How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. Photo by Jamie Trueblood / Paramount Pictures

An impending zombie attack is no laughing matter. In fact, there is a plethora of interesting books and helpful films to allow you survive a zombie apocalypse and provide you with zombie facts.

Before you check those out, here are some basic tips for escaping an undead onslaught:

How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse: Have An Emergency Kit Ready

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in an impending apocalypse without some crucial essentials on hand, and sellers on Amazon have even begun selling zombie survival kits. The CDC lists the following as vital:

· Water

· Food (non-perishable)

· Medication

· First Aid Kit (though it wouldn’t really help if you get infected by the zombie)

· Hygiene (soap, towels, hand sanitizer)

· Utility supplies including batteries, knife, can opener, torches, and matches

Don’t forget to add a phone, keys, enough gas in the car–a tent might help–and the main item that will ensure survival: a weapon. Rifles or shotguns tend to be the weapons of choice, but knives, axes, machetes, shovels, and baseball bats are also effective (though they usually involve getting too close for comfort to the zombies). And for guns, don’t forget the ammo.

Devise A Plan

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

Don’t simply stand there and scream. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. Photo by Jamie Trueblood / Paramount Pictures

Ensure that you’ve identified a safe assembling area and the easiest route to get there. Also, make sure to locate your closest hospital, gas station, grocery stores, bank, and other buildings of importance, and make a list of emergency contacts. But the number one rule? Know every exit out of your hometown and the quickest way to get there. Oh, and have a map in hand.

Zombie-Proof Your House

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

If escape or living in a ridiculous zombie-proof house is not an option–although we strongly suggest that it should be–you’re going to need to make some modifications to your house. Zombies aren’t the cleverest bunch, but they are super strong, so it’s important that you have enough barricades to stop them from breaking in. Push any furniture and heavy objects in the pathway of doors and windows. Also, aim for higher ground since zombies have trouble climbing.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

And always be careful of open windows. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. Photo by Jamie Trueblood / Paramount Pictures

Get Physical

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

Zombieland / Columbia Pictures

Here’s hoping that you can either barricade yourself in or drive out of town, but in case you can’t, you’re going to have to be fit enough to run away. Getting in some cardio and strength training workouts will help you do just that. Endurance is key.

Know The First Aid Basics

Sure, CPR isn’t going to help a friend who’s been infected–or one who’s been otherwise maimed. But it never hurts to remember your first aid basics. You’ve always got to be able to patch a wound (so long as that wound isn’t a zombie bite) or perform CPR (just make sure you’re not performing CPR on someone who’s already been infected).

Aim For The Brain

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

If by some unfortunate chance you’ve taken all the precautions but still find yourself face-to-face with a zombie, whatever your weapon of choice, always go for decapitation. If decapitation is impossible, aim to dismember them, crippling them enough to give yourself time to escape.

Survive A Zombie Apocalypse: Buddy Up

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. Photo by Jamie Trueblood / Paramount Pictures

There’s nothing worse than taking on a zombie invasion all by your lonesome, so make sure that you have a crew. It’s usually best to have one or two other people with you, but do avoid large groups (you’ll just attract too much attention).

When choosing the best person to buddy up with, obviously make sure it’s someone strong, smart, resourceful, and courageous. At the same time, slow and not-so-bright buddies will make for perfect zombie bait–and give you a better chance to escape unharmed.

In Case Of Infestation

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

Well, the answer is simple, but that doesn’t make it any easier to bear. If one of your friends becomes infected, you’ve got to kill them. And, of course, if you get infected, expect your friends to return the favor. What most people don’t remember, however, is that you must properly dispose of the body so as to not infect yourself and others (see above).

What Not To Do During A Zombie Apocalypse

1. Use fire against a zombie. It takes too long to kill them and can injure you in the process.

2. Split up with your buddies.

3. Forget to secure all doors around you.

4. Don’t get careless–or, even worse, reckless.

5. Forget to put gas in your car.

Finally, in order to be extra prepared and gain some serious zombie knowledge, check out these videos below:

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

The world has turned into everyone’s worst nightmare. A zombie apocalypse has occurred causing worldwide panic to strike every nation. People are going missing as the zombie population increases. There is no source of help and you don’t know what to do. You’re fighting for your life. However, don’t worry! You still have your iPhone and iPad and as long as you still have an Internet connection, you will be fine! Here are 10 apps you can use to help you survive if ever a zombie apocalypse happens to occur.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

