How to make cheese sauce in the microwave

Cheese sauce transforms everyday vegetables into a dish suitable to serve to guests of all ages. It also adds enough creamy texture and comforting cheesy flavor to convince veggie-resistant kids to eat their broccoli and cauliflower. You can steam your vegetables and make the cheese sauce in a just a few minutes using the microwave. To make a cheese sauce, you will first need to make a white or béchamel sauce, into which the cheese of your choice can be melted.

Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower

Wash the vegetables under running water.

Cut off the tough ends of the stems of the broccoli. If the stems are woody, peel them.

Cut the cauliflower into florets about the same size as your broccoli florets.

Place the vegetables in a large, microwave-safe bowl, positioning the florets in the middle of the bowl with their stems sticking out toward the bowl’s edges.

Cover the bowl with the vented lid and microwave the vegetables on “High” for eight to 12 minutes or until you can easily pierce the broccoli stems and cauliflower florets with a fork.

Remove the bowl from the microwave.

Cheese Sauce

Microwave margarine or butter in a bowl until it melts or about 30 seconds.

Gently mix in the flour and salt and stir well. Heat the mixture for one minute.

Stir the milk slowly into the mixture. Mix the resulting white sauce until it is smooth.

Microwave the white sauce for two minutes.

Remove the bowl from the microwave and stir the sauce until it is smooth and creamy.

Add the shredded cheese and stir the mixture some more. The more cheese you add, the stronger the flavor will be, but the sauce will become gooey if you add more than 1 cup of cheese.

Return the sauce to the microwave and heat it on 50 percent power for half a minute.

Stir the thickened cheese sauce until it is smooth and consistent in texture, then pour it over the broccoli and cauliflower.

Pasta, pronto! Jack Monroe’s easiest ever macaroni and cheese makes a delicious solo supper or packed lunch – just pop it in the microwave at work

Nutrition and extra info

Nutrition: per serving



Butter is a dairy product made from separating whole milk or cream into fat and…


Once cheddar was ‘Cheddar’, a large, hard-pressed barrel of cheese made by a particular…


Used in almost every cuisine across the world, spinach is an enormously popular green vegetable…


Find a mug that holds twice the volume of your dry pasta – the bigger, the better. Add the macaroni and your liquid of choice. Cover with cling film and pierce 3 times. Stand the mug in a microwave-proof bowl to catch any spillages, and cook in the microwave on High for 2 mins. The liquid will bubble up and over the sides, so tip any liquid from the bowl back into the mug (be careful as it will be very hot) and give it a good stir. Leave to stand for 1 min.

Repeat twice more or until the pasta is cooked (it may take longer depending on the pasta), then remove from the microwave. Stir through the butter, cheese and spinach or Marmite, if using. The heat from the pasta should melt the cheese and wilt the spinach, but if not, pop back in the microwave for 30 secs.

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How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Did you know that you can make a cheese sauce in less than a minute in a microwave? There are lots of tasty ways to eat cheese sauce: use it as a Nacho cheese dip for dipping the chips, dip veggies in it, mix it with the pasta to make mac-n-cheese or pour the cheese sauce on a baked potato!

Even if you never cooked anything in your life, you can make this super-easy microwave cheese dip 🙂 This microwave cheese sauce recipe takes just 1 minute to make, and it requires only two ingredients – cheese and milk!

For the cheese, you need the slices of processed American cheese or Velveeta (the ones that are sold in packages of individually wrapped “Singles” slices). This kind of cheese melts really well and results in smooth cheese sauce!

Microwave Nacho Cheese Dipping Sauce Recipe


  • 4 slices processed American cheese or Velveeta
  • 1 tbsp milk

Instructions How To Make Cheese Sauce

  • Tear the cheese slices into small pieces and put in a small microwave-safe dish. Pour the milk over the cheese pieces.
  • Microwave for 30 seconds and mix with a fork. If not completely melted, microwave for another 30 seconds, until the cheese sauce is melted and smooth.
  • Serve the cheese sauce immediately. You can also keep it warm with the fondue pot or a special tiny crockpot that is made for dips.

Cooking time: 1 minute

Enjoy this yummy cheese sauce – the ultimate quick and easy recipe! For more great recipes you can make in your microwave, check out microwave corn on the cob, microwave baked potato and microwave egg recipe.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

There are a large number of recipes that call for melted cheese. You may want to melt some cheese to make a nacho dip, or you may just want to pour some melted cheese over your child’s vegetables so that she will eat them. Whatever the reason, you can melt your cheese in a microwave, much faster than over a stove top. It is important that you melt the cheese the right way, or you could burn it.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Grate your cheese or cut it up into small chunks. If you don’t do this, it will take a long time to melt.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Place the cheese into a microwave-safe bowl.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Set your microwave to a lower heat setting. About 50 percent power is best.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Place the bowl into the microwave and turn on for one minute at a time.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Keep stirring the cheese after each minute of cooking time. Do this until the cheese is completely melted.

Wash the bowl as soon as you have removed all of the melted cheese. If the cheese dries on the bowl it will be hard to remove.


Some plastic bowls can melt in a microwave and some glass bowls can break. It is very important that you only use a bowl that is made for a microwave.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Here’s how to make cheese sauce in the microwave! Cheese sauce is great for those nights when you’re in a rush to cook dinner. Your family will think you slaved away for hours to make this gorgeous sauce. We have…

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Here’s how to make cheese sauce in the microwave!

Cheese sauce is great for those nights when you’re in a rush to cook dinner. Your family will think you slaved away for hours to make this gorgeous sauce.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

We have also included an Onion Sauce recipe for you to try.

Please Note Nutritional information is provided as a guide only and may not be accurate.

Qty per
321g serve
Qty per
Energy 1488kJ 464kJ
Protein 2.42g 0.75g
Fat,total 15.9g 5g
-saturated 9.7g 3g
Carbohydrate 14.1g 4.4g
-sugars 1.82g 0.57g
Dietary Fibre 0.76g 0.24g
Sodium 174mg 54mg


Microwave Cheese Sauce

  • 1 tbsp Butter
  • 1 tbsp Flour
  • 1 cup Milk
  • 1 cup Cheese (grated)

Onion Sauce

  • 1 Onion
  • 1 tbsp Butter
  • 1 tbsp Cornflour
  • 1/2 cup Milk
  • 1 Cup Water

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  • Nutrition

  1. In a microwave jug melt the butter until frothy, add the flour and salt and whisk.
  2. Microwave for 20 seconds to cook out the flour.
  3. Add a small amount of milk and whisk until you get a creamy even consistency. Whisk in the remaining milk and cheese.
  4. Microwave for 30 seconds and whisk, repeat until nice and thick.

Onion Sauce (Variation of White Sauce)

  1. In a small saucepan, boil a cup of water and the onion together until the onion is cooked through and soft.
  2. Add the butter and the milk and cook for another few minutes.
  3. In a small cup make a paste with the cornflour and a tiny amount of water. Add to onion mixture and cook on low until the desired consistency.

Quick & Easy Microwave White Sauce, or Cheese Sauce

There are many great recipes that want you to cook a white sauce, or a cheese sauce. Sometimes the white sauce is called a roux. This also works as a white lasagne sauce made in microwave!

But, how many of you turn the page on the recipe book and think a white sauce is just too hard, you’re a bit scared of trying, or you’ve tried and not been successful before? Or, perhaps, like me, you’re just cooking for one and when you look at the size of your saucepans you think you’ll just have to create a white sauce bigger than you need to fit the saucepan, or it’d be a lot of washing up when you’ve finished? Ah . not just me then.

If you want to make a great fish pie, or a cauliflower cheese, perhaps a macaroni cheese, or lasagne, then this quick and easy 5 Minute Microwave White Sauce (or Cheese Sauce!) might be just what you’ve been looking for.

Ingredients for Microwave White Sauce

  • 1 tablespoon* of butter or margarine (you can use olive oil for a healthier recipe)
  • 1 tablespoon* of plain flour
  • ½ teaspoon of salt (only ¼ teaspoon if you’re making a cheese sauce)
  • 1 cup of milk (250 ml/½ pint)
  • Cheese if this is a cheese sauce, 1 cup or as much as you prefer or have


  1. Melt the margarine or butter in a 2 pint microwavable jug or bowl, this should take about 30 seconds. Remember if you’re melting butter or marg you don’t need to melt it all, it’s best if you don’t over-cook it, but take it out and stir it around so it melts naturally. Don’t get it so it’s boiling away, just melted.
  2. Stir in the flour and salt until you’ve got a totally smooth paste.
  3. Slowly add the milk and blend it into the paste
  4. Cook the mix in the microwave for a further 3 mnutes – in 30 second blasts. Stir it each 30 seconds. So: 30 seconds, stir, 30 seconds, stir, 30 seconds, stir . until it’s been microwaved for a total of three minutes.

Voila – that’s your basic microwave white sauce done. Easy, wasn’t it!

* This will make a thin sauce. If you want a medium sauce then use 2 tablespoons of flour and butter, if you want a thick sauce then use 4 tablespoons of flour and butter.

Microwave Cheese Sauce

The cheese sauce recipe is the same as above, but only use ¼ teaspoon of salt.

Once the basic sauce has been made, add in 1 cup of grated cheese, mix it into the sauce and microwave it again for a further 30 seconds or so until the cheese has melted.

Using Your Sauce

This is a full and proper white or cheese sauce and can be used in any recipe where you need a sauce in a hurry. I’ve used it as a cauliflower cheese sauce, as macaroni cheese sauce and even as a white lasagne sauce – and all made in microwave

The sauce is now ready to be poured onto cooked macaroni to make macaroni cheese, or over cooked cauliflower to make cauliflower cheese or poured over raw fish and topped with mashed potato to make a fish pie.

Let me know what you think – and thanks for reading!

More Recipes with Cheese:

  • Garlic and Cheese Bread in Under An Hour
    Make this easy cheese and garlic bread from scratch in under an hour.
  • No Yeast, Easy Peasy Cheesy Bread in an Hour
    This easy cheese bread recipe is SO versatile you can use it for almost any flavour combination you can think of! This is a no yeast cheese bread. No knead.
  • Make a Cheese & Potato Pie
    Frugal Cooking: Cheese Potato Pie. All the taste, less cost.


