How to style clothes you already have

July 10, 2017 by Blair Donovan
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How to Style Clothes You Already Have

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on the prowl for the latest and greatest new clothes. After a certain point, my current wardrobe just doesn’t cut it anymore, and I start to crave new pieces to add to my closet. I truly start to feel like I have a closet of clothes, but nothing to wear, which makes getting dressed every morning a less than enjoyable affair. The itch for new clothes gets stronger with the change of the seasons, too, and my favorite sun dresses from last summer now seem outdated and bland. As rewarding as it is to embark on a shopping spree and splurge on new clothes, you don’t necessarily have to. While none of us unfortunately have personal stylists or even Cher’s digital styling tool from Clueless, it’s easier than ever to make matters into your own hands and reinvent your wardrobe without enlisting professional help. Before you take a bag of unwanted clothes to your local thrift shop, check out these genius tips for styling clothes you already have.

Throw On A Belt

Hate your raggedy pair of jeans that you’ve had for the past decade, or that shift dress that you swore you never wanted to wear again? Clothing item, meet belt. This wardrobe match-made-in-heaven adds some pizzazz to your waistline, and can make a shapeless dress instantly look more flattering and form-fitting on any body type. You can also use common accessories lying around your closet as a belt substitute, like a neck scarf or a bandana.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Cuff Your Pants

Take any pair of pants from zero to 100 simply by cuffing the bottoms. This also gives you more freedom in the shoe department. If you roll your jeans, you’ll have more exposed leg room for lace-up shoes or booties. If you’re into the distressed pants look, I’m also a huge proponent of taking a pair of scissors to the hems of jeans. If you have a pair that’s too long on you, cut off an inch or so from each pant leg and wash them a few times. You’ll instantly have distressed hems without having to go buy a new pair of pants. Just make sure you cut them evenly!

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Tuck In Your Shirts

The tucking trend can come off as stiff-looking and a little too formal, but you can tuck in your tops without looking like you’re headed to a business meeting. Experiment with different tucking placements, like tucking part of your top in to the side of your pants or skirt, or only tucking in the front piece and letting the back of the top hang freely. There’s no unwritten fashion rule that says you have to leave your shirts either completely tucked in or untucked, so go to town with whatever variation meets your fancy, and even add a belt in to the mix.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Tie Your Tops

For another fun twist on tops you already own and seem sick of, give them a fun little knotted tie. A ton of retailers now make tops with excess material specifically for tying your clothes, so save yourself time and money by doing this with tops you currently own. Plus, it takes a matter of 10 seconds to DIY. Once you’re wearing the top, pull a section of material from the front or side, depending on where you want the tie. Wrap part of the pulled fabric around two of your fingers and loop it into a circle. Take the hem of the material and pull it through the loop. Bam! All your tees can now get a wardrobe makeover. Button downs can also tie in the front especially easily, so upgrade your go-to workwear look with a slightly more feminine touch.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Your closet has so many clothes that everyone around you thinks that you no longer need any clothes! Unfortunately, every morning when you decide to wear something, your closet always disappoints you! So what do you do? Well, for starters, read this article.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

In this article, we tell you how to style clothes you already have. With just a few tweaks you can wear your winter wardrobe even in summer and vice versa. All you need is some fashion sense and some boldness. Did you know that there are hundreds and thousands of different ways to wear the same dress and heck, you needn’t be ashamed – even Kate Middleton recycles her outfits time and again and media goes crazy. Let’s point out something here – Kate can very well choose to wear the same outfit everyday because she looks great in it and she is comfortable! So the same rule applies to you! Recreate looks with your same dress and still sizzle. We will tell you how.

How to Style Clothes You Already Havesource:

How To Wear Clothes Different Ways

1. Button Down And Roll Up Your Shirts

Need a fresh breath of air and some nonchalance – use this trick: For your boring office shirts, just roll down the sleeves and button down the top few buttons. Effortless way of styling even the greyest of the grey shirt you own.


2. Or Style These With A Satin Skirt

Now, you didn’t think of that one before right? Pair your white shirt or some plain, boring shirt with a fancy looking satin skirt. This is actually a party look. Team the outfit up with some really sexy heels and you are done!

How to Style Clothes You Already Havesource:

3. Cuff your Blues Away

Tired of the same old jeans? Wait! Don’t go chopping yet. Just cuff your jeans around your ankles to give it a chic uplift. The secret to getting the right-cuffed jeans is to give it a careless roll. Do not make an effort to look like you pressed those hems. Just make it look casual and you are good to go. Also, this is the perfect way to show off you latest pairs of heels.

How to Style Clothes You Already Havesource:

4. Cardigans and Cardigans

Sometimes when there is a nip in the air but you still want to style the outfits you already have, then this classic combination can never go wrong. Take out one of your favorite light cardigans and throw it casually over your dress. A relaxed and casual look, but also so chic!

How to Style Clothes You Already Havesource:

5. Knot ’em Down

Don’t want to wear those belts, but still want your waist to outshine? Well, this style is perfect for you. Don’t go knotting your expensive silk shirts because they are bound to get some unpleasant creases but for others, you can easily knot them on your waist. Tuck your shirt a little around the periphery to give it a more casual look.

How to Style Clothes You Already Havesource:

6. Silken Kerchiefs

The most underrated of all items in your wardrobe are those beautiful silk kerchiefs. Heavens knows why you bought them in the first place, but you can style them in multiples ways:
You can tie them around your head for that Bohemian look (The easiest and the most duplicated look)

Or use it as a bandana:

How to Style Clothes You Already Havesource:

Leave it casually around your neck

How to Style Clothes You Already Havesource:

or the most innovative one: Loop it around as a belt (Now, we bet you didn’t think of this one!)

How to Style Clothes You Already Havesource:

See, you can do so many things with the same old kerchief!

7. Blaze Down

Add a blazer touch to your otherwise casual outfit to make it look straight out of the runway. Like this combination of a hippy dress and a blazer:

How to Style Clothes You Already Havesource:

So, there you go – you now know how to style clothes you already have in your closet in the most uber cool way. Yes, you can thank us later!

We’ve all been there. The dreaded open up my closet and have nothing to wear feeling. I’ve sat there staring at the clothes as if an outfit would magically put itself together for me! Or I’ve picked up the same tired pieces wondering how I can possibly look cute in that sweater that is 5 years old already. How has it already been 5 years since I’ve bought that thing??

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the constant ads of the latest greatest thing. We are so inundated by marketing where ever we look. I am a big saver, although I do like to invest in good pieces and even trendy pieces from time to time. I don’t like to feel pressure to always buy new stuff though. Being totally honest here – seeing new stuff everywhere can make me feel like the clothes I already have are not good enough.

The reality is, most of us are so abundantly blessed that we have a closet full of clothes. What if we could be grateful for what we have and look for new ways to style the clothes we already have in our closets?

To solve this problem, I’ve come up with a few ideas on how to style clothes you already have and feel good about the outfits you are wearing!

1. Start with Sufficiency and Gratefulness

Styling clothes you already have starts with deciding to love what you have. You bought those clothes for a reason. Chances are they are not truly out of date yet (unless you still have outfits from Junior high…not to worry, I’ve been there too! haha). Coming from a place of sufficiency is a great place to start because you will be thinking creatively about what you do have instead of what is missing. If you’re struggling with the idea of sufficiency with what you have try this post, or this one on having an “enough” mindset.

2. Sort through and decide what you really love.

What do you always feel good in? What makes you feel confident? If you have those go to pieces you will never have to wonder what to wear when you have something come up where you want to look especially cute. Having confidence in what you know you feel great in will allow you to look your best and feel your best.

3. Figure out WHY you love it.

What is it about that shirt or dress that makes you feel so good? Is it the material, the color, the cut, the pattern or embellishment? Is it versatile that you can wear it for a day at the office and transition to a night out? Knowing what you love about something can help you when you are shopping for new pieces. If you know a certain cut flatters you, you can start there and build only pieces you love in your wardrobe.

