What is another name for gulf of guinea

adjective. outside the nasty lines.


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Rhymes with Gulf Of Guinea

  • mcwhinney
  • mckinny
  • mckinnie
  • mckinney
  • mackinney
  • whinney
  • swinney
  • spinney
  • sliney
  • skinny
  • quinney
  • pliny
  • glynnie
  • briney
  • zinni
  • winny
  • winnie
  • winney
  • vinny
  • vinnie
  • tinny
  • tinney
  • pinney
  • phinney
  • ninny
  • minny
  • minnie
  • minney
  • mini
  • linney

2. out-of- bounds

adjective. disallowed to a marked team.

Basic Synonyms

  • off-limits


  • unidentified
  • unconfined

3. out-of- community

adjective. occurring in or being of another community or city.


  • near

4. yank-of- battle

noun. any kind of difficult battle in between just as matched teams.

Basic Synonyms

  • fight
  • problem


  • safeguard
  • contract
  • maintain

5. guinea

noun.[‘ˈgɪni’] a west African bird having actually dark tuft stippled with white; belonging to Africa however elevated for food in lots of components of the globe.

Basic Synonyms

  • guinea chicken
  • residential chicken
  • guinea chicken
  • Numida
  • chicken
  • chicken
  • genus Numida


  • head
  • tail
  • obverse

6. guinea

noun.[‘ˈgɪni’] a previous British gold coin well worth 21 shillings.

7. Guinea

noun. a republic in western Africa on the Atlantic; previously a French nest; attained self-reliance from France in 1958.

Basic Synonyms

  • Konakri
  • Guinean
  • Niger River
  • Niger
  • resources of Guinea
  • Africa
  • French Guinea
  • Republic of Guinea

8. gulf

noun.[‘ˈgʌlf’] an arm of a sea or sea partially confined by land; bigger than a bay.

Basic Synonyms

  • sea
  • water


  • percentage
  • equal rights
  • territorial waters


  • golfe (French)
  • “[[culfus]], [[colfus]] (Latin)

9. gulf

noun.[‘ˈgʌlf’] an unbridgeable difference (as from a failing of understanding).

Basic Synonyms

  • interference
  • difference


  • link
  • connect
  • plug in


  • golfe (French)
  • “[[culfus]], [[colfus]] (Latin)

10 gulf

noun.[‘ˈgʌlf’] a deep broad gorge.

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Words associated with Gulf of Guinea

a gulf off the southwest coastline of Africa

Associated Words

  • Bioko
  • Atlantic
  • Atlantic Sea
  • Bight of Benin

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Whatis another word for gulf of guinea?

[ ɡˈʌlf ɒv ɡˈɪni], [ ɡˈʌlf ɒv ɡˈɪni], [ ɡ_ˈʌ_l_f ɒ_v ɡ_ˈɪ_n_i]

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    atlantic, Atlantic Sea.
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    Bight Of Benin, bioko.

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What is another name for gulf of guinea

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Gulf of Guinea, component of the eastern exotic Atlantic Sea off the western African coastline, expanding westward from Cap López, near the Equator, to Cape Palmas at longitude 7 ° west. Its significant tributaries consist of the Volta and also Niger rivers.

The coast of the Gulf of Guinea kinds component of the western side of the African structural plate and also matches extremely to the continental margin of South America ranging from Brazil to the Guianas. The coincidence in between the geomorphology and also the geology of these 2 coasts comprises one of the clearest verifications of the concept of continental drift.

The continental rack of the Gulf of Guinea is practically evenly slim and also expands to as long as 100 miles (160 kilometres) just from Sierra Leone to the Bijagós Island Chain, Guinea-Bissau, and also in the Bight of Biafra. The Niger River has actually constructed a fantastic delta of Holocene muds (i.e., those much less than 11,700 years of ages)– and also it is just below that the fit in between the African and also South American structural plates is seriously disrupted.

The just energetic volcanic area is the island arc lined up with Mount Cameroon (13,353 feet [4,070 metres]) on the coastline of the Cameroon Republic; the islands of this arc (Bioko [Fernando Po], Príncipe, São Tomé, and also Annobón) prolong 450 miles (724 kilometres) offshore to the southwest.

The whole north coastline of the gulf is cleaned by the eastward circulation of the Guinea Current, which expands 250–300 miles (400–480 kilometres) offshore from Senegal to the Bight of Biafra. The gulf’s exotic water is divided from the Equator-ward circulation of the great Benguela and also Canary currents by sharp frontal areas off the Congo and also Senegal rivers, specifically. The Benguela Current, as it turns westward, creates the South Equatorial Current to the south of, and also running counter to, the Guinea Current.

The cozy exotic water of the Gulf of Guinea is of fairly reduced salinity since of river effluents and also high rains along the coastline. This cozy water is divided from much deeper, more-saline, and also cooler water by a superficial thermocline– a layer of water in between top and also reduced degrees that exists normally much less than 100 feet (30 m) deep. Coastal upwelling, and also thus an abundant manufacturing of plant and also pet life, takes place seasonally and also in your area off the main gulf coastlines of Ghana and also Côte d’Ivoire.

The selection of the aquatic vegetation and also animals of the Gulf of Guinea is restricted when compared to that of the western exotic Atlantic and also, specifically, with the Indo-Pacific biogeographic world. This family member organic destitution arises from (1) an absence of coral-reef environments since of reduced salinity and also the high turbidity of Guinea Current water and also (2) the weather regression to great problems throughout the Miocene Date (i.e., some 23 to 5.3 million years ago), throughout which much less havens for exotic types of plants and also pets were offered in the Atlantic than in the Indo-Pacific area.

Since many of the coastline is low-lying, without all-natural harbours, and also greatly divided from the completely dry land of the inside by a belt of sloppy mangrove-infested creeks and also shallows, the African seaside individuals have actually normally not taken quickly to seafaring on thegulf Teams situated in Côte d’Ivoire and also Ghana, where the coastline is much less seaside and also uneven fisheries are fairly effective, develop an exemption. The gulf’s natural deposits consist of overseas oil down payments and also down payments of difficult minerals within the continental rack.

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