1. Flashlight (Free)

After a zombie apocalypse, everyone’s second worst nightmare is in entering a dark and cold abandoned house with zombies roaming about. The floor is creaking and you can hardly see what is about to jump out in front of you. Do not fear, as with this trustworthy and free app for the iPhone and iPad! With this app you can turn your iPhone/iPad into a flashlight so you can see exactly what is just about to jump out at you. That is, if you want to see what is about to jump at you…

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

2. First Aid (Free)

The chances are that you will have to run away from zombies and just like in all movies, you will fall on a twig that may cut you. This is never good in a zombie apocalypse, as if that cut gets infected, you might die from causes other than zombies! There are a lot of free First Aid apps for both devices, which will help you stay healthy at a time where your health needs to be at its peak.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

3. Maps (Free)

One of the most handy apps for a zombie apocalypse, you will be able to track down nearby stores for supplies to help you survive. Knowing your whereabouts at a time where zombies are lurking the streets is crucial to your survival. With this app, you can prearrange rendezvous places through bookmaking the destination. A bird’s eye view of your surroundings is exactly what you need.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

4. Find My Friends (Free)

One of the questions you will be wondering when you have been split from relatives is, where are they? With the use of Find My Friends by Apple, you can find the exact location of anyone you know with an iPhone or iPad too. This is the perfect app to find exactly where your family are and if they are far away, track their movement on a daily basis.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

5. Weather (Free)

If you have found yourself in the situation where you are moving by foot and have a lack of shelter, this is the perfect app. By analysing the weather over the next few days, you can see whether (if you will pardon the pun), you should find shelter to keep yourself out of a storm or carrying on by moving on foot. This will help you to plan your way forward during this difficult time for you.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

6. FuelFinder (Free)

If you are lucky enough to get a vehicle to drive, you will find yourself searching for fuel and treat it as one of the most precious resources to you and your survival. With a car in a zombie apocalypse, you can safely say you are in a good position. A car without fuel is a different question! Regardless of the prices of the petrol (because you won’t be paying for it!), FuelFinder enables you to find all the gas stations around you keeping your vehicle filled to the brim at all times.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

7. Zombie? (Free)

You have unfortunately come into contact with a zombie and you don’t know what to do. You try to use all you can with the First Aid app above but all is no use; you don’t know if you have been hit enough to turn into a zombie or not. Hopefully, this app will tell you the answer. A specially formatted quiz (it’s not really) to help identify between a normal human being and zombie, you will be able to determine whether you are in danger of hurting others and turning into a zombie or others turning into a zombie and hurting you.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

8. Angry Birds ($0.99)

After battling with zombies all day long, sometimes you will want to just put your feet up and relax a little. A game that takes weeks if not months to complete, Angry Birds will keep you entertained all for just 99 cents. It’s the best value for money…if you are in a zombie apocalypse, that is…

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

9. Twitter (Free) + Facebook (Free)

Nowadays, there’s no one I know that doesn’t have Twitter or Facebook. This makes them both the perfect tools for reunions, news and information during the zombie apocalypse. From looking at trends to seeing what people have been taking pictures of, you will get the latest updates about the world disaster.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

10. FaceTime

Surviving a zombie apocalypse is no doubt difficult by itself; Will Smith proved this in the film, ‘I Am Legend’. However, seeing that the iPhone and iPad can do pretty much every day-to-day task for people, it begs the question whether it can actually help you survive zombies? That’s an interesting thought. Attempting to FaceTime with a zombie…what would it do? Eat the iPhone’s screen?!

You can find more fun iPhone apps here: 10 Funniest iPhone Apps Ever and please share this article with any friends that might find themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse!

The end of the world or “The Apocalypse” is a term that we are all familiar with. You’ve seen it in your favorite movies and television shows. You’ve probably read about it in any religious book as well. It is something that almost all of us believe is going to happen, sooner or later.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphoneSource: Pinterest

Zombies in simple words are the walking dead. You don’t have to dig too deep to find out how much people love the idea of them. Shows like “The Walking Dead” and films like “World War Z”, even video games such as “Left 4 Dead” are proof of their popularity.