4. Challenge yourself to wear things you haven’t worn in a while.

Simply challenging yourself to wear an outfit or piece you haven’t worn in a while can get you out of your style rut. Can you wear a different necklace or earrings with it than you usually do? Can it pair with a skirt instead of jeans? Experimenting and trying to style things differently can add unexpected fun to your outfits. And you may just find a new combination you love!

5. Know when it truly is time to simplify and cycle out old clothes.

Sometimes an outfit has had its time. Maybe it doesn’t fit anymore, maybe it is totally pilled or torn. Maybe you just don’t enjoy wearing it and never have. If that is the case, out with the old! Remember to keep a log of items you know you need so you can replace it if needed. I hear a lot of concerns that you can’t get rid of something until you have something new but chances are you are never going to bother getting something new if the old one is still sitting there in your closet. Whether that is fear of finding a suitable replacement piece, or fear that you won’t have something to wear in the mean time, don’t let that fear hold you back from moving forward in styling your wardrobe.

What helps you recycle through your own wardrobe to style clothes you already have? Have you discovered something you forgot about and put back in your rotation?

Normally wear a blouse with a certain skirt? Try it with jeans! It can change up the whole look and make it fresh again simply by pairing it with something out of the box.

6. Be mindful of your thinking when you think about how to style clothes you already have!

I am guilty of saying “I don’t know what to wear!” or “I have nothing I like in my closet.” This simply isn’t true. I had to decide to buy or keep each item of clothing in my closet. I didn’t make those choices for no reason. When I take ownership over my choices, I remember why I DO like something and I’m more likely to wear it again.

Instead, try thoughts that get you possibility thinking when you are choosing what to wear. “What would make me feel confident today?” or “What is a simple outfit that will work for today?” Being stylish can mean a simple outfit too!

7. Be willing to be adventurous/experiment.

You don’t have to wear anything crazy, but it’s ok to try different things. To play. Often we worry more about what other people think about what we are wearing than just deciding to go for it. If those shoes feel clunky, so you don’t choose them, is it because they actually are uncomfortable, or do you just perceive that they are out of your normal clothing comfort zone? Give them a chance and actually wear them. If they still don’t feel like you, they can go bye bye.

You never know, you just might find a new combination you love or rediscover something that has been at the back of the closet!

There are so many styles these days, that often old things become new or trendy again. Don’t be afraid to mix it up!

What items in your closet do you have trouble styling? Have you found ways to mix it up and style clothes you already have? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

If you would like one on one help to sort through your closet and find your own unique style, and how to repurpose your clothing and feel great about it, I offer coaching packages that include focus on both your external style as well as internal things that may be holding you back. Contact me here for a free consultation call where we will figure out where you are right now and where you want to be in your style goals.

by Guest Writer August 29, 2019, 3:50 pm

Finding the perfect fitting dress can be difficult sometimes. You may be thinking about what to do with all those dresses that don’t fit you anymore. But the good news is, you don’t have to buy new dresses to look stylish and trendy. By following some easy tips, you can look stylish with the dresses you already have, even if they seem to be of a bit plus size.

Most of us feel like the clothes we have in our wardrobe aren’t stylish enough to go with the latest trends. Specially, we the curvy ladies share the exact feeling once in a while. Though we have a closet filled up with fashionable outfits, yet we can’t use them properly. So, here giving some tips to help you style the clothes that you already have.

1. Pair Up Your Fitted Jeans with a Loose Top

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Photo by Matthew T Rader via Unsplash

Do you have an extra-large t-shirt in your wardrobe that you want to get rid of? Well, you don’t have to. Wearing a loose shirt or t-shirt with tight fitted jeans will work on your favour. It will help you look stylish without investing money on trendy new tops.

2. Match The Separates

How to Style Clothes You Already Have
Image Source:

When you are wearing anything two-piece, better mix and match different colour and design pattern for the upper and lower part. If you are wearing a combination of skirt and tops, try to pick from separate sets and match with the same colour but a different pattern. Thus, you can wear the same outfit multiple times without making it look old.

3. Wear Your Jeans High

How to Style Clothes You Already Have
Photo by bouzounieris bouzounieris via Unsplash

Don’t throw away or cut short your long jeans. Consider wearing them high from your waistline. This trick can be a big hit as it will help you look tall and slender. If you have jeans that are dark and stretchable, you can wear them as high-rise trousers. To make this trick work best, you may want to tuck in your t-shirt or tops.

4. Button Down The Shirt

We feel a bit uncomfortable to button down the shirt. Usually, we think that it will make our look unflattering. However, following this style can actually help us if anyone of us wants to look slimmer. Always choose a shirt that has somewhat stretch and a few design details to create any shape. When you have a job interview or a meeting to attend, prefer to wear a jacket or blazer on it, and you’re ready to go.

5. Embrace Black

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

If your wardrobe is full of black dresses, you need not worry about what to wear. Black dresses always look trendy if you can wear them right. Any black dress, from the long gown to the mini pencil skirt, will complement you. Just add some colour in your accessories for a nice contrast.

6. Wear Proper Inner-Wear

How to Style Clothes You Already Have
Our inner wears have a huge impact on how well we look in our outfit. No matter how fashionable outfit you wear, the wrong inner-wear will ruin your effort. Better you ditch those sloppy bras of yours and wear something that can give you better coverage without any bulge. From now on, choose underwear that is stretchable.

7. Pair Long Skirts with Fitted Tops

How to Style Clothes You Already Have
Photo by Krissara Lertnimanorladee via Unsplash

Don’t know how to wear your favourite floor-grazing skirts? Well, there’s a solution. If you have a single colour fitted blouse or shirt, pair them with your maxi skirt. But, remember one thing. If your skirt has print on it, try to wear it with a plain top, and vice versa.

8. Add More Layers

How to Style Clothes You Already Have
Image Source:

For a curvy lady, adding an extra layer of cloth means adding some extra pound. However, additional layering can give your body a proper definition. If you love your jeans with one of your favourite t-shirts, then tie a shirt or a scarf in your waist. This will help you to look more casual, yet trendy.

9. Consider Wearing Scarfs

How to Style Clothes You Already Have
Photo by Matthew T Rader via Unsplash

Are you a scarf lover? Then consider wearing them regularly. A colourful scarf will steer the attention away from anything unflattering while bringing life to your traditional clothing. Like scarfs, wearing statement jewellery such as a necklace, long earrings, fashionable belts can help you look stylish.

The skirt or gown you find trendy today can be old fashion tomorrow. Getting the perfect plus size clothing in Australia has always been an adventure. Sometimes, it’s frustrating to cope with the ever-changing trend and styles. However, just because you want to look trendy, doesn’t mean you will have to buy new clothes.

Following the given tips, you can make great outfits with the clothes you already have. These are some inspiring ways to create a brand-new look from your old collections. Think of what you already have in your wardrobe. You just need to know how to match clothes in a way that avoids repetition. Rest is upon your confidence to carry that new look.

  • How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Ever have that feeling that there’s nothing worth wearing in your closet? It can be a frustrating feeling, especially when celebrities and style gurus seem to have closets that are ever-expanding.

Even if you’re feeling frustrated at your wardrobe, it can be worth taking a second look at what you already own. A recent study found that 50% of women have between $1,000 – $5,000 worth of clothes in their closet and still feel they have nothing to wear.

Instead of dropping more money on an expensive shopping trip, consider making tiny tweaks to your current outfits. You may be surprised that a little change in how you wear something can make an outfit go from drab to fab. And you don’t even need a personal stylist to do it for you.

Read on and we’ll cover how to style clothes you already with our eight must-read style hacks.

1. Knot Your Button Down Shirts

It feels as if you’ve worn that plaid shirt a thousand times before, but you’ve probably never done this.

Knotting the bottom of a button down shirt can help show off your waist and shape and give you a more polished look.

To get a perfect knot going, undo the bottom three buttons and tie the shirt tails into a knot. Then tighten the knot so that it hits just above your belly button and knot it again. Make sure to straighten the ends of your knot so that it sits exactly where you want it against your stomach.

