How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

If you’ve got an old Android smartphone or tablet in a drawer somewhere doing nothing, then why not put it to good use as a security camera.


Got an old Android smartphone or tablet gathering dust somewhere? Chances are it has a pretty neat camera on it, so why not put it to good use by transforming it into a security camera?

Don’t worry, this isn’t complicated at all, and doesn’t require you to root your device or know any coding. Just let an app do the work.

There are quite a few apps out there that can do this for you, but the two names that keep coming up are SalientEye Home Security Alarm and Alfred. Personally, I prefer SalientEye because there’s a remote control app available that allows you to stop and start recording, get push notifications, and even see what the camera is seeing.

Installation is a snap — download the app, run it, go through the initial setup (there’s no need to provide an email or log in via Facebook or anything, which is nice — don’t worry though, the camera is password-protected) and you’re ready to go. The app supports motion sensing, so it will only start recording when something in the camera’s field of view changes. When that happens, you’ll be sent a notification via email or SMS (charges apply). The photos are also stored online so you can go through them later.

SalientEye is free for 7 days, after that there’s a variety of in-app purchase options for you to choose from.

Here are some tips for you to get the most from your Android security camera:

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

If you would like to watch your home or business while you’re away, you will wish an Internet-connected camera. However, suppose you’ve got an old smartphone that’s sitting around gathering dust, an old tablet that has lost its luster, or an Android persist with a webcam just like the Measy U2C. In that case, you’ll turn it into an always-on, wireless camera with minimal hassle. So here’s the way to turn your Android device into a security camera.

  1. Download AtHome Video Streamer from Google Play. There are various security camera apps available, including IP Webcam, which also offers great free streaming. However, it’s harder to look at the video from outside your local network thereupon app.
  2. Swipe past all the introductory screens until you see the beginning Now button on the fourth screen.
  3. Tap the beginning Now button. You’ll see a live camera view screen.
  4. Tap the menu button within the upper left corner.
  5. Tap Change Password.
  6. Enter a custom username and password and tap Save.
  7. Tap Back to return to the camera screen.
  8. Write down the CID code found within the upper right corner of the screen.
  9. Position your device within the location you would like it to watch and confirm it’s propped up with its primary Camera facing outward. If you do not have a dock, Toddy Gear makes a $15 bean-bag stand called the Wedge which may prop any smartphone in landscape or portrait orientation.

Table of Contents

View Your Wireless Camera

Once you’ve got the Camera found out, you’ll be wanting to look at it from another device. By installing the viewer application, you’ll keep track of up to 5 cameras from another phone or tablet. Unfortunately, you’ll only view from an Android or iOS device, not from a Windows PC or Mac. to look at your camera stream on an Android device:

  1. Download the AtHome Camera from Google Play.
  2. Tap Add within the upper right corner and choose By CID.
  3. Enter the CID, username and password from the device you’re using as a camera, toggle on Remember Me and tap Save.
  4. Tap on the camera icon to attach to the remote account.
  5. Select the Camera you would like to look at. If you’ve got just one Camera on the account, it’ll be the highest Camera.

You will see a view from the Camera you chose. Then, using the controls at rock bottom of the screen, you’ll capture stills, switch between front and back cameras (if the device has both) or turn the flash on / off for extra lighting.

The best home security apps for Android

1.AtHome Camera

AtHome Camera is one of the higher and more popular DIY home security apps. Its biggest feature is support for multiple platforms. It’s apps for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. The service comes in two separate apps. The camera app turns your device into a camera while the opposite app allows you to monitor. A number of the features include time-lapse recording, multi-view for up to four cameras, remote monitoring, and even face recognition. This is often an excellent thanks to re-purpose old laptops or smartphones. It also features a series of hardware cameras if you would like to travel that route. The app itself is free.

