What comes in a bocce ball set

The object of the game is to roll your bocce balls closer to the pallino (jack) ball than your opponent.

Bocce can be played on most surfaces (grass or sand) as long as they are fairly smooth and flat. Court is 60 feet long by 12 feet wide; however, the court size can be accommodated to fit the playing space available.

One player per team = four balls per player
Two players per team = two balls per player
Four players per team = one ball per player

Playing Bocce:
The game consists of several frames. A frame starts with tossing the pallino by a team toward the opposite end of the playing court. The game (frame) is complete after the balls have been thrown and points awarded. Balls are tossed or rolled underhand.

Whoever wins the coin toss will begin by tossing the pallino into the playing area. The pallino must be thrown past the center line and not further than the four foot line. If the pallino lands out of the designated area, the opposing team will throw the pallino into the playing area.

Once the pallino is in position, the first team throws their bocce ball. Taking alternate turns, each team throws their balls toward the pallino to (A) get their ball closest to the pallino, (B) to move the pallino closer to their ball, or (C) move the opponentпїЅs ball. The winning team begins the next frame.

Frames are played alternately from one end of the court to the other.

In each frame, only one team scores. One point is given for each bocce ball that is closer to the pallino than the opposing teamпїЅs bocce balls. The pallino distance marker can be used to determine which balls are closer.

The game continues until 12 points have been scored or to pre-determined points set by the players before the game starts.

Note: Safety should be observed when playing bocce. It is recommended that players stay outside for the playing area when balls are being tossed.

What comes in a bocce ball set? The Bocce Ball Set features eight poly-resin, professional-quality etched balls and one pallino ball for scoring. There are four red and four green bocce balls, each ball provides two different scoring patterns for 2-4 player competition.

How many balls are in a bocce ball set? Bocce is played with eight large balls and one smaller ball (called the pallino). The game can be played with 2, 4, or 8 players. Divide the bocce balls evenly between the numbers of players. You will notice that your bocce ball set has balls with several different colors or designs.

What is the average cost of bocce ball set? A good quality regulation size bocce ball set will typically cost around $100, and to build the court will be about $10 a square foot, or $25 a square foot to have it done professionally. If you plan on playing in your backyard, you won’t need a court, and can use a cheaper set if you choose.

What are authentic bocce balls made of? Bocce balls can be made of wood (traditional), metal, baked clay, or various kinds of plastic. Unlike lawn bowls, bocce balls are spherical and have no inbuilt bias. A game can be conducted between two players, or two teams of two, three, or four.

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How many colors are in a bocce ball set?

A bocce ball set typically contains eight bocce balls in two different colors (four of each color).

Can your bocce ball touch the pallino?

If a bocce ball is touching the pallino, its often known as a “baci” or “kiss” and can be rewarded 2 points if they remain touching at the end of the frame. The first team to reach 12 points wins the game (must win by 2).

What happens if you hit the white ball in bocce?

Hitting either the pallino or either team’s bocce balls is permitted. No penalty or bonus is awarded. After all bocce balls have been tossed, the team with the bocce closest to the pallino wins the frame. The score is tallied and the frame is complete.

Can bocce ball be played on grass?

The object of the game is to roll your bocce balls closer to the pallino (jack) ball than your opponent. Bocce can be played on most surfaces (grass or sand) as long as they are fairly smooth and flat. Court is 60 feet long by 12 feet wide; however, the court size can be accommodated to fit the playing space available.

What is the little ball in bocce called?

Starting the Game

Bocce takes place in two teams of two players each. Each player has two large balls called bocce. A smaller ball called the pallino is the target. Officially, people play on a court, but players generally play bocce wherever they find enough ground on which to roll the balls.

What is the best material for bocce balls?

The material bocce balls are made of determines their weight, balance, feel, and durability: Metal is a durable option that looks and feels great. Stainless steel is the best choice of metal, as it will not rust. Plastic bocce balls are lightweight and designed for casual play.

Does bocce mean kiss?

Bocce, I found out, actually means “bowls.” Baci means “kiss,” which explains why it’s the term used when a ball nestles up and touches the pallino.

What size bocce balls are best?

107mm: This is professional regulation-size bocce balls. A set at this size will give you the most authentic play possible. If you are looking to take your game to the highest level possible, you want to get a set of 107mm bocce balls.

Are bocce balls wood?

Each ball is made from high quality, varnished wood that features a stylish modern design that is lighter weight than a regulation set. The set includes a high quality canvas carrying case with shoulder strap so you can take your Bocce game on the road and then store it without damaging or losing any pieces.

What are the two names for the small white ball in Bocce Ball?

The small ball in any bocce set is called the pallino and it can come in all different colors. The pallino acts as the target in which players try to throw their bocce ball closest to the pallino.

Do bocce courts have lines?

However, the United States Bocce Federation requires that there be only line for both pointing and shooting. The recommended distance is 13 feet from the back wall.

How heavy is a Bocce Ball?

The International Standards of Bocce Ball have determined that a circumference of 107mm (4.2 inches) and a weight of 920g (2lbs.)

