to give into temptations, like unhealthy food. Plus, alcoholic beverages contain more calories than most people think. If you’re serious about losing this weight, it’s best to avoid alcohol until you’re in maintenance mode.

Train at 85 percent of your maximum heart rate for 1 hour, 5 times a week. You have to exercise to lose weight, and to lose those last 10 pounds you’ll need to push yourself. Up the intensity of your workouts and make sure you’re fitting them in at least five times a week.

Make sure not to create a calorie deficit of over 500 calories a day. When you are already healthy, but want to remove those last few pounds of fat, your body isn’t too keen. Creating a large calorie deficit will make your body think it’s in survival mode – as in energy supplies are in shortage and energy output is being maxed. This will signal your system to release hormones that slow metabolism and store fat. By burning no more than around 500 calories a day you can slowly burn off those vanity pounds without triggering your body’s survival mechanism.

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  • Report False Advertising

The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

Spot False Promises

Dishonest advertisers will say just about anything to get you to buy their weight loss products. Here are some of the false promises you’ll often see in weight loss ads:

  • Lose weight without dieting or exercising. (You won’t.)
  • You don’t have to watch what you eat to lose weight. (You do.)
  • If you use this product, you’ll lose weight permanently. (Wrong.)
  • To lose weight, all you have to do is take this pill. (Not true.)
  • You can lose 30 pounds in 30 days. (Nope.)
  • This product works for everyone. (It doesn’t.)
  • Lose weight with this patch or cream. (You can’t.)

Here’s the truth:

  • Any promise of miraculous weight loss is simply untrue.
  • There’s no magic way to lose weight without a sensible diet and regular exercise.
  • No product will let you eat all the food you want and still lose weight.
  • Permanent weight loss requires permanent lifestyle changes, so don’t trust any product that promises once-and-for-all results.
  • FDA-approved fat-absorption blockers or appetite suppressants won’t result in weight loss on their own. Those products need to be taken with a low-calorie, low-fat diet and regular exercise.
  • Products promising lightning-fast weight loss are always a scam. Worse, they can ruin your health.
  • Even if a product could help some people lose weight in some situations, there’s no one-size-fits-all product guaranteed to work for everyone. Everyone’s habits and health concerns are unique.
  • Nothing you can wear or apply to your skin will cause you to lose weight. Period.

Fake Stories Online

Scammers place false stories online through fake news websites, blogs, banner ads, and social media to sell their weight loss products. For example, they create so-called “news” reports about how an ingredient — like garcinia cambogia or gonji — found in a diet pill is supposedly effective for weight loss. But there’s no new discovery. The stories are false.

  • Scammers often use the stolen logos of real news organizations, or they use names and web addresses that look like those of well-known news websites. They may even add public photos of reporters to make you think the report is real.
  • Scammers write glowing online reviews themselves or pay others to do it, or they just cut and paste positive comments from other fake sites.
  • Scammers use images showing dramatic weight loss, but these images are just stock or altered photographs, not photos of people who actually used the product they want you to buy.

Other Fitness and Weight Loss Products

Using an electronic muscle stimulator alone won’t work. You might have seen ads for electronic muscle stimulators claiming they will help you lose weight, or get rock-hard abs. But, according to the FDA, while these devices may temporarily strengthen, tone, or firm a muscle, they haven’t been shown to help you lose weight — or get those six-pack abs.

If you decide to join a gym, make sure you know what you’re agreeing to. Not all gym contracts are the same, so before you commit, read the contract and confirm that it includes everything the salesperson promised. Also find out if there’s a “cooling-off” or trial period, and check out the cancellation policy. Do you get a refund if you cancel? You also can look for reviews online from other clients to help you decide if you want to join that particular gym.

Home exercise equipment can be a great way to shape up — but only if you use it regularly. Some exercise equipment ads promise you can shape up and lose weight quickly and without much effort. The truth is that to get the benefits of exercise, you have to do the work. If you decide to buy exercise equipment for your home, first check out online reviews to see what other customers’ experiences have been. And find out the real cost of the equipment. Some companies advertise “three easy payments of $49.99,” but you have to consider taxes, shipping, and any other fees required to make the equipment work.

Other Things To Watch Out For

“Free” trial offers are often not free at all. Many people who have signed up for “free” trials have wound up paying a lot of money and have been billed for recurring shipments they didn’t want. For more on phony free trials, read .

