How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

With large DVD disc collections, we usually feel hard to manage and keep, due to the reasons like fear of getting scratched, losing, etc. So, digitalizing the DVD to hard drive such as SSD and HDD becomes a good method to keep the DVD movie. For nostalgic DVD users, you may want to know how to copy DVD to hard drive with exactly the original quality and in the same format.

Today, 2 best DVD to HDD converters will be introduced. And we will show you full steps to rip DVD to hard drive with only 4 easy steps as well as the easiest way to backup DVD to DVD/ISO files.

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Before the Guide: Is it Possible to Copy DVD to Hard Drive Directly

Maybe you have already known that the whole Video TS folder in DVD can be directly copied to the hard drive. However, when you double click to play one of the VOB files in DVD Video_TS folder, you may find the video playback is completely abnormal, just like this:

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Generally, there are two types of DVD disc: commercial DVD disc and homemade DVD disc. There are many kinds of DRM copy protection in the commercial DVD disc, like content scrambling system (CSS), region code (RC), region code enhanced (RCE), user operation prohibition (UOPs), analog protection system (APS), etc. If you directly play the VOB files of a commercial DVD, the DRM protection was not removed. Therefore, the playback on your computer hard drive was pixelated.

To make DVD playable on your personal or portable devices, the best way is to rip DVD to hard drive, so you can not only play the DVD on a computer, save lots of computer capacity, but also easily transmit the converted DVD movie to multiple devices. In order to rip the copy protected DVD disc, we must get help from a professional DVD ripper.

How to Rip DVD to Hard Drive with 4 Steps

At first, we would like to introduce a professional DVD ripper for you – VideoByte BD-DVD Ripper. As its name suggested, this program has the ability to rip both DVD and Blu-ray disc to hard drive. The DVD ripping feature is more excellent than other similar products on the market.

The whole interface is simple and intuitive. So, it is easy for everyone to handle the DVD to hard drive conversion. With over 300 video and audio output format and presets, you can convert the DVD to many compatible formats with your computer, smartphone, or other portable devices. Meanwhile, it supports to preserve all subtitles and audio tracks as well as adding external ones. Moreover, the conversion speed is 6X faster than usual with the latest GPU acceleration technology. Most importantly, when you copy DVD to hard drive, it will always keep the highest quality to ensure your authentic visual and audio enjoyment.

by Annie

Updated on Dec 31, 2020

Since most people prefer to watch movies and TV series on computers, mobile phones, and tablets, DVD has gradually lost its popularity among people. Compared with videos that can directly be watched on portable devices or computers, DVD is so much inconvenient. So how to deal with your precious DVD collections? The best way is to rip them to digital formats and store them on computers. Here, I will show you how to rip DVD to hard drive in just 3 steps with a professional yet easy-to-use DVD ripper:

Speaking of DVD, many people may wonder nowadays if there is anyone who is still using DVD to watch movies and TV series. Indeed, with the advent of DVD’s successor – Blu-ray Disc and more facilitating online streaming media, DVD has begun to go downhill. Nevertheless, how about your old standard DVDs? Are the DVDs that once you loved now dust-covered? Many people, including me, think that it’s troublesome to rummage around in a pile of DVD collections when we want to review a certain movie. Actually, to transfer DVD to hard drive for backup, index and classification is a stylish thing. It can not only prevent DVDs from being damaged by accident, but the movies stored on hard drive are easily to find and watch. What? You still have no idea how to rip DVD to hard drive? Then the following tutorial is the timely rain.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

The Best DVD Ripper on the Market – Rip Your DVDs to Hard Drive with No Trouble

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is the most professional DVD ripper on the market. It can rip DVD, ISO image file, and DVD folder to digital formats and save them as video files on hard drive for better backup, delivery and watching. Unlike some other DVD rippers, DVD Ripper Pro is well-known for its capability of ripping encrypted DVDs in a very short time. So with DVD Ripper Pro, all your DVDs are easily to be transferred to hard drive.

Your Great Helper to Rip DVD to Hard Drive

As you know, all commercial DVDs have different kinds of copy-protection, or DVD encryption methods, such as DVD CSS, Region Code, Multi-angle, RCE, Sony ARccOS, UOP, Disney X-Project DRM, etc. Therefore, if you want to save DVD to hard drive, the simple copy & paste process is not available. You need a powerful DVD Ripping software to help you circumvent all obstacles and rip DVD to hard drive and WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is highly recommended. It can successfully rip all encrypted DVDs to computers without effort. Besides DVD, it can rip ISO image files to video formats, like ripping ISO to MP4. Or you can directly use DVD Ripper Pro to create an ISO image file from DVD.

How to Transfer DVD to Hard Drive with Simple 3 Steps

Before start, please free downloadfree download and install this software on your computer.

The following method is only used for backing up your own purchased DVD. WonderFox doesn’t advocate ripping DVD to hard drive for illegal distribution and any commercial purpose. Please confirm if it is legal to rip DVD in your country before backing up DVD.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Step 1. Insert DVD to DVD Drive and Launch DVD Ripper Pro

To rip DVD to hard drive, first, pop DVD into computer and launch DVD Ripper Pro, then, click DVD Disc to load DVD. The software will automatically analyze, decrypt and check the movie’s main title. Next, click Output Format on the right of the main interface.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Step 2. Select the Output Format

After clicking Output Format, the second step to transfer DVD to hard drive is to choose the output format. In the output format window, you can transfer DVD to ISO or VIDEO_TS folder under the 1:1 Quick Copy tab, or you can directly choose your desired output format or device, like ripping DVD to iPad, ripping DVD to WAV, ripping DVD to MP4 or other formats. For experienced users, you can click Settings to set the parameters.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Step 3. Begin to Save DVD to Hard Drive

After choosing your wanted output format or device, just click RUN button to begin to transfer DVD to hard drive. Also, if you want to change the output path, click the three dots icon at the bottom of the main interface.

In addition to ripping DVD to hard drive or computer, WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro is an excellent CUDA DVD ripper, capable of ripping DVD at the fastest speed, and supports adding subtitles to DVD, helps to solve DVD interlaces problem, etc.

As you can see from the above, it is such an easy thing to rip DVD to hard drive with WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro. It can rip a DVD to digital copy with flawless 1:1 quality in the highest speed, making it convenient for you to organize and watch your DVD collections. With this simple and powerful DVD ripper, you can now back up all your DVDs to your wanted video formats, or directly convert them to a certain device.

The Most Versatile DVD Ripper and Video/Audio Converter

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

WonderFox DVD Video Converter

Is there a software that combines DVD ripper with video/audio converter? Of course! WonderFox DVD Video Converter is exactly what you are looking for! It has so many features that can meet all your needs of ripping DVD, converting videos/audio files, downloading videos/audio from the Internet, making a special ringtone for your phone. Although it has so many practical features, it is the easiest-to-use and fastest tool on the market. Just give it a try.

Say you have a movie on DVD, but you want to watch it on your phone, tablet, somewhere else. You can “rip” that DVD—or turn it into a movie file on your computer—to play it wherever you want. Here’s how to do it.

Ripping a movie to your hard drive can seem complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple. There are a lot of ways to do it and a lot of different programs out there, but our favorite method uses a program called Handbrake . It’s easy to use, it’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it’ll convert your file into compatible formats for any device, like an iPad or Android phone. The video above should walk you through the process, but you can follow along with these instructions.

  1. Head to Handbrake’s homepage and download the program. Install it to your computer as directed.
  2. By default, Handbrake can rip unprotected DVDs, but most DVDs you buy from the store have copy protection. To get around this, you’ll need to install libdvdcss. On Windows, you can download this file separately ( here for 32-bit systems and here for 64-bit systems ), rename it to libdvdcss.dll leave the filename as libdvdcss-2.dll, and put it in your Handbrake program folder (C:\Program Files\Handbrake). If you’re on a Mac, download this file and double-click to install it. If you’re running OS X El Capitan, you have a few more steps—head to the bottom of this article before doing anything else.
  3. Insert the DVD you want to rip, and open Handbrake.
  4. Click the Source button in the upper left-hand corner and choose your DVD drive from the list. It will start scanning your DVD, which could take a few minutes.
  5. When it’s done, head to the “Title” drop-down menu in the upper left hand corner of the window. This is where you’ll select which part of the DVD you want to rip. In the case of movies, it’s usually the longest title, so just pick that one. If you’re ripping episodes of a TV show, it’s usually the 22 or 44 minute ones, and you’ll have to rip them each separately.
  6. Click the Browse button on the right side of the window. Navigate to where you want to save your movie file, and type in a file name in the box. Click OK.
  7. Next, head to the bar on the right labeled “Presets”. This is where you’ll choose what format the resulting file will be in. If you just want to watch it on your computer, the “Normal” or “High Profile” preset is fine. If you want to watch it on something like your iPod or iPhone, though, pick the correct preset from the list.
  8. Hit the Start button at the top of the window. This will take awhile, so you’ll probably want to grab a cup of tea.
  9. When it’s done, you’ll get a popup notification. From there, you can double-click on your movie file to watch it, or sync it to your device of choice. Enjoy!

It seems like a lot of steps at first, but it really isn’t very difficult—especially after your first time through. Once you’ve installed the libdvdcss file, for example, you can skip that step in the future.

Mac users, specifically those running OS X El Capitan, have to deal with System Integrity Protection (SIP), a security feature designed to protect critical system files and processes . Unfortunately, SIP breaks a lot of software , and removes the libdvdcss file that Handbrake needs in order to work. You could disable SIP, but it’s useful, and you shouldn’t have to. Besides, there’s a better way, as redditor hvyboots points out :

  1. Close Handbrake, and open a new Finder window.
  2. Type cmd+shift+G, and paste in this path: /Library/SystemMigration/History/
  3. Inside this folder should be a folder named “Migration-[random letters and numbers].” Open that folder and you’ll find “QuarantineRoot.” Open that folder, and you should see your libdvdcss.2.dylib file.
  4. Open a second Finder window.
  5. Type cmd+shift+G, and paste in this path: /usr/local/lib (If you get an error saying this folder doesn’t exist, go to /usr/local instead, create a new folder called “lib”, and open it.)
  6. Drag and drop the libdvdcss.2.dylib file from the first window into the /usr/local/lib folder. You should be prompted for your admin password. Type that in and wait for the copy to finish.

