How to use hootsuite

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• RSS Graffiti
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All of them are perfect and doesn’t have any risk to your Facebook or other social account.
Today I will will be teaching you on how to use hotsuit to distribute your blog post inevitably.
Just follow the steps below.

Step 1
First you have to go to the hotsuit web page Login to your account or if you don’t have an account yet you can still create your’s immediately by signing up.

Step 2
Then after login into your account, then on your dashboard move your mouse to the top left corner your will find a tab labeled Add social Networks just click on it.
How to use hootsuite

Step 3
Then you will be given a new window were you will have to choose your preferred social media platform.

Step 4
Now click on the publisher button at the left side
How to use hootsuite

Step 5
Now on the publisher page click on RSS Feeds then a new window will be given to you just click on the ➕ button above.

Step 6
Now get your blog RSS feed URL and paste it were you are ask to insert it then select your social accounts then hit the save button.
How to use hootsuite

After the whole process your can do some little settings like increasing your Post per day and also you can on or off any account from receiving blog post by clicking the green button.

That’s all you need I hope this will make things more easier for you as a bloggerblogger

Don’t forget to drop your comment below thanks.

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How To Use Hootsuite in 9 Minutes

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  • Post published: April 30, 2020
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Take your social media management to the next level with Hootsuite. In this video, I am going to show you how to use Hootsuite in 9 minutes. If you are new to Hootsuite or haven’t used it in a while, then this tutorial is right for you.

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to easily manage all your social media platforms in one place. You can schedule out social media posts, look at analytics, and even do some social media monitoring.

According to, they are one of the world’s leading social media management tools.

It’s a great tool especially if you use a content calendar or a social media calendar.

Hootsuite allows you to put your social media strategy on autopilot.

In this video, you will learn how to use Hootsuite in 9 minutes:

  • How to set up your Hootsuite account
  • Adding new social media accounts
  • How to manage your social networks on Hootsuite
  • Looking at the Hootsuite dashboard and streams
  • Learning how to make, create, and schedule posts

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Video Transcript | Intro

Welcome to the Hootsuite Publisher. Publisher has two tabs, Planner and Content. The Planner tab is where you can review and manage your posts in a weekly calendar view. The Content tab gives you a list view of your posts, including any posts in draft form, as well as the Bulk Composer.

In this video, we’ll introduce you to the Planner and help you get the most out of this powerful new tool.

Using Planner

Planner is the best place to manage your social media content strategy. In one location, you can survey all your scheduled and published content, create new posts, and organize existing ones.

Planner presents your scheduled and published posts in a weekly view, with space to see a detailed preview of each post. Use the arrows to flip through the weeks ahead, or look back at previous week’s scheduled posts.

The sidebar lists your connected social networks. Filter your weekly view by network, or view all your scheduled posts at once.

Composing, Editing, and Interacting with Posts

Messages can be composed directly within planner by clicking on a time slot and choosing new post or new pin. The message you compose will be scheduled for the time you’ve selected.

Each message appears as a tile and shows the network it will be posted to, as well as text and media previews. You can also see whether a post has been published, or still requires approval

Click on a tile to open a detailed view of your post, including the full content and attached media, as well as any applied tags. Here, you can edit unpublished posts, or delete it if you’ve changed your mind.

If you’d like to rearrange your posting schedule for the week, click on a post and drag it to your desired time.

Feel free to learn more about the integration on Hootsuite’s website as well here:

How to use hootsuite

Setting up your Hootsuite account within HelloWoofy is incredibly easy. Simply click on the hootsuite icon below “Add Social Account…” button and follow the on screen prompts. Once done, you will see all your associated accounts from Hootsuite nicely displayed before you in the settings section of the HelloWoofy platform and categorized by social media network. You can simply turn on via the toggle certain accounts or turn off if you don’t want to see all accounts at once when creating single posts, launching campaigns etc.