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Perfect! I’m leading a microwave cookery course for older, long term prisoners and we’ll be sing this recipe in the next session. Jane Gould Development Director GB JOB CLUBS



Great recipe! So easy and was very delicious. I will be making this sauce again.

Disaster cook

I normally manage to burn water and would never have thought previously that I could make a successful batch of white or cheese sauce!! Tonight, however I have succeded with your recipe — was thick, tasty and a beautiful addition to tonights Barramundi and prawns.


Just had a try and my word, thanks so much ! So much less faffing about and so much easier than on a dumb electric hob


This was so easy and so smooth, absolutely loved it

Ann Bovey

This looks good I shall use it for today’s Drop-In meal over pasta and veg thank you (no stuck pans today !



This is the best, richest, cheese sauce ever!

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Home » All Recipes » Easy Cheese Dip (in the Microwave!)

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

A super easy cheese dip – no stove required! This smooth and creamy dip takes less than 15 minutes to make and calls for just a few simple ingredients. Learn how to make this restaurant-style cheese dip using your microwave, but, beware, this stuff is addicting!

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Easy Cheese Dip

A few posts back I shared a recipe for hot roast beef sandwiches with a super simple microwave cheese sauce and I knew it was only a matter of time before I shared an equally easy microwave cheese dip. Goals are good. Meeting those goals is even better and so here we are today with a bowl of creamy, smooth cheese dip otherwise known as tortilla chip’s best friend.

And unlike other recipes I’ve seen for cheese dips, this version uses real cheese – no gelatinous and wobbly blocks of what I like to call “cheese-like” products – with a few other ingredients that, when combined, transform into a smooth and cheesy concoction reminiscent of what you might order alongside your margaritas at the local Mexican cantina.

3 Important Ingredients for Microwave Cheese Dip

The base of this simple recipe, lightly adapted from Bon Appetit, is made up of three simple ingredients when combined create a smooth and creamy cheese dip.

  • Real mild cheddar cheese and fontina cheese: Be sure to buy blocks of cheese and grate it yourself. You will need 8 ounces total of cheese which should be weighed before you shred it.
  • I’ve tested this recipe using cups of shredded cheese and have gotten mixed results because the total amount of cheese will vary depending on how tightly you pack it into the measuring cup.
  • I haven’t tested this recipe with pre-shredded cheese. If you do please let me know how it went in the comments!
  • Cornstarch: Because we’re using real cheese we need a stabilizer, in this case, cornstarch, so that the cheese melts evenly and doesn’t get stringy.
  • Evaporated milk is the other secret ingredient used to create a smooth and creamy dip. It’s more concentrated than regular milk and cream resulting in a smooth and shiny dip.

How To Make Cheese Dip in the Microwave

  • I use a 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup to make this cheese dip, but any microwave-safe bowl that holds at least three cups will work. I like to toss the cheese with the cornstarch in the container until the starch is evenly coating the cheese.
  • Pour the evaporated milk over the cheese
  • I like to add some canned diced tomatoes with green chile (I use Rotel brand), but it’s optional. If you use it be sure to drain of any excess liquid before adding it to the cheese.
  • Place the bowl in the microwave and cook it for one minute. Stop and stir the dip and cook it again for 30 seconds and stir. Continue cooking it in 30-second increments, stopping and stirring each time, until the dip is smooth and creamy.
  • The dip will thicken as it stands.

This is a quick 15-minute cheesy treat – add some chips, guacamole, and a margarita and Monday night will feel a whole lot better.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Cheddar cheese is cheddar cheese, right? Wrong! Like most foods available in our supermarkets, there are variations in quality and taste. Cheddar cheese is among them.

With so many choices facing you – shredded, solid, yellow, white, sharp, extra sharp, mild, expensive, cheap, imported and local – knowing a little about what cheddar is helps when deciding which cheddar cheese to use when melting cheddar cheese. While some are nutty and full of flavor, others are mild and won’t overtake the flavors you’re trying to achieve.

Made in England

Along with the Pilgrims who immigrated to the New World, so did cheddar cheese. Originally made in Cheddar, England and still produced there, American cheddar made its debut as soon as the farmers had cows giving milk. It remained a farm product until 1851 when the first cheddar factory started commercial production in upstate New York, and that was the beginning of the commercialization of cheddar.

Choosing Your Cheddar

The first lesson of cheddar, especially if you’re going to use it as a base for easy cheese sauce, is to buy it in a block, not already shredded. Look closely and you’ll see that those bits in the bag of shredded cheese have a slight coating on them. That’s an added ingredient to prevent the cheese strands from clinging to each other and caking.

Look at the color. Most manufactured cheddar has the same yellow color. That’s another added ingredient to create a uniform look and make it appear more appetizing. Natural cheddar is white or off white, and the color intensity varies, as does the intensity of the flavor.

Preparing the Cheese

If you’re making macaroni and cheese or nacho cheese dip, middle-of-the-road mild cheddar will do the job. It’ll give you the cheesy taste you want, but it isn’t overpowering. The sharper the cheese, the more difficult it is to shred. You’ll get lumps, not shreds, and it will get gritty when melted. Mild cheese is easy to work with, but it is indeed “work” because you’re the one doing the shredding.

Don’t use room-temperature cheese. It won’t shred; it will clump. Put it into the freezer for a few minutes or chill it in the refrigerator for several hours before shredding it. A 6-ounce block of cheese should yield 1 1/2 cups. Once shredded, put it aside and prepare the cheese sauce base.

Melting Cheese for Sauce

Cheese sauce is one of the easiest sauces to make. All you need is butter, flour, milk and cheese. You can customize your cheese sauce by adding salt, jalapenos, French or American mustard, cayenne pepper or chili pepper – whatever your taste desires.

The best way to melt cheese on the stove is to start with melted butter. Add flour and whisk. Add milk and whisk until the mixture starts to bubble and the sauce thickens. Take the pot off the heat. Now is the time to add the cheese, a little at a time. If it doesn’t melt thoroughly, return the pot to the heat but don’t let the sauce burn. Pull it off the heat and stir in your special flavorings. Voila! Easy cheese sauce is ready for your macaroni and cheese or nacho chips.

Finish your dish with some cheese bits scattered over the top. The temperature to melt cheese in an oven is 425 degrees Fahrenheit. Watch it carefully so the cheese sauce doesn’t bubble up over the sides and the cheese shreds don’t burn.

Melting Shredded Cheese in the Microwave

The microwave is an option for making easy, creamy cheese sauce. Use the same quantities as you would for stove top melted cheese and heat the sauce in stages.

Start by placing the butter, flour and milk into a glass bowl and microwave on high until the butter has melted. Add the cheese, whisk and cook for another 15 seconds. Whisk again. Continue at these intervals until the milk turns into creamy cheese sauce.

Gluten-Free Cheese Sauce

For those on a gluten-free diet, cheese sauce can be made without the flour. Just melt the butter and add milk to a pan on the stove top. Add the cheese and then the hot cooked pasta. Stir until all are blended. It’s not as thick as if you’d used flour, but the cheese flavor dominates, and that’s really what you want.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Whether you’re making a Killer Mac ‘n’ Cheese, a comforting lasagne or a cauliflower cheese, you’ll need to know how to make cheese sauce.

The trick is to get the sauce silky smooth, which is easy to do as long as you add the milk gradually, stirring constantly so that each new addition is fully incorporated before adding the next.

Take your cheese sauce up a level by adding garlic, thyme, rosemary or bay leaves, mustard, a grating of nutmeg or plenty of freshly ground black pepper – it’s a great vehicle for other flavours.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to basic cheese sauce:

You’ll need:
50g unsalted butter
50g plain flour
600ml semi-skimmed milk
75g mature Cheddar cheese

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

medium saucepan
wooden spoon or balloon whisk
box grater

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

  1. Melt the butter in a medium saucepan over a medium heat. How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave
  2. When the butter has melted, add the flour. How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave
  3. Stir in the flour for 1 minute to make a paste – this is called the roux. How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave
  4. Gradually add the milk, stirring as you go and ensuring each new addition is fully incorporated before adding the next. How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave
  5. Keep going until the mixture is lovely and smooth, and there are no lumps. Cook for another minute or so, stirring occasionally. How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave
  6. Remove the pan from the heat. Grate the cheese and stir in until it’s melted. How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Your basic cheese sauce is now ready to go! Check out these recipes for ways to use it:

Nacho cheese sauce is the eighth wonder of the natural world, it’s also the key to a perfect plate of nachos.

Paige Wilson

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In order to get a great bowl of melted cheese sauce goodness that you can dip crispy tortilla chips in, it only takes a few short ingredients. This recipe is a no fuss recipe that can be prepared in the microwave. You could always spice this sauce up by chopping up peppers or jalapenos and adding them in. No matter what though, this is a great go to sauce that is easy to make and enjoy.

Velveeta Nacho Cheese Sauce

  • Prep Time: 2 mins
  • Cook Time: 3 mins
  • Total Time: 5 mins
  • Servings: 2
  • Easy


    Step 1

    Dice up the Velveeta cheese into little blocks.

    Paige Wilson

    Step 2

    Add all of the ingredients into a microwave safe bowl.

    Paige Wilson

    Step 3

    Microwave for 3 minutes, stopping every 30 seconds to stir.

    Paige Wilson

    Step 4

    Dip in your crispy tortilla chips or a vegetable (if you’re feeling healthy) and enjoy!

    Katherine Baker

And now there’s plenty of a great cheese sauce to go around; for chips, tater tots, veggies, or whatever your heart desires. If you don’t have a microwave this can easily be prepared on a stove top; just heat all of the ingredients mixed together on low and stir constantly to prevent the cheese from burning.

And if you’re a vegan, this can still be a great recipe. Just substitute for soy-milk and some vegan cheese. If you’re not sure which vegan cheese is right for your taste buds, check out this article. Or if Velveeta isn’t your favorite cheese, it can always be substituted for any other cheese product: cheddar, gouda, colby jack, or even american cheese. This nacho cheese sauce recipe is easy to replicate, but also to change to fit your taste buds.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

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“So easy and fast to make in the microwave, you won’t believe it! Goes great on vegetables, baked potatoes, nacho chips, etc.”