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Make sure to restart Handbrake after doing this, since the app will scan for the libdvdcss file, and once it’s detected, you won’t have to move it or deal with it again. Then you can go ahead and follow the above instructions as normal and rip away!

It’s just a matter of picking the right chapter from the DVD and ripping it to the right format. Note that if you’re going to be ripping a lot of DVDs, you can head to Tools > Options (or Handbrake > Preferences, if you’re on a Mac), and hit “Browse” next to “Default Path” to choose a location for all the other movies you rip in the future. You can also click “Add to Queue” instead of “Start” and rip multiple files at once, which is great for ripping TV shows.

Good luck and enjoy your newly ripped DVD! If you’re looking to rip Blu-Rays too, you’ll need to do just a little bit of extra work. Check out our guide to Blu-Ray ripping for more.

The Hassle-Free Guide to Ripping Your Blu-Ray Collection

Blu-Ray may be majestic, but it also has more copy protection than any other format around, and…

See more about: All-in-one Blu-ray Converter to Convert Blu-ray & DVD & Video & Audio to format you need

What is wrong with my Windows Media Player 12? When I trying to use Windows Media Player to play a DVD, an error message pops out: “Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your DVD drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card.”

Windows Media Player, also known as WMP, is a media player and media library utility installed by default with Microsoft Windows operating system (Windows 8 excluded). It accepts a variety of video, audio files such as WMV, AVI, MPG, MP4 as input, as well as audio CDs, data CDs, and data DVDs. As a WMP user you would assume it plays DVD-Video disc you purchase from Amazon or local store. Don’t be surprised if you find it otherwise. You can’t use Windows Media Player to play DVD-Video disc. The reason for this is that there are copy protection present on most commercial DVDs.

So, is there an easy way to import DVD files to Windows Media Player? Absolutely yes! Just rip the disc and then convert the DVD video to the more manageable format (i.e. wmv) that Windows Media Player will read. Whether you’re going to rip discs for Windows Media Player video file or backup on hard drive, our DVD ripping software of choice is DVD Ripper.

It can strip commercial DVDs of their CSS encryption, and convert the movie files of DVD to whatever format you need. And the software lets you tweak just about everything after you’ve got the movie from disc. Plus, it also provides pre-configurated profiles for those who intend to watch the movie on a handheld gadget. Some of you may be using a Mac computer, please visit DVD Ripper for Mac.

Please select the right link above for your operating system (Mac, PC). The following instructions will show you how to rip and convert DVD to Windows Media Player friendly format – WMV, so that you can then put the movie onto Windows Media Player.

Step one: Load DVD

You should be ready to rip your disc. Insert DVD into the DVD drive, launch the program, and click the “Load Disc” button. Point it at your DVD drive and wait while the program scans and analyze the disc you want to rip to Windows Media Player. Generally, it should detect the main feature and select it automatically, and bring you a screen like this:

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Step two: Select output format

Select your container under “Profile” drop-down menu on the bottom left side. This will be your final output file extension.

Windows media player accepts a lot of file types as input, such as MP4, WMV, AVI, ASF, 3GP, MOV. So all you have to do here is pick one of available format options from the “General Video” category.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

In “Destination” option (under “Profile”), click on Browse and specify a local path to save the ripped files to. Make sure your hard drive has plenty of space, since the DVD movie will be a pretty big file.

A great news, if you want to rip DVD to a video used for one handheld device with the best possible picture and sound, instead of choosing a format yourself and then tweak the settings for maximum compatibility, here you can pick up pre-configured profiles.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

For some discs, there may be black edge bar on movie, you need to crop the video so that it is in the proper aspect ratio to suit your player.

To do this, click the “Clip” icon on the top menu of the main screen. This brings up an editing window where you will crop out the black bars, making the movie fill the entire screen. You can also do other editing like adding effects, trim the video and putting watermark on the video.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Step three: Convert DVD to Windows Media Player file

Now, simply hit the “Convert” button at the lower right of the window and you’re good to go. Depending on the speed of your machine and the length of your DVD movie, the full DVD to WMP video conversion will take anywhere from minutes to a couple of hours to do the rip.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Step four: Put the ripped DVD movie onto Windows Media Player

Once you have converted your DVD to WMV format, Windows Media Player will be able to play the WMV.

Keep in mind, if you rip the DVD to another common format and playback it on WMP, you may hear audio but no video picture displayed, which means the video codec isn’t installed. You need to install extrac codec pack to solve the issue. That’s why we prefer to choose WMV, a format developed by Microsoft.

How to Transfer DVD Footage to iTunes on a Mac

If you have a movie on DVD and you want to watch it on your tablet, phone or PC, you can simply rip that DVD. If you are new to this rip process, first of all you should know how to rip a dvd and then turn it into the movie file on your system to play it whenever you want.

Basically, ripping a film to your hard drive can be quite complicated, but it is really an easy task to do. In fact, there are plenty of ways available to perform it and also lots of different programs out there.

All you need to do is to just follow the instructions in this guide and then you will be able to rip the DVDs to any format you want. For your convenient, we covered both paid and free dvd rippers as well as show the steps to rip a dvd.

Best Software to Rip a DVD – Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro

Still, the DVDs have their pros, but they are not considered most convenient in these days. Luckily, there are several efficient and simple solutions to assist you easily play the DVD movies in other than three hundred video formats on various digital devices.

One of the most popular choices is Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro. This lets you to digitize your DVD pool in a user-friendly way. Since its invention, this software has been highly suggested by a lot of technology users and fanatics as well.

It also supports rapidly ripping DVD movies into more than hundreds and hundreds of devices as well as formats for play back. Another specialty of this software is enabling you to add subtitles, edit DVDs, etc. In addition to, it is accurately compatible with the latest version of Windows 10.

Highlights of Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro

It is one of the features rich and best ripping tools, which could assist you rip any DVD you need to digitize. This software is also regarded as a great alternative to burn the DVDs with VLC too. The excellent features of Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro tool are given below:

  • Rip DVD to tablets, laptops, phones, desktops, TVs, etc.
  • Add or edit subtitles to DVD movies
  • Backup smashed and old DVD to digital files
  • Extract audio files from DVD movies
  • 1:1 copy DVD disc to DVD folder and ISO image
  • Rip safeguarded DVD movies by removing or bypassing a region code protection
  • Convert DVD to 300 plus formats such as MTS, M4V, MPG, 3GP, MP4, WMV, MOV, VOB, MKV, AVI, etc.
  • Edit DVDs to create them show various effects, rotate, trim, merge, crop, clip, cut, add effects, etc.

Steps to rip your DVD with Wonderfox DVD Ripper Pro

Assume that you already download and install the Wonderfox software successfully, then follow the guide here.

  1. Initially, import your DVD files to the software Insert your DVD, start a tool and then choose a source to load your DVD.
  2. Select the output format and device– There are lists of formats available in this software, so you can identify it by just tapping Output Format on a right side of interface. Then, you can select any output device and format you want.
  3. Begin ripping DVD Before start ripping, you can choose the destination file folder (to store the ripped files). Click on Run button to rip your DVD to various formats and devices.

The Free Ripper Alternative- MakeMKV

To convert your DVD into any digital format, MakeMKV is one of the most widely used free dvd tools. Now, it is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. This tool can digitize your disc content into MKV format.

The MakeMKV is wonderful software that helps in converting the videos on your discs and DVD into a MKV format. In addition to, this tool also supports to stream the decrypted videos to the players without even any requirement for instant conversion.

Also, this software can read the DVDs shielded with new BD plus and AACs versions. During this conversion, it can reserve the Meta information and chapter information.

It is just a simple matter of choosing the perfect chapter from DVD and ripping it to a correct format. If you want to know the procedure of how to rip a dvd to rip more DVDs, you can simply head to the options tools-> options and click on Browse, which are next to Default Path to select a location for the entire other movies you want to rip in the future.

Also, you can click Add to Queue instead of Start and then rip various files. Overall, this is also good for ripping television shows. Let you enjoy your newly ripped DVD.


You can choose to use the paid or free dvd ripping software. The paid tools have some advantages like fast ripping speed, can rip DRM discs, stable software, good support and output video quality are guarantee.

So, if you are serious you should get a paid dvd ripping program like Wonderfox.

By Ian Evenden published 4 September 20

Ripping DVDs to a portable hard drive is a great way to make backups of your collection.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

If you have an expansive collection of DVDs saved on your computer, or on physical discs, a great way to make backups of your collection is to rip your DVD library onto an external hard drive. Some people do not even care about making backup digital copies of their DVD library; rather, they only care about saving precious hard drive space on their computers if their movies are saved on their laptop or desktop. If you own an Apple TV, games console, or PC, having your DVD library saved on one of the best external hard drives is the easiest way to stream and watch your movies on your TV. There are many reasons to back up and save your movie collection on an external hard drive, and here’s how you do it:

How to store your DVD library on an external hard drive

” data-widget-title=”Our External HDD pick” data-widget-type=”deal” data-render-type=”editorial”>

If you’re thinking of investing in an external HDD, our top pick is the WD Elements drive. It combines price with affordability, and it’s very reliable too. We suggest getting the 2TB or above.

The first thing you need before you can start this process is an external hard drive. Sometimes a new computer may come with an external hard drive, but most often, you have to purchase this device separately. If you’re unsure about which type of hard drive to buy, go into a computer or electronics store and consult with a tech-savvy employee.

Once you have your external hard drive, you will need a DVD ripper. You need a combination of two types of DVD copy software, or separate suites for first ripping DVDs and then compressing the ripped, digital version of those DVDs. Be sure to check the law in your jurisdiction regarding making backup copies of digital products, as it can differ depending on where in the world you are.

These particular software suites also have the ability to compress DVD files so they will fit on your external hard drive. These suites provide all the software you’ll need, and the packs run between $40 and $60. You can also use free, open-source software such as DVD Shrink and Handbrake, but these applications are more time consuming and require more technical know-how.

How to play your DVD library from an external HDD

Once you have saved your DVD library on your external hard drive, the digital files are compressed down to a very small size. You’ll need yet another software application to actually open and un-compress the files so you can watch these movies. Don’t worry, though; it’s quicker and easier than it sounds.

VLC is a useful application that allows you to easily look through and quickly play movies saved on your external hard drive. The program is free, and available on PCs, phones and tablets.