Table of Contents


The popularity of the concept has sparked an interesting debate. “How would you be able to survive such an event?” A lot of companies such as OpticsPlanet have introduced survival kits for such an event. Here is our take on all the tech you need to survive an invasion from the walking dead:

Combat Helmet

The first area anyone would want to protect is their head. A ballistic military helmet will shield your head from any direct attack and can withstand low mm bullets as well. Helmets that cover your entire face are the best option and provide maximum protection.

Combat helmets can also be fitted with Tactical goggles . These are designed to keep your eyes safe from any foreign attack. It could be a physical attack or any gas that may burn your eyes.

Once you’re set with that you don’t need to worry about any head injuries.

Filtration Straw

A filtration straw is a device used to purify water. All you need to do is put the straw in any water and use it like any ordinary straw. The water you pull in will be purified. A clean water source is one of the most important things for survival. Once you are equipped with this gadget you won’t need to worry about finding a clean water source. Any source you find will be clean to you.

Power Pot

Food is something that you can’t overlook even during an apocalypse. In order to survive, you will need to take in the appropriate amount of calories. No food will result in no energy and that’s a slippery slide to your death. Nonperishables are your best friends but eventually, you will have to cook once you start hunting animals eventually. A power pot will harness energy from fire and cook your food as well as generate electricity to charge up any electronics you may have. Even though it requires a fire source, its ability to produce electricity makes it a must-have in an apocalyptic world.

Solar Satellite Phone

Your iPhone or Android will eventually at one point die out on you. Chances are they won’t survive the first few weeks and break. A satellite phone will be the best thing you could have for communication. Chances are satellites will stay up and running, and so will your satellite phone. They are built sturdier than smartphones and won’t be as receptive to breaking down. Using a solar-powered variant will also eliminate the risk of your battery running out. Thus making it the perfect communication gadget.

Solar Lantern

Once daylight runs out you might need a light source. Battery-powered torches are good but after some time you will run out of batteries. To avoid that situation a solar lantern is your best choice. Its capacity to be solar charged makes it the most useful and long-lasting light source that you can buy.

First Aid Kit

At one point or another, there will be injuries and you will need medical attention. Basic first aid kits are good enough to treat small-scale injuries and can even be the difference between life and death.

However high-tech kits such as those made by RubrixAid not only provide the essentials but teach you along the way as well. Not everyone is informed about how to use first aid kits. In such situations, these kits can also teach you how to deal with any injury through text and images as well. These interactive medical kits are a must-have in case of any survival situation especially if you have no prior training.


A sturdy backpack will allow you to carry all your essentials without the fear of losing them. A survival backpack, also known as a bug-out bag will be very easy to carry around. Its lightweight material will ensure you carry the minimum amount of extra baggage. In any survival situation, you will need the maximum amount of space you can get to store your essentials. Their spacious storage and lightweight make them the best option for such a situation.


Although surviving the apocalypse will be a miracle on its own, being well prepared is the least you can do. Equipping yourself with these products will give you the highest chance of surviving a zombie invasion. So if you are someone who believes in being prepared for such a situation these are your must-haves.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

People, this is what we’ve been training for. The end of the world. Armageddon. El Big O’ Disasto. Turns out, we’re pretty obsessed with the end of days. For fans of The Walking Dead, planning how to survive a zombie apocalypse has been the subject of many a happy hour discussion.

You never know when you might need a sterling set of survival skills. Where will you be when disaster strikes? If you’re anything like the smartphone crazed majority, chances are you’ll have your cell phone on hand when the undead throw a hootenanny in your neighborhood.

Onc e the networks go down, you won’t be able to tweet about the end of the world anymore. You might think a cell phone with limited battery life and no network is about as useful as a paperweight in the zombie apocalypse, right? Wrong! Actually you can do a lot of practical stuff with a cell phone, and that doesn’t involve taking snaps of a zombie dance party. Did you know you can use your cell phone to build a spear? Or light a fire? You can even use it to signal low flying planes. Woohoo! All is not lost. Get your Daryl Dixon on and learn how to make your cell phone useful when annihilation beckons!

Step One: Find some household batteries and plastic insulated wires

Step Two: Remove your cell phone battery

Step Three: Connect positive and negative charges from the household battery to your phone battery via the plastic insulated charges

Step Four: Wait for a few hours, remove battery and rub it between your hands before replacing it. You won’t be able to stream Pandora, but you might be able to make one emergency call.