  • Serving Size: 1 (52.9 g)
  • Calories 117.3
  • Total Fat – 9.4 g
  • Saturated Fat – 5.9 g
  • Cholesterol – 28.3 mg
  • Sodium – 305.3 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate – 3.1 g
  • Dietary Fiber – 0.2 g
  • Sugars – 1.6 g
  • Protein – 5.4 g
  • Calcium – 155.8 mg
  • Iron – 0.2 mg
  • Vitamin C – 0 mg
  • Thiamin – 0 mg

Step 1

In a large micro-wave safe glass bowl, heat butter for 50 seconds on high or until the butter is melted.

Step 2

Whisk together the butter, flour and milk.

Step 3

Add shredded cheddar cheese, adjusting amount to how thick you like it.

Step 4

Place bowl in microwave and cook on high for 1 1/2-2 minutes, whisking every 30 seconds or so, until sauce is thick and heated through.

Step 5

Season with salt, if desired, and whisk until blended.

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I am a broccoli fanatic.

Weird to admit, but it’s true. It’s just my favorite veggies and I will happily eat it steamed with just a little sprinkle of salt or raw, dunked in my homemade ranch dressing.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

But my current obsession is steamed broccoli with cheese sauce.

I mean, does it get any better than a pile of veggies topped with a decadent creamy cheese sauce? Nope!

It’s good on cauliflower too!

How to make cheese sauce:

Homemade cheese sauce is so simple and starts with just a few ingredients: heavy cream, cream cheese, cheddar, Gruyere, and mustard powder.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

I like the flavor that Gruyere cheese adds to this cheese sauce, but you can definitely sub in whatever cheese you prefer! Monterey jack is mild and creamy, Parmesan will give it a salty kick, and Pepperjack will add a little spice.

First, you’ll want to heat your cream over medium heat. We don’t want to boil the cream, but just get it good and hot and then stir in the cream cheese. Sprinkle in some mustard powder and stir until everything is combined.

Turn the heat off and add your freshly grated cheddar and Gruyere.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Start stirring until the mixture is fully melted, smooth, and creamy!

This sauce will start to thicken as it cools, so serve warm.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

To reheat, just add a splash more of cream and microwave in short bursts, stirring as needed.

I can’t wait to hear what you plan to put this easy homemade cheese sauce on! I’ve been meaning to pour it over a bunless burger – doesn’t that sound so good and so decadent?

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

More cheesy low carb recipes:

Stuffed Peppers: Loaded with spinach artichoke dip!

Fathead Pizza: Top it off with your favorite toppings. We do a BLT version that is outrageous.

Broccoli Casserole: Could literally eat this every night.

Low Carb Soup: Made in the slow cooker or Instant Pot!

Crockpot Chicken Fajitas: I make them extra cheesy and serve over cauliflower rice!

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Okay, you got me. There’s really no difference between cheese sauce and white sauce. Except for the addition of cheese (duh!) in the former. The method of preparation is exactly the same as my Bechamel Sauce. I tried to make it in the microwave and got a really good cheese sauce!


Prep Time: 2 min
Cook Time: 3-5 min
Makes: 1 cup


1 TBsp Butter
1 TBsp all purpose Flour
1 cup Milk (200 ml)
5-6 TBsp grated cheese (or more)
1 tsp Salt (to taste)
1/2 tsp ground black pepper (optional)

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave


1. In a large Microwave safe bowl, add the butter and microwave for 30 seconds or until the butter is fully melted.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the MicrowaveHow to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

2. Add the flour and mix well.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

3. Microwave for 15-20 seconds (full power). Stop and mix again. Again microwave for 15 seconds (totally twice)

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

4. Add in the milk and cheese.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the MicrowaveHow to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

5. Mix well and microwave for 30 seconds. (Don’t let it boil)

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

6. Remove, stir again and microwave one last time for 15 seconds

7. Add salt & pepper and mix well.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the MicrowaveHow to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

This can be used as a dip or as a pasta/pizza sauce too!

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

This article is part of Epi Loves the Microwave, our exploration (vindication?) of the appliance everybody loves to hate.

Growing up, we used the microwave a lot. My mom had a rice cooker specifically meant to transform raw white rice into tender kernels through the microwave’s magic, and we often ate cheese quesadillas, quickly melted in the microwave, for snacks.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

The Microwave Is Pure Power. So Why Aren’t We Using It?

As an adult though, I’ve never owned a microwave and the few times I’ve found myself living in a house with one, I’ve used it only for very, very basic things, like melting butter or chocolate.

But recently, I got very close to the Epi Test Kitchen microwave when I started playing around with the on-demand deliciousness that is mug cakes. And the discovery I found that’s almost better than that gooey, chocolatey cake? That I could make the caramel sauce for the cake in the microwave as well!

When it comes down to the method, microwaving caramel sauce really does make sense. Although classic caramel sauce often begins with a deep, dark caramelization of dry sugar, another traditional version simply involves boiling cream, butter, and sugar together until they thicken into rich caramel sauce. It works on the stovetop, but works even faster in the microwave.

Just like using a microwave is as simple as pressing a button, this recipe couldn’t be simpler. Melt a bit of butter in a mug (or another microwave-safe small vessel), stir in sugar and heavy cream, and cook for 30 seconds. Then stir the caramel and microwave for 15 seconds more. Voilà! You’ve got a little over 2 tablespoons of caramel sauce, just enough to make our chocolatey mug cake, drizzle over an ice cream sundae, or stir into a homemade caramel latte.

Need more caramel sauce in your life (and really, who doesn’t)? The recipe can easily be doubled and stored in the fridge for up to a week, which means you can have a caramel sundae every night this week, or anytime you want it, fast. We promise we won’t tell it was cooked in the microwave if you won’t.

Need a white sauce in a hurry? This is a great way to make a sauce without resorting to canned ingredient substitutes.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave


2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 cup milk
salt and pepper, to taste


Put the butter in a microwave safe 1 quart bowl and melt on high for 15 to 30 seconds. This may take a bit longer if the butter is ice cold. Stir in the flour until blended and smooth. Stir in the milk, salt and pepper.

Microwave on high for about 2 minutes. Stir and microwave on high for 1 to 2 minutes more or until thickened.

Cheese sauce: add 1/2 c. freshly grated or shredded cheese and either 1/4 tsp. dry mustard or 1/4 tsp. teriyaki or Worcestershire sauce during last cooking cycle in the microwave. Stir until the cheese is blended.

Red sauce: add 3 tablespoons ketchup or tomato sauce before using the sauce.

Curry sauce: add 1/2 tsp. curry powder, stirred in at the end

Cucumber sauce: add 1/2 c. grated or finely diced cucumbers and a pinch of cayenne pepper, stirred in at the end

Seafood sauce: add 1/2 c. cooked cocktail shrimp or other chopped seafood (fake crab works fine too), stir the seafood in at the end before using the sauce

This fabulous creamy homemade cheese sauce is one of the quickest, easiest sauces to make and perfect for dipping broccoli and other veggies or drizzling over baked potatoes, nachos, or french fries.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

January is almost over! How’d you do with your healthy eating this month? Are you making one last push to get in some extra greens before the month is over? Because if you are, I have something that might help you out: Homemade Cheese Sauce!

Cheesy, cheddary, gooey cheese sauce, just the thing to pour over the dullest of veggies and turn them into a vegetable party. This is a fabulous little recipe to have in your back pocket because it’s so useful and versatile.

Need a quick lunch? Steam some broccoli in the microwave and top with cheese sauce. Nachos for dinner? Cheese sauce. Baked potato feeling a little sad? CHEESE SAUCE IT.

If you have a couple of minutes and some cheddar cheese, you could probably make this sauce right this second.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

How to Make Cheese Sauce

Cheese sauce is one of the very easiest sauces to make and requires just four ingredients: butter, flour, milk, and cheese. Plus we’ll throw some salt, pepper, and cayenne in there to kick up the flavor. You start with a roux, whisking the butter and flour until you get a golden paste and then slowly pour in the milk and stir until you have a nice bubbly, creamy sauce. Once the sauce looks thick enough for you, you stir in the cheese, add salt, pepper, and cayenne to taste, and voilà. Perfect cheese sauce ready to tasty up whatever you’re going to pour it over.

What to Serve With Cheese Sauce

  • Vegetables, especially broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts
  • Baked Potatoes With Chili
  • Homemade Pretzels

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Cheese Sauce Recipe Notes

  • You can use any percentage milk or cream you’d like in this recipe, but I usually use 2%, which is what I keep on hand. The higher percentage fat, the creamier and richer the sauce will be.
  • This sauce is best served immediately. It will start to get a little lumpy when cold and reheated.

As written, this recipe makes about 1 cup of cheese sauce, which generously serves 2. To change the recipe yield, hover over the number of servings (or click if you are on mobile) in the recipe card and slide the slider. Add a couple of minutes to the cooking time when doubling or tripling.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

White sauce for one person is easy with this recipe that uses a mug to make a generous portion of white sauce for one person using the microwave. You can halve this recipe if you simply want a small amount of white sauce to pour over a portion of fish or chicken, maybe adding in parsley or peppercorns if you wish.

If you’re making a single portion of sauce, a microwave is not only the easiest way to make sauce, but it makes the most sense as you’re dealing with a tiny amount, so a small microwave ramekin could be used to make this.

The recipe below gives 150ml of sauce, but can be halved to make an even smaller quantity:


  • 25 grams butter or margarine
  • 15-20 grams flour
  • 100ml milk


  1. Using a small microwave safe jug, mug or small bowl, melt the butter or margarine in the microwave, this will take 15-30 seconds.
  2. Add the flour and use a fork to mix the butter and flour until they’re smooth.
  3. Slowly add the milk, mixing it through with the fork so it stays smooth.
  4. Microwave the sauce in 15-30 second blasts, mixing it with a fork each time to keep it lump free. After about 2 minutes the sauce will be cooked and ready to serve

You control how thick the sauce is by adding the milk slowly as you go, until it’s the right thickness – as it cooks it will thicken up a little more, but you can keep adding a tiny splash of milk to loosen it up as you go!