If your router supports it, you can plug the hard drive into its USB port and share it on your network that way. If you’re using a NAS, or have a home server, then Plex is a good way to serve your movies to a smart TV – install the server app on your server and get it set up, then install the client app on any device that supports it – tablets, TVs, home computers, smartphones, you name it.

Ian has been a journalist for 20 years. He’s written for magazines and websites on subjects such as video games, technology, PC hardware, popular (and unpopular) science, gardening and astronomy. In his spare time he has a pet tortoise and grows his own vegetables. He also has a passion for cameras and photography, and has written for TTR on these subjects.

By Jeanette D. Moses published 28 February 21

Convert DVDs to MP4 and other digital formats

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

As is the case when you digitize your VHS tapes, digitizing your DVDs and Blu-rays will also free up shelf space, help preserve your memories, and give you the chance to edit and share them using the best video editing software.

Here’s how to digitize your DVDs, both at home and by using a service.

  • How to digitize photos, negatives, and film slides
  • Best photo editing software

How to digitize your personal DVDs at home

Personal DVDs and Blu-Ray are one of the easier formats to digitize at home, but you will need a few items:

A computer with a DVD/Blu-ray drive, or an external drive

If you have a computer with an optical drive, you’re probably all set, but if you are working with a newer machine or laptop that lacks a dedicated disc drive, you will need to pick up an external drive.

Basic external DVD drives are relatively inexpensive — generally around $25 — but if you want a drive that can also read Blu-ray discs, you’ll have to spend around $100. Here are a few options that are compatible with Windows and Macs.

DVD copying software

In addition to a disc drive, you will need a program to rip the files off of your discs, and a program to transcode the files after the fact. There are tons of programs out there for ripping and transcoding files; we recommend MakeMKV (opens in new tab) for ripping and Handbrake for transcoding—both of these programs are free, open source software and available for both Mac and PC.

An external hard drive (optional)

Unless your computer has a ton of storage, we also recommend purchasing one of the best external hard drives to save all your video files.

To get started, simply pop your DVD or Blu-ray disc into an optical drive connected to your computer.

Open MakeMKV and click the disc icon to start the process. MakeMKV will show you what can be ripped from the disc, you select the content you want and then select an Output Folder for the ripped files to be saved.

Click the “Make MKV” button to start the process.

After the ripped files have been saved to your hard drive, launch Handbrake to convert them into an MP4 file, which allows you to more easily edit and play the video on a variety of devices or platforms. Handbrake includes a lot of built-in presets for certain devices making it easy to optimize your files for wherever you intend to watch. Handbrake also lets you resize files—something that can be quite handy when you are dealing with massive Blu-Ray files.

How to digitize DVDs: Mail-in services

Digitizing your personal DVDs at home is a lot easier than converting old VHS tapes or film negatives. The process requires way less equipment and specialized knowledge, so it’s no surprise that there are relatively few companies that offer this as a mail-in service. However, just like a VHS tape, the DVD and Blu-ray format isn’t considered archival—if you’ve got personal footage sitting on a disc, it’s also worth having a fully digital copy. Here are some companies that offer the service.

DiJiFi is based in Brooklyn, New York and has been digitizing old media since 2007. It handles photos, slides, negatives, audio, video, books, microfilm and has provided digitization services for a number of New York-based organizations like the Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and the New York City Fire Department. It is also one of the few companies that specialize in converting DVD discs to digital files. Standard output is NTSC 720×480 (4:3) and PAL 720×540 (4:3), but the company can also output 16:9 in an MP4 format for editing or sharing. Footage can be saved to a USB drive. Get in touch with DiJiFi for an estimate on the service.

Based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, Leave a Legacy has been digitizing media since 2006. It offers digitization on a variety of formats, including converting DVDs into the MP4 format. In addition to conversion, it will save the files on an external drive for an additional charge. Media can be dropped off in person or mailed in. Contact the company for rates and processing time.

Walmart offers a more one-size-fits all digitization service through DVDWalmart, a.k.a. YesVideo. Its digital media transfer service is $15.96 for the first 30 minutes of footage, and $5.46 for each additional 30 minutes. Footage can be saved to a USB for $12.96 and is stored online for 60 days in MemoryCloud. Media can be mailed in or dropped off in-person. Turn around time for the service can take up to 3-4 weeks.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

The Videolan VLC 1.0 or later allows you to rip DVDs to videos. In fact, this is only one of the cool features in VLC. There is another overlooked feature in VLC that allows you to copy and record DVDs to your computer. If you wnat to keep your DVD discs from scratching or getting lost, you can follow this simple tutorial to achieve your goal smoothly. Here we will take a look at how to copy and record movies from DVD for free bacakup (Not this guide is written for VLC 0.9.6 or up).

Something You Gotta Known:

The recorded video is in MPEG format and stored them in the Documents folder labeled as VLC Record with the date and time. This is a great way to save entire movies or specific scenes you want to watch later on your hard drive. And VLC Record feature is especially good when you just want to get part of the DVD movie. You can also record videos from videos in the same way. Just note that this is a much different process than “ripping” and you will need to play the video while it records. while recording and may get videos with lower quality than you have expected.

If you want to know how to rip DVD using VLC, refer to the article here.

The Steps to Copy and Record a DVD with VLC

First, make sure you have VLC installed. If not, go to to download VLC Media Player and install it on your computer. Then launch the program.

Step 1. Open VLC Media Player and go to View > Advanced Controls to bring up the Record button.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Some other buttons such as snapshot and looping are just beside the Record button.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Step 2. Now start to play your DVD by clicking “Media” > “Add File” to select the DVD videos you want to play. When playing, click the Record button on the top to start the recording and hit it again to end the video recording. The record button will turn blue to indicate that it is recording.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Step 3. You’ll find the recorded videos in MPEG format in your Documents folder named as VLC record and the date and time of recording.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

VLC Alternative to Rip DVD without Any Limitations

Though VLC Media Player comes with powerful abilities to record videos from DVD, it still has some drawback. For example, the supported output format is limited. And sometimes it can’t recognize protected DVD well and failed to copy the DVD successfully. Plus, VLC Media Player is too complicated for a novice who has little knowledge about DVD recording process.

In fact, you can use other DVD backup tool to back up your favorite DVDs. If you wnat to rip DVD to hard drive, backup your DVD movies or convert DVD to popular video formats for playback on portable devices, you can use EaseFab DVD Ripper, a professional and easy-to-use DVD copy and ripping tool.

With it, you can easily DVD to any prevailed video and audio formats. If you want to convert DVD movies on Mac for playback on your portable device, this DVD ripping software is undoubtedly the best choice. You just need to select the device as the output format and you can rip DVD to fit your device without further settings. Plus, EaseFab DVD Ripper can be also used an exciting DVD copy software. It will help you easily back up any commercial DVD movies without any troubles.

※ For macOS 10.14 or lower, you can also download 32-bit installer here ↓

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

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Have some DVD movies and want to rip them to your computer’s hard drive? There are many instances wherein you may need to copy the entire content of a DVD disc into your hard drive for safe keeping. Look no further! This guide will present you two simple and reliable methods to back up your DVD movies to hard drive in both Windows (Windows 8 included) and Mac. You can do this for movies too. All you need is the software that can either convert the DVD movie into a playable format on your computer or the one that can create a DVD image file to be stored on the computer.

  • Part 1. How to rip DVD to hard drive as video files
  • Part 2. How to copy DVD to hard drive as DVD folders

Part 1. How to rip DVD to hard drive as video files

To copy DVD to hard drive as videos, you need a DVD ripping tool. Here Aimersoft DVD to video converter is highly recommended to help you rip your favorite DVD movies to your computer’s local folder as video files in MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV and more with fantastic output quality and lightning conversion speed. In addition, it comes with a built-in video editor that allows you to trim, crop, rotate DVD, etc. so as to get the very part and effect you want. If you’re using a Mac, just get the equivalent Mac version called Aimersoft DVD converter for Mac to save your DVD to computer’s hard drive on Mac OS X (Mountain Lion). Download the right version and follow the steps below to copy DVD to computer with ease.

Here in this article, you will get full answer of the legitimation of DVD ripping subject.

Ripping DVD is a common practice, because there’s always someone who’d like to rip DVD to hard drive to rebuild their movie library or digitize DVD to MP4 so as to play their discs outside the disc tray, especially when they are on a trip. But the legality about DVD ripping is still obscure, leaving many questions like “is it legal to rip DVDs” unanswered thoroughly.

Is it possible to copy DVDs to a hard drive legally and play the content from there, for personal use only? – Quora
Is it licit to copy a rented DVD movie for personal use? – Myce

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Table of Contents

  • Part 1: Is It Legal to Rip DVDs in Your Country?
  • Part 2: Legal DVD Ripping Software to Rip Copy Protected DVDs Freely (For Personal Use Only)

Is It Legal to Rip DVDs in Your Country?

In terms of DMCA, it is totally illegal to rip a DVD. Whereas you have the right to do with the content you already legally have. This creates some confusion as to what you can or cannot do. But here we are explicating this clearly as below:

4. Is it legal to rip DVDs in Spain, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Norway? Citizens in these regions are allowed to make a private copy of their legally bought DVDs for private use. But the ripped files are now allowed for distribution.

6. While in Japan and China, ripping DVDs and CDs is huge and you will have no problems.

Legal DVD Ripping Software to Rip Copy Protected DVDs Freely (For Personal Use Only)

So on the right side of the law, it’s considered illegal to rip DVDs to your home theater. But you are willing to take the minimal risk, just rip DVD for use personally only. There are some free DVD ripper software like Handbrake, but they are bundled with spyware or malware deliberately harming your computer or cannot deal with the latest movies. For the best result, you can try MacX DVD Ripper Pro – one of the best DVD ripping software for Mac and PC, which promises 5-10 minutes only to rip a full-length DVD movies yet reserving the best possible result.

External Resources from Wikipedia:

Ripping: Ripping originally means extracting music out of Amiga games and later refers to extracting WAV or MP3 from CDs. It was then applied to extract contents of any media, such as DVD and Blu Ray.

MacX DVD Ripper Free – Freely Rip Legally Purchased DVD

Best free DVD ripper – MacX DVD Ripper Free enables users to make space-shift or format-shift the legally purchased DVDs and freely rip DVDs to MP4, MOV, etc, so that you can preserve your investment and watch them anywhere anytime.