The FDA has found tainted weight loss products. In recent years, the FDA has discovered hundreds of dietary supplements that contain potentially harmful drugs or other chemicals not listed on the product label. Many of these products are for weight loss and bodybuilding.

Where To Learn More

  • To learn about healthy eating, visit,, or the Weight-control Information Network.
  • Find physical activity resources at

Report False Advertising

Report fraudulent weight loss product claims to

The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

Q: Does my stomach actually shrink when I lose weight?

A: Not exactly, but here’s why you might feel full. Our stomachs have a reflex called receptive relaxation: As food enters your stomach, the muscles relax and expand out to accommodate more volume. In fact, your stomach can expand up to five times its volume after a meal as compared to before.

Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Policy

Some studies suggest that neurons surrounding and within our stomach wall actually control receptive relaxation. After losing weight, they may cause our stomachs to have less elasticity. This is also related to hormonal changes that affect our feelings of hunger and thirst, namely changes in the hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin.

All these factors can control whether you feel hungry or full, but none of them are related to any changes in the size of your stomach (even though it might feel like it).

Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Policy

Losing weight doesn’t have to be so bad.

The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

So you want to drop 20 pounds? Don’t worry, it won’t require completely overhauling your lifestyle. A few sustainable tweaks to your typical routine can help you drop the weight without much fuss. Of course, it won’t happen overnight.

“The length of time it will take to lose 20 pounds depends on a variety of factors, like genetics, exercise, and current nutrition habits,” says Jennifer McAllister, MS, R.D., a performing Strongwoman and a dietitian who works primarily with athletes and entertainers (two groups who sure as hell know how to optimize their nutrition).

“A generally accepted rate of healthy weight loss is a half-pound to one-pound per week. So, budget five-to-six months to achieve a 20-pound weight loss,” she says. McAllistre explains that losing weight slowly helps you keep the weight off.

To get started, follow the expert-approved tips below:

Eat your vegetables

“Make half your plate vegetables. You will feel full from the fiber in the vegetables, and even just chewing them will slow down your eating (which makes you feel more satisfied),” says McAllister. She advises that frozen vegetables are just as good as fresh vegetables, and cheaper, too. If you opt for canned vegetables, make sure they’re of the “no salt added” variety.

You may be wary about adding so many vegetables to your meals due to their carbohydrate content, but the carbs you really want to avoid are the empty ones: White bread, white pasta, and (sorry) potato chips and french fries, which are not nutrient-rich. Sure, a sweet potato has around 26 grams of carbs per serving, but it also has Vitamin A, Vitamin C, B6, calcium, and is high in fiber—all things that help your body perform at its peak.

Reduce stress

Yes, nutritionists think beyond food when it comes to achieving weight-loss for the long-term. “Anyone trying to lose weight should also evaluate psychosocial factors relating to weight loss and how their changed food regimen and workout plan will affect their psychological state, how it may fuel stress, how it may affect sleep, and how it may affect social relationships,” says Monica Auslander Moreno, MS, R.D. and nutrition consultant for RSP Nutrition. “Weight loss isn’t just eat this, this much, and at this time—we are not PEZ machines.”

To that point, consider adding some mindfulness-based practices into your life. You don’t need a saffron robe to meditate (apps like Headspace or Simple Habit make meditation an ingrained daily habit), so try it out. Add stress-reducing yoga to your workout routine. Research even shows that going for a walk outside can ease anxiety, slash food cravings, and help you ward off disease.

Eat a balanced breakfast

You’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating: Having a healthy breakfast can help you avoid eating junk food throughout the day, give you energy, and jumpstart your weight loss efforts. “Start each day with a high-fiber breakfast with protein,” says Brocha Soloff, R.D., CDN. Some simple options include: black beans, avocado, and hot sauce with a slice of whole grain toast; oatmeal with peanut butter and fresh fruit; an egg-and-tomato open-faced breakfast sandwich.

Soloff suggests avoiding added sugars and drinking plenty of water each morning. “You should aim to drink three liters of water a day,” she adds. You can often mistake thirst for hunger, so staying hydrated during your weight loss efforts is key.