You can add any flavours you wish to the sauce before pouring!

This is a great sauce that you can use however you wish, including:

  • Add cheese and you have a cheese sauce for cauliflower cheese
  • Add parsley to make a parsley sauce for one portion of fish
  • Use as a bechamel sauce for a lasagne for one person
  • Add to cauliflower and broccoli to make a cheese sauce for a cauliflower & broccoli bake
  • Use to make a cheese sauce for macaroni cheese.

This is a real white sauce recipe – it’s not a cutdown microwave version. This sauce recipe simply uses regular ingredients and uses the microwave to bring them together easily – it is therefore OK to use this sauce in or on any dishes such as lasagnes, bakes, or as a pouring sauce.

The only “cheat” here is using the microwave instead of a saucepan on the hob!

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You won’t have to stand over the stove, stirring, stirring, stirring ever again!!

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Only 2 ingredients needed for this fudge! Oh yeah, and a slow cooker 😉

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This is a delicious lemony treat that won’t take long at all to whip up!

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I haven’t made this for a while, but it popped up when I was looking for a cake recipe on the website the other day. Now I’m craving it!!

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Do you have some bananas going a bit manky in the fruit bowl? Whip this yummy cake up!

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If you adore peanut butter, then here are your new favourite muffins! Only 5 ingredients and no sugar or flour!

#muffins #peanutbutter #easyrecipes

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Looking for something to give you a little afternoon pick-me-up? Or just a quick and healthy brekky option? Check out this yummy and easy Banana Oaty Smoothie! 🍌

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Hmmm nothing better on a cold night than a hot freshly Steamed Chocolate Pudding with cream and ice cream and chocolate sauce.. drool..

Stay at Home Mum

This Frugal Chocolate Slice is perfect for a sometimes after school snack or morning tea with the girls! 😋

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Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ to enjoy on a Saturday night! 😍 😍 😍

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Q: When making their food, some people tend to use a lot of melted cheese. It is not surprising that they are curious about using a microwave for fast melting. Let’s see if it is possible to melt cheese in a microwave.

How We Melt Cheddar Cheese in a Microwave?

If you would like to place some melted cheddar cheese over your pizza, you might want to have that cheese melted as fast as possible. Probably the fastest way to do it is by using your microwave.

First of all, you have to realize which type of cheddar cheese you have at your home. It can be mild, sharp or extra sharp, and this quality affects its melting ability. Mild cheddar cheese melts faster than the other two types and extra sharp will be the slowest to melt.

Then you should take a box grater and shred the cheese. It is better if your cheddar cheese is cold, so it should stay in a fridge for about half an hour prior to the shredding process.

When you have shredded it, leave it a bit at the room temperature to save the microwave’s energy usage. Then place your shredded cheddar cheese in a bowl and put the bowl in the microwave. The shorter the melting period is, the less greasy your cheese will be.

For the best results, you should melt your cheddar cheese from 10 to 15 seconds depending on its quality (whether it is mild, sharp, or extra sharp) on a low heat program.

You Can Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

This is an easy process and the final product is better than anything similar you’ve ever tasted. All you need to do is following:

  • Grate your cheese (cheddar or parmesan) into a wide and shallow dish.
  • Pour some milk over the cheese to cover it as much as possible.
  • On the other side, take some cornstarch and pour some milk over it to dissolve it.
  • Mix the cornstarch with the cheese in the dish.
  • Cover the dish (not completely) and place it in the microwave.
  • Heat the mixture for two minutes at the lowest temperature.
  • Take out the dish and stir the cheese with starch once more.
  • Return the dish to the microwave for two minutes more of heating.
  • Add salt if you want to and serve the sauce hot.

Mac and Cheese from the Microwave

Each food is much healthier when prepared at home. Having that in mind, if you are a fan of Mac and cheese, here is the process to prepare it on your own.

Take some noodles and place them into a glass bowl together with the same amount of hot water. For example, if you have taken one cup of noodles, then pour one cup of water. Still, this will much depend on your common sense, so be careful not to make your bowl full and not to cause water coming out of the bowl. Also, be sure to cover all the noodles with water.

Place the bowl in the microwave for 6 minutes at the middle power. If you cover your bowl with lid, you should be careful to leave some space for the steam to come out, so you must not completely cover the bowl. It would be also fine to leave it uncovered.

After 6 minutes, take out the bowl and place some cheese cut into cubes onto it together with a tablespoon of margarine. Return the bowl into the microwave for 15-20 seconds more to have that cheese and margarine melted.

After that time, take out the bowl and stir the content to have it evenly spread. Bon Appetit!

Truth be told: I’m a junk food connoisseur. If given the choice to sit down to a fresh green salad or dive into a salty pile of tortilla dripping with extra-spicy nacho cheese… I’m going to pick the chips and nacho cheese every single time.

I justify a lot of my diet (and keep my waist line down) with the simple idea that at least I learned how to make it from scratch. Since I really got into cooking, I’ve made a point to learn how to make all of my junkie favorites from scratch. At least I have to work for it, ya know? No, that doesn’t suddenly make it healthy, but it helps. Fortunately for me, this recipe isn’t much work either!

Nacho cheese is one of those junky favorites that I had to master early on. You see, I like knowing exactly what’s in the food I’m eating. Unfortunately, the nacho cheese sauces that you buy at the store are often laced with so many chemical preservatives that “cheese” might not even be on the ingredients list. Plus, by the time I get done doctoring up those store-bought cheeses, I could’ve made this recipe already.

Not All Cheese Is Created Equal

You’ll notice that in this recipe I call for using sharp cheddar cheese. The reason why I use sharp cheddar in my nacho cheese (as opposed to medium or extra sharp) is because of the balance between flavor and consistency. Sharp cheddar has the bite I’m looking for when making a cheese sauce. It stands up well against the spices and retains its cheesy flavor.

When you are recreating ‘junk food favorites’ at home, keep your ingredients simple.

Medium cheddar has a tendency lose flavor and the sauce comes out tasting like cream. It does melt down well. With a medium cheddar you will get a very creamy texture and it stays smooth as it cools. So if you have to pick something other than sharp, medium is the way to do.

Extra sharp cheddar, on the other hand, is very hard to work with. It has a nice salty bite in the cheese sauce, but extra sharp cheese is sensitive to heat. If the sauce is too hot when you add the cheese, it will separate and become grainy. While this is true of any cheddar, extra sharp tends to do this more often than not.

If you want to mix things up, try to gravitate toward softer, less sharp types of cheeses that melt easily. These cheese include like monterey jack, pepper jack, american cheese, or even cream cheese. I personally like just using sharp cheddar because it’s what I always keep on hand, it melts well, and I love the flavor. Feel free to experiment and make it your own.

Don’t Forget to Keep it Warm

This recipe doubles and triples very easily. You can make as much cheese sauce as you like and take it along for a party or something but only if you can keep it warm! Nobody like cold nacho cheese. If you’re trying to serve this at a gathering, I recommend sticking it in a crock pot and keeping it on low heat so the cheese stays warm and gooey.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

1 Minute Keto Cheese Sauce is the perfect recipe for those who still want to enjoy everyones favorite snack but don’t want to worry about all the carbs! This smooth and creamy, keto friendly Nacho Cheese Sauce is the perfect snack for a movie night at home with the family or Sunday football game around the TV. With just a 1 minute cook time you and your whole family will enjoy this velvety sauce with every dip!

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

This is not just a dip, though! Use it to coat steamed broccoli or cauliflower. Top your keto nachos, or taco salad. The possibilities are endless!


Who doesn’t love watching a football game gathered around the TV on a family night?

Now you can indulge in this easy Keto Cheese Sauce without all the guilt of carbs!

Lets get started. Add all your ingredients in a small bowl (except 3 tablespoons of heavy cream). If you want just a plain cheese sauce, leave out the cumin and the chili powder.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Stir all your ingredients together and microwave on high for 30 seconds. This is how it looks after the first 30 seconds. Now we give it another stir.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Now we microwave on high for 30 seconds more.

Your cheese sauce should be smooth and creamy.

Now for the trick. Stir in those 3 additional tablespoons of heavy cream. More if you want it thinner.

This makes your cheese sauce super velvety and smooth!

In just 1 minute cook time you can enjoy this smooth keto friendly snack! Looks great!

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

If this gets cold, be careful re-heating. Reheat very slowly…like 15 seconds at a time. Too much stirring and too much heat will cause it to split. it really cannot be saved after it splits.

Did you make this Keto Cheese Sauce Recipe? Tag me on Instagram so I can see! @lowcarbwithjennifer

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

  • Total: 35 mins
  • Prep: 15 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Yield: 8 oz. Spagetti (6 Servings)
Nutritional Guidelines (per serving)
602 Calories
12g Fat
80g Carbs
42g Protein


Nutrition Facts
Servings: 8 oz. Spagetti (6 Servings)
Amount per serving
Calories 602
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 12g 15%
Saturated Fat 5g 24%
Cholesterol 73mg 24%
Sodium 212mg 9%
Total Carbohydrate 80g 29%
Dietary Fiber 5g 17%
Protein 42g
Calcium 170mg 13%
*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a food serving contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.

This recipe not only cooks in the microwave oven, but you can reheat it in that appliance too. Try it the next time you’re in a hurry for pasta!

It’s surprising that you can cook pasta in the microwave, but it makes sense if you think about it. You can find products on late night television now that promise you can cook pasta in a container with hot water. Pasta doesn’t technically need to be cooked in rolling boiling water; it just needs to rehydrate in hot water. That’s why this recipe works.

Here’s how to cook pasta in the microwave oven: make sure the pasta is covered with liquid and that it’s not sticking together. You do need to stir the casserole a few times while it’s cooking, so the spaghetti absorbs the liquid properly. And standing time is important; the food finishes heating, and the pasta will absorb more flavor.