How to Rip a video DVD (Or How To Copy A Film On Your PC)

If you have a look at the structure (in terms of files and folders) of a DVD-video disk put in the optical drive of your PC, you’ll find 2 folders : AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. The AUDIO_TS folder is empty (it is used for DVD-audio disks) while the VIDEO_TS folder contains files :

  • Video_ts.bup
  • Video_ts.ifo
  • Video_ts.vob
  • Vts_01_0.bup
  • Vts_01_0.ifo
  • Vts_01_0.vob
  • Vts_01_1.vob
  • Vts_02_0.bup
  • Vts_02_0.ifo
  • Vts_02_0.vob
  • Vts_02_1.vob
  • Vts_02_2.vob
  • .

The bup files are used to save ifo files (bup for backup). The ifo files contain information about your film and its structure (Chapters, Languages, Subtitles . ). At last, the vob files contain the actual video and audio data. The main video – your film – is in the files named Vts_xx_1.vob, Vts_xx_2.vob, . that are about 1 Giga in size. If you want to copy one of these files on your hard drive disk (HDD), using a simple drag-and-drop, you’ll have the vob file on your disk, with the correct size, but if you try to play it with your favourite multimedia player, the picture is very bad : the Macrovision technology scrambles the video (sound is not affected). To get the original video, it is necessary to rip it from the DVD disk. There is a lot of software allowing this kind of operations, they are called DVD ripper.

What you will need to rip a DVD-video disk ?

Stuff You’ll Need

From a hardware point of view, a drive able to read a DVD is necessary. So any DVD drive or DVD burner will do.

As for the software, you’ll need a DVD ripper. In our section presenting the “Best Video Rippers and Encoders” you’ll find some useful tools, all for free. The most known are DVD Shrink, FormatFactory, Free Movie DVD Maker or Free Video Converter but K9Copy (Linux) is an excellent soft. Our preferred is DVD Shrink. It has very nice features : DVD Shrink can backup your DVD discs or re-author them before copy. Re-authoring your DVD allows to suppress the subtitles you don’t want, to choose the language you want to keep, to suppress the bonus . : thus you can reduce the amount of data you want to copy and make your movie able to fit onto a single sided/single layer recordable DVD-/+R disk.

Set DVD Shrink Parameters

We suppose you have just downloaded DVD Shrink. If you haven’t, just do it using the following link Download DVD Shrink. It’s a Zip file so use an unzip utility to decompress the file (see our section Zip/Unzip for free software). After the file is decompressed, double-click on the exe-file to run the setup.

Once the installation is completed, insert a DVD-video disc in your optical drive and run DVD Shrink. You should have something like :

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

In the Edit” menu, choose the “Preferences” entry, as shown below :

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

This window let you set some different parameters (Preferences, Preview, Output Files . ). For each of these parameters, you have to make a choice. Just look at our settings.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

The copy must fit onto a single sided/single layer
recordable DVD disc (4.7 Gb)

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

If you have a 5.1-channel surround sound system,
change “Stereo” to “5.1”

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

All languages selected

English subtitles only

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Check “Enable burning with Nero” only if you
burn with Nero just after the encoding step

When done, click “OK” to close the window preferences and go back to the main window. You are ready to rip your DVD !

Ripping with DVD Shrink

Now click on the “Open Disk” button : if you have many drives, just select the drive containing the DVD you want to rip and click “OK”.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

First of all, DVD Shrink performs a quick analysis. It can take a few minutes : just wait.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

When done, you can see the structure of your DVD.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

By default DVD Shrink computes the compression ratio automatically (“Automatic”) so that the copied DVD would fit on a single-layer recordable DVD

English subtitles only
(as wanted)

You can verify that all languages are selected as choosen in “Stream Selection Setting”, while only english subtitles stay. As you can see, by default DVD Shrink set the compression ratio automatically (“Automatic”) so that the copied DVD would fit on a single DVD-R/+R as choosen in the “Preferences Settings” window. Here the compression ratio is 50.7% : that is to say DVD Shrink would have to shrink the files we want to copy by a factor 2 to make them fit onto a single sided/single layer recordable DVD-/+R disk.

If you think this compression ratio is too high, you have two choices. One solution is to re-author your DVD to keep only the items you really want. This solution is explained later. Another solution is to keep the whole thing, applying no compression, and burn it on a dual-layered disc. In order to do this just change “Automatic” to “No Compression” in the drop-down menu. Now, you can see the ripped DVD will need more than 7.4 Go.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

In this case, if you want to backup the whole DVD, it is necessary to change “DVD-5” to “DVD-9” in the “Preferences” window as shown below.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc
How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

When your mind is set (compression or not ?), everything is ready to start the process so just click on the “Backup” button and read the next ! .

Eventually, you want to re-author your DVD because you don’t want to burn it onto a dual-layered disc and you really find that the compression ratio is too high. So let me show you how to do that . See the next !

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

One of the keys to developing a content rich online video platform is being able to capture, edit and convert content from a DVD. In this entry, I’ll show you a quick way to acquire and stitch DVD content without a hardware device or additional software program. That’s right, instantly convert your DVD (VOB) files to editable mpegs!

The Basics

DVD, also know as Digital Video Disc is an optical disc storage media format and was invented over 15 years ago. As we all know one of its main uses is to store video. If you look at the files within a DVD you will find .ifo, .bup and .vob files. The .ifo files (Information) and .bup (Backup) tell the device reading the DVD where everything is, where to find it and what the device should do. A .vob file (Video Object) is a container format for DVD media (click here for more details). A container format is basically a meta-file whose specification describes how the data is stored (but not coded). Certain programs and devices are able to identify and open container files, some examples are Windows Media Player, QuickTime, VLC, PowerDVD and an old fashioned DVD player.

What confuses users is the file extension. Many users I’ve talked to are unfamiliar with .vob and the “wrapper concept.” I think it is best to think about it like this, a .vob file is a label or wrapper that describes the video, audio, subtitle and menu information. This label or wrapper provides the information needed for PowerDVD, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, VLC and your DVD player to play the video AND provide you with audio, subtitle, chapter and menu information. In this case, we just want to grab the digital video content from the .vob file.

How to Convert VOB to MPEG

Step 1 – Copy VOB File:

Your first task is to copy the .vob file from the DVD to your hard drive. Find your .vob files, they are usually in the VIDEO_TS folder of our DVD. You can’t rename the .vob file on a DVD because DVDs are read only, so copy the .vob file from the DVD to your hard drive.

Step 2 – Rename VOB File To MPEG:

Windows Users (Right-Click)
Right click the .vob file on your hard drive and choose Rename from the menu. Rename VTS_01.vob to VTS_01.mpeg.

Mac Users (Click-Pause)
Move your cursor to a file or folder, select it, wait a second and then click again on the name. A text edit field appears over the name and you can rename VTS_01_1.vob to VTS_01.mpeg.

Step 3 – Import & Edit MPEG Video File:

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pcImport the file into a video editing application, such as Premiere Essentials, Premiere Pro, Windows Movie Maker or iMovie. Once the file is imported, drag the video file from the project panel to the timeline. If you have multiple files, place them in the desired order, creating a sequence of clips and events, which play in the timeline from left to right. When you have finished editing the timeline, you can play it back in real time or export it in a variety of formats.

Video Problems?
There are times when video editing software doesn’t import or handle the .mpeg very well. In that case, you would be better off converting to another format like AVI or QuickTime. An AVI format is a container where the video is minimally compressed, like a DV type format. There is plenty of freeware to help you convert your media to AVI or QuickTime. A few programs that seem to work well for Windows users are MediaCoder, FormatFactory, WinFF and SUPER. On the Mac side there are plenty of free options like Handbrake, ffmpegx and Kigo. Additionally, support for some file formats relies on third-party plug-ins or other software, e.g. Apple QuickTime Pro.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pcAudio Problems?
If for some reason you are not getting an audio track, you can add an AC3 decoder to a program like Premiere Pro. If you are a Windows user, has a great explanation and solution here. If you are a Mac user, the AC3 QuickTime component and the Perian component for QuickTime can expand your support for both audio and video formats.

Step 4 – Play Exported Video File:

Assuming you have DVD player software on you computer, you should be able to play the file in something like PowerDVD, QuickTime, Windows Media Player, or VLC.

Step 5 – Upload Exported Video File to Ensemble Video:

If you are using Ensemble Video, you should be able to upload the final exported video file to your media library.

Congrats! You just learned how to instantly convert a .vob to an editable .mpeg. While this is a great time saver, this does not work 100% of the time. If you are running into video problems, your software probably does not have the MPEG2 codec built in. If you happen to encounter audio problems, you software may not have an AC3 Decoder built in. Luckily, software programs will allow you to add in these components e.g. Adobe Premiere. My recommendation is to try it prior to a long conversion process.


Converting from DVD to an editable video format can be done in many cases directly from media files on a DVD. This blog entry shows you how.

As technology advances DVDs are becoming bulky in people’s houses hence the need for a small gadget with big storage space like hard drives. But the problem is how to copy DVD to hard drive successfully without content loss.

Hard drives are small with huge storage space which can reach 1TB but DVDs are small and vulnerable to destruction. A simple scratch on the DVD will make you unable to access your files. This is why it is good you copy DVD to hard drive as a way to back up your files.

Hard drives can either be internal or external but you can still copy DVDs to either of them. But for external hard drives, you must first copy to the internal hard drive then transfer to the external hard drive using a USB cable. This article will inform you how you can copy non-protected and protected DVDs to the hard drive.

Part 1. Can I Transfer My DVDs to an External Hard Drive?

Yes, you can transfer your DVDs to an external hard drive. You can copy DVD to hard drive either directly or indirectly. You can copy DVD to hard drive directly if the DVD does not have DRM protection.

Most DVDs have a DRM protection and regional code that prevent you from editing the content which includes copying DVDs to the hard drive. If your DVDs have a DRM protection and regional coding, then you have to use third-party tools to copy DVD to hard drive.

These third-party tools are software and applications that can remove the DRM protection from the DVD and later copy the content on your external hard drive. You will get more explanation in parts 2 and three of this article.

Part 2. How to Copy Non-protected DVD to Hard Drive?