How to use hootsuite

Once you’re ready to post, simply click “single post” or “create a campaign” in order to schedule your social media content using the Hootsuite platform. All posts when using Hootsuite will be posted via your Hootsuite account. You can post via your smart library, the home tab, the visual calendar, etc.

If you’d like to see the app within the Hootsuite App Directory, simply click here:

How to use hootsuite

Feel free to reach out with any product feedback or suggestions you may have. We love chatting with customers. You can also schedule a demo here.

How to use hootsuite

How to use hootsuiteThe Social Media 101 Series is sponsored by Global Strategic Management Institute. GSMI’s Social Media Strategies Series are the leading educational events for organizations looking to advance their online capabilities. Learn more.

As social media increasingly becomes optimized for brands, marketers are finding themselves juggling multiple accounts across a variety of networks. With so many statuses to update and so little time, keeping yourself organized is key.

HootSuite, a web-based social media management tool, is a great place to start. It has a user-friendly interface and the basic plan, which has fairly robust features, is free. Unlike other social media management systems, HootSuite is accessed through your web browser rather than a desktop client.

We talked to Dave Olson, HootSuite’s marketing director, for a primer on using the platform for social media marketing.

Secure Team Setup

How to use hootsuiteWith the vast reach social media can have, it’s important for marketing organizations to be aware of who has access to which accounts and how they’re using them. HootSuite has put a number of features in place so managers can keep accounts secure as teams grow and change, including the ability to add and remove members without sharing passwords.

“Because HootSuite was created by an agency to manage their social media needs, the functionality is specifically designed for marketing teams and organizations,” Olson said.

After a slew of embarrassing tweets sent by brands like Chrysler and the Red Cross when marketers accidentally clicked on the wrong account, HootSuite developed Secure Profiles. The feature prompts users to confirm or cancel tweets before sending them, preventing potentially damaging updates from being posted to corporate social profiles.

The New York Public Library is one organization that takes advantage of HootSuite’s team collaboration tools. It uses the platform to coordinate a decentralized team of contributors that maintains its online presence across a number of social networks. Team members share search columns, schedule updates and assign each other tasks within the tool. These coordinated efforts helped the @nypl Twitter account dramatically grow its following while increasing traffic to the site by more than 350% in a year.

Track Campaigns and Engage Daily

How to use hootsuite

HootSuite’s dashboard can help manage both day-to-day community building and one-off campaigns. For actively-managed accounts, you can set up streams for the types of content you want to monitor, including news feeds and mentions. These streams live in customizable tabs, which can be organized by account, network or content, which comes in handy for tracking campaign-specific hashtags, Olson says.

Batch scheduling is another useful feature for keeping campaign updates organized. You can pre-schedule up to 50 unique messages, making your team’s workflow more efficient and allowing you to optimize peak traffic times.

HootSuite allows marketers to understand their audience by providing a follower’s bio and Klout score along with links to his or her social media profiles. You can also create lists of followers you want to keep a closer eye on and increase engagement with.

Measure Success

The platform recently revamped its analytics feature to include a new interface and the ability to create custom reports — a necessary tool for marketers presenting campaign reach numbers to clients.

“Built-in Social Analytics reports allow teams to measure the success of campaign tactics — by tracking URL click-throughs for example — and make adjustments to achieve the highest level of engagement,” Olson says.

Measurable items include follower growth and mentions on Twitter. Facebook Insights and Google Analytics data are also integrated, enabling you to track how many users are visiting your website based on specific links your share through HootSuite.

The analytics package is one of the features that makes HootSuite most useful for marketing, says Mauricio Aguayo, an account manager at online marketing agency M80. He and his team manage Twitter and Facebook accounts for various clients with HootSuite.

“We use the free analytics. It’s not extremely in depth but helps to gauge where traffic is coming from, aside from basic number of clicks, etc,” Aguayo says.

Get Help and Give Feedback

HootSuite employees are users too. “We use it daily for broadcasting our own messages and building our community, which means we’re very close to the functionality for marketing purposes,” Olson says.

