How to apply different styles of eyeshadow

Have you ever applied eyeshadow, only to have sharp lines and smudges everywhere? Do you find it hard to use eyeshadow for a sophisticated look? With some decent products and some practise, you can master the art of applying eyeshadow.


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  1. Buy eyeshadow if you don’t already have it. You can find eyeshadow at Target, drugstores or general stores, as well as high end makeup stores such as MAC and Sephora.
  2. Buy a couple of applicators and a blending brush. Eyeshadow applicators sometimes come with eyeshadow. You can use one of these, which is like a stick with a small sponge on the end, or you can buy a better one. Animal hair brushes can be expensive, but fake hair works fine so long as you make sure it doesn’t shed.


Smokey eyes are a very popular look for a night out.

  1. Apply a sheer colour all over your lid, up to your eyebrow.
  2. Softly line your eye with a pencil liner. It should be a dark or medium shade, like black or grey. The line should go from the inner corner to the outer corner. Use the same pencil to dot below your your lower lashes. Then smudge both lines with a Q-Tip or an eyeliner brush.
  3. Choose a dark colored powder shadow to put over your lid and into your crease. Avoid purple and blue colors—this will cause you to look less like you have smokey eyes and more like you have black eyes.
  4. Use a lighter, natural color to dust over your brow line.
  5. Apply two coats of black mascara.


Natural makeup is a great way to enhance your features subtly.

  1. Apply a white liner just below your brow line. Use a small brush to pull the liner downwards and blend it into your skin.
  2. Find a neutral highlight color. Apply it at the brow bone. Also apply it to the inner eye corners.
  3. Find a gold or beige eyeshadow and apply it to your eyelids. You do not need a base or anything like that.


The Have Classic Style works best with a defined line of liquid liner on the top lid.

  1. Apply a sheer tone all over the lid, right up to the eyebrow.
  2. Use a shade of chocolate brown and apply it to your outer V on your top lid.
  3. Softly line the top lid with the brown shadow, using an angled brush.
  4. Apply liquid liner and mascara.

Are there too many types of eyeshadow out there and you can’t keep up? Don’t worry, boo. We got you! We got everything you need to know about eyeshadow and how to make it work, work, work!

Eyeshadow 101: Types of Eyeshadow and How to Apply Them

Eyeshadows are used to accentuate our eyes. And with the right color combination and technique, it will definitely make the eyes look stunning! For beginners, using and applying eyeshadow can be an intimidating feat, which is why I’m here to help you out today. What you must know is that there are different types of eyeshadow and each one comes with a different texture, formula, finish, and effect. Choosing the right one for your look will depend on your knowledge and experience with the different types of eyeshadow. So without further ago, let’s go through them one-by-one below:

1. Powder Eyeshadow

The most commonly used type of eyeshadow is powder. It’s best for makeup beginners to start with powder eyeshadow as it is the easiest to blend. Most powder eyeshadows are compressed into individuals pans, which can then be placed in a palette, they either come in a palette of some type (duo, quad) or are standalone pigments that come in pans.

This type of eyeshadow is available in a variety of finishes: matte eyeshadow is great for daily usage and shimmer eyeshadow is good for creating dramatic, evening looks, and satin eyeshadow is great for achieving that smooth and satin finish on your eyes.

One thing to note is that you must never rub powder eyeshadow. In fact, don’t ever rub anything onto your eye as the skin is so sensitive; the more you touch it the more prone it becomes to developing fine lines and sagging. Apply by gently patting and pressing the color onto the eyelid. I’d prefer using an eyeshadow brush for application, but for beginners, using your fingertips will do.

2. Cream Eyeshadow

If you’re bored with powder shadows, then it’s time to switch to thick cream-based ones. These usually come in a pot, but can now be found in pans, tubes, or in sticks form as well. Some people prefer this type of eyeshadow for its shimmery finish and long-wearing formula, while others find issue with its tendency to crease. If you are a fan, it’s advisable to avoid wearing cream-based shadows in hot weather since they’re definitely not waterproof and can easily melt down.

The best part about cream eyeshadows is their blendability. You can combine two or more colors for a dramatic look. This type of eyeshadow also works well with large shader brushes, specifically synthetic, as they allow you to easily pick up product and easily pack it onto your lids. No dragging, just packing! You can also use your fingers, but I personally won’t do that as the heat and oils from your fingertips will make the cream shadow even more susceptible to creasing.

3. Liquid Eyeshadow

My favorite use for liquid eyeshadow is as a base–it grabs onto pigment and enhances its vibrancy and staying power. However, because liquid tends to crease more easily just like its cream-based counterpart, this isn’t a good option for those with oily lids.

To apply liquid eyeshadow, you can apply directly onto the lids with the wand or with a fine, thin liner brush to create a colorful winged-eye. It’s important to note that liquid eyeshadows dry quickly. They’re easy to apply but difficult to master.

4. Loose Powder Eyeshadow/Pigments

Loose powder or pigments are powder eyeshadows that come in a loose form. Think bareMinerals eyeshadow, or Pixi, as pictured here. This kind of eyeshadow is for advanced makeup artists or enthusiasts. A good loose powder is finely milled and highly pigmented. Just a heads up. If you have dry skin, be careful when using this type of eyeshadow as it can further dry out your skin creating wrinkles. Yikes!

Loose glitter eyeshadow and metallic eyeshadow also fall in this category. These are great eyeshadows to use to achieve dramatic looks like the infamous smoky, glittery eye. They’re great for parties and if you’re going clubbing!

To make loose powder work, apply a thin layer of eyeshadow primer and when applying the pigment, pat the color onto the lids. For a dramatic effect, wet your brush before applying as this will not only help the shadow adhere to your skin, but will instantly heighten the color payoff.

This is also called foiled eyeshadow, wherein your mix one to two drops of mixing medium to the eyeshadow brush before dipping it into the pigments. If you don’t have a mixing medium, a makeup setting spray, saline eye drops, or water can also be used.

5. Stick Eyeshadow or Crayon Eyeshadow

For those who do not like complicated eyeshadow application, the stick or crayon eyeshadow is what you need. Shadow sticks are ultra-versatile and they’re easy to bring around with you too. It’s very easy to use since you basically slide it on the lids, blend as you wish, and you’ll get the color you need.

The best thing about shadow sticks is their long-wearing formula. It can actually last up to 24 hours! This is all thanks to the intense colors and concentrated formula that makeup brands use on shadow sticks nowadays. Think: primer and pigment in one. What I love about them is that it makes it easier for me to apply eyeshadow on my lower lids and tear ducts.

6. Baked Eyeshadow

In the past two years or so, baked eyeshadow has been the go-to eyeshadow for some women. Yup! This eyeshadow is actually baked in an oven, not pressed. What makes this type of eyeshadow a huge hit among women is its ultra-smooth and blendable formula. One of my friends told me that it’s easier to pack in the color with this one too.

Applying baked eyeshadow can be done wet or dry. If you want intense color for a dramatic look, apply it wet. Foiled eyeshadow application can be used with this type of eyeshadow. If you just want to add color to your lids, dry application will do.

