How to package and send a games console for christmas

Eurosender provides the very best method to deliver video game consoles and video gaming devices globally. Whether you require to send out an Xbox or a PS4 for repair work or you own an online shop and ship video gaming devices to purchasers daily, we have the very best shipping services for you. Keep checking out to discover how to securely load video gaming consoles and devices for shipping with the very best carriers.


Video gaming consoles and devices: the ideal shipping service to broaden your service

When delivering with Eurosender,

Company owners benefit from the most cost-efficient method to send out PS4, Xbox and other video game consoles overseas to their consumers. Join us and begin managing all your logistics procedures from one single location. Let Eurosender take control of shipping to your consumers, while you concentrate on scaling your service.

Basic shipping

The most cost-efficient service for sending out video game consoles and little devices globally.

Express shipment

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Pick your favored technique to send out a video game console by carrier

When shipping video game consoles and devices within Europe or abroad, you can pick in between various shipping techniques to match your requirements.

How to load a video game console for shipping|Xbox, Nintendo or PlayStation

Prior to sending your Xbox, PS4 or any other video game console globally, make certain it’s appropriately loaded for shipping by carrier:

  • Detach your power supply and all the video gaming devices from the console.
  • Bubble cover the PS4, Xbox or Nintendo console and location it into the initial box together with the controllers and cable televisions.
  • Location the initial box in cardboard and fill all the voids with cushioning products.
  • Close and seal package with packaging tape.

How to load video gaming devices for shipping|Controllers, headsets, video gaming chairs

When delivering video gaming devices such as controllers, keyboards, mice, virtual truth glasses, headsets or perhaps a video gaming chair with speakers in Europe or around the world, follow the actions listed below:

  • Dismantle and load all parts of the video gaming devices independently.
  • Location the smaller sized parts of the video gaming devices in plastic bags and identify them.
  • Wrap each bag, part or gamming device in bubble wrap and position them in a box with cushioning products.
  • Close and seal package after verifying that its material is stable.

All set to start?

Ship an Xbox, PS4 or other video gaming consoles and devices by carrier

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Often Asked Concerns

What size box should I get to deliver my video game console?

Preferably, you ought to utilize the initial box positioned, after appropriately loaded, in a more resistant cardboard box. Attempt to choose a somewhat larger box than its material so that you can still include some cushioning products.

Can I deliver a PS4 or an Xbox console by airplane?

Yes, delivering PS4 and Xbox video game consoles by air is the fastest method of shipment. With Eurosender, you can schedule the express shipping service, and your delivery will be provided by air in the quickest time possible.

Can I deliver a Nintendo switch by airplane?

Both service and people can send out Nintendo switch by airplane. To deliver a Nintendo video game console by air, we advise keeping the battery in, ideally not totally charged.

Can I take a video game console on the airplane when taking a trip?

When you are taking a trip by airplane with a continue baggage just, then we advise keeping the console someplace simple to reach. The security will ask you to take your Xbox out of your continue and go through the scanner. You can cover it around with the rest of your clothing as soon as you go previous security.

Can I import a PlayStation to the EU?

Eurosender offers you with the very best global shipment services so you can quickly purchase and provide your video game console to any location. There is no area locking on PS4 video games, so you can buy and deliver video games from any nation and utilize them anywhere.

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How to package and send a games console for christmas

Computer game are among the most significant things worldwide today. Individuals like getting away into something, and there disappears of an immersive experience than a computer game. These video games can be played all over, and as soon as you get one, you sign up with an online neighborhood of gamers where you can turn into one of the very best.

There are many video game consoles to pick from, and if you own one, you understand how vulnerable they can in some cases be. Understanding how to deliver a video game console is a must. Today we are going to be going through how you can appropriately deliver your video game console, to guarantee its security and security on a journey!

So, how should you package it? How to deliver a video game console

Whether you are sending out a computer game console for Christmas or for a birthday, you need to take the actions required to guarantee it ships in one piece and is really safe en route. There have actually been a lot of scary stories about consoles being ruined when opened after a journey, and if this takes place, the majority of the time, you merely can not get a refund. It depends on you to do all the work ahead of time by product packaging it securely prior to sending it for shipping.

The very first thing you require to do is discover a box that is huge enough to really package the product. This is vital to deliver it securely. A great deal of individuals search for 2 boxes and fit them together, however this is merely not the very best method to do it. Some individuals likewise attempt to produce their own case and this ought to not be done. Discover a tough box that will work.

The next thing that you ought to do is prepare the console itself for shipping. This consists of eliminating all of the wires and ports from the console. Put all these wires and ports in private Ziploc bags so they will not get lost. All of these wires are vital for the running of the console, and you require to have them on hand to utilize the system.

This consists of likewise eliminating any sd card you might have and likewise any video game discs, which ought to be put in package that they can be found in. Label all the Ziploc bags so the individual you are sending out the video game console to, understands what every one is for.

Now for the precaution part of the video game console. It is really crucial that the console is covered in protective product– we typically lean towards bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is ideal for covering the console and will make sure that you avoid any outdoors damage done to the console.

As soon as you believe you have actually collected whatever required, it is time to begin filling package. Turn the console on its side and slide it in initially, with all of the Ziploc bags. Once it is filled, and absolutely nothing appears to be moving about too quickly, we advise that you complete any spaces with protective product. This can be more bubble wrap, or foam, whatever you desire.

All set to be delivered

Now your box ought to be prepared to go and prepared to be delivered, and it is time for the enjoyable part– taping up package! Get the tape out and actually tape it down safely, each and every corner to make certain there is no possibility of it splitting up– much better to be really safe than sorry!

As soon as you seem like it is safely packaged, put the address of the recipient, in addition to the return address on both sides of package and take it to the post workplace for mailing. Constantly get a referral and an invoice number for your plan in case it gets lost, this is vital in the end! You may likewise wish to think about guaranteeing the plan.


By following all of the actions above, your video game console will be delivered securely. , if you are fretted about it at all keep inspecting in on your recommendation number and call the receiver to make sure it got here fine.. You can be and submit a claim compensated for the cash for the console if the damage done to it was not your fault.

We want you the absolute best in your shipping treatment of your video game console. We hope this short article assisted you out with it!