Step One: Find some wire wool. Or better yet, stash some in your zombie apocalypse/camping kit.

Step Two: Find tinder. (No, not that Tinder. With the human population dwindling, you should be able to find a date without an app) Grab some actual tinder, from the forest floor. Look for dry and small kindling, like dry leaves and twigs.

Step Two: Remove the battery from your cell phone. Observe the two contact points for positive and negative.

Step Three: Roll the wire wool into a tube. Place each end of the tube on the positive and negative contact point. Wait for the wool to get hot.

Step Four: Light the tinder on fire with the hot wool. Gradually add larger pieces of tinder until you have yourself a big fat fire.

In order to survive, you’ll probably need to hunt for food. Also, if you don’t have any weapons, it’s going to be very difficult to stab an attacking zombie in the brain. But if you have a dead cell phone and a selfie stick, you’re in luck!

Step One: Remove the circuit board from your smartphone.

Step Two: Sharpen it against a rock into the shape of a spearhead.

Step Three: Attach spearhead onto selfie stick.

This one might save your life before a zombie apocalypse. If you get lost, and you need to flag down a distant plane or car, knock the LED screen out of your phone. The multi-layered glass works as a mirror.

Step One: Remove your phone’s screen and throw a peace sign

Step Two: Align person/plane/car in between the two knuckles of your peace sign

Step Four: Tilt screen below your eye level until you see a glimmer of light on your fingers. You’re now signalling for help!

Step One: Find a needle or an old wristwatch hand, a leaf, and a puddle of water

Step Two: Extract magnet from your cell phone speaker

Step Three: Sweep the needle or watch hand on the magnet in the same direction 10 times

Step Four: Place leaf in puddle. Put needle on leaf. The wire and leaf will align so the end you rubbed with faces north.

If you listen to music on your phone, you probably have a pair of earbuds on you. Well, GET READY for your hero moment of surviving a zombie apocalypse! Hunting is time-consuming and rather boring. Save time by laying a small game snare! Wire is actually the best material for a snare trap, so you have the best material already in your pocket!

Step One: Tie headphones into a noose knot.

Step Two: Attach one headphone to a tree or stake in the ground so the snare is vertical.

Step Three: Use a twig to hold the noose upright.

So there you have it! Now you should be ready to face an army of zombies (or at least a camping trip gone sour) with just your smartphone! Before you venture out into the wild, consider installing some emergency apps first. Have you found any other ways to use a drained cell phone? Let us know in the comments!

Science says zombies — lumbering, flesh-eating corpses — don’t exist in the real world. Except in rare emergency room situations, dead people can’t come back to life, and even if they could, there is little reason to suspect they’d wake up with a sudden, unquenchable appetite for human flesh.

Still, every time a criminal act of cannibalism makes headlines, the Internet comes alive with chatter about an impending zombie apocalypse. A spate of flesh-chomping that occurred earlier this year, including the famous “Miami zombie attack,” even prompted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to reassure people that the zombie apocalypse isn’t coming.

But judging by the ongoing interest in zombies, not everyone was convinced. For all those who fear that the living dead really could rise up and go on a mass cannibalistic rampage à la the classic 1968 film “Night of the Living Dead,” we’ve put together a little guide to help you prepare for the worst.

Fortunately, these tips will help you weather many other types of disasters, too, from hurricanes to tornadoes to pandemic virus outbreaks. So whether or not you believe in the living dead, read on.

Disaster kit

If a zombie attack (or some other catastrophe) crippled society’s infrastructure, you wouldn’t want to be stuck without basic necessities. Keep an emergency kit in your house. According to the CDC, this kit should include enough supplies to last you until you’re able to make your way to a zombie-free refugee camp (or disaster shelter, or until utility lines are restored). Here’s the gear you need to survive zombie doomsday:

  • Water: 1 gallon per person per day
  • Food, namely canned goods and other non-perishable items
  • Medications, including prescription and non-prescription meds
  • Tools and supplies, such as a utility knife, duct tape, candles or flashlights, a battery-powered radio
  • Sanitation and hygiene supplies, such as soap, towels, etc.
  • Clothing and bedding, including a change of clothes for each family member and blankets
  • Important documents, such as copies of your driver’s license, passport, and birth certificate
  • First aid supplies to treat basic cuts and lacerations

And while this wouldn’t really help for any other potential disasters, the online zombie-fearing community also recommends keeping a baseball bat in store. It doesn’t require ammunition or skill, and can be effective in clearing a path through hordes of notoriously ill-balanced zombies.