What is Spocking in bocce?

Like Reilly, players spock, meaning they throw a bocce ball hard to knock an opponent’s ball away from the pallino, a small ball that’s the target for the game’s other skill — pointing. To point, players try to throw their balls as close as possible to the pallino to score points.

How many points does the closest ball to the Polina score?

➢ The official score for frame is determined after all 8 balls have been played and measured to the captains’ satisfaction. One point is awarded for each ball of a team that is closer to the pallino than the opponent’s closest ball (1 to 4 points).

What happens if both teams bocce ball are equal distance from the pallina?

One point is awarded for each ball that is closer to the pallina than the closest ball of the opposing team. In the event that the closest ball of each team is the same distance from the pallina, no points will be awarded and the pallina returns to the team that delivered it.

How do you aim a bocce ball?

The goal in bocce ball is to get your colored ball closest to the target “pallino” ball, which is the small white ball. This might require simply rolling the ball toward the pallino, knocking an opponent’s ball out of the way, or precisely aiming your ball between the other balls in play without moving them.

Is lawn bowling and bocce ball the same thing?

Bocce and Lawn Bowling are cousins but have some distinct differences. The Bocce Ball is round whereas the Lawn Bowl is round in only one direction and elliptical in the other, giving it a bias and causing it to curve. Second, the Bocce Ball is thrown under hand, like softball, and the Lawn Bowl is rolled.

Who throws the jack in Bocce?

The jack is thrown out by a member of the team having won the coin toss to start the game. The same player throwing the jack must deliver the first bocce ball. The opposing team will then deliver their bocce balls until the point is taken or they have exhausted their 4 balls.

Are all bocce balls the same weight?

Regulation bocce balls weigh 2lbs (920 grams) and are 4.2 inches (107mm) in diameter. The pallino ball will be smaller in dimension but there is no standard weight assigned to a pallino.

What does Bacci mean?

The definition of bacci is Latin and means berry. An example of bacci is baccivorous, feeding on berries. prefix. 1. Berry.

Which is the heaviest type of bocce ball?

If you love playing with heavier bocce balls and our top pick seems too lightweight for you, the larger ball set is the perfect choice. At 2.45 lbs each, the 100mm balls are even heavier than a regulation bocce ball set. This makes them perfect for people who prefer their bocce balls to have a bit of heft.

Bocce is played with eight large balls and one smaller target or object ball called a pallina. There are four balls per team and they are made of a different color or pattern to distinguish the balls of one team from those of the other team.

The game is played with two teams, with each team having one, two, or four players. For four player teams, each player throws one ball. For two player teams, each player throws two balls. For one player teams, each player throws four balls. When there are multiple players on a team, a playing rotation is determined at the start of a game and is maintained throughout the entire game.

A game begins with the toss of a coin. The team that wins the coin toss can choose to either have first toss of the pallina or the color of the balls they will use. To start a game, the pallina is rolled or tossed by a member of the team having won the coin toss. A player can toss the pallina any distance as long as it passes the center line of the court and stays within the boundaries of the court. If the player fails to toss the ball properly into play, a member of the opposing team will toss the ball into play. If the opposing team fails to properly toss the pallina into play, the toss reverts to a member of the original team.

The player tossing the pallina must deliver the first ball. If the ball lands outside of the boundaries of the court, that team must roll again until the first ball is put into play. Otherwise, that player steps aside and the opposing team will then deliver their balls until one of its Bocce balls is closer to the pallina or has thrown all its balls. The “nearest ball” rule governs the sequence of thrown balls. The side whose ball is closest to the pallina is called the “in” ball and the opposing side the “out” ball. Whenever a team gets “in”, it steps aside and allows the “out” team to deliver. The other team throws until it gets its ball closer (not ties) to the pallina. This continues until both teams have thrown all their Bocce balls. After both teams have exhausted all their balls, a frame is over and points are awarded. The game resumes by teams throwing from the opposite end of the court. The team that was awarded points in the previous frame begins the next frame by tossing the pallina into play.

All balls must be thrown underhanded. A team has the option of rolling, tossing, bouncing, etc. its ball down the court provided it does not go outside the boundaries of the court or the player does not violate the foul line. The foul line is used to deliver all balls down the court with the intent of getting a ball closer to the pallina, knocking the opponent’s ball away from the pallina, or hitting the pallina so that it ends up closer to your team’s ball.

A player should not step on or over the foul line before releasing any ball. If a player steps over the foul line, the player will receive one warning. For a player that commits a second foul line infraction, the team fouled against will be awarded points as they were immediately proceeding the foul and the frame will end. The team committing the foul will be awarded no points for the frame. Or, the fouled against team may have the option of declining the penalty and completing the frame.

Any ball that goes outside the boundaries of the court is considered a dead ball and is removed immediately from play until the end of a frame. If the pallina is knocked outside the boundaries of the court during play, the frame ends with no points awarded and a new frame is started.