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

It is possible both directly and indirectly to copy DVD to hard drive. For non-protected DVDs, you can directly copy their content to the hard drive by simply copying and pasting to the hard drive. The procedures are different in windows and mac.

First, note that only windows 10 has an in-built system that allows you to copy and paste from DVD to hard drive. A point to note is that you must connect your computer to the internet before you start to copy and paste the non-protected DVD. This is because when you are connected to the internet the media players on your computer will add information on the file while you are ripping the DVD. In the end, you will have the ripped DVD information plus other information from an online database.

How to copy non-protected DVD to hard drive in windows:

Step #1. Insert the DVD in the DVD drive. Then open your computer and click on the DVD drive. And the files on the DVD will open.

Step #2. Then is time to select the files you want to copy to your hard drive. If you want to copy all DVD files, press the “Ctrl + A” keys. But if you want to select DVD files at random, then press hold “Ctrl key” and left-click on the file you want.

Step #3. After highlighting the files, right-click on them and a pop-up menu will appear. From the pop-up menu select “Copy”.

Step #4. Now open the folder on your hard drive where you want to save the contents from the hard drive. Then right-click on any space in the folder and select “Paste” and your non-protected DVD will start to copy to the hard drive.

Part 3. How to Convert and Copy DVD to Hard Drive?

It is easy to copy and paste the non-protected DVD to the hard drive. But you have to use the indirect method to copy DVD to hard drive by using DVD ripping software and application. There are several DVD ripping software and applications on the market.

DumpMedia Video Converter is the best application you can use to copy DVD to hard drive. It has great conversion and copying speeds of about 6X. It can convert your DVDs into several formats. For instance, you can convert It can convert your DVDs into 300 different formats.

This application is readily available online on the website and it is easy to install. It is user-friendly because with three simple steps you can convert and copy a DVD.

DumpMedia Video Converter allows you to enhance the quality of the DVD videos. You can easily change the resolution from SD to HD. On the other hand, this software can also be used to edit the videos on the DVD. You can trim the unwanted parts of the movie like the gaps. You can also crop and rotate some parts of the movie allowing you to enjoy the full movie experience. The software allows you to personalize the copied files because you can add texts and watermarks.

To use this software follow the simple procedure below:

Step #1. Download and install DumpMedia Video Converter and install it on your computer. Then insert the DVD you want to copy to the hard drive in the CD/DVD drive.

Step #2. Now open the program on your computer and click on the “Add Multiple Videos or Audios” button. Then click on the DVD drive and the content of the DVD will be displayed. Where you will select files you want to convert.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Step #3. Select the output format you want from the long list. Then select the folder on your hard drive when you want the converted files to be saved. You can also select other parameters like volume and brightness.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Step #4. Finally, click “Convert” at the bottom and the program will start working.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Part 4. Summary

Yes, you can copy DVD to hard drive but the type of DVD will decide on the method you will use to do so. You can easily copy and paste for non-protected DVDs but for protected ones you need a third-party tool to help you to do so. There are so many of these tools but DumpMedia Video Converter will do the best job for you. You can choose to download the free trial or purchase it. If you purchase it, you will enjoy extra features like you can cut and merge two different videos. This software will not interrupt the smooth running of your computer and can work with other applications on your computer.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Written By Rosie

An editorial director of DumpMedia, who writes high-quality product tutorials, reviews, tips, and tricks regularly.

Question: How do I rip protected DVD to my hard drive? I really want to make a video from one part of a TV show. I own all five seasons on DVD, but the DVDs are copy-protected. Is there any way I can rip copy-protected DVDs to my computer? I don’t want to “pirate” any movies, but would like to rip protected DVD‘s that I bought into my computer. Are there ways to rip copy protected DVD’s into my computer? Which software allows me to do it? Is it legal?
How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc
Answer: DVDs bought from video shop or online stores are CSS protected or encrypted which prevent users from ripping them to computer or playing on your multimedia devices.

How to rip protected DVDs to hard drive in order to make full advantage of the DVDs you bought? We recommend a special tool called DVD Ripper. It’s been the easiest and most reliable DVD Ripper tool out there which is able to rip all DVD movies (even protected DVDs) to the file which can be played on your iPad, iPhone 4, Apple TV, iPod Touch 4, Zune, Zen, etc. Or you can simply rip the protected DVD to your hard drive with this protected DVD Ripper. The video quality is great and the conversion is 5 times faster than ordinary tools.

Follow the step by step guide below to learn how to rip protected DVD to hard drive easily, quickly and effectively.

Free Download DVD Ripper 8.5MB

Free Download DVD Ripper for Mac 11.7MB

Step 1 Load protected DVD
Once you’ve downloaded the DVD Ripper, install and run it. Then you may insert the protected DVD to your DVD drive. Click on Load DVD button to add you DVD. Also, this DVD Ripper can convert DVD Folder or ISO files to AVI besides standard video DVDs.
How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Step 2 Select output file format
DVD Ripper lets you rip DVDs to whatever video and audio files you want. You may simply click on Profile button and select the right one from the drop-down list. For example, you may choose AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, etc. If you wish to eventually play the protected DVD movie on your portable devices, you may select according to your multimedia devices.
How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Step 3 Edit/Clip videos (Optional)
If you have the need, DVD Ripper also lets you edit the videos before ripping. The built-in player will let your preview the videos. You may also select subtitle and audio track.

Step4 Rip protected DVD to hard drive
Before you go, you may set the output file path by clicking on Browse button. Once everything is ready, click on Start button to rip protected DVD to computer.

DVD Ripper works much more faster than normal DVD ripping tools. Soon the process will be finished. Now you may edit them to make your own videos, put them onto your portable devices, or you can simple burn them to DVD with DVD Creator.

DVD Copy
  • Any DVD Cloner Express
  • Any DVD Cloner
  • Any DVD Cloner for Mac
DVD Ripper
  • Any DVD Cloner Platinum
  • DVD Cloner Platinum Mac
Audio Converter
  • Apple Music Converter
  • Spotify Music Converter
  • Amazon Music Converter
  • DVDSmith Movie Backup
  • DVDSmith for Mac

How to player DVD folder with VLC Media Player ?

DVDSmith Movie Backup is DVD backup software for copying DVD to hard drive as DVD folder. You can use this software in conjunction with DVD burning software of your choice, to make a backup copy of any DVD video disc, or with Any DVD Converter Pro to convert your DVD folder to MP4, AVI, 3GP or other video formats for your iPod, PSP, mobile phones and many portable media players.

DVDSmith Movie Backup can make perfect-quality backup copies of all your DVD movies using your own computer hard disk. It can keep the same sound & video quality when you backup your DVD movies with all the special features, menus, subtitles, and languages included. Within a few clicks of your mouse, your favorite DVD has been cloned and will be playable on your computer with free media players like SMPlayer, The KMPlayer and VLC Media Player and Media Player Classic .

Newly released Movie DVDs like Wall-E, Sleeping Beauty, Iron Man, Disaster Movie, Bangkok Dangerous, can be easily copied to your hard drive with DVDSmith Movie Backup.

If you need to copy movie DVD to DVD disc, please use Any DVD Cloner Platinum. It’s an easy-to-use and powerful DVD copying tool!

How to play DVD folder on hard drive with VLC Media Player?

VLC media player is an open source, free software media player written by the VideoLAN project. VLC is a portable multimedia player, encoder, and streamer supporting many audio and video codecs and file formats as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It is able to stream over networks and to transcode multimedia files and save them into various formats. VLC used to stand for VideoLAN Client, but that meaning is now deprecated. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is one of the most platform-independent players available, with versions for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, BeOS, Syllable, BSD, MorphOS, Solaris and Sharp Zaurus. VLC media player can be downloaded from

VLC Media Player supports many audio and video codecs and file formats, but M4V Videos is not included. To play iTunes M4V videos on VLC media player, you need convert iTunes M4V videos to DRM-free video formats. Noteburner M4V Converter Plus comes to help. Noteburner M4V Converter Plus (For Winodws / For Mac), a professional iTunes M4V to VLC video converter which can help you remove DRM protection and convert iTunes movies and TV shows losslessly to various video formats for playing on VLC Media Player. To learn more, you can visit: How to Convert iTunes M4V Video for Playing in VLC Media Player.

After copying DVD to hard drive as DVD folder with DVDSmith Movie Backup, you can use VLC Media Player to play the DVD folder without any DVD player. The video quality is just as the same as playing on DVD Player. Follow the steps below and you can enjoy DVD folder on hard drive.

1. Open VLC Media Player.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

2. Click Menu “Media –> Open Folder”.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

3. Browse the DVD folder copied by DVDSmith on your hard drive and click OK.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

4. VLC Media Player will start to play the DVD folder on hard drive. Enjoy the DVD movie now!

You have a bunch of old home DVDs or commercial DVD movies and would like to convert to them MP4, or want to rip the episodes from the DVDs to your hard drive for eventual upload to your portable device for viewing on the road.

Then you are looking for some software to rip DVDs on a Windows machine to a .MP4 format. You have used some DVD ripping software, but only to find that they did not work. Is there a better application that you can use to make your DVD collections into a series of MP4’s in order to add them to your mobile phone or tablets for later watching?

Any Video Converter Pro is one of the most popular and helpful DVD-to-MP4 converters available in the market. The application is very powerful and versatile. It helps you to watch DVD movies anywhere by converting DVD movies to popular formats like MP4, M4V, AVI, WMV, MOV, WMA, MP3, etc.

DVD to MP4 Converter

  • Convert any videos to more than 200 output formats
  • Download videos and music from YouTube and 100+ sites
  • Enjoy high efficiency video coding/H.265 video
  • Burn any video to blank DVD disc to create DVDs
  • Edit video clips with cut, crop, and special effects
  • Extract audio from CD to MP3, AAC, M4A etc
  • Support NVIDIA NVENC Transcoding Acceleration

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

  • • Part 1. How to Convert DVD to MP4 on Windows PC
  • • Part 2. How to Edit and Customize Your DVD Movies

Part 1. How to Convert DVD to MP4 on Windows PC

Put DVD Disc to Drive

Before starting, you need to put the DVD disc to your computer internal or external DVD driver.

