How to embed fonts in powerpoint

Third-party fonts are not embedded in a PowerPoint presentation by default. Therefore, if you send it to a colleague, text might not appear correctly. Custom fonts are automatically substituted with a standard font if the recipient’s computer (or website) doesn’t have the desired font installed.

font: Arial (substituted)

Learn how to embed font in a .pptx file.

Check font file properties

Before embedding a font, make sure that the font file is not read-only, and that it is available for embedding.

Log in as Administrator (to change font file attributes if necessary).

Open File Explorer and go to C:WindowsFonts .

Find the font that you used in your presentation (e.g., Lobster Regular).

Right-click the font and select Properties .

Remove the Read-only attribute if it’s checked, and then click OK .

Go to the Details tab. Make sure that the Font embeddability property is either Installable or Editable . Otherwise, you cannot embed it.

Embed the font in a presentation

PowerPoint 2010, 2013, 2016:

Open a presentation that you want to share.

Go to the main PowerPoint menu on the upper-left corner.

Select Options .
Save, to embed fonts” src=”” height=”515″ title=”PowerPoint options”>

Go to the Save options on the left.

Find the embedding options at the very bottom and check Embed fonts in the file . Here, you can either embed only the characters used in the presentation’s text, or the font’s entire character set. To be safe, we recommend that you select Embed all characters , though it will take more space.
Save > Embed fonts in the file > Embed all characters” src=”″ height=”535″ title=”Embedding fonts in a PowerPoint presentation, Options window”>

Under the Preserve fidelity. dropdown menu, you can select the current presentation only, or apply this setting to all presentations that you save.

Click OK and save the presentation.

Now that the fonts are embedded in your .pptx file, you can send it to a colleague or upload it to the Internet, and keep all the fonts displayed exactly as in the original PowerPoint.

Note: the file size can grow dramatically if you embed all font’s available characters. Each font can take up to several megabytes of the published presentation size. Don’t use more than two non-standard fonts in your presentation to keep a consistent design and small file size.

Other font issues

Some commercial fonts are protected with DRM and are not available for embedding. You can check this out in the font file properties via the Details tab. In this case, please choose another font; there is no simple and legal workaround.

Also, some downloaded fonts might contain errors in the charset, so they will not be processed correctly either. This is a rare occasion though.

If you are still having problems with fonts, please contact us at support.

How to embed fonts in powerpoint

If you send someone your PowerPoint presentation, but they don’t have the used fonts installed, the formatting and layout can get messed up. You can prevent this from happening by embedding the fonts in your presentation. Here’s how it works on Windows and Mac.

Embed Fonts in PowerPoint for Windows

To embed the fonts used in your PowerPoint presentation, open the respective file and select the “File” tab.

How to embed fonts in powerpoint

At the bottom of the left pane, select “Options.”

The “PowerPoint Options” window will appear. Here, select “Save” in the left pane.

How to embed fonts in powerpoint

Next, find the “Preserve Fidelity When Sharing This Presentation” section at the bottom of the window and check the box next to “Embed Fonts in the File.” You’ll then need to decide between these two embedding options:

  • Embed Only the Characters Used in the Presentation (Best for Reducing File Size).
  • Embed All Characters (Best for Editing by Other People).

How to embed fonts in powerpoint

Select “OK” after you’re finished. The fonts will now be embedded in your presentation.

Embed Fonts in PowerPoint 2019/Office 365 for Mac

Up until early 2020, Microsoft Office hadn’t provided the feature for embedding fonts in PowerPoint for Mac. Now you can, as long as you’re an Office 365 subscriber or are using PowerPoint 2019 v16.17 or later.

To embed fonts, open your PowerPoint presentation, click the “PowerPoint” menu option, and then select “Preferences.”

How to embed fonts in powerpoint

In the window that appears, select “Save” in the “Output and Sharing” group.

How to embed fonts in powerpoint

Now the steps are similar to PowerPoint for Windows. In the “Font Embedding” group, check the box next to “Embed Fonts in the File.” Decide between these two options:

  • Embed Only the Characters Used in the Presentation (Best for Reducing File Size).
  • Embed All Characters (Best for Editing by Other People).

That’s all there is to it. The fonts will now be embedded in your presentation.