Emergency plan

When chaos ensues, you won’t be able to think rationally. Your survival may depend on whether you came up with an emergency plan in advance. The plan should apply in cases of a flood, earthquake, blackout or, of course, when a pack of zombies starts clambering across your front yard — and make sure everyone in your household has it down.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

Okay… so it’s unlikely to happen, but it’s a fun way to picture all the different skills we’d need to survive.

Where would you go? What would you take with you? Would you have the skills needed to rebuild civilisation?

These are the questions Dr Lewis Dartnell, an astrobiologist (someone who studies how life can survive in different environments) will be answering at this year’s Big Bang Fair, which encourages young people to learn about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Check out his top tips on how to survive should you find yourself facing the end of the world…

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

“Imagine you found yourself in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, how do you keep yourself alive? Well, there are loads of everyday objects that could help you in an emergency situation.

“A fire alarm for example, can actually be used to start a fire, and a humble plastic bottle can be used to sterilise drinking water. Simply fill your bottle, and leave it out in the sunshine. The sun’s UV rays will pass right through the water and kill any germs that are in there.

“You can even make a simple gas-fire stove out of tin cans, which is really efficient. It uses the same process (called gasification) that was used to power cars across Europe during the Second World War!

“And how about opening a tin can without any tools? Easy, there’s a trick for that! You’ll need to turn the can upside down, so it can get a little messy, but it’s handy!”

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

“Firstly, get out of the cities. A lot of us live in cities nowadays as they’re so convenient and full of shops, but if civilisation collapsed and you had to do things for yourself, the city is one of the worst places to be. What if there’s no electricity, no gas, no running water, no lights, heating, and you can’t grow your own food because everything’s covered in tarmac? You’ll want to escape to the countryside! Find a spot near a river with fresh water you can drink, and start learning how to grow your own food.

“The Lake District would be ideal. Just make sure you avoid the Arctic circle or the middle of a desert!”

“Imagine you’ve got a four-minute warning to get out of the house. Grab some fresh water and cans of food – if you forget your can-opener, don’t worry because you now know how to open one without! – a knife, twine for tying things, or failing that, use your iPod headphones instead! And don’t forget that empty plastic bottle for sterilising water. It’s all about being clever, ingenious and using things in new ways.”

“According to recent research, o ver a third of the UK population (36%) are already prepared and keep a “bug-out bag’ (a kit that’ll keep you alive for 72 hours!) ready in case disaster strikes!”

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

“The one thing we all can’t live without these days are our mobile phones, but if civilisation collapsed they’d not be much use at all. However, there is one feature on your mobile that will continue working for at least a couple of months, and that’s GPS. I estimate we’ve got about six months of life in the satellites should they be abandoned, so while you won’t be able to phone people or ‘tweet’ for help, the map function will continue working as it relies on satellite signals and not the mobile phone network – that goes for your smartphone compass, too!”

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

“The biggest key to surviving is learning how to scavenge and forage for the things you need. One of the best things to get your hands on is a car battery and alternator. Use them to make a simple windmill or a watermill to recharge the battery. A scaveneged solar panel can be used to charge your mobile phone.

“And if you’re in need of a compass, an analog wristwatch will do just as good a job. Simply point the minute hand towards the sun and halfway between the number 12 and the hour hand will show you where south is!”

“You might have imagined who you’d take with you during an apocolypse. Who’d be most useful? Do you know anyone who owns an allotment, who has the skills to grow their own food? Or someone who’s good with their hands, like a carpenter or metal worker, or good at fixing things, like a car mechanic? These are the people that will be most useful when you’re trying to rebuild society. People like computer programmers or astrobiologists (like me!) will probably have to learn a few more useful skills!”

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

“One of the safest locations during a zombie apocalypse (not that that’s ever going to happen!) would be a prison. With their high walls and barbed wire fences, they’re great at keeping people in, but of course, they’re also great at keeping people out. Find one with its own water supply and a stock pile of food, dig up the car park to plant crops, and you’ve got an extremely safe refuge!”

