How to mat a watercolor painting

A Guide to Preservation Framing

How to mat a watercolor painting

So you have actually bought a lovely watercolor painting (ideally among mine), and now you’re asking – “What the heck do I make with it ?!” It’s time to find out about customized preservation framing. With this guide you’ll find out how to choose the ideal frame and maintain your art work for many years to come.

My credentials –

My journey with customized framing started in Grand Junction, Colorado at the Frame Depot. If you’re in the location head over instantly and avoid this guide; they’re THE BEST.), ( I had actually simply finished from college with a degree in graphic style and discovered myself in a catch 22, no one would employ me without experience however I could not get experience since no one would employ me. This ended up being a true blessing in camouflage. My real love has actually constantly been, and will constantly be, painting. Since of the experience I got while working at the Frame Depot I have a within understanding about how to include that all essential completing touch to initial art work, and.

What is preservation framing and why is it essential?

Preservation framing describes the products and strategies utilized to maintain and safeguard art work in an archival way. , if you desire your art work to stand the test of time this is the approach for you..

The diagram listed below portrays what’s called a frame bundle – all the products utilized to frame art work.

How to mat a watercolor painting

What sort of archival products and strategies are utilized?

Archival products consist of acid complimentary mats, installing boards, and frame backs. Watercolor paintings are light delicate so UV glass is utilized to safeguard them from fading. (It’s likewise advised that you hang art work far from direct sunshine.)

A method called preservation installing (or reversible framing) is utilized, indicating that the art work needs to be installed in such a method that it can be gotten rid of from the frame bundle with no damage to the painting. The most typical preservation install is called a T-hinge.

How to mat a watercolor painting

Illustration by Jacqueline Mahannah through Reframing Photography

Framing pointer – Ask your if they utilize archival products and how they will install the art work. Ensure to demand that they utilize UV or museum glass.

How to mat a watercolor painting

If you can manage it, museum glass is the method to go. It reduces glare and you can barely inform it exists! Image through C4 Contemporary Art

How do I choose a mat and frame?

There are no set guidelines for picking the ideal mat and frame, however I’ll highlight some basic standards to get you began down the ideal course.

How to mat a watercolor painting

  • Frame for the art work. Rather of attempting to match your existing decoration, pick a mat and frame that finest enhance the art work. If you frame for the painting it will look gorgeous no matter its environment, your decoration might alter however.
  • Do not stint mat width. A mat serves 2 functions; it keeps the art work from touching the glass and produces a visual area in between the art work and frame. (The mat is the peaceful that permits the art work to sing!) A basic mat width is 2 1/2″ to 3″ although bigger art work will need something more significant. Make certain to differ the width of the mat and frame as comparable widths can appear aesthetically stagnant.
  • When in doubt, keep it basic. When not contending with a picky frame, Hectic or extremely in-depth art work will look its finest. Keep in mind, the mat and frame ought to draw your eye to the art work, not bring in attention to themselves.

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Among my preferred methods to frame a watercolor painting is with a float install. It wonderfully shows the ornamental deckled edge of watercolor paper.

How to mat a watercolor painting

Float installed art work through Fareham Photo Framing

Why is customized framing soooo pricey?! Is it actually worth it?

A great deal of products enter into framing art work, not to discuss the time and care that are needed to assemble all of it. Customized framing is an art in and of itself. When done properly it will boost and safeguard your cherished art work for many years to come.

I highly suggest your regional frame store as I can’t inform you the number of times I reframed art that was shoddily put together, with inferior products by a huge box shop. Plus, it’s incredible to support regional services!

Framing pointer – On a tight spending plan? Purchase a ready-made frame in a basic size and have your regional cut a custom-made mat to fit the art work.

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