Where is the thermostat on a 2005 dodge ram

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This web page is taken straight from our electronic online handbook 30042 for the 1994-2008 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, as well as 3500 pickup, 2WD or 4WD with fuel or diesel motor. The thermostat is crucial to maintain the vehicle running effectively, not overheating or running as well great. There is no collection period when you need to change the thermostat, yet if you are draining pipes the coolant for an additional factor, or changing radiator hose pipes, you need to think about the thermostat. 60,000 miles or 5 years is a great standard.

Engine Thermostat Substitute

This video clip is especially for the Cummins Diesel motor, the fuel V6, v, as well as v810 engine are comparable

See even more details guidelines listed below for all fuel engines.

Caution: Do not get rid of the radiator cap or development storage tank cap, drainpipe the coolant or change the thermostat up until the engine has actually cooled down entirely.


Disconnect the cable television( s) from the adverse battery terminal( s) – Diesel motor have 2 batteries – as well as establish it apart to stay clear of unintended reconnection.

Drainpipe the air conditioning system through the petcosk or by eliminating the reduced radiator hose pipe. Conserve it as well as recycle it if the coolant is reasonably brand-new or in great problem.

3.7 L V6 as well as 4.7 L V8 engines

Raising the lorry as well as sustain it safely on jack stands.

( See picture) Adhere to the reduced radiator hose pipe to the engine to find the thermostat real estate.

Thermostat real estate place on the 3.7 L V6 engine (the 4.7 L V8 is comparable) – sight below is from below at the front of the engine

Hemi V8, Cummins Diesel as well as 8.0 L V10 engines

On 1998 as well as earlier diesel versions, unbolt the generator as well as generator placing brace, after that established it apart for accessibility to thethermostat Complete thorough guidelines for this remain in Phase 5 of the Haynes handbook.

( See pictures) Adhere to the top radiator hose pipe to the engine to find the thermostat real estate.

Thermostat real estate place on the Hemi engine – the cooling compressor is got rid of for clearness

On 1994 with 1998 diesel motor, the generator brace (huge arrowhead) need to be gotten rid of, after that get rid of the screws (3 tiny arrowheads) as well as lift the thermostat cover off

3.9 L V6, 5.2 L V8 as well as 5.9 L V8 engines

  1. Get Rid Of the generator brace as well as the generator. Complete thorough guidelines for this remain in Phase 5 of the Haynes handbook.
    Note: On 4WD versions, disconnect the 4WD sign light harness situated behind the generator.
  2. Comply With the top radiator to the engine to find the thermostat real estate.

All versions

Capture the tabs on the hose pipe clamp to loosen it from the hose pipe( s), after that rearrange the secure a number of inches back up the hose pipe. Separate the hose pipe( s) from the thermostat real estate.
If the hose pipe is stuck, understand it near the end with a set of flexible pliers as well as turn it to damage the seal, after that draw it off. Simply reduced it off as well as set up a brand-new one if the hose pipe is tatty or old.
Note: Unique hose pipe clamp pliers are readily available at a lot of vehicle components shops.

If the external surface area of the thermostat real estate where it companions with the hose pipe is currently worn away (rusted, matched, and so on), it might be harmed even more by hose pipe elimination. the thermostat real estate will certainly have to be changed if it is.

Get Rid Of the thermostat real estate from the engine. Touch it with a soft-faced hammer to container it loose if the real estate is stuck. Be gotten ready for some coolant to splash as the gasket seal is damaged.
Note: On 8.0 L V10 engines, a smaller sized hose pipe as well as the sensing unit harness port need to be detached from the thermostat cover.

( See picture) Keep in mind just how the thermostat is set up (which end is encountering up, or out, as well as the setting of the air hemorrhage “wiggle shutoff,” if furnished) as well as eliminate it from the engine.

Place of the air hemorrhage “wiggle shutoff” on the thermostat of the Hemi engine

  1. On 3.9 L V6, 5.2 L V8 as well as 5.9 L V8 engines, things a cloth right into the engine thermostat opening, after that get rid of all traces of old gasket product as well as sealer from the real estate as well as cover with a gasket scrape. Get Rid Of the cloth from the opening as well as tidy the gasket breeding surface areas with chemical gasket eliminator, lacquer thinner, or acetone.
  2. On all various other versions, merely get rid of the rubber gasket from around thethermostat
  3. On 3.9 L V6, 5.2 L V8 as well as 5.9 L V8 engines, set up the brand-new thermostat in the machined groove on the consumption manifold. Ensure the proper end encounters right into the engine. Apply a slim, consistent layer of RTV sealer to both sides of the brand-new gasket as well as setting it over the thermostat on the consumption manifold.
  4. On 8.0 L V10 engines, set up a brand-new rubber seal created with a steel shoulder (sleeve) right into the consumption manifold. Apply a percentage of RTV sealer around the side prior to mounting it. Usage a unique device to drive the seal right into the manifold.
  5. On all various other versions, set up a brand-new rubber gasket around thethermostat
    ( See picture) Ensure to straighten the rubber tab on the within the O-ring groove with the notch on thethermostat
    ( See picture) After that straighten the rubber tab on the beyond the gasket with the notch on the thermostat real estate as well as insert the thermostat as well as gasket right into the thermostat real estate.
    Note: Some versions are not furnished with positioning notches on thethermostat Just set up the rubber gasket around the thermostat.