2.Alfred Home Security Camera

Alfred Home Security Camera is one of the foremost popular home security apps for mobile. It allows you to re-use old smartphones for home security purposes. This one features remote access, live video streaming, some free cloud storage, a walkie-talkie function, zoom, and more. Many of the features are available free of charge. However, some stuff, like HD recording, is merely available through the monthly subscription. It’s its issue, but the pros usually outweigh the cons for many. The app is otherwise liberal to download and use.

3.IP Webcam

IP Webcam is one of the simpler home security apps. It turns your phone into a foreign camera. The app features a decent if the basic set of features. They include support for VLC player, live video streaming, Ivideon support, FTP servers and Dropbox, motion detection, and video chat support. This is often one among few good free home security apps. It does take a couple of minutes and a few brainpower to line up, though. The app is supported by advertising. Otherwise, it’s completely free.


WardenCam is another home security app for your old phones. It claims to figure anywhere over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. Additionally, the app offers multi-camera setups, Google Drive and Dropbox support, motion detection and alerts, two-way audio support, and above-average developer support. This one requires one cost instead of a monthly subscription. That’s always preferable. The UI is decent, and therefore the app is quite simple to use.


TrackView is quite an all-in-one option for this type of thing. The app contains a two-way radio, a family locator function, a GPS phone finder, and it functions well as a home security camera. the safety camera features include motion detection, evening vision mode, remote audio and video, and cloud storage to backup recordings. In addition, this one features a few tiered plans that unlock various things. It can get rather expensive, but the cheaper versions should work tolerably for many folks.


I hope you found this guide useful. If you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to use the shape below.

User Questions:

  1. Can you tell if someone is watching you on Ring?

There aren’t any thanks to knowing if someone is watching you on a hoop camera—at least not through physical observation. … Ring employees were terminated from their positions in 2019 for watching their customers. Despite Ring’s denials, sensitive customer data was discovered leaked online.

  1. Are there security cameras that do not need Wi-Fi?

There are wireless cameras that will work without Wi-Fi. The Arlo Go and, therefore, the Reolink Go, for instance, are both wireless cameras that use cellular data plans rather than Wi-Fi. … Other home security cameras aren’t connected to the web in the least but rather record onto local storage like hard drives.

  1. Why does my Alfred camera go offline?

Connection is blocked by VPN, firewall, and other anti-virus programs. Alfred is interrupted by the phone’s system notification, automatic OS update, or battery-saving features. The Camera device is running out of power.

One of the best uses for an old Android device is to turn it into a security webcam that can be accessed over the internet. But most of the time, this is a rather difficult process, because existing apps usually require you to mess around with network settings and configure a personal web server.

Thankfully, a new app from Perch Technologies has finally taken all of the hassle out of setting up a home monitor. It lets you turn your old phone or tablet into a live-streaming webcam, complete with cloud DVR features and motion detection, and I’ll show you how to set it up below.

Step 1: Install Perch

The app that turns any Android device into a home monitor in seconds is called Perch, and it’s available for free on the Google Play Store. To begin, search the app by name and get it installed, or head directly to the install page at the following link:

  • Install Perch – Simple Home Monitoring from the Google Play Store

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

Step 2: Create an Account & Start Streaming

Once you’ve got the app installed, go ahead and open Perch, then tap the “Sign Up” button in the middle of the screen. From here, enter an email account and password to create your new Perch account.

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera alt=”How to Turn an Old Android Device into a Security Camera” width=”532″ height=”532″ />

Next, you’ll be taken to the app’s main menu. From here, tap the “Set Up As a Camera” button in the middle of the screen. At this point, if your old phone is running Android Marshmallow, you’ll also have to tap “Allow” on a pair of permission requests.

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera alt=”How to Turn an Old Android Device into a Security Camera” width=”532″ height=”532″ />

From here, tap the field at the top of the following screen to give this device a name—something like “Living Room” or “Front Door” should do the trick. After that, you can set Perch to also record audio, and you can make it wait until your device is connected to Wi-Fi or plugged into a power source before it will start streaming. When you’re done here, though, tap the “Finish” button at the bottom of the screen.