State of Survival is a Strategy game developed by KingsGroup Holdings. BlueStacks app player is the best platform (emulator) to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience.

A six-month outbreak has affected your ability to trust anyone. As a former army sergeant, you are prepared to fight waves of Zombies to survive another day, but as days go by it gets more and more complicated. However, you are not alone in this.

More and more people join your cause and bring with them special skills that can be used on the field of battle. Throw grenades, build turrets and hold your grounds as multiple zombies are trying to get you.

State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse is a strategy game meant to be played by hard-hearted people. You have to resist the urge to run and confront your fears as thousands of zombies are surrounding your settlement. Do you have what it takes to survive?

You can also Play State of Survival in your browser on your PC or mobile without downloading. Click and Play instantly!

  • How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

Game Features

Game controls

  • Zoom in / Out
  • Tap Spots


  • Macros
  • Multi Instance
  • Multi Instance Sync
  • Script
  • Game controls
  • Enhancements

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

Eco Mode

Find the rarest heroes by making multiple summons in State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse. And while you are at it, reduce your PC’s resource consumption with the Eco Mode. Farm efficiently. Get the best results.

Real-Time Translation

Waiting for the State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse to be launched in a specific language? With the all-new Real-time in-game translation feature, you may translate the game to any language.

High FPS

Take your enemies head on in State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse with BlueStacks. Eliminate tearing and stutters by enabling High FPS as supported by the game. Be always ready to respond immediately in a heavy combat.

Repeated Tap

No more endlessly tapping on your phone screen when playing State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse. Switch to a better gaming experience with ‘Repeated Tap’ on BlueStacks. Either press and hold an assigned key to tap continuously or just tap once to execute the tap specific number of times.

How to Download and Play State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse on PC

Download and install BlueStacks on your PC

Complete Google sign-in to access the Play Store, or do it later

Look for State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse in the search bar at the top right corner

Click to install State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse from the search results

Complete Google sign-in (if you skipped step 2) to install State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse

Click the State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse icon on the home screen to start playing

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphoneWatch Video

You need to rebuild civilization and you start off with a small settlement. Complete missions to bring in resources and increase your settlement’s fortifications.

You will need farms, lumber mills, water towers and barracks in order to thrive behind locked gates, and you will have to build an army that can keep you safe. Clear areas to expand your territory and use your skills wisely as you build a competent team that won’t get you killed.

Allow your dog to sense danger and use your pet to claim new buildings. Play State of Survival on PC with BlueStacks and use the mouse and keyboard in your advantage.

With the special keymapping feature, you can map your special skills on designated keys and you can use them when the zombies have the best of you. Fight them back and move on to the next chapter!

State of Survival: The Zombie Apocalypse Tips & Tricks

State of Survival: New Anniversary PvE Event Gol Goroth’s Maw arrives

State of Survival Releases New Patch Notes 1.13.10 Along with Details on the Second Anniversary Celebration

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

You can safely ignore the “best-by” and “sell-by” dates stamped on almost all cans and jars of food. Except in rare cases, canned food stays good years after that date. The only food that the FDA legally requires to be stamped with an actual expiration date is baby formula.

All other dates are guesses about when the manufacturer thinks the quality of the food might start to diminish because of age, but it’s not related to safety at all. When canned food goes bad, the can will bulge or rust, and often the contents will spurt out or bubble when you open it. There will be a visible difference or an odor. Unless the zombie apocalypse lasts more than a decade, all your canned food hoard will probably survive just fine.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

When the zombie horde descends, you might be one of the unfortunate survivors stuck without a really good water supply or means of cooking food. Try to plan for those things so you’re prepared, but don’t neglect to stock up on canned beans in case cooking dried beans is difficult.

In a situation where you’re heating ready-to-eat food over a candle or a campfire, canned beans will make your life much easier and let you conserve water and cooking fuel for even leaner times. In a pinch, you can open a can of beans and eat right from the tin without warming it at all as long as it looks and smells okay, so any kind of pre-cooked, canned food is a must-have for your zombie apocalypse prepper pantry.

Canned Fruits and Vegetables

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

Beans and rice are important staples in an emergency situation, but you’ll want to include fruits and vegetables in your diet every day that you can for maximum nutritional and better health.

Those jarred and canned peaches, pears, peas and pickles will last for years unopened. Try to keep them in a cool, dry place, or the least wet, hot place you have available for food storage. Canned food will last longer than jarred because no light can get in, so keep jars in a dark place to extend the life of the food inside.