Add DVD Disc

After your computer successfully analyzes the Disc, you can launch Any Video Converter Pro and click on “Add Disc“, then a dialog will pop up to let you select CD/DVD drive.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

After select the DVD drive, you can press OK and Any Video Converter Pro will start analyzing Disc structure.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Once AVC finishes analyzing, all DVD titles will be loaded from your DVD to Any Video Converter Pro. You are allowed to select the audio track and subtitles on each Disc title.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Choose MP4 as the Output Format

Click Profile and select “Customized MP4” as the output format from the drop-down list. Other more video and audio formats like M2TS, MOV, MKV, WMV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, etc. are also provided.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

You can go to the right panel of Any Video Converter Pro to adjust the output video and audio settings including resolution, video quality, frame rate, aspect ratio, video & audio codec, bitrate, sample rate and etc.

Start Conversion

Click “Convert Now” button to start convert DVD Disc to MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, AVI, FLV, MPEG and more. If you want to convert DVD folder, please refer to how to convert DVD folder to MP4.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Part 2. How to Edit and Customize Your DVD Movies

If necessary, you use Any Video Converter Pro to personalize your DVD movies and make them special.

How to convert a segment of DVD movie?

Select the DVD title in the center panel, and then click on the “scissor” icon on the right of the video thumbnail or the one under the preview window to prompt the clipping window.

Click on “Play” button to start playing the video clip, then click on the “Start Point” and “End Point” to trim desired section. To clip more than one segment, please click on “New Segment” button, and repeat previous steps to trim another segment.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

How to crop DVD movie?

Select movie in the center panel, click on button, check “Enable Crop” box, set “Crop Area Size” and the “Position of Crop Area” to crop the video, or use the crop tool in the preview area to visually adjust the dimensions of the cropped area. Finally, clip “Apply” to save changes.

Click on ““Show Original Video” and “Show Video Cropped” to toggle between original view and cropped view. Click “Restore Defaults” button to restore all the default settings of a video.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Add special effects

If you want merge several DVD titles into one, you can choose the needed titles on the center panel, then right-click on them and choose ““Merge All Files“.

Note: You need to click on “Convert Now!” button to implement the merging and converting action.

Add special effects

Select movie in center panel, click on and click on button, and you can adjust brightness, contrast and saturation by either moving the slider or adjust a value for the effects.

And click on button to add an image watermark or create a text watermark to personalize your video.

Now the DVD Disc have been ripped to MP4 successfully, just upload it to your devices for late viewing!

Whitson Gordon

Upon receiving her new MacBook Air, my mother asked me how she’s supposed to watch movies on the plane without a DVD drive. If you’ve got people asking you similar questions, here are some easy-to-follow instructions for ripping a DVD to your computer. Ripping a movie to your hard drive can seem like a complicated task, but it’s actually pretty simple. There are a lot of ways to do it and a lot of different programs out there, but our favourite method uses two programs called Handbrake and VLC. They’re pretty easy to use, and available on both Windows and Mac. The video above should walk you through the process, but you can follow along with these instructions:

Note: Format-shifting (that is, converting media you have legally purchased so you can play it on a different device) is legal in Australia.

  1. Head to Handbrake’s homepage and download the program. You’ll also want to download VLC from its website as well. Install them both on your computer. Note that you won’t actually use VLC during this process, but you do need it installed for the whole thing to work.
  2. Open up Handbrake, and click the Source button. Pick your DVD drive from the list. It will start scanning your DVD, which could take a few minutes, so let it do its thing.
  3. When it’s done, head to the “Title” drop-down menu in the upper left hand corner of the window. This is where you’ll select which part of the DVD you want to rip. In the case of movies, it’s usually the longest title, so just pick that one. If you’re ripping episodes of a TV show, it’s usually the 22 or 44 minute ones, and you’ll have to rip them separately.
  4. Click the Browse button on the right side of the window. Navigate to where you want to save your movie file, and type in a file name in the box. Click OK.
  5. Next, head to the bar on the right labelled “Presets”. This is where you’ll choose what format the resulting file will be in. If you just want to watch it on your computer, the “Normal” preset is fine. If you want to watch it on something like your iPod or iPhone, though, pick the correct preset on the left.
  6. Hit the Start button at the top of the window. This will take awhile, so you’ll probably want to find something else to do for a bit.
  7. When it’s done, you’ll get a popup notification. From there, you can watch your movie from where you saved it, or, if you want to sync it to an iPhone or other similar device, just drag it into iTunes’ left sidebar, sync your phone, and enjoy the movie!

It seems like a lot of steps at first, but it really isn’t very difficult. It’s just a matter of picking the right chapter from the DVD and ripping it to the right format. Note that if you’re going to be ripping a lot of DVDs, you can head to Tools > Options (or Handbrake > Preferences, if you’re on a Mac), and hit “Browse” next to “Default Path” to choose a location for all the other movies you rip in the future. That way, every time you rip, you can skip step 4, and your movie files will always end up in the same place.

Summary: Do you want to copy the encrypted DVDs to hard drive for backup? Here is the best DVD copy software and we will show you how to copy encrypted DVDs to hard drive with it.

  • • Copy DVD and Blu-ray files with two backup modes: Full Disc and Main Movie
  • • Convert Videos/DVDs/Blu-rays to MKV or MP4 format
  • • Work at top speed and export files without quality loss

Before we talking about something about copying protected DVDs, let’s see what encrypted DVDs mean. An encrypted DVD means a DVD that has been processed using a Content Scrambling System. The Content Scrambling System is a data encryption method used to protect DVDs from illegal copying. The CSS method simply encrypts or scrambles the video data on a DVD so that it can’t be viewed or copied illegally. A DVD-ROM or a DVD player which should be CSS licensed can only play those encrypted DVDs because these players can decrypt those encrypted DVDs. Not all DVD ROMs and players are licensed by CSS. So if you own an encrypted DVD for which you have paid the money, you are allowed to decrypt that DVD and copy encrypted DVDs to a hard drive in form of ISO or a folder. In this article, we will show you how you can do this.

Table of Contents

Part 1: How to Copy Encrypted DVD to Hard Drive and Save Them as ISO or DVD Folder

Here we introduce DVDFab DVD Copy which is a DVD copy software that is able to copy protected DVDs. DVDFab DVD Copy not only decrypts the encrypted DVDs but it also lets you save your encrypted DVDs as DVD folders or ISO files. Now these decrypted DVD ISO files and folders can be played on CSS unlicensed DVD ROMs and players. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to copy a protected DVD by removing encryption from the DVD using the DVDFab DVD Copy software.

  • Download and install DVDFab 12 for either Mac or Windows 10/8/7/Vista.
  • Insert the encrypted DVD into the DVD ROM drive.
  • Launch the program and click the ‘Copy’ tab. The program should automatically load the disc if not then click the big ‘Plus’ button and select the DVD ROM to load the disc.
  • Now the DVDFab DVD Copy offer six main functions and these are full discs, main movie, split, merge, customize, and clone/burn.
  • But we will only talk here about the ‘Full Disc’ function because we want to save the entire content of the encrypted DVD as a decrypted ISO or folder on our computer’s hard drive.
  • So click the ‘Copy Mode Switcher’ button and select ‘Full Disc’. You can click the ‘Output size dropdown menu‘ to select either ‘DVD5’ or ‘DVD9’ in the ‘Output’.
  • When you are ready click the ‘Save ISO’ or ‘Save Folder’ button and choose the location where you cant to save a copy of your encrypted DVD disc.
  • Finally, click the ‘Start’ button and wait till the process completes. Please note that during the copy process DVDFab automatically removes the DVD encryption and save it as an ISO or a folder.
  • Now this DVD ISO or folder will remain stored on your computer’s hard drive or you can burn them on a blank DVD disc. And can play this decrypted DVD on any DVD ROM or DVD player.

Note: If you want to copy your DVD in a 1:1 lossless ratio then select the ‘Clone/Burn’ function from the ‘Copy Mode Switcher’ and save the DVD as an ISO file.

Part 2: How to Rip Encrypted DVDs to Digital Video Formats and Save Them to Hard Drive

Another method to copy protected DVDs is to rip encrypted DVDs to digital video formats. DVD ripping simply means converting the DVD video format to other digital video formats. So that we can play those DVD video files on multiple media players. In this part, we are introducing DVDFab DVD Ripper which not only decrypts encrypted DVDs but also lets you rip encrypted DVDs. You can convert (Rip) DVD video format to other common video formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, etc. Here’s a nice tutorial below for this DVD ripper software to convert encrypted DVDs to MP4 or other video formats.

  • Open the DVDFab 12 program and click the ‘Ripper’ tab.
  • Insert the DVD disc and load it into the program. After you load the disc the following information will appear in the program window. Learn the functions from the image below.
  • Click the ‘Profile Dropdown Menu’ and choose the output video format of your choice. The most popular is MP4 though.
  • Click the ‘Choose Other Titles’ button and select all the videos on the encrypted DVD. If you don’t do this then only one video will be selected by default. Choosing all titles is necessary if the DVD contains many video files.
  • Clicking the audio select button will let you select multiple audio languages because most DVDs support multiple audio languages. Here, you are free to select or skip multiple audio streams.
  • A DVD also may have multiple subtitles. The ‘Subtitle’ option will let you select multiple subtitles and you can also unselect some of them if not required.
  • In front of every DVD title, you will see the ‘Advanced Settings’ button and the ‘Video Edit’ button. If you click the settings button then you can change the video settings for each title separately like ‘resolution’, ‘video quality’, ‘audio channel output’ etc.
  • Click the video edit button to edit the DVD video files and use video editing tools like multiple trims, crop, rotate, watermark, and subtitle.
  • After editing the videos and applying the settings click the ‘Start’ button to start ripping the encrypted DVD disc.
  • You can find the ripped video files in the ‘DVDFab12’ folder in the ‘Documents’ folder on a Windows PC.


So you now know how to decrypt encrypted DVD discs, and copy and save them as ISO or a folder on your PC’s hard disk. You also learned to rip encrypted DVDs to other video formats that you can save on your hard drive. The interesting thing is that the DVD copier and DVD ripper from DVDFab Software will automatically remove encryption without letting us know about it. We were only copying and ripping those encrypted DVDs as if they were never encrypted.

Furthermore, if you ever want to enlarge the converted MP4 videos to higher resolution, then you can select the AI relevant conversion profiles from the inbuilt profile library, but that shall involve in another product which is called Enlarger AI that can work alongside DVD Ripper to upscale 480p DVDs to 720p or 1080p videos.