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera alt=”How to Turn an Old Android Device into a Security Camera” width=”532″ height=”532″ />

From now on, whenever you open Perch on this device, you’ll see a viewfinder window. To start recording and live-streaming the feed from this device’s camera, simply tap the play button in the middle of the screen.

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera alt=”How to Turn an Old Android Device into a Security Camera” width=”532″ height=”532″ />

Step 3: Access Your Live Feed from Anywhere

When you’re out and about and would like to see what’s going on back home, just head to from any web browser, then sign in with the account you created earlier. Right off the bat, you’ll see a live feed of your device’s camera, and if you chose to set up more than one device, you can switch between them by clicking the thumbnail on the left side of the screen.

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

From here, if you tap the + button just above the top-right corner of the video feed, you can even set up motion detection features. To do that, just type in a name and use your mouse to highlight a “Zone” to monitor for motion, then click “Save.” Whenever something moves in the zone you set up, you’ll get an email and text notification on your phone.

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

Perch even comes with a DVR feature, so if you’d like to see something that happened in the past, just hover your mouse pointer over the video and use the slider at the bottom of the frame. If any motion was detected at any time, you’ll also see small markers on the slider that indicate when something moved.

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

Step 4: Access Your Live Feed from Another Android Device

As if all of those features weren’t already enough, Perch even lets you view your home monitor from another Android device. To try this one out, just install the Perch app on your primary Android phone or tablet, then select your video feed from the main menu.

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera alt=”How to Turn an Old Android Device into a Security Camera” width=”532″ height=”532″ />

Perch is still in beta right now, so everything’s free until they work out any bugs and decide on premium pricing. It’s currently a great alternative to having a Nest Cam with the Nest Aware subscription service, the latter of which costs $10/month to store 7 days worth of recordings with motion-detecting alerts.

Perch also stores 7 days worth in the cloud for you with motion alerts, but you have the benefit of not having to buy a $200 camera, since you already have one. You’ll probably need a long charging cable, and you might even want to invest in a good stand, but you can also DIY one yourself.

As for video quality, you’re only limited by how good your Android phone or tablet’s built-in camera is. And if you need to zoom in at all to monitor something farther away, there are lens kits you can buy for pretty cheap.

For more information, check out Perch’s help desk.

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How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

You can now turn an old Android phone into security camera easily. Using your Android smartphone, you can convert it to a security camera effortlessly. Using this guide, you will get to know that how you can turn old Android phone into security camera. Also, using this guide, you can convert your old Android smartphone into a security camera at any place over wifi or online server. There is no such inbuilt functionality for security camera purpose in our Android app so that we will be using an Android app to make our old phone into a security device.

If you cant afford to buy a CCTV for your home or office then must read this article because this will help you. Also, if you have an old Android smartphone, then this guide will teach you the best way to turn old Android phone into security camera. You just have to use an Android app and after that stick your Android phone at any place and watch the live CCTV footage on another Android phone wirelessly. So, let’s start our guide and learn how we can turn old Android phone into security camera.

Maybe you are not able to afford money for CCTV camera for your home and office. But, it may be possible that you have an old Android smartphone which is not in use. So, using this guide, you can quickly learn that how to turn old Android phone into security camera. This is the best and cheapest way ever to convert your old Android phone into security camera. However, this whole procedure entirely depends on the Android app which we are going to use.

Where the best part of that app is that it allows us to watch the CCTV footage on live streaming service from anywhere around the world over the internet connection. Also, we can use this method for any sting operation too. So, without taking more time on the introduction let us start this guide and head up to the whole procedure to turn old Android phone into security camera.

  1. Get the Manything app from Google play store. How to turn an old android phone into a security camera
  2. Open the app and login/signup to your account.
  3. Now, click on Camera to start recording.
  4. Then, go to manything.comand login to your account.
  5. Now, you will see all the recordings to download or to play it.
  6. If you want to use live streaming, then use the live streaming option from the app options.