Canned fruits and veggies are packed in water, which you already know is the most important resource when you’re trapped in your home by marauding gangs of zombies. We get some of our water requirements from the food we eat, especially water-rich fruits, so plan on using everything in the can, including the water, to make your food storage stretch.

As if having Zombie’s roaming the early isn’t bad enough, a power shutdown makes matters much worse. Now, most people wonder why the power shuts off during a Zombie Apocalypse. To put it simply, power plants need a lot of people to work to ensure that things go safely and smoothly, and quite frankly if zombies are invading, I highly doubt that Peter at the power plant is going to worry if the town is getting power .

So, since there isn’t any power coming from the grid, the house with off-grid solar-powered systems are going to be the prime houses during a Zombie Apocalypse, so if you or anyone you know has an off-grid solar-powered system you are one step ahead of everyone.

But for those who lack an off-grid solar-powered system, there are some ways that you can get by without electricity . Luckily, solar energy technology has come a long way, especially in the more recent years and they even have a few solar-powered systems that are going to help you survive the Zombie Apocalypse.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

An Optic Fire Starter

This tool is going to be a key tool for the Zombie Apocalypse because, if the power does go out, fire is going to the main source of light, heat and help with cooking. Eventually, the lighters will run out of gas, the matches will run out, and not everyone knows how to rub two sticks together to start a fire. Which is the reason that the Optic Fire Starter is going to be a desirable tool? The Optic Fire Starters works just like the way a magnifying glass works to burn the leaves and start fires , with the sun’s solar energy. It’s the same size as a credit card and you will be able to easily place it in your pocket to bring it with you wherever you go.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

A Solar Energy Shower

Just because the zombies are invading doesn’t mean that we have to be dirty, and a hot shower can help relax you after a long day of fighting off Zombies. A solar energy shower is the perfect solar energy gadget for that! This shower is a portable 5-gallon durable PVC bag that can withstand the sun’s heat while using the solar energy to heat the water . All you have to do is fill the bag up with water and let it sit in direct sunlight for 1-2 hours and the water heats from the sun's solar energy.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

The Solar Power Flashlight

This tech-trendy ECEEN flashlight can be charged through their built-in 5V solar panels, which will give you close to unlimited solar power during the day and can use it to light up the night. If the sun is shining, you can choose the powered by solar energy option to use clean energy from the to provide solar power for your flashlight.

The solar-powered system is extremely bright with a 1W LED, 150 lumens powerful light best in its class. It can provide about 50 meters of light. It is also extremely durable when it comes to solar power use. It’s waterproof and as long as you aren’t banging it against rocks you shouldn’t have to worry about the aluminum flashlight breaking. The solar power flashlight can be fully charged in 8 hours in the sun and 4-5 hours using the USB cable. A full charge will equal 3-4 hours of solar power and the flashlight can hold the charge for over 3 years. If you need the flashlight to work contentiously you will have 4 hours of solar power.

This will solar energy product is going to come in handy in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse because all of the sources of light are going to be out. The more we can see at night the better.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

The Solar Power Battery Charger

The little solar power device is a high capacity device and it provides 10,000 mAh solar power batteries that can charge your phone or other electronic devices with solar power several times. It also has great protection for the solar panels on the device, it is surrounded by silicon to protect the device in the great outdoors .

The solar energy charger also has faster-charging speeds, along with two separate inputs with methods, to charge the power charger with solar power and with the option of plugging it into the wall to change it.

The suggested method of use is to charge the inner battery when it is 0% through the USB and then use to solar power charge only a constant refill to power.

Now I know what you’re thinking, why would we need to charge our phones in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse? Today a lot of flashlights can be charged with USB cables through the solar power battery charger among many other devices.

How to survive the zombie apocalypse using your iphone

The Solar Power Oven

The solar energy oven is said to reach temperatures of 550 degrees (F) and the solar energy oven is said to cook a meal in even cloudy conditions. It’s even going to heat water by turning it to 80 percent of the sun’s solar energy and convert it into usable heat.

This is great because if we want to survive the Zombie Apocalypse we are going to have to eat and if we don’t want to attract zombies with the smoke from the fire , this solar power oven is going to be a highly coveted survival tool!