Blu-ray Ripper

When ripping Blu-ray disc or DVD to PC with Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper, you may find that there are too many video and audio formats to choose from, although the customized formats are divided into groups (iPod, iPhone, Blackberry, Apple TV, Xbox, PSP/PS3, Powerpoint, Adobe Premiere etc). The most often asked question is, how do I save Blu-ray/ DVD movie to hard drive with no loss of quality to either video or audio? Well, in that case you could try “Directly Copy” option, since it is free of endecoding process, during which quality loss is unavoidable. Now please find below a step-by-step guide for directly copy Blu-Ray disc and DVD to hard drive:

1. Import Blu-ray/ DVD movie to the app.

-Load Blu-Ray disc

Download and install Blu-Ray Ripper to your computer. Insert your Blu-Ray disc to BD drive (BD drive is an essential for ripping Blu-ray disc). Install and run the program, click “DVD ROM”, and it takes a few seconds to load your Blu-Ray movie from target drive. When all the M2TS files are loaded to file list, check the main movie and leave the unwanted files unchecked. The main movie is distinguished by its length (duration). So check the largest M2TS file. You could preview it to convince yourself, by a double-click on the file.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Load DVD movie.

The process of loading DVD is same with loading Blu-ray, but you need to make sure all the directories are checked in order to get the whole movie. If you would like to join the episodes to one file, just check “Merge into one” box.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

2. Backup the movie to your PC

Click on the “Format” bar and follow Copy-> Directly Copy and then specify a folder to save the Blu-Ray movie in the output path bar. By applying directly copy, the ripper will copy selected video files and all the audio tracks to the location specified, with exactly the same size and quality as original ones, only copy-protections are removed. You may set the audio track to your mother tongue when playing the copied movie with media players.

Tip: Once Directly Copy is selected, the “Settings” button is disabled and you can not change the video and audio parameters like codec, bit rate, frame rate etc. And you’d better make you’re your player supports TrueHD audio and DTS MA audio, since the audio will remain what they are after ripping.

3. Start ripping DVD/ Blu-ray movie

Click on the “Convert” button and Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper will extract the Blu-Ray/ DVD files and copy them to where you specified. Ripping a Blu-ray disc could cost hours, so please be patient. To make up, the ripper will have a progress window to pop up and show you how long it will takes so you can walk away and come back later. After ripping completed, you may click on “Open” button to find the unprotected M2TS file, which will be played fine with VLC player and KMPlayer.

If you are interested in this program, please click here to download Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper for free trail.

The latest release of the VLC media player is a huge hit, racking up nearly 8.6 million downloads since the 1.0 release last week, according to the makers of the software VideoLAN. But some observers – including movie studio lawyers – may feel the new software is just a little too good. In researching a review of the software, I was surprised to learn that it easily allowed me to copy encrypted DVDs directly onto my hard drive. That’s something that has landed firms such as RealNetworks in court.

Copying a DVD with VLC is simple. Just pop a DVD into your PC’s drive, start playing it through VLC and click the red record button in the VLC interface. The movie, even, in some cases, copy-protected movies, will record in real-time to a file created on your hard drive.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pcThis isn’t quite the same process as DVD ripping, in which a software program cracks the DVD’s CSS encryption and saves the DVD image as an ISO formatted file. Ripping happens much more quickly than real-time recording.

You can save videos recorded with the VLC software in numerous file formats, including MPEG-4, AVI, and QuickTime. The file can then be saved for playback later, copied onto another DVD, or made available for distribution (if you so choose).

In my tests I was able to copy the CSS encrypted DVDs The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and Spider-Man 2. The Narnia DVD even sported the “copy protected” magnet logo on the back of the case. Another recent DVD, The Da Vinci Code, played in VLC but refused to copy.

I contacted VideoLAN, the makers of VLC, and asked the developers to explain the new video capturing feature in its 1.0 release. Jean-Baptiste Kempf, VLC developer, wrote in an e-mail that in order for VLC to copy a DVD the player needs to bypass the DVD’s copy protection. “VLC needs to break CSS protection to play DVDs,” Kempf wrote adding “I am sorry, but I don’t think this is news at all.” He may be right.

I asked a few representatives at the MPAA for a comment on the newest version of VLC a few days ago. I’m still waiting for a reply.

Copying DVDs may be old news, but given the popularity of VLC the MPAA may be tempted to weigh-in on VLC’s newest feature someday soon. VLC still has a long way to go before it becomes a household name. According to market research firm Nielsen Online VLC is installed on a minority of U.S. computers compared to Windows Media Player, iTunes, and RealPlayer. But among techies VLC has a diehard following. According to the VLC Media Player 1.0 is a more popular download than RealPlayer 11, Nero 9, Divx, WinAmp, and Windows Media Player.

Another VideoLAN developer, Rémi Denis-Courmont, explains to me, “The original motivation behind breaking CSS was to be able to play legally purchased DVD discs at all on operating systems (Linux, BSD and Solaris) without commercial DVD playback software.” In other words, he says, it’s all about interoperability. “(Using VLC) is the only way I can play my own DVDs on my Linux computer.”

A recent case, RealNetworks v. MPAA, is still tied up in the courts. RealNetworks formerly offered a product called RealDVD that performed the same functions as VLC – the ability to rip a DVD to the hard drive. RealDVD loaded the copied file with additional digital rights management to prevent anything but personal use, but the MPAA wasn’t satisfied. According to a Web site maintained by RealNetworks, the case is still working its way through the system.

VLC offers no such additional DRM protection on the copied file, and it remains to be seen whether the MPAA will turn its eyes toward the VideoLAN team next.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Q: I have a large collection of imported DVDs. However, my laptop DVD player only allows me to switch “regions” a fixed number of times. Is there any way around this?

A: Most commercial DVDs use encryption that keeps them locked to one or more “region codes,” meaning the discs you pick up in other continents usually won’t play on an American DVD player. If you believe the movie studios, this encryption is a necessary tool in the ongoing war against piracy. Basically, it helps them release the same movie in different parts of the world—at different times and for different prices. However, because pirates rarely resell legitimate copies of movies (they are pirates, after all), this system’s primary effect is to prevent movie collectors and frequent travelers from enjoying legally purchased films once they get home.

There are some multiregion DVD players out there. They are perfectly legal, but they tend to be pricey and rare. And if you are the jet-setting type who is likely to pick up foreign flicks in the first place, you probably want to watch them on the go using your laptop. That’s why the most frustrating part of region codes is the way they affect laptop DVD players.

Although laptop DVD drives are technologically capable of playing any DVD, they typically force you to switch among region settings to play imported discs. Try switching this setting more than a fixed number of times (typically five over the entire life span of the computer), and the setting will be locked forever.

For example, if you switch from Region 1 (the United States and Canada) to Region 3 (parts of Asia) to watch a kung-fu flick you picked up on a trip to Hong Kong, you’ll have to switch back to Region 1 before playing any movies you purchased at your local Best Buy. Watching that one Jet Li movie just burned up two of your five switches—and not even reinstalling your operating system will get you more. Fortunately, some clever programmers have created software solutions that circumvent disc regions entirely, turning your notebook into a portable multiregion DVD player.

Windows users have the most options, the best of which is probably Remote Selector—a free software utility that interacts with your DVD-playing program, allowing it to play DVDs from any region.

Things get trickier with Macs. I recommend downloading VLC, an open-source media player that sometimes circumvents region encoding. The DVD drives on different computers (including various Macs) come from diverse manufacturers, and VLC plays out-of-region discs on some, but not all of them. Unfortunately, there’s no way to know if it will work on your system until you try. Fortunately, the program is free.

Of course, if this sounds complicated, and you don’t want to deal with it (and really, why would you?), there are plenty of programs for both Macs and PCs that allow you to rip DVD movies onto your hard drive. And while this solution has its advantages (chief among them is that watching movies off your hard drive uses far less battery life than reading them from an optical disc), it puts you in a legal gray area–ironic, considering such actions are necessitated by the studios’ attempts to crack down on criminals.

Lastly, there is a nuclear option of sorts. You can try installing third-party firmware on your laptop’s DVD drive that disables its region locking. Such firmware is available online, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, this brings the very real possibility of causing serious damage to your machine, and it will almost certainly void your warranty.

How do I extract audio from a CD?

How to extract audio files from an audio CD using the Windows Media player 8 software?

  1. Insert an audio CD into the CD/DVD drive.
  2. In the Audio CD window, click to select Play Audio CD using Windows Media Player.
  3. Click the OK button.
  4. In the Windows Media Player window, in the left pane, click Copy from CD.

How do I rip music from a CD to Windows Media Player?

How to Rip Music from a CD in Windows Media Player

  1. Insert an audio CD in your computer’s CD drive.
  2. Open the Windows Media Player, click the Library tab, and then click the album or playlist from the CD drive to open it.
  3. Click the Rip tab.
  4. When the rip is complete, the titles appear in the playlist in the Library window.

What is the best way to rip CDs?

List Of The Top CD Ripping Software

  2. dBpoweramp CD Ripper.
  3. Free RIP.
  4. Exact Audio Copy.
  5. Audio Grabber.
  6. Foobar2000.
  7. FairStars CD Ripper.

Will ripping a CD ruin it?

The contents of most CD media is read-only, which means your computer or CD player can see the contents and play them back, but cannot change the CD contents or delete them. This means that short of scratching the CD or physically damaging it in some other way, you can’t lose the contents of the CD.

Why won’t Windows Media Player rip cds?

Open Windows Media Player. Right-click on the ribbon of Windows Media Player and choose Tool and then Options. Go to Rip Music and turn the audio quality to maximum for each format. Click Apply to save the modifications, then try to see if still Windows Media Player cannot rip music.

Is Windows Media Player good for ripping CDs?

For Windows users, Windows Media Player is the most convenient and easy way to copy your CD collection to your hard drive. It is also powerful enough to meet most people’s needs.

What is the difference between ripping a CD and burning a CD?

When you copy music, pictures, and videos from your PC to a blank CD or DVD, it’s called “burning.” When you copy music, pictures, and videos from a CD or DVD to your PC, it’s called “ripping.” You can use Windows Media Player to do both.

How do I burn a CD without a CD drive?