Last Words on How to Turn Old Android Phone into Security Camera

This is the remarkable way to turn old Android phone into security camera. This article will be helpful for those people who cant afford money to buy a CCTV camera but having an old Android phone. Android smartphones are always at the top of everything whether its customization or anything else. Today we have seen the best thing that Android can do quickly. I hope using this article you have learned an excellent way to turn old Android phone into security camera. Share this article with your friends also and let them turn old Android phone into security camera.

Just because your smartphone is a couple of generations old doesn’t mean it can’t be put to good use. When you get down to it, even the most outdated phone is still a palm-sized computer stuffed with advanced sensor tech. So instead of throwing it away or reselling it for less than what you paid originally, why not repurpose the device and turn your old smartphone into a security camera?

There are dozens of incredible Android and iOS apps that can transform your phone into a useful smart home fixture and surprisingly smart security camera (especially if you are willing to mount it on a wall near an outlet for power), as well as myriad low-cost accessories that can add extra functionality to your device. Below you’ll find a quick roundup of the best options available, starting with Alfred.

Note: This is an easy way to get a security cam, but your smart home security camera will not be great for the outdoors. Check out our list of the best outdoor security cams to learn more.


How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

If you’re looking for the best security cam app to turn an old phone into a security asset, Alfred is your pick. This excellently designed app is installed on two phones — one for using your phone’s camera as a security cam, and one for controlling all of your settings and viewing footage.

Not only do you get streaming footage on your phone, but Alfred also offers a siren feature, two-way talking, motion detection, and a low-light filter. There’s also a “trust circle,” where friends will be able to access the cam themselves if necessary. It even works for multiple smartphone-turned-cam devices for whole-house monitoring. Paid versions are available for more advanced storage features.

The catch is that you have to have a fairly advanced smartphone to take advantage of all these features, so using a particularly old phone may not be very efficient.

AtHome Camera

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

AtHome is another app packed with useful features, including two-way talk options, night vision, and A.I. learning to recognize moving people as opposed to branches swaying in the wind. There’s also a mode that gives you a 24-hour time-lapse of everything the cam saw in the last 24 hours, so you can quickly look for anything suspicious.

If your phone has the right sensors, it can even automatically start filming if it detects vibration. Note that there are two versions of the app, one for the phone that will act as a cam, and one for your own phone for controls, so make sure you download the right options.


How to turn an old android phone into a security camera
Manything is a free iOS app that can convert your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad into a Wi-Fi-connected security camera. Then, you can use a second iOS device as your mobile monitor or opt to keep an eye on things from the Manything web app.

This app provides more than just a security camera; it’s also got its own IFTTT channel, so you can link it to a huge range of web services and connected devices. For example, if you’ve got Philips Hue lights in your house, you could set them to turn on automatically whenever Manything detects motion — making your phone act as both a motion-activated smart switch and a handy home-security tool that makes it look like someone’s at home.


How to turn an old android phone into a security camera
For $7, Dormi will take any Android phone or tablet running Gingerbread version 3.2 or greater and put its internet connectivity and advanced video and audio sensors to good use.

You plug the device into the wall, and it operates like a regular baby monitor. You can use your primary phone to monitor audio or video at any point in a drop-in style. Another option is to configure the app to send you automatic alerts when your baby wakes up. It continually senses ambient noise in a given room, which is what activates the notifications. As soon as your little bundle of joy wakes up and starts crying, you’ll know.

Cloud Baby Monitor

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

The Cloud Baby Monitor app affords you high-quality video and unlimited range through Wi-Fi, 3G, or LTE. It’s incredibly versatile, functioning as either a home security camera or a baby monitor.

Cloud Baby Monitor alerts you to both sound and motion, as well as allowing you to talk to your little one remotely. This baby monitor can also play a lullaby or soothing white noise to help your baby get to sleep. Since it’s compatible with the Apple Watch, you can get motion or noise alerts right on your wrist no matter where you are.