2. Wear A Belt Over Your Layers

Layering is already a classic way to look like a fashionista once the temperatures get cooler. The only downside to layering is that your many items may add up to something that feels bulky and random as opposed to chic and cool.

A belt around the waist or chest can pull the whole outfit together and can carve out the shape of your figure even with multiple layers on.

It’s a great way to make a look feel brand new AND get some use out of the belts that have been sitting in the back of your closet.

3. Try Cuffing Your Jeans

All you have to do to rock this style fix is lean over.

Cuffing your favorite pair of jeans can give a brand new look and feel to one of your closet staples. It’s a subtle trick but can make something you’ve worn one thousand times feel fresh and new.

Not to mention, cuffed jeans can help show off new footwear like nothing else.

When cuffing jeans, make sure to match the style of jeans you’re wearing. Smaller, tighter jeans should have short, tight rolls to match the style. Looser, “boyfriend” jeans should be more rolled than cuffed, matching the more casual vibe of the pants.

4. Add A Scarf

If you feel like you’ve burnt through all your necklaces and assorted jewelry, try adding a scarf to or bandana to an outfit instead.

The best part about a scarf is that there are so many different ways to wear it. You can tie it behind your neck and leave the pointed edge out front, or tightly roll it for a cute and simpler look.

If you’re having a bad hair day, a bandana or scarf can be used as a hairband to help keep your hair up and out of your face.

5. Let Your Socks Peek Out

A fashion trend that bloggers are going crazy for right now involves letting your socks peek out of your shoes or boots.

Scrunched socks can give a dress or skirt a cool and casual look that can really make an outfit pop. Pull your socks out from your boots and then scrunch them down to the appropriate height, covering about one-fourth of your lower leg.

Thin socks that aren’t too sporty play the best, and socks give you the opportunity to play and experiment with different colors.

6. Try The Front Tuck

Popularized for men most recently by the new season of Queer Eye, the show’s ‘French Tuck’ is just a fancy term for the front tuck women have been using to spice up their outfits for ages.

If you’re wearing an oversized top and don’t want to appear boxy, try tucking in just the front of your shirt into your pants and let the other sides hang out. Also known as the “one-handed tuck,” this is an easy fashion trick that can help your outfit ride the line between formal and casual.

7. Wear A Shirt Under Your Dress

A fashionable new trend is this mix and match of shirt and dress. Wearing your favorite shirt under a favorite dress can liven both pieces of clothing up and provide a brand new look you didn’t even know you had.

Better yet, the shirt and dress combo are perfect for those early summer days where the heat can fade away as night falls and leaves you needing a little extra shoulder warmth.

8. Throw On Some Shades

For decades, a pair of good sunglasses has been the epitome of cool when it comes to fashion. If you’re feeling unsure about an outfit, try throwing on a pair of shades and seeing if it doesn’t brighten (ha!) your view on the outfit.

Many fashion blogs are into the new trend of tiny sunglasses, which are quickly replacing the oversized variety that has been so popular. You can read more about the trend from Super Saucy Brand.

How To Style Clothes You Already Have

Everyone goes through feelings of frustration when digging through their wardrobe. But there are many ways to make your image feel fresh and new without having to hit the mall for brand new clothes.

If you know how to style clothes you already have, you can save loads of money, time, and effort and still look great. The above tips are a perfect way to get started. Have more styling tips? Let us know in the comments.

For those days when you feel like you have “nothing to wear.”

When it comes to fashion, it’s easy to fall for every trend you see on the runway, and crave for something new to add to your closet.

No matter how many pieces we have in our wardrobe, we always open it up thinking, “I have nothing to wear,” because you’ve already worn everything. However, the one neat thing about the world of fashion is that you can make any piece look new again by simply changing the way you style it.

The first step to styling what you already have, is to browse through your current wardrobe and pick out some of your beloved pieces. Next, sort them by the category they belong to: outerwear, dress, top, bottoms, shoes, etc.

It’s all trial and error after this, and you will only know if something will pair well together by trying it on. Here are a few easy tricks on how to change up a look that will work season after season:

Drape a layer

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Throw a jacket over your shoulders for ultimate chicness. This can be a leather jacket, a blazer or even a coat. This is the favoured look by all fashionistas.

Tuck, half tuck or no tuck

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

There’s something to be said about a tuck. Tucking your shirt all the way through exudes professionalism and sophistication. Tucking it half-way conveys a more casual, yet chic vibe. And lastly, not tucking it at all expresses a relaxed and easy-going vibe. Depending on the occasion, choose a tuck that’s right for you.

Embrace the cuff roll

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Change up the look by cuffing the bottom of your jeans or rolling up the sleeves on your shirt. There’s nothing more laid-back and cool than this.

Loosen up the buttons

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

If you’re used to button-ups, it’s now time to switch it up with button-downs. The good news is that the piece doesn’t change. Just undo a few buttons for something less dressy, yet still professional (tip: replace the bra with a lace bralette for a feminine touch).

Switch up the shoes

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

A change in shoes can change your overall look. If you wore a pair of heels with the same pieces last time, switch it up for a pair of ankle booties or sneakers. It’ll inject a little newness, even to an outfit that you’ve worn over a dozen times.

Next time, don’t fret when you look into your closet, because there are plenty of new ways to wear your existing pieces — try these tricks and see how they work for you!

Aney Mei is a Toronto-bashed fashion blogger behind Allure Of Simplicity. For more style inspiration, follower her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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Chances are, you’ve probably lost track of the number of times you’ve looked in your closet and thought, “I have nothing to wear!” It’s not that you have nothing to wear, of course, it’s that you don’t want to wear any of the clothes you already have.

The truth is, you probably do have some great pieces in your wardrobe that you’ve taken out of rotation simply because you’re stumped on how to style them. Before you go on a major shopping spree, consider these five tips from celebrity stylist June Ambrose.

June — who styled Jay-Z for his world tour, by the way (no big deal!) — is sharing the wealth and making her fashion tips accessible to us “regular people,” as well! She visited a viewer (and friend) named Jennifer, a 47-year-old mom who says she sometimes dresses “like a 7-year-old.”

June began by helping Jen do a closet cleanse, assessing what she already has, seeing what needs tailoring and determining what should be donated. (Watch that go down in the video above!)

She then took pieces that Jen already had in her closet and reworked them with only a few basic additional purchases to create some amazing new looks!

Feel free to use June’s tips and Jen’s photos as inspiration for upping your own style game. Here’s what to keep in mind:

1. Tailoring Is Your Friend!

Don’t be afraid to show off those curves! To create more shape when it comes to dresses, June suggests tailoring. Tailoring can breathe new life into pieces that don’t fit your body right.

Plus, Jen, like many of us, tends to play it safe when picking out tops and dresses.

“You keep buying these difficult silhouettes that make you look like a bubble,” June says, “and I think you’re super hot and I think you’re super curvy and you’re not playing it up!”

So, she suggests, rather than tucking a flowy shirt in — which can give you a muffin top — wear high-waisted jeans. She also says to go for a solid, dark denim rather than choosing faded jeans, because light denim can make your thighs look bigger.

And when it comes to dresses, a bag belt can help cinch a dress even more. (Just because something has been tailored doesn’t mean you can’t add a belt, right?) Plus, it’s a hands-free bag… who doesn’t love fashion that also serves a purpose?!

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

See what we mean?

Jen simply bought a new pair of over-the-knee boots (to elongate her legs) to go with a dress she already had.


2. Don’t Be Scared To Mix & Match Styles

A fancier piece doesn’t need to be reserved for the nighttime. Pair a dressy skirt with a colorful sweater and boots for a look that’s both fun and chic!

“When it comes to layering, feel free to take things out of context and give it a new voice,” June says, “like pairing that rugged boot with that soft, flowy dress.”

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

3. Take Your Outfit From Day to Night

This outfit is elegant and romantic, but the color-blocking keeps it feeling fun and fresh — so you can wear it to work and out to dinner!

How to Style Clothes You Already Have


4. Don’t Get *Too* Comfortable In Your Shoes

Wearing flats all the time might be comfortable, but June says your feet can conform to the shape of the shoe over time — so dust off those heels from time to time!