If you need more help with applying eyeshadow the right way, here’s a video from AlexandrasGirlyTalk for all the makeup beginners out there:

Oh! Before I go, there’s one last tip I need to share with you. No matter what type of eyeshadow you’re using, make sure to use an eyeshadow primer before applying the eyeshadow. It’ll serve as the barrier between your eyelid that’s naturally-producing oils, and the eyeshadow. Eyeshadow primer not only improves the staying power of the eyeshadow, but it also helps prevent creasing on the lids. And if you want to make sure that you keep those harsh lines at bay, always blend, blend, and blend!

What type of eyeshadows have you tried? And which one suits your skin best? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments below!

If you’ve got the eyeshadow basics locked down, check out these 12 Colorful Eyeshadow Tutorials For Beginners you can practice with!

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

As always, the beauty world can be a complex one, so you are certainly not alone if you feel bombarded and overwhelmed by the range of choices you have when it comes to products…

Just have a look at the 5 types of eyeshadows out there; not only are you having to select the colours and brand you want, but they’ve also decided to make eyeshadow in a variety of consistencies, just to confuse us! Well, not quite – there actually are some valid uses for the different types of eyeshadow, and we’re here to tell you about them and how to use them. You’re welcome!

1. Powder eyeshadow. Also known as pressed powder since the pigment is pressed and compacted into containers, this is probably the most common of the types of eyeshadow, and the one everyone is familiar with. It’s great for beginners and those a bit more cautious when it comes to make-up as they are super forgiving, easy to blend, and come in various palette sizes and combinations, giving you the perfect shades to use together.

2. Liquid eyeshadow. You’d be forgiven for mistaking liquid eyeshadow for lip gloss, as the packaging and consistency is pretty much identical. While they may seem scary, they’re actually great for those without a flair for make-up as they are so easy to apply; simply swish the wand over the lid, and voila!

Just be warned that it does dry pretty quickly, so you need to move fast. A great use for liquid eyeshadow is as the base for powder or pigments as they will stick to it, giving you a bolder look.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

3. Cream eyeshadow. This versatile formula is a pretty great one as it offers bold hues that are super easy to blend – just get your finger out and go wild. Cream eyeshadow does tend to crease, so you need to be careful with where you place it on the lid. If you’re worried about this, apply a primer first.

Again, they make a great base for your powder shadows, but you may want to avoid cream shadows in very hot weather, as they can melt – and make-up running down your face is certainly not a good look!

4. Stick or crayon eyeshadow. These are ideal for keeping in your handbag for touchups throughout the day, as you don’t need a brush to apply them, and they go on super easily. They’re generally super pigmented so the colour will really pop, and they can even double up as an eyeliner if you’re looking for just a small pop of colour. Genius!

5. Eyeshadow pigments. These are fantastic for their colour range and boldness, but can be a bit trickier and messier to apply. This is similar to powder shadow, but is far looser, so you definitely need a primer for it to stick. Alternatively, wet your brush before applying.

If you’re wanting to really stand out, pigments will give you the best colour intensity of the lot, but just be careful not to drop pigment all over the rest of your face!

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How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

1.Buy eyeshadow if you don’t already have it. You can find eyeshadow at Target, drugstores or general stores, as well as high end makeup stores.

2. Buy a couple of applicators and a blending brush. Eyeshadow applicators sometimes come with eyeshadow. You can use one of these, which is like a stick with a small sponge on the end, or you can buy a better one. Animal hair brushes can be expensive, but fake hair works fine so long as you make sure it doesn’t shed.

Smokey eyes are a very popular look for a night out.

  • Apply a sheer colour all over your lid, up to your eyebrow.
  • Softly line your eye with a pencil liner. It should be a dark or medium shade, like black or grey. The line should go from the inner corner to the outer corner. Use the same pencil to dot below your your lower lashes. Then smudge both lines with a Q-Tip or an eyeliner brush.
  • Choose a dark colored powder shadow to put over your lid and into your crease. Avoid purply and blue colors—this will cause you to look less like you have smokey eyes and more like you have black eyes.
  • Use a lighter, natural color to dust over your brow line.
  • Apply two coats of black mascara.


Natural makeup is a great way to enhance your features subtly.

Apply a white liner just below your brow line. Use a small brush to pull the liner downwards and blend it into your skin.
Find a neutral highlight color. Apply it at the brow bone. Also apply it to the inner eye corners.
Find a gold or beige eyeshadow and apply it to your eyelids. You do not need a base or anything like that.


The classic look works best with a defined line of liquid liner on the top lid.
Apply a sheer tone all over the lid, right up to the eyebrow.
Use a shade of chocolate brown and apply it to your outer V on your top lid.
Softly line the top lid with the brown shadow, using an angled brush.
Apply liquid liner and mascara.

  • Blending is important with eyeshadow, but don’t use it all the time. The technique is used to soften eyeshadow, but don’t blend too much or you will end up with very pale eyeshadow, as blending actually takes off some of the shadow. “Windscreen wiper” motions are the easiest way to blend eyeshadow. Use a blending brush to blend up and out on a smokey eye, to soften colour on a natural eye or to make a dark colour light.
  • Eyeshadow can also be used as a liner, however if you want to do this you will have to have an eyeshadow with fantastic pigment. You can try dipping the brush in water before applying eyeshadow as liner, but it can be messy.
  • If you are figuring out what colours work best for you, or you want to try out a whole bunch of looks, you might like to buy a 48-80 colour eyeshadow palette. Coastal Scents has a great palette that you can buy off eBay.
  • Note colours that work well for you, as well as good combinations. Some good colour combinations are different shades of browns, silvers, blacks and whites, and pearls and pinks.
  • Very few people can use blue eyeshadow and not look like a grandma. If you really have to use it, try a natural or smokey eye, and put a bit in the outer corner of your eye.
  • To brighten your eyes, you can put some white pearly eyeshadow near your tear ducts. This will also help your eyes to look bigger.

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How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

This article is especially for those of you who may feel stuck with your everyday makeup look and desire to branch out, but just can’t seem to figure out the best way to do it. Whether you are new to makeup, or a pro, we hope you find these ten eyeshadow shapes useful!


How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Makeup is, after all, just a trick of the light. By highlighting certain areas, you can easily create the illusion of a brighter eye. Using lighter shades in areas to help them stand out, and deeper shades to add depth, pushing them back.

My favorite sweet spots to highlight are the inner corner of the eye, the center of the eyelid, and along the brow bone. Placing highlights in these three areas will help accentuate the eye and overall leave them looking bigger and brighter.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow


There are countless ways for one to use eyeshadows. By combining different colors, textures, and finishes you can create different eye shapes that will help you switch up your daily routine. Here are a few ideas where to apply the deepest shade.

Bust out the box and experiment with a new eye shape today! If you’re feeling extra daring, throw on a color you wouldn’t normally wear.


How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Add a darker shadow to the inside of the lid. This is a great placement for those of you with wide set eyes, as it helps reduce the space between your eyes.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow


How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Adding dark shades to the outer corner of the lid is flattering to most eye shapes, but particularly for those with close set eyes. Having the darkest part on the far side of the lid helps your eyes appear farther apart.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow


How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

This is a great shape for all, as it compliments most eye shapes. By adding the darkest shadow to both the inner and outer corners, while still highlighting in the other areas (as shown) this placement neither makes your eyes look smaller or larger. This shape is also very versatile, as it works well with both neutral or bold, dramatic colors.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow


How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Pull your eye upwards with this cat eye shape by applying your darkest shadow to the outer corner in a large winged shape.