Cloud Baby Monitor is also compatible with Mac computers, which includes both baby monitors and security operations. This baby monitor lets you keep an eye on your little one or your home using iOS while you’re out running errands or at work.

It can be challenging to figure out what to do with an old cell phone if you upgrade to a new one. Naturally, it’s not a good idea to throw it away only for it to sit for decades in a landfill, but you also don’t want to throw it in your junk drawer and let it sit there for years, either. It’s ideal to reuse your old electronics when you can, and Cloud Baby Monitor enables you to do that.

All it takes is the download of one simple app, and you can reuse your old cell phone and turn it into a small, portable security camera or a baby monitor. You don’t have to shell out a bunch of money to keep your baby, family, and home protected; repurpose your cell phone and enjoy peace of mind without paying a penny.

Recently I bought Moto X Style as my daily driver. As I was previously using Micromax A116, I wondered if I can put it to some use because as you know, an old Android device cannot be sold at higher prices. Similarly, many of you might have an old android device, so here in this post, we are going to discuss how to turn your old Android phone into a wireless security camera.


  1. An Old Android Device.
  2. A WiFi Router.(If you don’t have one TP-Link MR3020 is a good choice).

Steps to Turn Your Old Android Phone Into Wireless Security Camera

Here I have divided this tutorial into two parts: The Basic Setup & The Dedicated Setup. The Basic Setup is for those who want to use their device as wireless security camera only a few times while The Dedicated Setup is for those who want to turn their phone into a dedicated wireless security camera.

The Basic Setup

  1. First of all, factory reset your android device to make it as fast as possible.
  2. Then connect it to a WiFi network with internet connectivity.
  3. Update all the apps including software update from device’s manufacturer if possible. (This will help your device give optimum performance)
  4. Now head over to Google Play Store and download “IP Webcam.”(Link is given in requirements section)
  5. Now open IP Webcam. Go to Video Preference and set it as per choice.(Note that lower the quality of video the lag in live video feed)How to turn an old android phone into a security camera
  6. [For Advanced Users]Head over to Local Broadcasting in Connection Settings. Set Login User/Password, Port, IPv4/IPv6.
  7. To start streaming live feed, tap on Start server under Server Control.
  8. You will see the camera live feed on your Android phone’s screen. Click, How do I connect? On the top left corner of your screen.
  9. Select Connect directly -> I ‘m using WiFi Router. Write/Copy the address shown.
  10. Now open a browser on the device where you want to see the live feed.(Make sure that it is connected to the same WiFi network)
  11. Enter the address you got earlier from the phone.
  12. Now in Video Renderer and Audio Player, select Flash.How to turn an old android phone into a security camera
  13. Hurray! You will now able to see the live feed from your device’s camera directly.

The Dedicated Setup

  1. If you want your device to automatically start streaming live feed after switching on, tick Stream on device boot.
  2. Fixing the IP problem:
    WiFi router’s DHCP assigns the temporary local IP address to the connected devices. So many times you will notice that live feed address is not always same. This can be a bit of a problem because every time you connect your phone to WiFi network, you have to first find out IP of the device. This can be fixed easily by assigning your device a fixed IP address in the WiFi router’s setting. Follow these steps:
    I) Open your router’s configuration page.
    II) Go to DHCP -> Address Reservation. Click Add New.
    III) Enter MAC address of your Android device and desired IP address.(I will recommend you to add current IP address of your device)
    IV) Now you are ready to go.

We think that this article has helped you in turning your old Android device to do awesome stuff. If so, do share your views and ask any query in the comment section below.

There’s a lot of cool stuff you can do with an old Android phone. Everything from making your own Google Home to a digital photo frame. Today, we’ve got something a little more practical that could potentially save you from a lot of trouble. Use your old Android devices to make a custom security camera system.