Yes But you still need an optical drive. The easiest way to play or burn CD/DVD discs is to buy an external optical drive. Most optical drive peripheral devices connect via USB and are plug-and-play. That means you can simply connect the drive and use it the same you would use an internal CD/DVD player.

Is FLAC better than CD?

While FLAC files are up to six times larger than an MP3, they are half the size of a CD, and can have the same boost in audio quality. Furthermore, FLAC is not just restricted to 16-bit (CD quality), and you can buy files up to 24-bit/192kHz for another potential boost in performance.

Is it worth ripping CD to FLAC?

Ripping the music to FLAC is a good idea because this free format offers storage-saving compression but is ‘ lossless ‘ which means you don’t lose any audio quality.

Is FLAC better than AAC?

AAC (not hi-res): Apple’s alternative to MP3 – stands for ‘Advanced Audio Coding’. Lossy and compressed, but sounds generally better. Used for Apple Music streaming. FLAC (hi-res): This lossless compression format supports hi-res sample rates, takes up about half the space of WAV, and stores metadata.

Do ripped CDs sound better?

the original CD, rips sound different and generally for the better, when compared using the same machine both as a standalone CD player and as a DAC. Rips sound consistently brighter, airier, more detailed.

What is the best free CD ripper?

Top 7 Free CD Rippers

  • FairStars – Rip audio from CD in a variety of formats.
  • Exact Audio Copy – Outstanding in handling CD imperfections.
  • fre:ac – A lot of tweaking for each encoder.
  • FreeRip – Ripper, plus a converter and a tagger.
  • CDex – Works with most CD hardware.
  • dbPowerAmp – Makes archiving and encoding music a breeze.

Should I rip CDs to MP3 or WAV?

WAV files can also store high-resolution music files at greater bit and sampling rates than CDs. Uncompressed WAV files can be ripped and played back in iTunes and are very high quality. However, they do take up more hard drive storage space than AAC, MP3 or Apple Lossless. WAV files do not support metadata tagging.

Troubled by tons of DVD discs in your room and no space available for other stuff? Why not consider that copy DVD to hard drive to save space? Hard drive now always has a large space to save files, and it provides a platform that you can sort your DVD files easily on Windows or Mac. Or maybe you have the idea to save them to a hard drive but can’t access it by direct copying without any help of professional tools. Here we’ll introduce you Wondershare DVD Creator, an all-in-one DVD copy software, and teach you how to copy DVD to hard drive within 3 simple steps.

  • Part 1. Why Can’t We Copy DVD to Hard Drive Directly
  • Part 2. How to Copy DVD to External Hard Drive within 3 Steps

Part 1. Why Can’t We Copy DVD to Hard Drive Directly?

We face many problems while copying a DVD to a hard drive, there are many various types of the reason that we can’t copy DVD directly to the hard drive. Here lists some common reasons that you can check yourself when you’re trying to copy DVD to hard drive on Windows 7/8/10 or Mac.

Firmware Faults: One of the basic reasons is firmware or manufacturer faults, in most occasions, a hard disk is not detected by a different computer system. Sometimes it fails to boot while the booting system is in the processor in the middle of the process. Basically, these errors only occur in a new hard disk because the manufacturer is not tested that hard disk before providing it to the customer.

Heat: If the hard disc is connected with a laptop or PC, then they should have the proper ventilation of air. The improper ventilation of laptop or PC fans may lead to a hard drive crash. This is because that fan is slow or not working properly. If your PC is getting heated after a little time after starting then it will give an error to copy a DVD to hard drive.

Mechanical Failure: When the hard disk is providing clicking or grinding sounds when it is the symptoms of crashing the hard disk. Whenever you try to copy DVD to hard drive, then you will face the problems like files and folders are becoming invisible in the PC. And whenever you start the process you will see a black screen in the middle of the copying process.

Corrupted Files: The main reason is most of the DVD has scratched, and then it becomes very difficult to copy DVD to hard drives. The system will not allow the important files to be copied because it must be damaged or corrupted. Sometimes the power failure will also become the reason for corrupted files.

Part 2. How to Copy DVD to External Hard Drive within 3 Steps

On the Internet, there are various types of tools and software which helps in copying the DVD to hard drive. Wondershare DVD Creator is one of most popular software, many users use this software because of its practical features. It provides functions like one-click burning DVD or Blu-ray disc, making photo slideshow, editing videos, and several other helpful features. With Wondershare DVD Creator, you can easily copy DVD to external hard drive in very easy steps.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Wondershare DVD Creator

  • · Copy DVD to hard drive on Windows/Mac within 3 simple steps.
  • · Copy DVD to DVD/DVD Folder/ISO files and export with DVD-5/DVD-9 output type.
  • · Customize DVD content by removing unlike parts, adding subtitle, choosing audio, and others.
  • · Choose DVD copy modes from Full Movie, Main Movie with menu, Main Movie without menu, and Custom Mode.
  • · More functions like Photo Slideshow Maker, One-click burning DVD/Blu-ray disc, Video Editor, Convert DVD to video, etc.
  • · Supported OS: Latest Windows OS and Mac OS X.

Watch Video Tutorial of How to Copy DVD to Hard Drive on Windows

Steps on How to Copy DVD to Hard Drive with Wondershare DVD Creator on Windows and Mac

Step 1 Launch the DVD to Hard Drive Software

Download and install Wondershare DVD Creator first, open it and click the More DVD Tools button to choose functions.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

You can see a various type of tools displayed on the interface, choose DVD to DVD option to start copying DVD to hard drive.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Step 2 Select DVD to Hard Drive Settings

Insert the DVD you want to copy from into your computer and choose it as the Source DVD. Then connect your hard drive to the computer and choose it as the Target device, you can also save your DVD as ISO files or DVD Folder as you wish.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Next, select other settings such as Output type , Copy mode , and Disc label for your DVD to hard drive device.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

Step 3 Start Copying DVD to Another DVD

When all settings and creations have finished, finally click on the Start button to initiate the process of copying your DVD to hard drive quickly.

How to rip a dvd to your hard drive and play it on your pc

With Wondershare DVD Creator, you can copy your DVD to hard drive within 3 steps and takes just several minutes, which will help you save a lot of space and sort them quickly.

Switching from CDs and DVDs to digital equivalents is a great way to unclutter your life, but what do you do with all your outmoded discs once you’ve transferred their contents to your computer? In the first part of this series, we discussed how to get rid of unneeded books; but if you’re like me, you also have a large collection of old DVDs and CDs taking up space–and disposing them has its challenges. I’ll discuss the problems to watch out for, and describe how to make the switch.

Moving versions of your music and movies from your CDs and DVDs to your computer isn’t terribly complicated, since they’re already digital. Even copy-protected DVDs are relatively simple to copy onto your PC, though you should be aware of some legal caveats.

Can You Legally Copy Your Discs?

Some commentators argue that ripping a DVD that you legally own in order to create a backup or to play on other devices in your home qualifies as Fair Use; but this issue is far from settled. Ripping Blu-ray discs occupies a similarly gray area. As far as we know, the MPAA has never sued individuals for ripping their own legally bought discs for their own personal use, but consider yourself warned.

Legal scholars disagree about where the limits are; but if you try to resell media that you’ve copied, you may find yourself in legal hot water. Though you’re unlikely to get hauled into court for selling used DVDs and CDs even if you keep a copy of the movie or album on your hard drive, the legally safest policy is to delete any such copies before you sell your DVDs and CDs.

Ditching Your Collection for Subscription Services

Thanks to streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Netflix, and Amazon Instant Video, you might not need to keep a copy around–digital or otherwise. Before determining what to keep and what to discard, check to see whether any of the popular streaming services give you access to your current CDs and DVDs.

Spotify gives users–including nonmembers–free, ad-supported access to its entire library, so it’s easy to find out whether you’ll be able to stream your favorite albums. If you don’t already subscribe to Netflix, sites such as Instantwatcher can help you figure out whether it’s safe to throw out your old Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs and replace them with a Netflix subscription. (It is, by the way.)

Chances are you’ll be able replace some of your music and video collection with a streaming service subscription or two. If there’s enough overlap, you might consider dumping your collection entirely to help finance the switch over to streaming. But proceed with caution: The selection of streaming titles on Netflix and other services changes over time; and just because they have your favorite movie today doesn’t mean they’ll have it next week or next year.

Selling Your Collection

Selling used DVDs is similar to selling used books. Many of the same retailers, like Amazon (on its Movies & TV Trade-In page) and eBay (at will buy back your DVDs (or trade you a gift card for them); but as is true when you resell books to a retailer, you shouldn’t expect much return on your investment.

Selling used CDs to a retailer can be slightly more complicated. Since most music sales are digital these days, many of the larger online resellers no longer accept CDs for resale. As a result, you’ll need to turn to specialized retailers like–and they may buy back only selected titles. Also, you’re unlikely to receive more than a dollar or two for each CD they do accept, so you might be better off trying to find other ways to make your CD collection work for you.

Selling discs directly to end users at an auction site such as eBay may yield better prices, but auction sites also add considerable complexity to the process, to protect both the buyer and the seller.

Trading in for New Media

If you aren’t so much attempting to reduce your holdings as trying to convert unwanted titles into wanted ones, consider trading some of your albums and DVDs. SwapaCD and SwapaDVD are two convenient services that let you trade your old, unwanted CDs and DVDs for new and different discs. At the appropriate site, you simply post a list of discs that you no longer want; then, each time you mail a fellow swapper a disc, you get a credit that you can use to choose a disc of your own from the 364,000 CDs or 250,000 DVDs in the relevant service’s listings.

Disposing of Your Discs

If you can’t find any use for your old DVDs and CDs, you can always donate them to local charities. Most thrift stores like Goodwill and the Salvation Army happily accept CDs and DVDs in their original cases, but even they are unlikely to have any use for your half-broken copy of Ernest Saves Christmas. To get rid of that type of clutter without simply burdening someone else, you’ll likely have to retire at least a few of your DVDs and CDs. When you do, consider sending them to a service such as the CD Recycling Center of America, which will recycle the discs instead of dumping them in a landfill somewhere.

Removing all of the old unwanted media from your life may not be an overnight project, depending on the size of your DVD and CD collections; but with a little effort, you can free up some space, save some money, and even get some new movies and music as a bonus.