How to embed fonts in powerpoint

On: 27 May 2020
By: Roshan Perera
Feature: PowerPoint Templates
Category: Software
Length: 4 min read

Using custom fonts in PowerPoint presentations is one of the best ways to make your slideshows look more professional and stand out from the crowd. But, what if you have to share the PowerPoint file with a team that doesn’t have those same fonts installed on their computers?

Don’t worry, there’s a quick and painless solution to this problem. In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how to embed fonts in PowerPoint so that you can share your presentations without having to worry about font issues ever again.

Keep reading to find out how it’s done.

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How to embed fonts in powerpoint

Mystify Presentation


How to embed fonts in powerpoint

Maximus Template


How to embed fonts in powerpoint

Animated PPT Templates

Fully Animated

Why Embed Fonts in PowerPoint?

Whether you’re a freelance designer who crafts PowerPoint slideshows for clients or you’re working with a team to create a presentation for an event, learning how to embed fonts in PowerPoint presentation can help you avoid a lot of painful problems.

When using third-party fonts in your PowerPoint slideshows, one thing many users forget is that if the other member of your team or client doesn’t have that exact same font installed on their computer, the whole slideshow presentation ends up looking like a hot mess when they try to edit the file.

Microsoft added a very useful feature to help professionals avoid this problem by allowing users to embed fonts with PowerPoint files.

This way, you can embed the fonts you use in each of your slideshows so that when you share the file with someone who doesn’t have the custom font installed on their computer, they can still edit and customize the PowerPoint presentation without any font issues.

3 Things to Do Before Embedding Fonts

Before you embed any font on a PowerPoint file, you also need to follow a few rules to avoid running into any trouble.

1. Use Great Fonts

What’s the point of using custom fonts in your presentations and forcing your clients to use them if they look terrible than the default fonts.

Make sure that you only use the best fonts with professional designs in your presentations. You can check out our roundup of best fonts for presentations to find inspiration.

2. Check the Font License

Depending on the type of presentation you’re designing and the purpose of your presentation, you should also always check for the licensing of the font you’re using before embedding them in your PowerPoint file.

For example, if you’re designing a PowerPoint presentation for a corporate client, you should only use fonts that comes with a commercial license. And if you’re planning on selling your PowerPoint presentation as a template, you must have distribution rights to embed the fonts in your template as well.

How to embed fonts in powerpoint

Keep in mind that not all fonts can be embedded. Font creators can set rules to disable font embedding and it’s common with free fonts that come with personal use licenses.

3. Embed the Right Font Files

When you download a font from a third-party website or a marketplace, it comes packaged with multiple font files with OpenType fonts (OTF), TrueType fonts (TTF), Web Fonts, and more.

If you plan on attaching fonts separately alongside the PowerPoint file, Make sure to include the right font file in PowerPoint. For example, if you’ve used stylistic characters or alternate characters like glyphs and ligatures in your slideshow, you should include the OpenType font file.

Microsoft also recommends that you use OpenType fonts when embedding in PowerPoint as they help reduce file size.

How to Embed Fonts in PowerPoint Slideshows

Embedding fonts in PowerPoint is quite easy and it can be done in just a few clicks. To Embed the font, simply open the PowerPoint slideshow file you’re working on and follow the steps below.

How to embed fonts in powerpoint

  1. Go to the File menu and select Options
  2. Switch to Save tab
  3. Scroll all the way down to find a section called “Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation
  4. Tick the checkbox for “Embed fonts in this file” and select “Embed all characters” option.
  5. Click OK to save the changes.

That’s it! The app will now automatically embed the fonts in your PowerPoint file.

Alternative Method for Attaching Fonts

If you want to attach a font in an email or include the fonts separately with your presentation for others install on their computer and use, you can do so by downloading and attaching the font manually.

The first thing you need to do is to download the font file from the marketplace where you bought it and on to your computer.

This downloaded file will arrive as a ZIP file. Right-click on the ZIP file and select UnZIP to extract the files of the package.

In the extracted folder you’ll find multiple files. You’ll want to look for the TTF and OTF files, these are the font files you need to embed in PowerPoint.

If you want to embed a font that’s already installed on your computer, you can copy it from your computer as well.

On a Windows PC, go to Settings >> Personalization >> Fonts and then search for the font you’re using in the slideshow and copy it and paste it anywhere on your computer to create a copy of the font file.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, by learning how to embed fonts in PowerPoint you’ll be able to avoid a lot of confusions and issues down the road when designing professional presentations.