Security cameras have improved a lot over the last few years. They’ve gotten smaller, smarter, and cheaper. Still, not everyone wants to shell out the cash to outfit their home with cameras, not to mention the costly subscription plans. You already have old devices with cameras, so why not use them as security cameras? It’s not as difficult as you might think.

What You’ll Need

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

Obviously, you need an unused Android (or iOS) phone or tablet. Anything with a camera will do. The app we will be using supports multiple cameras, so you can put as many old devices throughout your house as you want. You will also need some sort of mount to keep the device pointed in the right direction. Lastly, you’ll need a charger to keep the phone on at all times. Get a long cable if the outlet is far away.

We’ll be using a free app called Alfred, which is also available for iOS. Alfred is a very powerful app. It has a lot of the tools that you would be expected to pay for with products like the Nest Cam. You can view your camera remotely and switch between front and back, turn on the flash, talk over the speaker, see at night, get motion alerts, and more.

Set Up the Camera

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

Setting up Alfred is ridiculously easy. You’re going to wonder why you haven’t been using this app already. Alfred works as a security camera and a viewer. First, we’ll set up the camera.

  1. Open up Alfred on the device you want to be used as a camera
  2. Swipe through the intro and tap Start
  3. Set this device as Camera and tap NEXT
  4. Sign in with your Google account
  5. You’ll be asked to give a few permissions
  6. That’s it!

Repeat this process on all of the devices you want to use as cameras. You can tap the OK button to make the screen go black and save battery. It will still be running. Just tap the screen to unlock it. Next, we have a few things to configure in the settings.

Turn on Motion Detection

  1. Tap the three-dot menu in the bottom corner
  2. Select Motion Detection
  3. Toggle it On
  4. Set the sensitivity to Low, Medium, or High (you’ll need to test this to find the best one for your situation)
  5. Tap OK

Camera Settings

  1. Tap the three-dot menu in the bottom corner
  2. Select Camera Settings
  3. Tap Select Lens to switch between front and back
  4. Toggle Launch at Reboot to make sure Alfred runs if your phone reboots
  5. Toggle Passcode Lock for added security

Note: You can switch the device to be a viewer at any time. Tap the menu and select To Viewer.

View Your Cameras

Now that we have the cameras set up, we need a way to view the feeds. Install the Alfred app on your main device. This will allow you to see all of your cameras feeds and get motion alerts. It’s the same process as above, but instead of choosing Camera you will choose Viewer at startup. Make sure to log in with the same Google account as before.

  1. Open up Alfred on your main device
  2. Swipe through the intro and tap Start
  3. Set this device as Viewer and tap NEXT
  4. Sign in with the same Google account
  5. That’s it!

There are a number of tools at your disposal when viewing the camera.

  • Press and hold the microphone to talk over the speaker
  • Press and hold the video camera to record video
  • Tap the arrow to the right for more tools: rotate screen, flip camera, flash, and night mode.

All of your cameras will be listed on the main screen of the app. Simply tap on one to view it. You can also see the battery percentage and tap the video icon to see motion alerts. Tap the gear icon in the corner of the camera feed to adjust the settings for the camera remotely. You can adjust the motion detection and allow other users to view the feed by adding them to your Trust Circle.

Alfred also has a web viewer if you don’t want to pull your phone out of your pocket at the office. Just head here and make sure you’re signed in with the same Google account. All of the same features are available on the web, including a few more, such as zoom in and out.

Now you’ll always have an eye on everything that happens inside and outside your home. Put that old device to good use and protect yourself in the process.

If you are trying to use your phone as a security camera, you will need two phones to make that possible, along with an app that supports turning a phone into a security camera.

One of the best apps to use is the Alfred Camera. It is also the most used app for turning your phone into a security camera because it offers great features, and has a great performance.

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

How to use Alfred Camera to turn your phone into a security camera

This app has a free and paid version. On the free version, there are several settings and features available. But for the best experience when using this app, it is best you switch to Alfred Premium subscription. The downside of the free version is that the video quality is not so good.