“Every now and then, just put them in a heel,” she says. Break them in with a pair of socks to prevent blisters, and spray your foot with deodorant to keep it from rubbing.

Wearing heels also elongates your lines, making your legs appear longer, June points out.

5. Add a Pop of Color

June styled Jen in a simple floral top with dark wash bootcut jeans and added a pop of color with adorable fuchsia pumps! In addition to showing her personality, Jen says the shoes are actually comfortable, thanks to the chunky heel.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have


“It’s hard for people to step outside of their comfort zone naturally,” June says, “but as soon as you get that first compliment, that’s when everything changes.”

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

How To Style The Clothes You Already Have

  • November 14, 2017
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When the seasons change, it’s tempting to go out and spend an afternoon shopping for a totally new wardrobe. You either want to feel that happiness that comes from snuggling up in a new sweater, or strutting around town in brand new shorts that make your confidence burst. Plus, retailers advertise seasonal sales, and you may feel like you shouldn’t miss out on any deals. We’ve all been there, but when that shopping need hits, your busy life might prevent you from hitting the mall.

You don’t need to worry about spending your time on clothes that’ll only be worn for the next few months. If your life requires you to travel frequently or you’re just always on the go, you can still have the wardrobe of your dreams no matter what time of year it is. There are easy ways to style the clothes that you already have if you take a step back and look at your personal sense of style from a new perspective. You’ll be out the door and looking cuter than ever in no time.

Throw On A Scarf

The scarf is a classic fashion piece worn by women all over the world. Chances are, you probably have at least one hanging up somewhere in your closet or balled up in a drawer. The next time you’re heading out on a trip, throw the scarf in your suitcase with your other clothes to play up any casual outfit with a cute flare. And because there are so many ways to tie a scarf, you can create endless outfits without compromising room in your luggage.

A post shared by Heritage Style: Native Jewelry ( on Aug 29, 2017 at 10:35am PDT

Image Source:

Cuff Those Jeans

It’s what you do to those jeans that have been with you since the dawn of time but may not fit as well anymore. Roll up the edges around your ankles by just an inch or two and you’ll add a bit of sass to your outfit. Jean cuffs look great at any length, so you can do this with bottoms no matter what climate you’re dressing for. Roll up those pants and shorts! Anyone can rock this simple and easy look.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Drape Your Coat

You’ve probably seen women in the fashion world do this lately but never thought to do it yourself. Draping your coat—or jacket slinging—is an easy way to carry a coat around with you when it’s chilly outside but you don’t want your jacket to take away from the look of your outfit. You can easily drape your jacket over almost any outfit, so it’s a foolproof way to know you’ll look cute when you’re in a rush to put your outfit for the day together.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Use A Statement Piece

Statement pieces are just super flexible additions to your outfit. They can make a shirt go from professional to fun, or a skirt from casual to dressy. Packing things like necklaces and belts will save you when you find that what you’re wearing just doesn’t look right, but shoes can also be statement pieces too. And if you think your shoes are too plain, there are plenty of ways to customize them! Almost anything can be used as a statement piece, if it makes your outfit pop.

How to Style Clothes You Already HaveReusing the same clothes day in and day out can get old fast. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to afford their own personal designer, and if you have the kind of lifestyle where you’re always on the move, you won’t have the time to get new clothes either. It can make you feel like you’re out of options, and that’s when you should have hope in the fact that you can learn how to style the clothes you already have.

You don’t have to have experience with fashion to know how to style your clothes, and you don’t need to consult anyone ahead of time to see if an outfit looks good. Try implementing a few quick tricks like wearing a scarf in a new style or using a statement piece to turn your outfit around. By packing the same clothes or picking your usual outfit and adding just a little something new, you can feel like a whole new person without wasting any time or money.

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How to Style the Clothes You Already Have

How to Style the Clothes You Already Have

Holla all you beautiful ladies! You know before any plan for an outing I just have one thought in mind “ what should I wear”. And it is such a troublesome job. And therefore I have brought to you people some amazing outfit hacks to change your ordinary wardrobe into a less ordinary one. So have a look .

How to Style the Clothes You Already Have -Turn your wardrobe into a game changer with your ordinary outfits

“What do I wear?” This has to be the most difficult part of any outing we plan. Wearing something new and different from the previous time definitely tops the list of confusions! But what if you get to change the look of your ‘not so wanted’ outfit into something really amazing. Upcycling your clothes is a definite to-do thing to have a unique look, every time you step out of the house. Have a look at these amazing do it yourself hacks and change your wardrobe into a stunner. Check out the last post – TOP 10 BEAUTY BLOGS IN INDIA

Long, flows or curvy; asymmetrical skirts are a definite in for the season. Just turn your regular long skirts into a beautiful curvy one. They are beautiful, shaped and add an altogether different look to the personality. The summer print will just add to the vibe of the skirt. How to Style the Clothes You Already Have

Skirts are so in for the season. A horizontal striped top may make you look fat and short, but a horizontal striped skirt adds some class to the attire. Turn your regular tees into some classy bottom this season. Fashion blog How to Style the Clothes You Already Have

How to Style the Clothes You Already Have

Why comfort yourself with one when you can actually mix and match different fabrics and design and create something completely new out of it. Switch from your regular boring shirt and add up a new look to it. Create something funky for your friends meet! How to Style the Clothes You Already Have

How about changing your regular denim into some crazy shorts this summer? Pull up your pair of denims and simply turn it into some funky hot pants. Accessories your shorts with some lace to add a flavor of fun to you look. Fashion blog

Yeah I hope You love How to Style the Clothes You Already Have .

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

While we’re all stuck at home spending much more time on our screens, the temptation to buy new clothes is ever greater. But do you need to? Combining items you already own is a great way to invigorate your wardrobe and it’s sustainable.

As a personal stylist, I have picked 3 common wardrobe staples we all have, showing different ways to wear them. Even if you don’t have the exact match, you will have your version of them (and if you don’t, then this does need addressing). So, why not take a break from the screen, throw open the doors to your wardrobe and take a look at what you have with fresh eyes.

The Classic White Shirt.

There are myriad ways to wear this national, wardrobe staple. It’s appeal is its versatility, look both timelessly elegant or casual with rolled up sleeves. Depending on your skin tone, you’ll either have pure white (for the cool complexion) or a softer, milkier version (warm toned). Worn open like a jacket, paired with jeans or a full length skirt, layered over or under a dress, or used to cover up a swimming costume, the options this fashion gem gives you are limitless.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

What could be more stylish than a white shirt worn with leather (or plether) black trousers. Keep the look sharp by adding a pair of white trainers. For colder days, layer a T-shirt or polo neck sweater underneath.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

If you want to protect your shoulders from the sun, wear it over a dress. Knot the shirt at the waist (or empire line which will make your legs look longer) to give you more shape.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Nothing says chic more than monochrome. Understated but sexy and effortlessly easy. Add some heels for an evening out or brogues to take you through the day. Either way, count on this version of the white shirt being taken seriously.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

On those days when the temperature dips, pair your shirt with an oversized sweater. Roll the sleeves up (cuffs undone) and turn the collar up to give it attitude.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Think about your formal wear with fresh eyes. This combination gives a new interpretation of the LBD. If this feels too much for you, take it down a notch or two; remove the jewellery and throw on a pair of flats or trainers rather than heels. It’s all about disrupting the perceived and practised view we have about ‘formal’ wear. If you wait for those special occasions to put them on, then like the best china, they will never see the light of day. Which would be a shame.