Store Dodge Ram 1500 Substitute Thermostat Real Estate

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We equip these Thermostat Real estate brand names for the Dodge Ram 1500: Substitute Dorman Mopar Motorad SKP Do It Yourself Solutions

Thermostat Real estates readily available for the complying with Dodge Ram 1500 years: 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996, 1995, 1994, 10, 09, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 00, 99, 98, 97, 96, 95,94 This component is additionally in some cases called Dodge Ram 1500 T-Stat Real Estate. We supply thermostat real estate components for a lot of Dodge versions consisting of Avenger, Trip, Quality, Grand Campers, Battery Charger, Durango, Dakota, Neon, Ram 2500, Stratus, Ram 3500, Intrepid, Dart, Opposition, Magnum, Sprinter 2500, Campers, Nitro, W150, Sprinter 3500, D150, Ramcharger, B350, W100, Ram 50, B2500, D100 Pick-up, B200, D100, D200, A100, Ram 3500 Van, Ram 1500 Van, B250, D250, Darkness, D50, Coronet, 880 as well as B200 Van.

Asked by sddrdd Jul 23, 2007 at 08: 15 PM concerning the 2004 Dodge RAM 1500

Inquiry kind: Upkeep & Repair Work

were is the thermostate situated on a 2004 4.7 V8 dodge ram 1500

4 Solutions

littlehorn responded to 14 years ago

Comply With the top radiator hose pipe back to where it goes into the engine block. The thermostat is situated beneath a real estate where this hose pipe attaches.

czmyqw responded to 14 years ago

Looks Like you would certainly need to get rid of the generator as well as the stress wheel in order to get rid of thethermostat Adhering To the top hose pipe is that proper?? is there a area I can see a layout of the real estate??

abandoner19 responded to 8 years ago

i assume he is wroung i was informed by 2 auto mechanics on that design it is on the lower hose pipe at electric motor 8m screws plastic houseing be carefull it will certainly split i was informed

Josh responded to 2 years ago

On the 4.7 it is certainly on the base. Adhere to reduced radiator hose pipe to engine. Thermostat real estate is held on with 2 8 mm screws.

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Where is the thermostat on a 2005 dodge ram

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Whereis the thermostat on a 2005 Dodge Ram?

Whereis the thermostat on a 5.7 Hemi? The place of the thermostat for the 5.7 Hemi engine as well as the 4.7/ 3.7 engines are various. On the Hemi, the thermostat is situated on the engine at the top radiator hose pipe listed below the A/C compressor. The 4/7 as well as 3.7 engine’s thermostat is situated on the reduced radiator hose pipe near the harmonic balancer.

Why is my 2005 Dodge Ram overheating? While there are a range of factors your Dodge Ram 1500 is getting too hot, the most usual 3 are a coolant leakage (water pump, radiator, hose pipe etc.), the radiator follower, or a stopped working thermostat.

Whereis the engine thermostat situated? The majority of thermostats lie where the leading radiator hose pipe signs up with the engine, so these actions handle this kind. the concept is the very same if your thermostat is in the lower radiator hose pipe.

Whereis the thermostat on a 2005 Dodge Ram?– Associated Concerns

What does the wiggle pin on a thermostat do?

The thermostat wiggle pin is a pin that is situated in the tiny opening in the plate shutoff of the thermostat as well as which need to constantly remain in 12 o’clock setting throughout installment. It assists hemorrhage the air conditioning system of caught air by permitting air to enter the radiator, after which it can be launched from the system.

Why do thermostats have 180 levels?

A 180- level thermostat is much better for engine performance– also known as much better gas gas mileage as well as lowered discharges. A 160- level thermostat is made to keep a reduced engine operating temperature level, which often tends to make a bit extra horse power as well as torque.

What makes a Chrysler 300 run warm?

While there are a range of factors your Chrysler 300 is getting too hot, the most usual 3 are a coolant leakage (water pump, radiator, hose pipe etc.), the radiator follower, or a stopped working thermostat.

What is the thermostat real estate?

In numerous inner burning engines the Thermostat Real estate serves as the coolant electrical outlet, it is usually situated on the engine block or cyndrical tube head. As the name suggests, this engine element homes the thermostat which manages the coolant circulation.

Whereis coolant temperature level sensing unit?