• Launch it on both phones and follow the instructions on the screen.

• One of the phones will be the camera (the old phone) while the other phone will be the viewer/control panel. Follow the on-screen instructions on how to set both up.

Alfred Camera Video Interface

• At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see three icons. They are “settings, turning on a power-saving mode, disabling/enabling motion detection”

• Choose the front lens to record the front of your environment or switch to the rear camera to record the back environment.

• You’ll see the active cameras listed on your screen. Tapping on the camera will take you to the live feed.

• There is a video button you can use to capture and save the video.

• Switch the camera orientation to what suits you.

• For visibility at night you can switch to night vision mode.

Alfred Camera Audio Interface

• Check the screen; you’ll see a microphone button. You can tap and hold it to use it to speak to anyone where the phone acting as a camera is located.

Other features

There are several other features available on this app, such as enabling flashlights or playing siren sound at high volume. This helps to make your environment even more secure. Other things you can do are changing the camera’s name, configuring motion detection, add other users to have access to the app, among others.

Alternative apps for using an old phone as a security camera

If Alfred Camera isn’t working efficiently on your phone, probably because your phone model is too old for it, there are other apps you can use either you are an Android or iOS user. Here are some of the best ones to opt for —

AtHome Camera

This is an app that has some of the best features for turning your phone into a security camera. It features an AI design that makes its motion detection impressive. It also features a 24-hour video recording, so you can check everything that happened 24 hours ago.

If the phone you are using is a high-end phone it might have great sensors. If it does, the app will be able to detect vibration and start filming automatically.

Since you will be using one phone as the camera and another one as the viewer/control panel, you will need to get separate apps but by the same developer. One of the apps performs the functions of a camera, while the other one performs the functions of a control panel.

This app works on both Android and iOS devices.


This app works well on iOS devices, especially if you will be using an iOS device as the camera and also the viewer. This app features an IFTTT channel that lets you link with numerous connected devices and web services.

For instance, if you have a motion detection light or stereo player, you can connect it to Manything so when motion is detected it will automatically turn on. This app allows you to turn your phone into a home-security tool and a motion-activated smart device.

It works on Android devices too, but from personal experience, I enjoyed it more on iOS devices.

Cloud Baby Monitor

This is a great app to settle for if you are looking for an unlimited range of LTE, Wi-Fi, or 3G network, and it is also an app with high-quality video.

It is compatible with the Apple Watch, so instead of using your phone, you can use the watch to get noise and motion alerts. You can also use it on your Mac computer.

This app allows you to play soothing white noise or a lullaby to use in getting your baby to sleep. This is a great feature because you don’t have to always physically soothe your baby every time the baby turns in his or her sleep. Just soothe the baby from the available playlist, and you’ll be able to focus on whatever you’re doing.

This app works on iOS devices and Android devices, but it has more functionality for iOS devices.


When most people use their phone as a security camera, they make use of old phones. It’s a great idea instead of just throwing it away because it can sit for decades on a landfill, and this isn’t great for the planet. If you’re one of those that let their old phones sit in the drawer, here is an opportunity to put them to good use.

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

These days it’s very easy to switch phones, and as a result you probably have at least one phone sitting in a drawer. Instead of having your old Android phone collecting dust, turn it into a useful security camera.

You can see what’s going on at home and finally know which of your dogs gets into the cookie jar. To turn your phone into a security camera, all you need is one free app and your old and current phones.

How to Use Any Android Device as a Security Camera

To turn your Android device into a security camera, install Security Camera/ Caregiver Video Monitor – Alfred. It’s very easy to set up, and you won’t have a hard time with it, even if you’re not very tech-savvy.

After signing into your Google account, you’ll need to decide if the first device is the viewing device or a camera. When you install the app on the second device, it automatically chooses the remaining option.