The Denim Jean

It’s hard to think of a more enduring or more widely embraced garment. What girl doesn’t have at least one pair of denim jeans in her cupboard (you really need to call me if you don’t). I bang on about versatility and timeless pieces but they stand the test of time for a reason while waving smugly at the trend pieces that come and very quickly go.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

I’m a big advocate of the blazer. A blazer instantly elevate a pair of jeans by giving the outfit a more put together look. Any number of combinations would work here as the overall tone is subdued. Think about texture too which adds interest. Any easy look for anyone to achieve.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Using a dress as a layering piece breaths new life into a pair of jeans. Here you have the perfect balance of causal and dressy. To avoid looking bulky, stick to either straight or skinny jeans rather than a flare and go for floaty, lightweight fabrics to wear on top. And, unless you’re tall, watch that the length doesn’t swamp you.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Denim on denim (keeping to similar shades) is effortlessly cool and modern. Keep the neckline open as shown here or tie a neck scarf to add a pop of colour.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Add a bit of fun to your jeans with a statement shirt and a pair of brogues. If you don’t have a statement shirt, you can pick one up on the high street for very little money. Brands like Zara are known for them.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Helen Mirren bringing some attitude to her jeans, underplaying the normally formal Chanel tweed.

The Black Blazer

Another perennial favourite, and my third fashion pick, is the black blazer. I will admit to having quite a few myself and they never let me down. That said, I have dark hair and eyes so black suits me. Not everyone does. If you have a softer colouring or feel you’ve reached an age when black casts shadows on your face, go for charcoal grey instead. It’s more forgiving.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Inez showing us that you can so mix navy and black. The polka-dot shirt and scarf marriage bring a whimsical contrast alongside the loafer frill detail.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Who says you can’t wear a black blazer over a summer dress. A really elegant combination.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

There’s quite a lot going on in this outfit but it doesn’t look busy. Black and cream are both neutrals so you can afford to add a pop of colour. The red boots provide just enough drama without overplaying it, mirroring the red accents in the T-shirt, and the asymmetrical waistband of the trousers brings interest without being distracting.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Black will absorb bright colours and strong prints. It looks particularly good against a punchy stripe with black as one of the accent colours.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

I love the surprising combination of this outfit. There is a frivolity to the skirt and trainers, offset by the formal structure of the black blazer. The overall effect is both youthful and grown up. You achieve a similar look with a tulle or pleated skirt.

If only we were all Kardashian-Jenners and could replace our entire wardrobe every time a new season came along. Unfortunately, chances are you’ll be putting last season’s trends into this season’s ensembles. But how do you wear clothes from last season without looking dated or out-of-trend or worse, out of season?

No worries, ladies! While we highly recommend adding in at least a handful of the current season’s fashion trends, whether it’s a trending kimono sweater, blanket scarf or booties, you definitely don’t have to. You just have to be a little more creative and we’ve got the fashion tips needed for you to do just that.

Get Rollin’

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

You’ll probably be wearing a lot more long sleeve shirts this season. So, change up the look by rolling them. You can easily scrunch up your sleeves or carefully roll them to completely change up the look, making this little fashion tip an effortless way to add in a little bit of casual and cozy appeal into your classic attire. Even if the clothes are from last season! You can also cuff your shirts instead of rolling them for a different look.

Start Cuffin’

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

You can also cuff your jeans to switch up the style just enough to satisfy your seasonal desires. While it used to be a trend to cuff the bottom of your pants on the inside to get a hemmed appeal, showing the inside of your pants by folding them on top of the leg is actually a seriously chic style. It’s also an excellent way to show off your new pair of booties! And don’t forget, you can cuff once, twice or as many times as you want in order to get the style you desire.

Down in Drape

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Loose fitting, draping fashions are a total must have fashion trend of the season. Just check out the cardigan and kimono styles on Mikaree, and you’ll see that this is a huge hit.

So, you can instantly pull off this appeal by adding in some more fringe, draping styles into your wardrobe, or you can stretch out the neckline of an old sweater so that it drapes over your shoulder, or better yet, steal your boyfriend’s cardigan.

Time to Get Knotty

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Tying your clothes is a fashion tip that I think every lady needs to know. The thing is that this is only recommended on clothes that are already too large, or that are old and never worn since knotting the fabric can make it lose it’s shape. So, if you want to get a better fit on a loose top, tie a knot around the middle for a creative finish that is personalized. You can also do this with tunics or longer shirts to shorten the length.

Tuck It

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Every lady has to be able to perfect the tuck. Whether it’s a half tuck, side tuck, back tuck, front tuck or whatever kind of tuck you can come up with, perfect it. It can instantly change the entire look of your ensemble, showing a little less or a little more, or by adding more fit to your wardrobe. You can also tuck all kinds of tops. So, don’t limit yourself to just your tees! Sweaters, cardigans and long sleeves can all get in on the tucking action.

Psst: If you are eager to add some new fashion into your wardrobe this fall and winter season, shop the high fashion clothing available on Mikaree.

We are an online clothing store and high quality fashion supplier. So, whether you’re shopping for your wardrobe or your online fashion store, you’ve come to the right place. these chillier months.

Are you up for bringing some creativity to save money? Sometimes, we just stick to the same outfit combinations. And we repeat them all over again. The truth is that you don’t always have enough time to think of different combinations, or you just lack inspiration so you would rather grab the already proven combos. This is okay, as we all do it. But today, I want to inspire you to do something different. Sometimes, we are not aware of the combos that cam come out of the clothes that we own. Sticking to the same outfits is the thing that does not let us to be creative. Did you know that you can always Save Money By Styling Clothes That You Already Have? Read on and find out how!

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How to Style Clothes You Already HaveSource

There are clothes that you can wear in any season. These can be the great base for creating different outfits. A simple tee can be worn in the summer, or in the winter if you layer with a warm cardigan. You can wear your favorite skirt in autumn too with ankle boots . Light and casual dresses can be worn through the whole year.

How to Style Clothes You Already HaveSource

This is a great idea for those ” don’t know what to wear” days. White jeans and a white tee can be the ultimate combo for your casual days. Do not underestimate the power of the monochromatic outfits, as they can do wonders.

How to Style Clothes You Already HaveSource How to Style Clothes You Already HaveSource

Same clothes can look so different if you accessorize them in different ways. A straw hat for example can bring a summer vibe in an outfit, while a scarf can transform it for the fall.

How to Style Clothes You Already HaveSource

Taking photos of your outfits is so helpful. How many times do you forget your ideas? You can create a separate folder for each season, and when you lack inspiration you can always have a peak. All those outfits will be ready to go!

How to Style Clothes You Already HaveSource

Do not forget to add a final touch-up to your outfits. And I have some suggestions that are effortless, easy, and free. For example, cuffing your jeans will bring your look to a new level. Or, cuff your shirt’s sleeves. This will bring style in an easy way!

How to Style Clothes You Already HaveSource How to Style Clothes You Already HaveSource How to Style Clothes You Already HaveSource How to Style Clothes You Already HaveSource

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Every single person wants to get new clothes that are according to the new fashion trends because they look stylish and cool. Fashion clothing is the need of the hour and nobody wants to wear the old fashion clothes but it is not possible to throw away the clothes because you have spent a heavy amount on your clothes. If you are in search of new fashion trends but want to reuse your old clothes, then you should follow these tips. You can utilize your old clothes to become an inspiration to your friends and family. By using the new trendy ideas, you can totally change the whole look of your clothes and it will change your personality. If you have the long coats, then you can use them with the pants and boats that will give you a fashionable look. You can use the old cotton pants as the night dress. You can use the black pant with a white or red shirt with a scarf to give a new look. Black color suits every color but you have to see if it suits you.

You can use jeans with a textured jacket. You can make a loose bun with the jeans that will give you a funky look. You can wear it with a loose blouse. You can use the high heels and a grey t-shirt. If you have plain t-shirts, then you can use it with mid-rise pants. You can also tie it from one side and leave the slice of skin open. If you are wearing tight jeans, then you can wear a loose t-shirt which can be plain and have some embroidery on it. You can roll the sleeves of the t-shirt on the inside to give a new look to your t-shirt. If you have white jeans, then you can wear it with a full white t-shirt and a jacket. You can wear white jeans with a denim blue jacket to give yourself a tomboy look. You can use it with any plain color t-shirt and use the jewelry which is lightweight and easy to wear. You can use white jeans with the colorful top and high heels. You can wear casual jewelry. You can also wear it with the leather top of any color to give yourself a feel of a celebrity. You can wear heels and boots according to your choice of jeans.