If your eyelids droop a little (or a lot), this shape will help pull them back up and give them that extra boost they need. This shape is notorious for being on the devious side: the upwards angle of the shadow creates a more mysterious look.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow


How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

The darker shadow is applied to the outer corner and crease, and then blended up towards the brow, where it meets the highlighter and blends together with it.

Again, this is a great shape that is flattering on all eye types. It works especially well for those with hooded eyes. If you have hooded eyes, be sure to extend the shadows upward a little more so the color shows up with an open eye.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow


How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

This technique can make your eyes appear wider and your lid longer. Apply to the outer corner, carrying the dark shadow to just above your inner corner and blend together.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow


How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

This shape isn’t for everyone. It’s quite a bit bolder and has the tendency to make some look angry or their eyebrows too heavy. We suggest trying it with lighter colors first to see if it’s a good fit for you.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow


How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Apply the dark shadow neatly to the crease. This will help create more depth. If you add a lighter shadow to the lid your eye will appear much larger. This shape is typically known as a “cut crease”.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow


How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Apply dark shadow to the entire lid. This can be heavy on the eye, and very bold. Be careful using bright colors with this shape, if you are not looking to draw too much attention to your eyes.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Well, there ya have it, our Top Ten Eyeshadow Shapes! We hope you found some of these shapes useful. Remember: don’t be afraid to try a new look, you might just find one you really love!

In the world of makeup, there are six basic eye shapes to work with. Each eye shape has corresponding techniques to enhance their beauty. If you already know how to work with eye makeup, then good for you! For those who were lost, our eye makeup application guide and eye shapes chart might come in handy for you!

How to Create Eye Shapes Using Makeup

1. Round Eyes

For women with a round eye shape, you can apply eyeliner starting from the inner corners of the eyes working your way out. The edge of the line can either be straight or a small cat eye, whichever you prefer. It is important to highlight the brow bone and apply light eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eye. After highlighting, add a medium shade eyeshadow above the lid to add contrast. Finish off with a darker shade of eyeshadow applied along the crease. Make sure to blend from the outside to the middle of the eyes.

Check out this eye shapes infographic below and determine which eye shape you have:

Let’s give thanks to FlutterFlush Lashes for this informative guide.

2. Close-Set Eyes

If you have close-set eyes, highlight the eyebrow bone and the inner eyelids to make them more prominent. Then, apply a medium-shade eyeshadow on the rest of the eyelids extending just a little on the outer corners. Build on the color by using a darker shade starting from the outer corner to the crease. Finish off the eye shape with an eyeliner. Start drawing at the center of the eyelid and create a straight line all the way to the outer corner.

3. Wide-Set Eyes

Women with wide-set eyes do not need to worry about eye makeup because this eye shape is incredibly easy to work with. There are just key points you need to remember. For example, contouring your nose bridge really enhances the overall look of your eye makeup. Doing this balances the area between your eyes. Second, avoid shimmery eyeshadow because this emphasizes the space. Third, use a darker shade in the inner corners of your eyes to make them look closer together. Fourth, slightly extend your eyebrows at the inner corners. This can make your eyes look narrower. Lastly, when doing a cat eye, keep the liner short but more vertical.

4. Deep-Set Eyes

Applying eye makeup on deep-set eyes is pretty much the same as the technique used for round eyes. For this eye shape, you have to go easy on the dark eyeshadow. Apply it lightly as you want the highlight to brighten up the eyes and create the appearance of rounder eye shape.

5. Almond Eyes

If you have almond eyes, then you’re one lucky lady! Almond eyes are the most symmetrical of all eye shapes. It means you can put less effort in achieving symmetry on the eyes which is actually the goal of eye makeup. You can experiment with different looks because it’s hard to make a mistake with this pair of eyes. If you want a guide, the round eyes makeup technique is a great start.

6. Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes make the eyes appear smaller because of the extra layer of skin covering the crease. Focus on making your eyes rounder instead of highlighting. At the inner corner of your eyes, apply a light eyeshadow. Then, use a slightly darker shade on the hooded part of the eyelids. Apply a dark eyeshadow on the crease. Use an eyeliner to finish off the look and don’t forget to draw the line a bit further on the outer corners.

7. Protruding Eyes or Prominent Eyes

Applying makeup on protruding eyes can be a bit tricky because you don’t want the eyes to look too bright or awake as it is. The key to this look is keeping it minimal. Just apply a nude eyeshadow on the entire lid to drown out the redness and shadows. Always pick a matte shadow over a shimmer one. For the eyeliner, a tightlining is the best way to go. You can also apply eyeliner on the bottom lashline to balance out the bulge from the eyes. Another good tip is to make the eyes appear brighter by applying a flesh-toned eye pencil along the waterline. Always go easy on the mascara and falsies.

8. Downturned Eyes

For downturned eyes, follow the technique for round eyes. The difference is you need to go heavier on the eyeliner. After applying the eyeshadow, draw the eyeliner starting from the inner corner of the eye and extend all the way out. Winged and cat-eye looks are great to lift up the eyes. Curling your lashes and applying mascara also add extra eye lift.

9. Monolid Eyes

Small, monolid eyes are very common among Asian women. If you have this eye shape, it is important you learn how to make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Highlight the inner corners of your eyes all the way to the middle eyelids. Then, apply a darker eyeshadow, preferably a medium shade, at the outer corner to the top of the crease. This makes the eyes look rounder. To define the shape, use a darker eyeshadow lightly but don’t apply it beyond the middle eyelids. Of course, use your best friends—eyeliner and mascara. Draw a thin line but go thicker towards the outer corners.

Learn more makeup tips for different eye shapes in this video by NewBeauty Magazine:

In the world of makeup, beautiful eyes become lovelier. Work on your eye makeup game and see the difference! First off, it is important you know your eye shape and face shape. Then, keep practicing on the perfect eye makeup for you. Mastering your eye makeup technique won’t happen overnight but as long as you keep doing it, you’ll be an eye makeup pro in no time!

What do you think of our guide for different eye shapes? Let us know in the comments section below!

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on March 30, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

Your overall look can be enhanced in a number of ways by just applying eye shadow in an appropriate and proper way for your brown eyes. And you can rock any look if you have got one. From glittery to smoky you can appear great in every way. So let’s take a sneak-peek on some useful and functional tips on how to apply eyeshadow for brown eyes.

Types of Eyeshadow:

The eyeshadows come in three different styles. While the creamy eye shadows are considered best to be used as base colors, loose eyeshadows are quite difficult to deal with being more messy and tricky.

How to Apply Different Styles of EyeshadowPinterest

However, the third one, the pressed eyeshadows are believed to be the best as they have the tendency to blend easily and didn’t become muddled even after hours. Apart from a good eyeshadow, keep a primer handy with you. The primer will not only stabilizes the eyeshadow but also helps it to stay long for hours after applying.

Choosing a Perfect Colour:

First of all apart from your brown eye color, take a heed to your skin color as well so that selecting the eyeshadow color would become less tricky. However, to some degree almost every color compliments the brown colored eyes, either its bold colors like golden, purple or green or natural colors like beige, brown or light pink.