And they’re willing to help. The HootSuite blog and help desk are places for users to go when they’re having trouble. You can read how-tos and best practices, while providing feedback to the HootSuite team. The custom analytics reports and free mobile apps were created because users asked for them.

“We actively listen to our community’s needs, and try to incorporate feature requests as often as we can,” Olson says.

Have you used HootSuite for marketing? Would you recommend it? Tell us your experience with the tool in the comments below.

Disclosure: Mashable is a Hootsuite Pro Partner

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The Social Media 101 Series is sponsored by Global Strategic Management Institute, a leading source of knowledge for today’s leaders. Learn more by visiting GSMI’s website, liking it on Facebook and following it on Twitter.

Everyone’s favorite little faces have arrived to Hootsuite!

I’ve been using Hootsuite, the social media marketing management software, for several years now and was ecstatic this morning when I found out users can now add emojis in the dashboard.

For those of you that don’t know, emojis are the funky faces everyone under 30 uses instead of words.

How to use hootsuite

Here’s how to use emojis in Hootsuite to enhance your social media marketing!

How to use emojis in Hootsuite on a Mac:

All you have to do to add emojis to your posts in Hootsuite is: Control + Command + Spacebar.

How to use hootsuite

How to use emojis in Hootsuite on a PC:

Things get a little bit trickier. Emojis are enabled on Windows, but only through the accessible keyboard. Take the following steps to access emojis for your PC in Hootsuite:

Click the keyboard icon on the bottom right corner of your screen.

How to use hootsuite

If you don’t see the keyboard icon take the following steps:

Go to Settings on your PC and select “Personalization.” Click on “Taskbar” on the left hand side of the window. From there, click “Turn system icons or or off.”

How to use hootsuite

Scroll through the menu that comes up until you see “input indicator.” Use the drop-down menu to the right to select “on.”

How to use hootsuite

Voila! The keyboard icon should now be on the bottom right of your screen.

From there, click the keyboard to open it. Then, press the emoji key located on the bottom left of the keyboard.

How to use hootsuite

From there, select your emoji! You can use the arrow keys on the left side of the keyboard to scroll through your emoji options. Use the category keys at the bottom of the emoji keyboard to select which category of emojis to scroll through, similar to the category options on your phone. Click the X in the upper right to exit the keyboard when you’re done using it.

How to use hootsuite

To learn more about Hootsuite and its capabilities visit and keep checking back in with us!

Got a question about social media or your digital strategy? Comment below or contact us!

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How to use hootsuite

A Pulse on the Conversation

Mentions aren’t the only way to gauge your online reputation on Hootsuite. You can track even more specific elements such as keywords and hashtags, or even look at conversations on social media from a specific location.

This type of monitoring is helpful for any businesses that want to know how consumers perceive their brand when the conversation isn’t directed towards them in posts. The Voice of the Customer is especially loud in social media, and these insights help you find ways to improve customer service and experience for future patrons.

How to use hootsuite

Hootsuite Reputation Management through Online Reviews

Social media is also a great way to show off and generate more reviews, which are vital to the success of any brand.

Specifically, 94% of consumers said that an online review convinced them to avoid a business. It’s even more important for small businesses, with reviews taking up 49% of their social media content.

Fortunately, Hootsuite users can see online reviews on their dashboard by adding the ReviewTrackers extension to their Hootsuite plan, which creates multiple streams to track positive and negative reviews as well as feedback from many of the 85 review sources available.

How to use hootsuite

Responding to Reviews via Hootsuite

Aside from actively monitoring feedback, you can also use these streams to quickly respond to customer reviews, which is a great way to stand out from the competition. Online review survey data showed that 63% of customers never get a response to their reviews. These are people who want to be heard not just by other consumers, but management as well.