Dress, Plastic Island, $158; belt, Bebe, $98; shoes, Casadei; necklace, Tori Spelling, $89.95; bracelet, Versace” title=”” src=”*”>

With a wide belt, last year’s bright sack dress becomes less muumuu, more Whoa, look at you.

Dress, Plastic Island, $158; belt, Bebe, $98; shoes, Casadei; necklace, Tori Spelling, $89.95; bracelet, Versace

Shirt, Victoria’s Secret Catalogue, $38; skirt, Walter, $168; shoes, Christian Louboutin; necklace, Alexis Bittar; bracelet, Polytima Designs, $525; phone, LG enV ” title=”” src=”*”>

A good old oxford doesn’t feel so old when paired with a satin party skirt, now does it?

Shirt, Victoria’s Secret Catalogue, $38; skirt, Walter, $168; shoes, Christian Louboutin; necklace, Alexis Bittar; bracelet, Polytima Designs, $525; phone, LG enV

Blouse, Milly, $225; pants, Dockers, $42; belt and bag, Louis Vuitton; shoes, Valentino; earrings, Bochic; bracelets, Coach, $158 to $178 each ” title=”” src=”*”>

Once relegated to lazy Sunday afternoons, these are now trendy. Roll ’em up and wear with heels.

Blouse, Milly, $225; pants, Dockers, $42; belt and bag, Louis Vuitton; shoes, Valentino; earrings, Bochic; bracelets, Coach, $158 to $178 each

Cardigan, Ali Ro, $216; dress, Myne, $302; flats, Christian Louboutin; necklace, Iosselliani ” title=”” data-src=”*”>

We just love it when opposites attract. Throw your boyfriend cardigan over a girlie dress for a day look.

Cardigan, Ali Ro, $216; dress, Myne, $302; flats, Christian Louboutin; necklace, Iosselliani

Cardigan, Tory Burch, $295; tank top, Michael Stars, $39; shorts, Calvin Klein Jeans, $49.50; shoes, Miu Miu, $525; necklaces, Lena Skadegard; bracelet, Alyssa Norton; armoire, Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic ” title=”” data-src=”*”>

Break last season’s denims out of retirement by slicing them off at the knee and rolling them up.

Cardigan, Tory Burch, $295; tank top, Michael Stars, $39; shorts, Calvin Klein Jeans, $49.50; shoes, Miu Miu, $525; necklaces, Lena Skadegard; bracelet, Alyssa Norton; armoire, Rachel Ashwell’s Shabby Chic

Camisole, Old Navy, $9; skirt, Diane von Furstenberg, $375; shoes, Marni; bag, Valentino; necklace, Roberta Freymann, $220; rings, Noir, $56 to $75 each ” title=”” data-src=”*”>

When hanging out with a pretty mini and statement necklace, your tough tank loses its badass reputation.

Camisole, Old Navy, $9; skirt, Diane von Furstenberg, $375; shoes, Marni; bag, Valentino; necklace, Roberta Freymann, $220; rings, Noir, $56 to $75 each

Jacket, Metro Style, $39.99; dress, Rebecca Taylor, $435; shoes, Sergio Rossi; gold lotus-pendant necklace, Helen Ficalora; silk and chain necklace, Alyssa Norton; (on left hand) bracelet, Alyssa Norton; ring, Tori Spelling, $39.95; (on right hand) bracelet, Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection, $550; ring, David Yurman ” title=”” data-src=”*”>

If a blazer over a hippie dress seems like a cultural clash, it is. In fact, that’s what makes it so cool.

Jacket, Metro Style, $39.99; dress, Rebecca Taylor, $435; shoes, Sergio Rossi; gold lotus-pendant necklace, Helen Ficalora; silk and chain necklace, Alyssa Norton; (on left hand) bracelet, Alyssa Norton; ring, Tori Spelling, $39.95; (on right hand) bracelet, Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection, $550; ring, David Yurman

Blouse, $250, and shorts, $150, Plenty by Tracy Reese; shoes, Brian Atwood; bracelet, Shelly Saber for GS Lillian, $75; Drayton chair, Jonathan Adler ” title=”” data-src=”*”>

Relive that just-ripped-off-the-price-tag excitement by pairing your staple blouse with short shorts.

Blouse, $250, and shorts, $150, Plenty by Tracy Reese; shoes, Brian Atwood; bracelet, Shelly Saber for GS Lillian, $75; Drayton chair, Jonathan Adler

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Knowing cute new ways to wear old clothes can showcase your creative side with style. Your budget may be stretched to the limit, but you still want to be fashionable. Buying brand new duds every week isn’t within your means, but you can work with what you already have by expanding your creativity.

Working with What You Have

Every old piece won’t update well, so take stock of what’s currently in your wardrobe. Donate or toss out anything that can’t be salvaged, doesn’t fit or that you never want to see again. Once that’s done, here’s how to work with what’s left.

Refresh Those Old Clothes

Old clothes don’t have to look old and ratty. Repair tears and rips yourself, or carry these slightly damaged pieces to a trusted tailor. There’s no need to toss out an otherwise good item just because it has a small rip. Sometimes, all it takes to return a garment to like-new condition is a simple sewing job.

For stains that won’t come out, it may be more difficult to update a piece of clothing, so consider:

  • Dyeing the garment to disguise the stain
  • Cutting the stained portion off, if it’s part of an overhaul
  • Covering the stain (if it’s in a suitable position) with a button, ribbon trim, patch or embroidery

Get Your DIY On

If you’re handy with a needle and thread, or know how to work a sewing machine, you’ll be able to revamp just about anything. Turn old jeans into skirts or shorts. Make that floral print bohemian dress into a skirt or top. Look for inspiration in books like New From Old: How to Transform and Customize your Clothes or in the huge variety of crafting blogs on the Internet.

Old Fads, New Ways

You bought into several fads that hit the runway in recent years and now your closet is full of outdated trends. What to do until these old looks become popular again? Cut the stirrups off those old stirrup pants and turn them into modern day leggings. Dye those acid-washed jeans a dark indigo and bring them up to date.

Add Accessories

You can make an old outfit feel fresher by choosing the right accessories to add some flair to your ensemble. Ripped jeans and that favorite old tee shirt can be jazzed up with the addition of a funky belt. Fishnet stockings worn under a little black dress easily updates your look, while also being incredibly sexy.

Six Cute New Ways to Wear Old Clothes

Try these ideas the next time you’re faced with a full wardrobe and an empty wallet.

  • Wear a dress as a top: You may own a few dresses that were perfect for your 20 year-old legs, but are too short for your age-30 gams. Slip that same dress over a pair of leggings or funky tights for a new look. In winter, wear a great pair of boots to complete the outfit; in the summer, slip on a pair of high-heeled sandals.
  • Pair old with new: Don’t dress yourself head-to-toe in old clothes if that’s only going to depress you. Instead, mix things up with a favorite old piece with a newer piece. Not only do you avoid looking like a blast from the past, you create your own eclectic style.
  • Use separates wisely: Wear that vest that came with your old three-piece skirt or pantsuit, but ditch the suit. Instead, slip the vest over a contrasting tee shirt and wear jeans or a denim skirt with it.
  • Dye it: That dingy white shirt can be brought back to life with a little color. Dye it magenta, yellow or lime green – you don’t have to go super dark.
  • From pullover to sweater vest: Snip the sleeves off an old pullover and turn it into a sweater vest.
  • Skirt to top: If you have an old short skirt with tubing at the waistline, pull it up and wear it as a strapless top instead. Be even more inventive by sewing or crocheting straps onto it.

Reusing and Recycling: Modern Ideas

Recycling isn’t just for plastic and paper. Many people are into reusing in all areas of their lives, and this includes finding fresh new ways to update their outfits. There are many cute new ways to wear old clothes, so if your budget won’t allow for brand new finds, use what you already have. You may be surprised how many creative and stylish ideas you come up with!

by Taryn Davies | 28 October 2014

Halloween is a balancing act between committing to the role, not spending ridiculous amounts of money and retaining some integrity for you look when you go out in public.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Grace Woodward shares her style tips/ Credit: Simon Harris

Grace Woodward has shared some hints and tips for styling your Halloween costume out of items found in the back of your wardrobe or found in a charity shop to ensure you still look stylish and of course, don’t spend a fortune.