How to Apply Different Styles of EyeshadowPinterest

Although it is most advisable to pick the colors most suited to your skin, lip and hair colors. If you are having grey colored hairs and you are taking a red eyeshadow, it would give wretched results. So always be a picky chooser when it comes to makeup.

Putting the Base Colour on:

Now take the base colour that you have chosen according to your skin type and stack it thoroughly on the large shadow brush. A large shadow brush will sweep on highlighter and lighten the skin color by decreasing the marks if any. Apply it gently over the eyelid and above the crease and keep on brushing till you get an even look all over the area.

How to Apply Different Styles of EyeshadowPinterest

You may take the base color again until needed to make the work done properly. While doing so make outward strokes from the brush from the inner corner and apply smoothly giving light strokes. Always apply the brush from the inner part of the eyelid or the middle part moving towards outside. Keep in mind that the quality of the brush is as much important as the quality of products you are using while applying the eyeshadow and the overall makeup in general.

Getting the Even Eyeshadow Look:

In the next step, you will need an angled brush to put the eyeshadow over the eyelid. Take the eyeshadow that goes well with the outfit you are going to wear. But try not to choose it blindly. Keep a match between the skin color and outfit color as brown eyes are pretty enough to carry any of them perfectly. Load the brush with the selected eyeshadow and start applying it from the outer to inner corner of the eyes.

How to Apply Different Styles of EyeshadowPinterest

Try to do this in one long stroke as it will give an even and smooth appearance. You need to practice hard if you really wonder how to apply eyeshadow for brown eyes. While doing so the outer corner should be more highlighted, going lesser in the middle and even less towards the inner side.

Blending Two Colours for the Extra Blaze:

Following this, take another eyeshadow complementing the first one and start stroking from the inner corner, moving towards the outer one. It would be good if you take some contrasting color or a lighter shade from the first one. This will blend the two colors and give a more popped up look to the brown eyes. Make this work done by a blending brush that will smoke out the eyes automatically by combining the two eyeshadows from its fine hairs.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Highlighting the Brow Arch:

Now is the time to highlight the eyebrow arch. With a clean eyeshadow brush, preferably go for a smaller one this time, take the highlighter color and apply it gently from the inner corner moving towards just below the eyebrow arch. It will blend with the eyeshadow and base color and give a more impressive overall look. Always try to give smooth and gentle strokes so that colors can absorb easily into the skin to retain for a longer period of time.

How to Apply Different Styles of EyeshadowPinterest

Other than applying eyeshadow, a proper work with the eyeliner and mascara will do wonders too. Keep them handy as well. So the next time if anyone asks you as for how to apply eyeshadow for brown eyes, tell them to ponder over these tips and get the ever craved look in one go. Look beautiful, enhance your eyes and impress the people around you because it’s been said that ‘sometimes eyes say it all”.

One of the first things you notice when you meet someone are their eyes. And that is exactly what holds your attention. You may find brown eyes looking back at you, or green, blue or just beautiful black eyes. There are a number of things we can do to make our eyes more captivating. There are a number of makeup tips that almost all women know. One of the very first eye makeup mostly start off by is applying eyeliner. It usually does the trick to make your eyes look more defined and beautiful. But is there something else you can do that won’t require a lot of time or effort to enhance your pretty eyes? Yes, you can! And that can easily be done by applying eyeshadow.

Now girls mostly dread the task of putting on eyeshadow because they assume they would not be good at it or would not know how to apply it perfectly. Well guess what, girls? There’s a first time for everything. By the time you are done reading How To Apply Eye Shadow Perfectly – Detailed Steps With Pictures, you will find yourself flawlessly applying eyeshadow once you practice as described here. Lets start!

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Step # 1: Wash Your Face Properly

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Start off by washing your face properly. Make sure you get rid of any residual make up or anything else from your face. Then apply a mild moisturizer to your face and massage it gently on your skin.

Step # 2: Apply Concealer Around Your Eyes

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

The next thing you need to do after applying moisturizer is apply a bit of concealer if you feel the need. If you do, you will apply it on the top of your eyes and right above your eyelids. Then dust it off with a little powder.

Step # 3: Apply Primer On Your Eyes

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Moving on to a very important part, you would need to apply some primer on your eyes, especially your eyelids. These first three steps would ensure that your eyeshadow stays in place and lasts longer.

Step # 4: Select the Base Color

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Once you have applied the primer, you need to decide a base color for your eyeshadow. Remember that the base color is always one of the lighter tones like off white, cream, beige or a lighter shade of any color that you wish to apply.

Step # 5: Apply Lighter Base Color On Eyes

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Apply the base color you have chosen from the eyeshadow pallet with the help of an eyeshadow brush and pay special attention to the application around your eyelids. Also, be careful not to get any eyeshadow fall on your cheeks or under your eyes.

Step # 6: Apply Darker Base Color On Eyes

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Then you will go for a darker shade to pair up the base with. You may go with a darker tone of the base color that you chose or you can opt for a different one depending on the look you are going for. Since this is for beginners, we’ll hold off on experimenting with different shades for now.

Step  # 7: Wet the Eye Brush Slightly

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

From the application of the chosen color this time, you will wet your brush slightly with rosewater or even water, whatever is conveniently available for you. After wetting the brush you will put eyeshadow on it and start working it on your eyes

Step # 8: Apply Your Eye Shadow Color

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

To do this, you will take the brush and start by applying the color to the outer corners of your eyes and you would need to do this slowly so that it does not end up near or over the eyelids. You can also add a dash of white/silver/off white shade in the inner corner of your eyes to pop them out a little.

Step # 9: Apply Eyeliner Neatly

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Once that is done, you can go on applying this shade by putting a little more eyeshadow just above your eyelashes. Then take some eyeliner and neatly apply it on your eyelids. Make sure it is applied evenly on both sides. .

Step # 10: Apply Mascara On Your Eyelashes

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Finish it off by applying a double coat of mascara on each of your top and bottom eyelashes to complete the entire look. Make sure the mascara is applied properly and doesn’t stain.

Once you have perfected this task, you can feed on your imagination and play around with more colors. You can also go with different styles incorporating a number of shades and you can also add some black to further intensify your eyes.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Applying two eye shadow colors is a simple way to intensify your eye shadow look and create some depth in your peepers. You can use any eye shadow colors that you want for this look, but the key to creating depth is to choose one light eye shadow and another shadow that’s similar in color, but at least a few shades darker.

Step One

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Use a flat, dense eye shadow brush to pick up some of the lighter eye shadow color. Tap off the excess and press the color into your lid up to your crease. Do this until the color covers the entire lid area, from inner tear duct to outer corner, where your eyelashes end.

Step Two

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Pick up some of the darker color with a rounded, fluffy crease brush. Tap off the excess and place the tip of the shadow brush right at the outer corner of your eyelid near your lash line. Move the brush back and forth across your crease in a windshield wiper motion.

Step Three

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Use a clean, fluffy blending brush to blend the colors together and get rid of any harsh lines. Start at the outer corner and blend back and forth using small circular motions and the same windshield wiper motion that you did to apply the color.

