What do u play bingo with

What do u play bingo with

What do u play bingo with


  • Colorful Spinner Card
  • 14 Easy-to-Read Bingo cards
  • Spinner
  • 100 Plastic markers
  • Tally Card.

Object of the Game

To be the first player to place 5 markers in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.


Remove the Bingo markers from their runners; discard the excess runner pieces.

One player is selected to be the Caller. The Caller’s job is to spin the spinner to determine which Bingo letters and numbers are played.

The Caller will then place a marker on the tally card to record the letter and number called.

Assemble the Spinner

Separate the spinner from the collar and remove and discard the plastic nib. Press the collar completely into the spinner card from the bottom side. Snap the spinner into the top of the collar.

What do u play bingo with

Game Play

To start the game, the Caller distributes a Bingo card to each player.

Each player then places a maker on the center “Free Space” on his or her Bingo card.

The Caller spins the spinner and calls out the letter & number the spinner points to.

The Caller places a marker on the tally card for this letter & number.

Players then look for the letter & number on their cards. If the number appears on a player’s card, a marker is placed on that square.

What do u play bingo with

End of the Game

When a player has placed 5 markers in a row, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally, the player calls out “Bingo!”

When a player calls out “Bingo!”, the Caller checks the player’s card against the master tally card to make certain that the letters and numbers marked, have been called.

If the letters & numbers are correct the player who called “Bingo!” is the winner.

Other Versions of Playing Bingo

Filling the entire Bingo card with markers

Filling the outer borders of the Bingo card with markers

Forming a “T” with markers

Forming a “Z” with markers

Tally Card

1What do u play bingo with

[box] How to Play Bingo – 6 Easy Steps

• Get your bingo ticket.

• Get a line or a full house before anyone else:

• This could be a single line…

• Or a full house!

• Collect your winnings…usually money.[/box]

One of the main reasons for the popularity of Bingo in the UK, alongside the fact that it is tons of fun, is the ease with which a person can learn the ropes and play it. Anyone can do it! OK, kids aren’t allowed into bingo halls, but if you’re of age then the chances are bingo will be a piece of cake to pick up. And who doesn’t like cake?

Here’s a quick rundown of the basic rules of 90-ball bingo, played regularly at our bingo clubs in Birmingham, Reading and Leigh, Greater Manchester.

Bingo Tickets

The first thing to get to grips with here is the bingo tickets. For the traditional dabbing experience, you will play a set of six tickets. The tickets will have all available numbers from 1 to 90, and it’s also worth noting that no numbers are repeated on any single set of bingo tickets.

You’ll find that the numbers are grouped together in columns from left to right. Singles, tens, twenties, thirties and so on. This makes it easier to mark off your numbers as they are called.

How to Win

The aim of the game is simple, get a line or a full house before anyone else. To do this, you need to mark off a number that appears on your ticket each time it is called.

A Line

Your first chance to win is to cross off an entire line of numbers on your ticket. On these types of games, this must be a line going across, rather than down or diagonally as in other types of bingo. If you manage to do this, be sure to call out. You’ve won some money! And you may be on your way to winning even more…

What do u play bingo with

Two Lines

This one depends on where you’re playing. Some games do two-line wins, others don’t. If you’re in a two-line game, then it’s simply a repeat of the above process for a second line. The lines don’t need to be together, as long as they are both on the same ticket.

Once again – and I can’t stress this enough – be sure to find your voice if you cover two lines. Your winnings depend on it.

Full House

Now for the big one, and it’s pretty self-explanatory really. To get a full house, you must have all of your numbers called and crossed off your bingo ticket. If you are a skilled bingo player of Olympic proportions and you bag the full house, congratulations.

Don’t just shout, but scream BINGO, HOUSE or HERE and claim what is rightfully yours: anything from twenty quid to thousands of pounds.


Everyone’s favourite bit, if they do indeed get to it. Collect your winnings and spend it on whatever you want. Here’s a tip; more bingo…

Not ready to play like a pro? Then grab an electronic tablet, sometimes called a Bingo Bee or TouchPad. They mark your tickets automatically and alert you when you have a winning combination. All you have to do is shout to claim your winnings. Perfect if you want to take the stress out of your first bingo visit.

Considering giving it a go? Now that you know how to play bingo, pop down to one of our bingo halls in Birmingham, Reading or Leigh and give it a try.

What do u play bingo with

Bingo is one of the most popular games in the UK, with a long tradition and history. People play this game for pleasure, and even if some hurried to anticipate its decline, the game becomes more and more popular every year. It is the reason more and more people asked us how to play bingo and if it is as hard as they tink.

Why Bingo?

There is a misconception that bingo is only for people of certain age, people that got used to this game since it was played only on paper books. That is completely wrong, and studies show more and more people joining the online bingo platforms and not only.

More and more young people are trying this game. You can see them with their parents in the traditional bingo halls, but also joining the online bingo platforms that are so accessible today. For those players, we put up a bingo guide designed to help any person who is trying to learn this fascinating number game.

What do u play bingo with

How to play bingo – the basics

If you never played bingo before, it may seem a little bit complicated and demanding. Once you know where the numbers are and what you need to do, you will start enjoying it and you will understand why so many people find it so interesting.

The game of bingo is simple. This is why you can find so many people attracted to the game. However, for players who find it too easy, there are variations of the game which are more challenging for the average player.