Don’t forget to take a look at our full PowerPoint templates guide, or our collection of the best PowerPoint templates for your next project!

PowerPoint Templates

Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) is the go-to choice for creating presentations. This series shares tips and ideas for working with PowerPoint, as well as beautiful PowerPoint templates and themes to make your presentations look stunning.

You can use beautiful font types to create a presentation. However, if audience members do not have the same font installed on their computers, the font will not display correctly when they view your presentation because PowerPoint substitutes an unknown font with what it determines as a similar type. This automatic matching process often leads to disastrous results. However, PowerPoint 2013 enables you to embed your preferred fonts into the presentation so that they appear as you intended regardless of whether the computer displaying the slideshow has that particular font installed.

  1. First, click on the FILE tab and then select Options.
  2. In the dialog box that appears, select Save. At the very bottom of the list of options on the right pane and under the heading Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation, you will find options for embedding fonts. Check the box labeled Embed fonts in the file.
    How to embed fonts in powerpoint
    You may choose one of the following options: Embed only the characters used in the presentation or Embed all characters. The first option will let others view but not edit. The second option well let others view and edit but will increase the file size of the presentation. Check the option you prefer and click OK.

Please note that only TrueType and OpenType fonts can be embedded.

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Learn how to embed fonts in PowerPoint 2013 for Windows. Embedding fonts may allow recipients of your presentation to see fonts, even if they don’t exist on their systems.

Author: Geetesh Bajaj

Product/Version: PowerPoint 2013 for Windows

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 and higher

Date Created: April 13, 2017
Last Updated: April 13, 2017

Have you ever been in a situation where your presentation looked so awesome with some amazing typography, but when you opened the same presentation on another computer, the text looked positively terrible! This behavior may happen if the font you used is not available on the other computer. The best solution to this problem is to use safe fonts that are available on most computers, or you may also explore the option to embed fonts in your PowerPoint presentation.

Follow these steps to embed fonts in your presentation in PowerPoint 2013:

    Within PowerPoint 2013, click the File menu to bring up Backstage View. Select Options, as shown highlighted in green within Figure 1, below.

  • How to embed fonts in powerpoint
    Figure 1: Backstage view
  • Alternatively, select the Save As option (keyboard shortcut: F12 ) as shown highlighted in blue within Figure 1, above. This action brings up the locations to save the persentation as shown in Figure 2, below. Click the Browse button (highlighted in blue within Figure 2).
  • How to embed fonts in powerpoint
    Figure 2: Save As dialog box
  • This brings up the Save As dialog box as shown in Figure 3. Click the Tools button as shown highlighted in red within Figure 3 to open a drop down menu. Within this drop-down menu, select Save Options as shown highlighted in green .
  • How to embed fonts in powerpoint
    Figure 3: Save As dialog box
  • Either way, you summon the PowerPoint Options dialog box. Make sure that the Save tab of this dialog box is selected, as shown in Figure 4, below. The options related to embedding fonts are highlighted in red within Figure 4, below.
  • How to embed fonts in powerpoint
    Figure 4: The Save tab provides font embedding options
  • First of all, if you did not get here via the Save As dialog box, you will need to select the presentation within which you want to embed fonts. This action is especially important if you have more than one presentation open. To do so, click the drop-down list next to the text that reads Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation, as shown in Figure 5, below. Now select the presentation you want.
  • Figure 5: Choose the presentation for font embedding
  • Next, check the Embed fonts in the file option, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 6, below.
  • Figure 6: Chose the Embed option
  • Finally, you need to select from one of two radio buttons, as explained below:

    Embed only the characters used in the presentation

    Embed all characters

    Test Embedded Fonts Before You Present in PowerPoint

    Remember to open your presentation on a computer that does not have your embedded font installed to make sure that the font has indeed been embedded. If you find that the font was not embedded, it could be that you are looking at the presentation on PowerPoint for Mac, or other PowerPoint versions for tablets and phones. Font embedding is only supported on PowerPoint for Windows.

    Also, only True Type fonts support embedding, and even then they must have embedding options enabled. Confused? Look at our Can this font be embedded? page for a more detailed description.