Pro Tip

• Apply the darker color a little bit at a time. You can always add more color until you reach the intensity that you want, but it’s difficult to remove color once it’s in place. • If you’re a beginner, use matte colors instead of colors with a lot of shimmer or sparkle. Matte colors are more forgiving and tend to blend easier than shimmery ones.

One style doesn’t fit all.


In This Article

If you’ve ever viewed a beautifully packaged eye shadow palette with wariness and just a tinge of fear, we hear you. There are so many different colors and formulations that it’s hard to know how to apply what and where. Then there’s the question of how to apply it so that it best flatters your unique eye shape (we know, yet another factor to consider). But fear not: Today, we’re tackling the art of proper application and the products that’ll give you the best delivery.

We spoke with makeup artist Brett Freedman (he’s responsible for Camilla Belle’s ever-flawless makeup) and got his tips on the right shadow application technique to complement any eye shape, whether small, downturned, etc.—because the eyeliner-mascara combination you’ve been wearing since middle school is probably ready for an upgrade.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Meet the Expert

Brett Freedman is an LA-based celebrity makeup artist and the founder of the Brett Freedman Beauty line of professional makeup products. He has previously worked on campaigns for Revlon, Neutrogena, and Pantene.

Almond Eyes

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Freedman declares almond-shaped eyes “the most fun eye shape to make up.” For daytime, he suggests using a matte taupe color (like Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Shadow in Warm Taupe, $12) over the lid, into the crease, and upward toward the brow bone. Then use a deeper matte shade (we like MAC Eye Shadow in Charcoal Brown, $17) on the outer corner and blend both lines together with a rounded eye shadow brush.

“To really make your eyes pop, add a champagne shimmer pencil (like NARS Velvet Shadow Stick, $29) or shadow to your inner eye and tear duct area,” Freedman suggests. He says to avoid the urge to use shimmer over the entire lid and crease because it can make that area too prominent: “You want your actual eyes to pop, not the makeup!”

Round Eyes

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

When it comes to round eyes, Freedman says the key is to apply the most vivid part of the makeup on the top lash line and on the outer corners. “You want to keep the bottom lash line very minimal,” he advises. He suggests drawing a soft, smudged taupe line on your lower lash line using a product that’s lighter than the color on your top lid. “I use just a touch of mascara to finish the look,” he says.

“Round eyes tend to read cute,” Freedman says. “If you want a sexier feel, play up your eyes [by applying a darker shadow] upward and out.”

Hooded Eyes

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

“When I work with an actress with hooded eyes, I tend to take the lid out of the equation,” Freedman explains. He uses a smoky taupe eye shadow (like Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Pistol, $20) along the lash line, over the lid, and up into the crease, skipping any lighter shadow. Use this technique if you have uneven lids as well. “A light lid will just highlight your lids and make them look more uneven,” he says.

To create more dimension and bring out the shape of hooded lids, Freedman uses a deeper shadow (try Make Up For Ever Eye Shadow in Espresso, $17) along the lash line and blends it into the taupe color. “This recesses everything, instead of highlighting the hooded lid or monolid,” he says.

Downturned Eyes

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Like the technique he uses for round eyes, Freedman suggests keeping the darker shadows on the top lash line. “Dark, smoky eyes can bring out the droop even more,” he says. “You want lift—so lots of lashes on top, minimal on the bottom.”

To help the eyes look lifted, Freedman suggests using brown mascara on the bottom lashes instead of black—that way, there isn’t anything too dark that will pull the eyes down. He also swears by the power of expertly placed highlighter: “Highlighting the brow bone will help pull attention upward!” Try Benefit Watts Up ($30) or Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil ($23) directly under your eyebrow arch to counteract drooping.

Spread your wings. literally.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Despite trying out thousands—literally, thousands—of makeup products over the course of my career as a beauty editor, I tend to gravitate towards a few key products. I’m a total lipstick devotee, and I can never pass up that signature thwip of opening a brand new tube of inky-fresh mascara. But if there’s one product I would trade for all the others, it’s a slick, pigmented liquid liner. While some of my favorite ladies in the industry tend to throw on a red lip for instant confidence, I swoop on an onyx cat eye when I need to feel confident enough to overthrow my enemies Outlander-style. you know, if I had to.

I’ve had a ton of practice when it comes to making liner look creative and crisp, though, much like most editors at their respective outlets. Makeup artists are constantly giving us in-person tutorials and tips, so we’re privy to some cool tricks that everyone can master: how to get the shape right the first time, how to personalize a wing for your face, and even what to pair your liner with to take the look up a notch. So to anyone who’s uttered the phrase “I could never rock that,” I’m here to tell you that you fucking can. And celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes, who’s glammed up stars like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Ashley Graham, can vouch.

“Anyone can wear any kind of eyeliner. It just depends on where it goes on each person’s eye,” says Hughes, even when it comes to a more editorial look. Read on for some eye-opening inspo, and a few tips from Hughes herself.

Celebrity makeup artist Erin Parsons shares her tricks of the trade.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Trying to master applying eyeshadow is like trying to master yoga: No matter how good you get, there’s always a more advanced technique to learn. From cut creases to smoky eyes, there’s an infinite number of looks you can create, which can be kind of intimidating. But allow Erin Parsons, Maybelline’s Global Makeup Artist who works with Gigi Hadid and Adriana Lima, be your guide. She’ll help you finally nail the basics of applying shadow with her easy-to-follow tips.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

While there are thousands of eyeshadow tutorials at your disposal, Parsons advises eyeshadow amateurs to skip watching videos. “You’re going to get scared. Let go of the idea that you have to layer on 35 products. It’s so fun to watch, but you can also use a cream eye shadow stick and smudge it with your finger,” she says. “Play with products that melt quickly, then you can start to build when you get better at it.”

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

“I never start with powder eyeshadow first,” Parsons explains. “I always use a pencil or cream shadow first. It adds a base and then you can blend it with a brush. When you use so much powder on your eyes, you start to lose the life in the skin.” Her current go-to is the Puma x Maybelline Matte and Metallic Eye Duo Stick.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

“I always start with a transition color, like a taupe-y or warm nude-y brown. Go in and shape the eye. You get it on your crease and a little bit of your outer corner and you have already made the eye beautiful. You just give tone.” Parsons says. “Everything else after that is just for fun.”

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Once you’ve put down a transition shade, Parsons says you can slowly build on it by adding different textures and colors. Just make sure to start small. “Take your shimmer and pop on a little metallic just on the center of the lid, or just your inner corner. If you have a warm undertone try gold. If you’re fair maybe something more icy,” she says. “You can add the dark shadow. You can add bright blue. If you ever go too far, it can literally be wiped off. It’s just makeup!”

Blend and Apply Eyeshadow Like a Makeup Artist

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How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

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Eyeshadow application can be daunting. First, you must choose the right eyeshadow palette for your eye color, then you have to figure out how to use all the various shades on your lid.

When it comes to eyeshadow, choosing the right tools and colors is essential.

How to Properly Apply Eyeshadow

For a basic everyday look, use an eyeshadow primer and a brush. Apply a neutral base coat, then use a darker shade in the crease. If you want to add some brightness to your look, use a highlighter just above the crease and in the inner corner of the eyes. It will make your eyes look brighter and you will look more awake.

How to Choose an Eyeshadow Palette

The key to selecting an eye shadow palette is to consider your eye color. You want your eyes to pop and the best way to do this is to use a contrasting color palette on your lids.