At the end of each frame, points will be awarded. Only one team scores in a frame. One point is awarded for each ball that is closer to the pallina than the closest ball of the opposing team. In the event that the closest ball of each team is the same distance from the pallina, no points will be awarded and the pallina returns to the team that delivered it. Only balls which are distinguishably closer to the pallina than any of the opponent’s balls are awarded points. All measurements should be made from the center of the pallina to the edge of a Bocce ball. Games are played to 16 points with the first team reaching 16 points being the winner of a game.

What comes in a bocce ball set

A Guide To Buying The Best Bocce Ball Set

You may be thinking, “What bocce set should I get? And what’s the difference between the cheap sets and the higher end sets? ” Well the answers are simple:

  1. You should get a set that suits your needs at the lowest price point.
  2. Cheap sets are just that, cheap, while higher end sets are of the upmost quality.

Well that was vague! I know, I know. Let me explain. But for just looking for a straight suggestion, here it is – The St. Pierre Tournament Set (link takes you to the product page on Amazon – Thanks for the support!).

The Cheap Sets (

I’ll start with the cheap sets. Don’t buy them. They are cheap and won’t last too long. The game involves hitting the balls against eachother, and to make something to withstand these high forces of impact is not cheap. Heck, some are even filled with water to cut costs and give the impression of weight! Real bocce balls are made from solid material. The ones that are not made entirely of solid material will be small, light, and fragile and they WILL ding and chip when they hit anything hard.

Who is this set for?

The only time I would recommend these sets is for children who don’t know any better. But that’s even tough to do as children treat anything as if it’s unbreakable, which these sets are certainly not.

The Okay Sets (

Next we have our middle priced sets. These balls are usually made of cheaper plastic instead of thermoset resin. Some sets will have an outer resin “shell” and be filled with recycled filler material. It’s a great way to cut costs, but unfortantely, the weight of the balls are often not heavy enough and may even vary from other balls in the same set. You want your bocce balls to be heavy, all the same weight and size, and properly balanced. You just don’t get that with cheap sets. They are also more prone to cracking and chipping as the filler used is softer and less dense than resin and provides less support for the outer shell. This means that you may be in the bocce market once again sooner than anticipated.

Who is this set for?

But they do have a place. These sets are good if you are playing only at the family reunions or family camping trips. Also, if you play in grass or uneven surfaces than having a perfectly balanced and weighted ball won’t make much of a difference. These sets will be just fine. I’d recommend staying on the lower end of the price point if this describes you.

The High End Sets (

The best for last. These are pretty much everything the previous sets were not. They are made from solid high quality thermoset resin. They are accurately sized, weighted, and balanced. And they are durable. You can and should expect these to roll straight and true exactly as you intended. Theses things are super hard so they will resist dings and nicks much more than the cheaper sets. They do scuff though, which is completely normal and expected in bocce ball. Many including myself believe this makes them look better. I have the St. Pierre Tournament Set and highly recommend it. This set has been treating me VERY well since the beginning of 2015. The wooden case it came with is made from thin wood and doesn’t feel that durable, but it’s held up. I don’t treat it roughly. If you would rather have a nylon bag and save $20 you can buy this set which appears to be the same just with a nylon bag instead of a wooden box.

What comes in a bocce ball set

What comes in a bocce ball set

What comes in a bocce ball set

What comes in a bocce ball set

I used to play with my friends cheap set and boy what a difference. I was shocked at how much heavier and solid feeling these were. The first game we played I had to get used to them, but it wasn’t long before I was playing better than I ever had before. If you are looking for some color and smaller balls (great for children) there is a beach bocce ball set which has 5 stars on amazon! I haven’t personally had my hands on these, but from the reviews it seems as if everyone likes them. They are smaller which means they are lighter which makes them better suited for the beach and younger players. The colors just make them look so fun! I may be getting these for the beach. I’ll post a review when I do.

Real quick, there are some sets that are in the hundreds of dollars too. I don’t see a need for these unless you are going for aesthetics like marbled bocce balls. If that’s your thing go for it, but I’d recommend staying closer to the $100 price point and going out to dinner to celebrate for your new bocce set.

Who is this set for?

These sets are for anyone that wants a durable set that will last them for many years if not decades. It is for those that are going to be playing on bocce courts and want a straight roll. It is for those playing at the park with the family and need a set that can take the abuse. It’s for all bocce enthusiasts and professionals.

What Size?

Well now that we got that hot mess out of the way, what size? I see all kinds of sizes, 74mm, 90mm, 100mm, 107mm, 109mm help! It’s quite simple. Bigger is for bigger hands and smaller is for smaller hands. Weight also goes with the size. So if you have kids or elderly playing too than I’d recommend going with a 74mm – 100mm set to accommodate for both small hands and compromised strength and joints respectively. If it is mainly for adults than a 107mm set would be perfect. Slightly bigger or smaller is fine, but 107mm is standard and a good fit for both men and women.

What are the lines on the balls for?

The lines are just a pattern to differentiate between the balls. Most sets will come with two colors and two designs per set of colors. This is so that you can play one vs. one with just color being the differentiating factor or you can play two vs. two or even four-for-all with each player getting a specific design and color. That was a mouthful, hopefully it’s clear.