> How to create creepy costumes from shwopped items;

1. Old tights with snags in are a dream for Halloween – cutting the toes off and wearing as a top provides the perfect basis for any costume – be it a black ‘sexy’ cat (stuff one for the tail too), black Witchy arms and legs with an old skirt or as the canvas for a skeleton with white painted on bones. 2. For a Hulk or Frankenstein look, take any old, out of shape Tee and make upward cuts all around the hem and sleeves. Pair with any old trousers, yours or someone else’s, and cut up the legs into ribbons too. Shoes that are knackered and too big are brilliant for this look. 3. For the best 17th century horror look I suggest raiding your Grandma’s drawers for her drawers! (Or petticoats to be precise). These tucked up at the front with fishnet tights and a basque make a great halloween look. Just think underwear as outerwear for this one, anything goes really. 4. A classic Zombie look is old pajamas, cut upwards into tatters and even rolled in garden mud are great.

> Grace’s hints for clearing out your closet;

Shock Horror! There’s a monster in my closet!! Oh no its not, its a big bundle of unfolded clothes that just never seem to fit anywhere. Halloween is one of the best times to give your clothes the Evil Eye and think can this be resurrected or is it time for the true death. 50 Shades of Grey might be hotting up for the sexiest film release but if your whites and blacks are anywhere on the grey spectrum then they need to face the cut.

We tend to impulse buy new tops as they are an easy feel good purchase but they are hard to store well and keep in good condition so that’s where I would start.

Also, we tend to stock pile jeans for some reason, those ones that you keep as ‘you’ll fit into again one day’, time to have a screech in your own ear, it might never happen and if does celebrate by updating to a more current style.

With coats and jackets, these are bigger purchases so we always tend to keep to many for a storage to be able to cope with, giving them to charity not only frees up your space but gives your halo a little extra glow too!

Marks & Spencer to launch ‘Little Shwop of Horrors’ with Oxfam

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

As research from the retailer reveals we’re a nation of fancy dress hoarders with closets full of fashion skeletons, Marks & Spencer (M&S) announces plans for a Halloween fashion Shwop

Where: Marks & Spencer, Marble Arch, 458 Oxford Street. London. W1C 1AP

When: The Little Shwop of Horrors Boutique is open from 8am – 9pm from Tuesday 28th – Wednesday 29th October 2014

Entry: Free – but bringing an item of clothing to shwop is encouraged!

To celebrate Halloween, Marks & Spencer (M&S) is launching the Little Shwop of Horrors, a petrifying pop-up store in collaboration with Oxfam as part of its Plan A programme, which aims to give clothes an afterlife of their own.

M&S and Oxfam’s Shwopping collaboration urges shoppers to donate – or ‘shwop’ – an unwanted item of clothing that will go on to be re-sold, re-used or recycled by Oxfam, cutting waste while raising much-needed funds for the charity.

Joanna Lumley will open the Little Shwop of Horrors, which will be live from Tuesday 28th – Wednesday 29th October at the retailer’s Marble Arch store. This one-off secondhand store will sell a frightful selection of ghoulish garments, including items found at the bottom of fancy dress boxes and the horrors hiding in the depths of our wardrobes, donated by the UK public and a selection of celebrities.

Perfect for those requiring costume inspiration, the Little Shwop of Horrors will be a one-stop shop for Halloween fancy dress, allowing visitors to scour the shelves in search of the perfect costume. Shoppers can also create their own style scares out of fashion horrors which have been donated through the Shwopping initiative.

Since its launch in April 2012, Oxfam has received 8.9 million items of clothing thanks to Shwopping, worth an estimated £5.9 million for the charity. All money raised by Shwopping is used to support Oxfam’s projects around the world working to alleviate poverty.

The public can show their support by shwopping items in any M&S store and sharing their biggest fashion fears on social media mentioning @shwopping and the hashtag #ShwopOfHorrors. All proceeds raised from the Little Shwop of Horrors will go towards Oxfam, whose work aims to help people and communities around the world lift themselves out of poverty for good.

Research by M&S has shown that only half the population (52%) would re-wear items they brought for fancy dress and nearly two thirds (62%) of these costumes end up forgotten at the back of wardrobes or at the bottom of a rubbish bin. Parents particularly struggle to get rid of their children’s fancy dress with one in five (20%) admitting that they cling on to their children’s old costumes because of the memories that they hold.

Designed to encourage shoppers to do a grim reap of their wardrobes, exorcising both their fashion demons and their old or unused fancy dress, entry will be free, but visitors to the Little Shwop of Horrors will have to shwop – hand over an unwanted item of fancy dress or clothing, using old or unused clothes – as their ticket to the exclusive sale.

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  2. DIY Taking in Blouses
  3. How to Make Punk Pants
  4. What Goes With Purple Jeans?
  5. How to Buy Jeans for Girls With Wide Hips but Thin Legs

The idea of making your own clothing can be pretty intimidating. Most of us aren’t familiar with sewing machines or even how to keep a straight hemline. The good news is, if you want to make Gothic clothing, you don’t necessarily have to worry about any of that. Here we will explain how to make regular clothing into Gothic clothing for a relatively low price!

Find black clothes. This is the most important part of a Gothic ensemble. Any black clothes will do–T-shirts are great, fishnet anything, and extremely baggy or tighter black pants will work great. You can use clothing you already have, or go to a second-hand store to get them. In fact, the worn look of the used clothing will give you a great Goth look!

Get a fishnet shirt or stockings. Take the shirt and using a pair of scissors cut small diagonal and straight slits all over it. Be sure to leave the arms alone–you’ll come back to them. After you’ve made all of the cuts, take the safety pins and “close” the hole with 3 or 4 pins. Now take the arm and cut the sleeve off just above or below your elbow. Attach the sleeve back to the shirt using the safety pins. If you have fishnet stockings, you can do similar things with them.

Add chains to pants. Wallet chains and sometimes a really cool necklace can work for this. This is great if you have baggy black jeans. Take the chains and attach them around the hips, knees or even ankles. You can attach them by clips or even safety pins. This won’t be permanent, which means you can move them around on the pants. Studs and spikes are a must have for anyone making their own Gothic clothing. You can purchase a pack of them at a craft store. Add them to a collared shirt, jeans or even a dark trench coat. Pierce a hole in the fabric and insert a stud.

Go to your local music store or look online for patches. Iron or sew them onto shirts, jeans and jackets. If you want to sew them but don’t think you can handle it, take them to a seamstress. You can also add color with fishnet shirts or stockings. Fishnet comes in all colors, and a red fishnet shirt with lots of safety pins will look just as Gothic as the black one!

Making clothes completely from scratch is not an easy task, but if you are determined to do so, you will need a sewing machine, patterns to follow and a lot of patience. There are places online where you can get patterns for Gothic style shirts and pants. Everything mentioned above can also be incorporated into your homemade clothing to give it that extra edge that it needs to be Gothic. You can finish off your look with a little black hair dye; nail polish, dark eye make up and some spiked or studded jewelry (see Resources below).

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How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Check your local Gordman’s for these pieces, although, I’ve found the skirt here, on Poshmark, and a similar Tommy Hilifiger plaid shirt here, at Macy’s.

Well. It’s happening guys. Winter. I’m writing this and watching the snow fall and wind blow and I’m wondering how fast I could pack up my car and move to Florida? My threats, at least for the time being, are idle, but OMG, I am so over winter. So let’s just not talk about it, ok.

Cute Outfit Ideas that Don’t Cost a Thing!

Instead, how ‘bout chattin’ cute outfits? That’s way more fun, am I right. I know most of us wish we had an endless supply of dollar bills floating around our wallets. BUT, if you’re like me, you don’t. Also if you’re like me, you like having “something new,” for, well, just about everything. But, I refer you back to the fact I don’t have endless dollas in ma wallet.