Blue eyes look great with golds and browns. Green eyes are wonderful with pinks, purples, and browns. Brown or dark brown eyes look wonderful with blues, greens, aubergine, or even deep, jewel colors. Taupe and lavender look great on all eye colors.

Get Professional Help in Choosing Your Best Colors

If you are overwhelmed at first, visit the beauty counter at a department store or specialty store. The staff can help you find the right colors for you and will show you how to apply it. Department store counters are also a good bet for finding the right colors for you.

How to Wear Jewel Tones on Your Lids

Jewel-toned colors with dark pigments look best on women with olive skin tones. If you have a pink complexion, light skin, light hair, and light eyes, deeply pigmented colors such as deep purples, blues and greens can be too harsh on your skin color, unless you are going for a very bold look.

Be Careful With Shimmer Eyeshadows

Shimmer makes eyes really pop, but it also highlights heavy lids, lines, and wrinkles. If you don’t have wrinkled eyelids yet, try this great look for shimmer: create a “nude” lid, but apply a bit of gold shimmer to the brow bone. Gorgeous!

Throw Out Those Freebie Foam Applicators

The best tools for eyeshadow application are brushes. You can use just a couple: One medium-sized brush for your neutral color and one for the crease. You can go all out and get a smaller blending brush for your highlighter color and an angled brush to apply eyeshadow as a liner.

How to Use Eye Shadow as Eyeliner

Instead of a pencil or liquid liners, you can use the darkest color in your palette as eyeliner. Use a small, pointed brush, dampen it slightly, and dip it into the color. Carefully sweep it along the lash line and just under the bottom lashes.

Want Your Shadow to Last? Set It With a Primer First

Primers are super hot right now because they help set makeup that stays for hours. One of the best products is Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.

How to Create a Smokey Eye

The smokey eye is a classic look that hasn’t gone out of style. If you’re going for this look, keep color to the lid and just under the lower lash line. Don’t extend color above the crease.

How to Make Your Eyes Look Brighter and More Awake

A makeup artist secret is to press a bit of light eyeshadow into the inside corner of the eye. This makes eyes look brighter and more awake. You can use a white pencil to do this, too, but the lightest color in any makeup palette works best.

Should You Save or Splurge on an Eyeshadow?

A great eyeshadow will stay on your eyes all day long, while a cheap, $4 palette will have faded by the time you finish your mid-morning coffee. What’s more, quality department store counter eyeshadows typically have richer colors. However, you can extend the life of cheap shadows if you use a primer first and finish with a setting spray.

It makes sense to splurge on neutral palettes you wear all the time and buy cheap versions of bold colors like shimmery purples.

How to Pair Eyeshadow With Red Lips

If you’re going for dramatic red lips (never out of fashion), keep your eye makeup light and neutral so your lips get all the attention.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

In This Article

Ashley Rebecca is a freelance makeup artist in New York City with an extensive list of clients, including editorial and celebrity. Her attention to detail, product knowledge, and overall experience has set her apart as a go-to beauty guru and trusted expert in her field. She combines her love for makeup and writing by bringing her clients and readers the latest scoop on what is relevant in the industry. With exclusive opportunities to see new product launches such as NYFW, print, editorial, television, and celebrity, she’s always in the know of what’s up-and-coming.

Mastering eye shadow can be tough—there’s applying, blending, patting (not to mention tons of various brushes)—but there are ways to ensure you’re doing it right. While eye shadow can seem intimidating at first, it’s actually not as complicated as you might think. The first step is finding what products you like, of course, and what look you feel your best in. So, let’s break down various eye shadow textures so you know exactly what you’re dealing with.

Cream Eyeshadow

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Cream eye shadows are one of the easiest products to apply, because you can do it with your fingers, no major tools required. Cream textures are softer and tend to blend better when warmed, making them easy to pop on your eyelid with your finger and get on with the rest of your day. Some creams come in sticks, pots, matte, or shimmery formulas and can be worn alone or under powder eye shadow as a color enhancer or base.

Powder Eyeshadow

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

The most common type of shadow is powder, and you’ll find that most powder shadows come in palettes with two or more colors to choose from. You can also purchase single powder eye shadows if your style is more about committing to one color, but the palettes can really be fun. This is where the artist in you can come out and experiment with different colors. Powder shadows come in matte and shimmery finishes.

Liquid Eyeshadow

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Liquid eyeshadows are usually a creamy, liquid texture that will dry down to a powdery finish, so you kind of get the best of both worlds with these. They normally come with a doe-foot applicator or wand, making the application super easy and precise all in one.

Now that you’ve got your textures down, let’s go over some eyeshadow looks you can try.

The Cut Crease

This is a really popular eye shadow look, because no matter what eye shape you have, when using this technique you can make any eye shape appear more open. The crease of your eye is defined by using darker shadow and not blending it as much to show the contrast between your eyelid and crease. When you use contrasting eye shadow colors, everything looks much more defined, and you can create the illusion of the eye looking wider. Simply pick the palette of colors you want to use, and define the crease with a darker shadow than the one applied on your lid, blending in a back and forth motion to hollow the crease out. Using a brush that has a tapered end to it is ideal, as this will blend the easiest in the crease without a lot of shadow fallout.

The Smokey Eye

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

The biggest misconception about the smokey eye is that it takes hours to perfect, which is totally not true. One of the easiest ways to create this look is to use a gel waterproof eyeliner that is soft, and line the top and bottom of the eyes, smudging the liner with a brush or your finger as you go. This instantly adds the smudgy smoke effect and takes less than a minute to do. The next step is to lightly apply a darker color cream or powder shadow on top of the eyeliner, blending it out with your brush until you get the dramatic effect you want. A smoky eye can also be any color you want it to be, not just black or brown. Finish with two coats of mascara to tie the look together.

The Monochromatic Eye

This eye makeup look literally takes seconds to create, as it’s one wash of color on the lid and doesn’t require a lot of excess blending or mixing colors. You can opt for a bold blue or vibrant hue, or keep it neutral, tying the blush and lip color together in the same tones to create an overall monochromatic makeup look. Apply a cream or powder shadow on the lid and blend outward until you feel it looks right. You can also extend the color lightly all the way up to the brow bone to create a gradient effect.

How to Apply Different Styles of EyeshadowA lot of people have asked me about different eyeliner styles and how to do them but the truth is I haven’t really spent a lot of time trying out the cat eye, Egyptian Pharaoh or Goth look. I don’t have the face or coloring for dramatic eyeliner or makeup. (OK I confess, I’m a closet mouse really with a hankering for natural makeup, that looks like me, only better but I’m going to rebel one of these days….)

All is not lost though, even though I can’t give you the run down on these different eyeliner looks on my eyes, there are plenty of makeup daredevils who like nothing better than to give themselves a dramatic look with their eyeliner and you can get a whole ton of eyeliner ideas and tutorials on how to do them if you look for them.

To save you the bother I have put together a whole list of resources here so that you can look at the ones you’re most interested in. Enjoy! It certainly opened my eyes to what eyeliner can do – if you have the face and personality for it of course 🙂 and I even found some that I am going to try out with all the videos I have watched to put this together.

By the way if you just want to know how to create a natural looking eyeliner for a classic look, see the article on How to Apply Eyeliner instead.