The Engine Coolant Temperature level Sensing unit can be found in a couple of areas, depending on the lorry as well as its maker. It is usually situated near the thermostat of the air conditioning system or within it. The air conditioning system is situated below the air consumption pipeline as well as behind the appropriate cyndrical tube.

Just how tough is it to transform your thermostat?

Updating to a thermostat that immediately adjustments the interior temperature level setup is rather very easy, as well as it can cut concerning $180 off your yearly cooling and heating prices, according to the EPA. Basic versions that just manage warm are cost residence facilities for around $25

What will a negative thermostat reason?

When the engine’s temperature level climbs really high, the thermostat permits as well as opens up the coolant to stream to the radiator that lowers its temperature level. A negative thermostat can stuck-open or stuck shut. A stuck-open thermostat can protect against the engine from obtaining warmed sufficient to operate effectively.

Can a stuck thermostat solution itself?

Can a stuck thermostat solution itself? One may additionally ask, can a stuck thermostat solution itself? You can either change the shutoffs with brand-new ones or job the shutoffs back right into a setting where they can go up as well as down extra easily. Change the thermostat.

Do Hemi engines run warm?

I would certainly send the facility that the Hemi does not simply “normally” run hotter than various other engines from burning warm. They’re merely “established” to run hotter through thethermostat Hotter lowers thermodynamic losses in the burning chamber as well as enhances discharges (to fulfill EPA stress, as kept in mind earlier).

Why is my vehicle still overheating after transforming thermostat?

Why is my vehicle overheating with a brand-new thermostat? Your vehicle might be overheating with a brand-new thermostat for a range of factors consisting of a malfunctioning water pump, used belt, blocked radiator, malfunctioning radiator cap or air in the air conditioning system.

What occurs if you run a vehicle without a thermostat?

If you drive your vehicle without a thermostat, it will certainly go for 50 level centigrade. When the vehicle drives at this wetness, moisture or temperature level will certainly create. As well as when it is compressed, it will certainly blend with oil as well as develop into slush (watery ice). This slush shuts out lubrication.

Whereis the thermostat situated in a home?

The very best area for your thermostat is on an indoor wall surface, far from all the locations we formerly went over (straight sunshine, air vents, your kitchen area, doors, corridors as well as home windows). Preferably, it ought to be positioned towards the facility of your residence.

What occurs if you place a thermostat in backwards?

If you set up the thermostat in reverse, it would most likely closed up sufficient to permit coolant to stream, as well as the temperature scale would certainly soar right into the much appropriate array, the engine would certainly get too hot, and so on and so on

Can I pierce a opening in my thermostat?

The major factor to pierce a opening in your thermostat is to maintain your vehicle colder by managing the KR. These openings just lower the total engine temperature level by concerning 5 levels. You can remove this issue by piercing openings in the thermostat to permit a percentage of coolant to constantly stream.

What is the impact if you get rid of the thermostat from the air conditioning system?

TOM: However obtaining the thermostat can in fact do fairly a little bit of damages on a modern-day vehicle. The majority of automobiles currently have computer systems, which regularly keep track of the engine temperature level as well as change points appropriately. If the computer system believes the engine is chilly– as well as it will certainly be chilly without a thermostat– it’ll richen the gas mix.

What temperature does a 180 thermostat open?

As an example, a 180 level thermostat starts to open up within 3 levels of 180, so 177 to183 By 200 levels, the thermostat is completely opened up. The procedure of the thermostat, open up to shut, is a variety of concerning 20 levels, so with various temperature scores, you can adjust the run temperature of your lorry.

Just how much should a thermostat open?

As Soon As the temperature level of the coolant climbs to in between 180 as well as 195 F (82– 91 C), the thermostat begins to open up, permitting liquid to stream with the radiator. By the time the coolant gets to 200 to 218 F (93– 103 C), the thermostat is open all the means.

Why would certainly my thermostat real estate be dripping?

When the engine is up to running temperature level,

A harmed thermostat real estate will certainly leakage engine coolant. The leakage might stem from a split in the real estate, or it might originate from a damaged seal in between the real estate as well as the engine.

What occurs when the coolant temperature level sensing unit spoils?

If the coolant temperature level sensing unit spoils it can send out a incorrect signal to the computer system as well as shake off the gas as well as timing estimations. It is not unusual for the coolant temperature level sensing unit to send out as well as stop working a completely chilly signal to the computer system. This will certainly lower gas economic situation, as well as might impede engine efficiency.

Just how do you understand if your coolant temperature sensing unit is negative?

Poor coolant temperature sensing unit signs are a modification in the vehicle’s gas mileage, an enlightening check engine, a cloud of black smoke originating from the exhaust pipeline, as well as cautions of engine getting too hot. Your lorry’s engine need to remain within a details temperature level array to execute effectively.