At first, when you have the app set up on both devices, you can see what’s going on on the camera device. After a few minutes, the camera device will go dark, but it’s still live streaming.

Alfred can send you notifications whenever it detects movement. When motion is detected, it will start recording until the movement stops. If the notifications aren’t necessary, you can always turn them off.

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

Press the microphone button to either listen to what’s going on or to tell your dog to get off the sofa. You can only talk into the mic as long as you press the button, once you let go, it turns off.

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

To the right you’ll see a recording button where you can record whatever you see on your device’s display. It can only record a maximum of 30 seconds, but it gives you the option of sharing it on Facebook, through a link, or an app you already have on your phone.

Record from Two Different Cameras

The app uses the rear-facing camera by default, but if you press the arrow at the bottom right, you can have the app stream from the front-facing camera. Next to the camera-changing option you’ll also see options to rotate the image, turn on the camera device’s flashlight, and even stream in night mode.

How to turn an old android phone into a security camera

Even if someone were to grab the camera device and use it, the app would continue to live stream. Alfred even has a useful web app where you can also see what’s going on.

Features that only the web app has include the possibility to take a picture, zoom in, and zoom out. You’re still able to rotate the image, use night mode, and switch cameras.

One thing to keep in mind is that to see the live stream from your computer you’ll need to close the session on your Android device. The app doesn’t offer the possibility of seeing the camera device from two different devices.


Alfred is a great app to see if everything at home is okay without having to spend too much money on an expensive security system. But there is always room for improvement. What features would you add to the app? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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Interesting article,thank you for contributing. Only thing I wish is that you would check your spelling and grammar before posting. Since the advent of autocorrect we have become incredibly lazy on proofing.

Clear and concise write-up. I have a couple of Android devices (phone, a couple of tablets). Been meaning to super-charge them with some additional capabilities. This seems like a good start.

Hi Gazoo,
Thanks! Let me know how that works out for you. Thanks for commenting.

I presume somehow you can install that software on your old phone even though it is no longer associated with a provider like AT&T or Verizon? Maybe through Wifi?

Hi John,
Yes, you can. I don’t see why it should be an issue. Thanks for commenting.

Thanks for the reply… Never bothered accessing Google Playstore with a cell that no longer has a provider. Good to know.

A android with no provider must connect by wifi (unless it has Ethernet).

Also if your in the USA all cell phones are able to call 911 with or without service.
To test on a simple based device. power off the device, remove all sim cards, and power on. Your device is now in emergency mode. can use your apps, connect to wifi, and dial 911. It can not connect to any cellular network (because the sim card has authentication information for your account)

Hi Overlord_Laharl,
Hopefully, calling 911 won’t be necessary. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Good article but you need to clarify if all this can be done w/o having old phone connected to a cellular provider. If not how will it stream the video. This question has been asked a couple of times but you have been very short on the answer. I don’t know if its because you are short in words or just don’t know the answer. If you do, can you clearly explain what is required to do this? Cellular connection or wi-fi ? It can stream w/o some system.

To turn your Android device into a security camera, install Security Camera/ Caregiver Video Monitor – Alfred. It’s very easy to set up, and you won’t have a hard time with it, even if you’re not very tech-savvy.
After signing into your Google account, you’ll need to decide if the first device is the viewing device or a camera. When you install the app on the second device, it automatically chooses the remaining option.

The above text is from the first two paragraphs of the author’s article. If he is meaning for his text to be followed, the android phone being used as a camera would have to still have an account with a service provider (imho). Whether or not you could get them to work w/o still having provider accounts I am not sure. As someone said, it should have been proven before writing and publishing here. As it is I believe it is only an idea or suggestion, imho.

The camera can be used on its own or paired with accessories customized to fit different use cases or locations. A selection of mounts such as the Window Mount lets you see more of what’s happening outside, from the inside, or choose the Plug Mount to watch over your home from any wall outlet, in the kitchen, garage, or even down low to see your pet.