Serve this dish with a green salad tossed with mushrooms, grape tomatoes, and an intense Italian vinaigrette.


Claudia Thompson, PhD, RD


Sanjana Gupta

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Mozzarella sticks are a quick and easy snack that you can pull out of the freezer and make at a moment’s notice if you have company. The best way to cook frozen mozzarella sticks is in the oven, but if you’re short on time, you can microwave them instead.

Can You Microwave Mozzarella Sticks?

When cooking breaded cheese sticks, the goal is to get the cheese to melt, while still keeping the outer crust nice and crispy. In fact, a November 2017 study published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology notes that meltability and stretchability are key properties of mozzarella cheese that make it a good choice of cheese for breaded cheese sticks.

The best way to cook frozen mozzarella sticks is in the oven because you get the perfect combination of melted cheese and crispy crust. Microwaving them may not be the best way to cook frozen mozzarella sticks because they could get soggy instead. However, if you’re pressed for time or don’t have an oven, you can make do with the microwave.

Brands like Snapps, Farm Rich and TGI Fridays mozzarella sticks have cooking instructions that explain how you should cook them and whether you can put them in the microwave at all. For instance, TGI Fridays mozzarella sticks cooking instructions state that they should only be cooked in the oven, so avoid putting them in the microwave.

Some brands of mozzarella sticks can be microwaved, and the cooking instructions list the directions you need to follow. The settings might need to be adjusted, depending on the make and model of your microwave.

How to Microwave Mozzarella Sticks

Follow these steps to microwave mozzarella sticks:

Place them on a microwave-safe plate: Take the mozzarella sticks out of the freezer and open the packaging. Place the sticks on a microwave-safe plate. Try to spread them out so that they’re not touching and have enough space to cook. Don’t cover them; you don’t want the sticks to steam in their own moisture and get soggy.

Heat them in the microwave: Put the mozzarella sticks in the microwave and cook them on high power for 30 seconds. Turn them over and cook them for another 30 seconds. Keep repeating this cycle until the mozzarella sticks are cooked.

Check whether they’re done: The crust may not get very crispy but the cheese should melt completely. When you think they’re done, cut open one of the sticks to check. The cheese in the middle of the stick should have melted. Be careful though; it may be dangerously hot.

Serve hot: Serve the sticks hot with marinara sauce. Brands like TGI Fridays mozzarella sticks cooking instructions also include instructions on how to thaw the sauce. The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy suggests serving mozzarella sticks with jalapeno jelly, plum sauce or honey mustard sauce. Or try our recipe for tangy Sriracha Skyr “Ranch” Dressing

Mozzarella sticks are fine for the occasional treat, but they’re probably not the best idea for your everyday snack. Given that they’re fried and contain cheese, they’re very calorie-dense; according to the USDA, a single stick has 143 calories and the calories add up pretty quickly if you eat more than one. Each stick also has 11.1 grams of carbs, 8.06 grams of fat and 6.49 grams of protein.

Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Food Styling by Rhoda Boone

This velvety-smooth sauce uses real cheddar (not the processed stuff) and comes together in less than 10 minutes. Serve as is with chips, fries, or chili dogs, or transform it into the best queso you’ve ever had (see below for more on that). Pro tip: Skip the aged cheddar from the fancy cheese counter—the sauce will be even creamier with a block of no-frills cheddar from the dairy aisle of the supermarket.

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  1. For cheese sauce:
    • 8 ounces grated yellow sharp cheddar (about 2 packed cups)
    • 1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon cornstarch
    • 1 cup evaporated milk
  2. For queso variation:
    • 1 (10-ounce) can Rotel diced tomatoes and green chiles, drained, squeezed dry
    • Hot sauce, to taste (optional)


  1. Make cheese sauce:
    1. Toss cheese and cornstarch in a medium heatproof bowl. Pour evaporated milk over and cook in microwave on high 1 minute. Whisk and continue to cook in 30-second increments, whisking in between, until melted and smooth (about 2 minutes total).
  2. Make queso variation:
    1. Once cheese has melted, stir in Rotel and hot sauce, if using, and microwave an additional 30 seconds. Stir to combine.

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I read all the reviews and tried to incorporate their advice into my attempt; however, I was disappointed with the results. I wouldn’t bother with it. It was a waste of ingredients and calories.

It’s ok, still a bit gritty even after tons of whisking. It was best right out of the microwave, but as it cooled even a little it would get thick and gummy. So I had to keep microwaving and re-whisking. Not worth it, IMO.

It’s really good. But..I changed a couple things. Like other stated it was Gloppy and gritty but I did something different I used half and half for the milk (I did not have canned milk) and I used the Rotel with the liquid and it made a big difference.. Give it a try but you have to heat it long enough, Out it gets Gloppy again.. just keep stirring until it’s the nice smooth consistency that you want if ever gets runny put a little more cheese if it’s too thick put a little more half and half..

Meh. I made it as a bacon cheddar dip & it wasn’t that flavorful. And however much you make, use it that day because it reheats horribly: gloppy & grainy.

I agree this is not good. Velveeta based queso dip is better.

Although I do not live there now, I am a native Texan and therefore grew up with an amped up version of the traditional Velveeta based queso. Y’all, if you’re looking for anything close to that, don’t try this recipe. It’s bad, really bad! My husband and kids wouldn’t even eat it. Then the jokes started as my husband started telling the kids about what he describes as my singular cooking fail in 20 years. I was during our college days and occurred at about 2 AM (I’ll let you fill in the blanks) when we needed a late night snack. Yep, I decided to try to make cheese dip from cheddar when I realized I was out of Velveeta. It didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now. I’ll admit, this one doesn’t completely break and it is a better version than my sad attempt that night, but it’s just not the real thing!

I made the queso variation with regular diced tomatoes and chipotles and it was fantastic! if it doesn’t get eaten in one sitting it feels very gummy when reheated but the flavor is great!

I used Swiss cheese to make a morney sauce for hot browns. My microwave is pretty low wattage, so it cooked longer (longer increments, and longer total time), but finally melted and smoothed out. Will definitely make it again with whatever cheese flavor needed.

This was very smooth and tasty. I just made the cheese sauce, then poured it over macaroni & asparagus. Much easier and faster than making a roux, white sauce, adding cheese. And using cornstarch makes it gluten-free, for those who need a gluten-free cheese sauce. Like a previous reviewer, I don’t particularly care for the taste of evaporated milk, but it really wasn’t at all noticeable in this sauce. I used 2% evaporated milk, and it still made a thick and luscious sauce.

Does anyone know whether I can substitute half and half or heavy cream for the evaporated milk? I just don’t like the taste of milk from a can.

Everyone raved! The best, easiest cheese sauce I’ve ever made!

Made this for a super bowl gathering and it was a hit. Followed the instructions and used the Rotel tomatoes. Super easy to make in the Micro and to warm up again when it started to cool down. I used medium cheddar.

Oh FYI, I make it on the stove, not in the microwave.

I love this recipe. It is super quick, makes a great dip for nachos and can also be a great sauce for quick mac and cheese.

Yuck! This was super pasty. I measured the cornstarch exactly as required. Not good.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Do you have guests but not the time to prepare desserts? Do your kids love flan but you do not want to spend hours cooking it in a bain marie? Here is an easy recipe for how to make a rich egg custard in minutes. You won’t believe how easy it is! Take note:

  • 3 eggs
  • 7 heaped tablespoons of sugar
  • 500cc of milk
  • 1 vanilla pod

In a saucepan, melt 3 tablespoons sugar and make caramel. Once you have caramel pour it in to the microwavable mould that you will use to make the flan. Put some of the milk in a glass with vanilla and put it in the microwave for a couple of minutes, so that the vanilla releases its aroma.

In a bowl, beat the eggs, add the sugar and the milk (including vanilla). Mix well and pour the mixture into the mould where you put the caramel before. Put the mould with the mixture in the microwave and turn it on at a power of 700W-800W for 6 minutes.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

After six minutes, the flan is ready! Leave to cool to room temperature and then put it in the fridge to cool completely. Now you just have to serve and enjoy the flan made in the microwave, Bon appétit!

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Ready, Steady, Go….

By Mayank

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

How to Microwave a Pizza in Microwave Convection Oven? So, decided to try out the new, fresh, healthy base at home and tried the freshly baked pizza. I was really impressed with the results. The final product tasted crisper, hygienic, and much better. And it is considered to be a best holiday meal.

Pizza dough:

So, how to microwave a pizza in the microwave oven? Start with a pizza dough from home. You can buy pizza dough from any supermarket in India or even USA. You just need to use hot water to mix it, which will form a thin film on top of the dough. This should be transferred onto the cooking tray and let the dough to cook for the allotted time. If you want to make a pizza, you can always make your own Pizza dough or use frozen pizza dough from your local supermarket.

Bake the dough:

Once the dough is ready, you need to bake it. Heat up the oven to 400 degrees and place the pizza dough directly onto the baking tray. Bake it for around 10 minutes till it is golden brown and done. The best way to test if it is done is by inserting a toothpick into it.

Refrigerate the dough:

Now, how to microwave a pizza in the microwave oven? After the pizza has cooked for the allotted time, remove it from the oven. Using a flat pizza pan, carefully spread the pizza evenly over a dish. Place this in the fridge to cool off while you are preparing some condiments.

Spicy pizza sauce:

You need to prepare your Sauce. Simply mix together two tablespoons of tomato sauce with one tablespoon of butter, one tablespoon of grated parmesan cheese and one tablespoon of chopped basil leaves. It’s important that you stir the mixture well so as not to let it stick to each other. Mix until it reaches a creamy consistency, add more cream as required.


Sprinkle a little bit of oregano on the top of the pizza. Sprinkle some salt, pepper powder to taste on the other side. You can also sprinkle some sea salt, garlic salt or thyme leaves on top of the pizza if you feel that your pizza needs it. Mix the ingredients together and add toppings according to your choice. You can add chicken, sliced bell paper, paneer, mushrooms, olives, pepperoni, and many other tasty toppings.

Things to do before baking:

Before baking the pizza in the oven, ensure that your pizza is completely cooled down. Use a cookie sheet and coat it with butter. And cover it with tomato sauce. Place the pizza on top of the cookie sheet and then place it in the fridge.