Whether you are playing straight full houses or line only games, the basic principles are the same.And as every story needs a main character, the person in charge of telling the numbers is the ‘star’ of the bingo story.

In a traditional bingo hall, the caller is maybe the most visible person around. You can see him or her on the main stage of the club, calling numbers and bringing the thrill of bingo to the players.

What do u play bingo with

For online bingo, the place of the caller is kept by a computer. If the player has the number on his paper book, he has to mark it. If you don’t have it, you just need to wait as one of the following numbers will surely be on your card.

While in the past, it was possible to play only with paper books, it is possible today to play on modern tablets and devices, but also online. In this type of bingo, the numbers are marked automatically, so you don’t risk missing a number or marking the wrong one.

What do u play bingo with

The Bingo Book

People knowing how to play bingo don’t need any advice on how to play bingo on the paper books. You can choose to play as many tickets as you want at a time. If you play with six books, you will have all the numbers on your page. There are no repeat numbers, so six books means you have to mark every time a number is called. If you have only three tickets, you will only have half of the numbers that are in play.

How do you mark the numbers

The numbers are arranged in columns, 1 to 9, 10 to 19 and so on. The UK ticket has 15 numbers and three rows. You have to mark all the numbers on a line to have a win. When a player marks a line of five numbers completely, he or she has to shout Bingo! and the claim is checked. If the win is confirmed, the game goes to the next stage, in which the players have to mark 10 numbers on two lines to win.

What do u play bingo with What do u play bingo withWhat do u play bingo with

Of course, the most thrilling part of the game is when the full house is played. The goal of all players is to mark 15 numbers out of 90, and to shout Bingo for the big cashpot put in play.

Books, tablet or online?

While the risks fo missing a number or marking wrongly are eliminated while you play online or on the tablet, the professional players know the real thrill of the game is to mark them and to shout Bingo! as soon as you have a line, two or a full house. If you don’t shout in time and the next number is called, you lose the game.

If going to the bingo hall and having fun with your friends while drinking cheap booze and eating nice food is not your thing, you can always choose to play online. However, choosing the perfect online bingo platform is not that easy with the multitude of options available for you today.

What do u play bingo with

How to choose a good online bingo platform

If you are the main user of the computer, make sure children and vulnerable people don’t have access to your bingo sites. Make sure you are not caught in email scams, fake offers or psyching. If you are looking for a secure platform to play your favourite game, London Palace has exactly what you need. is the online representation of Bingo Palaces, giving you the same professional bingo atmosphere like the one in our bingo halls, but online.

Chat or no chat?

You may be surprised at the number of people playing online bingo and staying on the bingo chat at the same time. Players like to talk while playing, to express their feelings and joy. Plus, also offer chat bonuses and a beautiful, active bingo chat for all the bingo fans.

What do u play bingo with

You may be surprised about the people talking about cars, movies, relationships or children as the numbers are marked automatically. Every bingo chat room has a host, which is easily spottable because. The role of the host is to award bonuses, to make sure people are nice to each other, and to keep the game fun and entertaining.

Create the bingo atmosphere in your house!

Of course, you are allowed to grab a beer from the fridge while playing, and even to have a nap while winning! The good part of online bingo is that you don’t actually have to see the game playing. You can buy tickets for the 3 AM game, go to sleep at 10 PM and wake up the next morning as a winner!

What do u play bingo with

Why is bingo so popular today?

Some say bingo has to revamp in order to keep up with modern days. Well, bingo does just that. Many people go to bingo to meet their friends and to be a part of the friendly community. Many players just go in the online bingo chat rooms to speak with their friends, even if they don’t actually want to play.

Traditional BINGO is played in person in a large hall. Players meet at the hall, pay a fee to get in, then the games begin. A night of BINGO consists of many BINGO games played continuously, one after another.

A single BINGO game proceeds like this: Each player has a number of BINGO cards (players can usually play any number of cards). Each BINGO card has 5 rows and 5 columns thus providing 25 spaces.

The columns are labeled from left to right with the letters: ‘B’, ‘I’, ‘N’, ‘G’, ‘O’. With one exception (the center space is “free”) the spaces in the card are assigned values as follows:

  • Each space in the ‘B’ column contains a number from 1 – 15.
  • Each space in the ‘I’ column contains a number from 16 – 30.
  • Each space in the ‘N’ column contains a number from 31 – 45.
  • Each space in the ‘G’ column contains a number from 46 – 60.
  • Each space in the ‘O’ column contains a number from 61 – 75.

Furthermore, a number can appear only once on a single card.

Here’s a sample BINGO card:

10 17 39 49 64
12 21 36 55 62
14 25 FREE
52 70
7 19 32 56 68
5 24 34 54 71

The number of unique BINGO cards is very large and can be calculated with this equation:

You will note that there are 75 possible BINGO numbers:

When a player has a BINGO (5 in a row, column, or diagonal), he or she calls out BINGO. The game pauses while the card is verified. If indeed a winner, the game stops and a new game begins. If the card wasn’t a winner, the game proceeds where it left off. Each BINGO game proceeds until someone wins (there’s always a winner).

Chances of Winning

Every BINGO game has a winning card, so a player’s chances of winning depend on the number of cards in the game and how many cards s/he is playing. For example, if a player has 12 cards in a game with 1200 cards, the chances of winning for that player is 1 in 100.

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