    What if the font you want to use in PowerPoint isn’t a system standard font? Standard fonts like Aerial, Calibri and Times New Roman are installed on practically every system. But other fonts might be missing when you send your presentation to others. Let’s learn how to add custom fonts to your PowerPoint presentations.

    We also have a helpful compliment to this tutorial. Download our FREE eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations. Grab it now before you read on.

    How to Quickly Add Custom Fonts to PowerPoint Presentations

    Note: Watch this short tutorial screencast or follow the quick steps below, that compliment this video.

    1. Embed New Fonts in Your PowerPoint File

    So to fix this problem that comes from using custom fonts let’s go to the file save as option. When we’re preparing to save the file let’s go to the Tools > Save Options here at the bottom of the Save window.

    On this window there’s an important box we need to check that’s off by default. Let’s check the Embed fonts in the file option here. What this does is it included the custom font file when we send and share the file with others.

    How to embed fonts in powerpointEmbed new fonts into PowerPoint

    2. Be Sure to Embed All the Font Characters

    And what I like to do is to choose the second option, Embed all characters. So that even if I don’t use the letter Q, for example, in my presentation, the viewer will be able to use that font, and that letter when I send them the file.

    This increases the file size but makes sure they have everything they need when they open the presentation. I’ll press OK and then save the file and send it on to my user.

    How to embed fonts in powerpointEmbed all new font characters in PowerPoint file.

    Finishing Up!

    You can quickly add custom fonts that fit your company brand or presentation style needs. Find plenty of new fonts with creative styles on GraphicRiver.

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint New creative fonts on GraphicRiver.

    More Envato Tuts+ PowerPoint Presentation Tutorials

    Learn more in our PowerPoint tutorials and quick video tutorials on Envato Tuts+. We have an assortment of PowerPoint material to help you make better presentations:

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    You can also find great PowerPoint presentation templates with premium designs on GraphicRiver or Envato Elements. Or, browse through our selection of the best Microsoft PowerPoint designs:

      How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    Make Great Presentations (Free PDF eBook Download)

    We also have the perfect compliment to this tutorial, which will walk you through the complete presentation process. Learn how to write your presentation, design it like a pro, and prepare it to present powerfully.

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    Download our new eBook: The Complete Guide to Making Great Presentations. It’s available for free with a subscription to the Tuts+ Business Newsletter.

    One of the essential design elements in any presentation is the font. Different fonts add different meanings to a text. Some will help reinforce your message, while others may well take away from it. It is, therefore, a necessary skill to know how to add, embed, or change fonts in PowerPoint.

    How to Add Fonts:

    1. PowerPoint automatically displays all of the fonts that you have downloaded to your computer. Therefore, you have to download fonts to your computer.
    2. Go to Google Fonts, then select whichever font you want by clicking the “+” button. Open the tab that appears at the bottom of your screen.

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    Free Google fonts for presentation

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    Download Google font

    How to Embed Fonts:

    1. Click on the tab in the top left corner of your screen that says File.

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    Click the tab “Home”

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    How to embed font in PowerPoint

    How to Change Fonts:

    1. Select the text boxes for which font you want to change.
    2. Go to the Home tab and move to the Font section. Click on the arrow to reveal a list of all of the fonts. Choose the font that you feel that best fits your presentation.

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    Font in PowerPoint

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    Master slides in PowerPoint

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    How to add font to PowerPoint

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    Close Master slides in PowerPoint

    Fonts are such a powerful tool to use in any representation, and knowing how to work with them is very important. Follow these simple steps to familiarize yourself with the way it works and feel good knowing that fonts will never get the better of you again.

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    New PowerPoint and Keynote Templates, blog post.

    I have had a terrible time this week with a powerpoint presentation we are putting together. Here’s my issue:

    1. We are using new, installed fonts (Bebas Neue and Montserrat). We have all downloaded and installed on our computers, and we are able to edit the ppt with the new fonts.

    2. But – when we send around to our team (both by email and dropbox), and each of us opens the ppt, the font changes (both the font itself, and formatting).

    3. We have tried “embedding” the font. This seems to solve the problem for some of us (mostly Mac users). But for windows/PC users this does not solve the problem. The delivered file displays incorrectly.

    4. I have even tried to do a new presentation w/these fonts and sent to myself (I have a PC), and when I open my own received file, the font is changed. This happens both when I embed the font and normally.