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Which leads me to this post, how to re-purpose the things already in your closet to create a “new” outfit. Case in point, 95% of the time, I wear flannels with jeans or leggings. But, thinking outside the box led me to pair it with a pleated skirt and I love how it came together.

1) Step Out of your Comfort Zone. I know, I know. This is a strategy for just about anything and everything, but it definitely applies here too. Mix a print. Try two pieces together that you haven’t tried before. Mix and match your clothing because guess what? If they don’t work together, you can change:) Unless you live in one of those states that have the you-try-it, you-wear-it laws, in which case, yeah…you’re stuck. But for the rest of us, we’re golden, and if you find something new that works together, you’re even goldener (yeah, it’s a word).

Want to mix a print? Coordinate the colors and try a stripe with polka dots, graphic tee or a floral. Easy-peasy!

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

2) Start with the Unexpected: Meaning, what two types of pieces would you typically never wear together? Take my flannel shirt. I’ve worn flannel with jeans, with leggings, I’ve tied it around the waist of a tee-shirt dress, BUT, I’ve never worn flannel with a pleated skirt.

My favorite “unexpected” outfit: cute sneakers and a midi skirt or dress!

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

3) Mix your Typical Event Pieces: We all have specific pieces we wear to specific events. Work clothes. Weekend Wear. Night Out Outfits. This list could go on an on but once you learn to make those pieces work for another occasion and take them out of the “traditional box” you typically put them in, your wardrobe expands tenfold!

So you’re a jeans and tee type of girl. Perfect, me too! Here’s how to take those pieces from day to night: trade in the sneaks or flats for pumps, wear bolder jewelry and carry a clutch. Maybe even get crazy and knot the waist of the tee to alter the silhouette a little.

Have you “shopped your closet” recently for an event or outing? I would love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments below:)

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

Budget Friendly Winter Outfit Ideas

I think I’m done showing you all flannel outfits for a little while (see this post here yet again featuring me wearing flannel!). But, before I sign off, I have to talk for a minute about this gem. OMG, it is so soft! And I’ve never described a flannel like this, but it’s actually cozy. It was one of the pieces I styled at the Gordman’s event I talked about over on Instagram and in my recent newsletter. Even though “technically” I didn’t need another flannel, I could resist it’s comfi-ness. I mean hey, “technically” I didn’t need a piece of pumpkin pie and I got one of those too. And actually I feel great about both decisions:)

How to Style Clothes You Already Have

For two basic wardrobe pieces, when I put them together it seemed very rocker chic. That said, if you’re looking for winter concert outfits, not only would this work, but I think you could absolutely put together similar outfits without any trouble.

Hope you’re doing great and had fun scoring all sorts of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! I picked out some good options for you to peruse below, and I won’t tell if you end up getting a few of these for yourself:)

So you booked a pinup photo shoot and now you’re panicking about what to wear? Don’t worry your pretty head; you may find a collection of pinup shoot clothing already within the walls of your wardrobe or beauty items hiding in your makeup bag. Perhaps you have a favorite iconic pinup girl or Hollywood starlet who you’d just love to channel, or maybe you want a reminder for when you’re older of how chic you were as a young woman. Whatever the reason, pinup shoots are totally fun, instill body confidence, and remind you how awesome you are! What’s not to love about that?

My friend and I are in a vintage girl band called Diamond Darlings. When we first started out, we wanted to conduct a photo shoot in order to use the pictures for our publicity materials, such as our business cards and our website. Luckily my uncle is a professional photographer so we enlisted his help to take vintage style photos of us on our local beach and harbor. Although I wouldn’t technically call it a pinup photo shoot, we definitely had elements of pinup girl glamour within our snaps. We even managed to use items that were already in our wardrobes so we didn’t have to spend a ton of money on costumes and props.

So here are some items that you may already have in your wardrobe or vanity case, that you can wear for your pinup shoot. Knock ’em dead dolls!

1. The Perfect Red Lipstick

A red lipstick is not a necessity for a pinup photo shoot, but it adds a timeless, classic look and a sprinkle of Hollywood glamour to finish off your outfit. This particular shade I am wearing is “Retrofuturist” by vegan makeup company Lime Crime. Choose your favorite red lipstick that will give you a charming smile and confidence to match.

2. The False Eyelashes

I always turn to false eyelashes for our performances and I also wore them during our photo shoot. Wearing false eyelashes always gives me a huge surge of confidence and I feel almost as if they are my armor; they thicken my lashes and open my eyes to give a truly glamorous vibe reminiscent of legendary Hollywood starlets. Just pair with vintage inspired makeup and you’ll soon be channelling Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, or your favorite pinup.

3. The Hair Ribbon

Channel Sandy from Grease in this adorable vintage hairstyle. Pick a ribbon out of your craft kit or the box where you keep all your recycled wrapping paper and ribbons (am I the only one who does this?), and then put your hair in a high ponytail and tie with a ribbon to exude 1950s pretty.

4. The Tied Up Gingham Shirt

Got a gingham shirt lying around? What about your partner or maybe even your dad? Put a spin on this summery staple by unbuttoning as far as you desire and tying the remainder of the shirt in a knot to nail the rockabilly look.

5. The High Waisted Shorts

High waisted shorts are a must for a pinup photo shoot. They can be worn with an array of pieces from cute crop tops or tied up shirts (as above) to swimwear or even underwear, depending how risquГ© you want your shoot to be.

6. The Peep Toe Heels

Dig out your trusty pair of peep toe heels from the bottom of your wardrobe and put them to good use! I’ve had this pair for what seems like forever and they literally go with every vintage style outfit I piece together. If you have a pair in a monochrome color without a pattern, they will act like a blank canvas and will complement more outfits.

Make sure to wear the peep toe in a heel style — even just a kitten heel like my pair — because this will lengthen your lovely legs and make you feel camera ready. Plus, they’ll make you walk in a more traditionally ladylike fashion so you can really get into character.

7. The Nautical Romper Or Swimsuit

Nautical fashion is timeless as it usually comes back into vogue every spring/summer season. This classic trend can give your pieces a retro feel, which is what you’ll be aiming for in your photo shoot. If you don’t have a romper or playsuit don’t worry, perhaps you’ve got a sailor style bikini or swimsuit hiding in your closet?

Whether you pick a nautical romper or swimsuit, if you want to go all out for your shoot, ask around to see if anyone has a fancy dress sailor hat you can borrow as this will add a really cute, tongue in cheek appeal to your photos.

8. The Pearl Necklace

Pearls inject an air of sophistication into your outfit and instantly add a vintage vibe. Not got the real deal? Not a problem, as fake pearls will work just as well.

9. The ’50s Style Dress

For some sugary sweet 1950s diner vibes, pick out a vintage inspired dress. If you don’t have one in your own collection, ask around; this ’50s style of swing dress has made a massive comeback in recent years, so someone you know is bound to have one. Maybe your mom, aunt, or granny might have one in their attic and you’ll get extra style points for wearing an original.

To hit the jackpot of vintage style, locate that crumpled up underskirt that you were forced to wear once underneath a hideous bridesmaid dress when you were a teenager, but couldn’t bear to part with for sentimental reasons. Maybe you were a dancer or have some dancer/actor friends who are bound to have an underskirt in every color of the rainbow from their various performances. If you manage to get ahold of one, it really does make a swing dress sing.

10. The Pencil Skirt

Do you or did you used to work in an office environment? Then you’re bound to own a pencil skirt. The classic pencil skirt is a key piece to bring to a pinup shoot as it’s very usable and can be worn with shirts and cardigans or even just with your favorite bra. It is reminiscent of 1950s wiggle dresses that made the wearer walk with a little wiggle in their step.

11. Suspenders Or Suspender Tights

Suspenders are a great way to add a bit of sex appeal to your shoot. They can even make the wearer come across as playful and cheeky, which are two awesome traits of old school pinup girls. If you’re not a fan of suspenders, opt for a softer version like these tights with a suspender pattern on them.

Whatever you decide to wear to your pinup shoot, make sure you enjoy yourself and relax, and the photos will take care of themselves!

Images: Phoebe Waller; Full Frame Productions (2); Giphy