Cat Eyeliner

This is a very simple video to follow if you want to learn how to do cat eyeliner. Cat eye liner is a great evening look and adds a bit of drama even if you don’t want to look too made up. Cat eyes can be a sexy look too though so watch out for predators! This could be quite heavy black eyeliner but you’ll see in the video how it is softened just a bit so that the eyes don’t look too closed in.

For a lighter summer look, see this summer cat eye tutorial from Smashbox cosmetics. This goes through the whole makeup so if you’re only interested in the eyeliner fast forward to around the 3 minute mark but the whole thing is only 5 minutes so it’s worth a watch as it creates a very pretty natural look. Even I will have a go at this one.

And here’s yet another way to do cat eyes eyeliner with versions for day and evening. You will find that you may suit one shape more than another if other styles of eyeliner are anything to go by. I’m going to try these two and the summer look this week.

Arabic Eyeliner Looks

Arabic or Egyptian eyeliner is characterized by heavy black lines. Egyptian eyeliner always has a distinctive line at the outer corner of the eyes just like you see on an Egyptian mummy and pictures of the Pharaohs but you can follow videos for either to get a powerful and dramatic look.

Hot Arabic Makeup

This video has over 100 great Arab eyeliner and makeup ideas so that you can get an idea how you want to look before following the tutorials in the other videos. Why not freeze the frame with your favorite look while you practice putting on your eyeliner so that you know what you are aiming for?

Arabic eyeliner tutorial

This one has a heavy dramatic eyeliner for a traditional Arab look. Good clear tutorial that shows you don’t have to be perfect with your eyeliner application to achieve the look (though it helps).

Arabic eye make up tutorial

A good video if you want help with eye shadow as well as eyeliner. Gives guidance on using tape to get a more defined look. Uses black eyeliner plus red and black eyeshadow

Egyptian Queen inspired makeup

Many of the online videos for Arabic and Egyptian eyeliner show very thick black lines around the eyes and that makes them too harsh for everyday wear as well as too dramatic for most people especially those with fairer coloring. But this video shows a very wearable look with Egyptian makeup as the lines are distinct but slightly thinner. Probably best for evening though. I like the silver eyeliner used to highlight the black in this video.

Green Arabic Eyeliner and Makeup Tutorial

A beautiful look with green eyeshadow and Arabic eyeliner

And ones with lilac and blue dramatic Arabic eyes.

Goth Eyeliner Ideas

If you want goth eyeliner, then you will find a couple of tutorials below to choose from for slightly different looks.

In the first one I picked out, black eyeshadow and eyeliner are extended out to side of the eyes with a flick and then a swirl design added in black cake eyeliner with a fine brush. You could use a gel too. I’m not a goth – I’ve never been a goth – but I like this look until it goes a bit over the top with the face painting. Still it’s not so scary LOL

I like this second Goth look as it has a bit of color to it but still characterized by the thick black eyeliner that is essential for the look

There are quite a few more on You Tube but they were for full Goth makeup or they seemed more punk than Goth to me so I’ll let you be the judge as I’m not sure what Goth is any more LOL after looking at all of these. Here’s what you get when you look for Goth eye makeup tutorial anyway.

Emo Eyeliner Styles

Now if you’re into the emo scene then you have probably seen lots of examples of eye make up that work for the look. There’s no one particularly look – it’s just characterized as looking a bit sad and well, emotional. Here are a few tutorials that you can try to get your own style.

Here’s one created only with Styli-Style eyeliner used to paint a thick line on the upper lids and an only slightly thinner line below. Distinctive touch added at the inner corner to give the emo look.

More emo scene makeup, this time just following the shape of the eyes with thick black lines and then smudging upwards to soften the look a bit on the upper lids

A more sophisticated emo scene look for teens. This has quite a long intro – actual tutorial starts at 2 minutes.

I hope that give you a good idea of the possibilities whatever eyeliner styles you’re interested in.

When it comes to doing eye makeup, the key really is to blend. But with so many sizes and shapes of blending brushes out there, how do you know when to use what kind? And do you really even need every type of blending brush? Well the answer to that second question is no. You don’t need every single type of blending brush that has ever existed. But a few wouldn’t hurt.

If you’re the laid-back, throw-a-color-in-the-crease-and-go kinda gal, you might only need a fluffy or tapered brush. But if you like experimenting with a variety of colors, defined looks like a cut-crease, or blown-out looks like a dramatic smoky eye, you’ll probably need a wider variety of tools. And because the brushes you use matter just as much (if not more) than the makeup you use to achieve the looks you imagine, it’s important to find quality tools. But remember that “quality” does not necessarily mean “expensive.” It just means that the bristles are made from the right material (whether they’re sable or synthetic), they don’t scratch your skin, and they don’t shed. And if you know how to use these seven different types of blending brushes, you’ll be able to master any eye look.

1. Dense, Rounded Blending-Brush

While small, dense blending-brushes can work well with powder, they’re really great for blending out cream products. Whether applying an eyeshadow base all over the eye, or blending out a shadow-stick, these brushes are amazing for quick applications and blended cream-eyeshadow looks.

2. Fluffy, Rounded Blending-Brush

Fluffy blending-brushes like this can be used with our without product to seamlessly blend color. Use it with a transition shade for a sheer wash of color in the crease, or go over the edges of your shadow so there are no harsh lines.

3. Fluffy, Tapered Blending-Brush

Tapered blending brushes like this are a must-have. Just like the fluffy blending brush, they can be used with or without product. However, when using this brush with product, the tapered tip allows one to apply more concentrated color into the crease.

4. Small, Tapered Blending-Brush

And of course, the smaller the brush, the more concentrated the color-application. This brush is similar to the fluffy, tapered brush above, but its smaller tip allows for even more precision. A blending brush like this one is really great for applying and blending a cut-crease look.

5. Tapered, Duo-Fibre Blending-Brush

Duo-fibre brushes are typically less-dense at the top (where the white bristles stand out) and more dense toward the base of the bristles (where the black/brown bristles are). This aspect makes them perfect for using without any product to blend out an eye look. Use light pressure around the brow bone to help crease colors seamlessly fade, and use slightly more pressure in the crease to blend multiple colors.

6. Petite, Tapered Blending-Brush

Like the small, tapered brush mentioned above, a brush like this is also good for applying and blending shadows for a cut-crease (or other concentrated) look. However, the shorter bristles make this brush ideal for blending out eyeliner or eyeshadow on the lash-line. For soft winged-eyeliner, try applying eyeshadow in a wing-shape with an angled eyeliner-brush, and then blending out the edges with a petite, tapered blending-brush like this one.

7. Large, Domed Blending-Brush

To really make sure there are no harsh, unwanted edges in your eye look, a large, domed blending-brush like this one is perfect. Without any product on the brush, just sweep around the edges of your shadow for a seamlessly-blended look.

The right brushes really do make a difference.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

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There was a time when applying liquid eyeliner seemed impossible, but after lots of practice, it’s become almost second nature for me. That said, I feel it’s time to tackle the next tricky beauty lookyes ma’am, I’m talking about how to apply cut crease eyeshadow. Lately, celebs and beauty gurus alike are living for a snatched cut crease look, and while the final glam seems daunting, it’s not that hard to create when you break the process down from start to finish.

