How to diagnose and fix an overheating laptop

February 25th, 2019

Today, we are going to tell you the reason for overheating and how you can overcome it. Due to overheating, your device and its performance may slow down. This is because the CPU reduces the “clock speed” from overheating.

How to diagnose and fix an overheating laptop

It will often happen with you that your laptop starts heating up while working. In this case, you feel that you have done a lot of work due to which the laptop has run for a long time and now the device has become heated and it is overheating, so it is not so. The heating of the device does not mean that your device is hot if it is overheating but your laptop overheat occurs when its fan is constantly running at maximum speed.

Today, we are going to tell you the reason for overheating and how you can overcome it. Due to overheating, your device and its performance may slow down. This is because the CPU reduces the “clock speed” from overheating.

Cooling pads will control overheating

If you are too overwhelmed with the overheating of laptops, then these measures are effective. Using a cooler or cooling pad, you can get rid of this problem. Coolpad gives extra cooling to laptops At the same time, it is important to pay attention to the fact that you use the correct cool pad. While purchasing, take special care of where the airflow in the laptop is going on, then you will be able to save the laptop from overheating.

Do not Affect the Laptop Airflow

When we work on most laptops, we try to maintain it with a pillow or sofa. In such cases, the air cooling part is made in the laptops, and the work of keeping the cushion, sofa etc. affect the laptop’s airflow. In this way, the heat level of the laptop continues to grow and the thing on which the laptop is kept is also getting hot. In such a case it is a wrong method which promotes overheating. For this, work on keeping the laptop in a flat area.

Pay attention to intake grill

The intake grill can also be cleaned by spray with the help of canned air. After this, the use of fresh thermal grease on the laptop manual can be used. Along with this, if you do not have any information about cleaning, then do not clean the laptop or its parts with nothing to do without it.

Learn the Real Heat Value of Laptops

Along with this, if you want to know what the real heat value of the laptop is, then use the tool like ‘HW Monitor’ for it. With this, you will easily know which part of the laptop is getting very hot.

Cleaning of laptop

To avoid overheating, firstly clean the laptop fan, which helps keep the CPU and the graphics card cool. If you do not pay attention to cleaning the fan regularly, the way of the airflow is blocked due to dust. You can take help of his manual to open the laptop. Also, clean the laptop according to the manual.

Shutdown it before cleaning the laptop

It is very important to shut down the laptop before clearing it. After the shutdown, you remove the battery and keep the laptop unplugged. You can clean it with cotton and alcohol or any cotton cloth. Do not rotate the fan upside down while cleaning. You can also clean the exhaust ports with a vacuum cleaner.

Why laptop overheat so hot? It’s because of powerful hardware stuffed in compact space. As we see it today, laptops are getting slims and powerful and yet hotter like the core of the sun. Companies are trying to make slimmer processor and graphics cards but these developments are causing overheating issues in the laptop.

Small space for air to circulate in the case is the reason why laptop overheats so fast. In almost all laptop air intake vents are placed below which makes it more difficult to breathe in the fresh air.

Why does my laptop heat up so quickly? It is a fact that laptops do run hot but is it overheating? To know this first make sure that the following signs appear.

  1. Fans run constantly at noisy speed
  2. Shutting down occurs
  3. Blue screen of death appears
  4. Experiencing slowdowns

Once these signs of overheating appear, the next step which is necessary is to prevent overheating on the laptop.

Prevent Laptop Overheating

Here we have briefly explained the methods to cool down your laptop. You can start by

  1. Cleaning your laptop fans and internal cleansing
  2. Always use the laptop on a flat and hard surface
  3. Use a lap desk or make one of your own by hiring a carpenter.
  4. Monitor You laptop temperature by installing HWMonitor or Core Temp
  5. Update graphics card drivers
  6. Keep it away from the sun
  7. Install fan control software like SpeedFan for Windows and smcFanControl for Mac
  8. Avoid doing intense work and give your laptop some rest
  9. In extreme situation re-apply thermal paste
  10. Avoid Overclocking
  11. Check whether heatsink is properly placed on CPU

These preventive measures can 100% solve your laptop overheating problem. If you have any other method under your sleeves then share it with us.