Bake in the Oven

Place the pizza on a cookie sheet and let it come to room temperature. Bake for around fifteen minutes till it is golden brown and cooked well. Remove and serve with some condiments. Before baking the pizza in the oven, ensure that your pizza is completely cooled down. Use a cookie sheet and coat it with butter. And cover it with tomato sauce.

Final step:

After around five to ten minutes, place the pizza on top of the cookie sheet and place it in the oven. After around twenty minutes, place the pizza on a rack and cover it with aluminum foil. This will prevent it from getting too crispy when it gets baked in the oven. Allow it to cook for about forty-five minutes before taking it out of the oven. While it is cooking, make sure to prepare condiments.

So, can you cook frozen pizza in microwave? What are you waiting for? Now all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned above and you can easily go out for pizza night with your family!

Let technology amaze you as your pasta boils in the microwave.

Valentina Muñoz Ascencio

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College dorms are not exactly famous for the amount of stuff they provide. We get a bed, a desk with a chair, a couple of drawers and if you are lucky enough, even a fridge and a microwave. So, it’s time to get creative and make a quick and delicious microwave pasta.

Microwave Pasta

  • Prep Time: 2 mins
  • Cook Time: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 12 mins
  • Servings: 2
  • Easy


    Step 1

    Pour the cup of pasta into the microwave-safe bowl.

    Photo by Valentina Muñoz.

    Step 2

    Add water (preferably hot) with salt and pepper to the bowl so the pasta is a couple of inches deep.

    #SpoonTip: Since pasta swells while being cooked, adding too much water may cause it to spill when boiling. If you don’t add the entire two cups of water, you can always add more.

    Photo by Valentina Muñoz.

    Step 3

    Put the bowl on top of the large microwave-safe plate so if the water spills, it doesn’t ruin your microwave and make the fuse of your house explode (it’s happened before).

    Step 4

    Place the plate with the bowl in the microwave for about 10 minutes. If you’re impatient, you can cover the bowl with a microwave-safe lid to trap the heat and cook the pasta faster. Make sure you do not use plastic, as it may melt in the microwave.

    Photo by Valentina Muñoz.

    Step 5

    Check the pasta every 2-3 minutes by sampling a piece or two. Use a fork to avoid getting burned. If the microwave pasta is still hard and the water in the bowl is gone, add more water.

    Step 6

    When the bowl is water-free, you can add any sauce or cheese of your choice. Return it to the microwave for about 30 seconds to warm up the toppings and then enjoy you delicious microwave pasta!

    Photo by Valentina Muñoz

You can accompany this microwaved pasta with a fried egg or even a desert such as a chocolate cake or a chocolate chip cookie, all made in the microwave. This kitchen hero is capable of cooking many delicacies (if you consider pasta a delicacy) and has even many other uses.

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This White Cheese Sauce is made without flour and is ideal for dipping and smothering foods like nachos or fries. It is simple to make and ready in less than 15 minutes. Plus its gluten-free since there’s no flour or ‘roux’ needed!

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

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How To Make A Simple White Cheese Sauce For Nachos

A common question I hear is “How do you thicken a cheese sauce without flour?”.

Cheese is naturally thick so it doesn’t necessarily need a thickener. The hard part is getting it SMOOTH and CREAMY! All I do for this white cheese sauce recipe is melt my cheese in MILK. Although there is not much room for error, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind.

The TYPE of cheese you use makes a difference. For example, sharp cheese does not melt as well as a mild cheddar. Neither does parmesan.

I use american cheese for 2 reasons…

  1. It is white. (looks better on my Pulled Pork Nachos)
  2. It also melts well!

So just adding milk to it will give you a deliciously creamy sauce that will NOT harden up on you when cooled! YAY to flourless cheese sauces!

Try topping these Mini Baked Potatoes with this cheese sauce!

What Cheese Is The Best For Nachos?

Any CREAMY cheese will work but some just taste better. The top 4 cheeses I like are:

*Cheddar cheese would be delicious on nachos but there’s one issues with cheddar. It does NOT melt well. Especially if you have SHARP cheddar cheese. I have tried it and it does not work well without an added thickener.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

How To Thicken A Cheese Sauce Without Flour

Typically you would need milk/cream and a ‘roux’ to make any cheese sauce.

I am assuming you’re reading this because you want a flourless cheese sauce recipe. So how we will need to thicken the sauce is simply allowing the cheese itself to be the thickener which is what I did in this recipe.

What are the ingredients in “nacho” cheese?

The nacho cheese you are probably thinking of is that processed yellow cheese that we all can’t help but LOVE. (at least I do…)

But it isn’t healthy and is very hard to make on your own. Velveeta uses all kinds of food starches and hydrogenated oils. Eh, NOT a pantry staple…

So try this sauce! It is better for you and easier to make! Plus no flour or cornstarch!

Ideas for how to serve your white cheese sauce…

This cheese sauce is great for a few things:

This Sauce Is Great For Dipping!

Here are some things you can dip into your cheese sauce:

  1. Tortilla chips
  2. Soft pretzels
  3. French fries
  4. Chicken nuggets
  5. Bread
  6. Pita bread

This Sauce Is Also Great For Topping!

You could also serve this simple cheese sauce drizzled on TOP of:

  1. Broccoli
  2. Cauliflower
  3. Chips to make nachos!
  4. Macaroni/Pasta
  5. Fries
  6. Enchiladas
  7. Cheesesteaks

Try serving this white sauce with my favorite snack, the best Baked Potato Wedges!

How Not To Get A Curdled or ‘Gritty’ Cheese Sauce!

Cheese begins to separate at about 160 degrees Fahrenheit so be careful when making your sauce! It is a low and slow process!

To prevent curdling, make sure you DO NOT:

  • Turn your heat too high! NO boiling allowed! The lowest setting is best. Once it gets too hot, there’s no turning back!
  • Use anything less than WHOLE milk! 2% or skim milk have much less fat in them. The fat is what you need to keep the sauce smooth and creamy!
  • Use any other cheeses then the ones listed above! Sharp cheeses like cheddar do not melt well AT ALL!
  • Add a huge chunk of cheese to your milk. Not only will it take longer but it will create uneven hot spots which lead to gritty cheese!

Below are a few appetizers I created that would pair perfectly with this cheese sauce!

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How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Learn how to make easy Cauliflower Cheese Sauce for veggies, chicken, pasta and more. This simple sauce has a hefty dose of cauliflower tucked right inside for extra nutrition, BUT it has all the flavor of classic cheese sauce the kids love!

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the MicrowaveCauliflower Cheese Sauce

I love adding veggies to sauces to add flavor and nutrition to food for kids—it’s often an easy and effective way to boost nutrient intake! And the thing about using cauliflower in this cheese sauce is that you simply blend up the ingredients in a blender without the need to stir flour into butter and milk on the stovetop like in classic cheese sauce. And the best part? You can make it ahead of time, stash it in the fridge, and use it as needed throughout the week!

Easy Cheese Sauce

This Cauliflower Cheese sauce, which simply blends together in a blender until smooth, pairs really nicely with broccoli if your kids like (broccoli and cheese!) and is a little less salty than a traditional cheese sauce might be. It’s also gluten-free and perfectly smooth.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the MicrowaveIngredients in Healthy Cheese Sauce

To make this cheese sauce you’ll need grated cheddar cheese, butter, milk, cauliflower florets, garlic powder, and salt. That’s it! This is a nice way to use up a small amount of lingering cauliflower or to simply offer a healthy dipping sauce to go with dinner. (You don’t even need flour to make this recipe!)

TIP: Use store bought cauliflower florets or cut up a head of cauliflower. You can also start with frozen florets.

How to Make Cheese Sauce Step-by-Step

Here’s a look at the easy process involved in learning how to make cheese sauce.

  1. Gather your ingredients. (photo 1)
  2. Add the cauliflower to a steamer basket fitted in a medium pot with water. Cook until soft. (photo 2)
  3. Add all ingredients to a blender. (photo 3)
  4. Blend until very smooth. Season to taste. (photo 4)

TIP: You can use yellow or white cheese, depending on whether you’d like the easy cheese sauce to be yellow or white.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the MicrowaveHow long can I store leftovers?

This makes enough for 2-3 servings, so you can store any leftovers in the fridge in an airtight container for 3-5 days. Reheat it for 15-30 seconds in the microwave to serve. You can also toss any leftovers with pasta for a quick and healthy mac and cheese. You can of course cut the recipe in half to make less from the start—I like to have it in the fridge to use for future meals.

TIP: One batch of this quick cheese sauce makes enough for 1 pound of pasta.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

What goes well with this Quick Cheese Sauce (besides broccoli)?

You can serve this with additional steamed cauliflower, steamed broccoli, pretzel sticks, chicken strips, or anything else the kids might like to dip into cheese sauce. It’s great as a dip to serve with Chicken Meatballs or stirred into pasta to make Cauliflower Mac and Cheese.

Tips for Making the Best Cauliflower Cheese Sauce

  • Use yellow or white cheese, according to whether you’d like your sauce to be yellow or white.
  • You can make this up to 3 days ahead and store in an airtight container in the fridge until ready to use.
  • Serve with additional steamed cauliflower, steamed broccoli, fries, pretzel sticks, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Meatballs, as Cauliflower Mac and Cheese, or anything else the kids might like to dip into cheese sauce!
  • You can omit the garlic powder for a more mellow flavor.
  • You can add a pinch of mustard powder for additional flavor.
  • Use store bought cauliflower florets or cut up a head of cauliflower. You can also start with frozen florets.

I’d love to know what your family thinks of this recipe so please comment below to share!

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Cauliflower Cheese Sauce

  • Author: Amy Palanjian
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Cook Time: 10
  • Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Yield: 8 – 10 servings 1 x
  • Category: Dinner
  • Method: Stovetop
  • Cuisine: American


This makes enough for 2-3 servings, so you can store any leftovers in the fridge in an airtight container. Reheat it for 15-30 seconds in the microwave to serve. You can also toss any leftovers with pasta for a quick and healthy mac and cheese.