With the ReviewTrackers extension, you can provide responses to any and all of your reviews in real time through Hootsuite. These responses build trust, show that you care about any and all feedback, and tell others that you are willing to engage with any customer regardless of their overall review sentiment. This is even more true when responding to negative reviews, with 45% of consumers more likely to visit a business if owners respond to negative feedback.

Using Hootsuite to Show Off Reviews

You can also use Hootsuite to show off great feedback to your followers on social media. When done correctly, these types of posts serve as valuable social proof to prospective customers. They want to know that other people visited your business and had a great time.

NRC Health data shows that 92% of consumers use reviews to guide their ordinary purchasing decisions. By using social media to amplify reviews, you show prospects that consumers tried and loved your products and services.

A Strong Strategy with Hootsuite Reputation Management

Reputation management starts with comprehensive monitoring, and Hootsuite offers a solution to meet those needs. With the ReviewTrackers extension, any brand can use Hootsuite to stay on top of the latest social conversations and reviews about their business. To learn more about ReviewTrackers + Hootsuite, click here and fill out the form.

Adding a Hootsuite reputation management strategy to any brand’s online presence can lead to better consumer engagement and overall community management.

As of January 2020, Statista reports that the global social network penetration rate is at 49% — meaning nearly half of the world’s population is using social media.

At any moment, a significant portion of that group might be talking about your brand in multiple ways, but it’s difficult to keep a virtual ear on these many conversations by monitoring only one channel. That’s why businesses should look into services like Hootsuite to get a more comprehensive look at their social media reputation management standings.

Using Hootsuite Reputation Management for Social Media Monitoring

Out of the box, Hootsuite lets you add multiple accounts so that you can see your brand’s entire social media presence in one place. Specifically, you can create different feeds or “streams” for each account.

How to use hootsuite

Tracking Mentions

Creating the right streams is incredibly useful especially when it comes to mentions. People are talking about your brand, and a dedicated mention stream allows you to quickly notice these posts faster and engage when necessary.

People are also using social media as a form of customer service, and it’s another opportunity to meet the demands of your customers and make them happy. Research from Statista showed a global consumer average of 59% who have a more favorable view of brands that respond to complaints or customer service questions via social media.

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Ready to Take Your Marketing to the Next Level?

It is no secret that social media is important to building your company’s brand. However, keeping up with continual posting and connecting with your customer base can be difficult and incredibly time consuming. Is there a way to strike a balance?

Thankfully, yes. Meet Hootsuite.

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is an incredibly useful application for managing social media network channels. Often referred to as a social media management system or tool, it enables you to view multiple streams at once and monitor what customers are saying. You can post updates, read responses, schedule messages, view statistics, and much more. Many international brands—including Coca-Cola and Sony Music—utilize this timesaving approach to social media marketing.

7 Key Benefits of Using Hootsuite to Manage Your Company’s Social Media Presence:

1. Monitor Multiple Social Media Streams in One Place

Perhaps the most compelling reason to utilize Hootsuite for your brand is that it allows you to manage multiple social media networks in one place. No more remembering pesky passwords or having to go to each website individually.

With Hootsuite, you can post updates, review responses, and connect with your customer base on over thirty-five popular social networks, including:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook (including Profiles, Events, Groups, and Fan Pages)
  • LinkedIn (including Profiles, Pages, and Groups)
  • Google+
  • Foursquare
  • WordPress blogs
  • And several other platforms via third party apps (including Vimeo, Reddit,, StumbleUpon, Instagram, Tumblr, Evernote, Flickr, MailChimp, Slideshare, Storify, Edocr, Get Satisfaction, and others)

2. Schedule Posts in Advance

Another important reason to use Hootsuite is that it allows you to schedule messages across all your favorite social media platforms in advance. This enables you to create a solid social media strategy that encompasses crucial times when postings are most often read and get more followers to notice your content.

Simply pick the day and time that best suits your needs. You can then view scheduled posts in an easy-to-read calendar format.