“A cut crease can work on many different eye shapes, as it really provides dimension to the eye and makes it look even more open,” says L’Oréal Paris Celebrity Makeup Artist Sir John. He’s done many a cut crease on his celeb clients (like Beyoncé, NBD), so with a palette in hand and his tips in mind, I pieced together the perfect step-by-step guide to nailing cut crease eyeshadow. If you’re planning to give the look a go on your own eyes, read on for the best approach.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Apply primer to your eyelids

Not so fast! Before you even think about reaching for a palette, lay down a base to ensure your lids are appropriately prepped. I apply a thin layer of the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Amplifying Eye Primer and let it sit for about 30 seconds. If you aren’t a fan of the tacky feel or worry about your shadow creasing, you can set the primer with a translucent powder before moving on to your shadows.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Hollow the eye with a matte shadow

Before you can carve out a crease, you need to create some depth. “I’d start with a light to medium brown shade for hollowing out the eye, and buff the shade in gradually,” says Sir John. The Revolution Beauty Forever Flawless Decadent Eyeshadow Palette has the perfect shades for a warm, reddish cut crease moment, so I take “Sahara” and “Grandeur” on a fluffy crease brush and start working the matte brown hues into my natural crease.

I make sure to bring the colors slightly above my natural crease as well. I do this by opening my eyes while I blend to ensure the shadow is still visible. (No, my look isn’t totally matte, as my brush had a bit of shimmer residue on it from past glams. Don’t @ me, okay?)

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Use a darker shade to add drama and define

Next, take a more precise brush and a darker matte shade to create further depth before cutting the crease. A dark brown would suffice, but for my reddish look, I used a combination of “Hedonic” and “Splendid,” and worked them just above my crease to deepen up the light brown blending I did one step prior.

“If you have deep-set eyes, I wouldn’t recommend over-contouring, since you already have this natural hollowing,” says Sir John. In that case, the additional definition can start to feel heavy. Finally, I use a flat brush to pack on more of the dark shade onto the outer third of my lid.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Carve, or “cut,” the crease with concealer

Here we go, y’all. To really nail the look, I live and die for the Revolution Beauty Cut Crease Canvas, but if you don’t see yourself going full-glam often enough to justify buying it, your concealer and a flat shader brush will do the trick. Looking directly into my mirror with eyes open, I use the product to carve out a semi-circle just above my natural hollow.

“To carve out the crease, it’s best to follow the groove of the eye socket to find the right placement,” says Sir John. Once I’m satisfied with the shape, I apply a little more product and coat the inner two-thirds of the lid with it. Don’t stress about blending this into the darker shadow on the outer third, as the next steps will ensure a seamless blend.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Apply a shimmery shadow atop the concealer

Now we’re getting somewhere, people! Next, I take “Glimmer” and use a flat brush to pack the shade onto the inner two-thirds of my lid, until all the concealer is covered. Next, I take a darker, bronzy shimmer shade, called “Luxe” and lay it between “Glimmer” and my dark red outer third. I blend until the shimmery part of my eye transitions smoothly into the dark outer corner. It seems simple, but that perfect blend can be the most tedious step, so be patient!

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Cut the crease with a glitter liner

Since I’m not yet a cut crease pro like Sir John, the crease I carve with my concealer isn’t always as razor-sharp as I’d like, so I use a little liner to amp it up. It looks like you’re super-talented and going above and beyond, but in reality, it’s the perfect way to cover up a sloppy carving job!

I take the PYT Beauty Glam Glitter Gel in “Gold” on a liner brush and use it to trace my cut crease, starting near my inner corner and stopping at the center of my lid. This is when the look really comes together and I start to get excited about flexing for the ‘Gram.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Add your finishing touches (lashes, liner, etc.)

Once your cut crease is slayed, you can personalize the look to your liking. I always take my Kaja Wink Stamp Wing Eyeliner & Pen and create a quick and easy liner look (If you’re really trying to improve your glam game, this stamp-on wing is a MUST!).

Then, I apply my KISS Blowout Lashes in “Pageboy” and highlight my inner corner and brow bone with my sparkly shade of choice. Finally, I run one of my darker mattes ever-so-lightly along my lower lash line. Time to reach for my ring light.

How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Start a YouTube channel and become a professional beauty guru

You’re done! You look so good! When my cut crease glam is complete, I finish the rest of my makeup and feel like a total pro. James Charles could never! Once you’ve mastered this basic cut crease approach, don’t be afraid to get creative and push your limits. Try out different color schemes, more dramatic liner, Euphoria-esque rhinestones, or whatever your extra heart desires.

Don’t be surprised when Sir John starts calling you the cut crease master. Shop everything you’ll need to recreate this look below.

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How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

Eye makeup application isn’t the same for everyone. With different shapes and characteristics, eyes require different techniques when it comes to applying makeup. Eye shapes, like hooded eyes, require certain tips and tricks to make your eyes pop. There are certain ways to do – and not to do – eye makeup for hooded eyes, and we’ve rounded up some of our favorite makeup techniques to help you get started.

Heavy Eyelids: How to Tell if You Have Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes feature an extra layer of skin that droops over the crease in your eyelid, making it appear smaller. If you want to figure out if you have hooded eyes, take a look at your eye crease. With your eyes wide open, is the crease of your eyelid visible or hidden? If it’s hidden, you have a hooded eye shape. A handful of actresses have hooded eyes, think: Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Blake Lively and Cate Blanchett. Makeup is tricky for hooded eyes because if you’re not sure how to apply it correctly, it seems to magically disappear after about an hour or so. Sound familiar? No worries. We’ve got just the tips you need to make your eyes pop!

Best Eye Makeup Tips for Hooded Eyes

If you have hooded eyes, check out these 6 makeup tutorials to see what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to applying makeup!

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Cut Crease Tutorial – Hooded Eyes | Brianna Fox

If you’re not familiar with the term cut crease, it’s a technique that cuts across the crease to define it with contrasting eyeshadow colours and little to no blending. It’s great for hooded eyes since it creates the look of a crease for you. She demonstrates how to do it in a way that’s not intimidating. Practice makes perfect! She uses the Anastasia Modern Renaissance Palette to get the look.

Hooded Eyes Do’s and Don’ts | Melanie Brett

It’s just as important to know what not to do when it comes to makeup for hooded eyes as it is to know what to do. This video shows you how to enhance your hooded eyes and create makeup looks that suit your eye shape. From your brows to your crease to your outer eye and lash line, she shows you the best techniques to make your hooded eyes pop. Don’t forget to use an eyeshadow base to ensure your shadow lasts as long as possible. She suggests MAC’s Paint Pot in Soft Ochre.

Glam Makeup + Tips for Hooded Eyes | McKenna Burns

If you have hooded eyes and want a glam makeup look, this is the tutorial for you! She shows you how to create the illusion of a larger eyelid and how to do your eyeshadow so that you can see it when you’re looking forward and your eyelid doesn’t cover your hard work. She uses the Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Palette to get the glam look and shows you what a huge difference small changes to your makeup routine can make!

If you have trouble doing makeup for hooded eyes, take note from these amazing tutorials that show you exactly how to rock makeup with hooded eyes!

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How to Apply Different Styles of Eyeshadow

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