The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

Eat filling snacks

Snacks are an easy way to add hundreds of calories to your day without noticing since we’re often on the go or hunched over a desk when we’re pigging out. “Frame losing 20 pounds as a project, with specific goals,” says John La Puma, M.D., New York Times best selling author of REFUEL: 24-Day Eating Plan to Shed Fat, Boost Testosterone, and Pump Up Strength and Stamina: “It’s easy to miss the goal if you can eat in-between, and after and before meals.” With that in mind, La Puma opts for apples (“something with crunch, mass, and a little sweetness”) or a few squares of dark chocolate if you need something to tide you over between meals.

Cook at home more

This is easier said than done, but meal prepping is well worth the effort. “Prepare more of your meals yourself. The easiest way to do that is to cook in bulk. Freeze in individual portions and then you can mix and match foods to have different meals throughout the week,” advises McAllister.

Not to mention, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than all those sad $12 sandwiches.

Eat out less frequently

It’s just hard to know exactly how you’re meal is prepared, which means you could be underestimating calorie intake.

“The amount of fat, salt and sugar added to restaurant meals is impossible to know,” says McAllister. “Treat a restaurant meal as a special occasion, not a part of your day-to-day living. Instead, bring a big salad or dinner leftovers to work for lunch,” she advises.

Brides have taken to a controversial approach for crash dieting.

The truth of rapid weight loss how to actually shed pounds

Wedding Trends: Feeding Tubes to Lose Weight?

April 16, 2012— — Brides-to-be looking to shed that final 10, 15 or 20 pounds in order to fit into their dream wedding gown have taken a controversial approach to crash dieting that involves inserting a feeding tube into their noses for up to 10 days for a quick fix to rapid weight loss.

The K-E diet, which boasts promises of shedding 20 pounds in 10 days, is an increasingly popular alternative to ordinary calorie-counting programs. The program has dieters inserting a feeding tube into their nose that runs to the stomach. They’re fed a constant slow drip of protein and fat, mixed with water, which contains zero carbohydrates and totals 800 calories a day. Body fat is burned off through a process called ketosis, which leaves muscle intact, Dr. Oliver Di Pietro of Bay Harbor Islands, Fla., said.

“It is a hunger-free, effective way of dieting,” Di Pietro said. “Within a few hours and your hunger and appetite go away completely, so patients are actually not hungry at all for the whole 10 days. That’s what is so amazing about this diet.”

Di Pietro says patients are under a doctor’s supervision, although they’re not hospitalized during the dieting process. Instead, they carry the food solution with them, in a bag, like a purse, keeping the tube in their nose for 10 days straight. Di Pietro says there are few side effects.

“The main side effects are bad breath; there is some constipation because there is no fiber in the food,” he said.

Slipping into a wedding gown for a dream wedding is a moment of truth for most brides, but as many say that there is a real fear that it will not quite fit. That’s how Jessica Schnaider says she felt with a June wedding approaching and 10 pounds she says she couldn’t lose. She was desperate for a quick fix.

“I don’t have all of the time on the planet just to focus an hour and a half a day to exercise so I came to the doctor, I saw the diet, and I said, ‘You know what? Why not? Let me try it. So I decided to go ahead and give it a shot,” she said.

Schnaider said she was never hungry throughout the 10 days she was on the K-E diet, but admits that it still wasn’t easy.

“It was emotionally difficult, the 10 days of not eating,” Schnaider said. “And sometimes I had to give excuses to people who were asking are you sick? And I was like, ‘No, I’m not sick, I’m not dying, I’m fine.’

“I was tired. I didn’t feel like exercising. The doctor told me that if you can compliment with walking for a half an hour on the beach, that would be great, but I didn’t feel like doing that. I’m a very energetic person, but those days I was a little tired.”

Although the K-E diet is new to the United States, it has been around for years in Europe. Dr. Di Pietro charges $1,500 for the 10-day plan, and says the before-and-after pictures sell themselves.

But critics warn that losing too much weight too fast can be dangerous, and it ultimately won’t last. Di Pietro warns that people with kidney issues should avoid the diet.

Many doctors also say that with so much pressure on brides to be perfect, it’s easy to understand why this kind of rapid weight loss might seem appealing, but might not be healthy.

“If you lose the weight too quickly your mind is not going to be able to catch up with a newer, skinnier you,” psychoanalyst Bethany Marshall of Beverly Hills, Calif. said.

Schnaider says that in her case she actually only kept her tube in for eight of the 10 days, skipping the last two because she’d already lost the 10 pounds she wanted.

She has kept it off so far, saying she is looking forward to her big day this summer.