  • 2 cups cauliflower florets
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1/2 cup whole or 2 % milk, warmed slightly
  • 1 cup freshly grated cheddar cheese
  • Pinch garlic powder
  • Salt to taste
  • 1 head broccoli


  1. Add the cauliflower to a steamer basket fitted in a medium pot half filled with water set over medium heat. Cover and cook until soft, about 5-7 minutes.
  2. Add cauliflower, butter, milk, cheese, garlic powder, and salt to a blender. Blend until very smooth.
  3. Serve with additional steamed cauliflower, steamed broccoli, fries, pretzel sticks, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Meatballs, as Cauliflower Mac and Cheese, or anything else the kids might like to dip into cheese sauce!


Use yellow or white cheese, according to whether you’d like your sauce to be yellow or white.

You can make this up to 3 days ahead and store in an airtight container in the fridge until ready to use.

Stir into pasta to make Cauliflower Mac and Cheese, serve as a dip for Chicken Meatballs, or as a dip for veggies, pretzel sticks, or Baked Chicken Tenders.

You can omit the garlic powder for a more mellow flavor.

You can add a pinch of mustard powder for additional flavor.

Use store bought cauliflower florets or cut up a head of cauliflower. You can also start with frozen florets.

Did you make this recipe?

Rate this recipe in the comments below and tag @yummytoddlerfood on Instagram!

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Nachos is a typical Mexican dish and can be accompanied by numerous sauces, although one of the most common recipes is to make cheesy nachos with that typical melted cheese sauce we all enjoy with that characteristic orange color. Melted cheddar cheese is normally used to achieve such color, along with the corn triangles, although it can also be made with your favorite cheese. In this article, you will discover step by step how to prepare cheesy nachos.

  • Nacho chips
  • 1 pound Cheddar cheese or your favourite one
  • 1 cup Milk
  • Oregano
  • 1 Jalapeno (optional)
  • Saucepan or small pot
  • Wooden spoon

To prepare the cheese sauce for your easy cheesy nachos, you should put a little milk in a saucepan or a small pot and add the cheddar cheese. If you prefer, you can use any other variety of cheese that you like the most. This is not a problem, though the best cheeses to melt are soft, non-cured cheeses such as Fontina, Provolone, Gouda or Gruyere.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

You should melt the cheese and mix it with the milk on low heat. Pay attention that the cheese does not stick to the pan or burn. You can add more milk to get the right texture, but always try to add it slowly so you don’t have too much liquid left.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Also, once the cream cheese has the right consistency, you can add some spices, such as oregano, or even add jalapeno chillies, onion or pepper cut up into thin slices. You can give the personal touch you fancy to the sauce to accompany the nachos.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Finally, you only need to pour the cheese sauce over the nachos and it’s ready to eat! Your guests will definitely suck their fingers and leave a completely empty plate with this Mexican recipe so widespread all over the world.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

If you want that extra gooey texture, grate some extra cheese on top, put the nachos in the oven for two minutes and you’ll see how extra-cheesy they are!

If you love finger food, OneHowTo has some delicious recipes you’ll surely enjoy. Take a look at the following:

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How to Make Cheese Sauce in the MicrowaveAs promised, yesterday I shared our family’s favorite snack – Homemade pretzels bites. The kids devour them! Now the first time we made these, we made a cheese sauce using shredded cheese, flour and butter, but it was so stringy – I just hated it. I finally realized that I could use my recipe for cheese sauce that I make to top my broccoli. 🙂

I made it and it worked perfectly for the homemade pretzel bites. In fact…. it was wonderful and tasted just like Auntie Anne’s cheese sauce that they give you with their pretzels!

Here is how to make it:

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

  1. You will need 3 to 4 slices of American Cheese.
  2. Chop them up and place in a microwave safe bowl.
  3. Add 1 -2 Tablespoon of milk.
  4. Microwave for about 3o seconds to a minute (Keep your eye on it).
  5. Stir until melted.
  6. Beginning dipping your favorite pretzels immediately. 🙂

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

I know… this is hardly a real recipe, but it completely solves the problem of delicious creamy cheese sauce for your pretzels.

Now if you are going to make a big batch, I highly recommend a double boiler to melt your cheese. It will go much smoother and will melt more evenly. Trust me… I’ve learned from experience! I actually found several that are on sale on Amazon in case you don’t have one – you can check them out here.

Now we normally will make this dip in the double boiler, and then we like to keep it warm in a mini dipper crockpot. We just love them because it keeps the dip warm and smooth.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Money Saving tip:

Stock up on the sliced American Cheese when they go on sale. Then freeze it. We freeze ours all the time and it thaws perfectly. In fact, the ones in the picture above were frozen. 🙂

Four simple ingredients are all you need for a versatile, velvety easy cheese sauce that has the power to transform plain pasta, baked potatoes, steamed broccoli, roast beef sandwiches, and more. For added flexibility, this quick-cooking sauce can be modified with a simple cheese swap, and I’ve included a thorough list of the best melting varieties — and the ones to avoid — below.

As written, the following recipe calls for cheddar or Cooper sharp, which are family-friendly, economical options that complement a wide range of ingredients — and which happen to be favorites in our house! That said, there’s lots of room to fancy it up; it’s just important to choose the right cheese.

Because of varying moisture content, not all cheese melts equally. For the smoothest, silkiest sauces, block cheese is usually recommended. (As a bonus, block cheese tends to be cheaper than pre-shredded.) That said, I’ve taken many a shortcut using pre-shredded cheese, and it can work quite well. In this case, know that some brands work better than others, and the fewer additives on the label the better.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

So which cheeses melt the best? American (including Cooper Sharp), Cheddar, Swiss, colby, fontina, Gouda, Gruyère, Havarti, Monterey Jack, and Muenster are good melters. Blue and other soft cheeses such as Brie and Camembert melt well, too — just be sure to remove the rind first.

Beyond cheese choice, what will ensure a smooth, flavorful sauce?

  • For the smoothest sauce, hand grate from a block of good quality cheese
  • You may freeze the block of cheese for a few minutes to make grating easier, but make sure the cheese is at room temperature before making the sauce
  • As an option to grating, the cheese may be finely chopped
  • Cook the flour in the butter for one minute to eliminate any “floury” flavor
  • For a gluten-free option, cornstarch works beautifully in place of flour — just use 1/3 as much, as noted in the recipe
  • Thicken the sauce before adding the cheese, and only heat until the cheese is melted — overheating can cause the cheese to harden and release fat, creating a lumpy sauce

Which cheeses don’t melt well? Feta, cotija, queso fresco ricotta, halloumi, and creamy goat won’t melt into a smooth sauce. Mozzarella, provolone, and cheddar curds will melt but tend to be stringy.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

So now that we have all the tools in place to make a deliciously smooth sauce, what are a few more ways to enjoy it?

  • Stuffed baked potatoes — add chili, broccoli, bacon, chicken, ham, diced tomatoes and/or black beans, as desired
  • Simple sauce for pasta — stir in veggies and protein of choice for a complete meal
  • Dip for tortilla chips and sauce for nachos
  • Topping for cheesesteaks and open-faced roast beef sandwiches
  • Sauce for quick stovetop mac and cheese
  • Sauce for steamed broccoli, roasted cauliflower or your favorite sautéed veggies

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

My kids are major fans, especially my younger son who’s a bit choosy about cheese sauce. It’s best served right away, although leftovers are still quite good when gently reheated.

Creamy pretzel cheese dip that’s made with just 5 simple ingredients in less than 10 minutes. Once you try it, you’ll make this homemade version over store bought every time!

One of my absolute favorite snacks are homemade pretzels with cheese sauce. And instead of buying premade sauce from the store, I recently tried making my own. And boy am I glad I did! It was so easy to whip up and tastes incredible. Creamy, cheesy and smooth!

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

This cheese dip is so easy and simple to make. It only takes 5 ingredients and comes together in less than 10 minutes! The sauce is so creamy and cheesy. It isn’t too clumpy and has the perfect smooth consistency. It’s also really easy to save and reheat for later.

It tastes so much better than the canned stuff and is better for you, too. There are so many yummy ways to use this delicious dip. Serve it with pretzel bites or bread, on top of a baked potato or even over vegetables. It tastes great on pretty much anything!

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

5 simple ingredients

  • Unsalted butter
  • All-purpose flour
  • Whole milk
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Hot sauce

How to make cheese sauce for pretzels

MELT. Add butter to skillet and melt over medium heat. Sprinkle the flour on top of the butter and cook for 1 minute, constantly stirring. It should form a thick paste. Then whisk in the milk until slightly thickened.

STIR. Remove from heat and slowly begin to mix in the shredded cheese until smooth. Add 2 to 3 teaspoons of hot sauce and salt and pepper to taste. If you need to thicken it down a bit, add a few Tablespoons of warm milk.

STORE. Pour into an airtight container and store in the refrigerator. Reheat on the stove or in the microwave.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave


  • Spicy nacho cheese: Add an extra Tablespoon of hot sauce and dash of cayenne pepper. You can add jalapeno as well.
  • Mustard cheese dip: Add a Tablespoon or two of mustard.

Make ahead + keep warm

Make ahead: Prepare as directed, then store in an airtight container in the fridge. When ready to enjoy, simply heat back up on the stove or in the microwave.

Keep warm: This cheese sauce is great served right from the stove, but if it’s going to be more than 10 minutes before I serve it, I like to transfer to a mini crockpot to keep warm.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

What else to serve with this cheddar cheese sauce?

We love to use this cheese sauce for pretty much anything. It makes a great cheese fondue as well.

How to Steam Cauliflower in the Microwave for a quick and simple side or to use in recipes that call for cooked cauliflower.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

So, you guys know I love a good kitchen hack. And try and tell me that “hacks” are so 2015 and I’ll shove my fingers in my ears whilst (simultaneously) typing a 500-word post about how you should whip your egg whites for the fluffiest pancakes or how to use two simple ingredients to make a killer 30-second Chocolate Sauce.

Or in today’s case, why you should absolutely try steaming your cauliflower in your microwave.