    We’ve all re-started our computers/ppt programs after installing the new fonts, and now we’re at a bit of a loss.

    How can we make sure we are able to send this file in ppt and the recipient (including ourselves) sees the fonts and format we intended?

    As Steve mentioned above, PowerPoint for Mac can’t embed fonts. Also it can’t use fonts that have been embedded by a Windows version of PowerPoint.

    And the fonts type will influence the embedding result in PowerPoint, for example, we cannot embed an Adobe OpenType font in a document in an Office program.

    You may find more details about embedding fonts in the following articles:

    Disclaimer: Microsoft provides no assurances and/or warranties, implied or otherwise, and is not responsible for the information you receive from the third-party linked sites or any support related to technology. ​​

    For troubleshooting this, we’d like to confirm how you embed fonts in presentation.

    Do you use the following steps to embed fonts?

    1. In a presentation, go to Save as>More options, in the Save As window, click Tools>Save options.
    2. In the PowerPoint options window, vlick Save on the left side of the dialog box that appears.
    3. Under “Preserve fidelity when sharing this presentation” on the right, put a check next to “Embed fonts in the file” then choose “Embed only the characters used in the presentation (best of reducing file size)” or “Embed all characters (best for editing by other people) .
    1. Click OK and continue saving normally.

    And we’d like to confirm which option you choose under Embed fonts, “Embed only the characters used in the presentation (best of reducing file size)” or “Embed all characters (best for editing by other people)?

    Please try selecting a different option when embedding fonts then check the font on an another computer which doesn’t have the fonts installed to check the result.

    If the problem persists, please provide the following information for troubleshooting:

    1. Regarding the font you are trying to embed in PowerPoint is free, please share the fonts file with us via private message.
    2. An presentation with embedded fonts not working properly via private message as well.
    3. Please try embedding different fonts, custom fonts and built-in fonts to check if they can be displayed properly on another computer.
    4. A screenshot of the fonts changing when the presentation (the one you provide in private message) is opened on an another computer.
    5. A screenshot like the following picture to let us know the detailed product information of your PowerPoint.

    In some cases, you might need to embed the fonts that you used in your presentation. Embedding fonts will allow you to use custom fonts to make your demonstration appear more visually appealing. If you don’t embed the fonts, they might not get displayed correctly, causing the presentation to become unreadable. To prevent this, let’s look at how to embed fonts in PowerPoint.

    Embedding Fonts Using Windows

    First, you will need to click on the File button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. When you click on this, navigate to the Options button. This button is located at the bottom of the list.

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    Opening the Options menu.

    Once you have selected Options, you will be presented with a range of choices. Click on the Save option on the right ribbon. Then move down to the bottom panel. There you will find an icon titled Embed Fonts in the File. This selection should contain a few options. Embed Characters Used in the Presentation will show the font, but won’t allow other people to adjust the presentation. Alternatively, you might want to choose to Embed All Characters. This option will enable the recipient to make changes, but the file size will be larger.

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    The Options menu and the Save tab.

    Embed Font in PowerPoint Mac

    If you own a Mac, you might need to go through a slightly different procedure to embed fonts into a PowerPoint. In this case, you will need to go to the PowerPoint menu and open up the Preferences option. Then you will need to select Output and Sharing. Next, move to the Save section. Here you will be presented with two embedding options, which we discussed above. Select the best option, hit the OK button, then save the file.

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    Preferences option menu.

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    Select Output and Sharing.

    How to embed fonts in powerpoint

    The embedding options for Mac users.

    Checking Your Font

    It’s possible that you can go through this procedure, and the font still won’t be adequately embedded. This issue could be because it hasn’t been designed to be embedded. In this case, you will need to use a different font in your presentation. To check whether the font can be inserted, go to the Control Panel and click on the Fonts option. This option will bring up the fonts that you have installed on your computer. Click on the one you are trying to use in your presentation—it will tell you if it’s editable or not. If it’s not, you might not be able to embed the font correctly. You can view this in the bottom left of the panel.


    Using custom fonts is a great way to add more personality to your presentation. However, to make sure that it plays well on devices where you want the font isn’t installed, you will need to embed it. Therefore, use these tips to be able to master PowerPoint embed fonts in your future presentations.