3. Easily View Analytics Data

Hootsuite’s unique analytics feature gives you an in-depth view of how well your social media strategy is working. The tool tracks clicks across all of your favorite platforms, delivering them in an easy-to-read series of charts. Furthermore, Hootsuite provides other extensive monitoring and reporting features that allow you to create professional-looking, printable reports on your business’ social media progress.

4. Hootlet Plug-In Allows You to Share Information Easily

Hootlet is a terrific bookmark plug-in that allows you to easily share content across the web with your followers. This special add-on tool to Hootsuite sits atop your browser toolbar for easy access. When you find something online that you would like to share with the world, simply click the Hootlet button. The application shortens the URL with and inserts a small snippet of prominent text from the site into your social media message. Hootelet is just one of the many plug-ins that make adding Hootsuite to your social media arsenal worthwhile.

5. Social Media Listening

An excellent way to connect with your customer base is through social media listening—noticing what others are saying and bringing your company’s value to the conversation. Another great feature of Hootsuite is that it allows you to track key phrases and terms across other user’s posts to determine when your expertise could be beneficial. This can be an excellent way to bring in new clients, simply by being highly in tune to their needs!

6. Manage Customer Service on Social Media Efficiently

One reason many companies shy away from social media platforms is that it can be difficult to manage customer service effectively on them. With Hootsuite, you can view customer questions in one single place without having to check multiple social media sites. You can also store draft messages to post when a client asks a frequent question, such as store hours or directions to your business location.

7. Team Collaboration

Effectively manage your team with Hootsuite! This tool allows you to add multiple team members to the social media accounts of your choice, allowing you to see first-hand who is posting what information and who has scheduled posts. You can also control the ability to assign tasks, add collaborators, and edit posts as you see fit.

February 22, 2012

If you are one of the 78% of Twitter users who rely heavily on to access tweets and timelines, chances are you’re missing out on some pretty important features of the microblogging service. That’s where HootSuite comes in. We’ve got the tips and tricks you need to make the most of this third-party Twitter management tool so you can get the most out of your Twitter experience.

What is HootSuite?

HootSuite is a web-based, third-party social media management tool, best known for its Twitter support. Using HootSuite, you can manage multiple streams of content and different Twitter accounts at once. This is especially effective if you are in charge of more than one Twitter account – say a personal and a business account. However, even if you have only one Twitter account, HootSuite is a great way to access more information on Twitter at once.

How to get started using HootSuite

You can start using HootSuite in a matter of seconds. Simply navigate to their homepage at and click “Sign Up Now”. We suggest you start with the free, basic plan, and only upgrade if you have a social media team or you want to integrate advanced statistics.

After entering the required information, you will be taken to your HootSuite Dashboard. You’ll be seeing a lot of this, so take some time to understand how it works. For now, start by adding your Twitter account to the Dashboard. You can do this most easily by placing your cursor in the search box at the top of the Dashboard, and the clicking the “+” sign on the lower right-hand side of the box that appears.

You can then click “Connect with Twitter” in the popup that appears, and your Twitter account will be added to the HootSuite Dashboard.

Basic HootSuite techniques

After you’ve integrated your Twitter account with HootSuite, the fun starts.

You’ll notice that the main window in the Dashboard has several columns that display tweets. The default columns are your Home Feed on the left, followed by Mentions of your username, Direct Mentions, and Pending Tweets.

The timeline is what you would see on as your default Twitter stream. This is a chronological list of all of the tweets that the people you follow send out. The @mentions are any tweets that include your username, and are usually people who retweet your content or who choose to interact directly with you in some way. Direct mentions are private messages between you and a single other Twitter user, and pending tweets are any tweet that you have scheduled to go live in the future.

Using these four columns is often enough for the beginner HootSuite user. They show you what the people you follow are talking about, as well as any conversations that people want to have with you personally. Although has this functionality as well, HootSuite combines all of the different streams of tweets you are involved in on a single screen.

Try adding your lists in columns, scheduling tweets, and checking out HootSuite’s analytics tool to get even more out of Twitter.