That’s right, I’m here today bringing you a super quick kitchen hack/tips & tricks post on cooking cauliflower in your microwave. You can also use this method to steam broccoli, or check out the post How to Steam Broccoli in the Microwave.

Why steam cauliflower in the microwave?

  • It’s faster than doing it on the stove.
  • You don’t need any special equipment like a steamer basket.
  • Best of all, there’s no pot or pan to wash. You just need a bowl, a plate, and a vegetable.

When you want a super simple vegetable side or are making a recipe that calls for steamed cauliflower, this method is going to save you so much time.

How to Steam Cauliflower in the Microwave

Wash your head of cauliflower well, and use a sharp knife to cut it into bite-sized florets. If you don’t usually cut cauliflower, here’s a great tutorial on how to cut cauliflower.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Place pieces in a microwave-safe bowl, and add just enough water to cover the bottom of the bowl, 2 to 3 tablespoons. Place a plate over the bowl and microwave for 3 to 4 minutes, depending on how much bite you like in your cauliflower, how large the pieces are, and how powerful your microwave is.

You may have to do a little experimenting to find your perfect cooking time.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Let the cauliflower sit in the microwave for 1 minute before removing from the microwave. Be careful, the steam trapped under the plate will be hot!

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Your steamed cauliflower is now ready to be enjoyed as a simple side, maybe tossed with a little butter or olive oil and salt, or dipped in ranch or cheese sauce ( How to Steam Cauliflower in the Microwave for a quick and simple side or to use in recipes that call for cooked cauliflower.

Home » Recipes » Cheese Sauce Without Flour

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Melty, Cheesy, Cheddar Flavored and PERFECT for every cheese sauce you will ever need! This is my “go to” cheese sauce and guess what? It’s cheese sauce without flour!

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Why This Recipe for Cheese Sauce Without Flour Works!

  • Easy
  • Fast
  • No flour
  • Always Perfect. You CAN NOT mess it up!

Here’s How Cheese Sauce Without Flour Is Done…

STEP 1. Cut up your ingredients and have ready to go in the pan.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

STEP 2. Melt the butter with the milk and then All the ingredients into a saucepan set on LOW to Medium Low on the stovetop.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

STEP 2. Stir frequently, whisk to remove any lumps and it’s done as soon as everything is melted!

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How Do I Prepare Mac and Cheese Without Using Flour?

This is how I do it! I use this sauce and pour it over the cooked macaroni and cheese noodles. Everyone LOVES it!

What’s a Good Cheese Sauce for Cauliflower Without Flour?

Right Here. This one. This is a good one for cauliflower and there’s ZERO flour in here!

How Do You Thicken Cheese Sauce?

This sauce won’t need to be thickened. However, if you have a runny cheese sauce you can do one of the following things….

  • Let it cook for a while longer and as the liquid in the sauce cooks off, it will thicken. Be careful not to burn it.
  • If you are making THIS recipe, just add some extra cream cheese.
  • Mix 1 Tbs of cornstarch into 1 Tbs of cold water, stir well until it resembles milk, pour this into your hot cheese sauce and stir. Allow to cook for 1-3 minutes. If not thick enough, repeat until thickened as you prefer.

Can You Melt Cheese in Milk?

Yes you can melt cheese into milk and it makes the start of a pretty decent cheese sauce. If you want an excellent cheese sauce, I’ve got one for you here!

What Do I Use Cheese Sauce For?

There are a MILLION uses for this cheese sauce! We love ours on…

What Kind of Cheese is Best for Mac and Cheese?

This cheese sauce, right here! You FOUND IT! Look no further!

How Do I Get Lumps Out of My Cheese Sauce?

Easy! Get your whisk out and whisk that sauce like crazy. Keep going. It takes about a full minute or two.

What If My Cheese Sauce Burnt to the Bottom Of The Pan?

How bad is it? If it is just stuck a little and the sauce is ready, ignore it and just don’t scrape it up off the bottom.

If your sauce isn’t ready yet, pour the sauce into another pan and continue to warm it but be careful! Stir frequently. Run water in your other pan and let it set. You can scrub it after dinner.

How Long Is This Cheese Sauce Good For?

It will last for at least 5 days in the fridge. Don’t let it sit out for more than 2 hours.

How Do I Reheat Cheese Sauce?

  • Reheat it by putting it into a pan on the stove top, heat over low heat and add a little milk or cream. Use a whisk to whisk out any lumps.
  • You can also put it in the microwave and heat in 1 minute intervals, stir, repeat until heated through.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Pour the mixture over the noodles and cheese!

Tips and Tricks

  • If you have time, melt the butter in the bottom of the pan first, add the milk/cream and then add the cheeses. This helps melt the cheese more quickly and helps keep it from wanting to burn to the bottom of the pan.
  • Experiencing lumps in your sauce? Just whisk it really hard and fast for about 1-2 minutes.
  • It’s fine to substitute any lower fat milk or cheese for these ingredients, just understand that the end result may not be as thick or creamy or cheesy.
  • If you find that your sauce has started to burn to the bottom of the pan, asses the damage. How much is burnt? If a lot, transfer the sauce you have into a new pan and keep heating. If it isn’t much, just don’t worry about it but keep it stirred more frequently. It WILL burn to the bottom of you don’t stir it frequently.
  • Best advice? Have a sink of warm soapy water ready and after your pour the sauce over whatever you are eating it with, put the cooking pan in the sink to soak. The cheese comes off easily then.
  • Every wonder what the USDA requires for cheese sauce?


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  • Total Time 40m
  • Prep Time 20 m
  • Calories 306

Yearning for a cheesy delight? Then we have an easy cheesy recipe to add soul to your weekend binging! Weekend calls for some fun and nothing can be better than enjoying your favourite delight at home with your friends and family. In fact, no comfort food is better than a Pizza loaded with cheese! Our love for this delightful delicacy from Italy is so immense that it has been an inseparable part of our celebrations and parties. The love for Pizza is just beyond words, and to make your weekend delightful, we thought of sharing an easy Cheese Pizza recipe, which you can prepare at home without putting in much efforts. Gone are the days of craving for burgers, chowmein and momos as pizza tops the list of all cravings. While the store bought pizza is seems clean, we are not sure what all goes into the making it. Hence, it is always a good idea to prepare it at home as you can keep an eye on the quality of ingredients used to prepare your favourite dish. You can prepare this Cheese Pizza in the microwave, OTG or even on the pan. To make the pizza on pan, you need to either par-boil or saute the veggies for 4-5 minutes so that they are partially cooked. You can also make your pizza healthier by using a wheat base. Add the cheese of your choice to make it tastier. To make it more delicious you can add your own innovation to this pizza recipe by preparing the base and sauce at home as per your taste preference. This is another simple way to make it more tasty and healthy. Also, if you are some who loves the cheesy white sauce, then you make it more delicious by preparing cheesy white sauce as a base and topping it up with more cheese and choice of veggies and garnish with some chili flakes and oregano. So don a chef’s hat and try out this super easy pizza recipe!

Ingredients of Cheese Pizza

  • 2 readymade pizza base
  • 1 1/2 tablespoon tomato ketchup
  • 1 pinch powdered black pepper
  • 150 gm shredded mozzarella
  • 1/2 teaspoon powdered salt

For Toppings

  • 100 gm chopped onion
  • 70 gm chopped capsicum ( green pepper)
  • 100 gm chopped tomato
  • 50 gm sliced mushroom

How to make Cheese Pizza

Step 1 Preheat the oven at 250 degree Celsius

To prepare this delicious Cheese Pizza recipe, preheat the oven on convection mode at 250 degree Celsius. Meanwhile, spread the tomato sauce evenly on each pizza base. Take a chopping board and chop onions, tomatoes, capsicum and mushroom on it.

Step 2 Microwave the veggies for about a minute

Mix all the chopped vegetables and seasoning in a bowl. Microwave these vegetables in a microwave-safe bowl for around 30-40 seconds or a minute. Spread this vegetable topping on each pizza base. Sprinkle grated mozzarella cheese at the top of each pizza.

Step 3 Bake the pizza at for 10-12 minutes

You can either bake this pizza in a microwave or you can use a non-stick tawa for the same. However, in this recipe we have used microwave. Bake the pizza on the high rack at 250 degree Celsius till the cheese melts. It will take around 10-12 minutes. Cut the delicious Cheese Pizza into slices and serve with sauces.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Introduction :

Stringy cheesy microwave cheese nachos in a minute with this delicious snack recipe. I’ve found this dish great for poker nights as a quick means to soak up the beer and spirits while waiting for the next hand. Enhancing this with random delicatessens you may find in the fridge such as jalapeños or ham can really jazz it up.

You’ll Need :

  • 1 large plate
  • A plate of plain nachos
  • 1/2 cup of sliced, grated of crumbled cheese (any type)

Method :

1. Spread the nachos out on the plate

2. Cover nachos with cheese

3. Place in the microwave oven for 35 seconds or until cheese bubbles

4. Remove and serve.

To Serve :

Your microwave cheese nachos are actually good to go straight from the microwave.

How to Make Cheese Sauce in the Microwave

Microwave Cheese Nachos Tips :

If you’ve ever been to a Chiquito (UK) or Taco Bel (US) Mexican style restaurant, you’ll probably have noticed that their nachos have way more than just cheese on them. Here’s the description from Chiquito’s actual menu for Fully Loaded Nachos

Fully Loaded Nachos £9.95
A huge portion of seasoned, baked and layered nachos, piled high
and topped with sour cream, guacamole, salsa and your favourite
ingredients. Choose from: Classic salsa, spicy chicken or beef chilli

So if you want you want your nachos like theirs without having it costing you £10, then just

  • Grab all the toppings listed above from your local supermarket (when I say grab, don’t just grab them and run out of the shop. Please pay for the stuff first).
    • As an alternative to spicy chicken or beef chilli you can buy a pack of chicken pieces or pastrami. For the Mexican effect splash a few drops of Tabasco sauce over it.
  • Chuck the toppings on the nachos with the cheese.
  • Zap it all in the microwave for maybe a little longer than a minute depending on how high you pile the toppings.